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Omicron: The Lockdowners’ Last Stand
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Just as President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccination mandates were being ripped up by the courts, authoritarian politicians, public health bureaucrats, and the mainstream media, announced a new Covid variant to justify another round of lockdowns and restrictions. The things that didn’t work last time would be a good idea to do again this time, they claim.

For these authoritarians, the timing of omicron’s emergence was perfect.

The variant was first discovered in South Africa, with the US and European media running endless scare stories. Authoritarian politicians used the manufactured fear to justify another attack on liberty. Europe shut down and became a virtual prison camp. In Austria, Germany, and elsewhere, citizens became non-persons without a vaccine passport.

South African health officials reported that the variant seemed to be more contagious but far milder than previous variants, as usually happens with such viruses. But the lockdowners would not hear of it. From Boris Johnson in the UK to DeBlasio in New York City, the variant was perfect cover for them to put their boots back on the necks of terrorized citizens.

As to be expected, Fauci reveled in the emergence of the new variant, warning of “record deaths” for the unvaccinated. Similarly, President Biden warned that this would be a “winter of death” for the unvaccinated.

But here’s something the media isn’t reporting about the omicron outbreaks: they are taking place among the fully vaccinated. Cornell University, with 97 percent of the campus fully vaccinated and a mask mandate, has announced that it would return to online only instruction after a massive Covid outbreak. Likewise, the National Football League has postponed several games this weekend due to Covid outbreaks, even though the League is virtually 100 percent vaccinated. And the National Basketball Association, which is above 95 percent fully vaccinated, has just announced that due to a surge in Covid cases it too will postpone games.

The vaccine is not working to prevent infection or transmission of the virus: cases are raging in states with the highest vaccine levels. Yet the “experts” continue to maintain that the only thing that can stop the spread of omicron is vaccines! More people are catching on that this makes no sense. If vaccines don’t stop the spread, how can vaccines stop the spread?

Meanwhile, South Africa, with one of the lowest rates of vaccination, has just announced that they are only seeing a tiny fraction of hospitalizations with omicron compared to previous variants. South Africa’s Covid response authority has written to the health minister recommending an end to containment efforts, contact tracing, and quarantines.

Unvaccinated South Africa is ending Covid restrictions while the hyper-vaccinated North is locking down. Something doesn’t add up.

Fauci loves to say that to question him is to question science, but this has nothing to do with science. It’s about power. Fauci, the political authoritarians, and the corrupt Big Pharma billionaires are trying to make a last stand, desperate to push omicron as a justification for further tyranny and profits. But actual science is not cooperating.

Omicron is spreading and vaccines are not stopping it. Thus far nearly half of omicron infections are asymptomatic. Some experts are predicting that omicron will spell the end of Covid-19. But we know that as long as people like Fauci are around, Covid-19 will never end. Unless, of course, we repudiate the charlatans and profiteers and reclaim our liberty!

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Levtraro says:

    Why in the world does the USA system promotes stupid and inmoral charlatans like Clinton, Bush jr., Obama, Trump and Biden to highest office while sensible and intelligent people from the right like you and from the left like Tulsy Gabbard are ostracized, never given a chance? I know, rhetorical question.

    • Replies: @Bull Gator
    , @SafeNow
    , @Jokem
  2. But we know that as long as people like Fauci are around, Covid-19 will never end. Unless, of course, we repudiate the charlatans and profiteers and reclaim our liberty!

    And how are we going to do that? They got all the bases covered and they have all the power. Any suggestions on how to fight back will be appreciated.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  3. – In evolutionary biology a “sickness” is always a transitory stage in the
    development of a parasitism so yes, the evolutionary trend towards
    more contagious but less virulent strains is universal (with rare outliers).
    The NHS have already backpedalled on their single Omicron fatality
    (“with”, not “from”, but still no word on comorbidities).
    Sooner or later it will be preferrable to let a “wave” run its course
    (not least because the immunity is several times stronger and broader i.e.
    also more probably covers future mutants).

    For a developing country with low vaccination rates that point comes sooner:
    Doing nothing comes naturally, don´t cost forex, and works better;
    besides, we all die 😉 .

