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American Pravda: Putin as Hitler?
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The Demonization of Vladimir Putin as Another Hitler

For years the eminent Russia scholar Stephen Cohen had ranked President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Republic as the most consequential world leader of the early twenty-first century. He praised the man’s enormous success in reviving his country after the chaos and destitution of the Yeltsin years and emphasized his desire for friendly relations with America, but increasingly feared that we were entering into a new Cold War, even more dangerous than the last.

As far back as 2017, the late Prof. Cohen argued that no foreign leader had been as greatly vilified in recent American history as Putin, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two weeks ago has exponentially raised the intensity of such media denunciations, almost matching the hysteria our country experienced two decades ago after the 9/11 attack on New York City. Larry Romanoff has provided a useful catalog of some examples.

Until recently, this extreme demonization of Putin was largely confined to Democrats and centrists, whose bizarre Russiagate narrative had accused him of installing Donald Trump in the White House. But the reaction has now become entirely bipartisan, with enthusiastic Trump-backer Sean Hannity recently using his prime-time FoxNews show to call for Putin’s death, a cry soon joined by Sen. Lindsey Graham, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee. These are astonishing threats to make against a man whose nuclear arsenal could quickly annihilate the bulk of the American population, and the rhetoric seems unprecedented in our postwar history. Even in the darkest days of the Cold War, I don’t recall such public sentiments ever being directed towards the USSR or its top Communist leadership.

In many respects the Western reaction to Russia’s attack has been closer to a declaration of war than merely a return to Cold War confrontation. Russia’s massive foreign reserves held abroad have been seized and frozen, its civilian airlines excluded from Western skies, and its leading banks disconnected from global financial networks. Wealthy Russian private citizens have had their properties confiscated, the national soccer team has been banned from the World Cup, and the longtime Russian conductor of the Munich Philharmonic was fired for refusing to denounce his own country.

Such international retaliation against Russia and individual Russians seems extremely disproportionate. As yet the fighting in Ukraine has inflicted minimal death or destruction, while the various other major wars of the last two decades, many of them American in origin, had killed millions and completely destroyed several countries, including Iraq, Libya, and Syria. But the global dominance of American media propaganda has orchestrated a very different popular response, producing this remarkable crescendo of hatred.

Indeed, the closest parallel that comes to mind would be the American hostility directed against Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany after the outbreak of World War II, as indicated by the widespread comparisons between Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Hitler’s 1939 attack on Poland. A simple Google search for “Putin and Hitler” returns tens of millions of webpages, with the top results ranging from the headline of a Washington Post article to the Tweets of pop music star Stevie Nicks. As far back as 2014, Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer had documented the emerging meme “Putin is the new Hitler.”

Although enormously popular, such Putin-Hitler analogies have hardly gone unchallenged, and some media outlets such as the London Spectator have strongly disagreed, arguing that Putin’s strategic aims have been quite limited and reasonable.

Many sober-minded strategic analysts have made this same point at length, and very occasionally their contrary views have managed to slip through the media blockade.

Although FoxNews has become one of the outlets most rabidly hostile to Russia, a recent interview with one of their regular guests provided a very different perspective. Col. Douglas Macgregor had been a former top Pentagon advisor and he forcefully explained that America had spent nearly fifteen years ignoring Putin’s endless warnings that he would not tolerate NATO membership for Ukraine, nor the deployment of strategic missiles on his border. Our government had paid no heed to his explicit red-lines, so Putin was finally compelled to act, resulting in the current calamity:

Prof. John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, one of our most distinguished political scientists, had spent many years making exactly these same points and blaming America and NATO for the simmering Ukraine crisis, but his warnings had been totally ignored by our political leadership and media. His hour-long lecture explaining these unpleasant realities had quietly sat on Youtube for six years, attracting relatively little attention, but then suddenly exploded in popularity over the last few weeks as the conflict unfolded, and has now reached a worldwide audience of over 17 million. His other Youtube lectures, some quite recent, have been watched by additional millions.

Such massive global attention finally forced our media to take notice, and the New Yorker solicited an interview with Mearsheimer, allowing him to explain to his disbelieving questioner that American actions had clearly provoked the conflict. A couple of years earlier, that same interviewer had ridiculed Prof. Cohen for doubting the reality of Russiagate, but this time he seemed much more respectful, perhaps because the balance of media power was now reversed; his magazine’s 1.2 million subscriber-base was dwarfed by the global audience listening to the views of his subject.

During his long and distinguished career at the CIA, former analyst Ray McGovern had run the Soviet Policy Branch and also served as the Presidential Briefer, so under different circumstances he or someone like him would would currently be advising President Joe Biden. Instead, a few days ago he joined Mearsheimer in presenting his views in a video discussion hosted by the Committee for the Republic. Both leading experts agreed that Putin had been pushed beyond all reasonable limits, provoking the invasion.

Prior to 2014 our relations with Putin had been reasonably good. Ukraine served as a neutral buffer state between Russia and the NATO countries, with the population evenly divided between Russian-leaning and West-leaning elements, and its elected government oscillating between the two camps.

But while Putin’s attention was focused on the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, a pro-NATO coup overthrew the democratically-elected pro-Russian government, with clear evidence that Victoria Nuland and the other Neocons grouped around Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had orchestrated it. Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula contains Russia’s crucial Sevastopol naval base, and only Putin’s swift action allowed it to remain under Russian control, while he also provided support for break-away pro-Russian enclaves in the Donbass region. The Minsk agreement later signed by the Ukrainian government granted autonomy to those latter areas, but Kiev refused to honor its commitments, and instead continued to shell the area, inflicting serious casualties upon the inhabitants, many of whom held Russian passports. Diana Johnstone has aptly characterized our policy as years of Russian bear-baiting.

As Mearsheimer, McGovern, and other observers have persuasively argued, Russia invaded Ukraine only after such endless provocations and warnings were always ignored or dismissed by our American leadership. Perhaps the final straw had been the recent public statement by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that he intended to acquire nuclear weapons. How would America react if a democratically-elected pro-American government in Mexico had been overthrown in a coup backed by China, with the fiercely hostile new Mexican government spending years killing American citizens in its country and then finally announcing plans to acquire a nuclear arsenal?

Moreover, some analysts such as economist Michael Hudson have strongly suspected that American elements deliberately provoked the Russian invasion for geostrategic reasons, and Mike Whitney advanced similar arguments in a column that went super-viral, accumulating over 800,000 pageviews. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline carrying Russian natural gas to Germany had finally been completed last year and was about to go into operation, which would have greatly increased Eurasian economic integration and Russian influence in Europe, while eliminating the potential market for more expensive American natural gas. The Russian attack and the massive resulting media hysteria have now foreclosed that possibility.

So although it was Russian troops who crossed the Ukrainian border, a strong case can be made that they did so only after the most extreme provocations, and these may have been deliberately intended to produce exactly that result. Sometimes the parties responsible for starting a war are not necessarily those that eventually fire the first shot.

Hitler and the Origins of World War II

Ironically enough, the arguments of Mearsheimer and others that Putin was greatly provoked or possibly even manipulated into attacking Ukraine raise certain intriguing historical parallels. The legions of ignorant Westerners who mindlessly rely upon our disingenuous media may be denouncing Putin as “another Hitler” but I think they may have inadvertently backed themselves into the truth.


A couple of months ago I finally read Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof’s outstanding 2011 volume analyzing the years leading up to the outbreak of World War II, a work that I would highly recommend. The author spent his career as a fully mainstream professional military man, rising to the rank of major general in the German army before retiring, and his account evoked eerie parallels to the current conflict with Russia.

As most of us know, the Second World War began when Germany attacked Poland in 1939 over Danzig, an almost entirely German border city controlled by the Poles.

But less well known is that Hitler had actually made enormous efforts to avoid war and settle that dispute, spending many months on fruitless negotiations and offering extremely reasonable terms. Indeed, the German dictator had made numerous concessions that none of his democratic Weimar predecessors had been willing to consider, but these were all rejected, while provocations increased until war with Poland seemed the only possible option. And just as in the case of Ukraine, politically influential elements in the West almost certainly sought to provoke that war, using Danzig as the spark to ignite the conflict much like the Donbass may have been used to force Putin’s hand.

We should recognize that in many respects the standard historical narrative of World War II is merely a congealed version of the media propaganda of that era. If Russia were defeated and destroyed as a result of the current conflict, we can be sure that the subsequent history books would utterly demonize Putin and all the decisions that he had taken.


Although I was very impressed by Schultze-Rhonhof’s meticulously detailed analysis of the circumstances leading up to the outbreak of war in 1939, his account merely reinforced my existing views, which had already been along entirely similar lines.

For example, back in 2019 I had used Pat Buchanan’s controversial 2008 bestseller on World War II as the starting point for a very long and detailed discussion of the true origins of that conflict:

However, the bulk of the book focused on the events leading up to the Second World War, and this was the portion that had inspired such horror in McConnell and his colleagues. Buchanan described the outrageous provisions of the Treaty of Versailles imposed upon a prostrate Germany, and the determination of all subsequent German leaders to redress it. But whereas his democratic Weimar predecessors had failed, Hitler had managed to succeed, largely through bluff, while also annexing German Austria and the German Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia, in both cases with the overwhelming support of their populations.

Buchanan documented this controversial thesis by drawing heavily upon numerous statements by leading contemporary political figures, mostly British, as well as the conclusions of highly-respected mainstream historians. Hitler’s final demand, that 95% German Danzig be returned to Germany just as its inhabitants desired, was an absolutely reasonable one, and only a dreadful diplomatic blunder by the British had led the Poles to refuse the request, thereby provoking the war. The widespread later claim that Hitler sought to conquer the world was totally absurd, and the German leader had actually made every effort to avoid war with Britain or France. Indeed, he was generally quite friendly towards the Poles and had been hoping to enlist Poland as a German ally against the menace of Stalin’s Soviet Union.


Although many Americans might have been shocked at this account of the events leading up to the outbreak of the Second World War, Buchanan’s narrative accorded reasonably well with my own impression of that period. As a Harvard freshman, I had taken an introductory history course, and one of the primary required texts on World War II had been that of A.J.P. Taylor, a renowned Oxford University historian. His famous 1961 work Origins of the Second World War had very persuasively laid out a case quite similar to that of Buchanan, and I’d never found any reason to question the judgment of my professors who had assigned it. So if Buchanan merely seemed to be seconding the opinions of a leading Oxford don and members of the Harvard history faculty, I couldn’t quite understand why his new book would be regarded as being beyond the pale.

The recent 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the conflict that consumed so many tens of millions of lives naturally provoked numerous historical articles, and the resulting discussion led me to dig out my old copy of Taylor’s short volume, which I reread for the first time in nearly forty years. I found it just as masterful and persuasive as I had back in my college dorm room days, and the glowing cover-blurbs suggested some of the immediate acclaim the work had received. The Washington Post lauded the author as “Britain’s most prominent living historian,” World Politics called it “Powerfully argued, brilliantly written, and always persuasive,” The New Statesman, Britain leading leftist magazine, described it as “A masterpiece: lucid, compassionate, beautifully written,” and the august Times Literary Supplement characterized it as “simple, devastating, superlatively readable, and deeply disturbing.” As an international best-seller, it surely ranks as Taylor’s most famous work, and I can easily understand why it was still on my college required reading list nearly two decades after its original publication.

Yet in revisiting Taylor’s ground-breaking study, I made a remarkable discovery. Despite all the international sales and critical acclaim, the book’s findings soon aroused tremendous hostility in certain quarters. Taylor’s lectures at Oxford had been enormously popular for a quarter century, but as a direct result of the controversy “Britain’s most prominent living historian” was summarily purged from the faculty not long afterwards. At the beginning of his first chapter, Taylor had noted how strange he found it that more than twenty years after the start of the world’s most cataclysmic war no serious history had been produced carefully analyzing the outbreak. Perhaps the retaliation that he encountered led him to better understand part of that puzzle.

I very recently reread Pat Buchanan’s 2008 book harshly condemning Churchill for his role in the cataclysmic world war and made an interesting discovery. Irving is surely among the most authoritative Churchill biographers, with his exhaustive documentary research being the source of so many new discoveries and his books selling in the millions. Yet Irving’s name never once appears either in Buchanan’s text or in his bibliography, though we may suspect that much of Irving’s material has been “laundered” through other, secondary Buchanan sources. Buchanan extensively cites A.J.P. Taylor, but makes no mention of Barnes, Flynn, or various other leading American academics and journalists who were purged for expressing contemporaneous views not so dissimilar from those of the author himself.

During the 1990s, Buchanan had ranked as one of America’s most prominent political figures, having an enormous media footprint in both print and television, and with his remarkably strong insurgent runs for the Republican presidential nomination in 1992 and 1996 cementing his national stature. But his numerous ideological foes worked tirelessly to undermine him, and by 2008 his continued presence as a pundit on the MSNBC cable channel was one of his last remaining footholds of major public prominence. He probably recognized that publishing a revisionist history of World War II might endanger his position, and believed that any direct association with purged and vilified figures such as Irving or Barnes would surely lead to his permanent banishment from all electronic media.

A decade ago I had been quite impressed by Buchanan’s history, but I had subsequently done a great deal of reading on that era and I found myself somewhat disappointed the second time through. Aside from its often breezy, rhetorical, and unscholarly tone, my sharpest criticisms were not with the controversial positions that he took, but with the other controversial topics and questions that he so carefully avoided.

Perhaps the most obvious of these is the question of the true origins of the war, which laid waste to much of Europe, killed perhaps fifty or sixty million, and gave rise to the subsequent Cold War era in which Communist regimes controlled half of the entire Eurasian world-continent. Taylor, Irving, and numerous others have thoroughly debunked the ridiculous mythology that the cause lay in Hitler’s mad desire for world conquest, but if the German dictator clearly bore only minor responsibility, was there indeed any true culprit? Or did this massively-destructive world war come about in somewhat similar fashion to its predecessor, which our conventional histories treat as mostly due to a collection of blunders, misunderstandings, and thoughtless escalations?

During the 1930s, John T. Flynn was one of America’s most influential progressive journalists, and although he had begun as a strong supporter of Roosevelt and his New Deal, he gradually became a sharp critic, concluding that FDR’s various governmental schemes had failed to revive the American economy. Then in 1937 a new economic collapse spiked unemployment back to the same levels as when the president had first entered office, confirming Flynn in his harsh verdict. And as I wrote last year:

Indeed, Flynn alleges that by late 1937, FDR had turned towards an aggressive foreign policy aimed at involving the country in a major foreign war, primarily because he believed that this was the only route out of his desperate economic and political box, a stratagem not unknown among national leaders throughout history. In his January 5, 1938 New Republic column, he alerted his disbelieving readers to the looming prospect of a large naval military build-up and warfare on the horizon after a top Roosevelt adviser had privately boasted to him that a large bout of “military Keynesianism” and a major war would cure the country’s seemingly insurmountable economic problems. At that time, war with Japan, possibly over Latin American interests, seemed the intended goal, but developing events in Europe soon persuaded FDR that fomenting a general war against Germany was the best course of action. Memoirs and other historical documents obtained by later researchers seem to generally support Flynn’s accusations by indicating that Roosevelt ordered his diplomats to exert enormous pressure upon both the British and Polish governments to avoid any negotiated settlement with Germany, thereby leading to the outbreak of World War II in 1939.

The last point is an important one since the confidential opinions of those closest to important historical events should be accorded considerable evidentiary weight. In a recent article John Wear mustered the numerous contemporaneous assessments that implicated FDR as a pivotal figure in orchestrating the world war by his constant pressure upon the British political leadership, a policy that he privately even admitted could mean his impeachment if revealed. Among other testimony, we have the statements of the Polish and British ambassadors to Washington and the American ambassador to London, who also passed along the concurring opinion of Prime Minister Chamberlain himself. Indeed, the German capture and publication of secret Polish diplomatic documents in 1939 had already revealed much of this information, and William Henry Chamberlin confirmed their authenticity in his 1950 book. But since the mainstream media never reported any of this information, these facts remain little known even today.

The Hidden Jewish Role in Orchestrating These Conflicts

Roosevelt’s economic problems had led him to seek a foreign war, but it was probably the overwhelming Jewish hostility to Nazi Germany that pointed him in that particular direction. The confidential report of the Polish ambassador to the U.S. as quoted by John Wear provides a striking description of the political situation in America at the beginning of 1939:

There is a feeling now prevalent in the United States marked by growing hatred of Fascism, and above all of Chancellor Hitler and everything connected with National Socialism. Propaganda is mostly in the hands of the Jews who control almost 100% [of the] radio, film, daily and periodical press. Although this propaganda is extremely coarse and presents Germany as black as possible–above all religious persecution and concentration camps are exploited–this propaganda is nevertheless extremely effective since the public here is completely ignorant and knows nothing of the situation in Europe.

At the present moment most Americans regard Chancellor Hitler and National Socialism as the greatest evil and greatest peril threatening the world. The situation here provides an excellent platform for public speakers of all kinds, for emigrants from Germany and Czechoslovakia who with a great many words and with most various calumnies incite the public. They praise American liberty which they contrast with the totalitarian states.

It is interesting to note that in this extremely well-planned campaign which is conducted above all against National Socialism, Soviet Russia is almost completely eliminated. Soviet Russia, if mentioned at all, is mentioned in a friendly manner and things are presented in such a way that it would seem that the Soviet Union were cooperating with the bloc of democratic states. Thanks to the clever propaganda the sympathies of the American public are completely on the side of Red Spain.

Given the heavy Jewish involvement in financing Churchill and his allies and also steering the American government and public in the direction of war against Germany, organized Jewish groups probably bore the central responsibility for provoking the world war, and this was surely recognized by most knowledgeable individuals at the time. Indeed, the Forrestal Diaries recorded the very telling statement by our ambassador in London: “Chamberlain, he says, stated that America and the Jews had forced England into the war.”

The ongoing struggle between Hitler and international Jewry had been receiving considerable public attention for years. During his political rise, Hitler had hardly concealed his intent to dislodge Germany’s tiny Jewish population from the stranglehold they had gained over German media and finance, and instead run the country in the best interests of the 99% German majority, a proposal that provoked the bitter hostility of Jews everywhere. Indeed, immediately after he came into office, a major London newspaper had carried a memorable 1933 headline announcing that the Jews of the world had declared war on Germany, and were organizing an international boycott to starve the Germans into submission.

In recent years, somewhat similar Jewish-organized efforts at international sanctions aimed at bringing recalcitrant nations to their knees have become a regular part of global politics. But these days the Jewish dominance of the U.S. political system has become so overwhelming that instead of private boycotts, such actions are directly enforced by the American government. To some extent, this had already been the case with Iraq during the 1990s, but became far more common after the turn of the new century.

Although our official government investigation concluded that the total financial cost of the 9/11 terrorist attacks had been an absolutely trivial sum, the Neocon-dominated Bush Administration nonetheless used this as an excuse to establish an important new Treasury Department position, the Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. That office soon began utilizing America’s control of the global banking system and dollar-denominated international trade to enforce financial sanctions and wage economic warfare, with these measures typically being directed against individuals, organizations, and nations considered unfriendly towards Israel, notably Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria.

Perhaps coincidentally, although Jews comprise merely 2% of the American population, all four individuals holding that very powerful post over the last 15 years since its inception—Stuart A. Levey, David S. Cohen, Adam Szubin, Sigal Mandelker—have been Jewish, with the most recent of these being an Israeli citizen. Levey, the first Under Secretary, began his work under President Bush, then continued without a break for years under President Obama, underscoring the entirely bipartisan nature of these activities.

Most foreign policy experts have certainly been aware that Jewish groups and activists played the central role in driving our country into its disastrous 2003 Iraq War, and that many of these same groups and individuals have spent the last dozen years or so working to foment a similar American attack on Iran, though as yet unsuccessfully. This seems quite reminiscent of the late 1930s political situation in Britain and America.

Individuals outraged by the misleading media coverage surrounding the Iraq War but who have always casually accepted the conventional narrative of World War II should consider a thought-experiment I suggested last year:

When we seek to understand the past, we must be careful to avoid drawing from a narrow selection of sources, especially if one side proved politically victorious in the end and completely dominated the later production of books and other commentary. Prior to the existence of the Internet, this was an especially difficult task, often requiring a considerable amount of scholarly effort, even if only to examine the bound volumes of once popular periodicals. Yet without such diligence, we can fall into very serious error.

The Iraq War and its aftermath was certainly one of the central events in American history during the 2000s. Yet suppose some readers in the distant future had only the collected archives of The Weekly Standard, National Review, the WSJ op-ed page, and FoxNews transcripts to furnish their historical understanding of that period, perhaps along with the books written by the contributors to those outlets. I doubt that more than a small fraction of what they would read could be categorized as outright lies. But the massively skewed coverage, the distortions, exaggerations, and especially the breathtaking omissions would surely provide them with an exceptionally unrealistic view of what had actually happened during that important period.

Another striking historical parallel has been the fierce demonization of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who provoked the great hostility of Jewish elements when he ousted the handful of Jewish Oligarchs who had seized control of Russian society under the drunken misrule of President Boris Yeltsin and totally impoverished the bulk of the population. This conflict intensified after Jewish investor William F. Browder arranged Congressional passage of the Magnitsky Act to punish Russian leaders for the legal actions they had taken against his huge financial empire in their country. Putin’s harshest Neocon critics have often condemned him as “a new Hitler” while some neutral observers have agreed that no foreign leader since the German Chancellor of the 1930s has been so fiercely vilified in the American media. Seen from a different angle, there may indeed be a close correspondence between Putin and Hitler, but not in the way usually suggested.

Knowledgeable individuals have certainly been aware of the crucial Jewish role in orchestrating our military or financial attacks against Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Russia, but it has been exceptionally rare for any prominent public figures or reputable journalists to mention these facts lest they be denounced and vilified by zealous Jewish activists and the media they dominate. For example, a couple of years ago a single suggestive Tweet by famed CIA anti-proliferation operative Valerie Plame provoked such an enormous wave of vituperation that she was forced to resign her position at a prominent non-profit. A close parallel involving a far more famous figure had occurred three generations earlier:

These facts, now firmly established by decades of scholarship, provide some necessary context to Lindbergh’s famously controversial speech at an America First rally in September 1941. At that event, he charged that three groups in particular were “pressing this country toward war[:] the British, the Jewish, and the Roosevelt Administration,” and thereby unleashed an enormous firestorm of media attacks and denunciations, including widespread accusations of anti-Semitism and Nazi sympathies. Given the realities of the political situation, Lindbergh’s statement constituted a perfect illustration of Michael Kinsley’s famous quip that “a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.” But as a consequence, Lindbergh’s once-heroic reputation suffered enormous and permanent damage, with the campaign of vilification echoing for the remaining three decades of his life, and even well beyond. Although he was not entirely purged from public life, his standing was certainly never even remotely the same.


With such examples in mind, we should hardly be surprised that for decades this huge Jewish involvement in orchestrating World War II was carefully omitted from nearly all subsequent historical narratives, even those that sharply challenged the mythology of the official account. The index of Taylor’s iconoclastic 1961 work contains absolutely no mention of Jews, and the same is true of the previous books by Chamberlin and Grenfell. In 1953, Harry Elmer Barnes, the dean of historical revisionists, edited his major volume aimed at demolishing the falsehoods of World War II, and once again any discussion of the Jewish role was almost entirely lacking, with only part of one single sentence and Chamberlain’s dangling short quote appearing across more than 200,000 words of text. Both Barnes and many of his contributors had already been purged and their book was only released by a tiny publisher in Idaho, but they still sought to avoid certain unmentionables.

Even the arch-revisionist David Hoggan seems to have carefully skirted the topic of Jewish influence. His 30 page index lacks any entry on Jews and his 700 pages of text contain only scattered references. Indeed, although he does quote the explicit private statements of both the Polish ambassador and the British Prime Minister emphasizing the enormous Jewish role in promoting the war, he then rather questionably asserts that these confidential statements of individuals with the best understanding of events should simply be disregarded.

In the popular Harry Potter series, Lord Voldemort, the great nemesis of the young magicians, is often identified as “He Who Must Not Be Named,” since the mere vocalization of those few particular syllables might bring doom upon the speaker. Jews have long enjoyed enormous power and influence over the media and political life, while fanatic Jewish activists demonstrate hair-trigger eagerness to denounce and vilify all those suspected of being insufficiently friendly towards their ethnic group. The combination of these two factors has therefore induced such a “Lord Voldemort Effect” regarding Jewish activities in most writers and public figures. Once we recognize this reality, we should become very cautious in analyzing controversial historical issues that might possibly contain a Jewish dimension, and also be particularly wary of arguments from silence.

The Demonization of Adolf Hitler

Another aspect of Schultze-Rhonhof’s important study that was new to me but further solidified my previous conclusions was his analysis of Hitler’s public speeches. Although the German Fuhrer is notoriously portrayed as a horrific warmonger, his actual statements provide absolutely no evidence of any plans for aggressive war, and instead emphasized the importance of maintaining international peace in order to foster internal German economic development. In another 2019 article, I had similarly suggested that any examination of the reputable contemporary sources reveals that the Hitler of our history books is merely a grotesque political cartoon, similar to the one now increasingly drawn of Putin:

Although the demonic portrayal of the German Kaiser was already being replaced by a more balanced treatment within a few years of the Armistice and had disappeared after a generation, no such similar process has occurred in the case of his World War II successor. Indeed, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seem to loom far larger in our cultural and ideological landscape today than they did in the immediate aftermath of the war, with their visibility growing even as they become more distant in time, a strange violation of the normal laws of perspective. I suspect that the casual dinner-table conversations on World War II issues that I used to enjoy with my Harvard College classmates during the early 1980s would be completely impossible today.

To some extent, the transformation of “the Good War” into a secular religion, with its designated monsters and martyrs may be analogous to what occurred during the final decay of the Soviet Union, when the obvious failure of its economic system forced the government to increasingly turn to endless celebrations of its victory in the Great Patriotic War as the primary source of its legitimacy. The real wages of ordinary American workers have been stagnant for fifty years and most adults have less than \$500 in available savings, so this widespread impoverishment may be forcing our own leaders into adopting a similar strategy.

But I think that a far greater factor has been the astonishing growth of Jewish power in America, which was already quite substantial even four or five decades ago but has now become absolutely overwhelming, whether in foreign policy, finance, or the media, with our 2% minority exercising unprecedented control over most aspects of our society and political system. Only a fraction of American Jews hold traditional religious beliefs, so the twin worship of the State of Israel and the Holocaust has served to fill that void, with the individuals and events of World War II constituting many of the central elements of the mythos that serves to unify the Jewish community. And as an obvious consequence, no historical figure ranks higher in the demonology of this secular religion than the storied Fuhrer and his Nazi regime.

However, beliefs based upon religious dogma often sharply diverge from empirical reality. Pagan Druids may worship a particular sacred oak tree and claim that it contains the soul of their tutelary dryad; but if an arborist taps the tree, its sap may seem like that of any other.

Our current official doctrine portrays Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany as one of the cruelest and most relentlessly aggressive regimes in the history of the world, but at the time these salient facts apparently escaped the leaders of the nations with which it was at war. Operation Pike provides an enormous wealth of archival material regarding the secret internal discussions of the British and French governmental and military leadership, and all of it tends to suggest that they regarded their German adversary as a perfectly normal country, and perhaps occasionally regretted that they had somehow gotten themselves involved a major war over what amounted to a small Polish border dispute.

During late 1939, a major American news syndicate had sent Stoddard to spend a few months in wartime Germany and provide his perspective, with his numerous dispatches appearing in The New York Times and other leading newspapers. Upon his return, he published a 1940 book summarizing all his information, seemingly just as even-handed as his earlier 1917 volume. His coverage probably constitutes one of the most objective and comprehensive American accounts of the mundane domestic nature of National Socialist Germany, and thus may seem rather shocking to modern readers steeped in eighty years of increasingly unrealistic Hollywood propaganda.

  • Into the Darkness
    An Uncensored Report from Inside the Third Reich At War
    Lothrop Stoddard • 1940 • 79,000 Words

And although our standard histories would never admit this, the actual path toward war appears to have been quite different than most Americans believe. Extensive documentary evidence from knowledgeable Polish, American, and British officials demonstrates that pressure from Washington was the key factor behind the outbreak of the European conflict. Indeed, leading American journalists and public intellectuals of the day such as John T. Flynn and Harry Elmer Barnes had publicly declared that they feared Franklin Roosevelt was seeking to foment a major European war in hopes that it would rescue him from the apparent economic failure of his New Deal reforms and perhaps even provide him an excuse to run for an unprecedented third term. Since this is exactly what ultimately transpired, such accusations would hardly seem totally unreasonable.

And in an ironic contrast with FDR’s domestic failures, Hitler’s own economic successes had been enormous, a striking comparison since the two leaders had come to power within a few weeks of each other in early 1933. As iconoclastic leftist Alexander Cockburn once noted in a 2004 Counterpunch column:

When [Hitler] came to power in 1933 unemployment stood at 40 per cent. Economic recovery came without the stimulus of arms spending…There were vast public works such as the autobahns. He paid little attention to the deficit or to the protests of the bankers about his policies. Interest rates were kept low and though wages were pegged, family income increased by reason of full employment. By 1936 unemployment had sunk to one per cent. German military spending remained low until 1939.

Not just Bush but Howard Dean and the Democrats could learn a few lessons in economic policy from that early, Keynesian Hitler.

By resurrecting a prosperous Germany while nearly all other countries remained mired in the worldwide Great Depression, Hitler drew glowing accolades from individuals all across the ideological spectrum. After an extended 1936 visit, David Lloyd George, Britain’s former wartime prime minister, fulsomely praised the chancellor as “the George Washington of Germany,” a national hero of the greatest stature. Over the years, I’ve seen plausible claims here and there that during the 1930s Hitler was widely acknowledged as the world’s most popular and successful national leader, and the fact that he was selected as Time Magazine’s Man of the Year for 1938 tends to support this belief.

Only International Jewry had remained intensely hostile to Hitler, outraged over his successful efforts to dislodge Germany’s 1% Jewish population from the stranglehold they had gained over German media and finance, and instead run the country in the best interests of the 99% German majority. A striking recent parallel has been the enormous hostility that Vladimir Putin incurred after he ousted the handful of Jewish Oligarchs who had seized control of Russian society and impoverished the bulk of the population. Putin has attempted to mitigate this difficulty by allying himself with certain Jewish elements, and Hitler seems to have done the same by endorsing the Nazi-Zionist economic partnership, which lay the basis for the creation of the State of Israel and thereby brought on board the small, but growing Jewish Zionist faction.

In the wake of the 9/11 Attacks, the Jewish Neocons stampeded America towards the disastrous Iraq War and the resulting destruction of the Middle East, with the talking heads on our television sets endlessly claiming that “Saddam Hussein is another Hitler.” Since then, we have regularly heard the same tag-line repeated in various modified versions, being told that “Muammar Gaddafi is another Hitler” or “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is another Hitler” or “Vladimir Putin is another Hitler” or even “Hugo Chavez is another Hitler.” For the last couple of years, our American media has been relentlessly filled with the claim that “Donald Trump is another Hitler.”

During the early 2000s, I obviously recognized that Iraq’s ruler was a harsh tyrant, but snickered at the absurd media propaganda, knowing perfectly well that Saddam Hussein was no Adolf Hitler. But with the steady growth of the Internet and the availability of the millions of pages of periodicals provided by my digitization project, I’ve been quite surprised to gradually also discover that Adolf Hitler was no Adolf Hitler.

It might not be entirely correct to claim that the story of World War II was that Franklin Roosevelt sought to escape his domestic difficulties by orchestrating a major European war against the prosperous, peace-loving Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler. But I do think that picture is probably somewhat closer to the actual historical reality than the inverted image more commonly found in our textbooks.

America and the Current Balance of Power Against Russia

For more than a hundred years, all of America’s many wars have been fought against totally outmatched adversaries, opponents that possessed merely a fraction of the human, industrial, and natural resources that we and our allies controlled. This massive advantage regularly compensated for many of our serious early mistakes in those conflicts. So the main difficulty our elected leaders faced was merely persuading the often very reluctant American citizenry to support a war, which is why many historians have alleged that such incidents as the sinkings of Maine and the Lusitania, and the attacks in Pearl Harbor and Tonkin Bay were orchestrated or manipulated for exactly that purpose.

This huge advantage in potential power was certainly the case when World War II broke out in Europe, and Schultze-Rhonof and others have emphasized that the British and French empires backed by America commanded potential military resources vastly superior to those of Germany, a mid-size country smaller than Texas. The surprise was that despite such overwhelming odds Germany proved highly successful for several years, before finally going down to defeat.

However, matters almost took a very different turn. As I discussed in a 2019 article, for more than three generations all our history books have entirely excluded any mention of one of the most crucial turning points of the twentieth century. In early 1940, the British and French were on the very verge of launching a major attack against the neutral USSR, hoping to destroy Stalin’s Baku oil fields by means of the largest strategic bombing campaign in world history, and perhaps overthrow his regime as a consequence. Only Hitler’s sudden invasion of France forestalled this plan, and if that Panzer thrust had been delayed for a few weeks, the Soviets would have been forced into the war on Germany’s side. A full German-Soviet military alliance would have easily matched the resources of the Allies including America, thereby probably ensuring Hitler’s victory.

But this very narrow escape from strategic disaster in World War II has been entirely flushed down the memory-hole, and I doubt whether one current DC policy-maker in a hundred is even aware of it, let alone properly recognizes its significance. This reinforces the enormous hubris that America will never have to confront opposing forces of comparable power.

Consider the attitude taken during the current conflict with Russia, a severe Cold War confrontation that might conceivably turn hot. Despite its great military strength and enormous nuclear arsenal, Russia seems just as out-matched as any past American foe. Including the NATO countries and Japan, the American alliance commands a 6-to-1 advantage in population and 12-to-1 superiority in economic product, the key sinews of international power. Such an enormous disparity is implicit in the attitudes of our strategic planners and their media mouthpieces.

But this is a very unrealistic view of the true correlation of forces. Prior to the outbreak of the Ukraine war, America had spent years primarily focusing its hostility against China, forming a military alliance against that country, deploying sanctions to cripple Huawei, China’s global technological champion, and working to ruin the Beijing Olympics, while also drawing very near to the red-line of actively promoting Taiwanese independence. I have even argued that there is strong perhaps overwhelming evidence that the Covid outbreak in Wuhan was probably the result of a biowarfare attack by rogue elements of the Trump Administration. So just two weeks before the Russian attack on Ukraine, Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping held their 39th personal meeting in Beijing and declared that their partnership had “no limits.” China will certainly support Russia in any global conflict.

Meanwhile, America’s endless attacks and vilification of Iran have gone on for decades, culminating in our assassination two years ago of the country’s top military commander, Qasem Soleimani, who had been mentioned as a leading candidate in Iran’s 2021 presidential elections. Together with our Israeli ally, we have also assassinated many of Iran’s top scientists over the last decade, and in 2020 Iran publicly accused America of having unleashed the Covid biowarfare weapon against their country, which infected much of their parliament and killed many members of their political elite. Iran would certainly side with Russia as well.

America, together with its NATO allies and Japan, does possess huge superiority in any test of global power against Russia alone. However, that would not be the case against a coalition consisting of Russia, China, and Iran, and indeed I think the latter group might actually have the upper hand, given its enormous weight of population, natural resources, and industrial strength.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, America has enjoyed a unipolar moment, reigning as the world’s sole hyperpower. But this status has fostered our overweening arrogance and international aggression against far weaker targets, finally leading to the creation of a powerful block of states willing to stand up against us.

One of America’s greatest strategic assets has been our overwhelming control of the global media, which shapes the perceived nature of reality for many billions, including most of the world’s elites. But one inherent danger of such unchallenged propaganda-power is the likelihood that our leaders may eventually come to believe their own lies and exaggerations, thereby making decisions based upon assumptions that do not match reality.

When we finally departed Afghanistan after twenty years of occupation and trillions of dollars spent, our military planners were confident that the heavily-armed client regime we had left behind would remain in power for at least six months or more; instead, it fell to the Taliban within days.

A much more important example was highlighted by Ray McGovern in his March 3nd presentation. During last June’s Biden-Putin summit, our president told the Russian leader that we fully understood the terrible pressure he was facing from the Chinese, and his fear of their military threat. Such statements must have been regarded as sheer lunacy by the Russian national security leadership, and a strong sign of the completely delusional nature of the American foreign policy establishment they faced. Since such bizarre beliefs might prompt America to take actions detrimental to Russian interests, Putin attempted to puncture this bubble of unreality by organizing a joint public statement with his close Chinese counterpart affirming that their relationship was “more than an alliance.”

This highly visible declaration was intended to force the DC establishment to recognize the existence of a powerful Russia-China block, and thereby persuade it to secure important concessions from its Ukraine client state, but apparently to no avail. Instead, Ukraine publicly declared its intention to acquire nuclear weapons, and Putin decided that war was his only option.

Bismarck allegedly once quipped that there is a special Providence for drunkards, fools, and the United States of America. But I fear that we have now drawn down on that Providence one too many times, and may be about to suffer the consequences.

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  1. Anonymous[352] • Disclaimer says:

    In light of Milan University banning Dostoyevsky because of Putin…

    “The Jew and his Bank are to-day the masters of all Europe—of Education, of Civilisation, of Socialism: of Socialism above all, by means of which the Jew is going to tear up Christianity by its roots and destroy its Civilisation. And when nothing but Anarchy remains the Jew will put himself at the head of all. For while propagating Socialism among all the Nations, the Jews will remain united among themselves; and when all the wealth of Europe is dissipated there will still remain standing the Jew’s Bank.” —Dostoevski in 1880 (quoted in F.H. Hawkins, Democracy or Shylocracy?, 1919)

  2. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Gee F&cking Whiz Ron, Ya Think?

    Jews (((the Demonic Tribe))) demonizing Hitler… Jews (((the Demonic Tribe))) demonizing Putin.

    Because nobody dared speak the Truth about it… it’s happening.

    Purim is in a week. Bet the Bastards make at least 666 attempts on Putin’s life before then.

    WWIII was caused by Jews, will be Mankind’s epitaph.

  3. Serveral Points:

    Note how Conservatism, Inc. has jumped on the deep state anti-Putin bandwagon, led by ZOG whore Lindsey Graham and other GOP scum. Nobody hates GOP voters more than the ZOG financed eGOP establishment. But then again, note how the stupid GOP voters are cheerleading the anti-Putin bs having learned nothing from being duped into supporting Bush (43) and his Iraq and Afghanistan nonsense. The GOP and their voters deserve each other.

    Mearsheimer’s predictions were spot on, but he is hated by the elites because he wrote a book (“The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”) which exposed the outsize influence of Israel’s 5th column in the beltway. Writing that book was the ultimate sin and he’s been smeared by ZOG ever since.

    As US (((elites))) paint Putin as Hitler, they are busy censoring, cancelling. de-banking any dissenters. And as usual the stupid US sheeple can’t see the hypocrisy.

  4. Charles says:

    This is yet another in the series of American Pravda articles which I am encouraging anyone with whom I have influence to read. As an aside no one is perfect, and I believe that you meant Victoria Nuland rather than “Barbara” in the paragraph referencing Hillary Clinton and the Neocons. Thanks for all your efforts.

  5. anastasia says:

    They tricked him into Ukraine with the deployment of 60 troops to attack Eastern Ukraine, the same way they tricked Hitler into Poland.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Hadji Like
  6. Sean says:

    Until recently, this extreme demonization of Putin was largely confined to Democrats and centrists, whose bizarre Russiagate narrative had accused him of installing Donald Trump in the White House.

    Petro Poroshenko became president of Ukraine in 2014 and proceeded to appoint Hunter Biden to the board of Burisma, a gas company based in Kyiv. In a telephone conversation between Petro Poroshenko, and then US Vice president Joe Biden Joe Biden said “And I’m a man of my word. And now that the new prosecutor general is in place, we’re ready to move forward to signing that new \$1 billion loan guarantee”. The old prosecutor general had been inherited an investigation into the gas company that Biden’s son had recently become a board member of. When Trump came in he was reluctant to give the Ukrainians any weapons, (Obama had refused to) but Trump told (falsely I think) it would be good for US business. So Poroshenko got his very effective Javelin anti tank weapons ECT from the US begining in 2017. That was the begining of it. That in 2019 Trump asked the then newly elected Zelinsky about Hunter Biden’s links in Ukraine was used to impeach Trump; supposedly he was denying weapons to Ukraine unless they came up with the dirt on Biden.

    Indeed, the closest parallel that comes to mind would be the American hostility directed against Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany after the outbreak of World War II, as indicated by the widespread comparisons between Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Hitler’s 1939 attack on Poland.

    Recent research suggests Hitler wanted Poland to cooperate in an attack on the Soviet Union but the Poles refused and so he cooperated with the USSR in and attack on Poland which got him into position for the attack on Russia.

    Col. Douglas Macgregor had been a former top Pentagon advisor and he forcefully explained that America had spent nearly fifteen years ignoring Putin’s endless warnings that he would not tolerate NATO membership for Ukraine, nor the deployment of strategic missiles on his border. Our government had paid no heed to his explicit red-lines, so Putin was finally compelled to act, resulting in the current calamity:

    At the NATO summit in Bucharest in April 2008, Nato it was announced said that Georgia and Ukraine would eventually become members. On August 8, 2008, Russian forces invaded Georgia and the next year Russia cut off supplies of gas to Ukraine during a minus 30degree winter which also cut off south European countries supplies. In President Yushchenko re-appointed Poroshenko to the National Security and Defense Council in 2009, in that position Poroshenko argued strongly for Nato membership. That was key, Poroshenko was in effect saying that Putin would not dare to do to Ukraine what it had done to Georgia. In 2014 the elected President of Ukraine who was a Russian Speaking east was toppled by a revolution after he accepted a great economic deal from Putin to reject a trade association with the EC, which Russia understands as the civilian wing of Nato Poroshenko became president and a civil war started in the Russian speaking west, whereupon he began pestering the US for arms and Nato for membership.

    Because there had been so much corruption by Ukraine’s politicians (much of it involving the gas contracts with Russia) Zelinsky was able to get elected despite being totally inexperienced. Zelinsky closed down those investigations of the former President Poroshenko that related to Hunter Biden and President Biden’s good offices likely were responsible for Ukraine joining ed NATO’s ‘enhanced opportunity partner interoperability program’ in 2020, after which the received a billion in super advanced weapons that are more that a match for relatively primitive Russian artillery, tanks and planes when the Russian army is not deploying in full strength for their traditional mass effect.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Jeff Davis
    , @Blissex
  7. He doesn’t even look like him, he has no mustache and a lot less hair.

    • LOL: Spect3r, Trinity
  8. Bolteric says:

    Good long comment washed away in moment, by careless thumbing on a new handheld device.

    I should use a keyboard and 21” monitors, but I like dictating like Churchill…

    Excellent article, especially didn’t mind the long quotes of previous work. That usually bothers me, but 80 years of history ties together so nicely with the events of the past 10 days.

    Despite the economic advantages of the US/NATO, I say as did many others on UR that Russia prevails- short and medium term. Long term who knows.

    C’est la vie

    Avoiding huge losses of life is much higher on everyone’s list than we readers at the UR give credit for, lest a genuine holocaust be unleashed. I think there’s enough knowledge in the world these days for anyone important to hide. Machiavellian days are over. And everyone is concerned about their family’s and their own safety. The Russians love their children too. As do the Israelis, Americans, Mexicans, Germans…

    I’m not saying we live in harmony. Greed and stupidity prevents that. Hatred being the natural outgrowth of that. But Putin probably doesn’t die the same fate Hitler does.

    • Replies: @MLK
    , @Emslander
  9. Anonymous[248] • Disclaimer says:

    Barbara Nuland


    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  10. with clear evidence that Barbara Nuland and the other Neocons grouped around Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
    , @Dumbo
  11. Ktulu says:

    There are two main differences between Hitler and Putin:
    Hitler was German, Putin is Russian; and Putin has access to a large nuclear arsenal while Hitler didn’t.

    That final difference is what keeps us at peace right now and what will allow Putin to do for Russia what Hitler tried to do for Germany 90 years ago.

    • Replies: @Walter
  12. tanabear says:

    But less well known is that Hitler had actually made enormous efforts to avoid war and settle that dispute, spending many months on fruitless negotiations and offering extremely reasonable terms.

