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Equality in Slavery
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The Senate Armed Services Committee approved last month a National Defense Authorization Act that includes a requirement that women register with Selective Service on their 18th birthday. If the bill becomes law with this provision included and a military draft is reinstated, women will be forced to join the military, and America will have equality in slavery.

Proponents of drafting women argue that since women can now serve in combat it makes sense to make the draft “gender neutral.”

Some conservatives have made moral arguments against drafting women, saying that women should be able to decide for themselves whether or not to serve in the military. It is certainly true that it is immoral to force women into military service, but that is because it is wrong to force anyone into military service.

Forcing young people, regardless of their sex, to fight, kill, and even die in war is the worst violation of individual liberty a government can commit. Those who support the military draft implicitly reject the Declaration of Independence. How can someone support forced military service and still claim to believe all individuals are endowed with unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

While commonly thought of as a “left-wing” position, opposition to the draft has historically united Americans across the political spectrum. Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater both opposed the draft while running for president. Russell Kirk, the scholar who helped popularize the term “conservative,” opposed conscription.

Some progressives oppose a military draft but support other forms of mandatory national service. These progressives fail to understand that forcing someone to serve the welfare state is just as immoral as forcing someone to serve the warfare state.

Some conservatives join progressives in supporting mandatory national service. These conservatives claim that mandatory national service provides young people a way to “pay back” the debt they owe society. But these are moral obligations owed to families, churches, and communities, not legal obligations owed to, and properly enforceable by, the government.

Libertarians are consistent opponents of all forms of mandatory service. This is because libertarians apply the prohibitions against violence, theft, and fraud to governments as well as private citizens. So, if it is wrong for your neighbors to force your children to mow the neighbors’ lawn, it is wrong for government to force your children to serve in the military or perform any other type of “national service.”

The nonaggression principle is why libertarians oppose taxation, nationalized healthcare and education, and military crusades in the name of “democracy” or “human rights.” It is also why libertarians oppose laws telling people how to raise their children, limiting access to “extremist” websites, telling business owners who can and cannot use what bathrooms on their property, or prohibiting someone from gambling online, smoking marijuana, or drinking raw milk.

Some libertarians urge their liberty movement compatriots to not talk about the nonaggression principle. These “pragmatists” think the focus should be on making the “practical” case for liberty. But those who embrace liberty because it “works” better than statism will make “exceptions” if they think an authoritarian idea like mandatory national service is a more practical way of achieving their political, economic, or social goals. Only those committed to the moral case for liberty can be counted on to defend all liberty at all times.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Draft 
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  1. ruralguy says:

    Mandatory military service could save a generation of children from ruin. The 19th century industrialist warned that wealth had a toxic effect on their children. That’s what is happening today.
    Everyone in our country is materially quite wealthy. Too wealthy. We all, rich and poor, have the same smartphones, televisions, cars, microwave ovens, and designer clothes. The downside of all this wealth is that when everyone has everything they need, there is no motivation to achieve. The nation’s school children plod on with their studies, with no enthusiasm, just doing what is expected of them. With a blasé view of the world, they can’t see opportunities in the sciences, arts, and other things. Upon graduation from high school, I see very few of my children’s classmates have the enthusiasm for their future paths — almost all are directionless. Mandatory military service takes away this wealthy upbringing, giving them the discipline and motivation to achieve.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  2. Rich says:

    There should be, should have been, a Constitutional Amendment forbidding a draft. Of anyone. I believe there was a Supreme Court case in the 60s that tried to argue the draft was unconstitutional, but it failed. That the so-called “peace movement” never fought for such an amendment shows what a crock they were. And of course women shouldn’t be drafted, I can just imagine the gals with high heels and high hair I grew up with being forced into the military. Training would come to a halt, the crying, whining and bitching would destroy the military. Anyone who’s served in the mitary knows that when females are present it destroys unit cohesion and amorous relationships always result. One female on base who was impregnated had no idea who the father was and laid it on a poor private from the Midwest who had very little understanding of women’s ways. Not good.

