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End the Shutdown; It’s Time for Resurrection!
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For many millions of Christians, Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Others may celebrate the arrival of spring and the promise of new life. Whatever one’s beliefs, after several weeks of mandatory “stay at home” orders and the complete shutdown of the US economy over the coronavirus, this self-destructive hysteria must end and we must reclaim the freedom and liberty that has provided us so much opportunity as Americans.

To do that we should first understand that much of the hysteria is being generated by a mainstream media that has long prioritized sensationalism over investigating and reporting the truth. Government bureaucrats are also exaggerating the threat of this virus and appear to be enjoying the power and control that fearful people are willingly handing over to them. One “coronavirus” bureaucrat even told us that we can no longer go to the grocery store! So we should just starve?

It is certainly possible to believe that this virus can be dangerous while at the same time pointing out that radical steps are being taken in our society – stay-at-home orders, introduction of de facto martial law, etc. – with very little knowledge of just how deadly is this disease.

On March 24th, the CDC issued an alert stating that doctors should classify “probable COVID-19” or “likely COVID-19” as Covid-19 deaths. Perhaps that explains the seeming drop-off of pneumonia deaths this year and the simultaneous spike in Covid-19 deaths as some researchers have reported.

The BBC reported last week that, “At present in the US, any death of a Covid-19 patient, no matter what the physician believes to be the direct cause, is counted for public reporting as a Covid-19 death.”

Does that sound like a scientifically sound way of determining how deadly Covid-19 really is?

What is most dangerous is that although this virus will eventually disappear, the assault on our civil liberties is not likely to be reversed. From this point on, whenever local officials, county officials, state governors, or federal bureaucrats decide there is sufficient reason to suspend the Constitution they will not hesitate to do so. Anyone who challenges the suspension of the Constitution “for our own good” will be labeled “unpatriotic” and perhaps even reported to the authorities. We have already seen hotlines springing up across the country for Americans to report other Americans who dare venture outside to enjoy the sun and build up their vitamin D protection against the coronavirus.

The government is justified in cancelling the Constitution, we are told, because we are in an emergency situation caused by the Covid-19 virus. But do people forget that the Constitution itself was written and adopted while we were in an “emergency situation”?

Did the framers of the Constitution fail to add an 11th Amendment to the Bill of Rights saying, “oh by the way, none of this counts if we get sick”? Of course not! Those who wrote our Constitution understood that these rights are not granted by the government, but rather by our Creator. Thus it was never a question as to when or under what conditions they could be suspended: the government had no authority to suspend them at all because it did not grant them in the first place.

Our country is far less at risk from the coronavirus than it is from the thousands of small and large authoritarians who have suddenly flexed their muscles across the country. President Trump would do well to end this ridiculous shutdown so that Americans can get on with their lives and get back to work.

Americans should remember the tyrants who locked them down next time they go to the ballot box. Let’s demand an end to the shutdown so we can resurrect our economy, our lives, and our liberties!

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Coronavirus 
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  1. Wild Bill says:

    These days, especially in North America, but really in all the world, people feel more confident carrying a gun and a fat wallet. Why is that? Simply, people have been cultivated to be fearful of everything in life and consequently, distrustful of the people around them. It seems they are always in proximity to “the other”; to someone who is not like them and therefore a danger to them. Patting that sidearm gives a false sense of security as does patting the wallet. Everyone knows that the only real crime is being poor. Being poor singles you out as an easy target for all to prey on even though you can provide almost nothing to them – except in the case of government where you become useful as cannon fodder or a form of it. Carrying a gun also singles you out and makes you a target for the minions of government who can always claim they killed you because you were obviously a nut with a gun. So, who are people really afraid of? It is not “the other” at all, although there can be some discomfort with them, it is the government and its army.
    When people first came from Europe to the Americas as explorers and possible settlers, they were escaping the kings and armies of the old world and most had nothing. You can’t count a single shot musket as a defensive weapon of any value. Most did not even have a horse. They had what they could carry on their backs and they set off for parts unknown with a confidence people do not have today. They were confident that putting one foot in front of the other they could make a life with their hands and the power between their ears. They believed that food and shelter would come to them somehow, and they believed they had the personal power to wait for it if it was slow in coming. They were free. Being free, they were able to befriend those they met and reciprocate any help they received, regardless of genetics. Today, people have been conditioned to believe freedom does not exist and that the only thing we can do is beg for indulgence from the government to allow us to live. It is nonsense. Your life is your weapon against tyranny and its up to you to use it and assert your right to existence.

