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Biden’s Syria Attack: An Actual Impeachable Offense
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Last Thursday President Biden continued what has sadly become a Washington tradition: bombing Syria. The President ordered a military strike near the Iraqi-Syrian border that killed at least 22 people. The Administration claims it struck an “Iranian-backed” militia in retaliation for recent rocket attacks on US installations in Iraq.

As with Presidents Obama and Trump before him, however, Biden’s justification for the US strike and its targets is not credible. And his claim that the US attack would result in a “de-escalation” in the region is laughable. You cannot bomb your way toward de-escalation.

Biden thus joins a shameful club of US leaders whose interventions in the Middle East, and Syria specifically, have achieved nothing in the US interest but have contributed to the deaths of many thousands of civilians.

President Trump attacked Syria in 2018 in what he claimed was retaliation for the Assad government’s use of chemical weapons against its own citizens. The Trump Administration never proved its claim. Logic itself suggests how ridiculous it would have been for the Syrian president to have used chemical weapons in that situation, where they achieved no military purpose and would almost certainly guarantee further outside attacks against his government.

Trump’s 2018 attack only added to the misery of the Syrian people, who suffered under US sanctions and then suffered President Obama’s “Assad must go” intervention that trained and armed al-Qaeda affiliated groups to overthrow the government.

Trump’s airstrike on Syria did nothing to further real American interests in the region. But sending in 100 Tomahawk missiles to blow up a few empty buildings did a great deal to further the bottom line of missile-maker Raytheon.

Interestingly, Biden’s Secretary of Defense came to the Administration straight from his previous position on the board of, you guessed it, Raytheon. Libertarian educator Tom Woods once quipped that no matter who you vote for you get John McCain. Perhaps it’s also fair to say that no matter who you vote for you get to enrich Raytheon.

The Democrats wasted four years trying to remove Trump from office under the bogus “Russiagate” lie and then the equally ridiculous and discredited claim that Trump led an insurrection against the government on January 6th. Yet when Trump started raining bombs down on Syria with no Congressional declaration of war or even authorization, most Democrats stood up and cheered. Left-wing CNN talking head Fareed Zakaria swooned, “I think Donald Trump became president of the United States last night.”

In fact, initiating a war against a country that did not attack and does not threaten the United States without Congressional authority is an impeachable offense. But both parties – with a few exceptions – are war parties.

President Biden should be impeached for his attack on Syria, as should have Trump and Obama before him. But no one in Washington is going to pursue impeachment charges against a president who recklessly takes the United States to war. War greases Washington’s wheels.

Isn’t it strange how we’ve heard nothing about ISIS for the past couple of years, but suddenly the mainstream media tells us the ISIS is back and on the march? When President Biden says “America is back,” what he really means is “the war party is back.” As if they ever left.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It makes no different which fake party is in power or which puppet actor president is installed in the White House, the Zionist agenda goes on in the fake “war On Terror” for the Yinnon Plan of destruction and murder for the benefit of Greater Israel and total Zionist control of the Middle East.

    These Zionists who operate under the outrageous lie of “making the world safe for democracy” are the same elites imposing the climate change fraud to destroy the industrialized economies while super hypocrite elites like Gates are raking in billions with the “Green Energy” scam. These criminal plots that have been part of the Zionist syndicate’s program for years are now of course greatly augmented by the long planned fake virus, fake PCR test, fake numbers and a new improved GMO chemotherapy injection addition to the vaccine scam that the Rockefeller’s CDC and Gates WHO have been using for many years to murder and debilitate as many victims as possible under the same old shibboleth of the “pandemic.”

    This power grab will proceed to the final goal of a technocratic Neo-feudalist global tyranny unless people finally have enough of these parasites and remove these Zionists and all of their political operatives from power. This is not a Republican -Democrat, Liberal-Conservative issue as it is often framed but rather one that is critical to each individual’s natural rights. We as free individuals have the unalienable right to each pursue our own happiness and to be left alone. Government (elite parasites) must be put back in it’s proper place as a servant of the people and a protector of negative rights only, as expounded by the founders of this once great Republic.