    For the “West” it boils down to marginal cost per quality adjusted life year (theory)
    or how much Big Pharma can grease without being caught (practice).

    Given Pfizer still refuse to fork over their raw data we may never know.

  4. Baxter says:

    I do not share the enthusiasm Dr. Paul must have for a national reclamation of liberty. What we have observed in 2020 with the Covid scare and subsequent restrictions and with the mayhem that followed the death of George Floyd is that Americans, for the most part, are hopelessly docile. How many people put a greater premium on liberty than having food, shelter, safety, and an adequate salary? No, Americans will happily trade their already compromised freedoms if it means passing through life with as little discomfort. I do hate sounding so jaded about the nature of man, but this appears to be his modus operandi.

  5. republic says:
    Omicron is Not Normal
    Everything suggests this variant was leaked from a laboratory engaged in gain-of-function research.

  6. @republic

    Getting hysterical about a 99.8% survivable virus mutating, just as the flu does, is not normal either. Look for a Peak Stupidity post to come called “Menopause Nation”, probably after New Years. Peak Stupidity will have to take a sick day we’re so sick of you people!

  7. As Achmed E. Wormer, Dean of Student Stupidity has already told one young student Panicker, “Vaxxed, masked, and stupid is no way to go through life, son!”

    With an initial caution about the girly photos, I urge the reader to check out “OMΓ!”. That’s Greek for OMG!, for you independents living on the other side of the tracks Quad.

    As the post advises, when you enter Delta Omicron House, old-fashioned prophylactics are recommended, but leave the face diapers and gloves at home, if you want to have any chance of getting laid. As the song says, “The Greeks don’t want no freaks.”


  8. Jokem says:

    The problem being in addition to sacrificing liberty, we are also sacrificing future economic stability, which means more than a little discomfort – in the future.

    • Agree: Mark G.
  9. Chu says:

    ‘for the most part, are hopelessly docile.’

    But recall they dropped their racial reckoning when citizens were in lockdown and basically unable to communicate about anything. That’s why I feel the revolution is slowly failing and being beat back into the cracks from which it came.

    A term called ‘shock doctrine’ that is used to transform other nations has been employed against its own citizens. -Iraq was a good example the doctrine being employed.

  10. gay troll says:

    What in the actual fuck is going on? The media is building a new lockdown narrative on the back of Omicron, despite the fact that it appears to be unstoppable, irrespective of masking, social distancing, and vaccination. It also appears to be incredibly mild, perhaps ten times less deadly than Delta, which in turn was ten times less deadly than Beta. It is literally on par with the common cold; as Omicron becomes endemic it will join the other human coronaviruses that circulate freely among the human population.

    If the goal is perpetual recurring lockdowns and economic strangulation, Omicron is not the right means to the end. This suggests that all the talk of nefarious intent on the part of TPTB is wrong. After all, if they can simply manufacture a narrative, or engineer a virus, then why not make Omicron truly deadly? Instead we are observing the result that viral evolution would predict the first place, which is the selection of more transmissible, less dangerous strains.

    So it looks like a completely natural pandemic with a manufactured narrative on top of it. There are a few other curious things about Omicron. It is not mutated from Delta but from a much earlier strain of the virus. It has also been reported that most of the mutations in Omicron exist on the spike protein. I have already pointed out that the accumulation of mutations on the spike protein is exactly the kind of process that should result from inoculating people with a leaky vaccine that only teaches the immune system to recognize the spike. I have suggested that mutating the spike protein may have been the goal of the vaccination campaign all along. And yet the variant supposedly came out of South Africa which has a very low jab rate.

    In the U.S. a lot of vaccinated people are going to test positive for Omicron. Any of these people can thereafter have COVID listed on their death certificate. According to the MSM, the United States is already in crisis due to soaring rates of Delta, and flu, and delayed care. But with Omicron, whatever is going on will officially cease to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So that could be the real goal here: use Omicron as an excuse for vaccine failure and/or injury.