    I wonder why Churchill was so eager to continue the war with Germany? Polish independence? No.

    David Irving gives the real explanation.

  13. Thank you, Ron, for an astute and highly comprehensive geopolitical meta-analysis of this entire series of interlocked events, while pinpointing some of the major perpetraitors, both individual and systemic. Though the masses may still be entangled in the webs and sucked in by the media tentacles with their highly skewed narratives; an awakening among the previously quiescent thinking classes such as the majority of posters on U.R. will gradually engender a Great Awakening throughout the land.

    Ultimately, truth will out and there is a mumbling in working-class bars right across the fruited plain and particularly in Rural America. Canada’s little Dick-Tater and his Banderite co-“future world leader”, Freeland, in their personally terrorized smothering of the “peace, love and happiness “outpouring of Canada’s best people; will have reverberations amongst their previous quietist populace.

    The current Freedom Convoy, jamming up the Di\$trict of Corruption Beltway will make life a bit challenging for the administrative bureaucrat parasites who almost uniformly live across the District’s borders in surrounding highly Democrat Maryland and Virginia counties. Their inspiration was those suffering Canadian truckers, now obliged to attempt to survive in a growingly dysfunctional land now rebranded as Canuckistan.

    • Agree: JWalters
    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  14. JWalters says:

    It seems to me the current media hysteria has two goals. One is to stoke conflict with Russia, setting up a “regime change” attack. The second is to cover up the fraudulent election of Zelensky. Because it would be a game-changer if the Ukrainian people realized they were suckered by an elaborate election psy-op.

    As Mike Whitney has documented, Zelenski has done exactly the opposite of what he promised to do during his election campaign. He promised to work for peace, and instead has worked relentlessly for war.
    The Man Who Sold Ukraine

    In addition to sabotaging the existing Minsk peace process, he has opened the jails freeing even violent criminals, and passing out weapons indiscriminately. This is remeniscient of the chaos sowed in the Middle East during the Iraq war, by flooding it with weapons and loose militias. It is a strategy to create a highly dangerous chaos.

    Zelensky was sold to the Ukrainian public as the star of a TV show that directly addressed Ukraine’s corruption problem, and in which he portrayed a hero who solved that problem.

    It’s well-known that audiences often mix up an actor with the role he plays. This factor helped Ronald Reagan get elected president of the US, and Arnold Schwarzenegger get elected governor of California. Schwarzenegger’s campaign advisor said openly that their strategy was to portray Schwarzenegger as a hero coming to the rescue rather than focus on specific policies. This strategy directly drew upon his movie roles as a hero.

    It was not a coincidental quirk of fate that Zelensky’s election as president exactly mirrored his election as president in the TV show. The TV show was deliberately planned to plant Zelensky in the public’s mind as precisely the hero they needed.

    “It is noteworthy that [Ukraine oligarch Igor Kolomoysky] owns the 1+1 TV channel, which aired Zelensky’s comedy show, and then backed his presidential campaign.”
    Exiled Oligarch Behind President-Elect Volodymyr Zelensky Returns To Ukraine


    From this article we learn that Kolomoysky left Ukraine in 2017, and moved to Israel in 2018. Interviewed there he said “He would only return to Ukraine if Volodymyr Zelensky won the elections, then he said that he would return when he was inaugurated.”
    “Even prior to returning Kolomoisky expressed his view on how the Ukrainian government should be set up after Zelensky assumes the presidential seat”
    “Kolomoisky supported the policy of the post-Maidan Kiev – he financed the volunteer battalions, built the hierarchy of power.”
    “Russian Vladimir Putin responded to Kolomoisky’s attacks only once. He simply said, regarding Kolomoisky: ‘What we have here is a unique kind of thug.’”

    From Wikipedia we learn that Kolomoisky is the 2nd or 3rd richest person in Ukraine. He is also a citizen of Israel as well as Ukraine.

    Wikipedia also recounts his shady dealings.

    “In April 2019 it was reported that the FBI is investigating Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky over alleged financial crimes involving Bogolyubov [a partner], the Krivyi Rih businessman Vadim Shulman and Mordechai ‘Motti’ Korf of Florida along with Kolomoyski’s steel holdings in West Virginia and northern Ohio in the United States and his mining interests in Ghana and Australia. Legal filings from American prosecutors last year detailed how Kolomoisky allegedly used his control of Ukraine’s largest retail bank, PrivatBank, to loot staggering sums from Ukrainian depositors, and then used a series of shell companies and offshore accounts to whisk the money out of the country and into the U.S.”
    “In November 2019, the New York Times reported that Kolomoisky was behind plans to build a controversial ski resort in Svydovets, Ukraine. In the article, a professor at a local university is quoted describing Kolomoisky as ‘a leech who sucks our blood here and puts it in Switzerland’”.
    “In 2015 Victor Pinchuk brought a \$2 billion civil action against Kolomoyskyi and Gennadiy Bogolyubov in the High Court of Justice in London over the 2004 purchase of a Ukrainian mining company. Allegations made include murder and bribery In January 2016 an undisclosed out of court settlement was reached just before the trial was due to start”

    Thus, Kolomoiskyi is the kind of financial thug who could likely be involved in the Talmudist plans to create wars for profit, and ultimately rule the world. He could be taking his orders from the Talmudist banksters in the City of London, Wall Street, and Tel Aviv. Zelensky also has ties to Israel. Thus he could likely have been in on Kolomoiskyi’s scheme from the start.

    Talmudists see Gentiles as having animal souls, so there are no issues of morality in deceiving, robbing, or even killing the. The Talmudists already control the US and Wetern Europe, and now covet Russia.

    Zelensky as president is the next season of the same fictional show. It seems to me this picture would explain a lot of the surface contradictions in the Ukraine situation.

    • Replies: @Anon
  15. PattyMax says:

    The entire Biden administration belongs in prison for the 2020 coup, the Covid 19 fraud, the mass importation of undesirable foreigners, etc. Might our own oligarchs risk nuclear war rather that face the consequences of their actions? An American Gotterdamerung? Does anyone doubt that these people would rather see 100 million American dead than see the inside of a cell?

  16. By attributing the war primarily to the growth of Athenian power and the fear it caused Sparta, Thucydides proved to be a stooge and conduit of Spartan talking points, denied its agency, and was most likely on their payroll.

    John Joseph Mearsheimer

  17. GMC says:

    Washington’s middle name is Projectionist. For decades the Politicians, USG Agencies, and just about everybody that is allowed to speak to the public and the international crowd has use this old Zionist propaganda tool.

    In order to deceive the public, which is already programmed from the unscrupulous bought off media. the One World Order must put the blame on someone else or country, for the war crimes, crimes against humanity, military invasions, regime changes, assassinations, financial manipulations/theft, and so many other corrupt actions. It’s quite amazing that the people in America and Europe haven’t caught on to all the deception – that in the long run will destroy their country and be blamed on a country like – Russia, who is a Saint compared to the US OWO and its Axis of evil.

  18. Hitler was the best thing that ever happened to the Jews, according to the Jews. Hitler was a cofounder of Israel and the ultimate sacrificer of Aryan people.

    “We never had it as good as with Putin”, say the Russian Jews.

    Ukraina: The place is getting emptied and who will fill the void created by the Jews with the Jewish frontmen ZionLendski & Putina, the son of three Jewish mothers and great friend of Israel?
    Is Putin the cofounder of New Kazharia on the Ukrainian soil trenched with goy blood?!
    Every war is a Jewish war.
    With Russia leading in hypersonics, Putin could have forced Israel to restrain or even get rid of their Zelenskis in the Ukraina. Just the opposite!
    There are parallels between Hitler and Putin. History seems to repeat itself with variations in time; Jewish anachronisms in time.

    • Troll: Eric Novak
  19. During last June’s Biden-Putin summit, our president told the Russian leader that we fully understood the terrible pressure he was facing from the Chinese, and his fear of their military threat.

    When the West tried its best to instigate Sino-Russian conflict and trumpeted Chinese intention to invade Siberia, the Russians replied by simply placing a scarecrow soldier on China-Russia border.

    • Replies: @Blinky Bill
  20. meamjojo says:

    Dear China: Whose Side Are You on in Ukraine?
    March 6, 2022, 1:00 a.m. ET
    By Thomas L. Friedman

    With every passing day, the war in Ukraine becomes a bigger tragedy for the Ukrainian people but also a bigger threat to the future of Europe and the world at large. There is only one country that might have the power to stop it now, and it’s not the United States. It’s China.

    If China announced that, rather than staying neutral, it was joining the economic boycott of Russia — or even just strongly condemning its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and demanding that it withdraw — it might shake Vladimir Putin enough to stop this vicious war. At a minimum, it would give him pause, because he has no other significant ally aside from India in the world now.

    Why would President Xi Jinping of China take such a stand, which would seemingly undermine his dream of seizing Taiwan the same way Putin is attempting to seize Ukraine? The short answer is that the past eight decades of relative peace among the great powers led to a rapidly globalizing world that has been the key to China’s rapid economic rise and the elevation out of poverty for some 800 million Chinese people since 1980. Peace has been very good for China. Its continued growth depends on China’s ability to export to and learn from that world of steadily integrating and modernizing free markets.

    The whole Faustian bargain between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese citizenry — the C.C.P. gets to rule while the people get to be steadily better off economically — depends to a significant degree on the stability of the global economy and trading system.

    • Disagree: Humbert Humbert
    • LOL: Eric Novak
  21. I do hope that the last sentence is a bit too dark. But yes John Mearsheimer and – Jack F. Matlock! – and Noam Chomsky and Henry Kissinger and Ron Unz all agree here. Seen from this angle, Bismarck might still be right.

    I want to hint at Thomas Mann’s essay Brother Hitler in the version of The Beatles (which is shorter – and a bit more tipsy-turvy too…)

    Here is Jack F. Matlock, Ronald Reagan’s ambassador to the USSR about Putin, the US and Ukraine

  22. Kiza says:

    Many years ago I wrote a list of foreign statesmen who the Western regimes and their media excrements called “Hitler”. This went from Saddam, through Milosevic and Mugabe, etc etc to Putin. Thus I established that “Hitler” is an honorary title, similar to Sir, bestowed on those individuals who defend their countries from the Anglo-Jewish thieving & murdering pedophilic scum. This is not a reflection on Hitler, it is purely a reflection on the instrumentalization of his brand name by the said scum.

    The second even more important factor is that the Anglo global empire was the empire of the tropical climate. The Russian and the Anglo scum clashed in the peri-equatorial areas of the World. The Anglo scum was not terribly interested in the cold parts of Russia for a very long time. Humanity lacked technology to exploit cold areas which the Russians controlled. This is why historically the body of the Russian empire remained mostly untouched and the Western scum attacked only the European part of Russia and even that not with any degree of success.

    Yet, what really, really unbearably hurt the Anglo-Jewish scum was that Russia slipped out of their greedy clutches when their outgoing puppet Yeltsin appointed Putin. What a shock!!! When they were just on the verge of taking now the juiciest piece of real-estate on the planet. Nevertheless, they did not give up and kept encroaching on Russia with an intention to place land-based nuclear missiles in Ukraine, only 350 miles away from Moscow (from Harkiv), the distance that even US nuclear submarines could not approach Moscow to. Naturally, it is all about having time to shoot down any incoming missiles, which the Russians can do, but with a significantly lower success rate when there is so little time. And the Anglo-Jewish scum does not even have to launch missiles, it is enough to threaten to launch to control Russia. In the shortest: Ukraine=Control over Russia.

    Finally, the braindead Western stupidos hysterically screeching on social media against Russia are mostly the same stupidos who willingly took the “vaccines”, therefore they exist on a borrowed time. Most of them will not live to see whether Russia prevailed in this civilization fight over the Anglo-Jewish scum.

  23. It all falls on deaf ears since I believe Hitler is the greatest figure of the 20th century and his defeat is the reason we are where we are now.

  24. reggie66 says:

    Ron, how do you get away with saying this stuff ? What I mean is why doesn,t the Jewish community come down on you like a ton of bricks?

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
    , @Marcion
    , @Exile
    , @joelc
  25. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Master Peace!

    Thank you for providing what may be the clearest summary of the situation since Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 revelations.

    Neither the EU-ECB, the CCP, the UN, nor the Terrorist Theocracy of Israel have any “right to exist”.

    Perhaps the most practical and humane solution for the world’s foremost problem is to provide all Judeo-Khazarian fanatics with free transportation to Western Ukraine.

    Jews should fight the Russian Federation by themselves, and with their own money.

    The world must not allow The Chosen People and their useful idiots to destroy life on Earth.

  26. anonymous[233] • Disclaimer says:

    The discussion above of World War II run-up, misses the key event for Hitler-Putin comparisons – Hitler’s aggressive occupation of Czechia on 15 March 1939, on exactly the same pretext that Putin just used to invade Ukraine. That 1939 invasion of Prague, the first time Germany began to rule over non-Germans, triggered the whole chain of WW2 events, showing Hitler as another European imperialist.

    Hitler & Putin both each declared, that it was necessary to invade and occupy a neighbouring country, in order to prevent it being used in the future as a base his own country … a too-glib, millennia-old excuse for imperialist invasion

    One can’t deny Russia was badly provoked … Putin indeed had a right to defend East Ukraine Russian co-ethnics, stop all violent attacks on them, and ensure their ability to live, e.g., by restoring the waterway to Crimea. But otherwise his response should have been proportional … Conquering a whole other country of largely rival ethnicity, killing thousands, is too extreme

    Putin and Russia were also imperialists in not letting Chechens go free back in the 1990s, they had a right to secede like Ukraine, but the oil and gas income was key to Russian survival … so 100,000 Chechens died, with Russia arguably doing ‘false flags’ which were maybe the template for 9-11. And now Muslim Chechens are going in to kill Christian Ukrainians.

    Like artificial Ukraine, artificial 1939 Czechoslovakia was also a big mistake, with the ‘Czecho-Bolsheviks’ oppressing others, not just Germans, also Slovaks who quickly bolted as well … Poland too re-took Polish territories from Czechs even before Hitler invaded Prague

    But Hitler rolling into Prague was an imperialist start of European catastrophe … and Putin’s Ukraine invasion may have its own world-devastating consequences, as global poverty takes hold, and Klaus Schwab & co can maybe now implement their ‘Great Reset’

    • Disagree: Humbert Humbert
  27. Sepp says:

    As far back as 2017, the late Prof. Cohen argued that no foreign leader had been as greatly vilified in recent American history as Putin

    LOL. Saddam anyone? Ghaddafi? Ahmajidad? Even if one doesn’t consider Hitler to be “recent”, he is clearly looming in the background as the inspiration for all those Jewish owned “Ukro-Nazis”…

    I never liked Cohen, he was just a pompous Jew who spent his entire life lying to stupid Goyim about Jewish Power. John Bachelor was never anything more that neocon stooge and CIA mockingbird.

    In this recent interview with some other Jew, John Batchelor starts out with this statement: “Russian Paratroopers Assaulting Civilians“. The Jew guest then starts blathering on about Putin going after cities and civilians because he cannot find the Ukrainian army.

    Cohen’s other partner, his wife, was editor of The Nation. Here is the Nation weighing in:

    “On Watching Ukraine Through Palestinian Eyes
    The rightful outpouring of support for Ukraine teaches us that the West can condemn occupation when it wants to.”

    It seems the main reason Westerners were quick to jump to defend the human rights of Ukrainians while they’ve ignored the human rights of Palestinians and so many others is that they see some of us as less human than others.

    Listen up racist Goyim: The only reason you care about Ukrainians more than Palestinians is because you are Racist! It has nothing to do with Jewish power and Jewish ownership of MSM, Social Media and Big Tech…

    • Troll: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
    , @profnasty
  28. Whether America has overdrawn its account with its special Providence or not, it has certainly went overboard with its de-industrialization. Now it will be impossible for it to fight a conventional war with Russia or China.

    European societies and their progress since 1500, especially the British navy, later America, managed to hold on against the Heartland for nearly 400 years, but, now geography is asserting itself once again. Nowadays empires fall quickly, so the Chinese empire may not last for centuries, but the Chinese civilizational state may last for centuries. This is especially reinforced if they manage to colonize the outer space.

  29. In early 1940, the British and French were on the very verge of launching a major attack against the neutral USSR, hoping to destroy Stalin’s Baku oil fields by means of the largest strategic bombing campaign in world history,

    Operation Pike.

    See also Operation Unthinkable at the end of the war. It was cancelled, because the Red Army was too powerful.

  30. Unlike trying to decipher Hitler, which I agree with Ron’s summation while Putin on the other hand can be judged DIRECTLY for those who try to gather a complete picture. Modern media can’t always cut off speeches/statements whereby anybody can reasonable judge the persona of Putin. While the Media’s farcical ‘western picture’ is so cartoonist of Putin that only a western ‘normie’ could take that as a reality. I think also Putin is by far the most complete politician from the start of this century. The US suffers from what others have said poor personal characters peddling imaginary memes that they themselves believe. It’s the western ability for self delusion which will be it’s downfall!

    • Replies: @col from OZ
  31. Quarelia says:

    Slowly but surely, the scenario predicted by the Fatima prophecy of 1917 is unfolding before our very eyes. I myself never imagined that the “errors of Russia” would spread to the United States under the guise of “political correctness”, but it’s happened. The neo-Bolsheviks have even succeeded in hijacking the American presidency!

    Only this prayer will bring lasting peace:


    “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now Your Spirit over the earth.

    Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war.

    May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate.


    FYI: exactly ten years before communism came to an end in Eastern Europe in 1989, Pope John-Paul II made the following invocation during an outdoor Mass in Warsaw (June 2nd 1979):

    “And I cry — I who am a Son of the land of Poland and who am also Pope John Paul II — I cry from all the depths of this Millennium, I cry on the vigil of Pentecost:

    Let your Spirit descend.
    Let your Spirit descend,
    and renew the face of the earth,
    the face of this land.


    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • LOL: Thim
    • Replies: @Towey
    , @Robert Konrad
  32. John G says:

    I believe that Danzig was a free entity after World War I and not under the Polish.

  33. Russia’s massive foreign reserves held abroad have been seized and frozen, its civilian airlines excluded from Western skies, and its leading banks disconnected from global financial networks.

    Yes the G7 has frozen the Russian Central Bank’s assets in those countries. However, the latter has seen this coming for a long time. Any assets it held in those countries would have been very limited, not “massive”.

    Western airlines are now blocked from Russian skies. This will cause much more problems for them than vice versa. For example, the routes of British Airways, Lufthansa et al to the Far East are now uneconomic as a result.

    Russia already has cut itself out of Western financial systems. It raises loans for its sovereign debt, as well as bonds, on its own internal financial markets. Government debt is less than 20% of GDP, little is owed to foreign creditors.
    Russia has developed SPFS to replace SWIFT, the financial messaging system. At present, over 25% of transactions in Russia use it. In the event of cut-off from SWIFT, it will quickly be installed in the rest.

    The vast majority of digital payments in Russia use the indigenous MIR system, not MasterCard or Visa. Ultimately, MIR will be used for virtually all such payments.

    The digital Ruble has been developed and is on stream. This requires no financial messaging system at all. It is obviously the financial system of the future.

    So Russia already has a well developed self-supporting financial system. Its reliance on Western systems, whether in the City of London or elsewhere, is long gone.

    The announcement on 23rd February that the digital Ruble was more or less up and running is very interesting. Neither you or your columnists seem to recognise the fact. Anyway, next day there was the start of the Ukrainian operation. Coincidence or what ?

    The West has not sanctioned Russia’s exports of oil,gas, agricultural products, minerals and metals. Russia is the leading supplier of commodities, and to do so would be catastrophic for the West.
    Once Russia leaves SWIFT, which will be soon, other countries will still need its commodities. They will have 3 ways to pay for them.
    1) They can pay using MIR with the SPFS system. It is very likely that Russia will demand payment in currencies other than the USD.
    2) Promissory note or modern equivalent.
    3) Digital Ruble. This has been up and running since last month. This does not require a messaging system at all.

    The net effect will be the end of the USD as the World’s Reserve Currency. The “world” or globalist economy is based on interconnected financial markets, dominated by Western and particularly American banks, and with the USD as reserve currency. That is ending as I write..

    Global finacial markets ? Who needs ya !

  34. Paraphrasing Douglas Macgregor in an interview on Fox News:

    Our government had paid no heed to his explicit red-lines, so Putin was finally compelled to act, resulting in the current calamity

    In that short summary I recognized false premises and cascading flaws in reasoning:

    • The so-called “red lines” are greatly exaggerated and violate basic understandings reached in a 1997 Paris treaty between NATO and Russia, hence unreasonable and unacceptable. They have a propaganda function to provide a superficial pretext that allows pro-Russian commenters to blame the US government.

    • When presented with the unreasonable demands (“red lines“) last December, the US studied them and and responded by declaring a willingness to discuss and negotiate issues related to mutual “security”, but Russia failed to appear at the Munich Security Conference because Putin had already made a decision to invade, immediately after the Winter Olympics. Serious diplomatic engagement at the conference might have jeopardized the planned invasion.

    • Putin was not “compelled to act” by launching an expansive war of aggression but through the proscribed means of diplomacy to address actual issues. There is no legal or moral excuse for initiating aggressive military behavior.

    • The extent of the current calamity, including wanton destruction of civilian areas and critical infrastructure, terrorizing the entire population, and having already induced more than a million refugees to have fled to other countries, in is inconsistent with the initially stated military goals of assisting the separatist-controlled Donbas region.

    The views and opinions of John Mearsheimer, cited approvingly in this article, are well known. He advocates the antiquated principle of “might is right“, also known as the “law of the jungle“. This attitude, were it widely adopted, is a throwback to the perspectives of power relations that prevailed before the 19th century. Putin seems to also support this viewpoint, which is at odds with civilized behavior and explains why he is now so strongly reviled.

    …a pro-NATO coup overthrew the democratically-elected pro-Russian government, with clear evidence that Barbara Nuland and the other Neocons grouped around Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had orchestrated it.

    This often repeated narrative is a blatant lie on various levels.: (1) The notion that the government was elected democratically in 2010 was formally disputed. (2) There was no “coup” but a popular demonstration that led to a formal agreement signed by multiple parties, including a reviled quasi-dictator, who then resigned and fled the country. (3) At that time NATO was not the issue, but closer ties to the EU rather than Russia. (4) There was no “overthrow” but a parliamentary vote with an overwhelming majority, to formally oust the president, who at that time had reportedly already left the Ukraine. (5) There is no evidence that Nuland orchestrated any of these events but indications, from which one can reasonably conclude that she played no major role at all in shaping all those events.

    I have deconstructed these falsehoods in numerous messages, including again less than a day ago:


    Message #24 (March 6, 2022 at 10:47 am GMT)

    In prior and subsequent responses and clarifications, with additional contextual information, nobody could retort with any proof of this phony “Nuland-staged-a-coup” propaganda narrative, which is just one of several false claims intended to mislead readers to believe that the US is to blame for Putin’s crimes against humanity. The primary reason for this war was proclaimed four years ago in a staged interview in Königsberg / Kaliningrad. Conveniently Russia would gain access to even more oil and gas reserves by such a conquest.

    News report from 2018 repeated from Message #340 (February 28, 2022 at 9:07 am GMT)

    March 2, 2018 – Reuters

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday he would reverse the collapse of the Soviet Union if he had a chance to alter modern Russian history, news agencies reported.

    The chance was provided to him by Western weakness. In his speech prior to the invasion, Putin invoked Russia’s imperial history and set the stage for the spiritual conquest that is now in progress.

  35. I don’t agree : Putin’s political ideal is not Russian supremacism on the world, it is a multipolar world where Russia is indispensable as a factor for the balance of the whole but not supreme : he is far nearer the architects of the post-Napoleonic Holy Alliance as the Russians loved to call it, a quite reactionary arrangement but the peoples concerned then were even more reactionary than their leaders.

    Hitler on the other hand did sell a supremacist dream to his own people and did sell a New World Order to the world elites of his time which would end with all democracy and all say from little people in political affairs big or small. Hitler was very clear that without world conquest or at least the hope of it motivating all political moves up to then his platform would utterly lose together with his country and any hope for civilisation in the future : he was Stalin’s mirror image. You are right in stating that Hitler didn’t look at all for war and conflict in the immediate, but that was because he had not finished rearming and disciplining his population into perpetual frenzy : his intention was to start fighting for world conquest about five years later at most. Hitler’s immediate interest was advantageous compromise, not war, and annexations made by diplomatic means together with most people involved’s agreement, like the Anschluss, not occupations yet. But the speeches he made to all classes of listeners, both popular and elite, were based on the very emotion of revenge and collective wrath brought to unheard levels. Those who didn’t understand a word of German were certain when hearing him that he was promising a punishing world war of conquest, and they were right : that was the main subject of his speeches. Hitler wanted to delay as much as possible the start of the world war, but he was dead intent of waging it and winning it. Hitler was also convinced that war was the only means not only for Germany but for the whole World Economy out of depression, as he was surrounded by economists who thought that way. The Jewish entity under the pen of various journalists had declared war on Germany, he had to be at war with Jews. Putin does not idealize war as the best destiny Heavens can reserve to his people. America is run by an elite believing in war without end as a normal way of existence.

    Putin is absolutely not comparable to Hitler except in the NYT’s eyes. But he is the faithful heir of Ivan the terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Alexander III, and also of Stalin and Kruschov to a great though not total extent, who while no being world-conquerors were all dead intent in consolidating an empire the world would have to fear, respect and count with. Hitler started by being a populist, seducing the humiliated and also the rabble. There is absolutely nothing populist about Putin : he doesn’t believe the common man should count in any way even as a symbol but only Mother Russia, who alone as supernatural entity can make the Russian people happy. Putin developed no big personality cult to be rendered by the people.

  36. Mr Anatta says:

    Unfortunately this John Mearsheimer truth telling about Russia and Ukraine with its 17 million views,that is claimed here isn’t anything like ‘massive global attention’ and massive global attention would be more like 1.7 billion views in fact and so Ron Unz needs a bit of a rethink as to what he considers ‘going viral’ on the internet to be,i would say.

    17 million by the way is roughly about the size of the population of Netherlands and who ever talks about them in geopolitics like they do the 1 billion or so population that is China?.

    Not having a dig at the Dutchies either as Amsterdam is my favorite city and the only city that I would consider having a home due to the comparative lack of motor vehicles.

  37. Putin says he is waging war against Ukrainian Nazis, but what kind of stupid Nazis are they who see their Russian slavic racial kinsmen as their enemy, who put their artificial and parochial Ukrainian identity above their slavic or white identity, and who enthusiastically further the agenda of Semitic overlords in Washington DC? From a Nazi point of view these Azov people don’t make any sense.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  38. Formidable. I hope you get the attention you deserve drom serious scholars who have read as widely and relevantly as you.

    The contribution of American folly, ignorance and incompetence is difficult to dispute, put if you were all purpose confidant, .enter and moral preceptor to Putin would you have encouraged him to make the speeches he did, with or without lies or fantasies about Ukrainen, to bully his Cabinet humiliatingly, and to go ahead with lethal attacks on Ukrainians?

    As a matter of interest what would you have advised Hitler to do when the Poles rejected what you any were very reasonable offers? I have just tried looking up those offers to see why you might describe them as reasonable but haven’t got there and shall merely point to the

    German–Polish non-aggression pact, was a non-aggression agreement between Nazi Germany and the Second Polish Republic that was signed on 26 January 1934 in Berlin. Both countries pledged to resolve their problems by bilateral negotiations and to forgo armed conflict for a period of 10 years.

    and ask how that ceased to be of governing relevance.

    It is depressing that American pretensions to democracy that amount to little more than the chance of achieving peaceful change of government by vote of the people produces such bad government and one where competitive lies and oversimplification ensure that governments are often far less popular than those of the lying, poisoning, intimidating, incarcerating autocrats who direct judges and police from above. But don’t you agree that there is a categorical difference between the two?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @nokangaroos
  39. @Anonymous

    Victoria Nudelman.

    (Call a spade a spade.)

  40. sally says:

    Excellent history!. Demon i zation is an offensive process brought about by domestic propaganda, but it has a defensive motive.

    Nation states are centers of power. Nation states are armed and dangerous. Nation states are mostly controlled by a group of external non state economic and commercial interest. Except in the case of Israel, corporations and other economic interest find nation states to partner with, because the corporations and private interest are not permitted to own weapons, pass laws, do international banking, enter into treaties and trade agreements, nor govern the masses. The nation state is needed for that.

    Propaganda attacks the leadership of those whose economic capacities are strongly competitive.

    Interference to monopoly powers in the market place by upstarts and weaker players is usually dealt with by denying the upstart access to the market place. either the upstart is bought out or its ability to deliver its products or services is some how corrupted.

    When private anti-competitive measures no longer work, then each (side) economic interest will commandeer a nation state or organize a group of nation states to defend their economic turf. Sometimes the state itself, is the competitor, as is the case of China, but other times its a collection of very profitable corporations and private wealth and mineral owners who need the security, manpower and resources the nation state can offer.

    Economic Team A goes after Economic Team B and each team partners with a nation state of their choice..

    ​So the nation states proxy for behind the scene corporate, non state power, commercial and economic interest. These economic interest need the state to help them crush the competition or to help them negotiate with the competition.

    When a leader of a nation states successfully organizes and positions its state as competent to defend its economic partners, the D process begins, Since 1897, Germany was in control of the Ottoman Empire oil fields, and was outproducing most of the rest of the globe. The British owners of the economic wealth of the world were angry, they ganged up, partnered with the USA and went after the oil and the destruction of Germany. Same also in WWII. Hitler was the target, then Lenin, Stalin, Gadaffi, Mao, and so on.

    Propaganda has become a Target of propaganda!

  41. @silviosilver

    FWIW, the Clinton Global Initiative is starting up again: Hillary will be accepting[expecting] “donations.”

  42. Mr Anatta says:

    Because the evil parts of the Jewish community know full well that 800,000 knowing the truth is completely insignificant, when 8,000,000,000 don’t know the truth.

    • Agree: Ralph B. Seymour
  43. @Francis Miville

    Thank you. There is much to agree with. But can you really substantiate an ambition for world conquest was ever more than an occasional dream for Hitler.

    Lebensraum in Russia a d Ukraine, yes. And getting rid of Jews from Germany and German controlled territory, yes. Bit I see him, totally unlike Stalin, as a dreamer and opportunist, with little duscipline, who improvised constantly while keeping an eye on public opinion.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  44. @Francis Miville

    ‘his intention was to start fighting for world conquest about five years later at most.”

    How easy it is to posit intentions in people’s minds, but what evidence is there for it? Certainly there is none in Mein Kampf, where he only expressed any covetousness for lands in the East. This was probably based on a desire for food-sufficiency after Germany’s devastating experience of a starvation blockage by the British at the end of WWI, which Hitler was determined to not let happen again. The world domination idea is little more than a propaganda trope of the allied powers, powers who had either themselves pursued world domination as far as they could (British, French *empires*) or who proceeded to do so after the war (US and soviet empires).

    Hitler in numerous instances, for example, expressed admiration for the British empire and had no desire to divest them of it. The US on the other hand wanted to and did divest Britain of its empire, for instance, through the conditions it attached to its war loans, and by changing the world reserve currency from Sterling to Dollars.

    What we can now see clearly is that it was the US, after all, that harbored the ambitions for world domination, world hegemony, despite all its puerile, high-sounding rhetoric about freedom and democracy.

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
  45. IronForge says:

    Nice One, Mister Unz.

    A Few Notes:
    A) Nuland, aka Nudelman-Khagan, has Victoria as her First Name;

    B) RUS are the only Nation-State that can Defeat NATO and JPN/KOR/AUS in a Conventionals-Only Confrontation due to their Array of Long-Range Cruise, Supersonic, and Hypersonic Missiles. One can probably suspect that they have (Sub-)Orbital Missiles as well. RUS Ships/Subs/Aircraft don’t have to Travel Far from their Territories to Launch and Hit CONUS-Based Targets to Destroy the Military+Civil Infrastructures of the USA.

    Add to that, there are Good Chances CHN and PRK will Join In the Conflict – Directly against USA Forces+Assets and Engaging in Offensives upon TWN and KOR.

    Taking a Broader Stroke -Murica/GBRittania+AUS+NZL/TWN/KOR are going to Lose the Far Eastern/Oceanian Conventional War against either RUS, CHN, or PRK(because they have the Home Turf Defensive while Firing Away Hypersonics) ; and engaging in a War with One will bring in the Other Two.

    These are the Reasons Murica are Panicking and Provoking.

    Prior to CHN’s Current Prosperity and Growth of their Military Forces – there were fewer Provocations. When my Late Father Sailed for the USN from 1945-1987(? – I was away at Annapolis+Ensign Schools at the Tail End) his Time in the TWN/Formosa Strait was during the Active CHN Civil War as the USNavy held a Blockade while allowing KMT to Flee. During my Tour on a Guided Missile Cruiser in the Late 80s – we never Sailed through the TWN Strait. Port Visits to HKG were made regularly by the Flag(Leisure) Ship; and our primary concerns were the Soviets during Northern JPN+KOR based Exercises and VNM as we were in Full Power Transit while passing by.

    CHN now have a Blue Water (TransOcean-Capable) Navy; and will soon be able to Engage Entities and Transport Amphibious Assault Troops across the Globe. I expect CHN_PLAN to grow Larger than the USNavy – with Technology Gaps closing quickly.

    RUS don’t have to deploy to set Boots on Murican Territories for their Win. However, CHN will take TWN; and PRK will most like Invade KOR when either RUS or CHN engage the USA.

    Add to that, RUS+CHN’s Self+Binary Engineering+Manufacturing Sufficiencies, Energy/SilkRoad/RCEP/BRIC/PetroCNY-AuXchg/SPFS/CIPS/UnionPay Trade-Finance Schemes, AngloMurica won’t be able to Ruin RUS or CHN Economically, either.

    AngloMurican Hegemony+Vassals will be Out-R&D’d, Out-Engineered, Out-Manufactured, Out-Produced Food-wise, and soon to be Out-Financed.

    These are the Reasons Leaders of RUS, CHN, IRN, PRK, and BLR will be Vilified Continuously.

    Sorry I took so long; but this window via phone browser doesn’t allow me to see the whole Essay in one glance.

  46. Mr Anatta says:

    Your last paragraph is completely back to front and the mind controlled just think what the mind controlled are controlled to do by their controllers..

    • Replies: @DevilAdvocate
  47. @Anon

    Putin’s a half-Jew who has been half on the Jew-globohomo side all along. That why

    he only got rid of half the Jew oligarchs who cannibalized Russia during the Yeltsin regime;

    waited until the last possible moment before intervening in Syria against Isramerica’s pet Sunni terrorists, did so with minimal instead of maximum force, and left half that country under ZOG control….and allows Izrael to rocket and bomb it daily;

    failed to strike while the iron was hot (2014-15) against the ZOG coup d’etat in Ukraine that removed his guy and substituted the (((Poroshenko))) then (((Zelensky))) regime….and only now attacks it, again with minimal force, 7 years late.

    and I don’t think the ZOG will need to assasinate (Putin). He’s made such a hash out of this war …fight one day, negotiate the next, fight another day, truce the next….that his own oligarchs, both Jew and Slav, are going to overthrow him by and by. Putin is NOT a strong dictator like Stalin….or Hitler. He relies on a mix of coercion, rigged bogus elections (like ours), and consent to stay in power. He is a weak dictator, like Khruschev or, say, Mussolini. And every day that his fake and gay “war” on Ukraine continues, the consent fraction of his support – both mass and oligarch – evaporates. The latter are very unhappy about the ZOG confiscation of their European yachts, looted liquid wealth, and estates.

  48. @Kiza

    You write “Anglo” instead of “anglo”/”island monkeys”. Classic mistake.

    There is not a race and (((culture))) lower than the Negro-Sickxon insects. The kikes’ dominon over the West is possible only through the eternal golem, the island monkeys of New Pakistan, in kosher business since 1800.

  49. eah says:

    Apropos current events, it’s fitting today that buffoonish ex-president Trump would discuss foreign policy with buffoonish alcoholic golfer John Daly, with Trump threatening to bomb Moscow.

    ‘He sort of believed me’: Trump overheard detailing his threat to Putin in call with golfer John Daly

    In the video of the speakerphone call recorded on Daly’s end that was first posted to the @nopopsgolf Instagram account, Trump said that he told Putin that if he stepped out of line that Moscow would be bombed, a threat that appears to have worked considering that Russian tanks didn’t roll across the border until Joe Biden was in the White House.

    Of course recent events that caused Putin to act occurred long after Trump left office, i.e. there was no proximate reason for Putin to attack Ukraine while Trump was in office (‘a threat that appears to have worked’).

    The following article provides a very good overview, including timeline, of events in Ukraine:

    The US Is Culpable in Today’s Ukraine Crisis — How the incessant neo-conservative urge to reshape foreign nations in the Western image has brought us to the brink of World War

  50. Hell of an article, Mr. Unz! My eyes were not opened last time around (Wiemar/Hitler’s Germany), of course, and even during the 9/11 US Feral Gov’t expansion, I easily saw and decried the increase in the Police State, but my eyes were not completely open.

    This time they are. I see this war being made into the BIG STORY by just about everyone*, while I know that it really shouldn’t concern Americans in the least compared to the REAL big stories – the population replacement of the White Middle Class and the coming financial crash (portended now with the greatly increasing inflation).

    “History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme”, they say. You draw so many parallels between now and a century back, but I want to add one that you mentioned only one part of, likely just due to article length. In that excerpt from Pat Buchanan’s book, there is the mention of Germany’s having been given extremely onerous reparations terms in the Versailles Treaty. The Allies were vindictive winners. After America won the Cold War, the American government was a vindictive winner in the way it treated Russia.

    First Russia was looted during the 1990s. Politically, during the entire 30 years since 1989, America and Russia should have been natural allies. However, instead of disbanding NATO, it was used to box Russia into a corner. I will brag that even in the middle 1990s, I wondered about this policy. “Hey, it’s over. Why are we rubbing it in? Russia is no longer the Communist USSR. How about we change our mindset?” But, it was not just stupidity, as you lay out for us here.

    Thanks for the great article, Mr. Unz, and for one in which I have no disagreement at all.

    Finally, from the Peak Stupidity post Anarchy in the UKraine:

    40 years ago, if you told me you were pro-Russia, I would have called you a Communist.
    30 years ago, if you told me you were pro-Russia, I would have called you a gracious winner.
    20 years ago, if you told me you were pro-Russia, I would have called you a Conservative.
    If you tell me you’re pro-Russia now, I would call you an American Patriot.


    * BTW, you didn’t mention Tucker Carlson, as he has been the only TV media figure I’ve seen (on-line) whose eyes are open about this. I am AMAZED Tucker is still on the air right now.

  51. anon[396] • Disclaimer says:

    what a tragedy that the Germans and Soviets fought each other instead of fighting together….

  52. Marcali says:

    How many centuries are needed to realize who the Russians really are?

    “According to the calculations of Fridtjof Nansen, beginning in 1500, every seven years Russia added as much territory to its empire as that occupied by the Kingdom of Norway. Imperialism is a traditional, basic, and integral trait of Russia – its chief trait in fact.”
    (Solovyov – Klepikova: The map is the message in mother Russia, The Christian Science Monitor, August 11-17, 1986.)

    As to being a neighbour of Russia, let’s read the beginning of William G. Bray: Russian frontiers: from Muscovy to Khrushchev, Bobbs-Merrill, 1963, pp 11, 13:
    ’” For five centuries, Russians have been seeking a final frontier which they never find.” This statement by A. L. Kennedy in a lead article in the January, 1947, issue of The Quarterly Review sums up our problem with Russia. … A brief study of five centuries of Russian history makes it clear that Russia’s aggression today follow the same pattern that has guided her every maneuver since approximately 1462 AD. …This territorial hunger can be compared to the farmer who, when queried as to why he was acquiring so much land, said: „I don’t want much land, I just want that which joins my farm.”

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Lysias
  53. Anon[160] • Disclaimer says:

    A war of succession not a civil war.

    • Replies: @Sean
  54. annamaria says:

    The entire US Congress (save Tulsi Gabbard) belongs to gallows for the betrayal of humanity and the spread of mass murders, tortures, destruction, and lies for the profits and power of corporate fascism that owns the US.
    The Empire of Lies indeed.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @profnasty
  55. Bruno says:

    There is now an Unz’s law wich is a slight variant of an inverse Godwin’s law that apply to all papers on any subject :

    Reductio ad Covidum per Hitlero

    Where COVID’s Frankenstein, aka USA deep
    Starte, is the archetypal monster and the innocent good guy is the good willing Book of Daniel Susanna, aka as Reich führer.

  56. @The_seventh_shape

    Yes but…. If I may ask a quibbling question of you as I did of Francis Miville… who were the Americans who consciously harboured the ambitions you describe in

    What we can now see clearly is that it was the US, after all, that harbored the ambitions for world domination, world hegemony, despite all its puerile, high-sounding rhetoric about freedom and democracy.


    There must be lots of their dreams and ambitions recorded in diaries and letters.

    • Replies: @The_seventh_shape
  57. As someone who has been without a TV receiver for 23 years and doesn’t read the Lyin’ Press sites, I have noticed another thing about this Ukraine/Russia war. I’m pretty sure the word has come down to make this into the next big distraction. As much as Big Gov. and Big Media has tried, after 2 years they can no longer prop up the Flu Manchu PanicFest Infotainment. Just plain not enough people care. I see this everyday.

    What I can see through is how this war would not have been ANY kind of big story in the age before ubiquitous CNN and the internet, very much like the Covid-19 one wouldn’t have been.

    There’s another aspect, and that is that the Canadian trucker protest got bigger than the Globalist elites would have liked. It likely worries them quite a bit that more of this sort of thing would be a real populist rebellion against Globohomo. This Russia/Ukraine story is doing a good job in burying anything else coming such as the American convoy going on right now.

    See 2 posts on this – “Peak Stupidity on the Ukraine” and “Is the Russia/Ukraine War another piece of Infotainment?”

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  58. annamaria says:

    “Great Reset” is Corporate Fascism on the march.

  59. @Achmed E. Newman

    Excerpt from the 1st of those 2 posts:

    Do this thought experiment: It’s 1985, there’s no CNN (or it’s not ubiquitous yet) and there’s no internet, but, for these same 2 countries, let’s imagine the Cold War is already over and the 2 are separate countries, as now. You know what people would know about this war? You’d hear about 45 seconds about it from your favorite anchorman on the 1/2 hour nightly news some nights. There might be an article in Newsweek or Time magazine about it in a few of the issues, if you were so inclined to read these magazines. Your daily local newspaper might have an occasional article from the AP or Reuters that most people would skip looking for the sports scores, crime reports, comics, and obituaries. Who would be talking about this?

    This deal has been made to fit the “Russia Bad!” narrative that the press started on to topple Trump (yeah, and distract the hell out of him for 3 years), and The Neocons are for kicking any foreign country’s ass that they think they can. (They never learn.) Peak Stupidity already wrote – in our post Anarchy in the UKraine 3 weeks back – what we think of NATO having pushed the Russians into a corner, and that the organization should have been disbanded 30 years ago. The Neocons are drunk with war, and the Lyin’ Press is again going along for the views and clicks and additionally for the approval of the Potomac Regime.

    From the 2nd one:

    It’s a big enough story to be in the news, but it seems to have taken up all media’s time. Perhaps just the timing was right, and like the Kung Flu PanicFest started just over 2 years back, it’s again about not letting a “crisis” go to waste. Is this a crisis for America? NO. Neither was the Kung Flu virus.

    What are some crises for America? Well, lets’s see, a big and accelerating population replacement program by the Feral Gov’t (even including Human Trafficking by the Presidential Administration), the accelerating destruction of the US dollar and the 1970s-style inflation back with us, and the anti-White man and anti-traditional-America Cultural Revolution on in full swing are crises. More overarching is the Globalist and Communist elite’s purposeful encouragement of all that and more, for the purposes of eliminating the vestiges of a Middle Class. …

    When the actual people try to make an effort beyond the futile ballot box to do something about it, … well, where’s the story? I’m not reading much without making an effort.

    (That last part refers to the American trucker convoy.)