    • Replies: @druid55
    , @Observator
  2. druid55 says:
    @Wild Bill

    BS. They were not free, they were desperate and poor. No choice to do what they did! So they did it.

  3. T. Weed says:

    Ron Paul, when you ran for President I \$upported you, I support your call to audit the Fed, I applaud you and your son Rand. I hope you’ll answer this question vexing me: where will these trillions of dollars of bailout money come from? Will the Fed print it out of thin air and then “lend” it to us as Debt?

  4. Oh, total bullshit. Whenever I hear somebody yelling, “Freedoooom!,” I grab my wallet, back into a corner, and take note of all available exit signs.

    Because I know they’re going to rob me, get it? (I know I have to explain even simple little things on behalf of the feeble-minded. The same way Hollywood does.)

  5. Thank you for speaking the truth on this important issue, Dr. Paul. May God bless you this Easter!

  6. I would like to see Dr. Paul post his thoughts regarding the possibility of a monetary crisis. What is a monetary crisis? Are we experiencing a monetary crisis? Are we likely to experience a monetary crisis? Ron Paul is the guy I trust on all things monetary. How about a refresher?

  7. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Americans should remember the tyrants who locked them down next time they go to the ballot box. Let’s demand an end to the shutdown so we can resurrect our economy, our lives, and our liberties!”

    Let’s shut down the government instead- permanently. How ’bout dat? Then we don’t have to bother going to the frickin’ ballot box [the results from which which are all rigged anyway].

    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”H. L. Mencken

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
    , @NoTax
  8. IvyMike says:

    I agree with the Ron Paul but the sad fact is that our for profit health care system is designed for full occupancy all the time to maximize profit and is completely unable to deal with the pandemic. I’m sure RP thinks socialized medicine would be the death of all freedom but right now it looks like the helplessness of a capitalist healthcare model has become a threat to freedom.

  9. shredder says:

    The interesting thing is the apparent fall in the rate of pneumonia/influenza deaths reported by the CDC. With so much sensationalism we can’t know how dangerous the virus is by relying on the corporate media, or the independent media. Everyone has an interest in supporting a narrative.

    We have a new virus, that could be dangerous and likely originated in a lab in China. We also have a new test for the virus that has not been used in the CDCs statistics of weekly deaths from pneumonia/influenza. Those stats are readily available on the website. In prior years there was no testing for CV-19.

    A significant percentage of patients who die of pneumonitis have no definitive diagnosis as to the causative organism. Now we have a new test that confirms the presence of an organism in 350,000 Americans. The presence of an organism is not proof of disease. (We can assume that total number carrying the virus, or who have had the virus and cleared it is much larger perhaps by a factor of 20, or close to 70 million.)

    Since the test has not been used in prior years, the only way we can know if or how much the spread of the virus increases our risks of dying from pneumonitis is to follow the weekly CDC death from pneumonia/influenza (+CV-19) statistics. Those stats are not being reported at all in the media. If we don’t see a major increase in respiratory deaths we can assume that we have been panicked more by the test than the disease. The coming weeks will be interesting.

    If the CDC does not show an increase in mortality from pnuemonia/influenza+CV-19, we can only hope that our leaders will declare victory in their War on death and CV-19 and let us get back to a normal life. They can say it was because of their tough measures.

  10. @onebornfree

    I wouldn’t deign to correct Ron Paul on his specialty, Liberty and Freedom, but that IS a pretty good correction., OBF.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  11. @IvyMike

    I’d just LUV LUV LUV to have a free-market health-care system, Mike, but I guess that’s not what you mean here by Capitalism. Do you think socialized medicine can’t be worse? Oh, yeah, you’ve got another think coming.

