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Why Is Maria Butina in Prison?
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Russian gun rights activist and graduate exchange student Maria Butina was sentenced to 18 months in prison last week for “conspiracy to act as a foreign agent without registering.” Her “crime” was to work to make connections among American gun rights activists in hopes of building up her organization, the Right to Bear Arms, when she returned to Russia.
She was not employed by the Russian government nor was she a lobbyist on Putin’s behalf. In fact the Putin Administration is hostile to Russian gun rights groups. Nevertheless the US mainstream media and Trump’s Justice Department are treating her as public enemy number one in a case that will no doubt set the dangerous precedent of criminalizing person-to-person diplomacy in the United States.The Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) was passed in 1938 under pressure from the FDR Administration partly to silence opposition to the US entry into World War II. While a handful of cases were prosecuted during the war, between 1966 and 2015 the Justice Department only brought seven FARA cases for prosecution.

Though very few cases have been brought on FARA violations, one of them was against Samir Vincent, who was paid millions of dollars by Saddam Hussein to lobby for sanctions relief without registering. He got off with a fine and “community service.”

Millions of dollars in unregistered payments from Saddam Hussein gets no jail time, while Butina gets 18 months in prison for privately promoting a cause most Americans support! How is this justice?

The US Justice Department is not even as tough on illegals who commit capital crimes in the US!

Unfortunately Maria Butina was in the wrong place at the wrong time. With the rise of the “Russiagate” hysteria, Butina’s case was seen as a useful tool by Democrats to push the idea that President Trump was put into office by the Russians. Plus, many of them are also hostile to our Second Amendment and to the National Rifle Association. So it was a perfect storm for Butina.

Sadly, conservatives are mostly silent on this miscarriage of justice. They are also caught up in the idea that America can only be great if it goes abroad seeking monsters to destroy.

Also, a new Cold War is very profitable to the military industrial complex and Butina serves an important propaganda purpose. The media is an all-to-willing participant in this farce.

Even though Trump has been exonerated by a Mueller investigation that didn’t even view the Butina case as worth investigating, the President has been silent on her persecution. This is similar to his sudden silence on Wikileaks now that Julian Assange may be facing an eternity in a US supermax prison.

As author James Bamford wrote recently in an excellent New Republic article on the Butina case, the national security agencies are also eager to get another notch in their belts and the Russian gun activist was low-hanging fruit for their ambitions.Non-interventionists believe strongly in citizen-to-citizen diplomacy as a way of avoiding war and conflict overseas. Exchange students, international business ventures, tourism, and just communicating with others is such an important way to thwart the plotting of the warmongers who lurk in all governments.

I am saddened to see that the United States has made such a hostile move toward peaceful foreign citizens seeking friendship with Americans. When citizens are no longer allowed to engage in diplomacy we are left with only the state. And the state loves war.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Zio-cons are behind this dangerous new cold war with Russia. Ms. Butina is a sacrificial lamb.

    Meanwhile, foreign agents representing the interests of Israel occupy much of Washington and have captured America’s dominant news and entertainment media, not to mention our public schools.

    Those who notice this phenomena and address it openly are smeared as ‘anti-Semites’.

    Today’s lesson, children, concerning the world’s most downtrodden tribe of innocent people who do no wrong is this:

    STFU and obey.

  2. TheJester says:

    I feel a great deal of sympathy for Maria Butina. The “Emperor is wearing no clothes!” … when one bothers to look and see a large number of American Jews (and non-Jews) advocating for Israel at the expense of the United States. All without legal consequences or comments from the commentariat. Indeed, one can be both a vocal and loyal Israeli citizen and occupy power with special access security clearances at the highest reaches of the United States government.

    The point is that all of us should be a little bit afraid. If the DOJ can pin this on Butina, no one is safe when the Deep State decides to make a political example of you with trumped-up charges and time behind bars.

  3. Anon[384] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh, look, an outraged senator! Quick, let’s change the laws that allowed this abuse, since he couldn’t do it, being too busy charging a salary, and lobby money, and legitimizing the current system.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  4. Firstly, I would like to invoke the mighty Ron Unz to please fix the unintentional 2 sections of this column that are blockquoted. It confused me, but I see no reference indicating that those parts are not Ron Paul’s writing along with the rest. Could you please fix that formatting, Mr. Unz? (That is, unless I got this wrong.)

    In that case:

    The US Justice Department is not even as tough on illegals who commit capital crimes in the US!

    I am glad to see Dr. Paul write at least one line on this. I know you are a law & order guy, Ron Paul, but you never seemed to get that it’ll be that much more impossible(!) to have a Libertarian/Constitutional society with this many people imported from the 3rd world where they NEVER even think of these idea.

    If you had listened to me in person on the campaign trail in early ’12, Dr. Paul, you very well may have become too big for the Lyin’ Press to sideline you and gone on to become President.

  5. @Anon

    Who TH are you talking about#384? Ron Paul is not a sitting member of Congress, he was NEVER a Senator (unfortunately), and there never were near 1/2 of 454 of him to pass laws. Ron Paul was known as “Dr. No” because he is a REAL doctor, and he voted against anything unconstitutional. Even 100 more of him together would have stopped the Socialism that we now suffer from.

    You go on here and point at the one Constitutionalist that resided in the whole Congress over the last 30-odd years? Look at where you’ve got 3 more fingers pointing, buddy.