    This Zionist syndicate and it’s operatives can always be recognized regardless of wether on the left or the right by their unlimited and total obsequious groveling support for the Zionist bridgehead of Israel (Palestine) no matter how much in blood and treasure need be sacrificed. Our shabbas goy congress is an outstanding example of this treasonous conduct on behalf of the Khazar criminals. The video below exposes some of the main operatives that we need to get out of power including Netanyahu fan boy Rand Paul.

  2. Antiwar7 says:

    Democrats and Republicans: two wings of the War Party.

    • Agree: Showmethereal
  3. Trump didn’t and couldn’t drain the swamp. If he did, there would be no government left as the entire DC is the swamp. Government couldn’t function without the swamp, and Trump didn’t have the men with whom to fill up the swamp with a healthy eco-system.

    So, he recruited people like Nikki Haley, Bolton, Pompeo, Barr, and etc. All a sad joke.

    How bad is the deep state? Edward Snowden became big news, but the bigger news is that so many people in the NSA knew exactly what he knew and saw exactly what he saw but remained silent and went along with the system despite its constitutional violations. They are more about power and career than principles and freedom.

    So, the real big story is not that one man, Snowden, told the truth, but that so many ‘Knowdens’–who know what’s really going on–remained silent, followed orders, and complied with the Lie.

    For every Snowden, there are a 1,000 Knowdens, and that is the real big story of power.

    • Agree: Lost American
    • Replies: @Mark Tapley
  4. @Mark Tapley

    You were doing great until you surrendered with : Government (elite parasites) must be put back in it’s proper place as a servant of the people

    There’s no such thing as government that is a servant of the people. All governments are criminal enterprises that get to write their own rules.

    We as free individuals have the unalienable right to each pursue our own happiness and to be left alone.

    If that’s what you want, and I concur, then you must forsake the mafia known as government.

    • Replies: @Mark Tapley
  5. Odd how the USA has 1000 overseas bases, 400 surrounding China, has the greatest record of aggression, subversion, sabotage and destruction of any regime in history (beating out another Five Eyes, the UK)and the near complete genocide of tens of millions of Indigenous (who still live in squalour)and is involved in numerous wars even now, while China, who has attacked no-one since 1979, has one overseas base (next to yet another US one), whose military is emphatically defensive in nature, and which spends about one fortieth that of the USA, per capita, on the military, is portrayed by the Western fakestream media vermin as ‘the aggressor’. Big Brother was just a beginner in comparison to these liars and hypocrites.

  6. @Mark Tapley

    You just depart for Cloud Cuckoo Land when you speak of anthropogenic climate destabilisation as a ‘fraud’. The industrialised economies must de-carbonise or we will be destroyed in decades. There is no reason why a de-carbonised economy cannot continue to function, but if it continues with the cancer religion of infinite growth, which you appear to be an acolyte of, then it will be a few decades. Does your sect of the denialist cult refute all ecological limits? Are you a fundie, in other words?

    • Replies: @Wyatt
    , @Mark Tapley
  7. Renoman says:

    Just doing what big boss Benny told him to do.