    The science and technology wasn’t what we have today, but 50 years ago, America’s health care was a lot closer to a free market. It helps when you don’t have welfare cases, and, now, illegal aliens that one must pay triple to cover (sometimes at the hospital and other times on April 15th).

    BTW, the threat to freedom does not come from this Kung Flu itself, but from the response to this Infotainment Panic-Fest. This is looking like the Socialists’ 9/11.

  12. Oh, I forgot: Great column, Dr. Paul!

  13. @Wild Bill

    Early settlers who came to America were almost exclusively in the employ of stock companies chartered in London. Shares in these ventures were purchased by stockholders, generally the nobility, who expected substantial returns on their investments. Ordinary people could not raise the enormous sum of money needed cross the Atlantic, nor could they just wander off into the woods and cut down forests to start farms on their own.

    • Replies: @Anon
  14. anastasia says:

    Why hasn’t any journalist asked why every hospital is laying off more than 50,000 hospital health care workers, including emergency physicians and nurse anesthesiologists during a pandemic?

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  15. I think you meant to say Insurrection

  16. swamped says:

    “Our country is far less at risk from the coronavirus than it is from the thousands of small and large authoritarians who have suddenly flexed their muscles across the country. President Trump would do well to end this ridiculous shutdown so that Americans can get on with their lives and get back to work”…and as with much such prudent advice, this will probably not be heeded. The original federal ‘shelter-in’ directive was for 15 days, ending the first week of April. Then the President spoke of ending it on Easter Sunday & was verbally crucified by the agnostic fake news & talking heads. Then he set back the clock again for resuming business almost-as usual to April 30. Today at the daily public briefing cum press conference, when asked if that would still be the re-start date, the President just shrugged & said, ‘we’ll see’. The “thousands of small and large authoritarians across the country” haven’t just “suddenly” started flexing their muscles; they’ve been itching to do this for some time now. And it’s starting to look frighteningly, like it’s not going to end anytime soon.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  17. What, and let a little virus cut down America like the Grim Reaper?

    Try this in another few weeks when the body count starts going down, Doctor Paul.

  18. Everything’s a gamble. Set the dial to “normal” & see what happens.
    If the virus flicks on the super-charger & flattens its foot…well, I’m sure that there’ll be many out there to put the best spin on it.

  19. Anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    Early settlers who came to America were almost exclusively in the employ of stock companies chartered in London.

    Complete Anglo-centric BS. Certainly, the Spanish, who predated the Anglos, the Dutch, French and German settlers were not. In fact the oldest city in the US is St. Augustiine Florida which was a Spanish colony.

    It’s too bad that German didn’t become the official language of the US. Then, we could have had a national healthcare system long ago like Bismarck gave Germany under the Kaiser and avoided the Russian Revolution and communism entirely.

  20. onebornfree says: • Website
    @Achmed E. Newman


    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  21. onebornfree says: • Website

    “A ‘Liberty’ Rebellion in Idaho Threatens to Undermine Coronavirus Orders”

    “SANDPOINT, Idaho — Inside an old factory building north of Boise, a few dozen people gathered last week to hear from Ammon Bundy, the man who once led an armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge.

    The meeting, which appeared to violate orders by Gov. Brad Little of Idaho to avoid group gatherings, was an assertion of what Mr. Bundy said was a constitutional right to peacefully assemble. But Mr. Bundy said he also hoped to create a network of people ready to come to the aid of those facing closure of their businesses or other interference from the government as a result of the coronavirus outbreak….”

    Regards, onebornfree

  22. @onebornfree

    Excellent, and I want to see the day when the American people are so FED up that the Federal workers are all told by the President to shelter in place.

  23. anastasia says:

    In 2018, 830,000 people were hospitalized in the United States for flu. In 2018, 61,000 people died o fthe flu. These statistics are not so unusual. The statistics show that between 45,000 and 80,000 people die of the flu every year, and remember that flu season lasts about 6 months. We are, by the way, in the middle of the peak flu season.