  3. This once I have to disagree with Dr. No (with otherwise the highest respect).

    An army of draftees is less facilely dispatched on foreign adventures
    (the reason the French have la Légion for that crap) and less easily
    sicced on the own population (the reason foreigners staff the secret police and the rulers´bodyguard since Krethi and Plethi);
    it is democracy in motion.
    Besides, it´s educational (even apart from killing in 25 and sabotaging in 16 different ways it prepares you for marriage: You learn to make your own bed, sew your own buttons, obey orders and not bitch about the chow 😛 ).

    By contrast I think we all can see where a mercenary army of illegals
    (promised citizenship) and the otherwise-unemployable is leading –
    when Rome (both East and West) began to outsource their wars because their bibelots were too precious, the first casualty was liberty
    (“Pay the soldiers – the rest don´t matter”- Septimius Severus)
    and the rest soon followed.
    (The Swiss example I take with a grain of salt – 200 years ago they were still a gloryfied band of brigands; then again, much the same with the US 😀 )

    • Agree: ruralguy
    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  4. anon[402] • Disclaimer says:

    Dr. Paul is correct again.

  5. My only exception to an all “volunteer” army would be to draft anyone in Congress who votes to go to war; and into frontline infantry, not some General’s secretary. No more Chickenhawks.

    Actually I would like to see us return to “well regulated militias.” Bring ’em all home and wait for China to land troops on our beaches. I doubt they’d get past East L.A.

  6. Why would a draft be needed when modern doctrine emphasizes doing more with less, as in small numbers of highly trained Expeditionary Forces with battlefield-dominating weapons, communications, and intelligence, backed up by air power?

    Massive numbers of boots on the ground to deploy as occupation forces? Who’s going to be the target?

    Sounds fishy, demanding an explanation.

  7. Mark G. says:

    Because of the unsuccessful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s not likely the public will support any more wars in the near future. Because of the eroding economic situation here in the U.S., it will become increasingly difficult to collect enough taxes to support any more wars. Draftees are only really needed during wartime and there will be little need for draftees without any more wars.

    Some proponents of the recently failed Afghanistan war say it could have been won but for incompetence on the part of the military. That was certainly a factor. The military is just as inefficient as any other government bureaucracy. This has been exacerbated in recent years by increasing amounts of affirmative action.

    The military, though, was really given an almost impossible task. Our opponents in Afghanistan knew we would eventually get tired of the war and go home. They weren’t going to go home because they were already home. They also knew the American public wouldn’t accept high numbers of American casualties and the military would rely on air strikes. These strikes would hit civilians on the ground and slowly turn these civilians against us. There were few individuals among the native population not prone to corruption we could install to create a stable government. The whole thing was poorly thought out and we never should have stayed there all these years.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  8. @ruralguy

    Were I a bit more civic- instead of biologistic-minded I might add the draft
    is as close to equality as they are going to get in this life
    (pardon if for once I sound snottier than intended).
    And a little drill has killed almost no one yet 😉

  9. Resartus says:

    Because of the unsuccessful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s not likely the public will support any more wars in the near future.

    The wars were successful….
    Problem is, it didn’t stop there…
    Powers that be, thought maintaining the peace and government building was needed….

  10. Molip says:

    Self sovereignty is BS.

    As happened during the Vietnam War, Australians can also be conscripted and legally ordered to lay their life on the line for their country. This means their life is not their own – it is owned by the State.

    Put another way, to be an Australian is to be a State-owned chattel who’s life is forfeit at the behest of US oligarchs.

    At least the Chinese get to die in and for their own country. I might have to die in a foreign land just because some rich American wants to become richer.

  11. Jokem says:

    I suggest the government ought to provide free voluntary firearms training to anyone who is legally allowed to have a firearm. I also oppose conscription without a Declaration of War. There needs to be a Constitutional Amendment to that effect with careful wording to transfer selected powers to the President in that eventuality.

  12. Jokem says:
    @Mark G.

    Incompentance – Don’t know if that is the right word. Deliberate malfeasance perhaps.
    I suggest there is a better way to do this, but no one listens to me.