  60. Dumbo says:

    It’s fixed now.
    I think he was confusing her with Barbara Spectre, another Jewish Demonic Bitch from Hell.
    (Do all old Jewesses look alike? They do seem to think alike.)

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  61. MLK says:

    I’m not saying we live in harmony. Greed and stupidity prevents that. Hatred being the natural outgrowth of that. But Putin probably doesn’t die the same fate Hitler does.

    To anyone proposing a solution it’s best to determine how they are defining the problem. Especially when it’s assassinating the leader of a nuclear superpower.

    As my previous comments attest, with Putin at the helm, not only is Russia acting in its national interest and that of Russians, whether residing in Russia, but the Russian sovereign has reconsolidated, with a deep foreign policy bench the USG and the West can only dream of.

    This strikes me as narrative engineering of the most dangerous kind. Putin must go, ergo, he must be portrayed as Hitler to unlock the counterfactual fantasy that all would have been wine and roses (magically, after 7/1944!) if only the plot against the Führer had succeeded.

    An added bonus is the Hail Mary component to rehabilitate the Regime Change thingie they went crazy with.

    Would that it were so that in moments like this — a Sad Story three decades, our Unipolar Moment — those responsible were trying to right the ship, even if in a wrongheaded and reckless way.

    They not. They would rather we and many others die than they feel bad about themselves, much less lose power and face a reckoning.

    Even better, as globalists in thrall to rising China, destroying the US and its position in the world is a feature not a bug of their continued malefactions.

    By the way, don’t be fooled by the Potemkin Village that is the current singularity created by fusing Big Tech, Corporate Media under the firm control of the intelligence apparatus. Just as it told us Sleepy Joe won 81M votes in “the most secure election ever,” it now claims his approval rating skyrocketed 18 points, back to 47%, as a result of his speech to Congress.

  62. Mike Tre says:

    TUR: The Ukraine Review.

  63. Petermx says:

    Prague had been a part of the Austrian Empire, later known as the Austro-Hungarian empire for centuries. At one time Prague had a larger German population than Czech population. The allies created Czechoslovakia without asking any of its future citizens if they wanted to be part of the new country. The 3 million plus Austrians, usually referred to as Germans (like the Czechs and Slovaks, they were citizens of the Austro-Hungarian empire) and they didn’t want to be part of Czechoslovakia and neither did the Slovaks, who finally broke off in the early 1990’s. Nobody asked the Czechs either. What the allies did was create a hostile new country on Germany’s border when all that territory was previously under German or Austrian control for centuries. Czechoslovakia was not this innocent democracy of fairness and the leaders, former citizens of the Austro-Hungarian empire, were paying Churchill large sums of money to attack Germany. Germany had more reason to occupy Czechoslovakia than the US had for murdering over 1 million Iraqis in two wars and killing millions more with sanctions. Like Ukraine borders Russia, Germany bordered Czechoslovakia. The US is thousands of miles away from Iraq, Syria and Vietnam.

    Also, Czechs and Germans had lived together for centuries and many were not hostile to each other as shown by this:

    “At a mass meeting in Prague, 200,000 Czechs pledge loyalty to their homeland and to the German Reich.

    Czech Minister Emanuel Moravec addresses the large rally on July 3, 1942, on Wenceslas Square, near the historic statute of St. Wenceslas. He concludes with an expression of confidence in a better future for the Czech people, and of support for the “new Europe,” the “National Socialist revolution,” “our leader, Adolf Hitler,” and “our state president, Dr. Hacha.”

    Emil Hacha, head of the Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia government is present, along with many other officials. The meeting concludes with the crowd singing the Czech national hymn. Three minute newsreel clip, with Czech narration.”

    A month earlier, in June, similar rallies were held in Prague, Plzen, Brno and Tabor after the British organized assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, Deputy Protector of Bohemia and Moravia. The British wanted to spread violence and hatred in the population but there was not much until the allies arrived at the end of the war. Similarly, the French and British created not only Czechoslovakia, but Poland too, with the desire to weaken Germany and have newly hostile countries on its border. That is why Germany occupied Czechoslovakia.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  64. @Wizard of Oz

    I forgot to bring up in the context of your possibly justifying Putin’s attack the question why he didn’t cut off the gas Russia sends to and through Ukraine rather than kill people.

    • Replies: @Lysias
  65. Apu says:

    Excellent article Ron and as Paul Craig Roberts said, “you are the bravest man I know”..I thought the ADL and it’s cronies would be nuking your site and literally sending out hit squads to silence you….

  66. BuelahMan says:

    We should recognize that in many respects the standard historical narrative of World War II is merely a congealed version of the media propaganda of that era.

    Yes. Otherwise known as “jew-speak” or “lies”.

  67. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    What’s to be expected at this point is all the mendacious sewage pouring explosively out of the Jewish media cartel.

    What’s unexpected is Unz’s American Pravda series which stands like a group of finely cut diamonds.

    Thank you, Mr. Unz. Job well done.

  68. Jake2022 says:

    Mearsheimer:”what they are doing is not trying to conquer Ukraine. There are many people who say the Russians are going to go on a rampage, they’re going to try and reestablish the Soviet Union or a greater Russia and so forth and so on. That’s not going to happen. Putin is much to smart for that.”
    McGovern (talking about the possibility of an invasion):”Has U.S. Intelligence “assessed” why in the hell Putin would do such a dumb thing? ”

    But here is a guy who really knows what he is talking about – when asked in late 2001 whether he opposed the Baltic states’ (Russia’s neighbors) membership in NATO, he stated: “We of course are not in a position to tell people what to do. We cannot forbid people to make certain choices if they want to increase the security of their nations in a particular way.” In May 2002, when asked for his views on the future of Ukraine’s relations with NATO, he dispassionately replied: “I am absolutely convinced that Ukraine will not shy away from the processes of expanding interaction with NATO and the Western allies as a whole. Ukraine has its own relations with NATO; there is the Ukraine-NATO Council. At the end of the day, the decision is to be taken by NATO and Ukraine. It is a matter for those two partners.”

  69. MLK says:

    Let’s simplify — because the reason the American foreign policy establishment has been going nuts is that their world-historical errors are and have been for years obvious to a reasonably intelligent and informed high school student.

    We kept giving Russia the end of the stick that stinks following the end of The Cold War. Too bad George Kennan wasn’t alive to warn us what would eventuate. Imagine if he wrote a book and was available for consultation? Oh, wait a minute . . .

    Now these traitorous idiots have finally figured out that Putin/Russia have been busy over the last 22 years laying the predicate for a do-over of the post-Cold War settlement. (I imagine Putin enjoys engaging in some friendly ribbing of his Strategic Alliance buddy Xi when they meet: “Ha ha, you Chinese suffered a century of humiliation. We Russians reduced it to less than 20 years thanks to the Americans).

    This isn’t a new Cold War or worse. At least it better not be unless we want to lose the second one but good. But for all the histrionics, Russia’s demands are just the old sheet music that sounded fine in the 1990s — neutral, demilitarized states bordering Russia.

  70. anon[231] • Disclaimer says:

    This name calling (racist, fascist, ####phobe, Hitler) has become so common it now means nothing. As a matter of fact it has entered the realm of stupidity where the caller has nothing productive to say and is helpless otherwise. They look and sound stupid when they start with this now silly practice.

    The US bully and NATO have been called, the fool Zelensky has been abandoned to the tender mercies of Putin and now, helpless and useless, all that they have left is the name calling. Mr Putin just laughs at all this childish nonsense coming from the mouths of the western elite.

    This is what happens when you are a bully and your assumed helpless and intimidated target turns out to be a Killer Croc !

    BTW, gas in my area in now \$5.56/ a gallon. Who gives a shit if Putin is a Hitler by invading Ukraine when Corn Pop Joe has invaded our pockets. At this rate, and if they ban the importation of Russian oil, its back to the horse and buggy for us suckers. Time to get out the old westerns and see how these things are driven ??

  71. PJ London says:

    “Not the political doctrine of Hitler has hurled us into this war. The reason was the success of his increase in building a new economy. The roots of war were envy, greed and fear.” —
    Major General J.F.C. Fuller, historian, England

    “We didn’t go to war in 1939 to save Germany from Hitler…or the continent from fascism. Like in 1914, we went to war for the not lesser noble cause that we couldn’t accept a German hegemony over Europe.” —
    Sunday Correspondent, London (17.9.1989)

    “We made a monster, a devil out of Hitler. Therefore we couldn’t disavow it after the war. After all, we mobilized the masses against the devil himself. So we were forced to play our part in this diabolic scenario after the war. In no way we could have pointed out to our people that the war only was an economic preventive measure.”
    – US foreign minister James Baker (1992)

    PJ London
    2 days ago

    What Putin understands and a few deep in the bowels of Basel Switzerland, is that this is a war to the bitter end for control of the whole world.
    If Putin loses then The western 1984 Orwellian dystopia becomes reality for 70% of the world’s surface and will be imposed on the rest, piece by piece until it rules the whole world. Phony wars and total slavery of the mind in perpetuity.
    If Putin wins (and he has to defeat the US or at least its’ will to physically confront) then there is a chance for some kind of peaceful co-existence based on the principles of sovereignty and mutually beneficial exchange.
    The US will be economically powerless and revert to a level of power equivalent to Portugal or maybe Brazil. It will no longer dominate or have any pressure to enforce its’ will.

    “Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallised; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” ~
    Edgar Cayce C 1935

    • Agree: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  72. Anonymous[399] • Disclaimer says:

    I think it’s quite obvious that the neocon endgame is to create Putin’s Vietnam. And it seems it’s going to work, not least because supplying Ukraine with modern weapons and providing sanctuary to their fighters is easier than in Southeast Asia. Also because of that proximity, a nuclear standoff is much riskier for Russia. Hypersonic missiles based in Europe can reach Moscow and most other Russian population centers in minutes.

    The unavoidable fact is that Russia-China-Iran troika is no match for the West, either in GDP or in military power. China knows this, and I bet they will back off when secondary sanctions start to bite.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  73. anastasia says:

    This article is one of Unz best.
    But I have to admit that I never heard of this idea of France and UK bombing Russian oil fields. Bombing Uncle Joe? Would Uncle Franklin and his communist henchmen in the White House allow such an attack with all that Lend-lease going over to Europe and Russia, and with all those promises to join the war effort made by Uncle Franklin? It may have been an idea, but regardless of Hitler’s attack on France, it had to be a fleeting idea. If FDR was able to talk them into war with Hitler, he certainly would have been able to talk them out of that idea of hurting his Uncle Joe.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @republic
  74. Why no mention of natural resources when discussing the origins of the war? Wars are fought over resources and WWII was just a continuation of WWI which was about Germany getting access to natural resources for its growing industries and living space, i.e. agricultural land, for its growing population, and Hitler admitted as much in his book. Politics is subservient to economics and the fight against communism was secondary. The difference between Hitler and Putin is that Hitler needed resources for Germany while Putin doesn’t need resources. In fact the defensive war of Russia against NATO is to protect its own natural resources from the Western robbers who have shown in their previous wars that they are out to plunder resources of other countries, and their leaders have been saying that Russian resources shouldn’t belong to Russia but “to the world” (was it Madeleine Albright, the former US Secretary of State, who said this? And her view is presumably shared by others). And the war in Ukraine is being fought by Russia over resources it doesn’t need but to deny resources of Ukraine, the largest country in Europe after Russia, to its obvious enemies, EU+NATO.

  75. @anonymous

    Actually, “Hitler rolled into Prague” in March 1939 with the agreement of Czechoslovakia’s leaders. After Germany recovered its Sudeten territory the previous September, the Slovak and Ruthenian minorities were also eager to escape the harsh rule of the Czech state, which was an artificial patchwork entity created in 1919 as a key element of the allied strategy to contain Germany within an iron ring of hostile militarized states.

    On March 9, 1939, the Czech government dismissed the four principal Slovak ministers from the local government at Bratislava. In response, five days later Slovakians in the government voted a declaration of independence from Czechoslovakia. Ruthenia also quickly declared independence and became part of Hungary, dissolving what was left of the Czech state. Czech President Emil Hácha, with prior approval from his cabinet, traveled to Berlin to negotiate an agreement between Germany and the Czech state.

    The occupation of Prague by German troops was authorized by the agreements signed with the Czech and Slovak leaders. German military forces were in control during the transition period for a little over one month. They were stationed in Prague largely to provide protection from the expansionist Polish government, which quickly seized the valuable Teschen region in the east after the 1938 partition. The new regime formed by the Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia on March 16, 1939 enjoyed considerable popularity among the Czechs and endured until it was overrun by the Red Army in 1945.

    Alarmed by the peaceful undoing of its scheming against Germany by the cooperation of the involved parties, the British Cabinet quickly gave the aggressive Polish military dictatorship a foolish guarantee of protecting its “territorial integrity,” which would lead to the most destructive war in human history – so far. A week before hostilities broke out British PM Chamberlain appealed to FDR to pressure Warsaw to return to the negotiations with Germany that it had walked out on. FDR refused to use his influence, throwing away a real opporutnity to preserve the peace of Europe.

    • Agree: E_Perez
  76. Walter says:

    Surely Herr Hitler was an Austrian and without education.
    Comrade KGB Officer Putin is a highly educated lawyer and President of Russia.

  77. cohen says:

    As the word Bankster is synonymous with Zionists the word communism some day would be synonymous with Jewish violently taking over Russia calling great revolution and gobbling up neighboring countries like Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania,and Armenia. Of course that would happen when more factual information is disseminated about the Jews and their mode of operation.

    Interesting points from the attached video about Stalin.
    His given Ukrainian name translated “son of a Jew”. His 3 wives were also Jewish, all in the family including the kids spoke Yiddish.


    Video Link” the quotes out to watch on Bitchute

    An audio book “The Myth of German Villainy” by a former US Navy Pilot Benton L. Bradberry details some not so public information.

    Leon Trotsky a Russian Zionist living in NYC in lower east side in Manhattan not to far from wall street and financial district, having a nice apartment with a refrigerator (think of the cost in those days), Chauffeur driven limousine while unemployed. Trotsky getting a US passport without US citizenship and Russian entry permit? Courtesy of several Bankster (JP Morgan stands out).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  78. @John G

    “Frei Stadt Danzig”. Quite true. Also 95% German and with its populous wishing to return to being part of the Reich. Under orders from Perfidious Albion, backed by the French, the obdurate Poles opposed Germany’s reasonable request for Danzig (torn away from the revanchist “Treaty” of Versailles) (1. the right of return and (2. for an autobahn and a railway to transit the Polish Corridor into Danzig—a matter of well under 50 miles.

    The deluded and duplicitous Polish leadership must have received financial benefits as well as “mutual” protection guarantees from the Judeocracy controlled Western powers. So they went into beating on the million or so ethnic Germans in Posen and Silesia primarily. Some were even butchered in the process. This business was probably pushed by the greedy governments of the two “Allies”, likely to goad Hitler into his 9-2-39 attack on Poland.

    British and French promises went up in smoke when virtually the entire German army was wrapped up in the Polish campaign. What the “allies” did was called the “Sitzkrieg”, where yes, they sat on their fat asses when they could have mounted a heavy attack against light German forces on the Western Front. So yes, they were technically at war, but did little more than minor air-raids on Germany. Thus, poor hapless Poland was on its own…suckered by their promised “friends”.

    Internationally, the British ruling elite has NEVER been trustworthy.

  79. @Been_there_done_that

    Shut the fuck up with your silly “international law” nonsense. You harp on like an old bag with saggy jowls.

  80. @Wizard of Oz

    Sorry for quoting myself but the final offer is important:

    The memory holes are wide and deep.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  81. @The_seventh_shape

    This war is about far bigger issues than the neoNazis and it has been long in the making even before we heard of the revival of these Banderite fascists and their seizure of power in Ukraine. But I like how Putin and the Russians are emphasising that it is a war to de-Nazify while the West is countering how it cannot be so because the Jew in their pay is directing the Nazis (LOL) and are recruiting and arming their own Nazis to go fight in the Ukraine. A possible result of all this could well be that most of Europe itself becomes Nazi (it is already authoritarian leaning towards totalitarian) with Nazi symbolism and glorification of Nazis and fascists becoming normalised (Facefuck and others are already allowing Nazi symbols as long as they pertain to Ukraine and later this could be extended to elsewhere). Eventually this de-Nazification programme may have to be extended to the rest of Europe and we’ll see how US, UK and some others align and realign themselves in this conflict as it grows and progresses. I also like how Putin calls the West his “partners” when obviously they are enemies. But then he is keeping the window open for some of those in the West to become partners at some later date as this WWIII unfolds with the possibility of changing allegiances as some nations are radicalised, i.e. Nazified, set up by shills and then stabbed in the back. And maybe some deep state actors in the West are already truly his partners in helping along events to develop in a certain direction that could be of mutual benefit.

  82. @Mr Anatta

    I disagree, Mr. Anatta. Much of the global population is concerned about its own problems just getting by in the world rather than with world politics. I think a range of 1 to 5% of the world’s population that makes any effort to keep up with this is reasonable. Out of those 70 million, but maybe a few hundred million who actually do, 17 million is pretty significant.

    If 17 million is not viral, I don’t know what is. I could never pull up youtube in China, for what that’s worth, too, Mr. Anatta.

    I like getting around on bicycles too, so bully on the Dutch! (It helps a lot when its’s flat everywhere.)

    • Agree: Dieter Kief
    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  83. @Anonymous

    I think it´s quite obvious it is a lot worse …
    the Jew really wants Lemberg, Odessa and the Crimea (not the case with Vietnam)
    and it is on Russia´s doorstep (also not the case with Vietnam).
    Vietnam was a little diversion out of ennui; this is going to be existential.

  84. RudyM says:

    Minor correction: I appreciate you publishing her articles, but it’s Diana Johnstone, not Diane. (Haven’t finished your article yet, but it doesn’t look like there will be much I disagree with.)

  85. Jay Fink says:

    I am Jewish and have strong positive opinions of Russia and Putin. I am rooting for them.

    • Replies: @erzberger
    , @Pop Warner
  86. Anon[241] • Disclaimer says:

    There is no legal or moral excuse for initiating aggressive military behavior.

    May I question you on your opinion regarding the wars, or USA “military behaviour”, in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, among others?

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  87. Anonymous[241] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s close to my thoughts.
    At the time the oil fields bombing is said to have been close to happening, the USA government, we are told, was already well on the way to launch war on Germany.
    That the same forces managing to steer the USA were they pleased would be unable to prevent the UK and France from doing anything (again, through control of the USA, if not directly) hardly seems likely.

    Yes, France used to be USA-independent, it was till some 20 years ago indeed. But the UK?

  88. Ktulu says:

    The Austrians were part of the German confederacy but didn’t unite because the Hapsburgs were competitors with the Prussians and the Prussians united the Germans under their Kaiser. To give a very present analogy saying Hitler wasn’t German is somewhat like saying people in the LDNR aren’t Russian.

    As for education, education is just a sheet of paper.

  89. Sure didn’t take long for the media to pivot the masses from Covid hysteria to Russia hysteria did it?

  90. Mevashir says:

    As soon as Ron started waxing lyrical about his beloved Adolt Hotelier, I skipped to the comments section. Putin is a decent rational man and certainly not a Jew-hater. It sullies his good name to even mention Hotelier in the same article.

    Ron’s problem is that as a self-hating Jew he actually admires Hotelier far more than he pretends to admire Putin. Ditto for his atheism and hatred of religion, which makes him far more comfortable with the brown shirts than the Orthodox Christian Russians.

    Ron should retitle this website:

    Der Unz Review: where we haven’t even an Unz of common sense and decency.

    • LOL: Swaytonious
    • Troll: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  91. Emslander says:

    Be thankful that your good long comment was accidentally erased. It was probably divine intervention. I say that in a friendly way.

    Hemingway lost a briefcase full of his early short stories when his main squeeze at the time left it sitting on the platform at the Lyon train station. He hinted, many years later, that it may have been the best thing that had ever happened to his career.

    He also once said that he sometimes spent weeks writing an opening to a novel and then, after it was finished or at an advanced stage, he would go back and read it again, find it boring and cut it all out. He said that most novels published would be better if the first three chapters were cut.

    The comment you ended up with was good, probably better than the original.

    • Replies: @Bolteric
  92. My faith in humanity is at an all-time low. How can America have a democracy / representative republic when virtually every person I know is willfully ignorant about current events? And do you know who the most stubbornly ignorant Americans are? Ironically, the “educated” ones. What’s the solution? I can’t think of a good one.

    Ron, may I post a link from your former associates at TSC to illustrate the mass ignorance and hysteria which is bringing civilization to its knees (and give you a chuckle in the meantime)?

  93. @meamjojo

    The thing is there are people who have a lot of power who make a lot of money off this shit. That is who we should get rid of.

    If Putin is one of them we should get rid of him too. I don’t see a lot of evidence that he is high on the list of bad guys here. Then again I am a little guy and I never get to see the best evidence which the movers and shakers mostly keep all to themselves.

    I do like Clif High’s take that the Khazar Mafia (see tag on Veterans Today–they have about a hundred) are not Jews. It is a sad sad day when one of the most useful smart voices on the entire internet is that crazy old coot.

    • Replies: @erzberger
  94. erzberger says:

    “The index of Taylor’s iconoclastic 1961 work contains absolutely no mention of Jews, and the same is true of the previous books by Chamberlin and Grenfell.”

    Grenfell does mention Jews – Zionist terrorists attacking the Brits in Palestine, and driving them out. Getting tough with Jews was no option after Winston had declared the Holocaust the greatest crime in history – in his own memoirs. He hid it in the notes, and the Zionist issue and creation of Israel was one reason why the Holocaust was not particularly emphasized in early post-war publications. Everybody knew it would create nothing but trouble with the Arabs for decades to come. Practically driving Germany to commit that crime on this scale by leaving them no other option – the many attempts to transfer Jews to Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt – exchange them for German pows, or sell them for trucks and ammunition were deliberately thwarted and only accepted in small numbers, often under heavy public or Jewish pressure. I sometimes think the Allies were disappointed there were so many survivors they now had to deal with

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @Fox
    , @Wizard of Oz
  95. Trinity says:

    I have been reading or hearing “Jews” are “2 %” of America’s population my entire 60 plus years on the planet known as Earth, same thing with Blacks and the alleged “13%” figure. Me thinks there are more and more Jew-ricans, Jew-cubano and various other mutts who strongly advocate for Khazar interests no matter who their daddy or moms be, yo. Then you have kids of elite trash like Chelsea and Ivanka. Me thinks there are more Khazars aka “Jews” and their hybrid amalgamated mutts than the ridiculously low “2%” figure. Perhaps “2%” and “13%” are as phony as “10 million illegal invader” figure the (((media))) used for over a decade and a half or the never changing infamous (((“6 million.)))

    Back to bidness, the only thing Hitler and Putin have in common is the same tribe hates or hated both of them and both are under attack from the same tribe and their goy toys. We are not exactly comparing Mantle with Mays here.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @DaveE
  96. @Anon

    I dropped a red pill to a friend the other day.. “See how they demonized trump? Just constant beyond the pale propaganda? Ever consider that Hitler got the same treatment?”

  97. profnasty says:

    Adolph Hitler had one goal in mind when he marched east; de-Communize Moscow. He begged USUK for peace. USUK viciously defended Communist Moscow.
    PUTIN cleansed Moscow of Communism. He completed the job Hitler began.
    Now USUK is viciously attacking Putin.
    USUK is a Communist Dictatorship:
    Has been, Will be.

    • Replies: @Avery
  98. @Walter

    Surely Herr Hitler was an Austrian and without education.
    Comrade KGB Officer Putin is a highly educated lawyer and President of Russia.

    Joe Biden is educated as a lawyer and is President of USA.
    (Hunter Biden is a graduate of Yale Law school and, apparently, still licensed to practice law.)

    Louis Brandeis was a “highly educated lawyer” and member of the United States Supreme Court.
    While in that position he maneuvered USA into fighting a war against Germany in which USA committed war crimes in magnitude equal to those subsequently committed by USA against Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and others — see Information Blockades – How and Why? LARRY ROMANOFF • MARCH 4, 2022

    Brandeis supported Felix Frankfurter — a “highly educated lawyer” — financially and otherwise, as Frankfurter collaborated directly, and ‘behind the back’ of US leaders, with Winston Churchill, to engage USA in war against Germany.

    Brandeis and Frankfurter carried on those criminal activities on behalf of “International Jewry” and the creation of a “Jewish homeland in Palestine.”
    Jeffrey Rosen, long-time director of US National Constitution Center, has stated that “Brandeis is his favorite person because he did more than any other person to bring about the creation of Israel in Palestine.”
    (Rosen is also a “highly educated lawyer.”)

    • Thanks: mark green
  99. Trinity says:

    Lindsey Graham proves once again my theory about physically weak men and women being the most cruel and vicious people when you put them in positions of power. Seems like Graham wants to shoot everyone from Putin to Iranians, Iraqis to even Chumptards aka Trumptards.

  100. Chamberlain, he says, stated that America and the Jews had forced England into the war.

    Wow, projection much? Britain wanted WW2 and worked like the devil to involve America in it. This is unimpeachable fact, confirmed by the old drunk Churchill himself. The 70 years that have passed since then shows us that the Brits will use the “lessons” of WW2 whenever the situation strikes their fancy, like right now.

  101. Anonymous[416] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    World War III?

    Video Link

  102. profnasty says:

    Now we must watch as 1000 good patriotic Trump supporters are persecuted at Jan6 Nuremberg II.
    WW Z, here we come.

  103. Dumbo says:

    If you think there was no American/Jewish involvement in Ukraine in the last 10 years, and don’t believe that they basically owned the place, just look at this Ukrainian “hit movie” from 2018:

  104. @Wizard of Oz

    Paul Wolfowitz for one, who wrote in a policy paper,

    “Our first objective is to prevent the reemergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. These regions include Western Europe, East Asia, the territory of the former Soviet Union, and Southwest Asia.”

    • Thanks: Robert Dolan, Wizard of Oz
  105. erzberger says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    There is no doubt that Putin has put aside massive wealth, I hope it’s more than the 200 billion estimate. Russia will need it. I hope the sanctions can’t get at the funds. There is a difference between a trump who robs charities to bail himself out and stay rich, and, as even the otherwise unhinged Masha Gessen admits, a true patriot like Putin.
    Putin stole from the rich to repatriate Russian wealth stolen by the oligarchs. Robin Hood was also a thief and therefore a criminal. Do we hate him?

  106. Ybot says:

    What was the quote from a leading Zionist , roughly, its better that Jews die in Germany so as to motivate them to move to Palestine?

  107. Trinity says:

    The 2% horeshit probably represents so called “Jews” who identify as “religious Jews.” Anyone who lives from Miami to Boston, from Atlanta to Dallas, from Los Angeles to Chicago, can tell you that 13% for Africans in America is bull dookie.

    • Agree: Thim
  108. JimmyS says:

    Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey R. Pyatt audio leak first posted in February 2014

  109. eah says:

    First they warned you that Trump was literally Hitler (they were right), and you did nothing — now that they’re warning you again that Putin is literally Hitler, what will you do?!

    Men of the West, this is what you are fighting for! — don’t take my word for it, listen to the head of MI6:

    UK MI6 Spy Chief Says War in Ukraine is About LGBT Rights

    Now lace up those boots and strap on those backpacks.

  110. @Achmed E. Newman

    However, instead of disbanding NATO, it was used to box Russia into a corner. I will brag that even in the middle 1990s, I wondered about this policy. “Hey, it’s over. Why are we rubbing it in? Russia is no longer the Communist USSR. How about we change our mindset?”

    What corner were you imagining? To whom were you referring by your use of “we” and “our“?

    Russia is still the largest country in the world, with plenty of natural resources. Just because it was no longer “communist” does not mean it had given up its potential for future military aggression. Until August of 1994 Russian troops were still located in Estonia and Latvia. I suppose you have never even visited these places, particularly the historic centers of Tallinn and Riga.

    Note that by the mid-1990s Russia continued to remain in a strategically important territory that it was not legally entitled to be in (Königsberg / Kaliningrad Oblast). It still has not left. From there it operates a large naval base and positions missiles that threaten Europe. By “change our mindset” you must have meant no longer being vigilant and trusting blindly.

    I am pointing this out because you now “brag” about having wondered back then, why NATO was not disbanded. It was exactly Russia’s failure to have left that illegally occupied territory that signaled to the population in the Baltic states that the reformed Russia could not be trusted either, which is why the people in those countries wanted to join NATO. It became increasingly clear every year that Russia’s leaders wanted to maintain the convenient option of a future reconquest. This stance was the opposite of building trust among neighbors, at a time when NATO was conciliatory. Russia has itself to blame for having provoked the eastward expansion of NATO.

    There is only a relatively small gap or corridor (Suwalski Gap) between this illegally occupied territory and Russia’s ally Belarus, which hosts Russian military bases. A pretext using the R2P doctrine could easily be concocted and invoked to reclaim these small countries, whose older inhabitants suffered for many decades from having involuntarily been in the USSR.

    Russian forces would merely need to re-occupy this corridor, depicted by the red line in the following map, to attain a key military advantage, and Lithuania would easily and quickly be cut off from Poland. The three countries would then be surrounded by Russian forces. Of course these security concerns have been completely irrelevant to Russia, which suddenly and hypocritically claimed, since last December, that NATO’s presence is a threat.

    Map showing the Suwalski Gap

  111. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Ron, have you read this article from The Barnes Review in 2007?


    VLADIMIR PUTIN: His Reforms & His Tribe of Enemies

    WHAT DID PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN of Russia do, exactly, that continually gives him such bad press in the West? Why is he considered such a threat? This essay discusses the economics and politics of some major states of Slavic Europe, specifically Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, in the context of the global economy and the international bankers.


    Russian President Vladimir Putin has given his endless stream of Western critics some more ammunition. By now, the content of Putin’s reforms of the Russian political system is rel-atively well known. Primarily, they consist of appointing regional governors, with the consent of their legislatures. This replaces the direct election of governors. Furthermore, Russia has now adopted an Italian-style pro-portional representation system. Generally speaking, this sort of scheme encourages the development of numerous smaller parties as opposed to the single-district, “winner take all” systems (as found in the United States), which favor two-party rule, with the two parties controlled by one “establishment.”

    Russia stands in a unique space in world politics. Though nearly all the ethnicities of the globe stand to lose from the continued enforcement of a “New World Order,” Russia stands as perhaps the only agent to actually do something about it. Her sheer size, military technology, and, especially, her natural resources provide Russia with a unique ability to challenge the domination of Western finance capitalists and their drive to create a single global market enforced by American guns.

    The counterpoise to the New World Order—its polar opposite—is the existence of innumerable ethnic groups, independent and living under political arrangements that best suit their historical temperament. This means that each ethnic organization is in charge of its own economic development and the proper disposal of their native resources, as well as forming people’s militias for self-defense, creating and controlling their own currencies and nourishing local media, entertainment and education…

    [read the rest at the link below]—%20Hitler%27s%20%27Wannsee%27%20Plot%20—%20William%20Dudley%20Pelley/page/37/mode/2up

  112. annamaria says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    “It’s been reported that Nato allies and European countries are sending so much equipment to an airstrip near the border with Ukraine, that seventeen flights a day are landing at it, all packed with equipment meant for the Ukrainian forces.”

    — Why such a tender Jewish love for Ukrainian Nazis? (See the Jews-controlled MSM)

    — Why this war – the consequence of the de-Nazification of Ukraine – is “good for Jews?”

    — Where is the world Jewish Community?

    The symbol of the Ukrainian government’s National Guard

    “Azov Battalion is a paramilitary unit of the National Guard of Ukraine

    Israel supplied rifles for the Nazi Azov Battalion:

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  113. Avery says:

    {Adolph Hitler had one goal in mind when he marched east; de-Communize Moscow}


    Adolph Hitler had one goal in mind when his 3 million troops invaded USSR in Jun 1941: Lebensraum. He wrote about it in Mein Kampf in 1925.
    His blabber about Bolschewismus was to snow the cannon fodder: to give them an ideal to fight for. He couldn’t very well tell them they are being sent to invade the lands of the Slavic peoples to steal their lands — after they have been exterminated and ethnically cleansed.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Disagree: SolontoCroesus
  114. @Blinky Bill

    So the interlocutor in the Melian Dialogue was actually Sparta?

  115. The roman says:

    This article confirm that my opinion regarding the jewish question is correct. Ron Unz is jewish but nevertheless is critical of the role that international jewry played ,and still plays , in the global arena. International jewry is indeed a dominant force able to derail relationships beetween states and drive nations away from the interests of theyr own people ,often dragging them to destructive policies and even in war. The jews , amongst the plutocrats, are the one who can establish network and connessions because of their ethnicity ,can distribute power and wealth to their breathen and place them in position of prestige. It is a mafia , very similar to sicilian mafia , in which the ethnic element can find protection and possibilities if he proves his allegiance to the cabal that runs the egregore. Ordinary jews have nothing to do with it . Germans national socialists went far beyond fighting the internationalists and wanted to biologically eradicate jewry from europe . This was part of their racialist ideology and contributed to boost the unity of all the jews , rich and poor , religious or atheists. Obviously the globalists are not all jews and certain policies by indipendent countries affects also other elites that enjoy dominant positions. Russia , for example , does not oppose jews ,supports the narrative of the holocaust, and has strong laws that punish antisemitism, Ordinary jews , and even jewish billionares , are safe in Russia and free as any other citizen. So the interests of the globalists , jews or gentiles, diverge from the interest not inly of the common people but also ordinary jews and than the demonization of Russians lack one of the pillars of the edifice. After having cried wolf for so long , the international jews overreached and are risking that the whole narrative fails . This the perfect time for ordinary jews to distance themselves from the billionares who speak in their name. Adolf Hitler has been vilified for many decades and almost anybody knows anything about his policies, even less listened or read some of his speeches. It was an economic war that was waged against Germany and jewish moguls mobilized most of the world . A narrative was established to justify the destructions and generations of people was instructed to celebrate the good war, to honour the liberators and to venerate the holy victims . Now , only a strong repression can forcibly mantain this castle of cards standing , but like in the soviet union , people only follow the script because they have to but true believers can be found only in the apparatchicks . Too many informations are flowing in the internet and someone has to be totally stupid to believe the propaganda. People like to wave flags and chant but to fight and die they need something more . I doubt that the westerners , after all has been done to them, and with a widespread possibilty of knowing better, will enlist themselves as cannon fodder to stop the new Hitler.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Bookish1
  116. @Anon

    …opinion regarding the wars, or USA “military behaviour”, in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq…

    There were no legal or moral excuses for those either. What I find interesting is that commentators who may have been opposed to the military adventures in countries you cited are now fully in support of Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine, which is a hypocritical and inconsistent position to take. The implied rationale, though completely illogical, appears to be that because the US did it then – which was bad – Russia may now do it too – which is supposedly wonderful. Nobody has explained that contradiction yet.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  117. @Haxo Angmark

    I am beginning to think Putin is playing for the globalists.

    Why would he go along with “covid” and “climate change”?

    And as you point out, he only got rid of half the jew oligarchs.

    Now he starts a war at the perfect time.

    Seems to me he’s just like all the rest of the controlled politicians.

  118. erzberger says:
    @Jay Fink

    I am German and of same mind

  119. BAMA says:

    Here is a mini-history course that needs to be taught rather than the propaganda that is fed constantly to Americans. This war, and recent others, are ours for listening to the Israeli lobby and neocons.

    The significance of American acceptance of being ruled so has stunning consequences for humanity going forward if this is not stopped.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
  120. annamaria says:

    You wrote a banal propagandist post dressed in feigned ignorance.

    How old are you? Did they teach you geography in your yeshiva? Have you ever heard about Siberia? Compare the colonization of Siberia with the colonization of the continental US by American settlers.

    Russia was attacked by Lithuanians, Poles, Swedes, the Ottoman Empire, French, British, and Germans. Today, it is the Zionist Empire of Lies (corporate fascism) that makes an attempt at invading, looting, and murdering Russia. Invading, looting, and murdering is the imodus operandi of the Zionist Empire of Lies.

    Russia is giving land to prospective farmers for free.

    Your post is a poorly constructed lie. A Russophobic lie by a warmonger.

    • Replies: @Marcali
  121. @Been_there_done_that

    Perhaps your new handle on this site should be “Suwalski Gap”. Reminds me of the state of someone’s mind.

  122. @Been_there_done_that

    – As all this is East Germany jointly and cordially occupied by Poles, Russians
    and Americans – and has been since 1945 – what exactly are you bitching about?

  123. Trinity says:

    Calling Trumpstein a Hitler or comparing that (((elite))) trash to Hitler is akin to comparing a donkey to Secretariat.

    Same thing with “Hitlery Clinton” aka that old hag that wears the pants in the Clinton “family.” Cuckservatives and the gay guys at CNN can all agree on a few issues and they are this:

    Muh Israel
    Muh Jews
    Muh holocaust
    Muh ” White supremacy”
    Muh Putin
    Muh Hitler and the Notsees
    Muh “civil rights” and MLK is a gawd and almost Jesus.

    See a pattern folks? Jew (((who))) benefits?

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  124. “Denazification” is code for brainwashing white people into self-hatred.

    • Agree: HdC, Petermx
  125. Hossein says:

    The Elite neocons are setting the stage for another calamity to burn the world. The shocking display of ignorance in particular by British and Americans is gut wrenching.

    To compare Putin to Hitler is stupid and dumb. Hitler was an expansionist whereas President Putin is defending his homeland against those who want to dismember it.

    The mostly dumb and stupid Brits and yanks wish they had a strong patriotic leader like Putin who would have saved their butts from Zionists, fags and the true leaching oligarchs the low life hedge fund managers and other wall street blood suckers.

    May peace prevail. Amen.

    • Replies: @Marcion
  126. Jews suppress free speech, destroy freedom in general, and always advocate for war. It’s in their blood and as long as they exist no one can live a happy life.

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
  127. An issue never discussed is the European Defense Initiative. This \$5 billion annual slush fund was provided outside the normal Pentagon budget process starting in FY2015 to provide the US European Command with special funds to advance toward Russia. It paid for all the new NATO bases, fuel, troop rotations, weapons stockpiles, arms for Eastern Europe, training exercises and other provocative measures. NATO nations would never have spent their taxpayer money for such BS, but since the Americans funded everything, they went along.

  128. Z-man says:

    Excellent, long but excellent.👍🤓👍

  129. @Blinky Bill

    Have you seen this before Mr Unz?

  130. @Johnny Smoggins

    It was timed very well indeed, Johnny.

  131. Excellent article and podcast Mr. Unz.

    One thing about Putin, the allies were eventually able to destroy Hitler’s Germany because of Germany’s vulnerable geography, limited resources, vulnerable infrastructure plus the almost limitless manufacturing capability and resources of the US. With today’s Russia, the shoe’s on the other foot, Russia has the limitless resources, China has the manufacturing and the non-aligned world are the markets. The US and Western Europe are like cancer patients surviving on a drip, but still able to press a few deadly buttons. They’re deluded minds still think that they’re in the driver’s seat like it’s 1945.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  132. annamaria says:

    Thank you for the great overview.

  133. Mr Anatta says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Actually if you noticed i was responding to Ron Unz’s statement of ‘such massive world attention’ in regards to the 17 million views of the John Mearsimer’s video and Mr Unz didn’t state ‘such massive world attention of the circa 1-5% of the total world population that follows world politics did he?.

    I maintain that 17 million Internet views is nothing like going viral on the world wide web or even super viral like he claims for a mere 800,000 views for a Mike Whitney article,regardless of any interests on anything anyone alive in the world may have and going viral is just going viral and its all about the numbers without braking it down into certain interests like you have.

    I would take Mr Unz more seriously if he titled his Pravda articles ‘United States of American Pravda’ instead of his ugly ‘American Pravda’,when America isn’t a country in the first place and the articles are about the country that is the U.S.A.

    • Replies: @Marcion
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  134. E_Perez says:

    It needed the courage and intellectual integrity of Mr. Unz to finally hint to the elephant in the room everybody tries to ignore.

    The situation in Poland 1939 and Ukraine 2022 and the reaction of Hitler and Putin is exactly the same:

    After years of fruitless negotiations with governments emboldened by Western “guarantees”, both finally came to the defense of their nationals, terrorized in a state they don’t want to live in and whose creation was used by the usual suspects to provoke their powerful neighbor.

    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
  135. Johan says:

    It is mass democracy which produced a Hitler, Stalin and Mao, and the respective totalitarian systems. Hence, people see Hitlers, Stalins, and Mao’s everywhere, subconsciously realizing that mass democracy about inevitably produces totalitarianism.

  136. The Czar of Russia sent their Navy to the coast of the US during the civil war to guard against England (pressured by the bank of England money changers) to attack a divided and weakened US and get them back into the colony and debt slavery………

    When communism rose to prominence under the Bolsheviks in the late 1800s the first thing they did was to pay back the favor of the Czar blocking their attempt to grab back the American colonies by slaughtering the Czar and is family members…..

    …..those same money changers commies have been a thorn in the side of Russia ever since.

    Get White (traditionally Christian) people to kill each other off is the goal………..

  137. @Ralph B. Seymour

    Why would he get along with scams? To get accepted by the West. As incredibly foolish as it may seem.

  138. How about the turnaround in asking wether Hitler was a Putin?

  139. erzberger says:

    I am sure you are correct, he wants that corridor and is unlikely alone in Russia. The Russians are a mystical people, they like symbolism. That’s why it all exploded on Twosday, the palindromic date of 22/2/22. Feb 22 was also the date of the coup that changed everything, the “Revolution of Dignity” that has assaulted Russian dignity ever since.

    Kaliningrad was annexed from Germany by Stalin and ethnically cleansed. It is an important “spiritual place” for the Germans, the birthplace of Immanuel Kant. “Human dignity is inviolable” says the post-war German constitution/basic law. It’s a Kantian imperative not to exclude anyone. Hitler violated it gravely, esp wrt Slavs, Jewish or not. So Mother Russia was going to be really pissed, with or without Stalin. But the new Germans have failed by not preventing EU/Nato expansion. Their effort to built a Europe from the Atlantic to the Ural, as de Gaulle put it, would naturally include the European part of Russia. A Europe free from interference and control by the “Anglo-Saxon”, as Lavrov repeatedly called the true troublemakers, UK/US. The big spoilers of the Gaullists were the Germans, who clang to Atlanticism, being afraid of both France and Russia with whom they have often clashed in the past. So they have failed again. The categorical imperative will be reinvented once again in Kaliningrad, prob renamed Koenigsberg but part of Russia. I expect a right of return offer to Germans as well

  140. @Been_there_done_that

    Russia America is still (nearly) the largest country economic power in the world, with plenty of natural resources. Just because it was no longer “communist” hasn’t become completely Communist yet does not mean it had given up doesn’t have its potential for future military aggression.

    My editing. This is not what-about-ism. My point is that all countries have their interests.

    I gather you were either not around or unaware of global politics during the Cold War. The Communists wanted the whole world. That’s what it was about. Russia is NOT the Soviet Union and hasn’t been for over 3 decades.

    During the Cold War, America’s policy was containment – we didn’t want any more dominos falling such as all those countries of Eastern Europe at the end of WWII. That’s what NATO was about on that side of the world.

    The Cold War was won by Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, the West German pols, Pope John Paul II, Lech Walesa, and millions of mostly American soldiers, sailors, airmen and engineers and technicians.

    It’s been 30 years, man! There has been no reason to put pressure right up to the Russian border. Let the Baltic states take care of themselves – not our problem!

    Hell, American politicians were diplomatic with even the worst of the Commies, such as Stalin and Mao. Now we have sitting US Senators calling for assassinations of Heads of State. However, after the USSR fell, the American Deep State, Neocons, and whole MIC enjoyed being the neighborhood bully for 30 years, and by “neighborhood”, I mean Earth. That’s ending. China will take over, based on the Golden Rule: “He who hath the gold, makes the rules.”

    Change your mindset. It ain’t 1985.

  141. S says:

    According to W T Stead, a close associate of Cecil Rhodes, the world was already largely conquered (at the latest) by about 1900 when the US/UK formed the ‘special relationship’. In 1902 he calculated that the United States and United Kingdom between them had three times the wealth and economic resources of the combined French, Russian, and German empires, and thus declared the US/UK to be the ‘world conquerers’, and the ‘supreme power’ over the Earth.