    And I find it impossible that no one has regular flu, ordinary bacterial and viral pneumonias. Did these ordinary flus and ordinary pneumonia somehow step aside for Covid-19? Are ANY people dying of ordinary flu or pneumonia during this peak season for flu? Are they counting these people as Covid because they have not been tested?

    This flu was not shown to be so very dangerous in Wuhan, nor was it shown to be so very contagious in Wuhan. So, why did we engage in this insane lockdown. It is absolutely bizarre.

    The only thing that has happened globally other than this so-called virus, was the roll out or activation of 5G, and it looks like it was staggered. As a matter of fact, if you look at the 5G map where it has been activated and when, it seems to be running a bit ahead of this virus.

    These crazy and expensive measures are PURE INSANITY, or maybe something worse.

    People should know that at precisely around the time that that monster, Bill Gates was having his big pandemic exercise in October 2019, that he also landed a contract for 10 billion dollars with the US government to install 5G I-Cloud Jedi for the Pentagon. He was the second riches man in the world before this contract. Today, he is the richest man in the world. And is there any question that the US government MUST HAVE THIS 5g TECHNOLOGY FOR THEIR WARS? The health of no person could possible dissuade them from getting it. So, what is this pandemic? Is it a massive health experiment, a beard to have something to blame if 5G has a toxic effect on some very vulnerable people? Is this another Pearl Harbor where 1500 servicemen were killed unnecessarily, or a 911 where 3,000 people were killed so the gov’t could have their wars. If it is, it is much worse, because if the statistics are true, then the toxic insult of 5G killed more people than either of those murderous acts of our government.

    • Agree: T. Weed
  24. anastasia says:

    My sister in law cannot bury her mother for 2 weeks, nor can any of us except her and her brother go to the funeral service. This is cruelty. This poor deceased woman had to sit in a nursing home listening to these lunatics terrify her every day, morning, noon and night. She wasn’t allowed to see her children. And now she is dead. What the media has done is called cruelty.
    People are on food lines because of this insane lockdown. This is called cruelty
    Millions of people have lost their jobs because of this lockdown. This is called cruelty.
    People are afraid of going to the hospital for needed treatment because of this lockdown. This is called cruelty.
    People will not touch their children because of this lockdown and scare tactics of the media, and this is called cruelty. Children cannot play with other children because of these scare tactics, and that is called cruelty.
    People in the hospital who are said to have this virus and who spend their hospitalization in a terrified state because of these measures is called cruelty.
    The Christians went to leper colonies without a thought about anything else. It was more important to do these things than it was to lose one’s life. That is Christianity. I don’t know what you call what is going on today, but it is not Christian. IT IS SICK

    Dying of illness is the most natural thing in the world. We are all going to do it one day, just as the 61,000 people who died of the flu in 2018. No one played taps for them.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Dumbo
  25. Back about three weeks ago, I posted some comments on the column “The Coronavirus Hoax” making some projections of the likely course of the SARS-COV-2 epidemic in Massachusetts. I have a background in epidemiology so this was not an unreasonable thing to do. I was mobbed by the same pack of yahoos adulating Paul here. They claimed I was an unscientific alarmist posting lies and much worse. I just went back and checked. My projections turn out to have been conservative. I just posted two updates back there.

    The folks here are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. This pandemic is a serious public health issue. It requires serious public health measures if it is to be controlled. Minimizing – actually Paul and most commenters here are trivializing – the extent and danger of the current pandemic will not lead to a useful solution. The policies currently in place may not be the best. I personally think many of them are ill-advised, counterproductive, and may even lead to catastrophic consequences down the road. But devising and implementing good policies requires that the reality of this pandemic be faced head on. Paul and his more loony acolytes are still failing to do this.

  26. NoTax says:

    It’s called a good old fashion tax revolt. File 6-7 on your W-9 and stop filing 1040. No shots fired.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  27. @Jus' Sayin'...