  13. I doubt we’ll ever see the draft return. If white people don’t want to fight a war, they can’t be made to, unless the government wants to lose a war due to the insane amount of fragging that will take place.

  14. Hitmarck says:

    U have to have a draft in a world with America existing.
    Sad bad true.

  15. Idealistically, sure, oppose the draft. No question.

    Strategically, we should not just permit it but encourage it. An active draft would do more to undermine the current faith in government than any number of valid criticisms and objections. The traditionally patriotic would be denied service based on a history of ‘dissenting speech’ and association, and POCs would utterly refuse to submit to even the most relaxed military service and discipline. Watch previously supported (or at least unopposed) politicians run for cover as virtually everyone protests one way or another.

    Yes, by all means, get the draft going. Finish the divisive job that the 60s started on this country.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  16. Resartus says:

    Yes, by all means, get the draft going. Finish the divisive job that the 60s started on this country.

    First find a country ie Haiti, Madagascar, Bermuda etc with lots of space and ports…..
    Then move every military base out of the US…..
    Along with every member of the UN……

  17. I was born in south korea and conscripted before, so I can say this with 100% certainty: Anyone who agree with the state military draft is either 1)completely ignorant of what it really means and probably mistaking it as some kind of boy scout 3-day camp or something, or 2)just an outright advocate of totalitarian state with a total, ultimate, complete slavery, with absolutely no “freedom” or “liberty” whatever it means.

    If you claim to be otherwise, you are 100% certainly in category 1. If you support military draft and at the same time somehow assert that you should have some “rights” which should be protected, you are definitely a most helpless moron who contradict yourself and not even aware of it. Nothing, and I mean literally nothing, can be even compared to that level of retardedness, even the vaxxed morons are better than that.

  18. @Sollipsist

    I’m totally opposed to conscription (militaries aren’t keen on it either — conscription spreads bad morale in the services).
    If conscription has any redeeming feature is that it essentially forces the public to take an interest in government war-making. The anti-war movement of the Vietnam War would have been a mere shadow of itself absent the draft.

    • Agree: Sollipsist
    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  19. @nokangaroos

    The Army should be sicced on the rural population of America, though. They voted for Trump.

  20. Jokem says:

    A nation has to have some way to defend itself. Absent Conscription, that would be hard.
    I claim Conscription has to be dependent on a Declaration of War by Congress. Without that, these ‘limited wars’ can only be fought using existing forces. In fact, I would further limit the action to include only the Navy and Marine Corp, with support from the CIA and foreign intelligence services.

  21. And now that everyone in the military will be forced to be vaccinated…

  22. Resartus says:
    @Supply and Demand

    The Army should be sicced on the rural population of America, though. They voted for Trump.

    Nice try, Service Members have more ties to the rural population than they do cities….
    Unless you want to turn major weapons systems ie tanks, APCs etc over to the hillbillies,
    lock the Army on their bases…..

    Don’t forget, the military has a few hundred Generals, but Millions of soldiers who take their oath seriously………
    Imagine the Army will OCCUPY DC (not to guard Congress) before they take to the woods…..

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  23. @animalogic

    Coerced conscription is a bad idea all around, but there’s something to be said for a society that accepts compulsory military service from its citizens. In general, it makes for a more peaceful and involved populace, out of enlightened self-interest. And our current lower ranks aren’t exactly filled with people who eagerly choose voluntary service over a number of other promising options.

  24. anarchyst says:

    And the oath that every military person takes has no expiration date…

    • Replies: @Resartus
  25. Great title on top of a great column, yet again. Thank you, Ron Paul!

  26. Resartus says:

    And the oath that every military person takes has no expiration date…

    For the ones that took it seriously to start with……
    Dealt with too many that “I’m only here for the college benefits” crowd.. 🙁

    • Replies: @Jokem
  27. Jokem says:

    “I’m only here for the college benefits”

    That makes the US Military a mercenary Army doesn’t it?