    But as a long term justification for lockdowns and other mandates, Omicron is worthless. My tendency has been to look at the pandemic response as a cover up all along, which suggests that it could really come to a stage managed ending. As far as I know, there was only one top level BSL facility that suffered containment breaches involving a [redacted] “select agent” (i.e. pathogen) in 2019. And it wasn’t in China.

    One other possibility I consider is that Omicron was released by white hats and black hats are about to get their asses handed to them. But I’m pretty sure they all wear the same hats now.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Grieved
  11. If you followed the bouncing ball, beginning in January, 2020, there is no confusion about any of the narrative.

    But remember, Covid has caused X number of deaths, according to CDC, which is not a captured government agency, from the government that gave you Operation Iraqi Freedom.
    There is no need to consider the effects of unprececented socio-economic disclocations and disruptions in excess deaths. Covid dunnit!
    Just say no to flu hoaxers and anti-vaxxers!

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
  12. JasonT says:

    In 2020, the seasonal flu was weaponized.

    Now coming into 2022, the common cold is being weaponized and kill shot effects being attributed thereto. Together with the impending supply chain collapse, 2022 is shaping up to be a bad year.

  13. The 86-year-old Author does nothing but cheer the newest upsurge of Covid. This Libertarian Geezer was once – about 40 years ago – a genuine doctor, so a person might suppose he’d have a few words of wisdom about the upsurge of infections and deaths. “Wear an N95!” “Ventilate your house/car/office space!” “Stay away from crowds!”

    No Siree! All that’s seen here is a clueless old fart chanting Nah-Nah-Nah.

    • Replies: @Bull Gator
    , @rufus clyde
  14. meamjojo says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Get millions to march in the streets, make a lot of noise, tie-up commerce, hang politicians in efigy, etc.

    Posting your dissatisfaction on the internet is not going to change anything.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  15. meamjojo says:

    “But here’s something the media isn’t reporting about the omicron outbreaks: they are taking place among the fully vaccinated. ”

    The reason for this is that the current CoVax shots are built to create spike proteins to train the body’s immune system with that have a very specific spike protein config. The immune system [mostly] only works against this spike protein config.

    When you throw a different config at it, as with Omicron, the old CoVax shots do nothing.

    This is the grand weakness in the mRNA and similar spike protein focused approaches.

    OTOH, when someone gets naturally infected, the immune system has learned over millions of years to take a sample of ALL PARTS of the virus, not just the spike protein surface covering. This provides robust immunity to the original virus (assuming you survived the infection) AND generally, future variants.

    Phama scientists know this but we don’t have the technology to do what the human body does naturally, so they have cobbled together a half-assed solution that barely works.

    Finally, on top of depending on a poorly thought out solution (or maybe not poorly thought out if the goal was to keep shooting people up and raking in the $$ from doing this), all of you who took the CoVax shots stand a strong chance of experiencing serious side-effects over future years due to the damage caused by free floating spike proteins in your body. So make sure your life insurance policies are up-to-date and paid if you have people depending on you for income.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  16. Wokechoke says:

    Yes the Global South is in the middle of summer and that’s a good time to catch a cold when it’s warm. The global north is going to have its seasonal flu and colds and catching respiratory diseases in winter is never good. Something doesn’t add up.

  17. Emslander says:
    @gay troll

    In my relationships (I should say, “my former relationships”), I discovered that the reaction to any truth in this matter was met by near violence. Normally friendly, thoughtful, upright people seemed to be programmed from the start to be willing to kill the messenger of any dissident idea.

    There must have been subtle memoranda woven into the “Modern Family” type TV shows or the “Survivor Island” shows that I failed to get. This has been a long-planned operation that even included electing local law enforcement people with Soros money, so that local questioners can be quietly rounded up and put in local county jails.

    It ain’t over! It ain’t over by a long shot. It’s just at the beginning.

  18. @Levtraro

    Well I hear they give great head. Or maybe some other kind of sexual gratification to the Powers that Be!! It has to be something like that because nothing else makes any sense and you know it is based on some kind of secret #hit.

    Imagine waking up next to George Soros or Klaus Schwab!!! It may have driven them MAD!!!

