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Neocons Are Back with a Big War Budget and Big War Plans
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On Friday, President Trump signed the omnibus spending bill for 2018. The $1.3 trillion bill was so monstrous that it would have made the biggest spender in the Obama Administration blush. The image of leading Congressional Democrats Pelosi and Schumer grinning and gloating over getting everything they wanted — and then some — will likely come back to haunt Republicans at the midterm elections. If so, they will deserve it.

Even President Trump admitted the bill was horrible. As he said in the signing ceremony, “there are a lot of things that we shouldn’t have had in this bill, but we were, in a sense, forced — if we want to build our military…”

This is why I often say: forget about needing a third political party – we need a second political party! Trump is admitting that to fuel the warfare state and enrich the military-industrial complex, it was necessary to dump endless tax dollars into the welfare state.

But no one “forced” President Trump to sign the bill. His party controls both houses of Congress. He knows that no one in Washington cares about deficits so he was more than willing to spread some Fed-created money at home to get his massive war spending boost.

And about the militarism funded by the bill? Defense Secretary James Mattis said at the same press conference that, “As the President noted, today we received the largest military budget in history, reversing many years of decline and unpredictable funding.”

He’s right and wrong at the same time. Yes it is another big increase in military spending. In fact the US continues to spend more than at least the next seven or so largest countries combined. But his statement is misleading. Where are these several years of decline? Did we somehow miss a massive reduction in military spending under President Obama? Did the last Administration close the thousands of military bases in more than 150 countries while we weren’t looking?

Of course not.

On militarism, the Obama Administration was just an extension of the Bush Administration, which was an extension of the militarism of the Clinton Administration. And so on. The military-industrial complex continues to generate record profits from fictitious enemies. The mainstream media continues to play the game, amplifying the war propaganda produced by the think tanks, which are funded by the big defense contractors.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is conspiracy fact. Enemies must be created to keep Washington rich, even as the rest of the country suffers from the destruction of the dollar. That is why the neocons continue to do very well in this Administration.

While Trump and Mattis were celebrating big military spending increases, the president announced that John Bolton, one of the chief architects of the Iraq war debacle, would become his national security advisor. As former CIA analyst Paul Pillar has written, this is a man who, while at the State Department, demanded that intelligence analysts reach pre-determined conclusions about Iraq and WMDs. He cooked the books for war.

Bolton is on the record calling for war with Iran, North Korea, even Cuba! His return to a senior position in government is a return to the unconstitutional, immoral, and failed policies of pre-emptive war.

Make no mistake: the neocons are back and looking for another war. They’ve got the president’s ear. Iran? North Korea? Russia? China? Who’s next for the warmongers?

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Donald Trump, Neocons 
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  1. Issac says:

    I’m not sure how you expect the proles to care about foreign wars when they’re not allowed any peace or security at home (from neoliberal guests variously described as migrants, minorities, etc). Nobody voted for war, but war they shall have. So has it been, so shall it always be. Spare us the lecture. You know exactly who and why. Brow beat the proles no more for the iniquities of the chosen.

  2. 22pp22 says:

    The people who are usually reliable soldiers and solid citizens won’t fight to keep Bradford Muslim or to ensure that the gangs in Telford have a ready supply of white baby meat. If the Neocon scum actually succeed in starting a war, they might find their citizen soldiers go over to the Russians. I hope that the bull-dykes and Upworthy followers are up for it. I’m not.

  3. Putin’s national address seems to have finally quenched the war between the Globalists and Pentagon in the Beltway. So the United Anglo-Zionist cabal has gone into full throttle with their encircling operation of Russia. These Neocon-Zionist-Mofos are really eager to start the WW3.

    In addition to the national address, another reason for this sudden increase in antagonism against Russia is certainly the changing situation in Syria. Russia has allowed Turkey to hit the first nail in the coffin of the planned “Zionist-PKK pro-Israel” state supposedly extending all the way over to Med. The Neocons are obviously red hot mad with Putin. For the first time since 9/11, the Neocons are losing a “war of terror” they started.

  4. CalDre says:

    In every election I can remember, the voters elected the “peace candidate”. But after each ritualistic lever-pulling, we get a war president.

    That, alone, proves that the US democracy is a total and utter sham.

    To get elected, the professional liars called politicians lie. Ergo, the cliche, “How do you know a politicians is lying? When his lips are moving.”

    The politicians serve the global oligarchs, nobody else. Everything else is political theater. “Are you not entertained?”

    It was obvious Trump was a Swamp Creature from the get. You do not get to be a billionaire, in New York, in the real estate (think: banking) and media industries, without being “on the home team”. Duhhh.

    So none of this is the least bit surprising. Not the massive budget and deficit. Not moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Not threatening war with Iran, N. Korea, etc.. Not the Russophobia. Not the failure to expel illegal immigrants. Not the failure to accomplish anything on global trade. Not the appointment of Bolton or the other warmongers, war criminals, torturers, murderers, liars, charlatans, chicken-hawk and cowards to top positions of war-making. Not making the White House kosher. Not a single thing has surprised me.

    I had given Trump a < 5% chance of being genuine – just because, I always admit the possibility that my Weltanschauung has a fundamental fault. It is now down to 0%. The Orangutan played the “alt-right” and “deplorables” just like Obama played the “progressives”.

  5. expat47 says:

    History ain’t gonna be kind to the U.S. Likewise my birthplace, U.K. Well documented ill treatment of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Grabe, marines pissing on dead Afghans. I was in charge of 12 Japanese prisoner a few weeks before the war ended, they were half naked, no shoes, half dead, a sorry looking lot, former marines. I gave them water and my cigarette ration of seven. They were fully expecting us to kill them. I wasn’t going down that road, even knowing how bad they treated our wounded prisoners. I don’t know if that changed their attitude but I can go to sleep knowing that I did the right thing.

  6. We definitely don’t need a second political party. What we need is to get rid of all political parties.

    But that’s just tinkering around the edges of the real problem. When elections are split roughly 50%/50% time and time again, that should indicate there’s a larger problem that need to be solved. Clearly, it is the size of the United States of America that’s the problem. It encompasses too much territory. It encompasses too many people with differing ideas on how things should be. There shouldn’t be a single person with the title of President of the United States that has the wherewithal to start another war to end humanity.

    The US of A needs to be broken up into more manageable parts where differences of opinion can lead to areas where the inhabitants are more likely to share their world view. The States should all declare an end to the Fed Gov and go their separate ways; 50 new countries. The entire world would be a more peaceful place if the warmongers that infest Washington DC would lose their sponsorship. People could vote with their feet and move to an area more conducive to their needs and outlook.

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