    This is a natural consequence of Korea and to a greater extent, Vietnam, et. al.
    Soldiers conscripted to fight in wars they do not have permission to win.

  28. Resartus says:

    That makes the US Military a mercenary Army doesn’t it?

    That was before the drawdown began after Desert Storm….
    I would hate to put forth a guess on how many changes have been made
    to the college fund since…..

  29. Incitatus says:

    “Equality in Slavery”?

    What a noble warning!

    You have to kidding Ron. Ever worry about lttle Randy? Maximizing COVID death as a free American birthright? All while preaching self-sufficiency and anti-socialism on his government salary, pension, and health-care benefits? What a brave son you have!

    Randy and Mitch’s Kentucky gets \$63.23 billion MORE from the federal government than it pays in taxes: \$2.89 for every \$1 paid, \$14,153 per capita. Randy’s KY is a welfare queen. Any thought Ron? Give us a hint.

    Only eight states pay more than they receive (NY, NJ, MA, CT, CA, MN, CO, UT): seven blue, one red . The blue labelled ‘socialist’ by your welfare KY queen son Ron and Mitch.

    Have you no shame, Ron Paul?

    Tell us about “slavery” Tell us why Texas gets \$19.5 billion more back from Feds than it pays in taxes (\$673 per capita). Tell us about the GOP Governor Abbott’s duty to infect as many as possible in the name of ‘freedom’ (and his re-election) – all on Medicare/Medicaids tab.

    Spare no words, freedom fighter Ron.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  30. Jokem says:

    As I recall, Rand took his chances with Covid, and recovered. I doubt very much his fortune could have been used to bribe the virus to leave him alone. He took his chances and came out of it.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  31. Incitatus says:

    Look up Randy’s wife’s investment (reported late) in in Gilead Sciences Remdesivir. Trump’s miracle cure, along with injected Clorox. At the same time Randy was telling everyone not to mask, not to distance, just like Maco Don (who, infected and deathly sick, was flown to primo health care at Walter Reed (the flight alone probably cost \$120k). God knows how much treatment cost.

    Think Presidents and Senators play by the same health care rules, pay the same prices?

  32. Jokem says:

    I have no idea what ‘Trump’s miracle cure’ has to do with this. No I am sure Presidents and Congress do not have the same health care as the rest of us. They also have Security Services the rest of us do not also. Your point being?

  33. @Incitatus

    Senator Rand Paul, though not the true-blue Liberty-lover his Dad is, was one of the few high-level pols to see through the Kung Flu PanicFest. bullshit. That includes the worthless face-diapering and standing on stickers. More power to him for that!

    You go stand on your sticker, Icitatus, and the adults will call you when we want to be amused.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  34. Resartus says:

    Like it matters what someone’s wife did….
    The amount of insider trading Pelosi and her better half did could fill an encyclopedia
    that was before she made “Insider Trading” legal for Congress….

    • Replies: @Jokem
    , @Incitatus
  35. Jokem says:

    I agree the probe into Rand Paul’s wife investment loss reeks of politics.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  36. Incitatus says:

    “I agree the probe into Rand Paul’s wife investment loss reeks of politics.”

    So far as I know, there was no “probe”, no committee or legal action.

    Randy, to his credit, realized he’d screwed-up not reporting last year, voluntarily reported it late. Simple as that.

    Too bad your sustaining libertarian persecution nightmare (‘The State is After You’, and ‘They’re After Your Freedom’) didn’t pan out. You’re as ‘free’ and as stupid as you have always been. Congratulations!

    Anything to say about brave ‘self-sufficient’ Kentucky getting \$63.23 billion more from the federal government than it pays in taxes (\$2.89 for every \$1 paid, \$14,153 per capita)? Mitch and Randy warned about ‘socialist’ “Blue-State Bail-Outs” (NY pays \$22.9 billion more than it gets back; NJ \$10.3 billion; MA \$9.9 billion; CA \$6.7 billion; CT \$5.8 billion; MN \$1.9 billion; CO \$1.4 billion; Utah \$416 million).

