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Reduce Expectations of Government
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Inflation was an unwelcome guest at this year’s Thanksgiving gatherings. According to the Farm Bureau, a traditional Thanksgiving meal cost 14 percent more in 2021 than the same meal cost in 2020. Many families went without certain Thanksgiving favorites — or limited their guests — to reduce costs in hopes of saving Christmas from the Grinches at the Federal Reserve. Sadly, these efforts will not guaranty that children’s Christmas wish lists will be fulfilled because the government-caused supply shortages have even impacted Santa’s workshop.

Some pundits have suggested that the way to cope with higher prices and reduced availability of goods is for people to “lower their expectations.” These pundits have unwittingly stumbled into the truth: The American people should lower their expectations of government.

Since the Progressive Era, many Americans have looked to the government for economic security. The result has been a welfare state that undermines private charities, families, local communities, and the free market. Development of entitlement mentality has contributed to the moral crisis facing the country.

Parents who expected the government to provide their children with a quality education are discovering that government schools are more interested in indoctrinating children in Cultural Marxism. The expectation that the government ensures everyone has healthcare has resulted in bankrupt entitlement programs that are major drivers of the nation’s fiscal crisis. It has also led to Obamacare, which has made it more difficult for many Americans to afford quality health care.

There may be no better symbol of the folly of looking to government to provide security than the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). For twenty years, this agency has subjected Americans to incredible violations of their privacy and property rights as well as their basic human dignity. Yet federally funded tests of the TSA have found TSA screenings are ineffective at stopping would-be terrorists! It is not just the TSA. The entire unconstitutional surveillance machine created after 9-11 has done nothing to increase our safety but has done much to decrease our liberty.

The trillions spent on foreign wars make Americans less safe by increasing resentment of American foreign policy. Our foreign policy that enriches the military-industrial complex and its paid propagandists is another major factor contributing to a massive fiscal crisis.

A major expectation that people need to reject is that the Federal Reserve can produce stable prices and full employment. For fifty years, America has had a pure fiat currency. The result has been a steady erosion of the dollar’s purchasing power, an increase in economic inequality, a boom-bubble-bust business cycle, and a steady growth of government fueled by the Fed’s monetization of debt. Despite the Federal Reserve’s record of failure, Congress refuses to pass the Audit the Fed legislation that would allow the American people to learn the full truth about American monetary policy.

In contrast to the welfare-warfare-regulatory state, a free society will exceed the people’s expectations. A free market, featuring a currency chosen by the people, not the government, can meet all people’s demands for quality goods and services. Private charities could effectively and compassionately take care of those needing help without creating an entitlement mentality. Schools would view parents as customers and so would not use the classroom as a vehicle to undermine the parents’ values. We can always expect authoritarianism and poverty from big government and peace and prosperity from liberty.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Government Spending 
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  1. Dumbo says:

    Anyone who expects anything from government (except trouble & taxes) is a fool…

  2. BorisMay says:

    There is nothing wrong with government, it is, rather, the party political system that is at fault.

    Abolish party politics, outlaw lobby groups and limit political spending to US\$50,000 per candidate and you circumnavigate the base loyalty issues that corrupt your system.

    Make it the absolute purpose of elected politicians to serve only their electorate at home and you will have just and fair policies created for your people.

    If you want decent healthcare for all, nationalise all medical facilities in the US and make healthcare free at point of entry, whether that be a visit to your local doctor, an ambulance trip to hospital or walk in patients in Accident and Emergency facilities.

    Charging for health services is immoral, just as not providing free housing for the poor and underprivileged is too.

    Looking at the US today it is clear that not only the political system is dysfunctional but so too is the Capitalist scam you call an economy, the privately run Fed (which should be nationalised to enable the government to issue its own currency as JFK was attempting to do) and the industrial-military complex should be limited to producing a defensive orientated system that protects the US nation, rather than terrorises the rest of the world.

    But until you address the primary cause of your problems, party politics, nothing can change…everything will get worse.

    So sad this writer is unable to see the wood for the trees.

  3. Franz says:

    Since the Progressive Era, many Americans have looked to the government for economic security.

    That’s because the Free Trade shoveled jobs, technology, etc. to China, Mexico and wherever they could find cheaper labor. You know Indonesia has some excellent steel facilities? And the used to be in California and Alabama.