    It’s revelatory to see what posts get a gold border these days. You blend your scaremongering with insults to the character of the people posting on the thread, and you get a gold border. Here’s a troll tag and a place on my ignore list to go with your gold border.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  28. @IvyMike

    I’m sure RP thinks socialized medicine would be the death of all freedom but right now it looks like the helplessness of a capitalist healthcare model has become a threat to freedom.

    You see we need to trust our loved ones to a magic market that couldn’t ramp up enough supply of hand sanitizer or face masks.

    Libertarianism is based in false assumptions. The worst being that race doesn’t matter and that we should just throw open the borders to the third world because Rand said so. Oh but Israel doesn’t have to cause that’s different.

    Once you work backwards from “race doesn’t exist” you can see how stupid the whole thing. Just one bad assumption after another.

  29. @Jus' Sayin'...

    Well I would fully expect libertarians to downplay a pandemic that is best handled by a strong public response that includes public rationing of supplies, closing borders and enforcing quarantines.

    But these are people that think legalizing crack and bringing in millions of African immigrants is a path to progress.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  30. @Twodees Partain

    I’d always thought before that the article writer gave out the coveted gold border, Mr. Partain. Obviously for a syndicated column, that can’t be the case. If Dr. Paul were giving out special borders, I believe Mr. Sayin’s would be green, the color of the fiat money that’s fixin’ to go down the toilet.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  31. @John Johnson

    You’re confusing lots of different people, Mr. Johnson, IMO. I am a Libertarian, but I am for a 50 year immigration moratorium. Not all of us still subscribe to Reason magazine. I sent my copy back with a nasty note many years back.

    The downplaying is based on numbers, evidence, and experience (seeing these viruses before). This should not be a national emergency that gives our local Mayor (for cryin’ out loud!) the power to tell everyone to stay inside. Fuck that guy! We were in the park throwing the frisbee and greeting neighbors we’ve never even talked to before. On the agenda for the 2nd-grader tomorrow – geometry, with ruler, protractor, and compass.

    Crawl in your holes, Kung Flutalitarians! Just leave us the hell alone.

  32. You’re confusing lots of different people, Mr. Johnson, IMO. I am a Libertarian, but I am for a 50 year immigration moratorium.

    I’m not confusing anyone. The Libertarian party is for open borders and legalizing hard drugs like crack. They would let in millions of African immigrants which is what Rand demanded (but made an exception for Israel).

    If you don’t like the Rand cult then leave. Don’t pretend you can be a member while denying key positions.

    There is nothing wrong with being an independent. You don’t have be part of this group of lunatics that follows the writings of a bitter woman who openly admired a psychopathic child killer (read about Rand and William Hickman).

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  33. Ron Paul is an asshole cretinous libertarian. Libertarian government is directly responsible for the death of thousands, who knows how many thousands of people. You people are horrible and ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  34. @Achmed E. Newman

    Yes, we know now who gold-borders comments on syndicated columns; the same person who hands out gold stars to trolls and valid commenters alike, according to how well they align with the site owner’s views. Greenish brown would be the proper color for a border around that comment.

    • LOL: John Johnson
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  35. KenH says:

    Americans should remember the tyrants who locked them down next time they go to the ballot box.

    Except our electoral system doesn’t work that way in the majority of cases. There have been two attempts to unseat my RINO congressman and both times they were defeated 80-20 with the upstart candidates having almost no money compared with the globalist RINO.

    There is no disclaimer in the Constitution that our rights can be curtailed in times of an alleged pandemic.

  36. @John Johnson

    Nope, it doesn’t work like that, Mr. Johnson. Just as there are many conservatives who would call themselves “Republicans” who want not a whole lot of what the GOPe is selling, not all Libertarians are open-borders Libertarians, as you say that official party is (I’ll take your word for it).

    Check out Lew Rockwell, Western Rifle Shooters, or hundreds of other Libertarian/Constitutionalist sites. They are not exactly friends with the Cato institute, except with the economic views. I have no problem legalizing crack. Let the crackheads burn themselves into oblivion. Are you worried about getting hooked and being too high to comment her?