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  19. @Zachary Smith

    Sorry about the Brain Injury you had from the Jabs. Was it diagnosed as just micro-clots or inflammation of what little grey matter was remaining after the repeated Bleaching you put it through.

  20. @Zachary Smith

    Very funny stuff. The N-95 bit has been one of the more absurd rituals in Covidian dogma. Even though there is no scientific evidence that wearing masks could prevent transmission of infectious respiratory viruses, and plenty of evidence that this ritual will not do so, people simply ate it up when the various health authorities switched from discouraging to encouraging masks.
    But in order to cover their asses, they said that mask wearing was only good as source control.
    N-95 has significant filtration properties for the wearer, for organic vapours and various particles, but has a one-way valve that does not filter exhalation in any way. So masks cannot protect the wearer, and N-95 cannot work as source control.
    Absolutely hilarious.

  21. @Jokem

    Soft people make hard times and you know the rest.

  22. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Paul Craig Roberts has a graph up showing 99.9+% survival rate for the UNVACCINATED in most age groups. (And I bet it’s comparable for those treated with Ivermectin and HCQ in ALL age groups).

    He talks about the “Revanchist Nazism Throughout the Western World” based on the Covid/Vaccine conspiracy.

    But this Covid/Vaccine conspiracy is not not “Nazi.” It’s Judeofascist:

    Video Link

  23. dearieme says:

    Everything suggests

    Being found first in Botswana doesn’t suggest a lab origin (unless you think the release might be deliberate).

    • Agree: Dieter Kief
  24. SafeNow says:

    The U.S. embraces “the con style.” Examples abound. Joan Didion and others wrote about this a long time ago, but now, it is bringing about the end of the U.S….and maybe worse. Smart people in Russia and China are right now scratching their heads trying to figure out how to deal with this.

  25. Jokem says:

    Tulsy Gabbard endorsed Joe Biden.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
    , @bike-anarkist
  26. Levtraro says:
    @Bull Gator

    Explain to me now: how will I un-imagine waking up alongside those two decrepit orcs?

  27. Levtraro says:

    Did she? F*ck, well, leftists are notoriously flimsy.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  28. @Baxter

    I also remain unconvinced that, contra Dr. Paul, the “conservative” SC will agree that Biden’s vax mandates are unconstitutional. After all, the 6th Circuit Court (by a 2-1 vote) overruled the 5th Circuit, which had ruled against the vax mandates. As a result, Biden feels empowered to proceed with his demonic mandates, with Jan. 10 as the new drop-dead date.

    From what I read this AM, the SC is supposed to make some kind of ruling, even if it’s a Stay, before Biden’s enforcement date. The SC has 3 democrat libs who vote as a bloc, and 3 reliable conservatives (Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch). That leaves Roberts, who often votes with the libs, and 2 shaky Trump appointees (Kavanaugh and Coney-Barrett). I could see the Court going 6-3 against the mandates, and also 6-3 for.

    This is where the dreaded “Omicron variant” comes in. It’s timing seems perfect to scare the Court, (which was too afraid to take up any of the 2020 election challenges), into voting against Liberty. This is hardly the “Lockdowners Last Stand.” If we’ve learned anything from last year’s stolen election(s), with Covid perfectly timed to bring about Trump’s defeat thru fraudulent nationwide mail-in voting, these leftist ideologues will never give up.

  29. @meamjojo

    Gandhi in India used civil disobedience. Masses of people to overwhelm the state and it’s security and police. It was used to disable the jailing of people, the courts and the government. It was nonviolent, many were killed by the British and many more had their heads bashed in.
    Today, we can organize flash protesters at any venue if we have the support of like minded.
    By targeting vulnerable governmental organs such as airports, large railway junctions peacefully, we can win popular support.
    Even the MSM will not be able to ignore such an event.
    Wear helmets.

    • Agree: meamjojo
  30. Tina B. says:

    The Church is at it again: ”The unvaccinated are immoral; Archbishop of Canterbury Welby says getting the jab is ‘not about me and my rights to choose – it’s about how I love my neighbour’ ”


  31. Athena says:

    STERILIZATION AND EUGENICS PROGRAMS IN THE UNITED STATES. Pedophile experiments and practices (today) in Germany.

