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Is Putin the New Coronavirus?
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President Biden’s “maskless” State of the Union signifies the near-end of the COVID tyranny we have lived under for the past two years. Fortunately for Congress, the President, and the Federal Reserve, the Ukraine-Russia conflict is replacing COVID as a ready-made excuse for their failures and a justification for expanding their power.

Even before politicians began declaring the end of the pandemic, polls showed that rising prices were the people’s top concern – particularly the increase in gas prices. Since Russia is one of the world’s leading energy producers, sanctions imposed on Russia, as well as Germany’s decision (made under pressure from the US) to shut down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, provide a convenient excuse for rising gas prices. This is the case even though the US, citing the “instability” in world energy markets created by the Russian-Ukraine conflict, has yet to officially ban imports of Russian oil.

The Federal Reserve has been planning several interest rate increases this year, even though some fear that rate increases could decrease growth and increase unemployment. The Russian crisis allows the Fed to either postpone rate increases or blame Russia for any unemployment that accompanies the rate increases. Either way, the Fed can use the crisis to deflect attention away from its responsibility for our economic problems. As of now, it appears the Fed will go through with at least a modest rate increase this month, but because of the Ukraine crisis, the increase will be smaller than previously expected.The Ukraine crisis also provides an excuse for Congress to do what Congress does best: increase federal spending. President Biden has requested Congress provide an additional \$10 billion in emergency military aid to Ukraine. Congress will likely quickly approve the President’s request. This will not likely be the last time Congress rushes billions of “emergency” money to Ukraine.

It is also certain that lobbyists for the military-industrial-complex are already “explaining” to a very receptive Capitol Hill audience why the Ukraine crisis justifies increasing the military budget to “counter the threats” from Russia, China, and whoever else can serve as a convenient boogeyman. It is unlikely there will be much resistance in Congress to a further increase, even though the US already spends more than the combined defense budgets of the next nine biggest spending countries.

Over the past two years, many leading Internet companies did the government’s bidding by “de-platforming” anyone who expressed skepticism of vaccines or promoted alternative treatments — even when they presented evidence to support their claims. These companies are once again helping the government by de-platforming those who question, or are suspected of questioning, the official narrative regarding Ukraine. Yet these companies’ concerns with “fake news” have not led them to stop people from sharing widely debunked stories supporting the US-backed Ukrainian government.

The lockdown and mandates did more harm than the coronavirus itself. They were based on lies promoted by the government and its allies in the “private” sector. Yet too many Americans refuse to even question the US government’s claims regarding the Ukraine crisis or question whether Russia is really responsible for our economic problems as opposed to a spendthrift Congress, successive spendthrift Presidents, and an out-of-control Federal Reserve. The only way to stop authoritarians from using crises like these to grow their power is to make enough people understand a simple truth: authoritarian politicians will always lie to the people to protect and increase their own power.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Notsofast says:

    title says it all and the answer is yes. isn’t funny how just as bill gates admits natural immunity is vastly superior to his “vaccine” and the cdc refuses to release the data on the last two years (because the public might misinterpret it) and twenty and thirty year old professional athletes are falling over on the pitch with “previously undiagnosed” heart conditions, the narrative suddenly changes to ww3. hell, they had to get zelensky to threaten to go nuclear to finally goad putin into invading ukraine.

    a former employee called me the other day and said his 29 year old stepson was in a coma for the last two weeks and was dying of covid. i asked if he had been vaccinated and he said double vaxxed and boosted. i asked him if his condition might be adverse reaction to the “vaccine”, he said he never even contemplated that.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  2. A strange thing happened on the way to the war. Apparently, someone had stockpiled hundreds of thousands of various sorts of war making materials just outside the Ukrainian border. And, according to various reports they are now being delivered to the brave Ukrainians. Planes, tanks, bombs and lots of bullets.

    I suppose The Bears fears of being surrounded by enemies were valid. Makes me wonder where the Ukrainians are going to get pilots for all the planes being delivered.

    But then. It could all just be smoke and mirrors. Stir the masses. Keep them afraid. Stoke their hatred of the evil Voldemort. Deflect their attention from the fact that gasoline (energy) is now costing much more than before.

    But before what?????

  3. Phibbs says:

    If the Israeli-Occupied Government in Washington D.C. is funneling weapons to Ukrainian rebels, then that is an act of war against Russia. Russia has been careful not to cause civilian casualties, but the Jew-owned media blares every civilian casualty whether true or not or caused by the Ukranian army or not. Contrast this media response to Israeli-Jew crimes against humanity in their military campaigns or the Israeli-Occupied Government’s illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians were bombed by American forces in Afghanistan. The Jew-owned media was mute. Now the Jew-owned media is baying for Russian blood. The truth is that as a Caucasian-Christian American, I have lots in common with Russians and nothing in common with the Jews of this country who are not Caucasian are not Christian and are not American. In fact, the Jews are every Christian’s number one enemy.

