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True Civil Libertarians Must Oppose the IRS
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Progressives who work to end individual rights violations committed by the NSA, FBI, DEA, CIA, and other federal agencies usually overlook, or even support, the routine violations of Americans’ rights by the IRS.

For example, progressives rarely, if ever, speak out against the IRS’s targeting of the opponents of those in power. When liberal Democrats control the White House, the IRS targets advocates of free markets. When hawkish Republicans are in power, the IRS targets antiwar activists.

The Democrats’ election reform legislation would require political organizations to divulge their top donors. Such donor disclosure requirements can be, and have been, used to intimidate donors from supporting “controversial” causes. Yet the requirements are supported by many progressives in the name of getting big money out of politics.

In order to “pay for” their massive spending schemes, President Biden and his congressional allies are planning a huge increase in the IRS budget. The declared purpose is to enable the tax agency to bring in to the government much more money by ramping up efforts to identify and punish those not paying the “proper” amount of taxes.

The tax code’s complexity guarantees many innocent Americans will be caught in the IRS’s expanded net. Yet progressives will support this because they favor the new social programs the new revenue will finance, and because they believe the IRS will only target billionaires and big corporations.

The truth is that most of the new revenue will be collected from middle-and-working-class Americans. These Americans will be targeted because, unlike billionaires and big corporations, middle-and-working-class Americans cannot afford legions of tax lawyers and accountants to level the playing field between them and the tax agency. They are more likely to simply give in to the IRS’s demands.

Waiters and waitresses may even be subjected to audits to ensure they are paying taxes on their tips.

Another frightening proposal is for the government to impose a “mileage tax” to fund highway construction. A mileage tax would require government to keep track of how many miles every American drives. Some claim that a mileage tax can be implemented without creating a massive new system of government surveillance. Even If this were true, anyone who expects the government not to use this new power for nefarious purposes needs to Google Edward Snowden.

Progressives’ blind spot toward IRS abuses of liberty is rooted in their belief that one can separate “economic” liberties from “civil” liberties. This allows them to support an abusive tax system to fund a welfare state (and, for an increasing number of progressives, a warfare state) while opposing other infringements on liberty. These progressives are the mirror image of conservatives who defend economic liberty while supporting government infringements on personal lifestyle choices. One of the most urgent tasks of those who wish to restore a free society in all areas is to end the artificial distinction between economic and civil liberties. By defending all liberty — no matter if it is classified as economic liberty or civil liberty — we can best protect against violations of any liberties.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Income Tax, IRS 
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  1. Jokem says:

    I support Dr Paul’s efforts to reign in government overreach. It is sad our leaders cannot be trusted to act responsibly, but instead require constant surveillance. People have enough to do attending to their jobs and families without having to spend time digging into the nefarious activities of elected officials.

  2. Mr. Paul, it will be difficult to remove The 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto so long as a Country remains mired in Communism. Cultural Marxism has by design infected the natural Culture of the United States. Culture must necessarily change before politics will.

    The engineer mind might break down a larger problem into constituent bits. Would it be possible to change the course of one of the States (preferably one not landlocked) whose culture is already more in line with ridding itself of this Communist plank (then hopefully the other nine afterwards)?

    Could a State itself simply decline to enforce, or allow to be enforced by any administration or public body, organization etc., this 2nd plank?

    To help change the Culture, why not insist to others they refer to the income tax as something else and abandon the term completely. A plank tax maybe? How about calling it the Marx Rate.

    The Marx Rate, which is really just a fee for using the private banks property (i.e. a “federal reserve note”), came into being in 1913 I believe. There is talk of an Agenda 2030, to remake the world into a neo-feudal system. Why not initiate Agenda 2033 120 years later; the target year the Marx Rate was buried.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  3. Jokem says:
    @USA invades Israel

    ‘Could a State itself simply decline to enforce, or allow to be enforced by any administration or public body, organization etc., this 2nd plank?’