    PAINFUL AND OFTEN DEADLY FORCED EXPERIMENTS on THOUSANDS OF INNOCENTS WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT OR KNOWING by the nazis, and then forced sterilization of tens of thousands Americans or experiments by the CIA, US government and army.

    S. Edmonds: ”The CODID-19 is a massive drill operation”. And now, they are pushing hard to make their rushed and experimental COVID vaccine mandatory. Knowing your government, your congress, parliaments, federal courts, and even the supreme court atroceous track records on these evil mandatory experiments, on these force medical practices, do you trust, do you trust them to be on your side and represent your interests, your health on mandatory covid vaccine experiment? Are you willing to become their guinea pigs?

  32. Jokem says:

    Replied to the wrong post…

    How does this jibe with your statement that Tulsy is sensible?

  33. @Jokem

    A gun an inch from one’s temple just might be convincing to endorse.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  34. Jokem says:

    I would be very shy about saying such things in a public forum.

  35. Dumbo says:

    Data from Canada suggests that the VACCINATED not only are responsible for more cases, they have higher hospitalization numbers than the unvaccinated as well. So much for the vaccine “preventing hospitalization”….

    I don’t know if it’s Omicron, actually Omicron with that cartoon villain name sounds just like a scare story, perhaps it doesn’t really exist or means that much. Whatever the case, the vaccines seem to do nothing, perhaps they are just a placebo, a marker for the “vaccine passports” which is what they really want in any case.

    I like Mr. Paul, but the fact is that the pandemic is just an excuse to further remove liberties, so they won’t stop, even when contradicted with facts. They want their damn vaxx passports for everybody and they want them now!

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
    • Replies: @republic
  36. Unvaccinated South Africa is ending Covid restrictions while the hyper-vaccinated North is locking down. Something doesn’t add up.

    It is winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, high summer in the south.
    One would think those entitled to discuss a “virus” that attacks the immune-compromised in cold weather, would know how summer and winter happens.
    …but, alas…

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  37. republic says:

    Video Link
    The COVID-19 Omicron Christmas Lockdown – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

  38. MrFish says:

    “Thus far nearly half of omicron infections are asymptomatic.”

    The RT-PCR test is the determinant of the presence of a COVID or Omicron “infection.” The PCR test is the basis of the “pandemic.” The same PCR test used for producing COVID-19 “infections” is used for producing Omicron cases. The test is notorious for producing “false positives,” so a testee without symptoms who tests positive is called an “asymptomatic” case of Omicron because all PCR positive results are mandated to be evidence of Omicron (until Omicron showed up, a positive PCR test result was mandated to be attributed to COVID-19). A PCR test can produce a positive result if it detects a particle of any live or dead virus, including the common cold, whooping cough or influenza. The test’s sensitivity is adjustable. When adjusted to high sensitivity, a PCR test can produce positive results without any viral fragments present in the testee. A PCR positive result justifies hospital treatment, and insurance payment, for the “infection” even if there are no symptoms.

  39. Politicians dont want Covid to end; it would be the end of their dictatorial powers. Pandemics have a shelf life of two years on average so by Spring 2022 we will have to return to normal no matter what new ”variants” politicians desperate to hang on to Covid come up with. Vaccines dont work; Covid in 99 percent survivable; wont be able to fool the people much longer.

  40. Wokechoke says:
    @paranoid goy

    The disease went from “you are a racist if you are worried about Covid19.” To “hug a Chinese” to “it’s killing black people in the ghetto” to “wear a mask” to “wear a mask you filthy Trumpist” to “I ain’t taking no Trump vaccine” to “you are letting us all down not taking the vaccine” to “you filthy white bumpkin take your jab or lose your job”. See a pattern?

  41. Grieved says:
    @gay troll

    Yes, I’ve looked at the white hat possibility also. You could call Omicron a gift from the heavens, to end the pandemic in the ways you illustrate – and people such as Dr. Robert Malone do talk about it in this kind of way.