  4. It seems that many of our young people have suddenly become anti-Putin; the whole Trump collusion thing never grabbed them. They should be more concerned that the government will draft them into the armed forces. Like the way they were drafted into the schools.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  5. YES. The Flu Manchu has run its course, the PanicFest that is. It’s been 2 years, and not enough people have been clicking and tuning in, no matter what Greek letters the EXPERTS come up with. Additionally, that Canadian trucker protest got the Globalist elites just a little bit antsy, and they need attention diverted, Stat!

    The timing was done very well. See “Peak Stupidity on the Ukraine” and “Is the Russia/Ukraine War another piece of Infotainment?”

    From what I see, this distraction has been a great success.

  6. “… provide an additional \$10 billion in emergency military aid to Ukraine.”

    That \$10 billion won’t be going to Ukraine, save for a bit skimmed off the top, but rather straight into the pockets of the US MIC.

  7. Musical Chairs of Oil.

  8. As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    When Idiocracy makes sense.

    Video Link

  9. Alrenous says: • Website

    Interest rate hikes destroy jobs that were largely destroying wealth instead of creating it.

    Artificially low interest rates allow someone to “make” money while creating outputs that are worth less than the inputs.

    Take out a loan (100) to pay for inputs, get paid (105), pay back the loan (102). Profit of 3, from which you can pay yourself. Except inflation over the production period was 10%, price of new inputs is now 110, so the outputs were worth less in real terms than the inputs. The country as a whole gets poorer. This is a furnace that burns wealth. Of course if the firm is big enough, if “3” is in the millions, the CEO can make out like a bandit…

    That’s “misallocation” in plain language.

    Why do profitable firms need “access to capital,” do you suppose? They don’t. Only inherently unprofitable firms that are hacking the financial system need “access to capital,” because their revenues can’t pay for new inputs without loans.

    The only real problem with a “recession” is that the new leisure time is distributed involuntarily and unevenly. Losing all these jobs inherently makes the country richer overall, because it’s no longer taking wealth and lighting it on fire to make the line go up.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  10. @Priss Factor

    That guy’s great! I don’t understand your writing above the clip. Did you think he couldn’t be smart because he’s got an Arkansas accent?

    • Replies: @Cowboy
  11. Rogue says:

    I know a guy in his late 50’s who had a stroke about 2 weeks after his first shot.

    He was told that it was because he had been off his blood thinners for 4 days, and nothing to do with the mRNA shot.

    Oh, and they also told him not to have a second shot lest it thicken his blood. So count me skeptical about the issue only being the blood thinners.

    Fortunately, for him the prognosis is good and he should make a full recovery.

    However, not so fortunate are so many other “vaccinated” people.

    • Replies: @Lysias
  12. Cris M. says:

    – Had said from beginning people should refuse the mask con no matter what, if most people had, it would have been a simple energy pushback, a big deal and yet without any risk ‘fighting’ etc, not that there’s anything wrong with that, simply saying it would have been easy, regardless the con ‘food stores’, if most people said no, the peer pressure would have been against the go alongs. There is no such thing as virus, only bacteria, we cannot ‘catch’ anything from saliva or ‘droplets’, unless biowepns or sprayed etc. If we could get anything from saliva everyone would have been dead long ago. Sickness is gut, too much negative bacteria, sugar, not enough sleep etc, or eating or drinking poison food. Skin bacteria, syphilis etc is the only ‘contagious’, not saliva. It’s stupid that people continue believing’virus’ nonsense. Point being everyone should know by now and there was plenty alt media people and doctors saying masks do nothing –except stop people from talking which was the scheme, which now ‘they’ the cons are the ones saying ‘no masks ok (for now, to later dictate put on again) –that leaves them as the dictators ordering people around, instead of people saying no. Also, now they ‘let’ people not wear masks, could be setup so months from now if there’s some nefarious acts they ‘blame’ ‘not wearing masks’ –twisted to dictate wearing again when it would be more poisoning schemes, same time push vaxs again.

    Have to look at what psychos do, the feds with the money strings have been jerking the chain since 1913, and the parasites that feed off the scam are many, including pharma types that were handed ‘grants’ etc. Appreciate the article.

  13. “I am The Great Cov-Holio, I come from Lake Titicaca.”

  14. Dumbo says:

    It is well-known that most people are very stupid and can just concentrate on one propaganda item at the time. It is more effective for the media to drum just one issue.

    So COVID has gone on the background for now, so that the 2-minute hate can be concentrated on Putin. However, COVID will come back later on, probably next winter (flu season), as the operation in the Ukraine ends, or perhaps Putin and Covid will morph into the same menace, and we’ll all need “anti-Russian vaccine digital passports” proving that we have a vaccine and are against Putin.

