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Who’s Afraid of Elon Musk?
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Any doubt that many progressives have abandoned their commitment to free speech was erased by the hysterical reaction to Elon Musk’s effort to purchase Twitter and return the company to its roots as a free speech zone. Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and “woke” neocon Max Boot fretted that Musk’s commitment to free speech threatens democracy. Those confused by how free speech threatens democracy should remember that for neoconservatives and many progressives democracy means allowing the people to choose between two largely identical supporters of the welfare-warfare state. In this version of “democracy,” those whose views are outside the welfare-warfare mainstream — such as libertarians — are marginalized.

More ominous than the griping of ex-government officials and pundits was the threat of prominent Democratic politicians to haul Musk before Congress. These politicians likely want an opportunity to smear Musk and other supporters of free speech as promoters of hate and Russian (and/or Chinese) disinformation.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin and other Senate Democrats, none of whom seem to have read the First Amendment, are also investigating whether it would be “appropriate” for Congress to force tech companies to “moderate” content on their platforms.

President Biden is not waiting for legislation to ramp up the attack on free speech. His administration has created the Disinformation Governance Board located in the Department of Homeland Security. The board’s purpose is to coordinate government and private sector efforts to combat “disinformation,” with a focus on Russia. The focus on Russia is not surprising since “Russian disinformation” has joined racism and sexism as a go-to justification to smear and silence those whose views (and factual information) contradict the political and media establishment’s “party line.”

Biden’s choice to head the Disinformation Governance Board, Nina Jankowicz, is a spreader of disinformation herself. In 2020, for example, Jankowicz parroted the lie that Russia created the damning materials found on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. Jankowicz’s résumé also includes stints as an advisor to the Ukraine government and a manager of National Democratic Institute programs in Russia and Belarus. Jankowicz’s background suggests she will never call any lie peddled by the US war party “disinformation.”

The Disinformation Governance Board may not directly censor social media. However, by “encouraging” tech companies desperate to maintain good relations with the federal government to remove “unapproved” opinions from their platforms, it can achieve the same results. This is why anyone who values free speech, which should include everyone who cherishes liberty, should not fall for the claim that tech companies’ behavior is nothing to be concerned about since it does not involve government censorship.

Sadly, some misguided conservatives have joined progressives in promoting legislation imposing new regulations on big tech. Increased regulation will only empower Nina Jankowicz and her ilk to further pressure tech companies to restrict free speech. It will also hurt consumers by reducing the ability to find affordable goods and services online. The only way to protect free speech on the internet is to make online platforms truly private through a complete separation of tech and state.

The drive to censor is driven by the woke mob and authoritarian establishment’s fear that their policies could not maintain majority support if forced to compete in a free market of ideas. This shows that even enemies of liberty sense that the days of the welfare-warfare state are numbered.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology, Science • Tags: Elon Musk, Twitter 
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  1. You and I tried to tell people 20 years ago what the problem was with America’s creation of a Dept. of Motherland Security. Just as the name should have told us, one that previously would only have been the name of a government organization in a Communist, Fascist or other Totalitarian country, you don’t have a government department called Motherland, Fatherland, or Homeland Security in ANY kind of free country.

    The TSA is the biggest example, but then, after 20 years of it, all I hear is “well, we have to do this because of those few bad people.” Illegal searches are simply routine now, so there went a big part of Amendment IV.

    You and I saw this coming, yet all we were called back then were LOLbertarians who were so fixated with “muh Constitution” and didn’t care about “Merica, fuck yeah!”

    Most Americans are ignorant, lazy and cowardly, is what I think I’m trying to say here. Ignorant, as they never foresee the results of these usurpations of rights, lazy, as they care about convenience over spending effort to circumvent the tyranny, and cowardly, as they won’t stand up for anything.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  2. Somewhat on topic, the “liberals”, more accurately, the ctrl-left, of the 1960s were allegedly big supporters of free speech. What we need to understand is that they only were because the Constitution did a good job of protecting all their speeches, actions, and even erroneously their violence against the Conservative Establishment of the time.