    What if it wasn’t even white hat? What if black hats turned the pandemic on, and are now turning it off?

    What if Fabio Vighi is correct in his essay (along with other commentators on this theme), and the pandemic was turned on precisely to lock the global economy down, to prevent a hyper inflation of the US Dollar following the Fed’s massive injection of liquidity into the banks through its Repo market, and to cover the continued covert bailout? Suppose the bailout is done, for now, and they can afford to let the global economy absorb the inflation tax more gradually?

    Suppose they ran a real test of the Johns Hopkins theoretical paper, and the Event 201 practice run immediately preceding? And now they’re assessing the results (which have to look fantastic to them, one would imagine).

    Suppose all that, and it does fit.

    And a long standing technique of Pharma was brought to the aid of policy, and has been handsomely rewarded for it. And it all worked so well that Pharma and the political power freaks can now think in terms of lifetime subscriptions. The Microsoft model writ large – all corporate ambition, for that matter.

    And there will be more.

  42. @Jokem

    … in addition to sacrificing liberty, we are also sacrificing future economic stability…

    You’re absolutely correct, and it’s encouraging to see recognition that the future is what the Corona Chan “pandemic” is really all about.

    As Klaus Schwab gleefully yet condescendingly declared (with barely disguised contempt for the “useless eaters”) – “you will all own nothing, and you will be happy”.

    For the people who still value the principles of family, community & liberty, though, this is about more than just economic stability and prosperity. The current diabolic scheme of corralling everyone on the planet into absolute Globalist surveillance and control using a perpetual fake “pandemic” to mandate universal injection with engineered bioweapons every three months forever, means that entire families and communities, even nations, will be permanently extinguished from the face of the planet, and the life of the minority remaining will be inescapably dystopian – forever.

    This process is already underway, hidden in plain view by the controlled media for the gullible masses to not see.

    This is about more than economics. This is about a planned holocaust, a systemic global genocide.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  43. At the LGM site I found a link describing the new Republican efforts to curb the enforcement of public health.

    The Ohio law, Senate Bill 22, slows health department’s ability to shut down a restaurant to protect customers from a foodborne disease outbreak, several health commissioners there said. Officials now can issue an order only after a person who ate there gets a documented diagnosis of such an illness — not simply after health inspectors discover unsanitary conditions.

    So if you get sick at a restaurant because one of the employees didn’t bother washing his hand after going to the crapper, you’ll have to produce Documentation that you’re really sick. And good luck proving you got the germ at that particular restaurant.

    The possibilities for Great Libertarians like Ron Paul are endless. Don’t bother with “inspections” of airplanes until they actually crash. IF your next-of-kin can prove that the manufacturers were making lousy airplanes (or the airlines weren’t bothering with repairs), then maybe there will be an investigation. Or maybe not. Why not wait for more crashes to be certain?

    • Replies: @Jokem
  44. Jokem says:
    @Zachary Smith

    I don’t believe Dr Paul endorses tying the hands of local health inspectors. Quarantine power hails back to Colonial America.

  45. @ Jokem

    Well Sir, I hope you’re right. But his record on health/safety/decency issues isn’t all that great.

    Speaking recently to the Republican Leadership Conference, Rep. Ron Paul raised an overlooked issue in American politics. The federal government, he warned, is imposing a regime of oppressive pasteurization. To cheers, Paul said, “I think we ought to vote for the right to drink raw milk!”

    Never mind that the heating of milk to 161 degrees, common in America since the 1920s, kills brucellosis, tuberculosis and a variety of harmful bacteria. Americans, it seems, are being simultaneously deprived of healthy enzymes and of liberty.

    Never forget that “harmful bacteria” have rights too!

    From the same link:

    Apart from Ron Paul, Republican candidates do not recommend a retreat from the federal role in providing health care to the elderly.
    Which brings us back to Ron Paul, who may well oppose federal efforts to prevent the sale of rotting meat. After all, he accuses Abraham Lincoln of starting the Civil War in order to strengthen the “centralized state” and to “get rid of the original tenet of the Republic.”