    And 17 “security” agencies that amount to the biggest Welfare Queens in history. Any word on which one of them gets shut down first? No, because it’s easier to dump on the people impoverished by foreign trade.

    The Progressive Era was a blip on the charts, if that. Deindustrialization was world war three. That’s the big one we lost in the 20th century, the one libertarians don’t like to talk about.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  4. @BorisMay

    Excellent points.
    As a good libertarian Mr Paul’s answer to any negative economic question is — “the government did it”.
    Libertarians aspire to a utopia where government is a mere appendix to a mass of liberties & freedom.
    No where is there a realisation that in practice power (ie “government” of some kind) preceeds economy.
    Mr Paul’s utopian ideas can be seen in quotes like this one —
    “A free market, featuring a currency chosen by the people, not the government, can meet all people’s demands for quality goods and services.”
    Unless he’s referring to precious metals etc, I can’t think of any historical example of people choosing a currency. (Crypto is like any currency, ie an external party offers it to “the people” — of course, unlike a “currency” it may or may not be legal to use it to pay your taxes — so, to that extent, unlike say the US dollar you can’t be forced to use it).

  5. What splendid advice! Be sure that government formerly of, by, and for the people is made so small that it cannot hope to “extend the protections of civil government to all worthy members of the community”, in George Washington’s words. When a tyrannical oligarchy of wealth threatens the welfare of everyone, be sure there is no popular government in place with the will and the muscle to stop it. Because that is what real liberty is, social Darwinism, the freedom of the most aggressive to dominate everyone else according to god’s holy plan.

    The long libertarian war on reality has resulted in a national regime that hates its people so deeply that it refuses again and again to even consider let alone mandate the things that a substantial majority of Americans favor in poll after poll: Medicare for All, lower prescription drug prices, more affordable childcare, higher taxes on the rich, limits on campaign spending, addressing the climate crisis, and ending the endless war against the rest of humanity. Instead, the interests that control our media and the “useful idiots” of the Astroturf opposition mischaracterize these perfectly reasonable goals as fringe, radical, socialist, Marxist, all the tried and true dog-whistle fear words. It’s no coincidence that their favorite smear of all is slavery – because for the handful of powerful men who control us now, freedom for all would indeed feel like slavery to them – the slavery of having to earn an honest living like everyone else.

    • Replies: @Cowboy
    , @Jokem
  6. Mark G. says:

    One thing I’ve noticed is that I meet more libertarians out in the real world than I see in the comment sections here at and other internet websites. Most of the libertarians I know are quite busy. They own small businesses that take up a lot of time or have careers that require a lot of hours worked. They just don’t have much time to leave long comments on internet websites. Socialists, on the other hand, instead of being busy working will instead spend lots of time spinning out elaborate rationalizations on the internet explaining why it is ok to forcibly take money from the productive for free healthcare, free housing and so on for everyone. They are parasites who are unable to produce goods or services consumers would want to buy on a free market so they want the government to support them.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  7. Cowboy says:

    You are a true believer, blessings of the State, blessings of the masses. Thou art a subject of the divine, created in the image of man, by the masses, for the masses. Let us be thankful we have an occupation to fill. Work hard, increase production, prevent accidents and be happy. Let us be thankful we have commerce. Buy more. Buy more now. Buy. And be happy.

  8. My expectations of the people masquerading as “government” couldn’t be any lower.

  9. ruralguy says:

    As an older father of two children who are now ending their K-12 schooling, I now agree with the argument of Libertarians that public education is toxic. The schools really do effeminize and indoctrinate children, while providing very little real education. They’ve dropped almost all grammar instruction in schools. The math they teach is dumbed down and archaic — they teach almost no modern mathematical concepts. The teaching of History is now focused almost solely on a social justice perspective. Almost all subject are far-left leaning. Even in math. My youngest child’s math teacher would spend the first 10-15 minutes of class preaching left-wing nonsense like “you should convince your parents to give up their wealth, to help support those who are less fortunate.” But, the worse aspect of public education is the children. I once read a psychologist explain that most children are quite toxic, so parents should strive to have them learn behaviors from adults, not other children. I couldn’t agree more. My children’s numerous friends were quite innocent and happy, but they were also mostly undisciplined, lost, mentally unbalanced, and too easily impressionable. When they advanced into higher grades, many took drugs, drank alcohol. were directionless, and many were mentally unbalanced. Public schools are toxic.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  10. Jokem says:

    ‘Abolish party politics, outlaw lobby groups and limit political spending to US\$50,000 per candidate and you circumnavigate the base loyalty issues that corrupt your system.’

