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We Should Listen to the Iraqi Parliament
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This month marks the 15th anniversary of the US war on Iraq. The “shock and awe” attack was launched based on “stove-piped” intelligence fed from the CIA and Pentagon through an uncritical and compliant US mainstream media. The US media was a willing accomplice to this crime of aggression committed by the George W. Bush Administration.

Despite the lies we were constantly bombarded with, Iraq never presented a threat to the United States. Iraq never had the weapons of mass destruction that the neocons used to frighten Americans into supporting the war. How many of them knew all along that there were no WMDs? We’ll never know. Attacking Iraq and overthrowing its leader was long a plan in the neocon playbook and they used the 9/11 attack on the US as an excuse to pull the plan off the shelf and put it into action.

The US “regime change” war on Iraq has directly resulted in the death of at least a quarter of a million civilians, and indirectly perhaps a million Iraqis have been killed. The Iraqi infrastructure was destroyed and the country was set back many decades in development. Far from the democratization we were promised, Iraq has been turned into a hell on earth. Due to the US use of depleted uranium and other chemical weapons like white phosphorus, Iraqis will continue to suffer from birth defects and other related illnesses for generations.

How did we get there? War propaganda was essential in paving the way for the Iraq war. Americans are generally skeptical about launching new wars, so it takes a steady media bombardment about the alleged depravities of any targeted regime before public opinion begins to shift in favor of war.

Because the neocons who helped launch the war have never had to face the consequences of their actions, they continue to promote war with impunity. Just this past week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was pushing for a US attack on North Korea in which millions may be killed. He said this weekend, “All the damage that would come from a war would be worth it in terms of long-term stability and national security.” That’s just what they said before the US attacked Iraq, and how did that turn out? I find it disgusting that the media continues to give airtime almost exclusively to those who promote more US disasters like Iraq.

The Iraqi parliament did something extraordinary last week. A majority of elected Iraqi representatives voted to demand that their prime minister draw up a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops from the country. President Obama had withdrawn US troops from Iraq in 2011, after a status of forces agreement could not be reached with the Iraqi government, but he returned the US military to Iraq under the auspices of fighting ISIS.

We had no business going into Iraq in the first place and we have no business remaining in Iraq. Al-Qaeda and ISIS emerged in Iraq because our attack and occupation of the country 15 years ago created fertile fields for extremism. Nothing will be achieved if we remain. Let’s listen to the Iraqis and just come home!

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Iraq, Iraq War 
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  1. Flat Cat says:

    Dr. Paul is right in this, as he usually is on foreign policy. There will never be any consequence for the people who promoted and executed the destruction of Iraq, and Syria, and Libya. They do whatever they want, and even if the average American does not support each war of choice, it has gotten to the point where the emperor…er, I mean, the president, whoever he may be and whichever party he belongs to, may launch attacks on people across the globe at will, and there will be no consequence to him or his enablers.

    What are we to do? Our representatives, such as they are, will not hold themselves, the executive, or the judicial branches of the federal government accountable to their oaths, or even to the basics of morality. Not when doing so will likely end their time at the trough.

    This is too big to stop. It will go on until the whole rotten edifice of what used to be America collapses in on itself. That won’t be a fun time, but if there is such a thing as karma, this country will have more than earned the pain that is coming.

  2. Al Qaeda existed before we went into Iraq under Bush II. ISIS was created as a result of the destruction of Saddam’s regime. Saddam needed to be removed, and his nuke program destroyed, but destruction of the regime was a strategic blunder equal to that of the sealed train that carried Lenin to Russia. We should have removed Saddam and handed the keys to the next guy in line with the admonition, “Don’t make us come back,” and after all nuke materials were recovered and seized, then left the country.

  3. Renoman says:

    All because of Israel. When will America put the boots to AIPAC and become human again?

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If the Iraqis had used a little smarts, they would have agreed to an internal truce while they acted nice and pretended to go along with US rule and democrazy until the Americans just got bored and went home, and then resumed hostilities until they could divvy the place up into tribal chunks, which is the only peaceable arrangement long term. The only question is who gets what and how much.

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