  8. Remember Trump and the Great Chocolate Cake with Xi? If you do, strip that memory of all emotion and any belief that a president actually takes decisions. Trump did not loose that barrage of missiles over a cup of tea and cake, he was informed that it happened, and true to his narcissist nature, and naivete regarding the true role of president, he obviously tried to be suave and Responsible, so he turned to his guest, possibly in shock, to gush; “Dude, we just threw a hundred missiles at Syria, can you believe that shit?” Xi probably went all: “Falk man, that’s theil is hevvy!”
    Same with Biden; the man cannot remember his own childrens’ names, now you credit him with bombing some place? These things are done with absolutely no input of any publically accountable official. Journalists should stop gushing and uttering about elected (or not) officials, and rather start looking for those actually making these decisions.
    America celebrated becoming a “net energy exporter” under Trump, but somehow not one of them took notice when they were told it was due in no small measure to the oil they are stealing from Syria.
    Libya was destroyed and turned into a slave market on orders of Total Oil, Syria hosts Shell and Texaco I believe. Is there a real journalist out there willing to question the “Stakeholder Capitalists”, instead of sowing further dissent and division by insulting politicians and their voters?
    This is like looking at the clouds moving, and blaming them for causing the wind… or blaming politics for the crimes committed by international bankster mafias.
    Instead we blabber about impeaching a senile old man that probably cannot remember Syria’s face, but he remembers her big hooters…

  9. @Mark Tapley

    You were spot on till —
    “These Zionists who operate under the outrageous lie of “making the world safe for democracy”
    Then you came back on song from – “This power grab will proceed to the final goal of a technocratic Neo-feudalist global tyranny”
    The bit in the middle is contentious – if Covid is a LIE it’s the greatest lie by a factor of 1000. (not that it’s completely “true” as the establishment presents it) .

  10. Sadly people like Mr Paul arent more prominent in US politics. If there were many more then US taxpayerz would save a lot of money and headache. But alas – Americans are easily fooled by the media so the believe all the politicians that tell them military action is good for keeping them safe – even though almost none of it has to do with defense

    • Replies: @Sirius
  11. Wyatt says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    There is no reason why a de-carbonised economy cannot continue to function

    There is, but you’re too stupid and too conceited to see it. Carbon based fuel sources have very high energy densities and are able to consistently produce electricity that wind and solar cannot. Likewise, the retards who treat climate change as if it’s the end of the world are terrified of nuclear energy, the only clean, energy dense fuel source which actually can be a functional replacement for carbon based electricity generation.

    The people in charge should know this because they have physicists on call to explain it. The fact that they follow the renewables dead end is a positive indicator that climate change is not that big a deal, just like the multitude of temperature increase projections that were all wrong, the unwillingness to investigate mass carbon sequestration methods like iron seeding and the unwillingness to sanction third world carbon polluters like China, India and Africa.

    Likewise, the planet has mechanisms for restoring the biosphere which humans have survived before. If there’s a die-off, it’ll be in the places on the Earth with way too many people as is. Equilibrium is achieved with or without human intervention. The fact that you so quickly restor to condescension with so little information and when you’re room temp IQ is telling. Does your sect of the brain-damaged population refute all claims at intelligence?

    Are you a retard, in other words?

  12. @RoatanBill

    Greetings RoatanBill: We share the same prospective but there is no use in wishing for what “never was and never will be. ” In Romans 13:1-7 Apostle Paul tells us that God has ordained that there be governing authorities. We are required to submit to legitimate government and pay taxes that are due. My opinion is that in our situation in Jewmerica (extending back to the War of Northern Aggression) the government has violated it’s contract as stated in the Constitution and therefore we owe no allegiance to it.

    From a realistic standpoint I believe that a very limited government is necessary. Think about the region around you. Probably their are some elements in the surrounding area that would become a threat to decent society if not for some fear of retribution. I understand that there are cases where neighbors look out for each other and you may as I do maintain rule .357 close at hand. But it is evident that a court system and law enforcement would need to be established, In a proper society the local “trouble makers” would be attended to pretty quickly and then they would provide hanging evidence for those of similar persuasions. Petty offenses would invoke such strenuous “attitude adjustment” that not much jail space would be needed. And with a very limited (most people would hardly even think about it) government offering no programs and collecting almost no taxes those inclined to not work would not eat instead of living off of the productive elements of society. Under this situation those truly in need would be provided for with Christian charity.

    Both of us know where the herd is being driven by the Zionist criminal syndicate. This plan is not new but has been underway for well over a hundred years and indeed we know elements of this cabal were at work in the French Revolution where thousands were murdered under the motto ofLiberty, Justice and equality.

