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Is the Texas Covid ‘Spike’ Fake News?
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On July 2nd, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order mandating the wearing of face masks across the state, whether indoors or outdoors, when six feet cannot be maintained between people. In the governor’s decree, he cited a rise in Covid cases, a rise in test positivity, and a rise in hospitalizations as justification to force people to cover their faces in public.

The move is not only a violation of the civil liberties of all Texans. Abbott may have based his executive order on inaccurate information about a “rise” in Covid cases due to the Texas State Department of Health Services changing the definition of what constitutes a “Covid case.”

Thanks goes to Collin County Judge Chris Hill for blowing the whistle on what appears to be a move in mid-May to redefine what was a “Covid” case to open the door to a massive increase – all to match the mainstream media line that a “second wave” was on the way.

In a Commissioners Court hearing for Collin County on May 18th, it was revealed that while previously the determination of a Covid “case” was a confirmed test result, the definition was suddenly changed to count “probable” cases as “cases.” At the same time, the threshold for determining “probable” was lowered to a ridiculous level.

As Judge Hill said at that May 18th meeting, “If you have a subjective fever and you have a headache and you live in Collin County, you now meet the qualifications to be a probable COVID patient. It is remarkable how low the standard is now.”

Even worse, once a “probable” case was determined based on possibly unrelated subjective criteria, up to 15 people in possible contact with that “probable” case were also listed as “probable cases.” And “probable cases” were considered cases.

Repeat that farce across Texas and is it any wonder there was a “spike” in “cases”?

Also, Governor Abbott’s claim that hospitals were being over-run by Covid patients was refuted by the Houston hospital directors themselves, who said they were nowhere near actual capacity and in fact were about the same level as they were last year.

The basis for Abbott’s unconstitutional “executive order” has been shown to be false. Will he admit his mistake?

It is encouraging to see so many local and county officials across Texas announcing they will refuse to enforce Governor Abbott’s unconstitutional face mask order. Thankfully the spirit of freedom and love of liberty is still alive in Texas.

The “second wave” is driven by propaganda. Across the country, Covid testing increased from about 150,000 to more than 700,000 per day. You can’t drive through Houston without seeing a flurry of signs advertising “Free Covid test! Results in 15 minutes!” Last week Reuters reported that tests shipped around the country by the federal government were contaminated.

Deaths from coronavirus – even the deaths “with” coronavirus rather than deaths “from” coronavirus – are down more than 90 percent since the peak in April. The decline in deaths continues. That means we are closer to the “herd immunity” that will finally kill this virus. Yet Governor Abbott and others across the country see this as a reason to lock the country back down.

(Republished from The Ron Paul institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Coronavirus, Disease, Texas 
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  1. That means we are closer to the “herd immunity” that will finally kill this virus.

    Maybe, maybe not. It could well be that COVID-19 has culled most of the low-hanging fruit and will now enter the annual rotation of “common colds” that cull the weakest every year.

  2. The lockdown ‘cure’ is worse than the disease. End it now. Let unhealthy or frightened individuals stay home and self-quarantine. It’s their choice. But I demand the right to exercise mine.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @birdcow
  3. Supposedly this only applies to counties with 20 or more Covid cases. My county is not one of them…and then you have Loving County with a population of about 100! Funny when they mention “border” counties like Hidalgo having a huge number of new cases they only mention those counties in south Texas, never far west Texas (Brewster, Presidio, Terrell, Hudspeth, etc.) with relatively low numbers (Brewster’s are kinda high mostly due to tourism and I think their college is still open). The other thing about “spikes” in far west Texas is that testing didn’t even begin until late April! Naturally, since a lot of folks out here are getting “tested” there will be “spikes”! Both Alpine (Brewster County) and Marfa (Presidio County) require mask wearing in shops, etc. But not for “exercising”…you know, walking outdoors, or driving. And naturally, this only applies to those who can’t “socially distance”…typical Karen types still get pissed if you don’t wear a mask when it’s just you and “Karen” alone in a 600 square foot building and you are both well over 6 feet apart…

    The new DSM VI ought to have “Karenism” as a mental disorder!

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  4. @mark green

    “It’s their choice.” Sure. But what kind of “choice” ?
    You work in a meat works, where there have been real covid cases. You don’t want to go to work in case you get sick (maybe you are over 50 ?) but if you don’t go you wont get any unemployment benefit. You will have no money.
    So there’s your choice.

    • Replies: @mark green
    , @Cowtown Rebel
  5. onebornfree says: • Website

    ” Is the Texas Covid ‘Spike’ Fake News?”

    Of course! Onebornfree’s rule number 1: Never believe anything any government tells you.

    Why? : “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    Regards, onebornfree

  6. kikz says:

    “Meanwhile, with almost every hospital along the Texas border chronically full of Covid patients, medical leaders are transporting them to Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and probably to other cities now reporting that they too are filling up ICU beds, much like a helicopter airlift reported in California. After months of low and manageable numbers, according to the Texas Tribune, they are now transferring patients to facilities as far away as Dallas.”