    Now they the ctrl-left IS the Establishment, they don’t want the alt-right or anyone else to impede their “progress” with such quaint ideas as freedom of speech, assembly, association, or any of that mess.

    In other words, the ctrl-left never really supported free speech as a matter of principle. We see the mindset finally now, as their hypocrisy knows no limits and they don’t mind showing their hand. They think they have won this thing already. I’m not so sure of that.

    • Replies: @Cowboy
    , @Jeff Davis
  3. “Separation of tech and state”

    We desperately need politicians who stand for and push that idea.

  4. Phibbs says:

    What is the common denominator among the kings and queens of censorship? They are mostly Jews — but Ron Paul cannot say that fact.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  5. Cowboy says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    In other words, the ctrl-left never really supported free speech as a matter of principle.

    Right on Newman! The Left revered (((Kunstler))) in the 70’s as if he was greatest defender of free speech ever but when asked to defend the Minutemen his lack of principle was exposed, as is common of those of his ilk.

  6. Most Americans do not care about information coming from American govt.

    So, Dr. Ron Paul or Dr. Rand Paul can scream about the First Amendment or any other amendment for argument’s sake day and night, but American govt. will do what American govt. always does.

    Everyone at the Unz Review are so excited about South African Elon Musk who actually admires America’s first Black-president Baraq Hussein Obama, Jr.

    Baraq Hussein Obama, Jr., was (is) all about government-censorship based on “You didn’t build that!!!” ideology as well as droning American citizens abroad and faking the capture of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

    And, disinformation involving faking the capture (and execution) of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, was what made American Conservatives à la Dr. Ron Paul or Dr. Rand Paul so much excited about in 2011 and 2012.

    Dr. Ron Paul or Dr. Rand Paul enjoyed the constant flow of fake disinformation from American government administration of Baraq Hussein Obama, Jr.

  7. @Achmed E. Newman

    Of course they supported free speech. Supported it passionately. Free speech for THEM.

  8. Jokem says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    ‘Most Americans are ignorant, lazy and cowardly, is what I think I’m trying to say here.’

    Never underestimate the effect public education has on this.

    ‘In other words, the ctrl-left never really supported free speech as a matter of principle.’

    Yes, they did, as long as you said things they agreed with. Left wing politics.

  9. Mark G. says:

    Biden’s new disinformation czar may unintentionally serve a useful purpose in finding out the truth on various issues. It’s going to be used as a tool to attack anything true that might hurt the Democrats in the next election if it becomes widely known and accepted. If she says something is disinformation, then it is most likely true and if she says something is true then that is likely not true. An honest and moral person would never even accept a position like this, so it’s guaranteed to be filled by someone who is dishonest and immoral.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  10. do says:

    Freedom as it has been mouthed around the globe by the west has now become extinct and meaningless. It is now apparent the ‘do right’ rhetoric of western diplomacy was the proverbial ‘cloak and dagger’ scheme to infiltrate and subdue unsuspecting nations, subjecting them to ill-advised western interests and norms in the process.The Musevenis and Mugabes of this world are now vindicated in hindsight.

  11. Durruti says:

    Statesman Ron Paul, concludes:

    The drive to censor is driven by the woke mob and authoritarian establishment’s fear that their policies could not maintain majority support if forced to compete in a free market of ideas. This shows that even enemies of liberty sense that the days of the welfare-warfare state are numbered.

    The “welfare state” is alive and unwell, as Congress overwhelmingly voted \$40 Billion for welfare to the “warfare state” the Zio-American Oligarchs’ NATO. World War III is on, and the Russians are not the only victims.

    This is “an additional” gift to war. The cost of the opening shots of WW III is far higher than this. This is only the tip od the financial iceburg.

    This information was dutifully placed in the media, for a few minutes, then it was hidden from view.