    [True, since that time many of those countries were physically freed, and are now a part of the Commonwealth, but, who can say just how free they are economically and how much of these countries looted wealth was monetized by the US/UK?]

    The world wars of the past century, including the ever more likely one at present, each starting with an ever eastward moving manufactured ‘crisis in Eastern Europe’ as a starting flashpoint, have been designed with the specific aim of the US/UK to conquer and further consolidate their control over Germany, continental Europe’s center of power, while more broadly aiming to crush peoplehood in general globally, both in Europe and Asia, though in particular that of Russia and the Russian people.

    It seems the idea may well be that this world war in the works will be a repeat of the first two, but on a larger scale, the ultimate aim being a world state/empire.

    However, it’s a fact that Stead would ultimately go down with the Titanic in 1912, and that plans do on occasion go awry, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

    One can always hope.

    ‘The lion’s share of the world is ours..’

    ‘The lion’s share of the world is ours, not only in bulk, but in tid-bits also. The light land of the Sahara is not worth a centime an acre. The vast area of German South Africa would hardly provide a livelihood for the population of a middle-sized German village. With the exception of the Rhine, the Danube, the Amoor, the Volga, the Platte and the Amazon, nearly all the great navigable rivers of the world enter the sea under the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes.’

    ‘The valley of the Yang-tse-Kiang is earmarked as the sphere of our influence. The whole of the North American Continent,’ from the North Pole to the frontier of Mexico, is within the ring fence of the English-speaking race, and from the whole of Central and Southern America all trespassers have been emphatically warned off by the proclamation of the Monroe Doctrine.’

  142. erzberger says:

    I am sure you are correct, he wants that corridor and is unlikely alone in Russia. The Russians are a mystical people, they like symbolism. That’s why it all exploded on Twosday, the palindromic date of 22/2/22. Feb 22 was also the date of the coup that changed everything, the “Revolution of Dignity” that has assaulted Russian dignity ever since.

    Kaliningrad was annexed from Germany by Stalin and ethnically cleansed. It is an important “spiritual place” for the Germans, the birthplace of Immanuel Kant. “Human dignity is inviolable” says the post-war German constitution/basic law. It’s a Kantian imperative not to exclude anyone. Hitler violated it gravely wrt Slavs, Jewish or not. So Mother Russia was going to be really pissed, with or without Stalin.

    But the new Germans have failed by not preventing EU/Nato expansion. Their effort to built a free Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals, as de Gaulle put it, would naturally include the European part of Russia. A Europe free from interference and control by the “Anglo-Saxon”, as Lavrov repeatedly called the true longtime troublemakers, UK/US. The big spoilers of the Gaullists were the Germans, who clang to Atlanticism, being afraid of both France and Russia with whom they have often clashed in the past. Plus their export pressures. So they have failed again. The categorical imperative will be reinvented once again in Kaliningrad, prob renamed Koenigsberg but part of Russia. I expect a right of return offer to Germans as well, as was granted by Gorbachev to the Crimean Tatars.

    The financial interests of the West will blow up the globe before they allow this. Hope the Russians and Chinese have some Wunderwaffen to check them, financial or cyber

  143. @Avery

    I haven’t read Mein Kampf, and I may not know the history that you know. However I do know that the Nazis got popular in their beginnings due to their fighting the Communists in the streets, the ones that wanted to do to Germany what they’d done to Russia a few years earlier. I imagine Hitler would have kept that in mind.

    • Replies: @Avery
  144. HdC says:

    “…Winston had declared the Holocaust the greatest crime in history – in his own memoirs. He hid it in the notes, …”
    Impeccable references, or proof, please! Thanks.

    • Agree: Petermx
  145. This excellent essay is why I come back to UNZ after desperately trying to find intelligent writing on world events. I’m first to admit my limited academic upbringing has much to offer compared to most writers and commenters here.
    I’ve found a great place to relearn what I was brainwashed and indoctrinated with most of my adult life.
    Thanks a bunch,

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
  146. @Trinity

    I’m also a big fan of Seabiscuit, Man O’War, Zenyada, etc.
    we humans need a breeding machine on that level.
    Not to mention all the stud fees. Hehehe

    • Agree: Trinity
  147. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The Hitler-of-the-month trope has been in use for how long? Noriega, Kim Jong-un, Milosovic, Saddam, Ghaddafi, the list goes on. The propaganda trick is to personalize a country into being personified by one individual who is then demonized. Things are simplified, good vs evil, so as to make things understandable to the average person.
    Putin represents the interests of Russia and isn’t there to sell them out as is the case elsewhere. Were Graham-Hannity to get their wish and Putin left the scene his successors might well be more hardline and proactive in defending the interests of Russia. All these threats will just make the Russians curl up even harder. The US has set up and pushed the Ukie dupes in front of them as well as trying to sucker others like the Poles to stick their necks out. Exploiting the various peoples through bought out ‘leaders’ is what the US does. Like the big bad wolf the US is threatening to huff and puff and blow the walls down. But it’s a bluff; it can’t. Getting past the fog of rhetoric the US/NATO is shown to be a paper tiger, a collection of midgets on a leash held by the US. None of them would take hundreds of casualties, let alone thousands, for something they care nothing about. They thought the US was going to protect them, not the other way around. More money extracted for one more arms race, more war hysteria, more clampdowns on dissident views and critics, more of everything bad. Good times ahead.

    • Agree: annamaria
  148. Marcion says:

    They will, most certainly, when Mr Unz becomes a more well-known figure, which I believe he will. Cancel and ignore is the current stage in Jewish Media. I think you are disingenuous, considering the cancel culture efforts on his publications.

  149. @Sean

    “… a billion in super advanced weapons …”

    Please provide some detail … beyond Javelins and Stingers.

    Because this:

    “…that are more that a match for relatively primitive Russian artillery, tanks and planes …”

    … seems overblown.

    • Replies: @Sean
  150. jsigur says:

    A great article since much time is spent focusing on the true problem of all problems. Jews are not a nationalistic inspired ppl and for centuries now Jewish leaders have placed themselves all over the world in positions to enact policies supposedly good for God’s Chosen People and not the local welfare at all. This necessitates many lies to be invented
    There is an exception to Jewish support for nationalism and that is found in the Tribe’s total support for an Israeli state. As far as I can see, there are two reasons for this:
    1) the state of Israel provides a safe haven for persecuted and criminal Jews alike. There is no extraditing Jews when they cause trouble unless that trouble is causing big time trouble for the Jewish fictitious image that they have sold the world.
    2) A fully open NWO, which has been the goal of Jewish power since before Columbus founded America, will be ruled out of Israel and why there was a Zionist movement to begin with (to get things set up)
    This may be why it is looking more and more like we are going to have a WW that will easily dwarf anything before it.
    I must take issue with Mr. Unz’s theory that England and France were about to attack Russia. When one understands that WW II was all about Jewish ruled countries demonizing and fighting goyim run countries, the idea that England would ever consider 1940’s Russia an enemy to be fought against before handling Germany is to my mind an absurd notion
    WWII: Jew rule or goyim rule. Of course had Hitler won WWII ( and their winning would not have meant total victory) it is quite likely that a dominant Germany economic power would have been a continuing danger for all Jewish dominated countries not so well off.
    Our catch 22 is getting a message of truth out without being arrested which in it’s very nature challenges most western explanations of events and indeed causes us to do a constant dance between casting untruths so as not to lose our audience and truths that offer explanations most ignorant citizenry are not ready to hear

  151. Dutch Boy says:

    Buchanan (and others) knows that no book explicitly linking Jews to the cause of WWII will get published in this country. Hitler actually had a fairly successful program to gather allies in Eastern and Southeastern Europe (Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Baltic republics, many Ukrainians and even Yugoslavia before the British-sponsored coup), all of whom feared the Soviet Union more than Nazi Germany. He might have added Poland to that number had the Poles not been deceived by the false Franco-British alliance. Alas, all those allies would have faced disappointment had their been a German victory, as their national aspirations and Lebensraum for Germans were not compatible.

  152. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Address correction: Trotsky lived for three months until May 2017 at 1522 Vyse Avenue in the Bronx. It is believed that his apartment was supplied to him by Jacob Schiff. Poor people lived in the Lower East Side. That was not the place for Trotsky, who, when he lived in the Ukraine before the Revolution, had thirty servants. Schiff lived on Fifth Avenue.

    • Replies: @cohen
  153. a pro-NATO coup overthrew the democratically-elected pro-Russian government,

    Lies, lies and more lies from Ron Unz himself. According to your logic if it is pro-NATO, it’s a coup. Did it ever occur to you that “pro-Russian” in that context meant “pro-Mafia State”? Your website is quickly becoming an amateurish click-bait and an echo chamber for retired geo-politics “experts” who have never read anything but NYT and Washington Post. Totally unprofessional. Even your editors are getting sloppier. I can show them a few FREE online grammar checker.

  154. Marcion says:
    @Mr Anatta

    Two uses have long been common: America equals USA or the geographical Americas. You may not like it but that’s our language. You would do as well trying to convince the Chinese not to use chopsticks.

  155. Zionists are in control of the ZUS and the world via their privately owned central banks, in the ZUS it is the FED and since its inception in 1913 it has been the agent provocateur in every war as war is profit for the zionists and at the same time creates debt which adds to the profit of the zionist central banks, this is the reason America has been and is now being driven into unpayable debt by the zionist central banks.

    Putin and Russia have the moral high ground in this battle against the new world order, one world government aka Klaus Schwabs great reset aka communism on steroids and this is the reason the whole zionist central bank controlled west has been turned against Putin and Russia, if they can destroy Russia we all will suffer the greatest from the great reset.

    The late Edgar Cayce predicted that Russia would become a Christian nation and be a beacon of hope to the world, this as come true and this is another reason that Putin and Russia are being demonized by the true demons the zionists and their central banks. The zionists invert everything, bad is good, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery, war is peace, George Orwell was more right that he will ever know.

  156. @Been_there_done_that

    Maybe you’re confusing the fact that those (like me) who are against foreign aggression by America, want America to simply stay TF out with our being supporters of Russian aggression. I am not a supporter of Russian aggression. I don’t care! I am also not a supporter of America’s (and the West’s) making this war into THE BIG STORY and a crusade to stop the next Hitler per Ron Unz’s title here.

  157. @Blinky Bill

    I did a google search for the quote you cite, and found nothing to attribute it to Mearsheimer, but rather to someone on Twitter.

    If you know better, please enlighten me.

    • Replies: @Blinky Bill
  158. Exile says:

    They want to avoid the Streisand Effect. The “Silent Treatment” is usually given to more effective counter-propagandists.

    If Zionists publicly attack you, it’s usually because they find your opposition useful or self-discrediting. You’re steering opposition into dead ends like two party politics (Nick Fuentes) or you’re dividing the opposition and shock-jocking for attention (Richard Spencer).

    Jews can’t credibly depict Ron Unz, Atzmon, Giraldi, Striker etc… as evil nuts or LARPing clowns. A lot of people would take a look at what they have to say and start noticing things. Can’t have that.

    IIRC Ron Unz wrote a few pieces a year or two back regarding the ADL’s conspicuous hands-off silent-treatment of Unz Review compared with other anti-Zionist media.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  159. Lysias says:

    Russia’s territorial hunger? The U.S. is the country with over 800 bases abroad.

    • Replies: @Marcali
  160. @Mr Anatta

    I know what you were referring to, and, yes, that was ME pulling that range out of my ass. My point is that a large majority of the population of the world doesn’t follow any of this closely, meaning that 17 million view is NOT insignificant.

    Regarding the 800,000 views of Mike Whitney’s page – and this is kind off an aside – I will say that any page with commenting, especially the great system that Ron Unz set up, is bound to get inflated quickly, much more than linearly with number of comments. I wrote this long ago to either Mr. Unz or Steve Sailer: People (like me and you) pull up the page many times when we are involved in a discussion “hey, I wonder if that other asshole wrote back”, like that… (nothing personal there). There may be not nearly 800,000 views from the WOUR – World Outside the Unz Review. Yes, there IS such a place, it’s got Orcs and Hobbits and shit …

    Finally, regarding that last bit. Come off of it! We call the country America. I know that’s not very geographically correct, but we’ve called it that for a few hundred years, so forget that crap.

  161. Excellent and eye-opening article. Sometimes I think the only remaining evidence of any goodness and altruism in the hearts and minds of the ‘American’ population is the insane suicide-death cult mindset we see everywhere now, especially since the Clintonites lost their minds in 2016.

    Perhaps in the collective unconscious, we know that the only way back to sanity and health is complete and utter destruction of the Empire, which given the vampire squid thing means the complete and utter destruction of our nation. Perhaps in signing up for the globalist/Covidian suicide death-cult we see salvation. Stay on the current track and we will soon get our wish.

  162. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Genius can only be self educated

  163. Lysias says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    After Zelensky indicated in a speech Feb. 19 at the Munich Security Conference (a conference also attended by Kamala Harris) that Ukraine intended to get nuclear weapons, immediate action was required. Cutting off gas would have been an insufficient response.

    • Disagree: Wizard of Oz
  164. Marcion says:

    This article could be entitled —

    Putin and Hitler: Beyond The Cliches

    So you clearly understand the Putin cliche but not the Hitler one. The greatest WW2 historian, David Irving, is the best cure for this kind of entrained narrative. Give him a try.

  165. @eah

    CQ describes World Power main oligarchic groups as;


    Where GlobalHomo = 2SLGBTQQIAPWXYZ+ – Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Beastiality, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual people, and Pedophiles. + added to cover the overlooked.

    Zio = Banking financial, Academia, Media monopoly
    BIGs = Big Box, Big Tech, Corporate monopolies, everything Big.
    Rx = Big Pharma, Both legal and illegal drug cartels
    MIC3 aka 3m = (1) Military Industrial Complex, (2) Media Industrial Complex, (3) Medical Industrial Complex
    BLMr = Burn Loot Murder and Rape of white Christian culture now playing out by lawless blacks and their kosher Antifa armies of anarchists, supported and funded by GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3.

    It’s a cyclical war against whites using ethnic proxy armies to do their dirty work for (((them))).

    (See Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, ad neausium…..

  166. Ron is right about shit mouths like Graham & Hannity calling for Putin to be plugged. Nothing like that happened publicly during the Cold War & I lived through most of those years (1946-91?).

    Many of these douchebags running things today don’t remember or forgot about the Cuban Missile Crisis back in October, 1962. Well I do & it was damn scary. During that month people here in the US were making preparations for a worse case scenario & even the end of the world as we knew it then. What we’re going through now is far more serious than 60 years ago. That’s how much everything has changed, & not for the better. One thing has changed, the nukes & they are more lethal than ever before.

    • Replies: @One-off
  167. That Slate interview with Prof. Cohen is absolutely wild. Corporate journos live in a separate universe.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  168. Ron Unz says:

    They want to avoid the Streisand Effect. The “Silent Treatment” is usually given to more effective counter-propagandists…

    IIRC Ron Unz wrote a few pieces a year or two back regarding the ADL’s conspicuous hands-off silent-treatment of Unz Review compared with other anti-Zionist media.

    Sure, I finally managed to lure the ADL into releasing a (very mild) critique back in 2018, but after they saw my response, they’ve stayed far, FAR away:

    Indeed, they’ve apparently issued some sort of edict forbidding any mention of this website. I call it “the Lord Voldemort Effect” and wrote a column about it:

    They could have forced the resignation of Stephen Miller, their most hated Trump Administration official, but apparently avoiding any mention of this website was a higher priority.

    If any of the more energetic commenters here can help lure the ADL or other organizations into attacking us, that would be very nice.

    • LOL: Wizard of Oz
  169. @Johnny Smoggins

    As if they prompted hysteria to distract from something that they want to cover up.

  170. @Dumbo

    The Niggerization of white nations continued unabated until Russia decided that niggaz aren’t worth the rap they spew or the burn loot murder and rape they create.

  171. HT says:

    Alinksy’s Jew rule number 1. Vilify your opposition by calling him Hitler.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  172. @GMC

    Conditions must become intolerable, before the people rise in active opposition, and look for who is to blame. The American people are not there yet, but they are close and rapidly approaching that critical moment.

    When that happens, the pattern of thousands of years — 3,4,5? — of Jewish overreach leading to anti-Jewish reaction will likely repeat itself. I have been asserting for several years now that the Jews were building their next Holocaust, and now, in the Neocon effort to destroy Russia, they are challenging the one power on the planet with the means to destroy, if not the Jewish diaspora, then the seed of Jewish overreach, the Zionist project.

    If Russia/Putin identifies US/Neocon/Israel as the “head of the snake”, then taking out Israel — with nukes — may brutally shake the US out of its delusional arrogance.

    I know … this is massively extreme … but we live in the nuclear age, under constant threat of nuclear annihilation. And the criminal psychopaths at the top of Jewish global power, having subverted the Western “liberal democracies”, are pushing them/us toward Mutually Assured Goyishe Destruction. Will the pattern of history repeat, and the cancer on the world be eliminated by a dose of “radiation therapy”?

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  173. Marcion says:

    Would someone with the inclination make a list of the Voldemort organizations? Yeah, let’s trigger these guys.

  174. Fox says:

    You provide an interesting statement: “Churchill hid the holocaust in his notes.”
    Can you tell where these notes are to be found? (I haven’t read his series of books about his view of the Second World War). How did he hide it, and why?
    I have also read that neither Churchill, nor Eisenhower, nor de Gaulle -all people who were in need of explanation of the chaotic political order of the world of 1945 which they had had such a decisive hand in creating – had made any mention of the holocaust in their war time memoirs. How does this fit with your statement?

    • Replies: @erzberger
    , @Bookish1
  175. good stuff sir. read it last night before bed when you dropped it. felt super hot off the press as there was still nobody in the comments. i didn’t want to blow it up. you got over 170 new ones overnight. hot stuff!

  176. @Verymuchalive

    The West has not sanctioned Russia’s exports of oil, gas, agricultural products, minerals and metals. Russia is the leading supplier of commodities, and to do so would be catastrophic for the West.

    Yes, the world will always need commodities and raw materials. This is why the sanctions against Russia are backfiring. The West needs the world more than the world needs the West. Thus, the parasite’s sanctions against its global host are starving the parasite.

    The West is so saturated with liberal filth that it thinks it can use social media and corporate media outlets to “cancel” Russia, as though Russia is a conservative person who questioned “white supremacy.”

    The West enjoys power by controlling the global narrative, and it is angry that this does not work against Russia. When Twitter and Facebook moved to censor some Russians, the Russian government simply banned all of Twitter and Facebook. All of it. BOOM. The West is not used to this.

    The USA’s military is poisoned with mandatory vaccines, is saturated with gays and trannies, is crippled by affirmative action promotions, and is useless against all but the most helpless of nations. Yet Ron Unz thinks that America’s military outmatches Russia’s military.



    The West is hyper-violent, infinitely hypocritical, and pathologically narcissistic. Westerners are “God’s Chosen People,” second only to Jews in their superiority, and equal to Jews in greed, arrogance, brutality, and compulsive eagerness to call themselves “victims.”

    This is a self-castrating civilization which says then men can be women, and that women are superior because they are “victims.”

    A civilization at war with its own white males.

    A civilization of lonely losers and zombie peasants who only think what their cell phones tell them to think.

    A civilization that cheers when males invade women’s restrooms, because everyone is too cowardly to object.

    A civilization whose “conservative” politicians are mostly as liberal as are Democrats.

    A civilization that regards the world as a video game, in which Ukraine can be designated a “no-fly-zone” without it being a declaration of war. What’s the problem? Just put Russia on the “no fly list.” Just have Russia “canceled.” Fire them. Ban them. De-platform them. Topple their statues. Burn their books. Loot their stores, and call it “reparations.” Call Russians “hateful” and “bigoted.” Prosecute them for wrong-think and “hate crimes.” It works with everything else. Right?

    When it doesn’t work with Russia, the West becomes furious.

    Westerners live in a soundproof bubble; a self-righteous cocoon; an infantile dream world.

    Western societies are shriveled, pathetic, and dying. Good riddance.

    And they cannot stop Russia’s neutralization of Ukraine.

    • Agree: DevilAdvocate
  177. gatobart says:

    Putin could flatten the whole of Europe in five minutes. Hitler couldnt. It is all about respect. For thousands of years of human civilization (or what they call so) Might has been Right. Putin wanted to subvert this natural law and that brought he world to the present situation but now he has learnt his lesson. When dealing among nations, especially among world powers, what counts in the end is the amount of punishment you can inflict on those who treat you with disrespect, let alone those who would like to destroy you so they can pillage your country and bleed it to the bone. It took some time, a decade in fact, for the student to learn his lesson and when the finally did it he kind of overreacted but I think now he is ready to actually lead a world power such as Russia in the treacherous waters or world politics, specially in the world we live in now

  178. @annamaria

    The symbol of the Ukrainian government’s National Guard

    For the last few days I have noticed that in nearly every thread about Ukraine you have posted images of Ukrainians showing off a yellow flag with black Wolfsangel symbol, as if to underscore the misleading “Nazi” association with Ukraine, that was just introduced last month in a speech by Putin.

    It is rather conspicuous that you never indicated the dates those images were taken. I suspect that these are old photos but you intended to mislead viewers into thinking they are recent. This Wolfsangel symbol was used by the Social-National Party a long time ago. It changed its name to Svoboda, which uses a different logo. The party has only enjoyed popularity in the western city of L’viv (formerly Lemberg), where it is based.

    Quoted from Wikipedia article about Social-National Party of Ukraine, with multiple references to footnotes deleted for legibility:


    In 2004 the party had less than 1,000 members.

    The party changed its name to the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” in February 2004 with the arrival of Oleh Tyahnybok as party leader. Tyahnybok made some efforts to moderate the party’s extremist image. The party not only replaced its name, but also abandoned the Wolfsangel logo with a three-fingered hand reminiscent of the ‘Tryzub’ pro-independence gesture of the late 1980s. Svoboda also pushed neo-Nazi and other radical groups out the party, distancing itself from its neofascist past while retaining the support of extreme nationalists.

    Svoboda Party

    Since you claimed that the yellow flag with black symbol represented the Ukrainian National Guard, anybody could easily verify that this is untrue. The Wikipedia site shows various emblems, none of which is even similar to the Wolfsangel logo.

    National Guard of Ukraine

    A search at Google Images yields only one photo of that flag within the top 100 results, and it happens to be a site with a Russian domain.

    Your obsessive and deceptive messages demonstrate that you are an agitator (agent provocateur) appealing to the many readers who lack critical reasoning skills. It is reprehensible to try to insinuate that a substantial proportion of Ukrainians and their government are “Nazis“.

    • Thanks: HA
    • Troll: Nancy
    • Replies: @annamaria
  179. I must say, a beautifully written and poignant article. Herr Hitler was a stooge for the European banksters and his off hand remarks should have taught us who the underlying forces were, and responsible for creating personages like himself. I’m paraphrasing the Corporal here; do you think I’ve rebuilt bridges and paved new roads just to lift the German quality of life?! The implication here being that the new roads, the indebtedness to the banks incurred to construct them, were in fact designed to facilitate tank and troop movements for the next war. FDR shared similar attributes with his CCC program thus paving (couldn’t resist the pun) the road towards creating a command type economy within a capitalist US infrastructure in order to prepare for world war.


    So it goes, the greatest among us must first satisfy Satan’s request before “success” is permitted to take hold. Like sinews in wood, the good personage must allow destruction to grow alongside of positivism and growth. This is actually a demand from the forces of darkness and extends into personal lives of the famous. FDR’s paralysis and adultery? Hitler, his phobias, insanity and voyeurism-phobias shared with Stalin. This destruction and creation running together is a direct result of all the jealousy and envy the Evil One has against Man. These sinews, if you will, are an essential component within anyone who dares to step forward into the hall of fame. Example, Bing Crosby, beating his kids, devoid of love by ensuring that none of his estate passes to his own until they were 70 years old…two sons committed suicide. So, the proles get to peek into their luxurious windows, such as the Crosby sprawl in southern California where more recent personages, again, issued from the same cast appeared for a stay at his fabulous home: JFK, O’bomber (Obama)…in his case, with a dash of colorant added to the mold before he was elevated for the Highest Office. Or across the world into China with their “communist” Prince-lings, sharing with each other what FDR, Putin, Obama, Nancy Pelosi Et Al (congress-beltway) all have in common, extreme wealth! Go, Nancy GO! park your dark soul in that ten million dollar Florida mansion and retire…forty years of sucking on the public tit !

    ASIDE: Tho not suggested by any theological sources I’ve read, it’s occurred to me that with every miracle cure Jesus performed on the hapless, the Devil was off in the distance in full view of the eye of Jesus, showing that He was crippling some innocent at the exact moment Jesus was healing…
    Why was and is this permitted? The Almighty, Yahweh, Allah, Abba, I Am who Am, did not kill Cain, only marked him and I felt it was my duty to show that mark again…

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @elmerfudzie
  180. TKK says:

    Dear Ron-


    I listen to audiobooks constantly and your reading of your fantastic article is an intellectual and auditory delight.

    Very smooth, perfect pitch. Thank you for this.

  181. @obwandiyag

    He looks like Ilya Kuryakin, of Man From U.N.C.L.E. fame.

    • LOL: Trinity
  182. cohen says:

    Why Arnold is so pissed at Jews. Was he scammed, also?

    Where ADL is hiding. They just go after weak and poor.

  183. @Been_there_done_that

    The so-called “red lines” are greatly exaggerated and violate basic understandings reached in a 1997 Paris treaty between NATO and Russia, hence unreasonable and unacceptable.

    Your persistent reference to the 1997 Paris treaty as legitimizing the expansion Nato and encirclement of Russia with strike weapons has been repeatedly debunked here. It clearly dies not support your claim. Having been called on it several times, your continuing to insist that it does is your own “blatant lie”, as does your repeated claim that the 2014 Maidan coup was not US-sponsored. There is ample documentation that’s exactly what it was, following a long history of CIA-sponsored revolutions.

    The extent of … wanton destruction of civilian areas and critical infrastructure, terrorizing the entire population, and having already induced more than a million refugees to have fled to other countries…

    Clearly, you haven’t been paying attention to Russia’s careful, slow advancement and encirclement of cities with protected civilian evacuation corridors, precisely calibrated to minimize civilian casualties and even the destruction of Ukraine’s military itself (exc Nazi battalions). Unlike the unrestrained, “sweep it all up”, shock-and-awe, fire-bombing, and highways-of-death campaigns of the US military in the last 20+ years, which deliberately targeted power plants, dams, bridges and other civilian infrastructure, Russia has taken pains to safeguard those, increasing its own risk in the process.

    Putin was not “compelled to act” by launching an expansive war of aggression but through the proscribed means of diplomacy.

    Ah yes, diplomacy — endless yada-yada with the evil deaf, dumb, and dumber. Gee, why didn’t he even try that? The fact is, after seven years of fruitless “diplomacy”, of Ukraine’s persistent violations of the Minsk Agreements, of Nato’s increasing arms shipments, the neo-Nazis escalation of attacks on the LDNR, aand Zelensky’s threat to deploy nukes, Putin was indeed finally compelled to act — with the only principle ZUSA really recognizes — might makes right.

    John Mearsheimer … advocates the antiquated principle of “might is (sic) right“, also known as the “law of the jungle“.

    Mearsheimer never advocated might-makes-right. He merely acknowledged its reality in geopolitics — importantly, within the context of its monopolistic application by the Empire of Lies for the last seventy-odd years. It is hardly antiquated in that context. It is only repudiated when applied by others.

    You have “deconstructed” nothing. Your propaganda has been demolished.

    • Thanks: Marcion
  184. erzberger says:

    I have explained this a hundred times already, feel free to search my comments. For Churchill see
    Vol 6, p 597 (appendix C). Or read comment # 20 (by commenter academic gossip) under Ron Unz Holocaust Denial article on this site.

    • Replies: @Fox
    , @WizardWhoKnocks
  185. Exile says:
    @Ron Unz

    Miller was “good for Jews” in the meta-sense – he had one of the seats next to power that the ADL either couldn’t access or didn’t want to publicly hold. They would much rather have a bunch of gentiles with Millers-behind-the-curtain than occupy seats of power like they do with Biden.

    The ADL has been brought to heel on rare occasions when they don’t respect this. Greenblatt in particular has been criticized in the Jewish press for being too loud and aggressive.

    I’d love to see him screw up and put the site and the authors here on full blast ala Whoopie Goldberg, but wiser Jews will continue to restrain their hotheads and dummies for a little while longer.

    Regression to the mean is kicking Jewish ass (see the Kristol and Podhoretz families) and they’ve gotten soft and entitled. Keep the pressure on and they will crack.

  186. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    He doesn’t even look like him, he has no mustache and a lot less hair.

    Yeah, well, they’ve never been seen or photographed together at the same time, either – how do you explain that???

    • LOL: Trinity
  187. I can’t believe the delusion that Russia can/will ever be used by USA against China still exists in any sane minds of the policy makers in the USA. Unless China does something super drastic, this will never, ever happen. OR when USA finally stop being a threat to either of them. That is a tall order.

  188. Bookish1 says:

    No, none of those world leaders mentioned the holocaust in their books even though the Allies were looking for any justification they could find for warring against Germany. If they would have mentioned that phony holocaust story it would have discredited their entire writings because the holocaust is a huge lie and eventually that will be common knowledge.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  189. The Poles massacred about 58,000 Germans, in the former German territories, in
    particular “the massacre of Bromberg” was terrifying: the Poles tortured and
    killed all the inhabitants, infants were nailed to the wooden doors of the
    The Poles were preparing to replicate it in Danzig, so Hitler attacked Poland.
    UK and France declared war on Germany.
    BUT 2 weeks later Stalin invaded Poland and nobody declared war on him, is that strange?

    Donbass (russian territory in Ukraine) : for 8 years Ukrainians bombed Russians causing 14,000 deaths, NO ONE ever protested, so Putin…
    About World War II: Stalin had amassed at the “new” Polish border, all his army and air force, his intention was to let UK, France and Germany fight each other, then to attack with a devastating force: 24,000 tanks, one million paratroopers, airplanes… But that army was too big to be hidden, Hitler understood and in a few hours of bombing it was ALL destroyed, this explains the lightning advance of the Germans… but I recommend the book of “Viktor Suvorov” (Vladimir Rezun) explains many things …
    Finally: Hitler did not understand much about economy, but what made the fortune of the National Socialists was the economic policy created by the Minister of Economy of Hitler’s government: Hjalmar Schacht (Jewish) who developed “money on credit NOT on debt” but this endangered the oligarchies of Western Jewish bankers who decided the destruction of Germany (and oblivion for Schacht and his new economy).

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @lysias
  190. @Jeff Davis

    If they accuse Mearsheimer of such things, should they not also accuse Thucydides of the same.

  191. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    It seems to me the current media hysteria has two goals.

    You forgot the 3rd Goal: to put all eyes on Russia/Ukraine, providing cover for retreat from the failed Covid operation, thereby creating a new mass psychosis adventure for the brain dead population of the world.

    • Replies: @JWalters
  192. profnasty says:

    Don’t know ‘exactly’ what you mean by the term “Racist”, so I’ll just say
    Fk You.

  193. @anastasia

    Hitler wasn’t “tricked” into invading Poland. There had been several documented Polish raids into Germany. Smygly-Rydz had ordered the mobilization of the Polish army to attack Germany. It was, however, the resumption of the ethnic cleansing of Germans from West Prussia that were no longer tolerated, that led to the invasion.
    Contrary to popular belief, WWII did not start when Germany invaded Poland. It started when France and Great Britain declared war on Germany. The September 1939 French invasion of Germany, and subsequent repulsion, is never mentioned, nor is Germany’s (rejected) offer of peace to France on a status quo ante basis.
    The usual suspects had bragged about forcing Hitler into a war, whether he wanted one or not.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  194. @Avery

    Adolph Hitler had one goal in mind when his 3 million troops invaded USSR in Jun 1941: Lebensraum. He wrote about it in Mein Kampf in 1925.
    His blabber about Bolschewismus was to snow the cannon fodder: to give them an ideal to fight for.

    DISAGREE based on —

    In 1938 former-president Herbert Hoover spent over an hour with Hitler and Göring. Reporting on the meeting in (his epic memoir) Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath, Hoover wrote:

    “I had long since been aware, from his speeches, statements and actions, that he had three idées fixes: to unify Germany from its fragmentation by the Treaty of Versailles;
    to expand its physical resources by moving into Russia or the Balkan States –a drive for “Lebensraum,” living space; and
    to destroy the Russian Communist government.” [aka Bolshevism. -ed]

    Regarding this latter-most purpose, to finally eradicate Bolshevism, Putin shares it with Hitler.

    Hoover returned to Hitler’s “idées fixes” of vanquishing “Communism” in at least six additional discussions in the book.

    • Disagree: Avery
  195. Thim says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that Russia is counting on China for any military help. After they take Taiwan the CCP will move to neutrality.

    Which is why Moscow has made clear, any war with NATO will be nuclear. That part I believe.

  196. erzberger says:
    @Doug Hillman

    You don’t get it. This globally and domestically intensely observed political theatre prior to the invasion was carefully staged for two purposes, from the Russian side, to show the pro-Western folks at home and abroad that the US has zero respect for Russian security demands, their entire behaviour was arrogant and dismissive. Most Russians don’t know what the Bukarest Memo means, like everywhere else. But not even sign sth that had been promised? It would not have cost them anything, and would not have improved security because Ukraine is already protected by article 4. This enrages any patriot and makes them more tolerant of war, it was also a wake-up call for the European vassals. When the German navy chief had to design merely for saying that being respectful doesn’t cost anything, and that Putin “probably deserves it” – how does that ring in more than half of Russian ears, who voted for him.

    Not to mention the Putin friends in the EU/Europe.

    Biden had to be tough because of 4 yrs of Russiagate etc, he had no choice. So both were restrained and programmed by domestic and international concerns. The US/EU was constantly baiting Russian paranoia along the lines of plausible deniability. A high-point was British FM. Tuss saying Britain will never recognize Russian sovereignty in those two areas (forgot names) where Russians were holding drills. Then she was corrected by her staff that they were indeed on Russian territory. Error or slip? Or Zelensky’s nuclear weapons threat at Munich

    • Thanks: Doug Hillman
  197. @The_seventh_shape

    The intention of upcoming world war on the German high command (more than Hitler in person)’s part can be very easily deduced from the investments that were going on in all major enterprises involved : they counted on the future conquests for their supply and returns. They expected future occupations and acquisitions but not too early as they were not ready and operations’ research in which they were pioneers concluded for an optimal date of 1944-45 to start the major operation of military expansion. The occupation of France came too easily and too early, and they would have preferred a coup to put in power a puppet or pro-Axis government while robbing them of their ressource colonies : the very opposite happened, the Allies took the colonies while they were burdened with the micro-management of France. Of course Hitler was very satisfied with the event but as you say his intention was to reduce France to a puppet state (he knew how corrupt was the French bourgeoisie and easy to neuter : he would give them the means and authorization to re-enslave their own populace in exchange for loss of national sovereignty for a vague pan-european patriotism) while having back a pro-Axis British government he would leave with their colonial empire and the task of policing the seas. Hitler was interested first and foremost with an eastward expansion of his empire, which he knew to be possible since it had been done with so much ease at Brest-Litovsk, and also possibly later on, onto the American continent, so as to people ressource rich parts of the world with Germans. The US just needed to be got rid of their Jews and allied subhumans.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @HdC
  198. Emslander says:

    I’ve been quite surprised to gradually also discover that Adolf Hitler was no Adolf Hitler.

    And you can credit most of the failures of modern times to an impregnable lack of that discovery in the American consciousness.

  199. @Italian Dissident

    Hitler did not understand much about economy, but what made the fortune of the National Socialists was the economic policy created by the Minister of Economy of Hitler’s government: Hjalmar Schacht (Jewish) who developed “money on credit NOT on debt”

    Can you document that Schacht was Jewish?

    Best information I’ve read links his parents to Denmark or Prussian origin.

    Yad Vashem has an entry on Schacht that mentions how he maintained business relationships with Jews, but does not state or even suggest that Schacht was Jewish.

  200. Sean says:

    According to the Amnesty report, Kiev’s far-right Aidar battalion has been responsible for “abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions.” Reports have also surfaced that far-right militias, taking a page from the ISIL playbook, have started beheading captive rebels. Newsweek, citing Ukrainian news sources, recently reported that the head of one such unfortunate was returned to his mother in the mail.

    Excuse me? I have seen those rough hewn characters who started fighting in Donbass against the Ukrainian government in videos of the early combat and they were Russian speaking ordinary people of Donbass, hardly GRU in disguise. There has been a civil war in Donbas since 2014, when the Russian speakers who are the majority in West Ukraine and who had overwhelmingly voted for Viktor Yanukovych and helped him to winning Ukraine -wide elections for the presidency saw him overthrow for the second time by the puppet-master Petro Poroshenko, who clearly intended to orientate and ally Ukraine towards the EU/ Nato and its self appointed overlord America.

    The first time was in 2004 when Poroshenko was campaign manger, and got was rewarded with posts in foreign policy and defence after the Orange Revolution and pushed Ukraine’s application to be a member of Nato, ignoring Putin’s angry denunciation at the 2007 Munich Security conference of America’s planned ” unilpolar world with … one centre of authority, one centre of force , one centre of decision making” something that Nato announced was going to happen for Ukraine (and Georgia) in 208. Poroshenko demanded that this promise be kept of Ukraine joining Nato even after Georgia was invaded a fw months later. It has been Poroshenko all along; he organised the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity which caused the revolt in Donbass, which he became president after. He promptly announced an “Anti Terrorist Operation and found that Russia was willing to send enough undercovers to help the breakaway regions.

    Later in 2014 having found his troops unequal to the task Poroshenko addressed the US congress, telling them “if [the Russians] are not stopped now, they will cross European borders and spread throughout the globe”, he. Unlike 2008, Putin had to deal with a very low oil price in 2014; he was not in a position to do all that much. Poroshenko revamped his army and agains tried to reconquer the breakaway republics with a strong offensive, only to find his forces bested by fully formed up Battalion Tactical Groups of the Russian army. Poroshenko halted the string of reverses for his army by signing the Minsk agreements to give the breakaway republics autonomy, but he was not sincere. In 2017 Donald Trump allowed himself to be persuaded to give the Ukrainian advanced artillery’s targeting radar and hand held anti tank missiles. While Poroshenko was preparing for his next offensive his well earned reputation for corruption caught up with him in the first round of the Ukrainian elections he hoped to win a second term in whe he was losing to Zelinsky. Poroshenko then threw off his mask of being a pragmatic leader and started talking like a rabid nationalist about “a total mobilisation of all Ukrainian patriots”. Zelinsky used the same ploy when his attempt to jail Poroshenka backfired and Zelisky became unpopular. The military aid to Ukraine accelerated massively after 2020 when Ukraine was granted further special status But the price of oil was going up, making Putin much more likely to act of his numerous menacing statements.

    Nothing that Putin has done ought to surprise anyone who has read Micheal Stuermer’s book on Putin in which he recalled a 1994 conference that the Mayor of St Petersburg (Putin’s old Law professor) had brought Putin along to while Putin was a member of the city administration. DJ Vlad took the mike and startled the German, French, American and British attending by rapping about Russia’s lost territories (“Near Abroad”) that contain 20 million Russians. Putin said “For us, their fate is a question of war and peace”.

  201. @Doug Hillman

    Your persistent reference to the 1997 Paris treaty as legitimizing the expansion Nato and encirclement of Russia with strike weapons has been repeatedly debunked here.

    You have already been exposed as a shameless liar for having made the same false claim pertaining to that treaty a week ago, and now you’re back for another round. The existence of that treaty is a huge embarrassment to the Russian narrative. Since neither you or anyone else could rebut it, you just lie again. If my reference to the validity of the treaty had been contradicted, then surely you would have explained when and how, with supporting arguments. You didn’t and couldn’t. Now you’ve come up with an additional whopper:: encirclement of Russia.

    …Russia’s careful, slow advancement and encirclement of cities with protected civilian evacuation corridors, precisely calibrated to minimize civilian casualties…

    This nonsense must be straight from Russia’s war propaganda operations. Just like the ridiculous euphemism “Special Military Operation“. I have already seen plenty of recent videos and images, plus eyewitness testimony to the contrary. Russian troops are frustrated. The operation is not going according to plans. Logistical support has been failing; soldiers didn’t bring along sufficient food because the attack was intended to be quick. Instead they got bogged down due to strong resistance. Civilians are being made to bear the brunt. The Russian-speaking Ukrainians are certainly not welcoming them with flowers.

    Your propaganda has been demolished.

    This is more gratuitous wishful thinking on your part. You just make up false claims because you have no counter-arguments. It is an act of desperation; you seem to have some stake. Trying to capitalize on the stupidity of some readers to not recognize your lies will not get you far. You’re the one who likes to throw around the Yiddish word “schmuck“. We already know about people like that.

    • LOL: Doug Hillman
    • Troll: Olivier1973
    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Doug Hillman
  202. @anonymous

    “Conquering a whole other country of largely rival ethnicity, killing thousands, is too extreme.”

    Right there is where I disposed of you. He is not conquering the whole country. He is liberating the Russian east from the Nazis. He did however destroy the fixed-location military assets in the West so that they could not be used against Russian forces in their military operation. And I have no doubt that he will continue to exploit as necessary the total Russian domination of all of Ukrainian airspace to prevent the rearming of rump Nazi West. And NATO will do nothing but make brave noises and buy US weapons.

    I suspect that when he has secured the Russian friendly East, he will hold a referendum on separation– per the Ukrainian constitution — as he did in Crimea, and partition will follow.

    Then the bankrupt and corrupt Nazi-dominated West will be left to hang like an albatross around the neck of Europe.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @republic
    , @republic
  203. @eah

    It is just too over the top this time : they cannot but stupidly lose. To make a long history shorter, their creatively visualized projected victory is a gay pride parade marching on the Red Square and into the Kremlin. The problem for them is that Russia experienced such a moment in the 1920’s and has ever recoiled since, was forced into that in the 1990’s and immediately vomited.

  204. Percival says:

    I’ve chatted with some of the kids (4-7 years old) in my neighbourhood and they’re already being taught by their teachers or their parents that “Mr POOtin” is an evil man who likes bombing schools and that he only invaded Ukraine because he “wants people to think he’s powerful”.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  205. R2b says:

    Well, ok, nice article.
    But Hitler despised christendom, and certainly the OT.
    Just like the Talmudists.
    Putin? Well we don’t know yet, do we?
    But so far he’s alright with me.

    • Replies: @phil
  206. anon[209] • Disclaimer says:

    A lot of the people talking out their ass about crazy Putin madman Hitler know jack shit about the relevant international law. Russian policy is scrupulously legalistic. That drives CIA up the wall.

    So here’s Francis Boyle, the guy who called COVID as US germ warfare off the bat. He’s so based he wound up on the no-fly list. And he’s America’s preeminent expert on international law.

  207. TheMoon says:

    It’s happening even in the comment section of Conservative, Inc. web sites. All the conservaboomers going full bore Cold War flashbacks, ready to send everyone else’s children to go die for Jews and the corrupt politicians they hated two weeks ago. They’re gobbling up every kibble and bit of MSM and government propaganda, their rabid dislike of “fake news” evaporating as if it never existed. It’s a completely Pavlovian response.

    All I do is poke holes in the propaganda, and people who have chatted with me for *years*, people who celebrated with kind messages when I’d post my birth announcements on an open thread, start calling me a “Putin bot” or “paid Russian shill” or “dumb millennial” in spite of me posting links to support my debunking.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  208. This appears to be the perfect time for Russia to cut off gas to west Europe, followed by ceasing to sell oil to the US at any price. With results likely to finish destroying what’s left of the US economy by sending inflation rates through the roof.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Carroll price
  209. Malla says:
    @Francis Miville

    Hitler’s attack on the USSR was a pre-emptive strike. There was a huge Soviet troop build up on the borders of the German Reich as well as Romania and other countries. Six nations including Romania and Hungary took part in Operation Barbarossa.

    • Agree: HdC
  210. FLgeezer says:

    Very true and to the point. Thanks Jimmy.

