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Parents Should Control Education
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During last week’s Virginia gubernatorial debate, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe promised that as governor he would prevent parents from removing sexually explicit books from school libraries, because he doesn’t think “parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

McAuliffe’s disdain for parents who think they should have some say in their children’s education is shared by most “progressives,” as well as some who call themselves conservatives. They think parents should obediently pay the taxes to fund the government schools and never question any aspect of the government school program.

School officials’ refusal to obey the wishes of parents extends to the anti-science mask mandates. Mask mandates are not only useless in protecting children from a virus they are at low risk of becoming sick from or transmitting, the mandated mask-wearing actually makes children sick! Yet school administrators refuse to follow the science if that means listening to parents instead of the so-called experts.

Replacing parental control with government control of education (and other aspects of child raising) has been a goal of authoritarians since Plato. After all, it is much easier to ensure obedience if someone has been raised to think of the government as the source of all wisdom and truth, as well as the provider of all of life’s necessities.

In contrast to an authoritarian society, a free society recognizes that parents have both the responsibility and the right to provide their children with a quality education that reflects the parents’ values. Teachers who use their positions to indoctrinate children in beliefs that contradict the views of the parents are the ones overstepping their bounds.

Restoring parental control of education should be a priority for all who believe in liberty. If government can override the wishes of parents in the name of “education” or “protecting children’s health” then what area of our lives is safe from government intrusion?

Fortunately, growing dissatisfaction with government schools is leading many parents to try to change school policies. Parents are also responding by pursuing alternatives to government schools, including the option hated most by authoritarians: homeschooling.

The unnecessary coronavirus lockdowns and the teachers union officials’ support for keeping schools closed have also contributed to the growth in homeschooling.

Parents looking for a homeschooling program that includes an introduction to the ideas of liberty should consider my homeschool curriculum. My curriculum provides students with a solid education in history, literature, mathematics, and the sciences. It also gives students the opportunity to create their own websites and internet-based businesses. The curriculum is designed to be self-taught, with students helping, and learning from, each other via online forums.

Starting in fourth grade, students are required to write at least one essay a week. Students also take a course in public speaking.

The curriculum teaches history from a pro-liberty perspective, and the economics section is taught from the Austrian viewpoint. But, unlike government schools, the curriculum does not compromise education quality, distort facts, or undermine parental authority in pursuit of an ideological agenda.

Students using my homeschooling program develop a love of learning, study superior communication skills, and gain real-world business experience. They also develop critical thinking skills that will enable them to succeed in whatever career paths they choose.

Parents interested in giving their children a well-rounded homeschool education that includes an introduction to sound economics and the ideas of liberty can get more information about my curriculum by going to

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Public Schools, Vouchers 
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  1. This is yet another Ron Paul post for which we liberty lovers will have not much to add but “no kidding!” Your timing, for my family anyway, in adding in a plug for your homeschool curriculum was excellent.

    We have a boy that is getting to his middle school years. The designated middle school for our location, for which I’ve been paying property taxes for a good long time, is something like 50% black. That is a “no-go, Houston” item for us, of course. We considered private school but I would not enjoy paying a huge amount along with the taxes for the public schools. They are still somewhat under the thumb of The State and the Big Ed establishment anyway.

    It took a long time for my wife to get on board with the concept of The State not needing to be at all involved in education of kids – it’s her background – long story… This is a great thing. If anything the idiotic masking, social distancing (down to 3 ft now, per Dr. Fauci and other EXPERTS!), the plexiglass shielding, and the rest of the stupidity has my boy kinda down on going to school now. (It helped, or didn’t help, depending on your Statist status, that he reads my blog sometimes, including posts with the Educational Stupidity and Kung Flu Stupidity topic keys (you’ve got to scroll down a bit)).

    I’ve already mentioned your liberty-oriented homeschooling curriculum to my wife, Dr. Paul. We can teach the math and science, but we really do need reading material that does not include the embedded woke, anti-White, PC, genderbending crap to go along with the Big Ed “history”, “civics”, and “literature” material.

    Thank you so much for all this work you have done!

    • Replies: @Anon
  2. Taxes are theft by another name.

    Parents are robbed by the gov’t to prevent them from affording proper education for their progeny. They are then forced into gov’t schools where their extorted tax money is used against their best interests. Their children are indoctrinated in the propaganda of the country (history) and subject to the freaks in the society masquerading as teachers of sexual perversion, race hustling, gender nonsense and all in the name of diversity and progressivism.