  6. Dear Dr Paul. It is too late old boy. You had your chance. Late in life but you had it. I was there. We hoped but already then my pessimisim said no way, it was too late for you then. It was. It is even more so now. Enjoy telling them “I told you so” if that’s your wish but do not presume to change anything from here on in. I doubt you need to be told but that’s it. You’re (USA) f#cked. By extension the hangers on of Empire such as Australia is too. My country. Deserves nothing less than to suck the same sewerage.

  7. Maria Buttina’s case reminds me of what used to happen to Americans who went to less than savory foreign countries.

    I suppose she made a similar mistake.

  8. Dannyboy says:

    Why is she in prison?

    Because the Democrats/Deep State needed a pawn to sacrifice in order to bolster their ridiculous Russian collusion narrative, that’s why.

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
  9. Maybe, if she had faked having children under 18, Butina would have gotten some sympathy, like the caravaners, hauling children (sometimes not even their own) on a dangerous trek across a couple of poorly policed countries.

    After they reach the USA, as long as they are toting kids, they are released into the American interior to await asylum hearings that over 90% of them fail to attend. All they have to do is wait for 20 days in facilities that are costing taxpayers billions, just like the \$113 billion spent every year on womb-productive illegal aliens with US-born kids.

    It’s not spent as a diplomacy gesture, nor are the crimes that a few illegals commit overlooked due to fostering good relations with countries south of the border. It’s done for the Cheap Labor.

    Butina probably couldn’t afford to provide much cheap labor, either, and there are a lot of underemployed Americans with graduate degrees. The ones that land jobs invariably have two of them per household. Parents keep two household-supporting jobs under one roof via the crony-parent job network, and in the many cases, a lot of absenteeism is overlooked because of the mutual parenthood of most employees and managers.

    Butina should have taken note: the USA is now a more collectivist nation than many non-democratic nations. At the top, the USA is like the Old Europe of power marriages, royal births, entrenched money and dynastic ambitions. At the bottom, it is sort of like a poor Catholic nation that—above all—structures society around womb production, but without the religious values.

    For instance, I looked up from my desk one day to see the unattended, young, under-5 child of an illegal alien mommy back a car into a support beam in front of the office where I was working. The illegal alien left her small child in her car with the keys in the ignition while shopping. When the police arrived, they shrugged, letting it go since the deed was done by an illegal alien mom.

    It was a much bolder, obvious gesture of intentional illegality than anything in this Butina case.

    An American citizen would have been punished in multiple ways, with possible jail time, court costs in the hundreds, major uprates to any insurance policy for years, hundreds in fees and a visit from the Department of Children’s Services. Even American parents—as coddled as they are in the welfare system, the progressive tax code welfare system and the crony-parent job network—are subject to far more negative consequences for bad behavior than foreign-national parents who are just glorified in this society.

    I have noticed an interesting contrast to all of the many overlooked crimes of foreign-national parents of kids under 18, reading stories about taxi medallion purchasers who committed suicide in NYC after Uber put so many yellow cabs out of business. These people were legal immigrants, but none of the stories I read mentioned children. I bet the pyramid scheme that is the taxi medallion business screwed these people the most since they did not have kids.

    These are the type of immigrants trying to get ahead by acting legally, paying their loans and investing a lot of grit and money in the system, but they were stuck near retirement age, owing a huge amount of insurmountable money, rather than with an investment that ensured a nest egg.

    I don’t agree with any type of mass immigration after 4 decades of cynical, destructive, wage-undercutting displacement of underemployed US citizens, but a few immigrants are fine. And it is absurd that it’s the ones trying to jump through the hoops to do things right that are punished, especially if they had no birth-canal exits, while any foreign national womb producers are not only above the law, but paid by Uncle Sammy for each kid produced with free EBT food in the hundreds each month, reduced-cost rent, monthly cash assistance, free electricity and up to \$6,431 in refundable child tax credit cash.

    Other than protecting the wealth of a few individuals at the top, people with families from anywhere in the world are mostly accommodated in the USA, supported by welfare and are even above the law in many cases if they have birthed for the motherland, whether or not they are citizens of the USA. Most non-womb-productive individuals—foreign born or natural born—are subject to very different rules everywhere, including in America’s many voted-best-for-moms workplaces, with 90 — 100% mom employees who are often dramatically above absenteeism rules and even quota-meeting.

    The crony-rigged system is really working to spur labor force participation.

    No non-wealthy, single, childless Russian (or American) woman had much of a chance at fairness in any situation that could be subject to criticism in any way, whereas globalist adventurism of all kinds is 100% overlooked when dual-high-earner parents in high places are making lucrative global contacts for the sake of their DNA dynasties. It does not matter what position they hold; the womb production is what makes their interaction with foreigners different. It’s not just the Clinton Foundation, either—it’s a ton of them. As long as they can hide behind their kids and babies, anything they do for money is okay.

    It’s not just in politics. It’s the same from the top to the bottom of American society in the transactional world of womb privilege and fake feminism—from the lowliest \$10-per-hour call center or voted-best-for-moms corporate back office to the tippy top of the dynastic, global oligarchy.

    The US Constitution’s “persons” concept has faded from memory. Butina is a “person,”an individual not a “working family,” like the “working families” mentioned far more by US globalist politicians than the US Founders.

    Better fake motherhood of kids under 18, or go to a country that is less hostile to non-womb-productive individuals if you expect fairness even in court, much less in family-friendly / absenteeism-friendly workplaces, assuming there is one.

    In this overpopulated world, with close to 8 million humans competing for natural resources and scarce quality jobs in the automation era, the most valuable component of economic productivity (and even citizenship) is womb production.

    Makes sense. Logical.

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