    History isn’t Mr. Paul’s strong point, for in fact the Civil War started when the Southern states pulled a “Pearl Harbor” at Fort Sumter.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  46. Up2Drew says:

    I personally have been vaccinated, because it was essentially required by my employer. Also, I contacted Covid during the halcyon days of 2020.

    But I always use this narrative when accused of being an anti-vaxxer:

    If there was a birth control method on the market that:

    (1) Did not prevent pregnancy (only the symptoms of pregnancy are supposedly reduced)
    (2) Did not prevent transmission of disease
    (3) Had noted and documented side effects
    (4) Was not approved by the FDA at time of sale to the public

    Would you use that method of birth control? Of course not.

    Because that is, essentially, what this “vaccine” is.

    People stare at me without response.

  47. Jokem says:
    @Zachary Smith

    ‘Well Sir, I hope you’re right. But his record on health/safety/decency issues isn’t all that great.’

    Neer forget that the States have their health rules also. Devolving Federal power down to the States is something I think Dr Paul would approve of.

    ‘Never forget that “harmful bacteria” have rights too!’


    ‘History isn’t Mr. Paul’s strong point, for in fact the Civil War started when the Southern states pulled a “Pearl Harbor” at Fort Sumter.’

    That may be when the first shot was fired, but the causes of that conflict go back a long way.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  48. @Jokem

    Zach Smith is the new resident idiot, Jokem. He calls it a “Pearl Harbor” attack, yet the Federal troops were given 4 months to move out of their facilities in Charlestown harbor.

    The Union troops had already left Ft. Moultrie on Sullivans Island (to the NE), and the reason the South Carolina Militia (it was NOT “the Southern States”) finally bombarded Ft. Sumter is that President Lincoln notified SC Governor Pickens in the spring that he was going to resupply the fort. There was nobody arguing that this fort, 1/2 way down the SC coast, was anything but the (independent at the time) State of South Carolina.

    That was S. Carolina’s way of saying GTFO!

  49. So much nonsense in this article to break down.

    “For these authoritarians, the timing of omicron’s emergence was perfect.”
    So many things used against the population are perfectly timed it is safe to assume that it is just made up.

    “The variant was first discovered in South Africa, with the US and European media running endless scare stories.”
    Once again it is the Government and the Media who claim this. Should they be trusted or taken at face value? No way!

    “As to be expected, Fauci reveled in the emergence of the new variant, warning of “record deaths” for the unvaccinated.”
    Was this puppy torturing imbecile right the last time he warned of massive deaths? Again no he wasn’t, matter of fact there is no proof beyond the media and government claiming there have been any covid deaths. Why is a Chicago gangbanger getting shot 30 times and dying of covid a meme? It is because the meme is true that’s why. Was the dog murderer right about GRIDS who directed sex educators in schools to teach their students that they would get AIDS if they had sex with thier girlfriend when the only one with AIDS were degenerate homos and needle drug addicts.

    Finally, we have this:
    “Likewise, the National Football League has postponed several games this weekend due to Covid outbreaks, even though the League is virtually 100 percent vaccinated. And the National Basketball Association, which is above 95 percent fully vaccinated, has just announced that due to a surge in Covid cases it too will postpone games.”

    So where is the actual proof that any american sportsball players are “actually” vaccinated. Seems like White soccer players and athletes of White sports are the only ones collapsing of heart attacks (which have always been happening Tm) yet no heart issues with any black sportsball afflete. The only evidence that famous people are actually vaccinated is taking their word for it, and their word is worthless and if they talk it should be assumed they are lying. If you believe all the congress scum and dumbass Joe Brandon are actually vaccinated and didn’t receive saline injections then you are gullible beyond hope.

    Any covid article to be serious must take into account that we are constantly being lied to by the government and media and how “the science” is horribly corrupt. Without this we are just taking the medias word for it and we should never do that.

    Just like all those hospitals were “overwhelmed” but hospital staff (mostly fat women) had tons of time to make tic tok videos. Just like when people took video of these empty “overwhelmed” hospitals they were arrested and the videos were banned on social media.

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