  7. birdcow says:
    @mark green

    A fetish is ascribing certain powers to an object that it does not really have.
    The most disturbing part of the mask fetish is how non-wearers are being shamed as selfish virus transmitters who are likely killing large swaths of the population. The more the virus peters out, the more the feeble masses cling to their masks, led like lemmings by the MSM.

  8. @animalogic

    I concede your point. Yes, there are risks. But it goes both ways. The death rate from Covid is far lower than originally advertised. And even though diagnosed ‘cases’ are ‘spiking’ (due to increased testing) the daily death rate in America due to Covid keeps dropping. Dropping.

    Moreover, the total number of deaths due to Covid may, in fact, be 40% less than claimed as a result of unrecognized co-morbidity factors. If that’s the case, what we’ve got on our hands is a nasty flu season. Nothing more.

    Meanwhile, tens of millions of people are being economically (and emotionally) ruined by non-essential government-imposed safety measures. This is a very high a price.

    At this point, I oppose sacrificing the young and healthy majority for the sake of a old and unhealthy minority. Sorry about that. Tough times demand tough decisions. Let ‘at risk’ groups self-quarantine if they wish.

    It’s time to lift the lockdown. Let free people decide for themselves.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  9. bossel says:

    down more than 90 percent since the peak in April

    Hmm, April 21: 2749
    July 7: 993

    You should have waited a week with your article. The case numbers started to climb again at around June 20 & deaths lag behind by 2 weeks or more.
    & it’s not really the 2nd wave, just the continuation of the 1st.

  10. @omegabooks

    No, you should have SHANIQUA-ism or basically Black ghetto trash BLM degeneracy as a mental disorder. Emulating Black ghetto trash and or BLM culture is a mental disorder. All you idiots worship Black degenerate ghetto trash culture.

  11. All this BS is just to attack the White President because all the racist Black Aholes are losers . More BS …for years straight of attacking our White President because these Black degenerates want to keep turning America into one big Black ghetto, All you cuck Whites need a knee to the neck.

  12. @animalogic

    The meat processing company could always have the cattle truck back up in your driveway, unload the cows in your backyard, and you could butcher them in your garage. Then, the refrigerated truck could come for the meat. If you live in an apartment, you may have to consult with the management to arrange to work from home. I’m certain they will understand. The butchering could be done in the kitchen and bathroom. See! Problem Solved! Easy Peasy.

  13. I hate Greg Abbott! I wish that tree had crushed him completely. Raymond Burr played a man called “Iron Sides,” I call Abbott “Aluminum Siding.”

  14. @mark green

    You know I agree with you almost all the time, Mr. Green, so I will respectfully disagree with just a small part of this comment.

    Tough times demand tough decisions.

    Firstly, these are definitely tough times (and getting tougher) but not due to this latest virus out of the Orient. Times are getting tougher due to Totalitarian moves by governments at all levels, either taking advantage of the phony crisis that they have narrated, or actually following some nefarious plans. (I usually assume stupidity, the former.)

    There should be NO tough decisions to be made here by anyone in power. This is most certainly not any kind of emergency that should require special powers be available to Governors*. Now, individuals can make their own tough decisions, of course, like not visiting the Grandma who is in her 80’s for a good while (our call).

    Actually, after I wrote this, I realized that maybe we are exactly on the same page. That one sentence just made me thing you were referring to governments there. I couldn’t tell if your next sentence was just an addition to that, or an explanation.


    * One many notice that most States have laws or writing in their Constitutions that specify any emergency power to be voted on/out by the legislators after a month. If an “emergency” goes on for that long, it’s now a way of life, not an emergency.

    • Replies: @mark green
  15. In Dr. Jensen’s case, it seems that he is more likely being investigating for violating the number one rule of the mafia! 

    Violating Omerta! 

    Try filing a complaint against a doctor and you will end up being ignored in most cases! 

    We must flood the Minnesota Medical Board with the appropriate information on this matter, since they are incompetent and corrupt! has an abundance of research that supports Dr. Jensen’s argument! 

    Minnesota Medical Board executive director and contact information:

    Ruth Martinez [email protected] 612-528-2150

    Yes. Everything that the government and paid speech press report on Covid and Russia have been fake news. They are stubborn, wrong, and full of hubris.

    Must have been the vaccines! Can’t get them to stop trying to put the square peg in the round hole. It is a typical vaccine induced autistic OCD reaction.

  16. @Achmed E. Newman

    Hi Achmed. I think we are in agreement. The ‘tough decision’ I was referring to is the necessity for high government officials to back off from their overwrought commitment to protect us from ourselves via lockdowns, facemasks, and closures. That’s a bridge too far. Let free people decide for themselves. The general threat posed by this pandemic has been exaggerated.

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