    No government at all would be much better than the the technocratic enslavement that is now being erected before us under the guise of safety, security and health. “They are from the government, and they are here to help us.”

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @animalogic
  13. @Priss Factor

    Trump, Haley, Bolton, Pompeo, Burr, all political puppet actors for the Zionist syndicate. Trump, the adolescent, ignorant, amoral, vain whore chaser and frequent Lolita flyer along with pal, slick Willie is a perfect example of the Jews testimony in the Protocols that they would put puppets up as leaders of all the nations. Trump, Trudeau, Johnson, and Merkel are all hand picked examples. Senile self proclaimed Zionist Biden is another in the long line of propped up shabbas goy figureheads going all the way back to the syphilitic wreck Woodrow Wilson. Just what the Jews need to inspire a sense of noble patriotism, honore and self sacrifice among the gullible goyim as they wave Jewmerica’s flag while marching to perdition.

    The goyim are offered veritable voting panacea of options within the fake Rep. Dem. election charade. From Rand and Ted on the right to Nancy and AOC on the left. Every thing from Libertarian individualism to cradle to grave nanny state. None of this makes any difference since the program outlined by Rabbi Moses Hess over 150 years ago is the objective of them all. But there are even options here also as demonstrate by Trump’s son-in-law and the Shiksa Princess devotion to Rabbi Schneerson and the radical racist Chabad Lubacitch. Well as long as there is no anti-semitism it’s ok.

    This same bunch of Trotskyites such as the Koch (Zionist Jews) lickspittle Sec. of State Pompeo and rabid “bomb Iran” Neo-con Bolton” also have controlled all of the Jew MSM since before WW1. It’s like Bernard Baruch shill, FDR said long ago, “in politics nothing is an accident, if it happens you can bet it was planned that way.” Do you not think Snowden is the same thing? I have noticed over the years that the Zionists always tell you their plans. 911 and the fake “War On Terror” were signaled far in advance as was the current fake virus over ten years ago. It was also preceded by several other medical scams such as the phony AIDS “epidemic” , Bird flu and Swine Flu.

    I believe Snowden only told what he was supposed to. Otherwise he would be in the same place as Vince Foster, Ron Brown , Sec. of War James Forrestal, General Patton, Lawerence McDonald, Congressman Louis McFadden, Debra Parfrey, Weapons Inspector David Kelly, journalist Gary Webb, Writer Danny Casolaro, and PCR inventor Kary Mullis to name just a few.

  14. @Mark Tapley

    As an atheist, I regard the bible as a poorly worded novel of no consequence in my life. Since I believe religion and government are actually the same thing in a slightly different guise, have one tell me to obey the other has no logical weight.

    Throne and alter were twins–two vultures from the same egg.
    To attack the king was treason; to dispute the priest, blasphemy.
    The sword and cross were allies.
    Together they attacked the rights of men; they defended each other.
    The king owned the bodies of men, the priests the souls.
    One lived on taxes collected by force, the other on alms collected by fear.
    Both robbers, both beggars.
    The king made laws, the priest made creeds.
    With bowed backs the people carried the burdens of one, with open-mouthed wonder received the dogmas of the other.
    The king said rags and hovels for you, robes and palaces for me.
    The priest said God made you ignorant and immoral; He made me holy and wise; you are the sheep, I am the shepherd; your fleeces belong to me.
    You must not reason, you must not contradict, you must believe.
    Robert G. Ingersoll

    Currently, the trouble makers are almost never attended to in a manner that would reduce crime. The criminal justice system needs criminals to be used as a club against the weak of mind that think police protect them from the criminal element. All government devolves to what we experience today. The political class is parasitic to the extreme and is nearing killing its host, the ignorant working people of the country that keep voting in the asshats that promise the moon but deliver not only nothing, but less than nothing by constantly removing more and more of our natural rights.

