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Listen to the Doctors, End the Lockdowns
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Six hundred physicians recently signed a letter to President Trump calling for an end to the coronavirus lockdowns. The physicians wrote that, far from protecting public health, the lockdowns are causing “exponentially growing negative health consequences” for millions of Americans.

Since the lockdowns began, there have been increases in alcoholism, drug abuse, and domestic violence. There has also been an increase in calls to suicide hotlines. This is a direct result of the mass unemployment and limitations on people’s activities resulting from the lockdowns. As long as millions of Americans are sitting at home wondering how to survive until the government says they can go back to work — assuming the lockdowns did not drive their employers out of business, there will be more substance abuse and suicides.

At the start of the lockdowns, Americans were told to stay away from emergency rooms and doctors’ offices to avoid exposure to coronavirus. This has led Americans to neglect their health. US hospitals have seen a 40 percent decline in the number of patients admitted for severe heart attacks since March. Does anyone believe that the coronavirus panic just happened to coincide with a miraculous decline in heart attacks?

Physicians have also become unable to help many stroke victims who coronavirus lockdowns have kept from seeking medical assistance.

Early in the coronavirus panic, hospitals were told to cancel elective procedures to ensure space was available for an expected wave of coronavirus patients. But hospitals were not overwhelmed by coronavirus patients. Beds and other resources were unused.

According to the American Hospital Association, this has cost healthcare providers tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue. Inner-city and rural hospitals that already operate on slim profit margins are especially hard hit by the financial impact of the lockdowns. These hospitals may have to cut back on services. Some may even close. This will make it even more difficult for rural and inner-city Americans to obtain quality, affordable healthcare.

Postponing needed surgeries will have serious consequences. Many patients whose surgeries have been delayed will find that their once easily treatable conditions now require intensive and expensive care.

Some people are forgoing disease management and checkups that could keep them from developing more serious problems. The coronavirus lockdowns have even caused the canceling of chemotherapy treatments.

According to the physicians’ letter to President Trump, the coronavirus lockdowns are preventing 150,000 Americans a month from finding out they have cancer. Skipped routine cancer screenings mean cancer is not detected in an early stage, when it is most easily treated.

The coronavirus lockdowns have upended the lives of Americans to “protect” them from a virus with a 0.2 percent fatality rate, with the majority of those fatalities occurring in nursing homes and among people with chronic health conditions. Instead, the rational response would be to protect the vulnerable, and let the rest of the people live their lives. But politicians and government-anointed “experts” do not respond rationally to a “crisis,” especially when a panicked reaction can increase their power and prestige.

The lesson of the unnecessary lockdowns is clear: Government bureaucrats and politicians, even the media’s beloved Dr. Fauci, must be stripped of the ability to infringe on our liberty and prosperity.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics, Ideology • Tags: Civil Liberties, Coronavirus, Disease 
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  1. Humans are good at screwing up ecosystems with our good intentions.

  2. That’s another great column by Dr. Paul. I especially like that last paragraph. Going back to this part:

    As long as millions of Americans are sitting at home wondering how to survive until the government says they can go back to work — assuming the lockdowns did not drive their employers out of business, there will be more substance abuse and suicides.

    For many of them, those temporary large weekly unemployment payments have kept them surviving for now just fine, but with little hope and for months without much of the usual Bread & Circuses. This has been an interesting experiment, kind of like a trial UBI – America, except without even worrying about the pesky little economic “issues” with it, for now…

    Peak Stupidity asks Americans to judge the results of this experiment in “Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop”.

    • Agree: SteveK9
  3. This is worth considering. There is a time to end the lockdown. But there are many aspects to consider when deciding the point to end the lockdown. Ron Paul says that hospitals haven’t been overwhelmed. I read an article about Sweden saying exactly the same. Hospitals there weren’t overwhelmed. But the article explained that the reason for that is that old people simply weren’t treated at all. They remained in their homes or retirement homes and died there. This means that many more old people in retirement homes died who wouldn’t have died. On the other hand, it seems to be the case in Italy that many people there got contaminated with covid19 in hospitals because they didn’t have the capacity to avoid that. Many people waited in waiting rooms with lots of people and the result was further spreading of the virus. Where the organisation and structures were better or more favourable this didn’t happen.

    I don’t know about the situation in the US. I think that only specialists who know the concrete situation would be able to tell what is the best thing to do from an epidemiological point of view. There is still the political point of view.

    Unless you don’t care that you can get infected anytime anywhere and that the virus spreads extensively, some measures in the future are inevitable. Often when a large number of people gets together in closed spaces the virus seems to infect many people. This has been happening several times in Germany, in a church, in a restaurant, among a chor, in a bar, during a large family gathering. Of course, many will remain asymptomatic. But many people who get the disease have to cope with serious health consequences even after the virus is gone. The article about Italy that I read speaks of a serious situation.

    • Replies: @SteveK9
  4. SteveK9 says:

    ‘Unless you don’t care that you can get infected anytime anywhere …’ You can always get infected anytime, anywhere by lots of things. Influenza being a prime example. Get some perspective, try this from Bill Maher.

    • Agree: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  5. @SteveK9

    I never thought I’d agree with t that f__cking guy, but, yep.* Thanks, Steve.


    * Holy crap, except for the last 3 seconds, no kidding.

  6. The Lockdown is over. Courtesy of the twin menaces The Black Plague and Yidvid-20, which have ravaged the communities in far reaching ways that Corona could have never even approached. The Lockdown has morphed into The Boardup followed by The Burndown. The Blue Flu may soon ensue.

  7. Ron Paulibus, the problem with libertarianism is it fixates on principles of liberty and not on the dynamics of power. Libertarians view the world in terms of how it should be, not how it is.

    Libertarians say Wall Street is NOT about free markets because it got bailouts. They speak of monopoly practices of corporations and say it’s not how true capitalism should work. They argue for Real Capitalism and Real Fair Play and Real Rule of Law.

    But capitalism itself fosters the rigging of systems. Capitalism allows some individuals/corporations to become very rich. But given the dynamics of power, such individuals and corporations use their money power to buy influence among the politicians and law-makers. It’s just how human nature is.
    Now, theoretically, we may envision a world where even the richest people play the rules of fair play. In such a world, Wall Street itself would have rejected bailouts and allowed companies like Goldman Sachs to go under. Big Tech would use fair/neutral algorithms than algo-riggings.
    But in practice, human nature works differently. To save/expand its power, prestige, privilege, and influence, the rich/powerful or those who wanna become rich/powerful will do just about ANYTHING, especially as the most ambitious also tend to be most ruthless, devious, and sociopathic. Now, Ron Paulibus may argue that the minimalist government should ideally enforce Rule of Law against such unscrupulous individuals and companies, but the truth is democracy becomes invariably an oligarchy because the rich give most to politicians and effectively own them.

    Look at Jewish Capital. It has used its power over politicians to send billions to Israel while effectively shutting down BDS. Jews got rich through capitalism, but use their money/media power to push narratives amenable to their supremacism. Theoretically, Jewish Capital shouldn’t act in such lowlife manner, but the fact it does in actual practice… and the State just goes along because it has been bought off or is afraid of Jewish Capital.

    This is why libertarianism will never work. It only works in the world of theory, not the practice of real human nature.

  8. 762x39 says:

    “libertarianism will never work”

    Look at traditional western culture. Based on individual liberty

    Look at capitalism. Based on individual liberty.

    Christianity. Based on individual liberty

    Charity. Based on individual liberty

    Freedom has been around for thousands of years.

    How many years has the total state been around ?

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