    This method will run crosswise with the 1st Amendment. Are you suggesting I should not take \$50,000 of my own money and take out a campaign ad for a candidate I favor? Are you suggesting I should not hire someone to represent my interests in government? Are you suggesting I should not organize a campaign rally for people of like minds to run someone for office who favors those types of people?

  11. Jokem says:

    What you are calling ‘Free Trade’ is not free trade at all. Industry went overseas to escape the oppressive tax and regulatory environment here.

    • Replies: @Mark G.
    , @Franz
  12. Jokem says:

    ‘When a tyrannical oligarchy of wealth threatens the welfare of everyone, be sure there is no popular government in place with the will and the muscle to stop it.’

    The ‘tyrannical oligarchy’ you speak of exists exactly because of the big government. Adam Smith observed when two capitalists get together, they scheme to restrict competition. One of the ways this is done is to create a regulatory environment where the startup costs to any newcomer are prohibitive.

    There still is foreign competition, but tariffs can deal with that.

  13. Mark G. says:

    What you are calling ‘Free Trade’ is not free trade at all. Industry went overseas to escape the oppressive tax and regulatory environment here.

    Yes, it is primarily the government that is causing loss of jobs overseas. There is another important factor in addition to high taxes and regulation. The yearly trade deficits didn’t start until after 1970. So, why did you have trade deficits almost every year after that but not before that?

    1971 was when the government left the Bretton Woods agreement and severed the last link to gold. Nixon did this because he wanted to engage in inflation to boost the economy before the 1972 election, since that would help him win. It worked and he did win but later on the inflation led to rising prices.

    One of the prices that rose was the price of labor. As the price of American labor went up, the price of foreign labor became increasingly cheaper by comparison. Cheaper foreign labor meant cheaper prices for the goods being produced and American consumers switched to these cheaper foreign goods, thus creating the trade deficits. After the Chinese dumped their unworkable Communist system, they were especially able to take advantage of this wage differential. So, in addition to the increasingly high taxation and high levels of regulation, the high wages created by government caused inflation helped to cripple the competitiveness of American industry.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  14. Franz says:

    What you are calling ‘Free Trade’ is not free trade at all.

    Certainly true. Paul Craig Roberts even noted America’s billionaires can outspend any rival political group. A friend of mine who joined the Occupy Wall Street told me a good half the people there were paid to be there. Tax write off for the guys who paid them, who probably thought it was a blast.

  15. Jokem says:
    @Mark G.

    I claim the regulatory environment was a factor in driving up the price of labor, but what you state is a factor also, I think.

    I don’t think Red China ‘dumped’ their Communist system, they still have a command economy, what they did was move away from being ‘Doctrinaire’. More like the Leninist system, where the major economic entities are regulated closely, but small ‘Mom and Pop’ types are given a lot of slack.

    This is what the USA was intended to be, where DC regulated only Interstate Commerce, until Wickard v. Filburn, where the Supreme Court decided any commerce even peripherally tied to another state’s economy was Interstate Commerce. Red China does it as a matter of policy, rather than law.
    This will work for them as long as someone with enough political influence and an agenda comes along.

    • Agree: Mark G.
  16. @BorisMay

    Before this, I’d thought your comment here on American racial matters was ignorant, but this one takes the cake in the broad field of ignorance.

    It wasn’t this wish of the Founder to have political parties, but the American economy worked very well for 150 years after they existed, with very little Feral government involvement. Healthcare worked very well with no Feral government involvement. I know you are British, but this history is recent as far as history goes and easy to get information on.

    Maybe you have not enough imagination to understand, but Ron Paul is still around writing weekly columns and putting out his Liberty Report show. Instead of trying to understand the simple concepts he espouses, you write nonsense here instead, such as:

    Charging for health services is immoral, just as not providing free housing for the poor and underprivileged is too.

    No, they are not rights, that’s already been going on, and all it is is wasteful, dysfunctional, and dysgenic.

    Dr. Paul usually writes something pretty optimistic at the end of each column. Reading from guys like you makes me hope there are not many of you who have immigrated, as your view is much closer to that of the citizens in 1984. Everything you write is a push for MORE government.

    End the FED, period. Yeah, bring the military home, but don’t expect the US Gov’t to be a part of that. There would be no MIC without Big Gov.

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