    I could accept extremely extremely extremely extremely limit gov’t if I could guarantee that under no circumstances would gov’t ever pretend to be my superior in fact and law. Gov’t should in all cases be inferior to the common man and may never apply force or coercion to seek its aims. I seriously doubt that is possible, so I’m an anarchist.

    • Agree: Ralph B. Seymour
    • Thanks: Rurik
  15. @Mark Tapley

    You are correct about the current government.
    But you give away your shallow libertarianism with –
    “Under this situation those truly in need would be provided for with Christian charity.” Given your implied belief, totally negated by 200 years of attempts at economically theory, the unemployed are usually BLUDGERS. but no worries, those Christians (the Zionist nitwits included) will throw a few scraps their way.
    Hey – wakey wakey – a national economy is an immensely sophisticated organism. Moral vanity & libertarian shibolethes are NOT adequate.

    • Replies: @Mark Tapley
  16. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Still drinking The Club of Rome’s environmental Kool aid huh Mulga. Even the great left wing Icon Micheal Moore has now jumped off the sinking eco ship. The Green Mov. are desperately trying to ban his movie. Originally the Zionist elite floated the “New Ice Age” but realizing soon after that wasn’t the right disinformation tool it was switched to “global warming. Now that the earth has been in a normal cooling cycle for a few years the environmental apocalyptic slogan (like on Orwell’s Animal Farm) has been changed to “climate change.”

    Like the elite’s and their fake virus, fake test and fake numbers who have been caught over and over without their phony masks, the fake environmentalists are now being exposed despite the constant MSM propaganda effort. The elites environmental mov. got huge MSM publicity using biologist and overpopulation scammer Paul Ehrlich and the phony “Earth Day’ beginning in 1970.

    The atmosphere only has 0.02% Co2. of which mankind only contributes at the most 1%. This minuscule amount is absolutely critical for the planet. Just as with the fake virus, the Zionist elite not only planned to destroy the industrialized economies with this environmental scam but were able to line their corporate buddies up to make a killing off of the regulations while visions of massive carbon taxes fueled thier greed.

    With public enthusiasm sagging the Jew MSM launched retarded looking Greta over from Europe in a former Rothschilds yacht (so as to avoid CO2) to warn us of the impending cataclysmic environmental disaster. Her crew conveniently caught the next plane back. For the last 30 years prior to this idiotic nonsense the main environmental guru has been Occidental Petroleums Bolshevik CEO Armand Hammer’s shill (took over kissing Hammers ass from his senator father) Al Gore. Notice that Gore’s daughter’s husband is International Banking Jew ( big financier of the Bolshevik Revolution) Jacob Schiff’s great grandson. Every ten years was our final window of opportunity to save the planet. Gore testified that almost all coastal ares would be inundated years ago.

    While not pushing the fake virus and his latest fake vaccine (does not even meet the legal definition of a vaccine) the mRNA GMO chemotherapy injection, the great altruistic philanthropist saint Gates flies all over the world in his massive jet from his 66,000 sq. ft. palace to instill fear over the impending environmental collapse. Now he is joined by the WEF goon Klaus “you will own nothing and be happy” Shwab who also flies around in his environmentally damaging CO2 spewing fuel guzzler from his luxurious estate. They don;’t seem to be following their own mantra very closely as these billionaires have increased their wealth an estimated 40% while eviscerating the middle class and their family businesses while forcing millions into poverty, as this kakistocracy of criminals advance their totalitarian agenda of austerity and destitution for all but themselves.