  211. Sean says:
    @Jeff Davis

    The American weapons are excellent. The Javalin is fire and forget against moving tanks and can even be effective against helicopter. The sight is an excellent surveillance device. It and the other stuff would give the Ukrainian army the edge in annoying small scale engagements such as the Donbass front had been having since 2015. Russian doctrine stresses fighting decisive battles, not inconclusive ones. They win by their force’s quality quantity

    I expect the most of the tens of thousand of hapless Ukrainian men held prisoner by Zelinsky (no male over 60 years old is allowed to leave the country) and about to be given guns and forced to fight in civilian clothes against the Russian Army will in accordance with the Geneva Convention obligation for combatants to clearly distinguish themselves from non-combatants, be marched out of Kiev, and shot at the nearby Babi Yar ravine. It’s a good place for it

  212. There are similarities. And this is a serious and well argued opinion by Unz. However, maybe best is to concentrate on the current war? I dont think revising the discussion about WW2 might be the most constructive approach right now :p

  213. lysias says:
    @Italian Dissident

    The Bromberger Blutsonntag was not a cause of Hitler’s invading Poland, as it happened after Germany crossed the border,

    • Replies: @erzberger
  214. lysias says:

    Russia Accuses Ukraine Of Preparing Nuclear False Flag; Warns Of ‘ecological Catastrophe’:

    Earlier on Monday, Russia’s Defence Ministry also alleged that the Kyiv ordered the “emergency destruction” of pathogens including plague and anthrax at US-funded laboratories near the border as Russian troops made inroads into Ukraine. Defense Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov said that during Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, evidence of a US-financed military biological program developed in the country was revealed.

  215. lysias says:

    Russia says over 30 labs in Ukraine working on ‘deadly’ bio weapons.

    I already knew about 11 such biolabs in Ukraine under the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency from Kees van der Pijl, States of Emergency.

  216. Malla says:

    Both Hitler and Putin shared earlier disappointment and anger followed by anger over treatment of fellow ethnic group.
    Hitler was disappointed about his inability to save the Baltic states from Soviet aggression, how mercilessly they were gobbled up, he had often spoke about this later. Putin and the Russians were disappointed about their inability to stop the American invasion of Yugoslavia especially Serbia. The unjust treatment of Serbia was a lesson in American hypocrisy and injustice in foreign policy.
    Soon followed by the Sudeten Germans and Danzig for Hitler and Luhansk & Donetsk for Putin.

  217. Trinity says:

    The rule should be to vilify the enemy by calling them (((Alinsky.)))

  218. @PJ London

    If Putin loses the US and the globalists will even more deeply regret it : Putin’s sole legatee in such a case is USSR ready to pounce back, it is the second party after Russia United which is Lenin’s Communist Party, not Navalny’s liberal Party. And this time the Communist Party won’t be revisionist but a branch party of Beijing’s. I keep on thinking about Homer Simpson’s cartoon prediction. The Wall of Berlin will be rebuilt, with the difference this time it will be to prevent massive fugitive immigration from the West. If there is a totalitarian world order to come, it is bound to be ruled from Beijing by ethnic Han Chinese having the first say and the first choice in absolutely everything, it is a give or take condition. If ever and where ever that condition is refused there will be no new world order but only new world chaos. The opposing pole to China in that New World Order cannot be but India, and in no way Israel. With Putin ousted the crash will be swift and strong, with him in charge the landing will be much softer.


    Israel has been building a world economic empire China is patiently waiting to see it being completed at last to take it over then in one gentle unexpected move having been premeditated since before the War of Opium. The general rule of Empire building is that the builders and managers are never the same persons or entities. Either you create and destroy so as to change the rules of the game, either you manage as the best champion at the game as it is by the rules that are there to stay, you cannot be equally good at both. That was the error that made the anglo-saxon industrialists the biggest losers in the technological world they invented and built, and that will prove also true for the builders of the new world order system. The Greeks created the ancient mediterranean civilization, the Roman took it over.

    In the worst case scenario, Israel does build the infamous Third Temple while the rest the neighbouring world is kept busy making various regional wars or civil wars. They build in in the unsaid but overpowering assumption it will bring the riches of all nations to their threshold by the building’s sheer supernatural magnetic force. They’ll celebrate the thing together with a huge international exhibition not far in some newly created border city between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Once the exhibition is over, the news come that the shekel loses all its value and that nearly ALL typically Jewish-owned or Jewish-created enterprises lose all value due to a panic selling movement issuing from the Asian stock exchange places and reverberating to the rest of the world. Then a cogent explanation is provided : the Chinese and other Asian financiers have determined that that small people whom were believed to be composed of so many Einsteins, Freuds, Marxes, and Bill Gates is nothing but a superstitious Middle Eastern tribe like any other and has been hugely overrated in all domains, that judgement will be presented as the result of a long, protracted, conclusive study having been made by the best Chinese experts in assessing what is to be saved or junked from the dying Western cultures they inherit of. There won’t be any antisemitic reaction proper but only one of disappointment mingled with pity : they were not all negative but just too mediocre to care about, it will be announced that after all their mean IQ is that of the Lebanese no more. In particular their reputation as top notch experts in so many fields will be all gone since they they have been manifestly counting on magic of the cheapest kind. Once that assessment is made and pronounced no one will linger upon it for too long, everybody will jump onto next item, like after the USSR’s sudden fall when every kind of former marxist literature was sold for recycling paper. It will take a few days for Israel to become all of a sudden a country as poor as Yemen. Saudi Arabia won’t be in a better shape as oil is replaced with gas that can produced everywhere for cheaper. The US will then be amidst a Second Civil War that will prove terminal. The new bipolarity will be between China and India and the West ending up between a rock and a dark place.

  219. Trinity says:

    Notice how quickly the Jew flu became yesterday’s (((news))) because of this Ukraine thingie.

    And Ghislane? Well we all knew that shit was going to be “Epsteined” down the jewlet bowl.

    Are the Russkie and Ukrainian troops using different color (((covid masks))) to tell each other apart? All those Ivans and Vladimirs look alike to me.

  220. @eah

    They are showing solidarity for the troops. It’s like in 1991 we had yellow ribbons. : )

  221. HA says:

    “Both leading experts agreed that Putin had been pushed beyond all reasonable limits, provoking the invasion.”

    There was no NATO threat in Ukraine outside of Putin’s active efforts to create one. Yes, he succeeded, but before he invaded Ukraine, Putin had the Ukrainian buffer state he said he wanted, composed of people who were decidedly against joining NATO. Percentage support for joining NATO was generally below 25, and about half of the “say no to NATO” number. Unlike Putin, NATO doesn’t roll in tanks to try and shift the polling odds in favor of joining up with them. Not even Nuland’s magic basket of pastries were enough to shift that balance, and even her favored candidate, Yatseniuk, nixed the idea of joining NATO, whereas you claim he was the head of some “pro-NATO coup”.

    Yes, after Putin swiped Crimea, things changed. The portion of Ukraine that Putin didn’t swipe was now more concentrated towards the “let’s join NATO” camp. Moreover, attitudes hardened. Big surprise.

    Remember, the Russians had Nuland’s office bugged — they released the tapes with that f-bomb to the EU. If there had been any promise about how the US would send its own soldiers to back the Ukrainians, or how the Ukrainians had to move towards NATO, they would have released that, too. But absent that, the only one who pushed Ukraine towards NATO is Putin, however much his lackeys, or their useful idiots who cannot rationalize a problem other than being the fault of the US, want to point fingers elsewhere.

    “As most of us know, the Second World War began when Germany attacked Poland in 1939 over Danzig, an almost entirely German border city controlled by the Poles. But less well known is that Hitler had actually made enormous efforts to avoid war and settle that dispute, spending many months on fruitless negotiations and offering extremely reasonable terms.”

    Given what Hitler did in the Sudetenland (say, did that “overwhelming support” your source mentions include the Czechoslovak areas of the country he swiped it from?), whose fault is it that his diplomacy and his promises proved “fruitless” afterward?

    So there again, once you start grabbing land and redrawing maps, things get a little frosty with regard to any subsequent efforts to “negotiate”.

    If you could fill in some of the gaping potholes in your analysis, it might start to make more sense.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  222. @Kiza

    Thus I established that “Hitler” is an honorary title, similar to Sir, bestowed on those individuals who defend their countries

    I like that, I’ll be using it.

  223. @Mr Anatta

    Don’t take too many cubensis before writing here in TUR. It short circuits your neurons and makes your reasoning difficult to understand…

  224. A dating app I am on even has the Ukrainian flag and anti-Russian crap posted on it. You can’t even hook up with a tart without seeing the virtue signalling now. The only question I have is where was all this virtue signalling when the Ameri-scum were murdering Iraqi children or when Israel was bombing Palestinian schools and hospitals?

    • Agree: Liza
  225. Mefobills says:

    Alistair explains how the West has tried to bust out Russia using bear raider tactics. This is what caused the hyperinflation in Weimar, which ultimately led to the election of Hitler. In the case of Germany, exhange rate pressure on the mark caused bear raiders (currency short sellers) to attack.


    Then, last Saturday morning (26 February) everything changed. It became a blitzkrieg: “We’re waging an all-out economic and financial war on Russia. We will cause the collapse of the Russian economy”, said the French Finance Minister, Le Maire (words, he later said, he regretted).

    That Saturday, the EU, the U.S. and some allies acted to freeze the Russian Central Bank’s foreign exchange reserves held overseas. And certain Russian banks (in the end seven) were to be expelled from SWIFT financial messaging service. The intent was openly admitted in an U.S. unattributable briefing: It was to trigger a ‘bear raid’ (ie. an orchestrated mass selling) of the Rouble on the following Monday that would collapse the value of the currency.

    The purpose to freezing the Central Bank’s reserves was two-fold: First, to prevent the Bank from supporting the Rouble. And secondly, to create a commercial bank liquidity scarcity inside Russia to feed into a concerted campaign over that weekend to scare Russians into believing that some domestic banks might fail – thus prompting a rush at the ATMs, and start a bank-run, in other words.

    More than two decades ago, in August 1998, Russia defaulted on its debt and devalued the Rouble, sparking a political crisis that culminated with Vladimir Putin replacing Boris Yeltsin. In 2014, there was a similar U.S. attempt to crash the Rouble through sanctions and by engineering (with Saudi Arabian help) a 41% drop in oil prices by January 2015.

    So, yes – Putin is the new Hitler. History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme. Germany had the same international finance capital class i.e. liberal (globo-homo) arrayed against it as does Russia.

  226. Blissex says:

    «Both leading experts agreed that Putin had been pushed beyond all reasonable limits, provoking the invasion. […] aptly characterized our policy as years of Russian bear-baiting […] Moreover, some analysts such as economist Michael Hudson have strongly suspected that American elements deliberately provoked the Russian invasion for geostrategic reasons, and Mike Whitney advanced similar arguments in a column that went super-viral»

    That is blatantly obvious, the idea was clearly and fairly explicitly to create a second Afghanistan quagmire: Brezinzsky claimed that the first one (and its islamist “freedom fighters”) broke up the USSR, the hope now is that the Ukraine quagmire (and its revanchist “freedom fighters”) will break up the Russian Federation. The breakup of the USSR allowed the USA to put a series of bases on the south border of the Russian Federation, the dream is that the breakup of the Russian Federation will get the USA a series of bases on the northern border of China-mainland, completing its encirclement.

    «Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula contains Russia’s crucial Sevastopol naval base, and only Putin’s swift action allowed it to remain under Russian control, while he also provided support for break-away pro-Russian enclaves in the Donbass region.»

    It wasn’t Putin, it was done entirely by the crimeans themselves, that had already attempted to declare independence and become members of the Russian Federation in 1994, something that is often forgotten, here the BBC reports:
    “Because Mr Meshkov was the first – and so far only – president of Crimea. He was elected in 1994, by a landslide, on a platform of reuniting the Ukrainian peninsula with Russia. Like an eager suitor, he hopped on a plane to Moscow… only to find his overtures to Boris Yeltsin rebuffed. The Russian president was far too concerned with building a relationship with the West to stir up the kind of trouble that annexing Crimea would have brought.”

    «Perhaps the final straw had been the recent public statement by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that he intended to acquire nuclear weapons.»

    I think the last straws were the sanctions, that I think were designed to have that effect:

    * The sanctions has already started just because of the accumulation of russian forces on the the russian border.

    * The russian forces on the border were meant to deter a renewed attack on the Donbas, inspired by the Azerbaijan attack on Artsakh, but the attack seemed to continue being prepared.

    * So the Russian Federation was already subject to sanctions for doing nothing, and sanctions would be increased even just for putting peacekeepers in the Donbas, I guess Putin reasoned that he might as well go all the way.

    Obviously Putin, Medvedev, Lavrov, Gerasimov do realize that the Russian Federation has been goaded into the invasion (which goading does not excuse it), but I guess they thought they were choosing the lesser damaging option.

  227. I totally agree with Ron’s views. The article reflects pretty well the evolution of my own thinking over the last decades.

    If the US believes it has the 10:1 military advantage then a hot war will soon follow, I am afraid.

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  228. Blissex says:

    «On August 8, 2008, Russian forces invaded Georgia»

    That is a pure fantasy: that nutter Saakashvili slipped the american leash and started a war of aggression and massacres against south Ossetia, the Russian Federation that had peacekeepers in the area was taken by surprise (because the georgian attack had not even been cleared with the Pentagon), but with very considerable issue they managed to defend their peacekeeper and the south ossetians, and even counterattack.
    «PARIS (Reuters) – Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili had long planned a military strike to seize back the breakaway region of South Ossetia but executed it poorly, making it easy for Russia to retaliate, Saakashvili’s former defence minister said. […] the United States was partly to blame for the war, having failed to check the ambitions of what he called a man with democratic failings.»
    «5:13PM BST 08 Aug 2008
    World leaders have appealed for a ceasefire in the conflict, which erupted after Georgia launched a huge offensive aimed at imposing its control over the rebel province with its large Russian population.»
    «Tensions came to head in early August 2008, when, after nearly a week of clashes between Georgian troops and separatist forces, Georgia launched a concerted air and ground assault attack on South Ossetia’s main city, Tskhinvali.»
    «Fatefully, the Georgian leadership attempted to pre-empt further Russian aggression and advanced into Ossetian territory. In doing so, they allowed Russia to claim that Georgian aggression started the war.»

    The attack the ukrainian government was preparing against the Donbas, and that the Russian Federation forces on the border were supposed to deter, was to be a similar attack, and inspired also by the successful azeri attack on the armenian in Artsakh at the end of 2021 (after that the ukrainian government had bought a number of the turkish drones that were supposed to give victory to the azeris in Artsakh).

  229. I’m guessing Mr. Unz views the revisionist history in “The origins of the second world war” in the same way Paul understood his blinding vision on the road to Damascus. How else can a person comprehend the determined embrace of such a fantastic story-line about WW2?

    A.J.P. Taylor basically threw out all the evidence contradicting his reconstituted history in “Origins” and used only the left-over bits and pieces in the book.

    History Professor Benjamin Carter Hett wrote an explanation of this which makes a lot of sense to me.

    “Goak Here”: A.J.P. Taylor and The Origins of the Second World War

    Criticisms have been levelled at the Origins on a number of grounds, but the most fundamental are (1) its internal inconsistencies on the central question of the causes of the war; (2) Taylor’s perverse handling of the documentary record of Hitler’s warlike intentions; and (3) Taylor’s inappropriate equation of historical cause with the subjective intentions of an historical actor.

    Getting into the “why” of this, Hett points out a little section from Chapter 10 of the “Origins” book.

    Many however believe that Hitler was a modern Attila, loving destruction for its own sake and therefore bent on war without thought of policy. There is no arguing with such dogmas. Hitler was an extraordinary man; and they may well be true. But his policy is capable of rational explanation; and it is on these that history is built. The escape into irrationality is no doubt easier. The blame for war can be put on Hitler’s Nihilism instead of on the faults and failures of European statesmen—faults and failures which their public shared. Human blunders, however, usually do more to shape history than human wickedness. At any rate, this is a rival dogma which is worth developing, if only as an academic exercise.

    (my emphasis)
    It appears that Taylor was creating what is today called “Alternate History”. Like, what if Lee had won the Battle of Gettysberg? Or what if the Atomic Bomb hadn’t been made – as in C.M. Kornbluth’s SF story “Two Dooms”.

    Towards the end of his review Professor Hett writes “This I would argue that Taylor’s book can and should be read as something of an admonitory fable.”

    In my opinion that’s a good way to handle this issue, for though Taylor’s WW2 “history” is lousy, his “What If” literary skill might be a bit of a redeemer.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
  230. Wokechoke says:

    How then do we explain Counter Currents coming out to support Zelenskyy?

    • Replies: @JewSA
    , @HA
  231. HA says:

    “while Putin’s attention was focused on the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, a pro-NATO coup overthrew the democratically-elected pro-Russian government”

    Wait, you’re saying that an ex-KGB operative is so inept at his own spy games that the US and NATO were able to outmaneuver him just a few miles from his own border? All it took was the distraction of a sports event? He’s that clueless?

    And you’re telling me that the Ukrainians are so free of corruption and kompromat that they couldn’t be bullied/bribed/extorted/blackmailed into giving him what he wanted without tanks and bombs? All it took for them to choose Victoria Nuland was a basket of pastries? She was able to beat him at his own game that easily? Something doesn’t add up.

    Yeah, it’s too bad that Yanukovych didn’t work out (though he came pretty close, and given the games he played with the courts and opposition were ones that Putin had executed successfully, he might have succeeded if he had been less of a klutz), but isn’t Putin supposedly a master of the long game? Why not just try again with some other paid off stooge, given that Ukrainian presidents inevitably seem to get bounced out after one term? And if he couldn’t do that despite the miles-long head start he had — with the language proximity, with the tens of thousands of Russian collaborators on Ukrainian soil, with all his poisoned umbrellas and polonium and “water sports” blackmail collections (the kind that some say played a role in turning another former government official farther afield) — what does that say about his ability to do much of anything?

    It sounds to me as if his spycraft skills are as dismal as his military prowess. No wonder things are going so badly for him. Is there no way to spare the Russian people from any further embarrassment of being associated with this clown?

  232. annamaria says:
    @Joe Paluka

    Never underestimate the psychopathic Talmudic mentality.

    There will be no place for peace and human dignity until the existing Financial Squid is squashed. Otherwise, the Beast will eventually destroy humanity.

    Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street:

    Vanguard and BlackRock are the top two owners of Time Warner, Comcast, Disney and News Corp, four of the six media companies that control more than 90% of the U.S. media landscape
    BlackRock and Vanguard form a secret monopoly that has ownership in 1,600 American firms, which in 2015 had combined revenues of \$9.1 trillion. When you add in the third-largest global owner, State Street, their combined ownership encompasses nearly 90% of all S&P 500 firms
    Big Pharma is largely owned by BlackRock and the Vanguard Group, the two largest asset management firms in the world.

    The MIC:

  233. JewSA says:

    Counter Currents are yellow fever fetishist Nordicists who worship Asians but hate Meds and Slavs and don’t consider them white.

  234. Blissex says:

    «WWII did not start when Germany invaded Poland. It started when France and Great Britain declared war on Germany. The September 1939 French invasion of Germany, and subsequent repulsion, is never mentioned, nor is Germany’s (rejected) offer of peace to France on a status quo ante basis.»

    That seems to be both true and irrelevant: Hitler should have known, from the unilateral guarantee to Poland, that the “act of war” would be expansion eastward. There are reports that when the UK and France did declare war after the invasion of Poland he was very angry, because he expected the unilateral guarantee to be a bluff.

    «The usual suspects had bragged about forcing Hitler into a war, whether he wanted one or not»

    Only a moron would not have realized that the UK (and France) had spent centuries making sure that no other european power would have the resources to dominate Europe, and that they would go to war to prevent Germany from acquiring the “lebensraum” and the resources to dominate Europe. One of the aims of Hitler was to have enough agricultural land to ensure Germany would not starve if blockaded, and he must have realized that the french and english would never allow him to do that, and any move towards that would trigger a war. Hitler was not forced into a war, he chose that path out of arrogance or stupidity.

    BTW history repeats/rhymes today: the USA is an “hydraulic empire” and controls the worldwide trade in oil/gas and cereals: any country they want to hit they can cut off from imports of oil (as they did to Japan in 1940) or cereals (as they did to Germany in 1917); one of the great faults of Russia is to be a rival exported of oil/gas and cereals, and indeed entirely self-sufficient in both, unlike China.

    BTW the USA hate NordStream2 because it would reduce the dependency of Germany and Europe on imports of LNG that the USA utterly control (from the Gulf of Mexico and Qatar etc.).

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  235. Hitler has provided an interesting thread through several US engagements: When the US raided Panama to drag Noriega away, they publicly showed a trove of his ill-gotten treasures which included a portrait of Hitler. When they cleared out one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces, they publicly showed a trove of his ill-gotten treasures when included a portrait of Hitler. Trump allegedly hadd a copy of Mein Kamp; no word on his art collection including a portrait of Hitler.

    I wonder what they’ll find if they ever succeed in dragging Mr. Putin out of his Presidential Palace … nah, I already know what they’ll find.

  236. Z-man says:

    That’s what Putin is fighting against. The Globohomo Beast.
    Vladimir, a good white Christian man.

  237. Bo Bo says:

    If Putin really wants to be like Hitler he should commit suicide just like Hitler did. The world would love him for doing it.

    • Replies: @JewSA
  238. Emslander says:
    @Jeff Davis

    A year or two ago, Putin was quoted as boasting that a Russian drive into Ukraine would capture Kiev in two weeks or less. That was widely ridiculed as overconfident trash talk. It has been less than two weeks and the capture of Kiev is fairly close to being accomplished. This campaign isn’t going so badly, it appears.

  239. HA says:

    “How then do we explain Counter Currents coming out to support Zelenskyy?”

    Assuming they’re the white nationalists my search engine tells me they are, maybe they oppose tens of thousands of young white men being slaughtered for something that a few simple deals/bribes/kickbacks/threats could accomplish? Is Ukraine really so free of corruption and kompromat that an ex-KGB disnfo officer in the next country over can’t figure out how to infiltrate it?

    I mean, Victoria Nuland (if Ron’s narrative is correct) was able to turn the Ukrainians towards NATO without a single tank, and without swiping a single inch of Ukrainian territory. All it took was a basket of pastries. So far, she’s the real winner here, and she’s just made Putin look like a fool.

    Maybe Counter Currents realizes that someone who gets played in his own backyard by some wonk from DC with little more than a load of carbs is not someone who deserves their support. I don’t find that surprising.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  240. DaveE says:

    Great Comment! Thanks again, “Trinity”.

    I grew up in Jew Jersey and I’m pretty sure kikes outnumber the mosquitoes, although (((they))) all claim to be butterflies……

    Me, I’m a proud Anti-Butterfly-ite.

    Keep it up, pal. We’re winning this war (that (((they))) started).

    • Replies: @Trinity
  241. Avery says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    You (generic you) can fight Bolsheviks, Communists, Terrorists, Criminals, whatever in your own country to your hearts content. But when you invade somebody else’s lands to fight this or that for the supposed good of the target of the invasion, then you have crossed the proverbial red line.

    Hitler lost, Communists stayed in power.
    Then the people of Russia reverted back to their ancient Christian patriotic Russian roots: all on their own.

    Side Note: naturally I have read many, many posts Basically the same group of posters who justify Hitler’s invasion of USSR on various bogus grounds, are adamantly — and correctly — against the same type of excuses used by the Reptilian GloboWest to invade and destroy other countries:

    — Yugoslavia was destroyed, 1,000s killed because of a bogus claim of “genocide”.
    — Iraq was invaded and destroyed, 100s of 1,000s killed because of the bogus claim of WMDs.
    — Israel launched the 6-day war, because of the false claim that its Arab neighbors were supposedly going to attack it.

    And so it goes.

  242. eah says:


    “The Russian Army is the last bastion against the Satanic New World Order”

    –Literal quote from the official Russian Officer’s Handbook, reportedly captured by Ukrainian GUR agents

    Joseph Goebbels, Rede im Berliner Sportpalast, 18. Februar 1943 [“Wollt Ihr den totalen Krieg?”]

    “Als der Führer die deutsche Wehrmacht am 22. Juni 1941 im Osten zum Angriff antreten ließ, waren wir uns alle im klaren darüber, daß damit überhaupt der entscheidende Kampf dieses gigantischen Weltringens anbrach. …

    Es war zwei Minuten vor zwölf! Ein weiteres Zögern hätte leicht zur Vernichtung des Reiches und zur vollkommenen Bolschewisierung des europäischen Kontinents geführt. …

    Die deutsche Wehrmacht bildet dagegen mit ihren Verbündeten den einzigen überhaupt in Frage kommenden Schutzwall.

  243. cohen says:

    That was born again Trotsky who you are referring to. He was living on Harrison Ave 150th in Bronx with your twin sisters. Ha Ha

    Read and learn few things for a change

  244. @Jeff Davis

    If Russia/Putin identifies US/Neocon/Israel as the “head of the snake”, then taking out Israel — with nukes — may brutally shake the US out of its delusional arrogance.

    Putin has foreshadowed his Ukraine invasion for years. If you believed what he said, then you knew that he might attack.

    By contrast, I have never heard Putin foreshadow hostility to Israel.

  245. Mefobills says:

    I must say, a beautifully written and poignant article. Herr Hitler was a stooge for the European banksters

    Why do people persist on this line? Based on the comments, people are having cognitive dissonance as they don’t want to let go of their false reality.

    Hitler was not a stooge of the European banksters.

    Getting out of Versaille debts was a big effort, and the Banksters DID NOT want to release the debts.

    Also, Schacht created alternative methods of acquiring raw materials, especially via the new trading banks. Churchill even slipped that Germany’s wanting to exit international finance was the primary cause of the war. The financiers in London could no longer get a cut of all international goods transfer.

    So, creation of trading banks by Germany is somehow a stooge of international capital? Germany also created their own money with their bill system, such as Oeffa Bills.

    • Replies: @elmerfudzie
  246. JewSA says:
    @Bo Bo

    You first Jew boy. Also Tel Aviv is not ‘the world’

  247. @RichardDuck

    If the US believes it has the 10:1 military advantage then a hot war will soon follow, I am afraid.

    Pepe Escobar and Anatoly Karlin insist that Russia is greatly superior to NATO in nuclear-weapons capability in 2022.

    Escobar always loves to find, and exploit, some analytical angle other English-language writers have ignored or overlooked. Thus, one is never quite sure whether Escobar’s witty analysis is insightful or merely implausible. As far as Karlin goes, he is a jingoist and a heartfelt Russian patriot; but this does not necessarily make Karlin wrong.

    Is Karlin wrong? Is Escobar? That is, does NATO in fact have sufficient capability in 2022 to make Russia pay for launching a nuclear war?

  248. annamaria says:

    I found your post dishonest.

    Here is the controlled Wikipedia proving a logo of the self-proclaimed Azov Nazi battalion, 2015

    Azov Special Operations Detachment or Azov Battalion (until September 2014), is a right-wing extremist, neo-Nazi, paramilitary unit of the National Guard of Ukraine, based in Mariupol, in the Azov Sea coastal region. It has been fighting Russian separatist forces in the Donbas War. Azov initially formed as a volunteer militia in May 2014.

    Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine (2018):

    Your sensitivity to the reputation of the self-proclaimed Nazi Azov battalion was noticed.

    Your insinuation that the logo is related to “Russian domains” reveals your Russophobic bias.

    Your insensitivity to 27 million Soviets (of all ethnic groups, including many honorable Jews) who fell during WWII in a fight with Nazism is a sign of indecency.

    And don’t try to assign me your words, “a substantial proportion of Ukrainians and their government are “Nazis.” — This is your lie, own it.

  249. Mefobills says:

    I mean, Victoria Nuland (if Ron’s narrative is correct) was able to turn the Ukrainians towards NATO without a single tank, and without swiping a single inch of Ukrainian territory. All it took was a basket of pastries. So far, she’s the real winner here, and she’s just made Putin look like a fool.

    Just scanning the comments. Color revolutions are fairly sophisticated, and trivializing it is a way of deception. There are a lot of moving parts to color revolutions, especially in modern times.

    The last color revolution to fail was in Kazakhstan, and that required shutting off social media and putting troops on the ground. Before that there was an attempt in Belarus.

    So will Kazakhstan turn into post-Maidan Ukraine?

    This is simply a matter of waiting a year to see if the Russians have really finally mastered the process of deflating Color Revolutions. They lost in Ukraine, won in Belarus and Kazakhstan will be the deciding “best of three” for their hopes of restoring their former glory and sovereign foreign policy.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @HA
  250. annamaria says:

    Sorry to say, but you are indeed a shameless propagandist, in the best traditions of the ADL (in blessed memory of a child rapist and murderer Leo Frank). – The obvious sadistic streak of teasing with indecency.

    After your Nuland-Kagan has colluded with the self-proclaimed Ukrainian neo-Nazis (any thought about Babij Yar and other holobiz memes?) there can be few surprises from your tribe.

  251. @Blinky Bill

    Truly Peak Boomertard. So much for the “stable genius”. That’s Biden-level stupidity. Honk-Honk!

  252. annamaria says:

    Sounds like another holobiz meme.
    Purim is coming. The genocidal mental setup is on display.

    • Replies: @Charles Orloski
  253. Cookie says:

    What is happening in Ukraine is an existential crisis of hegemony for the U.S pure and simple.

    All opposition to American unipolar power in the last thirty years has been nipped off before it bloomed.

    If the U.S cannot put Russia back in its box by rallying all its proxies to the cause then the days of the U.S Empire are numbered.

    The Ukrainians do not understand that their country is been sacrificed for the American Empire, they have fallen under the spell of the Western propaganda machine that promotes individual freedom and choice over a collective goal and culture.

    If the Ukrainians want to get out from under the steam roller then the removal of Zalenski and the refusal of offers of arms from the Americans and make a pact to be neutral, and for this Russia allows self government unmolested.

    If Ukraine continues to fight they will be ground to dust between the frictions of large powers.

    • Agree: annamaria, Emslander
  254. @PattyMax

    Who’s the undesirable, you racist scum? Ukrainians must be welcomed into America, not Africans or Latinos, as is happening in Europe now.

    Will see how many Ukrainians America takes in for resettlement compared to Syrians.

    • Replies: @JewSA
  255. Trinity says:

    I think Calypso Louie pegged them “termites.” Lolol. Yep, (((they))) all monarchs and tiger swallowtails in ((( their))) own brilliant minds and imaginations.

  256. S says:

    The demonizing of Putin is a lot more difficult than with Hitler, in part, simply due to his appearance. Whereas Hitler with his mustache, already looked a bit like a comedian, ie Charlie Chaplin, Putin just looks like, well…a bank vice president. 🙂

  257. JewSA says:
    @Mark Dowson

    The Jewkrainians are undesirable. The last thing Zio-cucked west needs is more Jew loving Nazi freaks from the east.

  258. Liza says:

    And don’t forget Anna Netrebko, soprano with the Metropolitan Opera. She apparently has some connection to Putin so she is no longer employed.

    “It is a great artistic loss for the Met and for opera,” Met general manager Peter Gelb announced in a statement on Thursday. “Anna is one of the greatest singers in Met history, but with Putin killing innocent victims in Ukraine, there was no way forward.”

    I don’t know if you follow opera or not, but that’s like telling Maria Callas or Pavarotti to get lost. Here is her statement:

    She continued, “First of all: I am opposed to this war. I am Russian and I love my country but I have many friends in Ukraine and the pain and suffering right now breaks my heart. I want this war to end and for people to be able to live in peace. This is what I hope and pray for. I want to add, however, that forcing artists, or any public figure to voice their political opinions in public and to denounce their homeland is not right. This should be a free choice. I am not a political person. I am not an expert in politics. I am an artist and my purpose is to unite across political divides.”

    • Replies: @TheMoon
    , @Emslander
  259. republic says:
    @Jeff Davis

    Then the bankrupt and corrupt Nazi-dominated West will be left to hang like an albatross around the neck of Europe.

    I think that Poland,the hyena of Europe will take a piece of that real estate.

  260. @emerging majority

    I think that ‘Canderastan’ better illustrates the control of the country by Ukronazi globalists and their Zionazi ‘friends’ (for now).

  261. @Been_there_done_that

    You have already been exposed as a shameless liar for having made the same false claim pertaining to that treaty a week ago, and now you’re back for another round. The existence of that treaty is a huge embarrassment to the Russian narrative. 

    Actually, no, you quoted a section in the ’97 treaty referring to Nato’s “expansion of political activities”, claiming that meant expansion of Nato membership. Fail.

    The burden of proof is yours, and as is the case here, you fail to substantiate any of your baseless allegations with credible evidence, resorting instead to impotent insults and name-calling. I couldn’t agree more with annamaria’s response.

  262. @Mefobills

    To defeat Colour Revolutions ALL Western NGOs must be either expelled, or, if proven not to be under US or other Western control as subversive agents, allowed to operate, but only with strict reciprocity ie a similar Russian NGO must be allowed to operate in the West. The idea that the West is superior to other cultures MUST be eliminated as the phony nonsense and racist contempt that it is.
    And all Russians working for foreign NGOs must be closely monitored for treachery. If they don’t like Russia, give them a one-way ticket to feck off to some Western demi-paradise.

  263. @annamaria

    UK Column from last Friday has an interesting video where the head of the Right Sector ‘youth’ division boasts of how much they enjoy killing, and how grateful they are for Western weapons. One really hopes that the Russians get their hands on him, and his ilk. Meanwhile, if you dare mention Ukrainian Nazis here in Austfailia, where they happily settled after WW2 and festered for decades, you will be shrieked down as a ‘Putin apologist’.

  264. @annamaria

    I totally agree with you, Annamaria, “Purim is coming. The genocidal mental setup is on display.”

    By the way, Ron’s extraordinary article washed American brains of all of the accumulated propaganda we have been indoctrinated to believe as true history.

    • Agree: annamaria
  265. Towey says:

    St John of the Cross advised us to ignore ALL PERSONAL REVELATIONS both good and bad because they are not necessary for salvation.
    Some of the reasons he gave are; revelation ceased with the Apostles; Revelations are perceived with the senses which are fallible; some revelations may be diabolically inspired.
    I find the Fatima Apparitions particularly egregious as they have been used to deflect the responsibility for the atrocities committed in the name of communism from the Jews to the Russians.
    You are telling me that Our Lady didn’t know that Communism was a Jewish ideology? ‘The Bolsheviks were neither Russian or Christian. They hated Russians and Christians.’ Solzhenitsyn.
    You mean to tell me that Our Lady didn’t know that the Bolshevik Revolution was financed by Wall St and American corporations, not Russian.
    Do you mean to tell me that Our Lady would promote the gnostic errors of Puritanism and Apocalyptic obsessions.
    I am a pre-Vatican II Catholic and the only people that were worried about the end of the world then were American Puritans.
    Do you mean to say that Our Lady would promote the heresy that the worst sins are sins of the flesh when the first and greatest of all sins is spiritual pride which is very prevalent amongst the so-called traditional sects.
    I am distressed by all these discussions about the meaning of the hysterical rantings of a narcissistic adolescent girl, when the very clear teachings of Christ that baptism with water and Faith are necessary for salvation have been ignored and abandoned.

    • Replies: @DevilAdvocate
  266. @Dumbo

    I think he was confusing her with Barbara Spectre

    Haha, that thought crossed my mind as well.

  267. S says:

    With Putin’s KGB background, a younger Chevy Chase and his Putin like bland looks could have been to Putin what Charlie Chaplin was to Hitler, but Chase is too old for that now. Otherwise, they could have had a remake of Spies Like Us about the adventures of two grossly incompetent (though ultimately loveable) KGB agents, all ready to go. Ahhh, well. 🙁


  268. @Wizard of Oz

    Seizing living space in eastern Europe was always Hitler’s principal goal. Any notions of “world conquest” would have been of an esoteric long-range character, at most. I agree on that.

    But the piece does misrepresent things when it claims that Roosevelt was expecting an easy war. It’s possible to retroactively construct that view because of how the war really went in practice. But in the summer of 1941, it was widely believed that the USSR would swiftly collapse. Not only did Hitler believe this, but so did Churchill and US diplomats in the USSR. The more optimistic people may have hoped that the USSR would stay in the war until the spring of 1942. Most people expected that the USSR would collapse in the fall of 1941. This was definitely Hitler’s view when he launched Barbarossa. But even Allied leaders believed that the war would have to be won with the Red Army. That may sound ridiculous in retrospect, but it was the things looked in late June of 1941.
    So when Roosevelt contemplated bringing the US into the war at this time, he was not contemplating a scenario in which Soviet forces press the Wehrmacht from the east while Allied forces move in the west. He was rather looking at a prospect where the USSR might collapse so that not only would German forces be freed from combat in the east, but vast natural resources would become available to Hitler which could in turn be shared with Japan as an Axis ally. If the war had really taken that course then an Allied victory would have been much more difficult, though not inconceivable. So, no, Roosevelt was definitely not looking towards an easy war in the summer of 1941.

    In contrast, if Stalin had ever attempted something so stupid as is claimed by Vladimir Rezun, then the Soviet army would very quickly have been overextended. Soviet troops who saw the levels of prosperity in western Europe would swiftly lose the motivation for fighting a prolonged war against the alliance of the US, UK and Japan which would have emerged in response to such a stupid move by Stalin. Roosevelt really would have a guaranteed victory sitting in front of him in those circumstances. But he did not have such an assured victory 1941 when the USSR seemed about to topple.

    • Agree: Haxo Angmark
  269. @elmerfudzie

    To Mefobills from elmerfudzie:

    In 1933, as Hitler rose to power, the eyes of the world witnessed a shouting barbarian obtain the office of Chancellor of Germany, even Paul Von Hindenburg was shocked that the Corporal had promoted himself so well. Two years later, following the death of Hindenburg, he became Führer- by referendum, merging the chancellery and president position(s) into one. Yet, the European bankers continued to promote him, his party, and public projects designed to prepare Germany for the next war.

    As I’ve stated elsewhere at The Unz Review. Herr Hitler had a steady stream of wealthy contributors. Both the financiers and Reichstag’s members were convinced that their funding and the Nazi Party dependency on them would somehow control Hitler. His contributors were mostly European bankers but a few were found in London and America. For example; Standard Oil (tetraethyl lead gasoline) that powered German tanks and related vehicles, Random House (then Bertelsmann A.G.) propaganda publishers for the Nazis, BMW slave labor for the Nazi’s, Krupp, Franz Von Papen, a German nobleman, Chancellor and military attaché, closely linked to Krupp and Farben, and Siemens, Bayer… Mendelsohn Bank of Amsterdam, Schroeder Bank of Frankfort and London, Federal Reserve Bank of New York and National City Bank, Herman Schmitz, the President of the company who was also on the board of Deutsche Bank, eventually convicted of war crimes at the Nuremberg trials and Standard Oil (again) in association with Walter Teagle, director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    In the final analysis, all wars are bankers wars. World War requires enormous financing with the cooperation of businesses and government officialdom. It also requires a command economy to prepare for any wartime footing. This is an essential component in the development of all major wars. Pre-WW II Italy is a another perfect example of this maneuver where Mussolini crushed the labor unions and street protests, while invoking laws that insured slave labor conditions.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Mefobills
  270. Anon[189] • Disclaimer says:

    Probably a little off-topic here. Or not? But when I had a choice of girls to marry (in a limited way) I should have chosen an Asian girl. Nice, easy, kind hearted, able to communicate and discuss things which affected us as an equal team? Or a white feminist who could be only interested in what I would have to provide in divorce? Kinda muddies the waters for those of us who just wanted to marry partner; instead of an enemy. Divorce rates rose and marriage rates and birth rates dropped preciptously after that. And don’t blame the women – they kinda got sucker punched by the media.

    • Replies: @elmerfudzie
  271. @Ralph B. Seymour

    you might be right. But I think

    Putin is, like many of us, torn by conflicting values, interests, power vectors, and loyalties.

    given all this he is doing his best to be a Russian Nationalist,

    but his “best” is not very good.

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
  272. TheMoon says:

    Nothing rational is happening on the virtue signaling front. They also banned Russian cats from cat shows. The world is being run by psychopathic retards.

    I’m waiting for Russian salad dressing to be banned, or Black Widow digitally edited from Marvel films.

    • Agree: Liza
  273. HA says:

    “Color revolutions are fairly sophisticated, and trivializing it is a way of deception.”

    Who said anything about color revolutions? He was able to get Yanukovych into power without a color revolution. Lukashenko didn’t need a color revolution either. Niether did Trump, or those stooges he paid off in Czechia using his oil companies.

    He has bribes, he has offers, he has threats, he has blackmail. What, do ex-KGB operatives need to have the work kompromat explained to them? And yet, despite all those advantages, Nuland was able to outdo him in his own backyard. Without a single tank being rolled into Kiev, and without swiping an acre of Ukraine’s territory. Amazing. I used to despise her, but now, I at least gotta give her credit for that.

    Now, Putin thinks a costly, bloody war is going to get him what he could have gotten without a single shot being fired?

    He’s a clown. If this is the kind of leader you think the Russians deserve, you’re the real enemy of the Russians.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  274. @Quarelia

    No prayer has ever worked. And never will work. Amen.

    • Disagree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Emslander
  275. @Mevashir

    I really think that you should go for that brain surgery that the proctologist recommended.

    • LOL: Avery, Mevashir
  276. Putin as Hitler?

    That’s nonsense. Putin has no soul, and say what you will about him, Hitler definitely had soul.

  277. Anon[238] • Disclaimer says:

    Blaming Jews won’t solve your future problems . Blaming Jews and leaving the layer just under them as being blameless or powerless or simple opportunistic won’t help .

    Jesus have developed a system in USA
    They built similar systems in UK
    They have spread their wings to EU and Brazil and Colombia by using USA’s muscle .

    Question is how and why they succeeded in USA .
    Because one sin embraces another sin .
    Because corruption leads to bigger corruption . Because there are 20 corrupt gentiles competing for the illegal amoral advantages that one Jewish guy can provide .


    Look at the gentile trying to reach Venezuela to offset sanctioned oil and gas of Russia .
    They shouldn’t have sanctioned Venezuela to begin with . But the corrupt goyms wanted to steal as if Monroe doctrine were still valid and moral .
    Why did Bush have to attack Iraq ? Because goym media would have excoriated him and blamed him for 911 . Bush was vulnerable . Jews saw the opportunity and they inserted their own needs .

    That what the Jews do . They insert their agenda .
    But the agenda of the goym allows it . It allows because goym is itself corrupt .

    So stop right in the tracks when goym from UK and USA elite try to raise red flag against another country and do not jump on to the wagon .
    Chances are corrupt goym has sensed some illegal opportunity and has sensed some weakness of the nation .
    No body told Hillary to force USA getting involved in Libya . Nobody told Bush jr not to meet the pleas of Saddam that would have allowed his safe departure and holding free election and even recognition of Israel .
    But the chances of becoming a hero blinded that moron .

    Hillary and Bush are products of the degradation that started with Wilson and Roosevelt .

    Would Wilson have agreed if he were not terrified of the exposure of sexual escapades? Why personal life would matter ? If it did not , Wilson could have ignored the blackmail . It’s the corrupt but moralistic western society that forced Wilson choose the Jewish vision of Arab land .
    Why did the country spend so much time to expose Clinton ? If those vulgar lawyers did not try to smear and expose him , he might have not attacked Iraq and might not have agreed to sanction Syria Libya and Iran in his tenure . But doing that was his way out .

    Jewish cabal survive in the corrupt atmosphere . They seek out existing corruption .
    They are succeeding in Bahrain UAE and Saudi because those bastards are corrupt and immoral and exclusively nepotistic .

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  278. @Been_there_done_that

    Under the Right of Conquest doctrine. victorious armies have no legal or moral obligation to ever leave defeated countries. Which could explain why 75 after the fact, US forces continue occupying Germany.

  279. One-off says:

    Excellent work, Ron, thank you.

    I would like to first address this:

    ” I don’t recall such public sentiments ever being directed towards the USSR or its top Communist leadership”

    You won’t find any because it does not exist. Remember how Reagan was labeled as “bellicose?” Nothing he said remotely approached the current rhetoric, and that included the quip about bombing strarting in five minutes. Trump was demonized as reckless for years, and at times he was, yet he never threatened a nuclear power with assassinations or other acts that would constitute a declaration of war.