    These parents then go on to vote in elections in a system that is blatantly skewed against them. They attend school board meeting where police are on hand to prevent parents from airing their issues, having seen what has happened to others that have dared to speak truth to power.

    Whose fault is this? That the organs of gov’t are out of control is obvious and of long standing and yet the parents persist in functioning within the system to try, ineffectually, to change that system. From my perspective, it is the parents fault for being stupid enough to cooperate in their subjugation. As long as parents meekly take the reaming from TPTsB, this will continue and only intensify.

  3. Phibbs says:

    I am a retired teacher. I have been banned from commenting on two “educational” websites because I fulminated against Critical Race Theory, which liberals/teachers adore. I also can’t help noticing that at least 20% of the “anti-racist” articles and pro-CRT articles are written by Jews. Jews are only 2%of the U.S. population, yet Jews are at least ten times over-represented among those preaching anti-white lies, leftist hatred and bringing about destruction of America.

  4. Parents Should Control Education

    But parents these days…

  5. SafeNow says:

    Pablo Picasso famously said that he had to learn to paint people with two eyes and one nose before he could paint people with one eye and two noses. I believe that this applies to education, and that most schools have lost sight of this. When I went to public schools a zillion years ago, they taught the two-eyes things. Even teachers who were not especially gifted did an excellent job teaching the traditional curriculum. Similarly, homeschool parents, although not trained teachers, could do an excellent job. Whether kids these days would sit still, at home, for mechanical, rote, traditional learning might be a different story. If I had a school-age child, I might enroll him in a religious school.

    I was an industrious student, and managed to be accepted at “elite” New England universities. When I got to my “elite” university, I found that I knew more than my rich classmates who had attended fancy private schools.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  6. @SafeNow

    Whether kids these days would sit still, at home, for mechanical, rote, traditional learning might be a different story.

    1) You don’t want them looking at screens all day, but computer software can make lots of it more fun and at the same time do a better job at teaching the rote stuff.

    2) A student can spend 4 hours a day at home school and get in at least as much learning as gets taught in a 7 hour day at the traditional schools. See Peak Stupidity with “Arts & Crafts”.

  7. SafeNow says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    “You don’t want them looking at screens all day, but computer software can make lots of it more fun and at the same time do a better job at teaching the rote stuff”

    There is a lot of truth in that. But the research I read shows that computer learning is as effective as books when it comes to grasping “the big idea.” However, when you drill down to learning and comprehension past “the gist,” learning from print is significantly better. A variation of book + yellow highlighter is “copy the blackboards!” In HS world history, for example, this consumed fully half the period. The second half was spent discussing the concepts and themes that emerged from what we had just copied.

    (I was the HS valedictorian, and I guess that either makes me either a good source of opinion on how to achieve learning, or, the worst possible source. I don’t know which. Probably some of each.)

  8. @Achmed E. Newman

    A student can spend 4 hours a day at home school and get in at least as much learning as gets taught in a 7 hour day at the traditional schools.

    Out home school experience was that the kids accomplished more before lunch on Monday than public school kids did in a week. Yep.

    If you’re looking for age appropriate, cheap reading material, try thrift shops and public library sales; e-books aren’t the best approach for younger kids.

    We didn’t use/purchase any formal curriculum, by the way. The elementary grade math workbooks, available at the big stores, are perfectly suitable. For English/reading exercises, the e-commerce, workbook choices are your best bet. Avoid study materials which tout their Common Core (crap) compliance.

    A_p_e and all this discussion about who should control it would go, too. The status quo, e.g. bureaucrat control, is the worst: Taxpayers simply pay and pay more. I’m also unimpressed with school parents who believe that they should control it. I’m just their slave.

  9. Anon[485] • Disclaimer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    We homeschooled our son for 3 years – it was an eyeopener – immeasurably better than gov‘t Schools.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  10. JLK says:

    Local school boards control the curriculum, and are elected by the local public, including parents.

  11. raga10 says:

    as governor he would prevent parents from removing sexually explicit books from school libraries,

    And rightly so because these “concerned” parents are not just interested in what their children learn – what they want to control is what ALL children are allowed to learn. If they don’t want their child to read a particular book then let them control their child’s reading, not the contents of library.

    And it is especially insidious to frame such blatant attempts at censorship as actions of “liberty lovers”!

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