    Ann Rand – I could take her or leave her. She was on the right track in a lot of ways – I’ve seen a great youtube video of a speech of hers (not gonna look for it just now) that anyone who agrees with Ron Paul here would be sure to agree with. As for her writings, I got through The Fountainhead but only finished it because I was unemployed – too damn wordy.

    BTW, even the NRA, with their stated goal of being a SINGLE-ISSUE organization, has felt obligated to write against the immigration invasion. They are starting to understand how Virginia became as it is today – no longer a II-A stalwart, and how quickly this can happen.

    • Replies: @mark green
  37. @Twodees Partain

    One time I got that border under a Fred Reed post (no, I shit you not), but it was likely because I explained Mr. Reed’s storyline to another commenter who was confused about it. I’d thought that it was from Mr. Reed, who does occasionally chime in (after not reading a whole lot, and subsequently never answering anybody). That is unlike the writers of the widely-disseminated columns, such as Mr. Buchanan or Dr. Paul here.

    Yes, at least we’ve got this figured out. Some things I’ve had to learn about this site by trial and error, but none of, what I believe are minor bugs, impede my use of it. I will say again that this is one of the best-working websites I’ve ever used regularly, especially wrt commenting.

    That said, I don’t expect a gold border or yellow star in the near future, as Mr. Unz, from skimming 1 % of my comments, reckons I’m a, let me get the alliteration right, “random right-wing ranter”. I’m just crushed, I tell ya’!

  38. @obwandiyag

    Is this the Nigerian Obwandiyag , or the UN guy who visits his hut every Wednesday morning to teach him how to read and write?

  39. Too much bloviating in the comments in general. Time to cut to brass tacks. Are you going to resist the bogus-and-most-likely-harmful corona vaccine Big Pharma and Big Gov and will mandate to rejoin society, or are you gonna lay down and take it. That’s the question here folks. Cause they’re not gonna miss this opportunity to inject you with probably the Mark of the Beast.

  40. @Achmed E. Newman

    Hi Achmed. I agree. Libertarians were never ‘Open Borders’ proselytizers when I first became involved in the movement decades ago. Paleo-libertarians wanted sensible drug penalty reform as well as decriminalization of most (if not all) victimless crimes, including prostitution. Also, early libertarians were united in their opposition to unnecessary US intervention in foreign wars. Key element.

    American power has been exploited for the past century from within to settle old scores in the Old world. This has been an economic, political and moral disaster for America as well as most of humanity.

  41. @Jus' Sayin'...

    But devising and implementing good policies requires that the reality of this pandemic be faced head on.

    Well, if that is true, and you think your requirement is not being met, then good policies are impossible. So it’s best not implement any policies, because they would be bad policies, right?

  42. Dumbo says:

    Yes, I agree. Also closures are selective, big brand supermarkets remain open, but small stores and churches don’t. Branded “Not essential”. For whom?

    These crazy and expensive measures are PURE INSANITY, or maybe something worse.

    This is one of those cases where the “cure” is worse than the disease. Perhaps the objective of the lockdowns was more the economic downturn, which will enslave many people, than actually solving the pandemic. Also the “social isolation” might be on purpose, to make people even more atomized.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  43. jtgw says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    You might be right about the facts of the epidemic, though I’m concerned at the wide range in projected deaths. Seems we still don’t have good handle on case fatality rate.

    As I think you conceded in other comments, balancing costs and benefits of shutdowns is not trivial. Even if you focus just on deaths, economic collapse itself has an effect on mortality.

    There seem to be three solutions to the disease itself:

    1) Let virus run rampant until herd immunity develops. If necessary, enforce some social distancing to keep R0 low to spread out cases and deaths over a longer period, but don’t bring R0 below 1 because you want it to spread, as this is only way to develop immunity sans vaccine. This approach means not waiting for vaccine to develop but also probably biggest loss of life from this particular disease.

    2) Crush the curve and bring R0 below 1 to bring this wave to an end. But to prevent second wave social distancing must be enforced until mass vaccine or cure developed. This probably has biggest long-term economic consequences.

    3) Same as before except institute contact tracing to catch and isolate new cases once social distancing measure lifted. This too must continue until vaccine is developed. Less economic damage than 2.