    There has been a notable lack of curiosity in the media over precisely what sparked the war. The intelligence services, which generally lie, were eerily accurate about the onset of the conflict. This would indicate Whitney basically is right. The Ukrainians were cynically manipulated to start a war that estranged Russia from Europe. Zelensky had better watch his front and back because he seems bright and probably realizes he was manipulated to achieve this goal.

    The Hitler comparisons are beyond absurd. You note America may have exhausted its political capital. The media certainly has none left and beyond the usual idiots who accept their claims hook, line and sinker the public has remained remarkably wary despite the most intensive propaganda campaigns of our lifetimes. “Putin as Hitler,” as you point out, is about as exhausted and cries of racism.

    We probably are as close to a nuclear war as we ever have been, save possibly Andropov’s consideration of a first strike. It is a terrifying moment, and while I still think it will be avoided because the Ruling Class hasn’t had skin in the game since ’45, I am no longer as certain on that point.

    Again, thanks, good overview.

  280. JWalters says:

    I can see why you would suspect that, because the two events coincide. But I believe there are coincidences in this universe. One of the key tasks of scientific investigations is to find out which coinciding events are functionally related and which are just coincidences.

    In this case, considering all the evidence, it looks to me more like the Russian government is standing up to the Western Deep State, rather than playing along with them.

  281. phil says:

    Putin is a hero if in fact the Russians have uncovered DoD bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Interviews underway of former employees.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  282. @GMC

    Ive been aware of it all for a long time now while it seemed everyone else remained blissfully ignorant. The good news I think is that the whole scamdemic awakened many people to the evil of the ptb., and the complicity of the media. I believe now that a lot more people than u may think are finally learning to question everything. It is why they push so hard to make alternative viewpoints socially untenable.

  283. @Mefobills

    To Mefobills from Elmerfudzie: Sorry, my reply can be found by scrolling down to number 272 in this commentary section.

  284. @col from OZ

    Here is a video of why we are at this imposition.
    See the video of President Putin explaining the geo political realities and why the decisions were made.

  285. Hey Vlad-y… of your boys is talking and he says your are a damn liar POS:

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  286. @Haxo Angmark

    Isn’t it clear that these “leaders” are all controlled to varying degrees.

    They all know what time it is. And if they get too far out of line it could be bad for them.

    What’s the point of accumulating billions only to get offed after you have done it?

    Like Trump, loyalty to the people only goes so far.

  287. anon[326] • Disclaimer says:

    Let’s not lose the sight of the forest. There is a war going on between China and the collective West that started a while ago. The West is fighting to maintain the hugely profitable hegemony. China is fighting for a “fair” slice of the pie.

    First, the war was mainly economic (sanctions). Now we are entering the stage of “hot” proxy wars. Syria was the first one. Ukraine is the next one. As all past wars, this one also has a major propaganda component. Hitler and Nazism are universal symbols of evil. It’s no surprise that each side is trying to gain a public opinion advantage by linking their opponent to Hitler or to Nazism as in “Putin is Hitler” and “Russia will de-nazify Ukraine”.

  288. Ron Unz says:
    @Patrick McNally

    But the piece does misrepresent things when it claims that Roosevelt was expecting an easy war. It’s possible to retroactively construct that view because of how the war really went in practice. But in the summer of 1941…So, no, Roosevelt was definitely not looking towards an easy war in the summer of 1941.

    My reference to FDR was explicitly to 1939, when the British and French empires backed by America totally dwarfed Germany in human and industrial resources. Moreover, the massive archival research provided in Sean McMeekin’s outstanding (and fully mainstream) 2021 book Stalin’s War fully confirms the reality of the Suvorov Hypothesis.

    And since our good friend “Patrick McNally” has seen fit to inject himself into this discussion, I should remind people that he’s a notorious hoaxer, none of whose statements can ever be trusted about anything.

    In the past, he’s repeatedly claimed that very few of the early Bolshevik leaders were Jewish, when everyone knows they were overwhelmingly of that background. He’s also repeatedly claimed that the gigantic famine produced by Mao’s Great Leap Forward never happened and is merely a Western propaganda-hoax. Many other examples also come to mind.

    • Agree: John Wear
    • Thanks: JimDandy
  289. @Anon

    I think it was Nelson Rockefeller who said that the country could double tax revenues if women joined the workforce (of course he and his brothers paid little or no income tax) Another contributor to female identity came when “Rosie the riveter” was told to leave her war production job and seniority at the factory assembly line (circa 1946) and just go home, stay in the kitchen, because of a global slaughter ..demography spoke up, shouting we need more babies! Gives one the impression that we’re all not unlike the vintage “Putty-Man” toy, molded into whatever shape bureaucratic technocracy bends us into….

  290. @Lysias

    Do you think Vice President Harris has yet figured out the significance of that datum? I would be astonished if it registered on her mind at all in real time.

  291. annamaria says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    The video was posted in reportage by two great journalists, Alex Rubinstein and Max Blumenthal:

    Here is the face of this Ukrainian Nazi who boasts about his passion for killing people:

    • Thanks: Robjil
    • Replies: @DevilAdvocate
  292. anon[384] • Disclaimer says:

    Center can’t hold . Biden wants deal with Iran .Biden is eager to meet Maduro . Contradictions are shaping up into a veiled white zombie . Will Biden travel to Saudi Arab so that Saudi can salvage its relevance by killing more Houthis for cheap oil ? Hopefully Saudis have learned a few lessons .But dont bet on them .They will break but wont bend .
    The writing is on the wall .End of dollars and end of hegemony of dollars .

    Charlatan Tucker Carlson with neoconish roots in the central America is trying his best to lump all non -white into a barrel for shooting by America while questioning the aggression against Russia . He has to learn that China is not Saudi nor Nicaragua and he is no relevance until he stops pouting about China .

  293. annamaria says:

    Sounds like impotent rage.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  294. @Patrick McNally

    Thank you. You added to, inter alia,reason to question how strong the evidence is for Roosevely callously deciding to get up a war which would solve his economic problem. The quote used so far could perhaps be a bit of sphisticated lugubruous irony from one who was acknowledging that FDR finally got what Keynes was trying to teach. (One has to wonder a bit about the timing too, given that FDR had to be reflected in November 1940 which didn’t give a lot of time for the economy to appear better to voters).

    When you mention the effect on Soviet troops of what they would see in Western Europe I wonder if you would be right under Stalin. More likely perhaps, under Putin, that what Russian soldiers fund in Ukraine against fellow Russian speakers would transform their and their families ideas.

    BTW I am reminded of a former WW2 ambassador to the US who told me of two conversations he was part to in1941. As Barbarossa began and again on news of Pear Harbour someone said “Now we’ve won the war!”.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  295. annamaria says:

    This incredibly intelligent and brave woman, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, (not some US castrati brass of the profiteering variety) has already made a meticulous overview of the US deadly bio-labs encircling Russia.
    “The Pentagon Bio-weapons,” 2018:

  296. @Doug Hillman

    The burden of proof is yours, and as is the case here, you fail to substantiate any of your baseless allegations with credible evidence, resorting instead to impotent insults and name-calling.

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying.
    Given it’s obvious his comments are quite elaborate and extensive, I suspect there is a whole team behind, probably well funded too, working to disseminate doubt and distraction around here.

    • Agree: annamaria
  297. @Ron Unz

    “A notorious hoaxer”. What a pity, because he is obviously pretty knowledgeable. For the purposes of UR readers who aren’t about to be appointed to advisory positions in the WH otv Deep State [whatever that means on UR] I suppose he should be read and a sharp eye kept open for what should be checked.

    I’m afraid I’m like a pre 21st century Ron Unz in my modest acknowledgement that I know too littlefor it to be a good use of my time to be a hoaxer. Just wrong you might say😎

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  298. Bookish1 says:
    @The roman

    If you want to know how ordinary are those ordinary jews that you are talking about just get their honest(?) Opinion on immigration into this country and integration. You will find that almost all of those ordinary jews back an anti white agenda.

    • Agree: Towey
  299. Abbybwood says:

    Who will be left to read it?

  300. @mulga mumblebrain

    I’ve been seeing videos (on Intel Slava and Colonel Cassad) about the chechen special forces, called specifically for the nazi cleaning, and trained in urban combat. They look quite formidable, very cohesive (it’s enough to see how they all have beards like their leaders), armed to the teeth.
    The nazis may well try to entrench behind civilians, they are going to have their final solution very soon.

  301. One-off says:
    @Johnny Paytoilet

    Many of these douchebags running things today don’t remember or forgot about the Cuban Missile Crisis back in October, 1962.

    They have rewritten the history and constructed a false narrative about the bravery and wisdom of Camelot. Everyone remotely involved admitted at various times that the Cuban Missile Crisis was one giant cluster and for all intents and purposes the Soviets themselves averted all-out nuclear war by giving Kennedy a face-saving way out.

    People exposed to that propaganda think that sanitized and highly misleading scenario will play out once again. As you pointed out, this is far more dangerous and involves much deadlier missiles. Everyone posting here could be dead in a flash any day now.

  302. @Towey

    I am distressed by all these discussions about the meaning of the hysterical rantings of a narcissistic adolescent girl, when the very clear teachings of Christ that baptism with water and Faith are necessary for salvation have been ignored and abandoned.

    You are confusing deep spiritual revelations with revelations made for guidance in more material aspects, or as warnings to avoid certain courses of action.
    The first have probably completed and ceased with the Apostles (and maybe refined with certain great saints). The latter never stopped happening until recently.
    Regarding the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, it’s notable the coincidence with the Bolshevik revolution and the near end of WWI. The main message was a call to piety and praying, as a way to try to divert humankind from the (previsible) down path the world was taking.

    • Agree: Emslander
  303. Ron Unz says:
    @Patrick Gibbs

    That Slate interview with Prof. Cohen is absolutely wild. Corporate journos live in a separate universe.

    I entirely agree. And I discussed Cohen’s remarkable situation in one of my articles a few months ago:

  304. @mulga mumblebrain

    Which Bankstown pub should I avoid so I won’t hear your tender sensibities being upset by shreks of “Putn apolgist”. But yes, I can imagine you provoking some of those 98 year olds who have to keep up the old line because their families are totally innocent of the old man’s past when they hoped to get rid of Stalin – and a few Jews on the side.

    As you, or one of you, appear to live in Oz you might care to catch up with some of the ABC’s TV coverage because I flicked last night on to a remarkably frank account of maybe legitimate complaints against the Ukraian government and army in its shelling of separatist areas (as bad as General Ulysses Grant and the sainted Abe). Amongst other matters approached was the legitimacy of complaints about Naziism as in the Azov militia now incorporated in the Ukrainian Army. It seems to be comparative trivia beaten up (like say some small scale attempt to revive the KKK in some southern state in the 21st century). I wonder if you think you know enough about Ukraine to say it’s large neighbour was justified in intervening with arms and “volu teers” to assist local activists in a civil war? Judging by the number of refugees from Venezuela escaping a government which only exists with the support of the army (cf. Burma and maybe Pakistan) could you not make as good a case for Americo to overthrow the Venezuelan government? Yeah, yeah, but Panama and Grenada are only hors d’oeuvres. They don’t count as work for anything but apprentices.

  305. Ron Unz says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “A notorious hoaxer”. What a pity, because he is obviously pretty knowledgeable.

    Exactly. This very lightly moderated website tends to attract many commenters who are fanatics, conspiracy-zealots, or other various types of “excitable” people. Some of them seem extremely ignorant.

    But “Patrick McNally” is quite different. He’s certainly very well read and knowledgeable, and although he almost never provides links or references, he writes in a extremely measured and authoritative manner, which naturally tends to induce confidence in those who read his comments.

    The overwhelming majority of everything he says is entirely correct, and that accumulated credibility then allows him to occasionally slip totally false information into his remarks and have it accepted by those who are not well-versed in the facts. A perfect example of that is his repeated claim that very few of the early Bolshevik leaders were Jewish.

    It’s an effective strategy and I’m sure there are lots of other “Patrick McNally”s doing similar things all across the Internet.

    • Agree: Not Raul, Biff
  306. anonymous[324] • Disclaimer says:

    The USA NEocons will flood Ucraine with Arms/Weapons paid with Ucraines sovereign debt…NEOcosn will push for the VIETNIMIZATION of Ucrain vrs Russia…a war of attrition to topple Putin.

  307. @TaterSalad

    I fantasise that intelligence in the West’s up to taking full advantage of such videos. After all Putin still has majority approval amongst benighted Russians outside the urban educated.

    How? Millions of tiny mass produced devices which can be plugged into or wireless connected to smart phones, laptops, PCs or TVs should be distributed used from balloons blown from the West by prevailing winds.

  308. @John G

    It was set up as an international city to be administered by the League of Nations, but, in reality, it was occupied by the Polish military.

  309. @Ron Unz

    Thanks. Even Putin is quoted as affirming the place of Jews in the Bolshevik leadership but I have certainly read quibbles based on the positions actually held formally and/or at different levels. Here’s his chance to come back with a fuller explanation. Ditto with Mao’s famine on which for the time being I rely on Dikötter (I think that’s the one).

    What do you think his life is, if more than mischief? Likewise Sean whom I think you put in a similar category?

  310. Thomm says:

    It’s happening even in the comment section of Conservative, Inc. web sites. All the conservaboomers going full bore Cold War flashbacks, ready to send everyone else’s children to go die for Jews and the corrupt politicians they hated two weeks ago.

    No kidding. To them, it is their 1980s dream come true.

    If you pose a simple question to these Boomercucks : “So there is a white Christian country with traditional gender norms, and where Christians have more freedom than in the US. Plus, they really aren’t bothering anyone outside of their immediate vicinity. Yet you want to bomb that country.”, they short circuit and go apoplectic.

    Every fifth cuckservative wants to ‘nuke Moscow’. Leave it to a GOP Boomercuck to want to nuke the city in the world with the greatest concentration of attractive women.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Emslander
  311. @Patrick McNally

    Seizing living space in eastern Europe was always Hitler’s principal goal.


  312. Bismarck allegedly once quipped that there is a special Providence for drunkards, fools, and the United States of America. But I fear that we have now drawn down on that Providence one too many times, and may now suffer the consequences.

    This exact thought has been going through my head quite a bit these days.

  313. @annamaria

    Here is the face of this Ukrainian Nazi who boasts about his passion for killing people:

    I don’t know if others can see it too, but for me it’s quite obvious the guy is psychotic to the core.

    • Agree: annamaria
  314. Bolteric says:

    No this one sucked in comparison. But perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise. I would like to be great, well-read, essayist/journalistic-styled commentator-historian with a focus on 19th and 20th century Europe, catapulting my status to star-Unz-Reviewer. But perhaps the big Friar in the sky has better plan and wants to keep me incognito here. Or just a David Irving protégé.

    • LOL: Emslander
  315. Trinity says:

    Saw a car tag with the number 1488 today. Was this a coincidence? Maybe I should play a 1488 straight.

  316. @Avery

    Now that you are in truth mode would you care to go back and admit that Putin denied Ukraine’s right to statehood which you wouldn’t admit?

  317. Mefobills says:

    You are making the standard claims.

    The national socialist party was funded by small donations. No doubt some big contributors, but that is addressed in the link:

    The 1985 book rebuts the standard claim that German big business financed and promoted the attainment of power by Adolf Hitler. It demonstrates that the extent of big business support for Hitler and the National Socialist Party has been greatly exaggerated, even falsified. Emil Kirdorf and Fritz Thyssen were the only captains of industry who actively supported the National Socialists. Actual sources of financing for election campaigns and party activities came mostly from membership dues and contributions by small and medium-sized businesses. According to William L. Patch of Washington and Lee University, Turner’s conclusions “are now accepted by nearly all specialists in the field.”

    Yet, the European bankers continued to promote him, his party, and public projects designed to prepare Germany for the next war

    There was still money to be made in an advanced economy. National Socialism was very successful industrial capitalism, similar to what China operates today. Foreign industry liked having a position in Germany, just like China today.

    With regards to the war, Hitler was doing just about everything humanly possible to avoid it. Yes, it was the finance democracies, with hidden international capital string pullers wanting to protect their interests, and to make money, who were the real aggressors.

    Just to make it perfectly clear, NATIONAL SOCIALISM HAD THEIR OWN MONEY.

    In 1938 Schacht was fired because he thought there would be a “second” inflation. It sure as hell wasn’t international jewish bank credit that was inflating a major economy… there wasn’t enough, and there is no record of it.

    The Bill System is what everybody over-looks, because they don’t understand it. Historians have a blind spot you could drive a Panzer tank through, and you have that same blind spot.

    The wrong side won world war 2. The democracies are the aggressors against Russia, almost exactly in the same way the democracies were aggressors against National Socialist Germany.

    • Agree: inspector general
    • Replies: @elmerfudzie
  318. nsa says:

    Has anyone pointed out that both Putina aka Putin and Schicklgruber aka Hitler are said to be half joos? So we have the unnecessary spectacle of white morons killing whites morons at the behest of a couple of half joo megalomaniacal clowns.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
    , @Mefobills
  319. Mr. Anon says:

    In the past, Vladimir Putin’s FSB has been accused of engineering a series of Apartment building bombings in Russia which were used by Putin as a pretext for making war on Chechnya (the second Chechen war). These claims were made in mainstream western media outlets too, not the most prominent ones necessarily, but certainly not obscure dissident ones.

    I find it odd that none of this is being mentioned now, when the western press is eager to lay any claim of dastardlly evil at Putin’s feet.

    It is somewhat reminiscent of Mr. Unz’s point of how the mainstream press, when criticizing Robert F. Kennedy Jr., studiously avoids mentioning that a good deal of his recent book is devoted to a discussion of the Duesberg hypothesis and detailed the actions of Anthony Fauci and the NIH establishment to suppress it. Mr. Unz suspected that the press didn’t mention this because they didn’t want to open up that whole can of worms.

    In the case of Putin, why is the media refraining from using this devastating charge against a man they clearly are happy to villify in any way possible? Is it because they just don’t want to plant the idea in people’s heads that governments might actually carry out horrific, bloody attacks on their own citizenry in order to effect the policies they want? That if people came to believe that the Russian government would do such a thing, that they might begin to view 9/11 in a different light too?

  320. @erzberger

    Interesting. Ron Unz’s has understandably made something out of the absence of reference to the Holocaust (by whatever name) by Eisenhower, de Gaulle – and Churchill. Now I think you are telling me he is wrong.

    • Replies: @erzberger
  321. Mefobills says:

    This is an essential component in the development of all major wars. Pre-WW II Italy is a another perfect example of this maneuver where Mussolini crushed the labor unions and street protests, while invoking laws that insured slave labor conditions.

    The people loved the Duce. I guess they also loved their slave labor conditions? Cognitive dissonance is always a thing to behold.

    Fascism was addressing the rapid onset of industry, which was transforming labor from being land based, to being tethered to a machine, in a factory.

    Finance Capital was creating the slave labor conditions, and both Fascism and National Socialism was a reaction, especially to international finance capital. In 1926 Mussolini nationalized the banks, especially because banksters were swinging the market by voting absentee stocks.

    Mussolini also created a special zone for usurers and prostitutes. Sounds like horrors, as Mussolini tried to stand up society along moral lines. Oh wait, nationalizing the central bank is a banker’s war? Cognitive dissonance.

    • Replies: @elmerfudzie
  322. @Carroll price

    …the Right of Conquest doctrine…

    You have alluded to an antiquated principle of war from an earlier era. It was superseded by the Kellog-Briand Pact (1928), affirmed in the UN Charter (1945), which do not permit the acquisition and annexation of territory through conquest. Those, like Putin, Mearsheimer, and various commentators here, who see no problem with the world reverting back to the law of the jungle, will want to ignore such established legal principles.

    • Replies: @NobodyKnowsImADog
  323. @Doug Hillman

    The burden of proof is yours…

    Here it is again:

    • respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all states and their inherent right to choose the means to ensure their own security…

    • Replies: @Nancy
  324. @Been_there_done_that

    The chance was provided to him by Western weakness. In his speech prior to the invasion, Putin invoked Russia’s imperial history and set the stage for the spiritual conquest that is now in progress.

    Spiritual conquest? Now I know you came to unz specially for this issue. You’re overselling the con.

    This often repeated narrative is a blatant lie on various levels.: (1) The notion that the government was elected democratically in 2010 was formally disputed. (2) There was no “coup” but a popular demonstration that led to a formal agreement signed by multiple parties, including a reviled quasi-dictator, who then resigned and fled the country.

    Unless I’m misunderstanding the leaked phone call the election was already decided.

    In prior and subsequent responses and clarifications, with additional contextual information, nobody could retort with any proof of this phony “Nuland-staged-a-coup” propaganda narrative, which is just one of several false claims intended to mislead readers to believe that the US is to blame for Putin’s crimes against humanity. The primary reason for this war was proclaimed four years ago in a staged interview in Königsberg / Kaliningrad. Conveniently Russia would gain access to even more oil and gas reserves by such a conquest.

    How do you explain the snipers that killed people on both sides?

    The hidden truth about Ukraine – Part 1

    The so-called “red lines” are greatly exaggerated and violate basic understandings reached in a 1997 Paris treaty between NATO and Russia, hence unreasonable and unacceptable. They have a propaganda function to provide a superficial pretext that allows pro-Russian commenters to blame the US government.

    Has Putin been warning that Ukraine cannot become a member for over 10 years? Yes or NO.

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  325. Mefobills says:

    If you pose a simple question to these Boomercucks : “So there is a white Christian country with traditional gender norms, and where Christians have more freedom than in the US. Plus, they really aren’t bothering anyone outside of their immediate vicinity. Yet you want to bomb that country.”, they short circuit and go apoplectic.

    This is why democracy is a failed form of government. It especially fails when the press becomes propaganda, because normies, on average, do not have critical thinking skills.

    Women especially, are not critical thinkers, and can be easily manipulated with emotion, or whether or not a politician has nice hair, or a nice smile.

    The boomercucks were saturated with BS narrative their entire lives, so it is not so easy for them to let it go, even when you point out their hypocrisy. Old people especially have calcified brains and are not able to rewrite their “code.”

    Russia better fix their women voter problem pronto.

  326. Rj says:

    Hitler (or the cut out we call hitler) never died.

    World war II never ended. It slowed a bit, but it’s dynamic never changed. It’s like that Phillip k dick novel the man in the high castle. WW2 is a machine, a military industrial congressional Keynesian-economic machine, and nobody turned it off in 1945. The machine needs a hitler and it feeds on victims.

    The faces change but the shadows do not and its the shadows that have the agency.

    The American endgame is not to defeat Russia but to make a wall. Logic must tell them they’ve lost Asia and much of the south. They’re goal is to stop the loss. They need to have russia make a holocaust out of the Ukraine. And if putin won’t do it then the ukronazis are more than happy to, and the empire of lies will write the headlines on the pictures the Nazis provide.

    Russia will need to find Ukrainian leaders to form a gov’t. If they could get zee they would take him, but it’s likely his bodyguards have instructions to kill zee if that happens. So they’d need an insider to have a chance. Rather than risk that I think the rumours of zee in Poland are probably correct. The ukronazis let the prisoners out but I’m sure that any Mandelas they had on ice didn’t make it out the door. The negotiator who was assassinated was probably a possibility. They would be assasinating anyone who could form a credible interrim gov’t.

    America wants a gov’t in exile, a Ukrainian holocaust, and putin dressed up as hitler. This will seal the EU off for decades.

    The only problem is putin left the internet on and the pictures coming out are pretty clearly showing the ukronazis causing the beginnings of the ukrainian holocaust. Hardly anybody pays attention to the msm now so that’s why the west is ddosing and blocking.

  327. @Mr Anatta

    Mearshimer’s video must be the most viewed academic video on foreign relations in the history of the internet. Comparing view counts for a video on foreign relations to that of Gangnam Style is moronic.

    • Agree: Ron Unz, Not Raul
    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  328. @nsa

    Both of those claims originate with Jews.

  329. @Carroll price

    Both sentences are complete BS. Why do you waste time? Here’s the top result from Gooogling “right of conquest”

    The right of conquest is a right of ownership to land after immediate possession via force of arms. It was recognized as a principle of international law that gradually deteriorated in significance until its proscription in the aftermath of World War II following the concept of crimes against peace introduced in the Nuremberg Principles. The interdiction of territorial conquests was confirmed and broadened by the UN Charter, which provides in article 2, paragraph 4, that “All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations


  330. Anonymous[175] • Disclaimer says:

    A simple Google search for “Putin and Hitler” returns tens of millions of webpages

    No. The author doesn’t understand Google searches. The search for “Putin and Hitler” with the quotes as the author presents returns today about 97,000 results (NOT “webpages”). This is searching for PutinANDandANDHitler.

    The search for Putin and Hitler without the quotes does indeed return tens of millions of results (NOT “webpages”). This is searching for PutinORandORHitler.

  331. Mefobills says:

    Has anyone pointed out that both Putina aka Putin and Schicklgruber aka Hitler are said to be half joos? So we have the unnecessary spectacle of white morons killing whites morons at the behest of a couple of half joo megalomaniacal clowns.

    Your drivel leaves out the possibility that many Jews are honorable, and have good behavior. There were Jews in the SS.

    Judge a tree by its fruit.

    With regards to white morons, it is easy enough to program people with false narrative, you included.

    Any population can be wound up into a frenzy. Once example I like to use is the Chinese Hainan incident 2001, where a EC-130 went down. It only took about two days, and the normally sanguine Chinese population was whipped up into war hysteria and had lost all reason.

    Neither Hitler nor Putin are megalomaniacal. Their actions can be seen as reasonable given the conditions they were operating in.

  332. @nokangaroos

    If you think that was a reasonable offer from someone who had been proven untrustworthy and who sought a corridor through one’s territory….. well, which bridge do you want? Especially if you are trying to justify going to war.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  333. What happens now in Ukraine seems to be the so postponed ending battle of WWII!

  334. Fox says:

    Thanks, I looked it up.
    The reference given in Commentary # 20 by one ‘academic gossip’ in Ron Unz’s American Pravda article ‘Holocaust Denial’ of August 27, 2018 is to Churchill’s war story, vol. 6, p. 597. It refers to a letter from the Prime Minister (i.e., Churchill) to the Foreign Secretary in July of 1944 and states that the persecution of Jews in Hungary and their expulsion from enemy territory is “probably the greatest and most horrible crime committed in the whole history of the world”. The date (July 1944) would be the time when the British Mandate Power in Palestine did not allow Jews to come there, nor would it (the Mandate Power, hence, Churchill in the end) want to enter negotiations about a large number of Jews being allowed to leave Hungary and settle in Palestine in exchange for a substantial amount of military transport vehicles.
    The time in which Churchill wrote this letter was the time the Psychological Warfare Executive (i.e., the British war propaganda department) was putting out stories of mass slaughter of Jews, no doubt with the knowledge, urging and approval of Churchill as the last stone on top of the British War Power Pyramid. The predecessor agency of the P.W.E. had in the First War also produced atrocity propaganda, believed by a huge number of people and fanning the flames of hatred to such heights that even now they have not yet all died down.
    He (Churchill) was quoting a letter written during the war in 1944 by himself, hearing the echo of atrocity propaganda he himself was producing, and that letter was hidden in an appendix of the last volume (volume 6, according to your reference) of his Second World War series, published from 1948 – 1953, with volume six coming out in 1953. This does not show that Churchill “knew of the holocaust”, nor that he took all the post-war clamor seriously; had he done so, he would not touched upon this topic of the Jews so delicately, shamefacedly, hidden in the appendix of the last volume of his six volume set of giving his account of the war he himself had conspired to bring about.
    If, as you write, you have given in other comments other references showing that Churchill “knew of and wrote about the holocaust” in his self-serving account, please provide specifics about them for me. I won’t have the time to read all the comments (more than 300 since 2015) you made on Unz.

    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  335. Miro23 says:

    He praised the man’s (Putin’s) enormous success in reviving his country after the chaos and destitution of the Yeltsin years and emphasized his desire for friendly relations with America, but increasingly feared that we were entering into a new Cold War, even more dangerous than the last.

    The ZioGlob must be run by very old men.

    They want a new Cold War 2 imagining that it will comfortably cement US power the same as it did during the last Cold War 1.

    However, in reality, the position and capabilities of the US in 1945 were entirely different from the position and capabilities of the US at present (2022),

    Just to cover a few of the principal points:

    – In 1945 the US was the world’s leading manufacturing nation. Now it’s China.

    – In 1945 the US had virtually no international economic competitors. They were in ruins. Now it has very powerful competitors and permanent trade deficits.

    – The US dollar was the world’s undisputed reserve currency. Now it is disputed and is in decline with the US a permanent deficit nation run on credit.

    – The US 1945 had a high degree of unity/national identity, being ethnically Anglo/European. Diversity/multiculturalism and open frontiers have destroyed this unity.

    – WW2 was generally perceived as a just war against German and Japanese imperialism, whereas recent wars are generally perceived as unjust – Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc.

    – In 1945 the US was the world’s leading military power with a monopoly of nuclear weapons. That nuclear weapons monopoly no longer exists.

    The US 2022 also compares unfavourably on a whole raft of social indicators such drug use, incarceration, divorce rates, wealth inequality etc.

    If background conditions are entirely different, then it’s wishful thinking to expect Cold War 2 to produce the same results as Cold War 1.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  336. @annamaria

    …logo of the self-proclaimed Azov Nazi battalion, 2015

    That A3OB logo is different from those appearing on the flags in the images that you have shown. The design of their A3OB Wolfsangel symbol is derivative. This should be obvious to anyone.

    You have unfairly attributed “insensitivity to 27 million Soviets” toward me, regarding historical topics I did not mention, just because I pointed out that your images of flags showed symbols that had been abandoned long ago.

    Like the ADL, you seem to have a selective and irrational obsession with symbols. Did you know that until recently (2020) the logo of Finland’s air force featured a swastika? Here is a link to a BBC article showing some of these swastikas:

    July 1, 2020

    Finland’s air force quietly drops swastika symbol

    Where was the international outrage about that? Perhaps because Finland used the blue swastika on their aircraft since 1918, before Germany did? This is the same air force that is getting US F-35 fighter jets. I do not recall that you have bombarded threads on this site with images of the more explicit symbols from Finland.

    I have the impression that most militia and detached battalions tend to have views commonly described as “right wing” whereas, say, male hairdressers do not. Yet you have not expressed much outrage toward militias in general.

    Since Putin only recently raised the concept of de-Nazification, those who support his war of aggression in Ukraine would want to conflate the Wolfsangel symbol and attitudes of a particular detached battalion (Azov) to make it appear as if though the entire Ukrainian defense forces were motivated by the same ideology (by implicit extension also the population), so that killing them would seem justifiable. This is typical war propaganda.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  337. @Ron Unz

    How to put Unz Review on every home page….

    Pick up the idea in mu #312 reply to TaterSalad and send two Unz Balloons drifting across Russia (and Belarus maybe) to distribute a few hundred thousand electronic Unz Bombs with much publicity (that’s guaranteed because of the uncertainty you create about which side you are on in many cases).

    Mass produced toggles, USB sticks etc should be no more than about 2 cents each. I’ll pay for the first 100,000.

    One could throw in prizes like enough primitive smart phones to make kids and granmas look for what is distributed.

    Where might it have the biggest result? In Russia or the West? Who knows?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  338. @Bookish1

    Unmitigated BS. As just proven, Churchill did mention it. And what justification were they looking for to fight a war that had been started by Hitler and Japan and had been fought for 4 or more years?

    • Replies: @WizardWhoKnocks
  339. @Fox

    Do you think Churchill was having a bit each way with that footnote? He wasn’t, when writing, able to call on public resources to find out more and it seems quite likely that he had heard quite a few military men suggest that there had been a lot of exaggeration. E.g. “while Ican’t say what might have happened in Poland I know there was a hell of a beat up about the camps in Germany where even our POWs nearly starved. I wouldn’t start with all that gruesome newsreel coverage if I wanted to be sure to write true history”. And, after all, even Felix Frankfurter seems to have initially rejected the idea that the nation of Beethoven, Schiller and Goethe could be responsible for such Atrocities

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  340. @Mefobills

    My use of the “standard” repertoire, has survived the test of time. Truth is truth, and I reaffirm the truth, by naming names, financial institutions and corporate collusion with the Nazis. Those references only serve as a guide for anyone to accept or reject. The Unz reader(s) must discern for themselves, what constitutes acceptable evidentiary material and what is plainly, just a historical perspective.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  341. @MarcusAurelius

    “ And as usual the stupid US sheeple can’t see the hypocrisy.”

    And foremost among the US sheeple who have a propensity to stampede at the behest of Jewish agitation are the White people who often revel in declaring themselves the most intelligent race that the Lord has ever created.

    Hey Whitey, think twice.

  342. BlackFlag says:
    @Blinky Bill

    The difference is that Sparta won the war. Otherwise, Thucydides’ book would have been burned and he would have been forgotten.

  343. @mulga mumblebrain

    They have long supported the Zionist war criminals murdering innocent civilians in Palestine so I’m not surprised they’re now supporting Nazis doing the same in Ukraine. Just call them Nazis to their face and be done with it.

  344. @mulga mumblebrain

    The Russians have started this operation very well informed, what with Putin being former KGB, and they will put Ukraine through a very fine mesh sieve to recover as many of the war criminals and bring them to justice. For those who have escape overseas I don’t know; perhaps they will be eliminated by other means. The worst are the Western politicians and media moguls who stand behind them.

  345. antibeast says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Ditto with Mao’s famine on which for the time being I rely on Dikötter (I think that’s the one).

    Dikötter is a Western propagandist.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  346. @WizardWhoKnocks

    Unless I’m misunderstanding the leaked phone call the election was already decided.

    You must have a serious misunderstanding about this. Why don’t you read the entire transcript of the conversation and explain how you inferred this?

    Transcript of tapped conversation between Pyatt and Nuland:

    There is no mention of an election or voting. Of course there is no mention of NATO because it was not an issue in the revolution. The stipulation to hold early elections arose from the agreement signed on February 21, 2014, weeks after the call.

    Two key points are apparent from the conversation:

    • Of the three key leaders in the opposition, Nuland thought that “Yats” was the best choice. I have explained why this was an obvious choice. Klitschko, the former heavyweight boxing champion, was popular but less experienced, compared with “Yats”, who had been a foreign minister and had degrees in economics and law. The third leader, a surgeon, was associated with the Social-National Party, which Nuland did not like.

    • Nuland did not like the influence of the EU and was hoping to get the UN, represented by a reputable personality, involved in the conflict – unsuccessfully, as it turned out. This shows that she was not orchestrating events, much less in the process of staging a coup.

    How do you explain the snipers that killed people on both sides?


    You provided a link to a paper that has 79 pages, which investigates the shootings on February 20, 2014. According to reports, at least a hundred demonstrators died. The term “both sides” can easily conceal a strongly disproportionate ratio. For instance, this was the case in the Odessa fire of May 2, 2014. Though some police officers got shot in Kiev, it is not evident that they were the intended targets, though the demonstrators definitely were. The paper acknowledges that the massacre of demonstrators was widely attributed to Yanukovych.

    The methodology used in the retrospective analysis appears to be rather superficial, hence seriously flawed:

    This study relies on the rational choice theoretical framework and the Weberian theory of rational action, and it employs interpretative and content analyses of a variety of sources.

    Imputing rational choices in a situation that was emotionally charged is one flaw. A much bigger flaw is that it is based on a version of the so-called slippery slope argument, which essentially presumes perfect foreknowledge. Alternatively, it posits that a particular action will necessarily lead to a specific sequence of events, among the many possible permutations. This is evident from the following quote:

    However, the widely accepted narrative of the massacre appears irrational from both rational choice and Weberian instrumentally rational action perspectives. Yanukovych and his associates lost all of their power and much of their wealth, and fled from Ukraine as a result of this mass killing, since this massacre of protesters undermined his and his government’s legitimacy, even among the many deputies of his Party of Regions who joined the opposition and voted to remove him from the presidency.

    The flawed argument presented is thus: Since the repercussions of the killings eventually wound up having had an unfavorable outcome for Yanukovych, he, who was surely logically infallible and could only have ever made rational choices (even spontaneously), must have surely foreseen that the situation would inevitably backfire in the manner that it did, so that he cannot have been the instigator. This smart-ass presumptuousness is nothing more than what is called Monday morning quarterbacking.

    With this kind of ridiculous methodology as the guiding premise, one can always conclude that an action with an unintended outcome must have surely been a false-flag operation. How convenient to adopt this kind of approach. It is therefore not necessary to read the 79 pages.

    Has Putin been warning that Ukraine cannot become a member for over 10 years?

    I do not know how long Putin may have been saying this. The point is that, arrogantly dictatorial as he may be, he is not entitled to impose such conditions upon NATO or the Ukraine on principal grounds. Such unreasonable demands violate the Paris treaty of 1997 (see comment #329 above, filed eight minutes prior to yours), and one cannot appease such people by giving in to them. A failure to be appeased cannot be a reason to start an aggressive war, it is merely a phony pretext that appeals to credulous and submissive people.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  347. @Lysias

    You have not paused for a moment to moderate your glib reply and avoid the silliness of supposing that any provocative thing Zelensky may have said about nuclear weapons had ANY IMMEDIATE RELEVANCE – or indeed in the foreseeable future.

    So, if you want to give a reason for continuing to supply gas, try again.

  348. @Anon

    That seems very true.

    Let me take it further down the line…

    To be informed and to enlighten myself is my duty.
    The duty of the other is to inform and enlighten himself too (and not myself).
    I owe it (to get the truth) and I must own it (the living truth or call it a life in truth).

    In my eyes every policeman and every soldier is responsible and responsible when marching in the wrong direction, (because theres is always only one truth).

    Is the child responsible when it is misled? Probably not. The problem are children in adult bodies misled by the Jew props. It is a question of maturity. The Jew seems more mature and more evil at the same time. So, it is really a question of maturing in divinity or in devilment; a question of loyalty (is often a question of nursery – e.g. Bill Clinton, Obama…)

  349. Mr Anatta says:
    @Eric Novak

    You are the moron in fact because I didn’t mention or compare ‘Gangnam Style’ to anything.

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  350. @Ron Unz

    I was attracted to listening to Radio Derb by the interesting map of Ukraine’s ethnicities and languages that was at the head of the UR article version. When it ended before I finished my evening walk a new long podcast stared which had a panel of about 10 convened by the Hoover Institute. I have stopped listening as one old geezer bored on saying nothing much but I think all of us who have never been scholars or other experts in the field of Russia’s and Ukraine’s history and relations would end up learning something relevant from discussions of that kind although there doesn’t seem to be as much useful interruption, contradiction and correction as one would like. Ther are always nuances and “yes, buts” to pick up on, including maybe the surprisingly unsaid. No guarantees, but at least it has to be more promising than a random selection of 10 UR commenters.

    Watch “Historical Conversations: Russia vs. Ukraine” on YouTube

    Now I see that one of the first speakers was indeed Niall Frrguson so I guess one could say there Isa presumption in favour of such a panel being informative.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  351. erzberger says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    It’s a clear case of bias confirmation. Once you establish legitimate doubts about the official H narrative, you look for further confirmation and cross the line by eliminating all other possible explanation for, in this case, failure of mention of the H in those prominent postwar publications . Western integration of Germany was of main concern to all 3 – deGaulle, Churchill, Eisenhower – and the Nuremberg Trials were held to punish the guilty, distract from Allied war crimes, and then present the Germans as denazified people misled by a dictator who could then be allowed to reenter humanity, defined as Judeo-Christian civilization. . So you wouldn’t want to draw a lot of attention to them murdering, of all people, Jews. Sort of never happened

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  352. Ron Unz says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Do you think Churchill was having a bit each way with that footnote?

    As usual, you’re making yourself look foolish. From my long 2018 article:

    Over the years, Holocaust scholars and activists have very rightfully emphasized the absolutely unprecedented nature of the historical events they have studied. They describe how some six million innocent Jewish civilians were deliberately exterminated, mostly in gas chambers, by one of Europe’s most highly cultured nations, and emphasize that monstrous project was often accorded greater priority than Germany’s own wartime military needs during the country’s desperate struggle for survival. Furthermore, the Germans also undertook enormous efforts to totally eliminate all possible traces of their horrifying deed, with huge resources expended to cremate all those millions of bodies and scatter the ashes. This same disappearance technique was even sometimes applied to the contents of their mass graves, which were dug up long after initial burial, so that the rotting corpses could then be totally incinerated and all evidence eliminated. And although Germans are notorious for their extreme bureaucratic precision, this immense wartime project was apparently implemented without benefit of a single written document, or at least no such document has ever been located.

    Lipstadt entitled her first book “Beyond Belief,” and I think that all of us can agree that the historical event she and so many others in academia and Hollywood have made the centerpiece of their lives and careers is certainly one of the most extremely remarkable occurrences in all of human history. Indeed, perhaps only a Martian Invasion would have been more worthy of historical study, but Orson Welles’s famous War of the Worlds radio-play which terrified so many millions of Americans in 1938 turned out to be a hoax rather than real.

    The six million Jews who died in the Holocaust certainly constituted a very substantial fraction of all the wartime casualties in the European Theater, outnumbering by a factor of 100 all the British who died during the Blitz, and being dozens of times more numerous than all the Americans who fell there in battle. Furthermore, the sheer monstrosity of the crime against innocent civilians would surely have provided the best possible justification for the Allied war effort. Yet for many, many years after the war, a very strange sort of amnesia seems to have gripped most of the leading political protagonists in that regard.

    Robert Faurisson, a French academic who became a prominent Holocaust Denier in the 1970s, once made an extremely interesting observation regarding the memoirs of Eisenhower, Churchill, and De Gaulle:

    Three of the best known works on the Second World War are General Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe (New York: Doubleday [Country Life Press], 1948), Winston Churchill’s The Second World War (London: Cassell, 6 vols., 1948-1954), and the Mémoires de guerre of General de Gaulle (Paris: Plon, 3 vols., 1954-1959). In these three works not the least mention of Nazi gas chambers is to be found.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages. In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi “gas chambers,” a “genocide” of the Jews, or of “six million” Jewish victims of the war.

    Given that the Holocaust would reasonably rank as the single most remarkable episode of the Second World War, such striking omissions must almost force us to place Eisenhower, Churchill, and De Gaulle among the ranks of “implicit Holocaust Deniers.”

  353. @Been_there_done_that

    The Maidan demonstrators were all Soros agitators, who risked their own lives for payment, just like mercenaries. Putin has full justification for destroying its hostile neighbor, who for some reason known only to delusional woke psychopaths in Washington DC and Brussels, believe they are entitled to point nuclear weapons at their neighbor and to deploy nuclear missile interceptors which will make redundant the MAD deterrent balance of forces and allow them to strike without counter strike.

  354. Bro43rd says:

    Yeah it’s the stupid GOP & their voters. Not those peace-mongering DEMs & their smart woke voters. Sheesh, what a maroon!

  355. @Ralph B. Seymour

    Russia/Ukraine cannot afford Putin the way he is going anymore I don’t think. Putin is wasting time. The Neo Cons have their interest, are committed to it as they must and will not compromise.

    If Russia is not to revert to Neo Con dictatorial domination Putin must carry through some form of irreversible democratic advance before his time passes, leaving Russia etc., to move forward after him

    Putin keeps looking for compromise in Ukraine from the Neo Cons. They have never compromised. Social classes do not compromise where their existential interest are concerned. They cant! The progressive classes must win and those no longer facile existentially must lose and evolve

    Putin must now smash the Ukrainian Neo Cons, make several independent countries where Ukraine country now sits, with social sets that the people fully share in creating, that ensure full participatory democracies.

    Putin is moving too slowly, wasting time, waiting on New Con Compromises along the way that will not come. The Neo Cons will not come out from among he people. They are looking for Putin mistakes that may allow them to turn the tide and drive the Russians out

    • Replies: @annamaria
  356. @Ron Unz

    You write:

    And since our good friend “Patrick McNally” has seen fit to inject himself into this discussion, I should remind people that he’s a notorious hoaxer, none of whose statements can ever be trusted about anything.

