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Is Trump Really About to Attack Venezuela?
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Last week Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered the last of the US diplomats out of Venezuela, saying their presence was a “constraint” on US policy toward the country. The wording seemed intended to convey the idea that the US is about to launch military action to place a Washington-backed, self-appointed politician to the presidency. Was it just bluster, designed to intimidate? Or is the Trump Administration really about to invade another country that has neither attacked nor threatened the United States?

While US Administrations engaged in “regime change” have generally tried to mask their real intentions, this US-backed coup is remarkable for how honest its backers are being. Not long ago the National Security Advisor to the president, John Bolton, openly admitted that getting US companies in control of Venezuelan oil was the Administration’s intent. Trump Administration officials have gone so far as mocking the suffering of Venezuelans when a suspiciously-timed nationwide power failure heightened citizens’ misery.

According to media reports, Vice President Mike Pence is angry with the Venezuela coup leader, Juan Guaido, because he promised the whole operation would be a cake walk – just like the neocons promised us about Iraq. Guaido said hundreds of thousands of protesters would follow him to the Colombian border to “liberate” US aid trucks just over the border, but no one showed up. So Pompeo and the neocons made up a lie that Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s thugs burned the aid trucks to prevent the people from getting relief from their suffering. Even the pro-war New York Times finally admitted that the Administration was lying: it was opposition protesters who burned the trucks.

Was the US behind the take-down of Venezuela’s power grid? It would not be the first time the CIA pulled such a move, and US officials are open about the US goal of making life as miserable as possible for average Venezuelans in hopes that they overthrow their government.

Congress has to this point been strongly in favor of President Trump’s “regime change” policy for Venezuela. Sadly, even though our neocon foreign policy of interventionism has proven disastrous – from Iraq to Libya to Syria and elsewhere – both parties in Congress continue to act as if somehow this time they will get it right. I have news for them, they won’t.

Even weak Congressional efforts to remind the president that Congress must approve military action overseas sound like war cries. In Rep. David N. Cicilline’s (D-RI) statement introducing his “Prohibiting Unauthorized Military Action in Venezuela Act” last week, he sounded more hawkish than John Bolton or Elliott Abrams! The statement makes all the arguments in favor of a US military attack on Venezuela and then – wink wink – reminds the president he needs authorization beforehand. As if that’s going to be a hard sell!

So is President Trump about to attack Venezuela? At a recent US House hearing, one of the expert witnesses testified that such an invasion would require between 100,000 and 150,000 US troops, going up against maybe three times that number of Venezuelan troops in a country twice the size of Iraq. With a lot of jungle. All for a “prize” that has nothing to do with US security. If the president makes such a foolish move he might find the current war cheerleaders in the Democrat Party changing their tune rather quickly. Let’s hope Trump changes his tune and returns to his promises of no more regime change wars.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Realist says:

    Let’s hope Trump changes his tune and returns to his promises of no more regime change wars.

    Trump has broken so many promises your hope is a pipe dream.

    • Agree: Endgame Napoleon
  2. Ron Paul is a sensible man to warn against invasion of Venezuela, ‘all for a “prize” that has nothing to do with US security.’ Every nation pursues its own national interests. When core interests are undermined, potentially leading to an existential threat, a nation has no choice but go to war. Whatever one thinks about the Caracas government, is its overthrow of vital interest for the US? President Trump has been trying to scale back American military operations. An invasion of Venezuela could unleash a ‘South American Spring’. The Arab one was a disaster for the Middle East – and Europe. It could create a refugee problem of biblical proportions. The US is already stretched internationally, with real danger of confrontation in the South China Sea against China or with Russia in eastern Europe, among other flashpoints. It seems we are blindly marching towards nuclear Armageddon.

  3. A123 says:

    Why would Trump want a failing country with collapsing infrastructure?

    No he will not invade Venezuela.
    No he will not invade Iran.
    No he will not invade Lebanon.

    The Globalist Elites and Fake Media keep trying to hype up things that are never going to happen. Trump is drawing down troops in Syria even though the deep state hates the idea. There is no way he will start a new war to benefit the never-Trump NeoConDemocrats like George Will.

    • Replies: @Endgame Napoleon
  4. anon[249] • Disclaimer says:

    “Why would Trump want a failing country with collapsing infrastructure?”

    Well, they do have a lot of oil. And Trump has already been reported saying we should do a coup there to get it.

  5. @A123

    Noticing that war-time presidents are usually re-elected, presidents under critique have a way of always getting the USA into a war. History does not always repeat itself in exact reproductions, especially when one—not the biggest one, but one—of a POTUS’ key promises was staying out of needless wars when America is $21 trillion in debt.

    Needless wars always result in exacerbating America’s biggest problem, further thwarting the biggest promise made by Candidate Trump, a superhero who disappeared almost as soon as he took office. That is ending mass waves of wage-undercutting, social-division-stirring, illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration, which always sees a big uptick after the US invades some country.

    The only legit thing we can do to secure needed oil from Venezuela is to seek out good relations with them. Troops tried to bring them supplies. It does not look like—regardless of the media coverage—that Maduro’s Venezuela is full of starving people, not even close, and if they need toothpaste and medical supplies so bad, the population would have reacted accordingly. That’s all we can do.

  6. At a recent US House hearing, one of the expert witnesses testified that such an invasion would require between 100,000 and 150,000 US troops, going up against maybe three times that number of Venezuelan troops in a country twice the size of Iraq. With a lot of jungle.

    I should think that the above would prevent the US Military from agreeing to invade Venezuela. OTOH it may well be that the CIA, having a few thousand surplus IS fighters to dispose of, might be tempted to use them to instal a “democratic” government in Caracas (AKA make a lot of trouble forVenezuela). It seems that so far, at least, they have failed to get any South Amercan country to offer to pull Bolton’s chestnuts out of this fire for him.

    What does seem really extraordinarily stupid and surprising, is for any country (Let alone 50!) to support the Idea that the US Seccretary of State can, at will, appoint the president of a couuntry in good standing with the UN! As Lavrov said: Don’t they realise that they could be next? OTOH, I suppose, it ccould merely mean that that is how they got to be governing their countries?

  7. augusto says: • Website

    They are instead both unable to either get any southamerican military boots on the ground support and abhor any american boots proper…
    And Iraq is a desert like place quite different from Venezuela.
    Dozens of rivers, forgotten borders, endless jungle terrains, an ideal landscape for guerrillas. By the way the former colombian FARC fighters do know the job very well and their instructors would be at hand.

  8. ‘Is Trump Really About to Attack Venezuela?’

    Of course he isn’t. Why would Israel demand we attack Venezuela?

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