    In addition to these three options, we have another choice:

    1) Try to engineer a specific transmission rate through lockdown policies. Some effort at expanding healthcare capacity or treatment is conceivable but generally we assume the system cannot accommodate expected demand if transmission is not controlled from the top.

    2) Let people decide how much risk of infection to take. This may well mean faster spread and greater number of cases but we should put all efforts into expanding healthcare capacity.

    Finally, we come to the question of how much direct government action is needed versus government getting out of the way. E.g. limits on healthcare capacity seem to be as much a consequence of government red tape as they care of some inherent market failure. Arguably less disruptive to focus on how to reduce government involvement to facilitate market responses e.g. roll back FDA regulations and approval procedures to allow PPE and new treatments onto market faster. Roll back patent protections to allow cheaper generic alternatives to come to market faster etc.

  44. Hail says: • Website

    Americans should remember the tyrants who locked them down next time they go to the ballot box. Let’s demand an end to the shutdown so we can resurrect our economy, our lives, and our liberties!

    Thank you, Ron Paul.

    End the destructive and unnecessary CoronaPanic.

  45. I almost never comment on this column, though I respect the author’s views and even agree with some of them. After many of the writers on this webzine went crazy over this pandemic, I think I should start commenting more on the few sane people on it.

    I am not a Christian, and have written against the religion on several occasions. On the other hand, if some people are being kept sane and virtuous with the help of Christendom, I can only applaud it.

    And if you are sane, your religion will not collide with science. On the contrary!

    It is a well known fact that germs are important for a child’s health. Take a look at the article I link to below; it’s not too long and it is written in extremely accessible language.

    Scientists Reveal Why It’s Important to Let Your Kids Be Exposed to Germs

    On account of this pandemic, we are sterilizing our domestic and working environments, and forcing people from all ages — even small children who have virtually zero chance of becoming ill — to wash their hands obsessively and otherwise avoid all contact with germs.

    This is not going to last one month or two. Even in the extremely remote case the virus goes away in less than a year or two, the *habit* of excessive hygiene will get stuck in our minds and in our culture forever. And furthermore, this will not be the last dangerous virus that will plague us. And given its very low mortality rate, chances are that our fear will be redirected towards a more dangerous one in the future.

    People should stop and think about what we are doing. We are raising a generation of asthmatic and allergic human beings, just to save (or anyway think we are saving) a very percentage of people who are mostly old or sickly.

    We are also indoctrinating the whole world to behave like sufferers of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and soon many may really develop that disorder.

    As I said, I am not a Christian, but how can a Christian justify all this destructive fear of dying when one of the basic principles of that religion is the belief in a happy life after death for those who place Ethics before Survival?

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Hail
  46. Hail says: • Website
    @Brás Cubas

    how can a Christian justify all this destructive fear of dying when one of the basic principles of that religion is the belief in a happy life after death for those who place Ethics before Survival?

    The answer is this: Many have abandoned Christianity and converted, en masse, to the CoronaReligion, an evil cult that, like all destructive religious cults, will be its own undoing before long. How much damage this evil cult can do before slithering away and its members “snap out of it” is still, sadly, an open question.

    A recent thought on the new Corona Religion and what it demands of its followers:

    Gov. Northam [of Virginia], the full-blown CoronaPanic-pusher, is the same governor who came out in favor of post-birth abortions.

    On the theme of babies that Gov. Northam wants to make sure never get the chance — Going on all past experience, his long-term shutdown orders, into summer and maybe fall, with their economic dislocation and ruination/serious-disruption of many-a prime-age, young, working-age man and woman’s lives, will end up sapping the fertility rate […]

    Governor Northam has converted to the CoronaReligion; its angry god demands sacrifices in blood. Easter, which is tomorrow, is our greatest religious holiday and is about life, resurrection; but Gov. Northam and the rest of the clown-car governors have reverted to a more-primitive, blood sacrifice religion to appease their new god.

    CoronaReligion’s evil god demands the blood-sacrifice of the young.