    Certainly a true statement.

    And equally applicable if we substitute ‘Wizard of Oz’ in place of ‘Patrick McNally’.

  357. Apu says:
    @Ron Unz

    Wow Ron….simply wow….I think you are literally the only man in America who is gunning for a fight with the ADL….your bravery knows no bounds…as per your articles on the ADL, you are correct, anyone who knows them is literally in fear of their enormous power…

    You need to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

  358. Apu says:
    @Ron Unz

    By the way Ron – obviously you are a very intelligent person being a PhD in hard sciences, but how on earth do you read so many books? For us laymen, reading a 150 page book a month is a colossal achievement, but is appears that you have devoured hundreds if not thousands of books…

    Do you chalk this up to innate high intelligence or a learned skillset that enables you to read very quickly?

  359. @Wizard of Oz

    A bit geographically-challenged aren´t we?
    The “Corridor” was unquestionable German land handed to the waterpolacks
    at Versailles so the poor things “would have access to the sea”. All the Great One
    demanded was an exterritorial road and rail connection to Danzig
    (that at the time said waterpolacks were violently trying to polonize, though admittedly
    not by artillery, only the occasional massacre) and the counter-offers were unheard-of.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  360. Emslander says:

    God bless Anna Netrebko. I have been adoring her for many years and I’m quite certain that she’ll get by without the Met. She is a great opera singer and the greatest of opera actresses, two things that aren’t usually combined well.

    Who’s getting off best in this business of sanctioning and cancelling? I’m guessing it’s Russia. They can keep her home.

    • Agree: nokangaroos, Liza
  361. Emslander says:
    @Robert Konrad

    No prayer has ever worked. And never will work. Amen.

    It’s just not tried very much. There’s a lot of loose talk about “in my prayers” and all that, but those who actually do pray find that prayer always works.

  362. Mefobills says:

    Truth is truth, and I reaffirm the truth, by naming names, financial institutions and corporate collusion with the Nazis. Those references only serve as a guide for anyone to accept or reject.

    You standard claims are not standing up to scrutiny. Truth is revealed, it is not absolute.

    That is why revisionist history is important, as it overcomes shibboleths that were once held as truth.

  363. Emslander says:

    My impression of my fellow Boomers is that they divide up over Putin in the same ratio as they divide up over anything. You have the college educated people who learned everything they knew about Watergate, et al, from Walter Cronkite and you have people who worked for a living who saw through the whole thing and would have supported Nixon had he chosen to fight impeachment.

    Those who had their minds wiped clean in college are against anything Putin. Those who worked and kept thinking want nothing to do with a purposeless NATO.

  364. conatus says:

    Great article.
    It should be required copying as in Derbyshire’s long ago essay…
    “God’s of the Copybook Headings” as an antidote to today’s cultural narrative.

  365. @Wizard of Oz

    Sarcasm, I suppose.

    So now you’re standing on the side of Nazis, literal Nazis. Never mind that those UkroNazis may be clowns and Hollywood Nazis directed by a literal actor, from a Hollyweird bunker or wherever, they are deadly and they have been committing crimes against humanity and war crimes since 2014 and have really wound it up of late. Just wait for the war crimes trials to start in Russia and the liberated Ukraine, very soon, against these Nazi scumbag thugs and criminals and all the details of all their crimes come to light, as well as the crimes of the USA in its biowarfare labs situated in the Ukraine. Russians will be documenting everything. How will you deal with your cognitive dissonance supporting all these Nazi criminals?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  366. Marcali says:

    “Russia’s foreign policy has two intertwined reflexes: Bad things happen when Russia is no longer allowed to protect its neighbors, and worse things happen when those neighbors look elsewhere for protection.”
    (Frank Jacobs)

  367. Marcali says:

    800? Terrible. The Russians had 100 in Hungary only. So easy to make a fool of yourself, ei?

    • Replies: @lysias
  368. HdC says:
    @Francis Miville

    Actually, I don’t agree with the above. There is no way to cancel the “Agree”.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  369. Rurik says:

    But then again, note how the stupid GOP voters are cheerleading the anti-Putin bs having learned nothing…

    …the outsize influence of Israel’s 5th column in the beltway.

    As US (((elites))) paint Putin as Hitler, … … as usual the stupid US sheeple can’t see the hypocrisy.

    Yes, that’s all quite true and lamentable. But there are also the Ukrainians, who are now engaged in a hot war with Russia, and killing white Christians, as white Ukrainian Christians die, all (obviously) orchestrated by Jewish supremacists while Ukrainians fight and die in slavish, servile, and abased fealty to ZOG. [isn’t that obvious?!]

    This is what give Jewish supremacists their ultimate collective bohner. Right now there are Mazel tov cheers being celebrated from Tel Aviv to Kiev.

    White Christians killing white Christians! Their ultimate triumph over the eternally stupid goyim, who never, ever learns.

    But there is blame to go around. Russia is also a party to this farce and tragedy. Not for recently invading Ukraine, (in this their had was ((forced)), but for playing along with the idiotic narrative of the Soviet Red Army as ‘liberators’. It is this viscerally offensive idiocy that permeates this entire tragedy, and fuels the rush of the Baltic states and so many others to seek succor from a Russia that to this day remains unapologetic over the brutal and murderous conquest and occupation that so many millions (including Russians!) suffered under during the cruel and genocidal nightmare that was the ((Bolshevik/Soviet)) madness that had engulfed their worlds.

    Instead they dutifully listen to the modern day Ilya Ehrenburgs and turn on each other, ignoring the giant menorah in the living room they’re all being impaled on.

    ‘Your granddaddy killed my granddaddy’! The white Christian howls at the other White Christian.

    ‘You’re a nationalist’!!

    Isn’t that funny? That’s what Russians are calling (at least from English translations), their Ukrainian counterparts. “Nationalists”. As if that very description hasn’t been the resounding plaudit handed to Putin for decades now, because he’s hailed (at least by conservatives) as a leader who finally puts Russia and Russians first. Which is what all people should want. Who wants to live like a sniveling vassal? We Americans know all about that, so we should be the first to congratulate Russia and encourage Ukraine not to follow in our cucked trajectory into the abyss.

    So much tragedy in all of this!

    Ron Unz is exactly right. Putin has now effectively fallen into the exact same trap they set for Hitler, and for the exact same reasons. His overtly nationalistic leadership has reinvigorated Russia and the Russian people to a place of nascent prosperity, dignity and a national felicity and pride. It is this last thing that drives ((them)) apoplectic with murderous and genocidal rage. Seeing their enemies happy, (German or Russian) is the one thing that by their god of hate, they will *not* tolerate!

    So we get these calls to hatred and wars and horrors. All carefully formulated by a people who know hate better than they know themselves.

    But why must white Christians always fall into their traps?!

    Why can’t we simply see though their eternal agenda to sow malice and discord as their calling card?

    I mean it’s isn’t like they just started out with this proclivity of theirs. They’ve been doing it for centuries, always telling lies to get people to slaughter each other, as they gleefully profit off the carnage. Over and over. And yet the gullible goyim never catch on. Instead, they turn on their TV or radio to find out what’s ((happening)) in the world.

    Today it’s the duped and pathetic Ukrainians who’re playing the part of the duped and arrogant Poles of the last century. With the Russians (ironically) playing the part of the Germans. (our nationalism is good, yours is evil!)

    And the Anglo world doing what they do so well- eat J-supremacist shit and help to menace and kill our fellow white Christians (and others!) in slavish, abased and servile fealty to our eternal enemy. ‘May I have seconds please?’

    We all need to get a grip; Anglo, German, Russian and Ukrainian Christians, and stop killing each other on behalf of Satan.

    And today this means you, Ukrainians. No matter how many lies they’ve told you about how happy you’ll be under Satan’s ((Western world)) embrace. It’s a trap, Ukrainians, as sure as millions starved during the Holdomor, they’re playing you again.

    It pains us to see white Christians killing each other (or anyone else) to sate ((their)) insatiable lust for death and suffering and misery. And all while they profit off the carnage.

    Such a deal!

    • Thanks: nokangaroos, Haxo Angmark
    • Replies: @HdC
  370. annamaria says:

    As was already mentioned by others, you are a part of a hasbara group on this forum. Nothing new – the Talmudic mentality absolves Jews of all dirt, crimes, and misdemeanors if this is “good for Jews.”
    Your posts are vapid. Your obnoxiousness is obvious. The pettiness of the hasbara enterprise is beyond belief.
    Keep writing. You are not taken seriously. Actually, whatever you write is perceived as low-grade Israeli propaganda. You are pathetic.

  371. annamaria says:
    @Ben Sampson

    1. Russians are not like Ziocon Satanists.
    2. Let the inevitable changes in the economy be unraveled and internalized by ordinary Europeans and Americans.

  372. @Jay Fink

    I have heard Russian Jews in Israel have a similar view, but I haven’t bothered to verify this beyond Netanyahu sucking up to Putin. It deviates greatly from the vast majority of American Jews who still harbor the same prejudiced, hateful beliefs of their shtetl-dwelling ancestors that came here

  373. lysias says:

    The Soviet Union, which no longer exists, had those bases in Hungary.

    As far as I know, the Russian Federation now has one base outside its territory, in Syria.

    • Replies: @Marcali
  374. @annamaria

    …you are a part of a hasbara group…

    Couldn’t rebut the arguments ––> Tantrum ––> Accused of being a Hasbara Jew.

    You are not taken seriously. You are pathetic.

    You read the messages anyway and then even bothered to respond hysterically.

  375. @Mr Anatta

    Nothing can be compared to gangam style. Well maybe there are other korean videos that compare but I wouldn’t know about any of those. This remains the single korean video I have ever watched all the way to the end. It only says 800 million views though. Maybe they broke the counter.

  376. @erzberger

    Apparently everyone back then “hid the Holocaust” in their notes because it’s not mentioned till what…20 years after the fact?

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  377. @Wizard of Oz

    During a debate about this issue someone posted a quote from Churchills book, he said something like “The Nazis didn’t try to hide what they were doing”.

    Are you talking about that?

    Did Churchill specially mentioned genocide?

    Did he bring up crows and bears being brought in to eat Jews?

    Did he mention masturbation machines?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  378. Nancy says:

    The pilpul is endless…. like the very well trained source.

  379. @Petermx

    minor correction:

    Third Reich Germany never “occupied Czechoslovakia”.

    in the spring of 1939 (as again in our time, after the collapse of Judeo-communism), the Slovaks seceded from “Czechoslovakia”, set up their own state, and signed a military alliance with Germany. Hitler than occupied the rump provinces of Bohemia-Moravia….today the so-called the “Czech Republic”.

    BTW, Hitler’s ancestral town was Dollarsheim in Austria, just across the border from Bohemia. Shortly after the Anschluss in 1938, he issued orders for the town to be bulldozed, and all the community records destroyed, and so it was done. Just why, remains obscure; but a clue may be found in one of Hitler’s recorded exclamatory statements:

    “People must not know who I am….”. Ruh-oh….((())).

    • Replies: @mc23
    , @Bookish1
    , @Bookish1
  380. annamaria says:

    Ukrainian ‘brothers and sisters’ at Poland’s gate:

    there are no toilets, no water, no food at the checkpoints, there are no heating points and medical care. People are forced to stay outside for days at sub-zero temperatures. Numerous cases of physical violence, robberies, looting against Ukrainian refugees and foreign citizens were recorded by local criminals, who, in addition, demand a bribe of up to one and a half thousand US dollars for organizing unimpeded passage.
    Various restrictions on admission have been introduced. In particular, male persons aged 18 to 60 years are not allowed to enter the territory of Poland without permission from Ukrainian military enlistment offices. But corrupt competence order guards offer a bribe of up to \$5,000 to cross the border without hindrance.

    Sounds like a product of joint competent efforts of Zelinsky and Duda. Is Duda also a musician and comedian?

  381. @Ron Unz

    indeed. And that’s because, until the mid-to-late 1950’s, the “holocaust” was no big deal to anyone, including the Zionists camped out in Palestine (“Israel”) or to Zionist Jews in America. Then, though, the 10-year multi-billion mark “reparations” deal cut between post-war nascent Israel and West Germany began to cash out….and Zion-in-Palestine had to figure out a new source of finance. Solution: beginning with the Eichmann kidnapping and trial, put the bite on America and rich American Jewry by hyping up and sensationalizing the sad fate of (some) Jews in WW2 Europe. Then began the vast blast of Holocaustian books, movies, other media, memoirs fake and real, and etc., that continues to this day.

  382. Athena says:

    The new treat number 1 for the Rockefellers, Carnegie, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: pro-Russian Orthodox nationalists.


    Ukraine And The New Al Qaeda

  383. @HdC

    You could have changed it to a • Disagree, if you’d opened up the box and clicked that within a certain period of time. (I don’t know what that time period is.)

    That said, [Disagree]s don’t seem worth much without an explanation.

  384. Then began the vast blast of Holocaustian books, movies, other media…

    You could have been more specific. “Then” refers to the year 1978, during the second term of president Carter. In April 1978 a NBC presented a four-part television mini-series entitled “Holocaust” on four consecutive days. It implanted that construct into the minds of millions of people.

    The President’s Commission on the Holocaust was established in November 1978, chaired by Elie Wiesel, who in 1945 decided to flee Auschwitz with the Germans rather than be liberated by Soviets. He had fabricated stories about the event in fictional publications. The mandate of the commission was to investigate the establishment of a memorial. These efforts led to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum next to the Washington monument, which was unanimously approved by Congress in 1980.

    According to media reports back then, the establishment of the Commission was the result of a legislative deal in return for which the Israel-Lobby would stop stalling a then controversial proposal to sell 60 F-15 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia. These were America’s most advanced fighter jets at that time. Israel’s prime minister Begin was concerned that these fighters could be stationed near the Gulf of Aqaba, close to the southern Israeli city of Eilat. The proposed jet deal was part of a package that included Egypt, which was prepared to buy French Mirage jets if it got cancelled.

    For reference after twelve days of negotiations, the Camp David accords were signed between Sadat and Begin in September 1978. This led to the formal peace treaty between Israel and Egypt the following year.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  385. @antibeast

    Dikotter plays the common trick of citing significant underestimations of what normal mortality had been prior to the Great Leap Forward, and then using relatively more credible estimates for death rates at the height of the famine. On p. 329 of Mao’s Great Famine, he even cites an official stating that “A normal death rate is below 1 per cent … any deaths above 0.8 per cent are abnormal.” But no one seriously believes that China had ever come close to such a low death rate prior to 1958. The Chinese government released its own official statistics which claim that mortality rates had come close to this, but those same official Chinese statistics also give death rates for 1960 which are much lower than anything commonly accepted.


    It’s tedious to have repeat what is easily accessible, but here are the official Chinese death rates per thousand population for 1949-62:


    Those figures are published in the Statistical Yearbook of China 1986. and they would imply that China in the aftermath of the Kuomintang’s corrupt rile had a death rate twice what Liu Shaoqi claims should be the upper limit (1 per cent) in the quote which Dikotter gives, and then such mortality dropped to just over 1 per cent before rising to 2.543 per cent. But everyone agrees that all such numbers are major underestimations. Judith Banister gives her own model of what she thinks the death rates would have been in China’s Changing Population:


    These are surely more realistic numbers than those given in the Statistical Yearbook of China 1986, but Dikotter’s claim which he quoted from Liu Shaoqi is obviously not realistic as a benchmark for determining “famine” deaths. It’s true that in developed countries a death rate of 8 per thousand is a realistic target to aim for. But neither prerevolutionary China nor Russia had ever come close to such number. The death rates for the territory of Czarist Russia which became the USSR after 1921 are given in Frank Lorimer, The Population of the Soviet Union:


    With the exception of 1960, every single year in Banister’s model has a mortality rate that is lower than all of these known death rates for Czarist Russia. Obviously, it makes no sense to maintain that any death rate over 1 per cent is abnormal for China in the 2 decades after the revolution. If one applied such a standard to Czarist Russia, then we deduce that 2/3 to 3/4 quarters of all of the deaths in the years 1899-1913 were “artificial famine” deaths. The number of such “artificial famine” deaths in prerevolutionary China would be even greater, since China before Mao always had annual deaths rates somewhere in the mid to uppers 30s.

    So, what is a better standard? The 2 obvious poles which one can use are the death rates of 1957 (right before the Great Leap Forward) and 1949 (when the revolutionaries came to power). The first will give a death total of around 22 million over and above what would have occurred if mortality had remained frozen at the 18.12 per thousand rate which Banister gives for 1957. No one had ever been able to argue for numbers like the famous “38 million, 45 million, et cetera” claims except by dipping into the numbers of the Statistical Yearbook of China 1986, citing an alleged death rate of around 10.8 per thousand for 1957, and then ignoring the number 25.43 which the Yearbook gives for 1960 and instead jumping over to more realistic sources for something Banister’s 44.6. When you actually stick to using one single consistent source for all data the numbers turn out to be significantly less than is commonly maintained.

    Still, 22 million could still sound like an unprecedented famine. Except that it is reached by using the unprecedentedly low mortality rate of 18.12 which Banister believes approximates true death tolls in 1957. The famine of 1936 is usually assigned a death toll of 5 million, but in practice this means simply that with a population just under 458 million that there around 10.91 “excess” deaths in 1936. But since the typical death rate in China during this period would likely have been somewhere around 35 per thousand, we’re not actually talking about a higher death rate in 1960 versus 1936. The number of around 22 million deaths over the 1957 death rate of 18.12 which Banister postulates is much lower than any of the death rates in prerevolutionary China. That’s why another logical standard to use is the death rate of 1949, which Banister sets at 38 per thousand (whereas the Statistical Yearbook of China 1986 only gives a meager 20 per thousand for 1949). If one uses this as a standard, then a death toll for 1960 is deduced as being between 4 and 5 million, whereas all of the other years are accepted by Banister as having death rates well below this.

    What makes this even more interesting is that Roderick MacFarquhar documented that 1960 was a year of unusual natural disaster, whereas it was known that Mao was already giving on the Great Leap Forward by 1960. MacFarquhar describes in the 2nd volume of The Origins of the Cultural Revolution how gigantic droughts and typhoons hit, causing major crop failures. The fact that mortality did in fact rise in 1958 over 1957 clearly shows that the foolish policies of the Great Leap Forward contributed to a rise in mortality over 1957, although the mortality rates for 1958-9 are still well below any death rates in prerevolutionary China (and are even superior to all death rates in prerevolutionary Russia).

    The 44.6 per thousand which Banister gives for 1960 is obviously related to the natural disasters which MacFarquhar elaborates so well on. Overall, the Great Leap Forward was a stupid mistake which did not nothing to contribute to economic development and set the country back by several years. But without the natural disasters of 1960, it’s likely that all that would show from the data was that improvements in mortality which had been attained in 1957 just temporarily slid back by a few points to where they were at in the early 1950s.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
  386. incitatus says:

    Another Ron Unz magnum-opus (regurgitation of regurgitation of his own self-published, self-justifying, self-refeneced polemics. They must be true, published on Ron’s very own restricted web-site’).

    Ron (very, very smart person) read ‘Mein Kampf’ in High School, AJP Taylor at Harvard College. Not only that, he’s re-read both (what a scholar!). We should all remain thankful for Ron’s intellectual record (it’s what UR is all about).

    Ron’s ‘Adolf-good-guy, Winnie and Frankie started WW2’ mime lives eternal in UR (his own uncontested web-site). Manure attracting the same flies, buzzing that flatters the vanity of want-to-be alternative’ historian Ron (which is to say he’s no historian, but hopes after chaos, to inherit that title). A lot easier than making an honest living.

    Lesson? Read Ron’s cherrypicked sources like Pat Buchannan (Ron attributes Pat’s victimhood to market rejection of ‘bogus popular Hitler history’, but, in truth aspiring presidential candidate speechwriter Pat (who promised an end of the Vietnam War, then tried to excuse exporting the war to Cambodia, then too late preached America), arrived at Mid-West auto plant rallies driving a Mercedes. That’s how stupid Pat was/is. That’s how stupid Ron is to quote speechwriter Pat as a legitimate historian.

    Same stands for AJP Taylor, starved underpaid Oxford don who saw (God bless) value (big bucks) in controversy. Ron’s Taylor ‘history’ when it’s no more than a 278-page op-ed.

    Sad, Ron.

  387. @Wizard of Oz

    Obviously, there would have been no Samizdat among Soviet troops. The NKVD/SMERSH would nip that in the bud. But if Soviet troops were really forced to try to defend Normandy against a possible Allied invasion, then it’s not very likely that they would fight with the same determination which was shown at Stalingrad. More likely is that the mass-surrenders which happened in the early days of Barbarossa would be played out on a much grander scale as Allied troops landed in Norway and wherever else to clear the Soviet occupation out.

  388. joelc says:

    I mean, this whole site was already “silenced”. That is to say, you won’t get Google or Bing to return you an article written on They’ve done that a lot, increasingly so in recent years.

    I remember not too long ago, I was able to find interesting information via a search engine. Now this era is gone, it’s all very concentrated toward results that only support the Pravda. So sites like unz are basically “shadow banned” from search engines and from displaying too prominently on social media. It mean all this information this site contain, which is tremendous, which is really massive and all encompassing, that’s buried under the whole wikipedia nomenclature.

    All the information on the internet is now heavily filtered. Even if you try to use duckduckgo, it will be the same thing. You can search portion of the text of this article and you will see results of this article being reposted on less popular sites. It will NOT give you a result for UNZ.

    For search engines, it is as if this site does not exist. So you can say that yes, this site was shadow banned from the internet. To find this site at all, you need to know about it. You will not find it as related to information you may look for. Like if you search for things the text of this article may relate to, you will not find a result.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  389. Thomm says:

    Who are you to disagree with a man who claims to have an IQ of 214?

    You cannot compete with THIS :

  390. mc23 says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    There’s a reason the Nazi’s forbid women under 40 to work in Jewish households.

  391. @Ron Unz

    Why the adolescent aggression? And advertising, if I haven’t missed something in your repetitions, the fact that you wrongly asserted no mention of the Holocaust (OK “gas chambers” if you insist but that’s what makes the “Holocaust” apocalyptic) appeared in those statesman’s works only to find that you were, at least arguably, contradicted by someone’s turning up a footnote.

    Moreover, it was you, if memory serves, who suggested that the authors had doubts (at least) which made them fear being derided later by thorough historians. Quite. That would be why Chirchill might have wanted to find a compromise solution. In other words to “have a bit each way” so he could claim not to have ignored the issue but be able to say that, at the time of writing, there was too much still unknown to allow him to expand on such a momentous subject.

    Maybe as you enter a stage which your youngest readers would regard as elderly you should have someone assess your memory so you don’t so often “look foolish”.

  392. @Wizard of Oz

    Putin seems to have reiterated a bogus claim started by Solzhenitsyn. The statement attributed to Putin asserts that “85%” of the Bolsheviks were Jewish. This seems to be a spinoff from some fabricated claims which Solzhenitsyn had launched where he first asserted that the initial Soviet government had 22 members and claimed that 17 of them were Jewish. In fact, the Council of People’s Commissars had 16 members with Trotsky as the only full Jew (though you’re welcome to count Lenin as a quarter-Jew). The story attributed to Putin was likely derived from someone taking Solzhenitsyn’s fake claim of 17 and 22, rounding the 22 to 20, and then deducing “85%” from 17 out of 20.


    I’ve noted before that the actual ratio of Jews among the Bolsheviks once the civil war began, and the White pogroms started, rose to about 25%. Accounts of the Russian Civil War are filled with stories from the early beginning where Jewish shopkeepers gladly welcomed the Whites after the Bolsheviks had been driven out and were then faced with mass-pogroms. This, obviously, led many Jews to join the Bolsheviks. But even then, Jews never came close to being a majority among the Bolsheviks. They were simply overrepresented among the revolutionary intelligentsia.

    As I’ve had cause to emphasize, the root lie here is not even about the numbers of Jews who formed part of this or that Bolshevik committee. The simple reality was that any popular government capable of achieving stability in Russia at this time would have had at least as many Jews in it as the Bolsheviks ever had. The reason for this was that the overwhelming mass of the Russian populace turned towards supporting the Left-wing, and the groups which this benefited all had a disproportionate percentage of educated Jews in positions as founders. This had nothing to do with any imaginary Protocols of Zion.

    Chaim Zhitlovsky was a founding member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. He ended up migrating to the US. But the SRs were easily the most popular party among Russian peasants. Before 1917 it was the Mensheviks who were more commonly known as the more Jewish faction of the Russian Social Democrats. It was obvious that while Jews were never particularly disposed towards Lenin’s Bolsheviks, any revolutionary government capable of holding power was going to have a percentage of Jews similar to what turned out to be true in the early 1920s. But the reason why the Bolsheviks were able to take command was because the Whites destroyed any realistic alternative. The members of the Constituent Assembly were dismissed by Trotsky, but they were arrested and executed by Kolchak. Arrogant fools like Kolchak simply assumed that they could destroy the non-Bolshevik Left and then consolidate a victory over the Bolsheviks. But that was never a real possibility.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @John Wear
    , @Haxo Angmark
  393. Trinity says:

    Good ole Lindsey ramming few weenies down his throat after a hard day of cucking for muh Jews. Yummy.

    • LOL: Rurik
  394. @incitatus

    Look on the good side. While the sort of stubborn behaviour you refer to could make one forget it, his confident contrarian intellect did produce something worthy of a lifetime achievement award in his “English for the Children” campaigns and his opposition to the Iraq war led indirectly to UR which has surely provided even someone as well read as you with interesting and unfamiliar perspectives – and such splendid spectacles as Ron’s bomb throwing “Myth of American Meritocracy”. I count some of what I didn’t know about David Irving (much) very stimulating and UR started me finding out such gems as Roosevelt often calling Churchill a “drunken bum [or sot]”. That, and Ron’s suspicions, leads me to notice that the leading biographers of both Churchill and LBJ are Jews. Hmm.

    Of course Ron stubbornly adhered to making far too much of the Suvarov theory despite having it drawn to his attention that Stalin’s dispositions had virtually nothing to do with the timing of Hitler’s decision to prepare Barbarossa.

    Despite the efflorescence of another piece of abusive folly I will append here what seems to be unsent amongst already drafted replies to Ron.

    Supposing you are factually correct in everything you say in this fine article, what conclusion does it lead you to in terms of decisions that should be made by anyone , or should have been made in the last three weeks?

  395. GeneralRipper [AKA "SingSling"] says:

    Vladimir Putin stands well above any of the current Western filth ( male or female ) as a Statesman.

    He is naturally masculine. He speaks plainly and directly, yet with great intelligence. He genuinely loves his nation and his people. He is a Christian man.

    He will still be remembered when all the (((Globalist))) bought trash are duly flushed down the shitter.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  396. @WizardWhoKnocks

    I was simply referring to what I had picked up on UR that, despite it having been cited as evidence against the usual Holocaust story (however it might have been referred to) that Churchill didn’t mention it, in fact, as a couple of commenters have shown, he did, albeit in a footnote. Hence my suggestion that he might have been hedging his bets.

  397. @erzberger

    I don’t disagree. Thanks.

  398. @Wizard of Oz

    I must say, Fizz, that your constant abuse of Unz is quite peculiar. Is it some sort of pseudo-Oedipal drive to bring the Father figure (it is his site after all)down, or are you just envious that he created one, and you have not? It does redound to his reputation for tolerance that he has not grown tired of the ankle-biting and given you the flick, or a yellow card at least.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  399. @nokangaroos

    So aa Hitler’s Colonel House or moral preceptor you would have advised him to go ahead with the invasion of Poland?

  400. @Patrick McNally

    Dikotter is an infamous Sinophobe and enemy of the PRC-why take ANYTHING it says as credible?

  401. @incitatus

    Insect-us writes:

    Another Ron Unz magnum-opus (regurgitation of regurgitation of his own self-published, self-justifying, self-refeneced polemics.

    ‘Insect’, we hadn’t [thankfully] heard from you for a while – we’d assumed that you’d been swatted by someone or that you were preoccupied with wailing at the Wailing Wall.

    You are indeed a bitter and twisted little fellow, envious of Ron’s meticulous researching and objectivity on WWII issues.
    Also, that a lowly insect like you, would be criticising the likes of the great A.J.P Taylor, is beyond the pale.

  402. @Wizard of Oz

    If Niall Ferguson is there, there is much more than a presumption that it will be Imperial bollocks-there is a certainty. The Hoover Institute??!! I’d pick you for Geraldine Doogue, Fizz, but you are a little sharper than that.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  403. @mulga mumblebrain

    And what do you do when someone starts being rude to you and, despite your long time restraint and often giving due praise (ad yes, I’ve even explicitly told him – without envy coming into it – that he has started something very like what I once had a thwarted ambition to create), and he persists in his rudeness? Do you go away in a huff and cut off contact?

    Ron tells me he’s a polite chap whom I managed to make lose his temper in contradiction to my logical speculation that he was trying to make me upset enough to quit commenting in my nit picking way. But I find it, as Ron might say, an extreme coincidence that he makes no attempt to deal with perhaps a dozen key questions which I have raised in relation to SOME of his pet conspiracies. E.g. why did the WTC building hit second but lower down collapse first? Not a word from the old physicist. Just handwaving assertions that the How has been so thoroughly dealt with that it’s only the Why question that needs answering. E.g. Why would 9/11 plotters substitute a missile for a plane at the Pentagon and thus require a plane with passengers and crew to disappear without anyone noticing? E g. Why isn’t it more likely that the alleged report that still seems to be Ron’s smoking gun didn’t exist except in secret media releases designed to smear Trump?

    Am I not restrained given the scope Ron allows in his sandpit for kids, including himself, to bite and scratch without limit?

  404. Ron Unz says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Why the adolescent aggression? …the fact that you wrongly asserted no mention of the Holocaust… appeared in those statesman’s works only to find that you were, at least arguably, contradicted by someone’s turning up a footnote.

    No “adolescent aggression” but just a mention of your extremely foolish desperation to keep alive the total historical nonsense you had never questioned throughout your entire long life.

    As described, the Holocaust is without doubt the most colossal event of World War II. But apparently the only mention Churchill ever possibly made of it was in a totally ambiguous sentence or two buried somewhere in an appendix of his 4,448 page history of that conflict.

    If you want to point to that as support for your position, you will just make yourself into a laughingstock.

    I’m not sure exactly how this thread got sidetracked into Holocaust denial issues, but since you emphasize that you much prefer watching videos rather than reading articles or books, here’s a useful video someone brought to my attention soon after wrote my big article in 2018. I only watched about an hour of it, but it seemed to have a great deal of useful material. It got purged from Youtube, but someone put it up on Bitchute.

    Video Link .

  405. John Wear says:
    @Patrick McNally

    The following is some of the evidence to support the claim that Jews took over control of the Russian government in the Bolshevik Revolution:

    1. British Intelligence reports confirmed that Jews controlled the Communist revolution in the Soviet Union. The first sentence in a lengthy British Intelligence report dated July 16, 1919, stated: “There is now definite evidence that Bolshevism is an international movement controlled by Jews.” (Source: National Archives, Dept. of State Decimal File, 1910-1929, file 861.00/5067).

    2. Winston Churchill, in an article appearing in the Illustrated Sunday Herald on February 8, 1920, wrote: “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews….” Churchill described Communism as a “sinister confederacy” of “International Jews” who “have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”

    3. Jews also dominated the Communist secret police, which underwent many name changes, including Cheka, OGPU, GPU, NKVD, NKGB, MGB, and KGB. Aleksandr Sozhenitsyn on page 79 of “Gulag Archipelago II” lists the leading administrators of the Communist secret police: Aron Solts, Yakov Rappoport, Lazar Kogan, Matvei Berman, Genrikh Yagoda, and Naftaly Frenkel. All six are Jews. The Soviet propaganda minister during World War II, Ilya Ehrenburg, was also a Jew.

    4. David Duke quotes the “Encyclopedia Judaica” on pages 791-792: “The Communist movement and ideology played an important part in Jewish life, particularly in the 1920s, 1930s and during and after World War II…Individual Jews played an important role in the early stages of Bolshevism and the Soviet Regime…The great attraction of Communism among Russian, and later also, Western Jewry, emerged only with the establishment of the Soviet Regime in Russia…Communism became widespread in virtually all Jewish communities.”

    5. David R. Francis, the American Ambassador to Russia at the time of the Russian Revolution, sent a cable to the U.S. government in January 1918: “The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution.” (Source: Francis, D. R., “Russia from the American Embassy”, New York: C. Scribner’s & Sons, 1921, p. 214).

    6. Capt. Montgomery Schuyler, an American army intelligence officer in Russia during the Russian Revolution, wrote in an official report: “It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States, but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning, guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest types…” (Source: U.S. National Archives, Record Group 120: Records of the American Expeditionary Forces, June 9, 1919).

    7. A number of Jewish publications in recent years have disclosed Vladimir Lenin’s Jewish heritage, including “The Jewish Chronicle.” (Source: Ben-Shlomo, B. Z., “Reporting on Lenin’s Jewish Roots”, Jewish Chronicle, July 26, 1991, page 2).

    8. When Josef Stalin came to power he skillfully played one Jewish faction against the other until he emerged as the unquestioned authority in the Soviet Union. Jews probably lost some power under Stalin’s regime. However, Jews still had a tremendous amount of power in the Soviet Union even under Stalin. For example, the Jewish Voice in January 1942 stated: “The Jewish people will never forget that the Soviet Union was the first country–and as yet the only country in the world–in which anti-Semitism is a crime.” Jews were a protected class, and expressions of anti-Semitism could be punishable by death. It also should be noted that all three of Stalin’s wives were Jewesses. Molotov also married a Jewess. Thus, Stalin as well as Molotov had strong Jewish connections in their personal lives.

    9. Angelo Rappaport states: “The Jews in Russia, in their total mass, were responsible for the Revolution.” (Source: Angelo S. Rappaport, “The Pioneers of the Russian Revolution”, Stanley, Paul and C. London, 1918, p. 250).

    10. The American Hebrew magazine stated: “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.” (Source: The American Hebrew, Sept. 10, 1920).

    11. According to a statement made by researcher Michael Mills, an official of the government of Australia at Canberra: “It is legitimate to adopt a critical attitude toward the relatively large number of Jews who particularly in the first decade after the Bolshevik revolution collaborated with the Soviet Government in the persecution of other peoples.” (Source: Forward, March 10, 2000).

    12. Colonel William Godson, one of the American Army’s most valued intelligence officers, wrote from Poland: “The connection between the Jews and the Bolsheviki at Vilna seems to be proven without a shadow of a doubt. When the Bolsheviki entered the city they were taken to the houses of the wealthy by the Jews and apparently had this matter arranged beforehand.” Godson wrote two years later: “I am so thoroughly convinced of the reality of a Jewish movement to dominate the world that I hate to leave a stone unturned.” (Source: Bendersky, Joseph W., The “Jewish Threat”: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army, New York: Basic Books, 2000, pp. xii-xiii).

    13. International Jewish intrigues began to surface within Military Intelligence Division (MID) during the summer of 1918. An agent linked the Joint Distribution Committee of Jewish War Relief, the Federal Reserve Board, New York Jewish bankers, and the American Jewish Committee with Jewish financiers and centers of propaganda and spying in Germany. The agent also said that the Jewish Bolsheviks who had seized control of Russia now conspired to overthrow other governments. Almost all of the top leaders in the Soviet government were identified as being Jews. (Source: Bendersky, Joseph W., The “Jewish Threat”: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army, New York: Basic Books, 2000, pp. 55-58).

    14. Other American intelligence officers reported that most Bolsheviki leaders were Jews. MID’s New York office reported “that there is now definite evidence that Bolshevism is an international movement controlled by Jews.” In Bern, an American agent reported that 90% of those attending secret Bolshevik meetings were Jews. The British Government also obtained evidence that the Bolshevik movement throughout the world is an international conspiracy of Jews. The official MID viewpoint was that “Jewish intellectuals have had the leading and commanding part everywhere,” and because of “the growing power of the Jews,” they practically controlled the Soviet government. (Source: Bendersky, Joseph W., The “Jewish Threat”: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army, New York: Basic Books, 2000, pp. 60, 69, 116, 118).

    15. MID argued that both Jewish Bolsheviks and Jews in general in the Soviet Union profited at the expense of real Russians. Jews monopolized the privileged government offices and easy “graft jobs,” while confiscating the old regime’s most valuable riches and smuggling them out of the country. Jews encouraged bribery and were behind “all speculation in foodstuffs.” Despite the revolutionary zeal with which Jews dispatched the Red Army against enemies, one MID informant complained that he never saw a Jew anywhere close to the front. (Source: Bendersky, Joseph W., The “Jewish Threat”: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army, New York: Basic Books, 2000, p. 118).

    16. Many other U.S. military leaders also concluded that Jews had influenced America to enter World War II. For example, General Albert C. Wedemeyer wrote to retired Colonel Truman Smith a few years after the war that the British, Zionists, and Communists made American entry into the war inevitable. Wedemeyer said they were motivated by selfish interests rather than the welfare of humanity. He stated that “most of the people associated with Communism in the early days were Jews.” Wedemeyer also claimed that Roosevelt’s Jewish advisers “did everything possible to spread venom and hatred against the Nazis and to arouse Roosevelt against the Germans.” (Source: Bendersky, Joseph W., The “Jewish Threat”: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army, New York: Basic Books, 2000, p. 274).

    17. Louis McFadden documented the Jewish domination of Soviet communism. In a speech to Congress on June 15, 1934, McFadden said that the Soviet government in 1917 was composed of 565 persons as follows: 32 Russians, two Poles, one Czech, 34 Letts, three Finns, 10 Armenians, three Georgians, one Hungarian, 10 Germans, and 469 Jews. McFadden said that the Jews in the Russian government did not represent the thoughts and ideals of the 150 million Russian citizens. Instead, he described Jews in the Soviet government as aliens and usurpers who were not concerned with the welfare of the Russian people. (Source: Fighting the Federal Reserve: The Controversial Life and Works of Congressman Louis Thomas McFadden: New Brunswick, N.J.: Global Communications, 2011, pp. 511-512).

    18. There is a tremendous amount of anecdotal evidence that Jews have run the Soviet Union. For example, in his memoirs, the Jewish physicist Edward Teller says that his boss, the Russian physicist George Gamow, “blamed the Jews for establishing the Soviet system of government.” Gamow was disturbed by the many Jews in Miami, so Teller and Gamow left Miami. Teller was not bothered by Gamow’s statements and actions, since Teller knew that Gamow was not prejudiced towards him or his Jewish friend, the Russian physicist Lev Landau. (Source: Teller, Edward, “Memoirs: A Twentieth-Century Journey in Science and Politics”, Cambridge, Mass., Perseus Publishing, 2001, p. 124).

  406. HdC says:

    Except Germany was faced with the immediate invasion by the Soviet Union.
    The German preemptive strike was a desperate attempt at stopping this. Thankfully, they succeeded.
    Eastern Europe was sold out to the communists by the western “democracies”.

    • Agree: John Wear, Rurik
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  407. @mulga mumblebrain

    I’m a vit of a sceptic about Nisll Frrguson myself but he obviously has drawing power so, as you will have noticed, I got sick of listening to one participant it seemed to me worth drawing attention to the format as a way of perhaps plugging gaps in our knowledge that we didn’t even think of existing. Did you have a look at it?

    As to the Hoover Institute which Ron could reach in an hour’s walk I imagine it provides mixed fare. There was a silly “Uncommon Knowledge” video which had only amateur critics of Darwinian selection without balance but….. so what.?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  408. Bookish1 says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    If the town was bulldozed then why are there pictures of it and why is the house Hitler grew up in being carefully preserved?

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  409. @Ron Unz

    Why don’t you read what is actually said instead of making it up? I am completely open minded to new evidence about what is called the Holocaust – which was never a part of my mental or emotional furniture growing up or in adulthood – and I merely found it of interest to inquire of one you thought worthy of a gold frame about why Churchill might have inserted that footnote. What is your problem with that, particularly when I related it to your supposition that Eisenhower, De Gaulle and Churchill might have feared derision from serious historians in future?

  410. Bookish1 says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Let’s have a link on that quote otherwise it will fall into the category of being just one of thousands of statements that Hitler was to have said with no evidence to back it up.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  411. Corvinus says:

    Number 15, General Ripper. Why do you insist on sock puppets?

  412. Mr. Fussy says:

    The demonization of Russians outside of Russia is really bizarre and Orwellian. However there is a recent precedent, as forcing people to denounce their country or lose everything is reminiscent of the 2020 BLM hysteria where celebrities and companies were basically forced to come out in support of it or face the wrath of the mob (internet and literal). Just like companies today posted nonsense about International Vagina Day (oops, that’s “transphobic”, cancelled!).

    I sense jewery is afoot.

  413. Mr. Fussy says:
    @Ron Unz

    Wouldn’t the 15 million Russian civilians murdered by the Germans be of more consequence? In numerical terms it’s a much bigger genocide.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  414. @Been_there_done_that

    all correct. But you are dealing with third-wave derivatives:

    * Diary of Anne Frank first English ed. came out in 1952, and flopped. “But became a best-seller when adapted into a stage play in 1955, winning a Pulitzer Prize”
    *Reitlinger’s The Final Solution, the first major (666 pp.) Holocaustianty text, appeared in 1953.
    *Leon Poliakov’s Harvest of Hate, the second major Holocaustianity text, was published in 1954.
    *Raul Hilberg’s “definitive” Holocaustianity text, Destruction of the European Jews (790 pp.), came out in 1961, and
    *Hannah Arendt’s hugely-influential Eichmann in Jerusalem exploded on the scene 2 years later.

    meanwhile that vastly-successful Hollywood Zionist PR movie “Exodus” hit the theaters in 1960.

    since then the tsunami of Holocaustianty texts and visuals has grown asymptotically year-by-year.

    incidentally, I had a hostile run-in with Hilberg during the years you mention, c. 1978. He referee’d an article of mine deconstructing various documentary aspects of Reitlinger’s book, and recommended against publication in a certain NY Jew academic journal. But I got it on with the female Jewish editor’s lovely daughter…and she published it anyway.

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  415. @Bookish1

    Bookish, here’s the back-trace:

    1) get a copy of Ron Rosenbaum’s worthwhile Explaining Hitler (NY, 1998), the quote is on p. 4. Then turn to Notes, p. 402.
    2) attrib 2: John Toland, Adolf Hitler (NY, 1976), who
    3) cites Hitler’s relative William Patrick H.; who got it from
    4) the journal Paris Soir, 5 August, 1939.

    if you can track down the Paris Soir article, let me know in this or some future Hitler thread. I’d like to see it.

    Dollarsheim, incidentally, is/was located in a spooky, backwoods landscape in the Waldviertel…tucked right up near the Austro-Czech border; Rosenbaum explored the area & describes it well. The Waldviertel is…coincidentally, or maybe not coincidentally…is also the location of a certain gothic castle then owned by a rich half-Austrian/half-Jew arms dealer. Hitler did some partying there, 1938-39, while working up several military weapons purchases for the Reich. The Jew’s trophy wife: Jewess Hedwig Kiesler, later known as: Hedy Lamarr, famous 1940’s-50’s Hollywood actress. According to one source, Hitler and the Jewess Kiesler got along….ahem…extremely well. See ..the scroll down to her page, Type II/#FF110

    Joogle has a weak block on this site…you can break thru, tho, by doing a few seconds of rapid, random pattern clicking on the “reload” button. Or use Mozilla, which’ll go right to it.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  416. @Bookish1

    I said “ancestral”. And the village was rebuilt after WW2. Check out some of the several “Dollarsheim” sites on the net.

  417. @Ron Unz

    I am shocked. How can you resort to lies? And it is a lie even when addressed to the person lied about if others who don’t know the truth are also addressed.

    you emphasize that you much prefer watching videos rather than reading articles or books,

    is a lie. I have never gone further than explaining that printed books have become more difficult for me to read efficiently since I was suddenly struck with AMD so I attempt to improvise alternatives and achieve as much.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  418. @John Wear

    That interesting compendium looks like early notes for something more substantial. I hope to read it.

    I will also be interested in Patrick McNally’s response which will no doubt point out that it goes well beyond anything he was saying.