    Some States have done this via Marijuana legalization, but since the States are not responsible for Federal Income Tax enforcement, not much can be done via this method.

    There have been movements to refuse to pay Income Tax, but never got much traction because the Treasury Department is quick to come down on anyone doing that to make an example of them and squash the movement before it gets going.

  4. How very timely this Ron Paul column was for me! In particular, that would be the 5th and 6th paragraphs, regarding the complexity of compliance with the evil spawn of Amendment XVI*. I received a letter from a computer at the IRS complaining about 2 spots on my Feral Income tax form from a couple of years ago.

    One of the “mistakes” of mine was I think something very simple, as this tax credit is quite clear – I must have left out a form that goes with it. The 2nd one was more of an attitude problem on my part. There is some deduction that I know we took a few years ago, but I didn’t see where to put it on the newer 1040 form, so I just stuck it in another block.

    Fuck it, I ain’t spending more than one evening on this crap. It’s bad enough I have to pay in many thousands of bucks to support the irresponsible and the warfare state. I’m not spending any serious time of mine on this. I’m not that errand boy sent by grocery clerks.

    Back when I used to watch a little sportsball, the Super bowl, that is, I would do the taxes during halftime at the bar.** I would round off to the nearest 10 bucks, do the math in my head, and if they didn’t like it, THEY could just figure it out themselves. I pay them good money to do so.

    This is gonna be a hoot, responding to this letter. Oh, and NO, I will most certainly NOT pay a guy to do my taxes. That’s for the same reason I wouldn’t feel like paying the medical expenses for a burglar who got lead poisoning while ransacking the garage.


    * See also Part 2 and Part 3.

    ** Usually all the W-2 forms and interest statements had come by then.

  5. The Republicans do NOTHING about high taxes (which only serve to fund Big Government), and all the bureaucrats hired to collect them.

    Through their support for “tax incentives”, they make things worse.

  6. anon[237] • Disclaimer says:

    Oppose the IRS? Yes, but that is somewhere down the list behind opposing lockdowns, mask/vac mandates, racial preferences/reparations, direct child subsidies, etc.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  7. Jokem says:

    Not to me. Those issues you mention will get scaled back if the IRS is on a short leash.

  8. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    Timothy E. Quick

    Your move, IRS. It’s been decades.

  9. Jokem says:

    ‘The truth is that most of the new revenue will be collected from middle-and-working-class Americans.’

    There is only one way to destroy the Middle Class – Taxes, Taxes and more Taxes. – Karl Marx

  10. Bayviking says:

    Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are poor no more

    As a practical matter birth rates must come down, which is only possible when women are provided an outstanding education.

    The purpose of taxation in a Capitalist system must be to prevent an ever decreasing minority from owning everything. As the game of Monopoly demonstrates, left untaxed long enough there can only be one winner. That will return our nation to a feudal system and the dark ages. It already played out once until labor unions, workers compensation and social security was established, through taxation.

    Since that time our ruling Oligarchy has launched an effective counter attack. Our great democracy is a myth.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  11. Jokem says:

    ‘As a practical matter birth rates must come down, which is only possible when women are provided an outstanding education.’

    Not true. Women will have their children anyway, without a man to help raise the child, which will deny the child a proper male role model.

    • Replies: @Bayviking
  12. Bayviking says:

    The key word here is “possible”. Why begrudge welfare when Banksters are stealing 80 times more money, as we converse? That 80 times more gets shared with a couple thousand people, while welfare is shared with 13 million people, who actually need the money to survive.

  13. Jokem says:

    Bankers and other have to deal with a cascade of regulation as well as taxes. So does the middle class.
    When you say 13 million people need the money to survive, how do you know that? How many are just getting a free handout because it is easier than finding employment? How many would be receiving charity if it were not for the oppressive tax burden suffered by the taxpayers. The middle class generates most of the tax revenue, bot the bankers, rich people, etc.

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