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‘Justice for J6 Rally’: A Set-Up or a Psy-Op?
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A few dozen protesters showed up to last weekend’s “Justice for J6” rally in Washington DC, but that did not stop the authoritarian Washington Beltway establishment from spending millions to again turn the area into a fortress, complete with a militarized Capitol Hill Police force and an army of undercover FBI agents. The protesters were easily outnumbered by reporters desperate for another “insurrection” story and by police officers who looked like they were ready for military combat.

Of the reported four people arrested at the event, one turned out to be an undercover FBI agent who was then escorted to “safety” by police after showing his badge. As conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza Tweeted, the comedy of the event was that “there were so many undercover cops they were arresting each other by accident.”

Earlier, former President Trump warned that the rally was a set-up by an FBI, Homeland Security Department, and Capitol Hill Police Department eager for more trophies in their war against “insurrectionists.” He advised people to avoid the event and it appears their advice was taken.

They did not get their “Second Insurrection.” In fact, as we know from the FBI itself, they did not even get their First Insurrection. Though the Left elites continue to use that term, the FBI affirmed last month that there was no organized plan among the January 6th protesters to overturn the presidential election.

The media’s non-stop hysterical reporting about the January 6th “insurrection” – repeated endlessly by Democratic Party politicians – did serve an important propaganda purpose: anyone with concerns about the way the 2020 presidential election was conducted was immediately demonized and silenced.

But to me it seems a little too obvious that Biden backers and their allies in the deep state would hold a fake rally just to set-up more “insurrectionists” to be arrested. It’s possible that they believe conservatives and Trump supporters are dumb enough to walk into a trap – or perhaps another trap – but I find it unconvincing.

Instead, perhaps this rally was in reality a kind of psychological operation. After all, such an exercise would be a win-win for the planners. On one hand if a massive crowd showed up it would give new life to the now-discredited narrative that an attack on “our democracy” more serious than 9/11 (as President Biden laughably claimed) was operating just below the surface of society.

Authoritarians must be able to point to “the enemy” to consolidate their power.

On the other hand, if no one showed up, as it turns out happened, the real organizers could laugh and crow about how support has evaporated for the hundreds originally arrested after January 6th (many still held without bail, but none charged with “insurrection”). And also, they can claim that support for Donald Trump, who for some reason continues to mortally terrify them, has likewise disappeared.

Maybe that’s just a crazy conspiracy theory, but then again anyone claiming just a few weeks ago that Biden would implement a vaccine mandate was also considered a crazy conspiracy theorist.

This failed rally is a success for Team Biden on one front: very few would now dare to hold a rally calling attention to the shocking injustice that continues to stain the prosecution of so many January 6th protesters. But we must not let enemies of justice win. All liberty lovers must speak out for the unfairly persecuted. Even when it’s politically risky. We must not be silent!

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Jokem says:

    Political Theater continues. Joe Stalin, er Biden supporters win again.

  2. Washington DC is occupied territory, and very friendly to Democrats. It’s full of anti-Americans. It is stupid to enter this over-policed hornet’s nest now.

    On the other hand, Biden motorcades touring outside the beltway get disrespected. People wave ‘Trump Won’ flags and hurl abuse at his limousines, when they’re not turning their backs to him. The chant of “F*ck Joe Biden” has become viral at sporting events.

    • Agree: Catdog
    • Replies: @Catdog
  3. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Paranoid Zoglodytes arresting paranoid undercover Zoglodytes — ((Trotskyism)) American style.

    Mentally ill Zionist control freaks have taken the USA (and Western Civ). It only took them a century or so.

  4. The photo ZeroHedge ran of the rally showed several muscular sun-glass wearing men, reminiscent of Arnold Schwartzenegger or a similar he-man in one of his action roles. That report, like yours, give the impression that agents and reporters outnumbered the true protesters. When the very opposition leader (Trump) says don’t attend…

    • Replies: @Angharad
  5. SafeNow says:

    “All liberty lovers must speak out for the unfairly persecuted. Even when it’s politically risky.”