  419. @Patrick McNally

    I’ll make it simple for you. Let’s look at the First Politboro, 1918ff. + head of CHEKA, and his immediate henchmen….

    *Ulyanov alias “Lenin”: Jew in paternal line
    *Bronstein alias “Trotsky”: Jew
    *Kamenev: Jew
    *Zinoviev: Jew
    *Bukharin: Slav, but with Jew minder: the wife
    *Sverdlov: Jew
    *Djugashvili alias “Stalin”: out of Georgia, i.e. asiatic
    *Dzerzhinsky: Slav, but with Jew minder: the wife

    that’s all but one either Jew, or intimately Jew-connected.

    and proceeding from Dzerzhinsky, the communist death-squad that murdered the Czar, his wife, and their 5 children: in charge, Uritsky, a Jew. Of the other dozen or so killers, all but one a Jew.

    all this is, to put it mildly, a non-random distribution.

    for all this and much else re the Jewish/communist nexus, go to Yuri Slezkine, The Jewish Century

    • Agree: John Wear
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  420. @Haxo Angmark

    …third-wave derivatives.

    The big difference between publications and a television series broadcast through the airwaves is that the latter also appealed to those people who were too busy or jaded to read books. Moreover, Hilberg’s publication came in three volumes and was rather dry and tedious to read. One would find it in a university library rather than at a bookstore. Those books obviously did not create a critical mass of public awareness, much less one that might be leveraged to mandate the teaching of this complex at schools.

    Most importantly, the misappropriated term “Holocaust“, that was used in the title of the TV-series, became a conceptual anchor and subsequent linguistic reference for subsequent mass media propagation efforts, along with associated museums, to exploit this general theme. These cynical manipulations became the topic in Norman Finkelstein’s book Holocaust Industry, published in 2000. It was what you referred to as the “third-wave” from 1978 that provided the crucial breakthrough, which keeps on expanding.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  421. @Wizard of Oz

    Well, Fizz, there you go again, surprising me. Niall Ferguson had a lovely pissing in each other’s pockets session with that ludicrous former National leader, Mr. Anonymouse (Anderson). La Doogue dotes on him (Ferguson). As for Hoover-loonies, the sight of Pompeo the much diminished raving that the US is the greatest force for good in history, sent me into a conniption.
    As for Darwin, I’m sure he would be bemused by natural selection becoming a quasi State religion, and put to very dubious political ends.

  422. @Wizard of Oz

    Please, Fizz-don’t ask me for advice on good manners. I simply find your tone when addressing the creator of this site a tad extreme. I can’t really see him being terribly rude to you-I’m far worse, God have mercy upon me. Still, be assured-I really find your words a pain in the arse, from time to time, but as for you, the person, I have no idea. I’d hate to be judged on my words from time to time, or those I hurl at the TV, particularly when the ubiquitous Stan Grant hoves into view.

  423. @Mr. Fussy

    You wrote:

    Wouldn’t the 15 million Russian civilians murdered by the Germans be of more consequence? In numerical terms it’s a much bigger genocide.

    Many millions of the Soviet civilians that died during WWII, and likely even a majority, were as a result of Stalin’s ruthless disregard for their welfare.
    After the catastrophic losses in the opening months of the war in the immediate aftermath of Operation Barbarossa, the already substandard transport logistics system of the Soviet Union was decimated and severely depleted (especially in trucking).
    This was gradually overcome as tens of thousands of U.S made trucks and such was made available to the Soviets through the Lend Lease programme.

    But, rather than allocate a portion of said trucking to the provisioning of food supplies to Soviet civilians in the wake of the Battle of Stalingrad, when it became clear that the Soviets would not be losing the war, Stalin instead allocated a disproportionate share of the transport logistics system to the war effort in supplying food, munitions and materiel to the frontline soldiers.

    As a result, huge numbers of ‘useless eaters’ amongst the Soviet citizenry died that would otherwise have survived the war had Stalin so chosen.

    Similarly, Stalin had a callous disregard for the lives of his own troops.
    Knowing that his supply of young men (relative to the Germans), was almost inexhaustible, he directed his generals to launch reckless assaults on well defended German strongholds that resulted in needless casualties.
    But at least he got the job done quickly, because Stalin was on a mission to reach Berlin before the Americans – and casualties be damned.

    • Agree: HdC, John Wear
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  424. @Wizard of Oz

    Dunce of Oz, you keep asking the same tired old questions that have been answered by others repeatedly in other threads – but you choose not to accept those responses because they don’t fit in with the official Zio narrative that you’ve been indoctrinated with.

    You ask:

    why did the WTC building hit second but lower down collapse first?

    This is why you’re known by the moniker of Dunce of Oz.
    Anyone who’s done even the barest modicum of research on 9/11, is aware that the WTC 1 & 2, and WTC 7 (aka Bldg 7), came down in controlled demolitions.

    So, if WTC 2 (the South Tower) came down before the Nth Tower, despite it being hit struck last, then CLEARLY the perpetrators CHOSE to ‘push the plunger’ on WTC2 first :

    Did you absorb that Einstein ?

    You pose yet another dumb question:

    Why would 9/11 plotters substitute a missile for a plane at the Pentagon and thus require a plane with passengers and crew to disappear without anyone noticing?

    Answer: A missile was not substituted for a plane in the Pentagon strike – since both a missile and a plane struck the Pentagon (although it was not a commercial wide bodied aircraft and it was certainly not AA77 as alleged by the corrupt MSM)

    As for the reasons ‘that passengers and crew disappeared’, why are you asking Ron ?
    Unless he orchestrated the 9/11 False Flag, how would he know the manner in which the passengers and crew from all four aircraft involved in the 9/11 Mossad operation were disposed of ?

    You, Dunce of Oz, would be in the best position to find out.

    After all, it hasn’t escaped our attention that you’re a consistent apologist for Zio mischief making.
    Clearly you are in their employ or you’re a rabid Zionist yourself.

    That being so, you need only make some routine inquiries at the masonic lodge you attend or through that network of sayanim of which you’re an integral part.

    I’m sure they’ll fill in the gaps.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  425. antibeast says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Dikötter is a Western propagandist serving the Empire of Lies. The following graph is taken from a World Bank study on the life expectancy of China vs India:

    While there was a slight dip during the three years (1958-1961) of the Great Leap Forward (GLF), the above graph shows how Mao’s China outperformed ‘Democratic’ India, in the years following the GLF, as the life expectancy differential between them grew to ten years, during the decade from 1962 to 1972. That dramatic improvement in life expectancy proves that Mao’s China did in fact produce a ‘Great Leap Forward’ following the GLF, due to massive investments in public works, steel mills, rural industrialization, etc. during and after the GLF.

    Dikötter cites a mind-boggling figure of 45M ‘excess deaths’ caused by economic deprivation during the 3-year period of the GLF, which gives an ‘excess death’ rate of 45/3 = 15M per year. Compare that figure to the 10M ‘excess deaths’ caused by economic deprivation during the 8-year Second Sino-Japanese War (excluding the 10M ‘combat deaths’ caused by warfare), which gives an ‘excess death’ rate of 10/8 = 1.25M per year. That means Dikötter is claiming that the ‘excess deaths’ caused by economic deprivation during peacetime is 15/1.25 = 12x worse than during wartime.

    If we assume that the ‘excess deaths’ caused by economic deprivation during peacetime to be as bad as during wartime, then the maximum figure should perforce be only 1.25 x 3 = 3.75M ‘excess deaths’ for the 3-year GLF. While the 3.75M ‘excess deaths’ during the 3-year GLF is bad enough, it is valid only when compared to the best years of the prior ten-year period of Mao’s China but not when compared to ‘Democratic’ India which lagged behind China throughout the entire period of Mao’s 27-year rule. In other words, there is no ‘excess deaths’ during the GLF when compared to India!

    Occam’s Razor says Dikötter’s figure of 45M ‘excess deaths’ must be false because it defies mathematical logic.

  426. The following may at first appear to be off topic.

    However, it relates to the title of this article and begs the question:
    ‘How can Americans be so stupid to believe the MSM narrative that Putin is the next Hitler or that Russia isn’t justified to act as it has in light of years of provocation and threats to its security by the Anglo-Zionist empire backed Ukrainian regime ?’

    How can most Americans still believe the official government narrative on 9/11, still believe that the U.S is a functioning democracy (as opposed to the One Parry Tyranny that it really is)?

    How is it that one in five American can’t locate the U.S on a world map ? :

    Could it have something to do with the broken public education system in the U.S ?
    Watch the following 5 min clip from Jimmy Dore and decide for yourself:

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  427. @Ron Unz

    Wow! The Bitchute video contains**a great deal of useful material, as you say. I too haven’t been able to view or listen to it all. But it is a great opening for the prosecution. The crimes being fraud and perversion of justice inter alia.

    You don’t seem to understand the kind of scepticism and comfort in uncertainty that I can maintain about so-called Holocaust matters. I can understand that you might, as a Jew, feel outrage at what Zionist Jews, in particular, have perpetrated on the basis of lies and exaggeration. My indignation is roused by the injustice and incompetence of the principal Nuremberg trial (s) and the appalling incompetence of defending counsel. (My ancient Chief Justice friend held considerable contempt for English judgements and many Law Lords whom he led his court eventually into declining to follow despite his desire to maintain the unity of the Common Law I have later added such cases as that of medical scientist Sir Roy Meadows putting a female solicitor whose children had suffered three cot deaths behind bare because English counsel lacked the brains to pose the alternative explanation of genetic problems).

    I have previously related how counsel, a future judge picked me up in the 70s when I said the 6 million might be 4 million according to what I had read recently. My utterly casual relationship to the Holocaust story was also in play when I heard that a school friend who had got a first in History but became a government lawyer and Secretary to the Victorian Council of Civil Liberties had been ousted by some smart Jewish barristers who taken over when he started exploring revisionism on the Holocaust I never heard a word about it from my CJ friend who had become a friend of Frankfurter in DC during WW2 and corresponded afterwards. But then I didn’t hear about the War Crimes Trials despite a former, not particularly respected, colleague of his presiding over some in Japan.

    You use “possibly” in relation to your negative assessment of the conventional Holocaust narrative so I find it difficult to know what you are objecting to in my retaining such premises as

    1. The difficulty without much original research of understanding why Jewish old people and children were shipped East Poland when it was clear they couldn’t be shipped any further

    2. The likelihood that human nature – especially in its propagandised German form in the 30s and 40s would be perfectly capable of mass murder as it certainly was in primitive times…. And that some bright spark or just dim bureaucrat would think of gassing people as had been done with some of the disabled. Whether the systematic use of gas to kill Jews and others is essential to the useful status of the “Holocaust” for Zionists is of course arguable

    Etc. all in the context of Nazi fantasies about racial purity and the need to rid Germany of Jews. And of course the 6 million should have no standing except as proof of fraudulent intent.

    *** *** ***
    What was said or implied in the film about the probable torture and then perversion of the evidence of Hoess, the commandant of Auschwicz, was intriguing. I have sometimes thought that if tortured for a confession I would do what Hoess seems to have done,viz. include significant errors and obvious exaggerations so that the confession might be blown out of the water subsequently. So, what went wrong for Hoess? Just possibly he was admitting to actual crimes and he was hoping that his gross errors would allow him to convince somebody later that his confession should be thrown out because it must have been coerced.

    As you seemed to object to my suggestion of sly reasons by Churchill for inserting footnoted reference to what was done to the Jews you might reject all such speculation about possible motives but, until certainty beyond reasonable doubt can be approached I would disagree.

    **amusingly, after beginning with an Unz like condemnation of Newspapers and TV in favour of books (intended I suppose to highlight the deficiencies of Hilberg’s book).

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  428. @Truth Vigilante

    I think you are actually mad. I’m mot sure of the technical classification but I would certainly be worried if you were trustee of family money, or anything else of importance other than waffling on UR.

    And, FWIW, I now am increasingly confident that no one is going to prove there were controlled demolitions at the WTC.

    • Troll: Rurik
  429. FatR says:

    Any attempt of exonerating Hitler for WWII, invariably runs into the matter of German takeover of the rest of Chechoslovakia on 15 March of 1940. This matter was already raised in the comment above, and Hitler’s apologists tried to excuse the event with nothing variations on “Chechoslovakia deserved it” theme. Which is completely besides the point. What events of 15 March proved was the fact that treaties with Hitler were worthless and that everyone around Germany must choose between submission and acquiescence to German ideas about how Europe should be set up, or resistance by force – any further concessions will simply provide Hitler with better position to place new demands. You might note that subsequent events provided even more spectacular evidence for the thesis that attempting to parley with Hitler as an equal was simply a bad idea. As for German ideas for how Europe should look like, the Second Vienna Award alone amply proves that they boiled down to imperial land redistribution, guided by perceived political benefit. And the position of submission was simply not acceptable to Poles, due to the extent of German-Polish ethnic enmity at that moment, which Hitler’s government did nothing to prevent and a lot to fan. Sure, Poland and its nationalist government were no white hats, but after seeing what happened to Chechoslovakia, even the most rational and level-headed of governments would have seen conceding anything whatsoever, much less their country’s sole point of access to sea, as completely retarded. Similarly, the basic notion of Germany having proven itself totally untrustworthy was in itself a reason for England and France to refuse any further appeasement, as the idea of conceding effective control over the entire Eastern Europe to a country like this was rightfully terrifying. Just like at the onset of WWI, Germany suddenly found that people are not willing to trust any new promises of a country that just wiped its collective ass with its old promises.

    And then, on the question of Hitler’s “peacefulness” we should also consider German military’s buildup. Adam Tooze in The Wages of Destruction provided the most up-to-date overview of it, and the conclusions are undeniable – German economy effectively went to war footing in autumn of 1938, to the point that relatively little had to be changed in terms of distribution of strategic materials once the war actually started less than a year later. It might be argued, that Hitler wanted a war to happen a couple of years later, but it cannot be argued that the military buildup he initiated was remotely sustainable or left any alternative other than a war or an economic crash.

    Putin’s political situation simply cannot be compared with that of Germany of 1930s. Starting from the fact that from the start the collective West was and is determined to grant Russia no political concessions whatsoever, on any front, while Germany was granted concessions repeatedly, to the fact that Russia was not and is not militarized to anywhere near the same degree.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz, Mevashir
    • Disagree: HdC
    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @John Wear
  430. Bookish1 says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    I thought that you were trying to imply that age old false theory that Hitler was Jewish. But it sounds like you are saying Hitler had some Jewish friends or dealings that he didn’t want known.

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  431. PeterAG says:

    The underlying reason for many of the talking points brought up in the comment sections is that the anglosaxons aimed to control banking in their favour.
    This may not be generally realised by the commenting audience but that doesnt make it less effective.

    Nazism was created for that purpose.


    When you study the timing of various events one such case which happened at a late stage was under Edward VII when he in 1907 told the Rothschilds that they were not welcone unless they fulfilled certain conditions.
    Since this event became known there is a high probability that it was meant to reach beyond a private conversation. The content of the conversation might otherwise seem innocent Edward telling the Rothschilds to invest for him and cover the losses if there was no success.
    But Edward was the most powerful man in the world. One VIP client if there ever was.

    He wouldnt have to tell R, who would automatically care for such a client.

    So the real message to R was that they must remain lojal to Britain and not treat Germany and other rival nations as equals with investments being evaluated in a neutral manner.

    Edward’s private investments would have meant no big sacrifice but to protect Britains status as the possessor of the effective reserve currency was an entirely different thing.

    The R couldnt achieve that unless the rival nations could have their peaceful trade obstructed.

    War together with the establishment of the FED offered a solution:

    Moving the anglosaxon center of weight to the west like Cecil Rhodes had anticipated and pitting the rivals into a weakening war.

    In order to prepare the world for war Britain managed to rearrange the rival nations from within.

    Thus they replaced peaceoriented politicians for less aware or warmongering ones.

    For example Edward when he was the prince of Wales managed to make the young Kaiser sack Bismarck.

    Going back to the interchange between Edward and R.

    Had the R not been able to discard Edwards threat and just go along with neutral investments in the german context?
    After all Germany looked like a winner.

    Aiming to build infrastructure for enhancing trade opportunities and stretching out along the continent going east and southwards where the British navy couldnt prevent it.

    This might have been a promising proposition had it not been for Houston Chamberlains efforts in Germany to pit germans against the jews.

    He wrote a bestseller published in 1899:Grundlagen der neunzehnt Jahrhundert which I would suggest ought to be defined as the bible of nazism.
    I havent heard anybody else say that but to my amasement the wiki seems to refer to Houston as the John the Baptist.

    Implying that Hitler would be the Messiah of the german race.

    Houston claimed in Grundlagen, that Jesus was not a jew.

    Goebbels fittingly called Houston the pathbreaker in his diary of may 8 1926 and the last entry about Houston in the diary would be 11 may if I recall correctly, but that entry listed in the index was missing in the bread text.

    It is believed that this missing entry reported Hitlers visit to Houstons sickbed.
    Hitler was the only prominent figure who visited Houston’s burial early in 1927.

    There are signs that this was a century-long british psyop began by the Palmerston-crowd in the 1830s at the latest.
    In those years Frierich List wanted Germany to follow the example of the american economist John Carey and Alexander Hamilton.

    The British tried to twart all such efforts among all the rivals from the US to the European continent.

    And so at that earlier time also, there were motives for establishing obstructions for any collaboration between the rivals and the bankers.

    Thus jew-hatred abroad was in Britains interest.

    But it was also in Britains interest that they could provide protection for the jews as long as they ran Britains errands.

    For example Palmerston once demonstrated that by sending the navy to protect a single jew in Greece!
    I dont know if Palmerston also instigated the threats against that jew in the first place….

    Bankers are behind all wars or anglosaxons are behind all wars?

    While bankers would do fine if they were allowed to collaborate with any nation without the anglosaxons obstructing it?

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  432. Marcali says:

    There went the Soviet-Russian Empire. All empires go one day. So you have nothing to fear.

  433. @Bookish1

    …age old false theory that Hitler was Jewish.

    The claim is that his paternal grandfather was Jewish. His paternal grandmother was a house-maid at a villa in Vienna and got pregnant there by Salomon Mayer von Rothschild.

    As a result of this investigation, a secret document proved that Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived her son. At that time, she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Salomon Mayer von Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy, she was sent back to her home in Spital where Alois was born. If it is true that one of the Rothschilds is the real father of Alois Hitler, it would make Adolf a quarter Jewish. According to these sources, Adolf Hitler knew of the existence of this document and the evidence it contained.

    The Wikipedia article on Salomon Mayer von Rothschild does not mention this:

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  434. Mevashir says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Check out the links in this comment to see how wrong you are to mock the suffering of the Innocents and to try to sanitize Nazi crimes. It’s a shame because since you are misleading the gullible public you are incurring God’s most severe wrath upon you.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @Wizard of Oz
  435. Mevashir says:
    These are some chapter scans depicting The Savage brutality of the nazis. Only a fool or a dupe would try to sanitize it.


    This book on page 3 quotes Winston Churchill saying the following about the German death camps (see the full quote in the last paragraph at the bottom of this email):

    “There is no doubt that this is probably the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world…”

    Do you dispute that Churchill might have said this? This is reported by his biographer Martin Gilbert. Gilbert is a Jew and your attitude seems to be that anything a Jew says about the Holocaust has to be a lie.

    I hesitate to convey this information to you, because I think that you and your Revisionist colleagues are liars and self-deluded fools. But I do believe it is a mitzvah to continue to offer you glimpses of the truth so you might renounce your pernicious efforts to sanitize Hitler the Satanist and to validate his evil ideology in the eyes of a gullible public.
    IN MARCH 1944, the German government ordered the occupation of Hungary Germany was then under pressure, as you know, from the Red Army in the East, and was fearful that Hungary would defect from the Axis and become a “soft underbelly” for a Soviet thrust. With the German occupation of Hungary began the rapid rounding up of Jews into ghettos and the preparation for their even more rapid deportation to Auschwitz.

    Five prisoners escaped from Auschwitz in order to bring news to the West of what was happening to the Jews there. Four were Jews. One was a Polish Catholic medical student. The moment their information reached the West, the moment the “unknown destination” was revealed as Auschwitz, and the truth of the gas chambers there made clear, there was a tremendous and understandable outcry. (The first thing that has always struck me is: what would have happened if these escapees had made their way West in 1943 or even at the end of 1942?)


    Churchill had no doubt that a terrible crime had been committed. As he wrote to Anthony Eden on the day that the escapees’ account of the truth about Auschwitz and the “unknown destination” reached him:

    There is no doubt that this is probably the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world, and it has been done by scientific machinery by nominally civilised men in the name of a great State and one of the leading races of Europe. It is quite clear that all concerned in this crime who may fall into our hands, including the people who only obeyed orders by carrying out the butcheries, should be put to death after their association with the murders has been proved. Declarations should be made in public, so that everyone connected with it will be hunted down and put to death.

  436. vb says:

    Extreme provocations don’t mean sh!t. You cross the border, you make war, you die.

  437. nosods says:

    ‘Only Hitler’s sudden invasion of France forestalled this plan, and if that Panzer thrust had been delayed for a few weeks, the Soviets would have been forced into the war on Germany’s side. A full German-Soviet military alliance would have easily matched the resources of the Allies including America, thereby probably ensuring Hitler’s victory.”

    Preposterous. There was never any chance of a lasting alliance between the two. Barbarossa was built into the National Socialist programme from the start. Hitler & Stalin were like two gunfighters in the American Old West; the town (continent) wasn’t big enough for both of them. Sooner or later, they had to clash. In Hitler’s own words from Mein Kampf:


    “Additionally, we must also consider the following.
    1. The present rulers of Russia have no intention of entering into a genuine alliance or of
    honoring it if they did. We must not forget that the rulers of present day Russia are
    bloodstained common criminals. We are dealing with the scum of humanity who used the
    conditions of a tragic hour to overrun a large state, kill and root out millions of its leading
    intellectuals in a wild thirst for blood, and now, for almost ten years, they have exercised
    the cruelest tyranny of all times. We must also not forget that these rulers belong to a
    people who possess the rare combination of inhuman cruelty and an incomprehensible skill
    of deception. Today these people, more than ever before, feel called upon to impose their
    bloody suppression on the whole world. We must not forget that the international Jew, who
    completely dominates Russia today, does not see Germany as an ally, but as a state destined
    for a similar fate. You do not form an alliance with a partner whose only interest is your

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  438. @Mevashir

    I am sorry you think I am guilty of any of what you accused me of. Where is my mocking? Where my sanitising?. I had meant to add that my very good Rabbi friend who gave solace to so many survivors of Nazi persecution over a long ministry would certainly not believe that attempts at genocide of non Aryans, and Jews in particular, did not occur. Of the film I only said it made a powerful case for the prosecution against those using the Holocaust narrative fraudulently – and against the lawyers involved. I would have hoped that all UR readers would know that a case for the prosecution leaves open the case or cases for the defence.

    I also forgot to mention my speculation that a lot of the miscarriage of truth and possibly justice may have resulted from the relevant prosecuting counsel being RussiAn, and with an agenda. He shouldn’t have been allowed to call just one lying or fantasising witness on issues of life and death. Exploring the precise Soviet agenda would require a lot more study.

    • Thanks: Mevashir
    • Replies: @Mevashir
  439. @nosods

    Updating ourselves to the 21st century we should look back and see that the biggest relevant change in the world has, perhaps, been the collapse in fertility. In 2013 there were 2 million Germans born and 5 million Russians so both Hitler and Stalin’s could shrug off losses in WW1 and have the manpower for another war 20 years later. Cp. 2022 when Russian and all European (and East Asian) fertility is so low that most industrialised countries will suffer (or benefit from) decline in population. America may continue to increase its numbers – except average IQs!

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  440. John Wear says:

    You write: “Any attempt of exonerating Hitler for WWII, invariably runs into the matter of German takeover of the rest of Chechoslovakia on 15 March of 1940.”

    My response: I recommend you read my article at to understand what happened to Czechoslovakia in March of 1939. Czechoslovakia had dissolved with no help from Germany, and Czech President Emil Hacha traveled to Berlin on his own volition to seek Hitler’s help in resolving the situation. Hitler did not violate the Munich Agreement.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  441. @Been_there_done_that

    generally agree. One minor correction:

    Hilberg’s original 1961 book was one volume. The 3 volume version came out years later. Never read it tho.

  442. @Mevashir

    Happily, you misunderstand me but you are only guilty of what 99 % of UR commenters are – and despite his having identified the instant indignation reactors in what he has called “the saswarm” – Rin Unz himself, namely intolerance of questioning uncertainty.

    But I thank you for the links and attempt to inform me better about tragic events.I have no doubts about the Churchill letter/footnote. As you could see discussing how Churchill came to include it as a footnote has got me into trouble with our host for reasons I don’t understand.

    • Thanks: Mevashir
  443. Emil says:

    Apart from the fact that Putin’s physiognomy corresponds more to the Mongolian phenotype than to the European one (hence probably his inclination towards China), I would be interested to know what is the motive of the ex-KGB agent to criminalize in Russia any criticism of Bolshevism/Stalinism and to deny their horrendous crimes, while at the same time condemning National Socialism under threat of years of imprisonment.

    His Jewish “oligarch” Moshe Kantor, with the help of his Israeli tribal brother Yoram Dinstein, also crafted the infamous “Tolerance Paper” and enshrined it as a muzzle in the illegitimate EUSSR legislation criminalizing free speech. Was it not Stalin’s comrades who discovered or fabricated the “Holocaust”, who deliberately falsified historical facts in order to appear before history as “glorious defeaters of the fascist beast”?

    What does Putin know about previously unopened archives about World War II that would reveal the whole truth? Has he had them all shredded? Or is his power based on blackmailing the Jews with them so that he cannot be blackmailed by the Jews? Why does Putin behave like someone who has something to hide and knows very well that his statements are absurd? The only profiteers of his insanity are not Russians or Europeans, but Americans and Chinese.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  444. @Been_there_done_that

    whether Hitler was part-genetic Jew is an interesting question. But whether true or not, more important issue is: he was clearly worried about it. And that may account for the peculier intensity of his negative attitude toward the Jews. In attempting to kill the Jews of occupied Europe, Hitler was also trying to kill the suspected Jew within. SD chief Reinhard Heydrich, the most dynamic exponent of the so-called Final Solution, had the same problem in spades: he had a team of SD officers investigating his own suspected Jew background. They’d report in every couple of weeks:

    “nothing there, Boss…”

    Heydrich: “go back and look some more”.

    and unlike the security-conscious Hitler, Heydrich wasn’t just a death-dealer. He was a brazen death-seeker. From the beginning of the war, he began insinuating himself into Luftwaffe bomber missions as an air-gunner. Think about it: here’s the 2nd or 3rd most powerful man in the Reich, head of SS intel/counter-intel, doing direct combat with the enemy, risking death….or capture.
    amazing and bizarre. And there’s more:

    right at the beginning of the German-Russian war, Heydrich – a qualified single-engine pilot (not to mention concert-quality violin virtuoso and olympic level fencer) – joined a fighter squadron on the Eastern Front. Between July and September 1941 he flew around 7o combat missions, mostly escorting dive-bombers. In September Heydrich was shot down behind Russian lines, and spent several days walking out. This, Hitler found out about…and finally grounded him.

    later, as ruler of the Czech Protectorate, he drove around Prague with virtually no security, Just him in an open vehicle with a single bodyguard. Of course, Heydrich and the Czechs got along fine because he ruled with a velvet glove instead of the supposed iron hand. That’s why the Czech exile regime, backed by Churchill, decided to send in the assassination squad to kill him….way too popular, and an easy target.

    finally, on his deathbed – this according to depositions from the attending Czech doctors – Heydrich moaned and groaned about having “killed my own people….”.

    i.e., the Jews.

    • Replies: @Fox
  445. Mevashir says:

    Ron’s problem is he knows nothing about his own history or heritage. He has been taught instead by Jew-haters.

    When I went to Harvard (1976-1980), I was involved with the Hillel group and also HERZL, Harvard Radcliffe Zionist Alliance. Apparently Ron was a total nerd focusing on his three degrees (Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge) with zero extra-curricular activities. Money was his sole focus. Consequently he is floating and up for grabs by the Jew-haters.

    Even Israel Shahak, whose book on the Jewish religion has its own biases and blind spots, suffered in the Warsaw Ghetto and barely survived and certainly can attest to the malice of the Nazis. According to this book, Treblinka was built expressly to exterminate the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto. Each of the Reinhard death camps (Belzec Sobibor and Treblinka) was built to dispatch a particular ghetto to the chimneys:

    The Holocaust is very simple to understand. Hitler (may his name be erased) had grievances against Jewish bankers and Bolsheviks and vented his fury (like a true coward and bully) on the hapless Jewish middle and lower classes of occupied Europe. Why anyone would admire that policy of mass victimization is bizarre and disgusting. The Jews Hitler hated got away scott free while the victims were largely innocents caught up in the maelstrom of Hitler’s psychopathology.

    Whoever knows that and still tries to defend it is preparing for himself a terrible spiritual destiny.

    The issue of the gas chambers should be moot since it is proven that the Germans gassed to death their own citizens in the T4 program. They euthanized the mentally ill, crippled, handicapped, and retarded of their own Aryan stock. So obviously they would do the same to Jews who could not work as slave laborers in the brutal concentration camps. And the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto were not even given a chance to be selekted by Dr Mengele but were sent for immediate annihilation to Treblinka. The ghosts of the Nazis must be laughing in hell at the gullibility and stupidity of their American Revisionst/Denier supporters.

  446. Mevashir says:

    Putin also is sitting on the 9/11 Truth coverup.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  447. Ron Unz says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    you emphasize that you much prefer watching videos rather than reading articles or books

    How can you resort to lies?…I have never gone further than explaining that printed books have become more difficult for me to read efficiently since I was suddenly struck with AMD so I attempt to improvise alternatives and achieve as much.

    Perhaps that wasn’t entirely fair since you did once mention you’d developed vision problems, making reading more difficult. But I was pretty sure you’d said those problems only began about a year or so ago. Meanwhile, I’ve been writing my major historical articles for five or six years, and started the current series nearly four years ago, yet based upon your statements, it seems you’ve never bothered looking at them. Meanwhile, you constantly urge everyone to watch foolish videos by fanatic Neocons ranting about Putin-the-Devil.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Emil
  448. Mevashir says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I did not read your comment carefully enough and jumped to the wrong conclusions. I apologize.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
  449. Bookish1 says:

    Strange why Churchill never mentioned that horrible crime of Hitlers in his 6 volume works titled ‘World War Two’. If it would have happened he would have mentioned it. What Churchill did by that statement was to drum up War hysteria against Germany and nothing more.

  450. @John Wear

    Can you please furnish the exact text of what Chamberlain and Hitler agreed. I have searched but can’t find it in reasonable searching time.

    Your link I find fascinating. No mention of Churchill in the main text and no relevant one to Jews! Chamberlain and Halifax (particularly) are blamed for the unnecessary war! All those little steps…. No doubt Halifax was certain war was coming and saw the British (and Anglosphere) public as grossly unprepared. Despite all the missteps and contributions to disaster it is. I suppose, possible to pose sensibly and justly the question whether anything justified Hitler’s invasion of Poland. Just as, today, Western errors and hypocrisies don’t preclude the question whether Putin was entitled to invade Ukraine.

    • Replies: @John Wear
    , @Wokechoke
  451. @Ron Unz

    See my next enthusiastic post on your latest video offering.

    Like you I don’t always remember the detail of what I read and am even sometimes surprised that I had read something previously. I can usually go back and find that some article you say I should have read was not only read but littered with my comments which, like the particular point you think I should have remembered, had slipped out of your and my minds. When I return to your articles that you suggest would have precluded my foolish comment I don’t have much success in tying down my latest precise concern.

    Amusing that I have now just been accused of making light of the Holocaust! Well, amusing on this free wheeling website. That’s the problem with eschewing tribal and other certainties by my version of the lifelong habit of the little smart a***. Not having built businesses as you have it is a bit distressing to find that, as an investor, I have missed some good opportunities because I have been too good at nit picking errors in sales pitches😎

  452. Emil says:
    @Ron Unz

    Thank you very much for your great work, Mr. Unz! That you yourself have a Jewish background only makes you more sympathetic in my eyes. It would take many more people like you to prove that the world is not only black and white. If anyone is serious about freedom of speech, it’s you!

    “Anti-fascist” Putin was caught 8 years ago
    passing off Hitler’s thoughts as his own.

  453. @Mevashir

    Please elaborate on and explain that.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  454. Ron Unz says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    But I thank you for the links and attempt to inform me better about tragic events.I have no doubts about the Churchill letter/footnote. As you could see discussing how Churchill came to include it as a footnote has got me into trouble with our host for reasons I don’t understand.

    You’re talking about Churchill quoting a 1944 letter containing a couple of sentences, with the whole thing buried in an appendix near the very end of his 4,448 page history of that conflict.

    Just to be fair, I actually dug out my copy of Churchill’s history, and checked the text on p. 591. The sum-total description of the “horrific events” he was describing back in 1944 is: “this [persecution of Jews in Hungary and their expulsion from enemy territory]” Absolutely nothing else—no other details. And that’s the only reference to the Holocaust in Churchill’s thousands of pages of WWII history! Anyone who thinks that demonstrates Churchill accepted the reality of the Holocaust needs his head (rather than his eyesight) examined.

    Since I assume you never read my 2018 Holocaust Denial article, let me quote a few paragraphs of fascinating information I discovered in a 2000 volume by prominent mainstream Holocaust scholar Prof. Joseph W. Bendersky:

    Some years ago, I came across a totally obscure 1951 book entitled Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty, a well-regarded university professor. Beaty had spent his wartime years in Military Intelligence, being tasked with preparing the daily briefing reports distributed to all top American officials summarizing available intelligence information acquired during the previous 24 hours, which was obviously a position of considerable responsibility.

    As a zealous anti-Communist, he regarded much of America’s Jewish population as deeply implicated in subversive activity, therefore constituting a serious threat to traditional American freedoms. In particular, the growing Jewish stranglehold over publishing and the media was making it increasingly difficult for discordant views to reach the American people, with this regime of censorship constituting the “Iron Curtain” described in his title. He blamed Jewish interests for the totally unnecessary war with Hitler’s Germany, which had long sought good relations with America, but instead had suffered total destruction for its strong opposition to Europe’s Jewish-backed Communist menace.

    Beaty also sharply denounced American support for the new state of Israel, which was potentially costing us the goodwill of so many millions of Muslims and Arabs. And as a very minor aside, he also criticized the Israelis for continuing to claim that Hitler had killed six million Jews, a highly implausible accusation that had no apparent basis in reality and seemed to be just a fraud concocted by Jews and Communists, aimed at poisoning our relations with postwar Germany and extracting money for the Jewish State from the long-suffering German people.

    Furthermore, he was scathing toward the Nuremberg Trials, which he described as a “major indelible blot” upon America and “a travesty of justice.” According to him, the proceedings were dominated by vengeful German Jews, many of whom engaged in falsification of testimony or even had criminal backgrounds. As a result, this “foul fiasco” merely taught Germans that “our government had no sense of justice.” Sen. Robert Taft, the Republican leader of the immediate postwar era took a very similar position, which later won him the praise of John F. Kennedy in Profiles in Courage. The fact that the chief Soviet prosecutor at Nuremberg had played the same role during the notorious Stalinist show trials of the late 1930s, during which numerous Old Bolsheviks confessed to all sorts of absurd and ridiculous things, hardly enhanced the credibility of the proceedings to many outside observers.

    Then as now, a book taking such controversial positions stood little chance of finding a mainstream New York publisher, but it was soon released by a small Dallas firm, and then became enormously successful, going through some seventeen printings over the next few years. According to Scott McConnell, founding editor of The American Conservative, Beaty’s book became the second most popular conservative text of the 1950s, ranking only behind Russell Kirk’s iconic classic, The Conservative Mind.

    Moreover, although Jewish groups including the ADL harshly condemned the book, especially in their private lobbying, those efforts provoked a backlash, and numerous top American generals, both serving and retired, wholeheartedly endorsed Beaty’s work, denouncing the ADL efforts at censorship and urging all Americans to read the volume. Although Beaty’s quite explicit Holocaust Denial might shock tender modern sensibilities, at the time it seems to have caused barely a ripple of concern and was almost totally ignored even by the vocal Jewish critics of the work.

    Perhaps you can explain to me why Prof. Beaty casually ridiculed the alleged Holocaust as ridiculous wartime propaganda in his massive 1951 bestseller, and his book was then enthusiastically endorsed by many of America’s top generals and Military Intelligence officers. Moreover, although the ADL and other Jewish groups fiercely denounced and attacked him, they never challenged him on that particular point.

    I think that conclusively proves that essentially no one in the American mainstream “believed in the Holocaust” in 1951…

  455. @Observator

    Before I read your superb comment, I was pretty confident that twenty-five-plus years of revisionist reading had taught me everything there was to learn about what truly happened with respect to the Czechoslovak aspects of the events leading up to the war. Yet fully half of the information in your comment comes as news to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  456. Emil says:

    It all sounds like the (((official agenda))), and it always has the same intent. And this intention does not have anything good in store for the Europeans.

    By the way, you can also wipe out entire peoples by replacing the reproduction principle with the pleasure principle and destroying any family structures and responsibilities.

    This is what happened, for example, with the invention of the “contraceptive pill” by the Jews Djerassi, Pincus and Rosenkranz, who thus ensured that millions and millions of offspring were not even born, and are replaced today by “migrants”.

    A particularly perfidious method, posing as “progress”.

    • Agree: Pierre de Craon
  457. Emil says:

    Moreover, of course, Europeans can be persuaded for decades that it is of utmost benefit to put incompetent women at their head who make decisions like the childless puppet Merkel courted by Israel. This is celebrated as the “liberation of women”. If that is not enough, homosexuality is not seen as marginal, but as a normal equal way of life.

  458. John Wear says:

    You write: “The issue of the gas chambers should be moot since it is proven that the Germans gassed to death their own citizens in the T4 program.”

    My response: You are correct that Germany gassed many mentally-ill citizens in its T4 program. However, this does not mean that Germany gassed Jews.

    I recommend you read my article at for more information.

    • Replies: @HdC
  459. John Wear says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    You write: “Can you please furnish the exact text of what Chamberlain and Hitler agreed. I have searched but can’t find it in reasonable searching time.”

    My response: I don’t have the exact text of the Munich Agreement with me.

    While doing a search for the text of the Munich Agreement, I found a link at Apparently you can read the full text of the Munich Agreement here if you sign up for a 30-day free trial to their service.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
  460. Emil says:

    In his last four videos, Frankfurt professor of game theory Christian Rieck “plays through” the options of the Ukraine conflict using so-called tree diagrams. Profit and loss for all parties involved are marked as digits (also marked with a minus dash).

    Highly interesting, but without English translation. By the way, the game theory, which actually originates from warfare, was already tested by the Ayn Rand Institute a long time ago. But hadn’t Rand already copied Hitler?

  461. @Ron Unz

    I really can’t see why you are trying to work up an argument with me over anything you touch on there.

    You have a problem about my speculating (as you do with much more apparent confidence that you are correct) about a motive: in this case Churchill’s possibly sly inclusion of that footnote. I could add that by the time he got to Vol.6 getting Germany into the Cold War on our side mattered.

    And you perhaps have a problem about my speculation as to why, apart from not trusting or liking Jews, I proffered the senior military men’s contempt for the way footage of the camps liberated in Germany had been misused as one reason for their lining up to support Beatty. I add the speculation that they saw military men being railroaded at Nuremberg and saw the part Jews played in that. None of that precludes areasonable speculation that they might have admitted that they didn’t know what went on in Poland.

    So, Churchill had adequate reason by 1949 to treat Holocaust allegations as something he should be wary of. He must, BTW, have heard plenty of gruesome beat ups- and perhaps true stories – about and including true and false allegations against the Nazis. He must too have heard about the Nuremberg trials and fierce criticisms of them. There was a lot to think of leaving out in good conscience as historian/politician.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  462. @Wizard of Oz

    The well-researched [on the 9/11 False Flag] commenter Rurik calls you a Troll – and rightly so, in relation to this foolish comment of yours:

    And, FWIW, I now am increasingly confident that no one is going to prove there were controlled demolitions at the WTC.

    Just as well you included the ‘FWIW’ in your comment, because it’s worth SFA.

    Anyone who’s viewed the video footage of the towers coming down can see the violent explosions, as each floor is BLOWN up sequentially – as opposed to the bogus ‘gravity collapse’ theory of the official Zio dictated narrative.

    And, in relation to Bldg 7, the fact that it fell symmetrically into its own footprint, is proof of a controlled demolition.
    A symmetrical collapse can ONLY happen when ALL load bearing columns are blown synchronously, at the same time.
    If there truly was a failure in one particular structural member, the building collapse would favour that particular side of the building and said structure would lean over and topple to that side.
    Witness this building collapse in the Philippines:

    The reason for the failure of a particular load bearing column is unimportant – whether it be due to an earthquake, shoddy construction or whatever.

    The important thing is that when a load bearing support fails under compression (or tension), it will necessarily transfer additional load bearing capacity to adjacent structural supports which may induce them to also fail – often after some considerable interval (perhaps even days or weeks later).
    Once a critical threshold of supports have failed, the building will topple over towards THAT SIDE where the supports gave out.

    The symmetrical collapses of all three buildings on 9/11, really is the smoking gun.

    Your ‘increasingly confident’ comment should’ve been replaced with ‘increasingly demented’.
    You make Joe Biden look good.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Thanks: Commentator Mike, Rurik
  463. annamaria says:

    Jewish Bolshevik Isay Berg was an inventor of a gas van. He practiced his invention personally on political prisoners.

    Isay Berg was the head of the administrative and economic department of the NKVD of Moscow Oblast. The gas van was used to suffocate batches of prisoners with engine fumes in a camouflaged bread van while on the drive out to the mass graves at Butovo, where the prisoners were subsequently buried.

    Jews dominated the murderous Communist secret police, which underwent many name changes, including Cheka, OGPU, GPU, NKVD, NKGB, MGB, and KGB.

    Aleksandr Sozhenitsyn on page 79 of “Gulag Archipelago II” lists the leading administrators of the Communist secret police: Aron Solts, Yakov Rappoport, Lazar Kogan, Matvei Berman, Genrikh Yagoda, and Naftaly Frenkel. All six are Jews.

    The Soviet propaganda minister during World War II, Ilya Ehrenburg, was also a Jew. Similar to the dishonest profiteer Elie Wiesel, Ilya Ehrenburg was a fabricator of tall tales about German concentration camps; his invectives wer filled with genocidal declarations against Germans.

    Many U.S. military leaders also concluded that Jews had influenced America to enter World War II. For example, General Albert C. Wedemeyer wrote to retired Colonel Truman Smith a few years after the war that the British, Zionists, and Communists made American entry into the war inevitable. Wedemeyer said they were motivated by selfish interests rather than the welfare of humanity. He stated that “most of the people associated with Communism in the early days were Jews.” Wedemeyer also claimed that Roosevelt’s Jewish advisers “did everything possible to spread venom and hatred against the Nazis and to arouse Roosevelt against the Germans.” (Source: Bendersky, Joseph W., The “Jewish Threat”: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army, New York: Basic Books, 2000, p. 274).

    Louis McFadden documented the Jewish domination of Soviet communism. In a speech to Congress on June 15, 1934, McFadden said that the Soviet government in 1917 was composed of 565 persons as follows: 32 Russians, two Poles, one Czech, 34 Letts, three Finns, 10 Armenians, three Georgians, one Hungarian, 10 Germans, and 469 Jews. McFadden said that the Jews in the Russian government did not represent the thoughts and ideals of the 150 million Russian citizens. Instead, he described Jews in the Soviet government as aliens and usurpers who were not concerned with the welfare of the Russian people. (Source: Fighting the Federal Reserve: The Controversial Life and Works of Congressman Louis Thomas McFadden: New Brunswick, N.J.: Global Communications, 2011, pp. 511-512).

    Why don’t you apologize to the Russian people for the enormous Jewish crimes against humanity?
    Also, Warsaw Ghetto = Gaza Ghetto.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante, Rurik
    • Replies: @Mevashir
  464. @Ron Unz

    You may find Martin Wolf’s gloomy article informative

    There are no good choices for the west on Ukraine – via @FT