    There are abundant sources of information that totally demolish this purely fabricated environmental fiction. For an in depth study of the absurdity of the whole CO2 canard including the totally contrived “Green House Effect” I recommend checking out Scientific Principia. This whole environmental network of is a total falsification of real science just like then fake virus. They both require the standard 24\7 support by the MSM whores with reams of scientific falsehoods and paid operatives while excluding all contrary opinion or real evidence. You and lots off others are being duped by the Zionist elite in their quest for global control

  17. @animalogic

    You criticize Christian charity but apparently have no alternative. The U.S. with it’s free market system and overwhelmingly Christian philosophy made more economic progress from the beginning of the country till the 21st. century than ever before in History. When we go back to the 1950’s we see that poverty had been in sharp decline and for a long time and was in fact becoming a very marginal problem. In the 1960’s with the advent of Zionist LBJ’s “Great Society program” and the “War on poverty” it was claimed by the liberals and the media that all poverty would be eliminated.

    Now after 50 years and 15 Trillion dollars of “money for the poor” there is more poverty than ever. And how could it be otherwise? This 15 Trillion (equaling the amount of the total accumulated budget deficit) if left in the pockets of the producers could have created real jobs in the real economy. Instead at least half of the money was eaten up by the bureaucracy and the rest going to non producers as an incentive to do even less. How can we take money from productive citizens, give it to non producers and expect to eliminate poverty? This practice only creates a disincentive for both groups. It is no wonder that ap. 50% of those on welfare live in California. It pays the most so it attracts the most looking for a handout. Calf. has some of the highest taxes in the country and this is driving many in the middle class as well as businesses of all sizes to leave the state.

    It should be self evident that paying people to not work is a bad idea. The aid to dependent children and related programs incentivize single mothers to just repeat the process. This is not only detrimental to the basic and most important unit of society, the family unit but leads to a much higher rate of juvenile problems and crime.

    The government has no authority under the constitution to redistribute wealth. Under the tenth amendment all power not specifically delighted and enumerated by the constitution is reserved to the states and the people. When ever government moves beyond basic functions and the protection of negative rights it will always encroach upon the individual and become a threat as has happened since the tyranny of the sodomite Lincoln and his War of Northern Aggression. The country had begun to recover somewhat from Lincoln totalitarian power grab when the Zionists succeeded in installing their puppet Woodrow Wilson. It has been down hill ever since so that now the Zionists hardly bother to conceal their true agenda.

    The goyim have been conditioned as Tocqueville said would happen so that now they are little more than docile livestock on the Zionist plantation. This has been accomplished by the gradual imposition of government programs. More programs for the goyim, more power for the governing elite. There are at all times and in all societies those who will harness the power of government to make society work for them. There is always a contingency, a crisis, war, emergency or some other contrived subterfuge put forth by the elite kakistocracy including the many environmental scams as well as the ridiculous medical fraud of the fake virus. The Zionist elite will not stop until they have total control. The next phase will be the imposition of the UGI as a means to bring all the barnyard animals into conformity. The last phase will be the abolition of property and the installation of Agenda 2030-21.

    Government produces nothing but waste. That is the reason I contend that private charity is not only the best way of alleviating poverty but the surest way to build self sufficiency and independence in a strong economy of free individuals.

    Video Link

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  18. @Mark Tapley

    I don’t have enough [AGREE]‘s for all your comments, Mr. Tapley. Thank you very much for explaining things that I’ve just gotten tired of explaining. Regarding charity, I did meant to mention to Animalogic that there is indeed an example of a nation in which charity WAS the support for the poor, downtrodden, an unlucky. That place… drumroll, please … was right here in the US of A, going back about 5 to 10 decades (arguably). If you don’t know that history, I don’t know what to tell you…

    “It won’t work! It won’t work!” “It already DID work, see, read this or talk to your Dad.” “Ahhh, shut up!”

    • Agree: Lost American
    • Replies: @Jokem
    , @Rurik
  19. Jokem says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Government meddling has crushed the spirit of community and taught the mantra that all goodness comes from the State, when in fact it comes from good hearted people.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  20. Rurik says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I don’t have enough [AGREE]‘s for all your comments, Mr. Tapley.