    “politically” risky is accurate for politicians. However, for everyone else, “personally” risky is the word that is accurate. Use of the word “all” signifies that the message of speaking out is intended to apply to both politicians AND non-politicians. Therefore, the above is not sufficiently forthcoming. Personal harsh consequences must be addressed as a possibility.

    I see this all the time when people advocate “get involved!” without addressing the issue of harsh personal consequences for oneself or one’s family. Perhaps, at this point, that possibility is so obvious that it no longer bears mentioning.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  6. R.C. says:

    Check out Anglin on this, in particular on the poorly ‘undercover’ Feds.
    Fake Fed Rally at the Capitol Fails
    Good stuff!

  7. Angharad says:
    @Ben the Layabout

    The memes for that pic already abound…tragic.

  8. @SafeNow

    Agreed, SafeNow, but that’s why there is great power in numbers. It’s one Conservatives might want to eventually learn from the left of the 1960’s. There are times when, no, they can’t fire all of you, they can’t arrest all of you, and they can’t keep all of you from storming their police line blocking the road. The latter thing refers to the great video out of Australia of thousands of anti-KungFlu-Tyranny protesters running over and past the cops, who had been told to block all entry and exit from the area.

    Then, as Peak Stupidity noted here, the Australian news anchors had the idiocy to state that the protesters were “claiming to fight for freedom” at these “so-called freedom rallies”. The thing is, even if you are inherently Totalitarian and agree with every one of the LOCKDOWN, face-diapering, or vaccine mandating measure, could you not still admit that blocking off roads to keep people from coming and going is an encroachment on freedom?

    Sorry, got off track, SafeNow. Even if you (not you personally) are one who is not going to get out on the streets, we can all push the authorities and flout the law up to arrest or whatever our personal limits are.

    Just an example of that, I will not wear the face masks with the exception of what will get me fired soon enough, or to the point of someone calling the cops to drag me out of the store.

  9. It was pretty amusing to read about the confusion of FBI agents arresting other FBI agents. Don’t they communicate on twitter or something?

    That was another great column, Dr. Paul. At the end of this one, instead of your usual optimism about this nation “full” of freedom lovers, you just give us a warning and exhortation to speak out. We sure better, but “we” is not a large majority of Americans anymore, so we’d better speak out louder and eventually with more hardware. This nation won’t be turned around at the voting booth.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  10. Canadian undercover cops carried rocks and tried to incite violence at summit of the Americas in 2007.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  11. Undercover agents:

    12 undercover police agents either spied on or infiltrated protest groups who were planning to participate in demonstrations against world leaders at the June 2010 G20 summit meeting in Toronto, Canada.

  12. Cowboy says:

    I don’t see much utility in protests. Yes, it feels good to be with a mob of like minded individuals much like going to a sportsball event at a large stadium. Rarely does it have any effect on tptb except maybe at the margins. Hell, how long have the “yellow jackets” been protesting in France?

    The more obvious PsyOp is big tech censoring virtual communities. What tptb really fears are virtual communities that coordinate to defy it’s edicts. I expect an increasing pincer movement of surveillance and censorship.

  13. Catdog says:

    Yes. If we’re going to have mass rallies, don’t do it on enemy territory.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  14. Wielgus says:

    My best guess is that if protests stay tiny there will be a substantial infiltrator element. The task then is to build them while remaining alert for provocateurs.
    If you don’t protest, the assumption will then be that the state narrative is unchallenged.

  15. Wielgus says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    There were cases in the 1950s of FBI infiltrators into the Communist Party denouncing other inflitrators as Communists at HUAC etc. hearings. The left hand not knowing what the right hand does…

  16. Wielgus says:

    Well, you could hold it in Jerkwater, USA, that small town where Rambo gets pushed around until he finally reacts. The trouble is a protest there would get ignored.
    There is a reason protesters of all stripes head for centres of big cities, enemy territory or not.

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