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Why Are We Siding with al-Qaeda?
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Last week, I urged the Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to stop protecting al-Qaeda in Syria by demanding that the Syrian government leave Idlib under al-Qaeda control. While it may seem hard to believe that the US government is helping al-Qaeda in Syria, it’s not as strange as it may seem: our interventionist foreign policy increasingly requires Washington to partner up with “bad guys” in pursuit of its dangerous and aggressive foreign policy goals.

Does the Trump Administration actually support al-Qaeda and ISIS? Of course not. But the “experts” who run Trump’s foreign policy have determined that a de facto alliance with these two extremist groups is for the time being necessary to facilitate the more long-term goals in the Middle East. And what are those goals? Regime change for Iran.

Let’s have a look at the areas where the US is turning a blind eye to al-Qaeda and ISIS.

First, Idlib. As I mentioned last week, President Trump’s own Special Envoy to fight ISIS said just last year that “Idlib Province is the largest Al Qaeda safe haven since 9/11.” So why do so many US officials – including President Trump himself – keep warning the Syrian government not to re-take its own territory from al-Qaeda control? Wouldn’t they be doing us a favor by ridding the area of al-Qaeda? Well, if Idlib is re-taken by Assad, it all but ends the neocon (and Saudi and Israeli) dream of “regime change” for Syria and a black eye to Syria’s ally, Iran.

Second, one of the last groups of ISIS fighters in Syria are around the Al-Tanf US military base which has operated illegally in northeastern Syria for the past two years. Last week, according to press reports, the Russians warned the US military in the region that it was about to launch an assault on ISIS fighters around the US base. The US responded by sending in 100 more US Marines and conducting a live-fire exercise as a warning. President Trump recently reversed himself (again) and announced that the US would remain at Al-Tanf “indefinitely.” Why? It is considered a strategic point from which to attack Iran. The US means to stay there even if it means turning a blind eye to ISIS in the neighborhood.

Finally, in Yemen, the US/Saudi coalition fighting the Houthis has been found by AP and other mainstream media outlets to be directly benefiting al-Qaeda. Why help al-Qaeda in Yemen? Because the real US goal is regime change in Iran, and Yemen is considered one of the fronts in the battle against Iranian influence in the Middle East. So we are aiding al-Qaeda, which did attack us, because we want to “regime change” Iran, which hasn’t attacked us. How does that make sense?

We all remember the old saying, attributed to Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack, that “if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.” The “experts” would like us to think they are pursuing a brilliant foreign policy that will provide a great victory for America at the end of the day. But as usual, the “experts” have got it wrong. It’s really not that complicated: when “winning” means you’re allied with al-Qaeda and ISIS, you’re doing something wrong. Let’s start doing foreign policy right: let’s leave the rest of the world alone!

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Donald Trump, Russia, Syria 
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  1. Anonymous[316] • Disclaimer says:

    The United States is now a Jewdeo-worshiping Christian nation, and Christians are Jews II, considering themselves dual citizens.

    • Philippians 3:3-20 “For it is we [Christians] who are the Circumcision…our citizenship is in Jewheaven.” [Which is the foreign capital city Jerusalem. Rev. 21:2]

    Probably better do religion right first, then right foreign policy, like the Founders once implemented, will follow.

    “The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense founded on the Christian religion.” -Treaty of Tripoli, officially ratified by the Senate with John Adam’s signature on 10 June, 1797

  2. With Russian support, Syria will inevitably retake Idlib, although the battle may drag on for a long time.

    We can only hope that US authorities will have the sense to vacate the Al-Tanf base before the Russians and Syrians reach it.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  3. >>>we are aiding al-Qaeda, which did attack us, because we want to “regime change” Iran, which hasn’t attacked us. How does that make sense?<<<

    It is evil undemocratic nonsense. As is our policy of extra-curricular violence and regime change…. an exceptionally rotten way of looking at the world with the indispensable rotten consequence of making huge tragedies of ordinary peoples' lives.

    I often think of the "Maureens" of Syria, Iraq,Afghanistan,Yemen and Libya. I think of those grandmothers and a hardness protects my heart. A hard resolve to speak and seek peace.

  4. Anonymous [AKA "JasonS 0825"] says:
    • Replies: @anonymous
  5. anon[132] • Disclaimer says:

    America is focusing on China accusing of torture internment and indoctrination and threatening more sanctions and UN rebuke . Uighur is being used by Uncle Sam .

  6. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe because that’s a nearly four year old article in the WarPo and/or Mr. Bolton wasn’t in the Obama administration?

    Please tell us what you think.

  7. lavoisier says: • Website

    Why Are We Siding with al-Qaeda?

    You know the answer Ron.

    We are siding with these evil bastards because it is in the interest of Israel.

    Say it loud and say it clear.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  8. Anonymous[312] • Disclaimer says:

    And we know what is first in Christian America.

    “The Jew First.” Romans 1:16

  9. RobinG says:
    @James N. Kennett

    Does “sense” even enter into it? More like maniacal self-righteousness and hubris.

    CALL THE WHITE HOUSE: 202.456.1111 – Say “Hands Off Syria!!!”

  10. KenH says:

    Apparently Trump has fallen under the spell of the shabbos goy extraordinaire with the walrus mustache. This wasn’t supposed to happen but Trump is starting to get comfortable in the swamp.

    Any military action clearly helps ISIS and Al Qaeda. If the U.S. succeeds in driving out Russia and Iran and overthrowing the Assad regime then we’ll go back to fighting, or rather, play fighting with ISIS and AQ for the next decade while they grow like a cancer and create a caliphate across the entire Middle East.

    This is a complete 180 from the campaign but the Trump cultists tell us this is 4D chess instead of sheer stupidity and surrendering to the neocons and Israel lobby.

  11. Virgile says:

    The US is siding with Al Qaeda because it is siding withe Israel. They are the two faces of the same coin: a Jewish State and an Islamic State

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