    • Replies: @Mark Tapley
  21. anon[668] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Tapley

    So much to learn from the Spanish Inquisition ! Those church leaders saw it right through the smokescreen erected by the Jewish converted to Catholicism . Today the religion is”left” or “right” , ‘free speech’ or ‘hate speech’ , war or peace ,democracy or autocracy ,’cancel culture’ or ‘right to express’or . You find them converted from 1 moment to next , day to day, hour to hour alternating between different states of conversions depending on the contexts.

    The wire that binds it all together is the machination of how to reap the wishes and the further the self interest without putting any hard work . People call that robbery by the psychopaths. Zionist think it is a physical expression of the elevated high IQ.

    • Replies: @Jokem
    , @Mark Tapley
  22. Jokem says:

    That s because hard work is rewarded by taking your earnings and giving them to non-producers.
    Eventually the hard workers wise up and decide to ride the gravy train.

  23. Sirius says:

    Sadly his son is nothing like his father either.

    Ron Paul was frozen out of the Republican establishment just like Bernie Sanders was from the Democratic one. It results in a very narrow window of choice, if you can call it choice at all.

  24. @anon

    Not so sure about that 668. The powerful Medici family furnished I believe more than one pope and they were probably crypto Jews. The Medici’s were supporters of the Jews and when the Jews were kicked out of Florence so were the Medici. They were also a prominent banking family and from the portraits look very Jewish. We know that probably all of the founders of the Jesuit order were crypto Jews.


    Catholicism started over 200 years after the New Testament Church of the first century. It is not scriptural and consists mostly of tradition and superstition. They are sliding even more now as the pope has endorsed the heresy of evolution and even apparently welcomed all other religions into the Catholic fold as a kind of World religious melting pot. It is all of no consequence of course. We are command to neither add nor take away from the word as delivered.

    I am not sure what to make of the next comment. To me there is only right and wrong, good or evil. We find that just as satan appears as an angel of light, the Zionist elite and their operatives portray themselves as great humanitarians and selfless servants of mankind. They posture on the left and the right while as 1 Peter 5:8 tells us:
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.
    I believe you have brought out an important point about the Zionists. They believe they are superior to the rest of us similar to the elites envisioned by Plato in Ancient Greece. Romans 1:20-22:
    20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
    21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
    22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

    Many of the Zionists have spent their entire lives aggrandizing for more. Not just more wealth but also power over everyone else. There is no limit to their evil intentions and calculated actions, not only in the millions killed in the contrived wars and misery spread over the world by these servants of satan but as is clearly evident in the medical fraud of the fake virus. They are totally corrupted by power and therefore are totally degenerate. Mark 8: 36:
    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

  25. @Rurik

    Hello Rurik: Haven’t seen anything of you in a while. Hope all is well. Me, Newman and a few others are still fighting the good fight for unalienable rights and limited government, Not having much articulate ability, grammatical precision or skilled phrasing I still continue to strike unceasingly at the vast network comprising the Zionist syndicate that has threatened the whole world now for well over a hundred years. There are not very many Samual Adams or Robert E. Lees’ around but just a few more ordinary “troops” organized against the totalitarian forces of globalism could still turn the tide for freedom. I am on the Unz grudge list for some unknown reason so have not had use of the agrees or thanks but Newman and you know that we all fellow patriots for the cause of liberty.

    Best regards, Mark

    • Replies: @Rurik
  26. Rurik says:
    @Mark Tapley

    I still continue to strike unceasingly at the vast network comprising the Zionist syndicate that has threatened the whole world now for well over a hundred years.

    I enjoy reading your (and Newman’s) comments. I don’t know if this Republic, (or even our civilization) is salvageable at this point, but it’s good to see other like-minded people at least speaking the simple truth, as our people and culture disintegrates- due, perhaps more than any other thing; to the ubiquitous moral cowardice, venality and corruption of our own people.

    At least there are a few of us unwilling to betray it all for a pat on the head from a Zionist with a bag of lucre.

    Thanks for being one of them Mark, and God bless and God speed.

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