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Intervention Fail: Back to Libya
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The use of the US military overseas seems to have become so commonplace that the Obama Administration can bomb a country with no Congressional input and very little media interest at all. Such was the case on Friday, when the US military killed some 49 people in a bombing run near Tripoli, Libya.

We had to bomb Libya, we are told, because Libya has become a hotbed of ISIS activity. The group has been moving training facilities into the country, taking advantage of the chaos. Ironically, it was five years ago this week that the “Arab Spring” uprising began in Libya — an uprising that was supported by US military force and led to the overthrow of the Libyan government and the murder of its leader, Gaddafi.

We were told that the US had to intervene to overthrow Gaddafi so that democracy and human rights could flourish, yet five years after the US-led intervention no one would argue that the country is better off. Instead of bringing Libya democracy, US intervention brought Libya ISIS. So now the US has to go back and bomb Libya some more to take care of ISIS.

Will this work? No. Logic tells us you cannot do more of what caused a problem and expect it to fix the problem.

As Middle East analyst Hillary Mann Leverett observed after Friday’s US attack on Libya, “the problem is, for each one of these targeted killings, what we have seen in the data that at least two more people sign up to join.”

The United States has made a habit of lecturing other countries about the need to follow the rule of law, yet this seems to be a matter of “do as we say, not as we do.” How else can we explain a US attack overseas with no Congressional input? Certainly there was no Congressional authorization for Friday’s bombing. The Administration claimed that its authority came from the 2001 authorization to use military force against al-Qaeda in retaliation for the attacks of 9/11. But ISIS did not even exist on 9/11. How can the 2001 authorization be twisted to include bombing Libya in 2016?

Libya has been in chaos since its 2011 “liberation,” but the country’s interim government strongly objected to Friday’s US bombing, claiming they were not consulted before the US attack. They called US air strikes a violation of Libya’s sovereignty and of international law.

They have a point. But the most important point we must learn from the destruction of Libya – and of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on – is that US interventionism has been a complete failure. Hundreds of thousands have been killed in the last 15 years, societies have been broken apart, economies have been destroyed, and property has been flattened. There are no success stories. The neocon plan to remake the Middle East has only succeeded in destroying the Middle East. As a consequence, we are far less safe than before the “war on terror” was launched. ISIS and other terrorist groups have expanded their territory and have even been able to attack in Europe and the US. Our currency has been debased to pay for the trillions of dollars spent in this no-win war. The connected elites have gotten rich while the middle class has gotten poorer.

Intervention has failed. It is time to stand up to the neocons and their liberal interventionist collaborators and say “no more!”

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Libya, Neocons 
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  1. Rehmat says:

    Libya was destroyed because its government under the leadership of Qaddafi, an African Nasser, became a threat IMF and Israel. In Libya, French Sarkozy played Zionist front man as currently Erdogan is playing in Syria.

    “We have a copy of an agreement between the would-be-rebels and the Mossad. The agreement states that Israel will provide arms and training to the rebels until they take-over the country and in return for that Israel will get to put a military base in the Green Mountain of Libya,” said Jo Anne and her husband James Moriarty, the whistle-blowers, who worked in Libya during 2007-2011.

    In November 2011, French Jewish “philosopher” and a close friend of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Bernard-Henri Levy, admitted at the first conference of the French Jewish Lobby CRIF that Qaddafi had to be removed because he became a threat to Israel.

    “What I have done all these months, I did as a Jew. And like all the Jews of the world, I was worried. Despite legitimate anxiety is an uprising to be welcomed with favor, we were dealing with one of the worst enemy of Israel,” said Levy.

    Muslims must learn the truth, sooner the better that Western invasions of their countries have nothing to do with bringing democracy or liberating women, but the agenda is totally opposite. The purpose of these “humanitarian interventions” is to installed regimes which are subservient to Zionist interests. The US, France, Britain, Canada and Italy has played major part in these “Zionist wars” in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen, etc., which have made life for ordinary citizen a living hell. In April 2011, American Jewish scholar, Noam Chomsky, admitted that United States is against democratic governments in the Middle East because they turn out to be anti-Israel.

  2. jtgw says: • Website

    Whatever the reason, there was no excuse for us to attack Libya. And even if you think the attack was justified, it was not congressionally authorized. The Constitution no more gives Congress blanket authority to wage war anywhere than it allows general warrants for search and arrest.

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  3. Thirdeye says:

    Not only that, it was a flagrant violation of international law and Libya’s sovereignty regardless of whether or not it was authorized by Congress.

    • Replies: @jtgw
  4. jtgw says: • Website

    Yeah, I think I said more or less the same thing when I wrote “no excuse.” 😉

  5. The interests of 300 million Americans do stand against these thinly authorized wars. Unfortunately, the wars of waste are not waged for any defined victory overseas, but for elitist war profits at home. The capture of government policy by donorists means that one guy with one million bucks matters more than a million guys with one buck. What does victory look like in the morning? Daddy Warbucks with fistfuls of green.

  6. tsotha says:

    I don’t have any problem dropping bombs on people who are actively plotting against me, but getting involved in Libya’s “Arab Spring” civil war was a terrible mistake. After the Iraq war Kadaffi had given up his nuclear program, paid compensation for Lockerbie, and generally played nice with other countries. And yet, when it was convenient, we (mostly the UK and France, but the US as well) supported the enemies who ultimately tortured him to death.

    If you were running North Korea or Iran, what lesson do you draw from this? Me, I’d be seeking to acquire nuclear weapons with all possible speed.

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