    On CoronaReligion heretics, of which there are many on this site:


    German heretics (including Dr. Wodarg, Dr. Wittkowski, Dr. Rindermann writing on this website, and many others):

    One notable thing about CoronaPanic I have noticed:

    Germans make up a sizable share of the notable skeptics (or, Heretics to the sudden CoronaReligion; an apocalyptic, book-of-Revelation-style religion; an ugly religion, if you ask me) among the ranks of experts and specialists willing to come out publicly for the anti-CoronaPanic position.

    I don’t know why this is. Why Germans?

    In any case, we the people of the world are grateful.

    A heretic recently discovered in Hamburg:

    As Dr. Klaus Püschel, head of forensic medicine in Hamburg and one of the latest major CoronaHeretics (again a German), said a few days ago:

    Corona in itself is a „not particularly dangerous viral disease“ […] I am convinced that the Corona mortality rate will not even show up as a peak in annual mortality.“

    (Translated from the Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper.)

    I would also suggest that the April 6 decision to hospitalize Boris Johnson and put him in an ICU was a political one (a few were brave enough to call a typical-Boris publicity stunt), by which I mean a calculated decision to undermine the anti-CoronaPanic side and Corona Skeptics, or, in following the religion metaphor, a move against CoronaHeretics:

    Boris Johnson’s latest publicity stunt [“hospitalized for Covid-19!”]. […]

    Although we are not necessarily going to ever know for sure, the strong possibility that Boris’ sudden “turn for the worse” (“Only to heroically pull through!” curtain; Act III) raises several possibilities. Whose choice was the hospitalization? His own, a classic Boris move to gain sympathy? Or was it other members of the “Corona Coup d’Etat” faction, who want UK’ers to show more damned respect for the Corona Panic, our substitute God now that Easter has been cancelled?

    (And what better example of a one-time heretic to the Holy CoronaReligion to make than Boris, who led a readeguard action until late in the game against the Corona Panic, resisting the mass shutdowns longer than the other cavers-in?)

    For those not following the news, or any far-future readers, Boris was indeed released not long after that prediction (“Only to heroically pull through!” curtain; Act III) was made. But they made an example of him; mission accomplished.

    • Agree: Brás Cubas
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  47. @NoTax

    I admire your adherence to principle. But you should advise people tempted to follow your advice that they can be prosecuted for a misdemeanor, and quite possibly a felony, just for willful failure to file a federal income tax return — without regard to whether they owed the tax. That way they can make an informed decision.

    Better have millions of people doing it together with you, it would seem, because overwhelming the system would be your only realistic chance of getting away with it.

    As an aside, every US Citizen could receive a sizeable Universal Basic Income without the infringement of liberty, waste of resources, harassment, and intrusive surveillance that come with the federal income tax system. The several trillion dollars in annual revenue would come from returning our God-given natural resources — oil, natural gas, metals, minerals, and spring water — to public ownership. In other words, a more thorough version of Alaska’s annual energy dividend check on a larger scale.

    A Universal Basic Income funded in this way could replace not only the federal income tax, but also a good chunk of the current federal welfare-state bureaucracy.

    If we do this, and return the military to its proper defensive/retaliatory function, we would have a US Citizenry that’s more physically and economically secure, with perhaps one third of the federal government employees we have today. Or is it better fo fantasize about mass tax evasion under the current system, and accept nothing less than a pure libertarian dreamworld?

  48. @Hail

    Of course elective abortion and infanticide are the murder of a genetically unique human being, and Northam is a despicable person and unfit to be a medical doctor or governor.

    As for “blood sacrifice”, though, it’s rather convenient to forget that Christianity is centered on the sacrifice of Jesus, who is said to have shed his blood so that our sins might be forgiven. A notion that bears suspicious resemblance to the earlier jewish and pagan concept of the scapegoat, no?

    • Replies: @Hail
  49. Hail says: • Website

    The difference:

    The Christian religion demands no blood-sacrifices in the present to appease gods.

    The CoronaCult, as I see it, bears some similarity to the Aztecs’ religion.

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