  12. Alrenous says: • Website

    Proggies favoured free speech due to kto kogo, their only guiding principle. When they didn’t have the power to censor, they opposed censors. Now they have seized every censor office, so they don’t.

    This tells me that, in fact, free speech favours Proggies in the first place. Sequence of events: speech is freed, Proggies win. Humans can’t fly unaided because we don’t need to. Turns out the left can’t meme because they don’t need to.

    In Reality, there is no free speech for the same reason there is no free lunch. There is, however, subsidized speech. For example, someone pays to host this comment, but it sure as heck ain’t me, the person who wrote it.

    Free speech is irresponsible speech.

    Free speech is crazy speech – the crazies plain want it more.
    If you have free speech, normies start quietly backing away and hoping someone else will deal with it. The crazies quickly dominate any so-called inclusive forum. Check: twitter is completely full of absolutely batshit kooks.

    Speech is worth at most what you pay for it. Same with beer.

    Free speech is Communist speech.

    Internalize the externalities. Speech tariffs for everyone, subsidies for no-one. Not only should you not be paid to teach, you should have to pay for the privilege. Time for responsible speech.

    • Replies: @Jokem
    , @Lurker
  13. Jokem says:

    ‘Free speech is irresponsible speech.’

    Right! In some cases.
    The only thing worse than this is censorship.
    The price of liberty is some people will abuse it.
    The alternative is slavery, which some people will also abuse.

    • Agree: Durruti
  14. reading says:

    Max as a new money The new darling of the God of capital Of course, it should be hostile to the old money family behind Ford So I’m sure there must be old money for oil cars among the enemies who attack max
    Ford’s new electric car is really rubbish If you can’t do well, you want to dig a hole for others

  15. Cowboy says:

    Well yeehaw and yippee the cartoon generation has showed up! I reckon it’s a small victory if you can get them to put down their mutant action figure dolls long enough to type self refuting babble or their incoherent thoughts. The great thing about free speech is you can quickly pick out the lunatics. Always good to allow douchehole collectivists the opportunity to confess their sins.

  16. Durruti says:

    🇺🇦⚡Ukraine is very unhappy that Republican Senator Rand Paul blocked a bill on the allocation of additional assistance of \$40 billion

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Ukraine could “already start using the new US aid package,” but the politician “delayed much-needed support.”


    God Bless Senator Rand Paul – our only Senator. He is courageous, just like his father. It is likely that this Welfare for the Weapon makers will pass the American Knesset, but Rand Paul is putting up a good fight. He needs our help.

  17. Bite Moi says:

    Phibbs————The Jewish tribe has above average intelligence and looks after their own,I can respect that.I don’t like them,but looking after your own appeals to me.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  18. Lurker says:

    twitter is completely full of absolutely batshit kooks.

    Twitter doesn’t have free speech.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  19. Alrenous says: • Website

    Show me the free speech forum that has normies instead of crazies.

  20. @Bite Moi

    You wrote:

    I don’t like them [the Jewish tribe], but looking after your own appeals to me.

    Nothing wrong with looking after your own tribe.

    However, if in the process of elevating your own tribe you:

    1) Exploit countless billions financially through your control of the western central banks, IMF etc
    2) Murder hundreds of millions through World Wars you engineered (and numerous other Zio orchestrated ‘medium’ scale wars)
    3) Are directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions more (due to starvation, disease, sanctions and trade embargoes imposed by your lap dog the U.S government/Congress)
    4) Introduce a Zio concocted bioweapon virus, that in and of itself doesn’t kill that many, but the tyrannical lockdowns and responses by governments you control result in scores of millions of Deaths of Despair and vaxx induced mortality through your machinations of engineering the Covid Psyop
    5) Conjure up the Anthropogenic Global Warming hoax, supply chain disruptions and many more egregious acts upon humanity

    ….. well this is something that DOES NOT APPEAL TO ME.

    • Agree: Durruti
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