  15. anon[355] • Disclaimer says:

    When you Republicans crush the Democrats this fall you had better run a Senate Select Committee on Biological Weapons. The HSCA/SSCA was of course all about CIA crimes. You better finish the job of exposing and purging CIA criminals before those brainwashed kiddyfuckers get us all nuked. Like last time, CIA is going to send somebody down to threaten martial law like Gregg did. But don’t knuckle under like sissy bitch Democrats did.

    • Replies: @Lysias
  16. Lysias says:

    I bet your friend only went off his blood thinners because the doctors told him to do so before he got his shot.

  17. Lysias says:

    Biolabs not just in Ukraine. US DOD thru Defense Threat Reduction Agency has numerous biolabs in both Ukraine and Georgia, also bordering Russia.

  18. Lysias says:

    Kamala Harris was also at the Munich Security Conference where Zelensky on Feb. 19 said Ukraine should once again have nuclear weapons. The two even met. I think it has to be regarded as certain that Zelinsky at least cleared his speech with the Americans. Beyond that, I strongly suspect that the Americans told Zelinsky what to say. Having so far failed to provoke Putin to attack, they thought this would do the job. As it did.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  19. Cowboy says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    The source presents itself as “priss factor”. Nuff said. Estrogen laced invective with bougie overtones.

  20. Hitmarck says:

    wheren’t whoopsie and rogan the new covids?

  21. @Abolish_public_education

    You wrote:

    It seems that many of our young people have suddenly become anti-Putin; the whole Trump collusion thing never grabbed them.

    That’s true, but the great effort expended in creating the RussiaGate hoax is now paying dividends.

    It laid the foundations for a ‘hate Russia’ mindset that a lot of Americans have – particularly the mindless MSM followers and the overwhelming bulk of the liberal left.
    That has been the perfect preparation for the situation we have now as Putin conducts his limited police action to neutralise the Zio backed Ukrainian regime.

  22. @Priss Factor

    Why the reference to the ‘Idiocracy’ and ‘broken clock’ ??

    That guy in the video was no broken clock – everything he said was dead right, making him more akin to an atomic clock.

    That guy has more commonsense than a lot of highly credentialled university graduates.

  23. @Alrenous

    You wrote:

    Interest rate hikes destroy jobs that were largely destroying wealth instead of creating it.

    Absolutely right.

    When interest rates are artificially low, as they are now, having been suppressed by manipulation from the Fed through quantitative easing and the rest, hiking rates is a CLEANSING PROCESS, whereby zombie businesses, that should NEVER have been created in the first place.
    These unproductive businesses that were using up precious capital, are eliminated, thus FREEING UP those resources for viable businesses that are value-adding to society.

    Yes, there will be a temporary loss of jobs as industries are restructured, but soon enough those displaced workers (and lots more besides), will find employment in those productive businesses resulting in a NET GAIN of jobs to society.

    People have things backwards when they say the recession is bad. A recession is merely a DETOX.

    The mistake as made in the growth phase when interest rates are kept WAY too low for WAY too long, This encouraged businesses (and government), to recklessly borrow and spend and create some temporary growth that was never sustainable.

    Think of it as an alcoholic getting liquored up and enjoying a ‘temporary high’, and believing that all is well while in his inebriated state.
    But that alcoholic desperately needs to get in rehab, or else he’ll have a premature demise.
    That rehab (ie: a recession), is the pain one has to endure to get you on the road to good health.

    It is NOT the business of government bureaucrats, let alone the privately owned Zionist Usury Banking Cartel (the owner of the Fed, the Bank of England and other western central banks), to set interest rates.

    The MARKET should set rates, as borrowers and lenders get together and come to some mutual arrangement.

    For example, in the past when interest rates were more or less subject to market conditions, western banks lent to Latin American and African banana republics at very high rates – because there was a very high chance they’d default.
    The more indebted a person or country was, the higher the rate you’d lend at.

    As a % of GDP, the U.S government is the most indebted that it has ever been.
    It would be underestimating the situation to say that the U.S is at high risk of default – because it is GUARANTEED TO DEFAULT on its obligations.

    If interest rates were to return to a historical average (around 5% – 7%), the U.S could not even service the INTEREST payments on its debts, let alone repay the principal.
    Contrast that to the artificially low Fed Funds rate of near zero that currently exists.

    It is not the job of government bureaucrats to set interest rates, let alone having them set by the Zionist Usury Banking Cartel (a cartel of private bankers that currently owns The Fed, the Bank of England and a variety of other western central banks).

    The interest rate should be set by borrowers and lenders coming together and coming to a mutually agreed rate, without outside coercion.

    • Agree: Mark G.
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  24. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Truth Vigilante

    When the Fed offered Americans dollars, the smart thing would have been to say, “No.” Sure you have to pay your taxes in dollars, but there’s no reason to hold dollars or use them until it’s time to pay taxes. Buy them on the spot, pay your taxes, then forget about them until next year.

    If you’re dumb enough to accept central bank scrip I have little sympathy when you inevitably get jacked.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
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