    If you don’t reside in one of the eight, you’re on the dole. Sorry.

  37. Incitatus says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    “Senator Rand Paul, though not the true-blue Liberty-lover his Dad is, was one of the few high-level pols to see through the Kung Flu PanicFest. bullshit.”

    Actually ‘Randy’ is his christened name, the name Dad and Mom gave him. Don’t they know best?

    The myth he was named after third-rate nut-case/author/huckster/hypocrite/SSI Beneficiary Ayn Rand (née Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum), fruit-cake libertarian heroine, is sadly unfounded.

    Randy changed his name to Rand for obvious reasons. But ‘if the [original] name fits…’

    “true-blue Liberty-lover his Dad”

    Ron and Randy live in welfare states. Both are on the take.

    As for your “Kung Flu PanicFest. Bullshit” You sound a lot like Macho whining fat Baby Donald (speaking of “diapers”). Hope that works out for you.

    “You go stand on your sticker, Icitatus, and the adults will call you when we want to be amused.”

    No idea what “sticker” means. As far as “adults” goes, hope they’re more competent than one who fashions himself after Mad Magazine (the Mecca for teen-age jerk-offs between viewing Playboy).

    News Flash – anti-mask Texas Governor Greg Abbott tests positive for COVID. Another day in the lemming moron parade!


    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  38. Incitatus says:

    “Like it matters what someone’s wife did….”

    Don’t care for Lady Macbeth? ‘Out, Dammed Spot’!

    “The amount of insider trading Pelosi and her better half did could fill an encyclopedia”

    Agree. Both sides do it. Trump China trademarks, “beautiful chocolate cake”and offshore manufacturing (while in office)?

    Reread my posts. Care to comment about KY collecting more from the Feds than paid in taxes, all while Randy and Mitch preach self-reliance and warn against socialism?

  39. @Incitatus

    I don’t care whether you call him Randy. He just seems to go by “Rand” – yes, probably a play on Ayn Rand.

    The stickers are on the floors, everywhere, gas stations, work places, Target. How could you have gone through 1 1/2 years of this idiotic PanicFest (now in Season 3) without looking down and seeing the stupid-assed social distancing stickers? Maybe you invested a lot of money in the floor sticker and nonwoven medical materials sectors back in January ’20 and that’s your scam.

    Had this nation had 100 times as many Ron Pauls in office, people like you would have no reason to open your stupid mouths. We’d be sitting pretty, liberty-wise, and people would tell anyone who suggested LOCKDOWNS that they were the Commies they are.

    Oh, and so what about the Gov. of Texas being “pozzed”. I’m sure he doesn’t give a damn anymore than I would, had I ever tested myself. Someone from my company called very recently to tell me I worked with someone with the deadly Kung Flu. She is about 25 – she’ll be fine. I am older – I’ll be fine. They really like to hear it when they realize on the phone that I don’t really give a fuck (though I use nicer language).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  40. Anonymous[131] • Disclaimer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Hey Ahmed, have you heard why Dr Paul’s latest is missing and seems to have caused a case of uncomfortable runz?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  41. @Anonymous

    Do you mean his latest column, #131? I wasn’t sure what you meant. I think there are loads of columns that Mr. Unz publishes with which he would not at all agree. I give him great credit for being eminently fair and stalwart about what he publishes.

    I’ve only seen Ron Paul columns here about every other week. Perhaps that’s the deal they have(?).

  42. SafeNow says:

    Future military deployments will be solely to spend military money, and, to establish “presence.” It will be “presence” without lost lives or limbs. Training, but no fighting. This easy, safe, duty will make it quite easy to have enough qualified volunteers. That’s the practical argument. Regarding the libertarian argument, I agree with the author; and I do so as someone who is ancient enough to have personally observed the devastating effect of a draft upon young lives and their families and friends.

    A suggestion. In the Coast Guard, the best enlistment preferences go to those who are culinary grads. I suggest the other branches implement giving the same attention to the food. They’ll get all the qualified volunteers they need.

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