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Biden’s Numbers Tank…as US Rattles Sabers At Russia
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President Biden’s approval numbers are dropping like lead. According to a Quinnipiac University poll released last week, only 36 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance as president. From Covid, to the economy, to foreign policy, Biden’s numbers are in the tank. Three out of four Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country today.

Inflation is sky high, gasoline prices are higher than they’ve been since Obama was president, and the store shelves are empty just in time for Christmas. And the president’s illegal and immoral vaccine mandate may result in millions leaving their jobs rather than accept the experimental covid shots. That should do wonders for the “supply chain” problems in the US.

Biden’s ability to drag the economy back from the brink is very limited and the Democrat brand is looking more and more like poison as the US moves into mid-term election season.

That can be dangerous.

When presidents make war they find that political opposition dries up and the media rolls over in gratitude. Is Biden eyeing foreign action to bolster his sagging support back home?

Traditionally, progressives have been wary of aggressive US foreign policy, but four years of phony “Russiagate” lies has left a good deal of the political Left enamored with the CIA, FBI, and warmongering “woke” military officers like Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley. Many of them will likely cheer a military conflict.

When it comes to foreign policy, the Biden White House continues some of the worst policies of the previous Administration. The US continues to sail warships through the South China Sea and when such saber rattling provokes Chinese concern the Chinese are condemned as the aggressors.

Similarly, the US just sent warships into Russia’s backyard in the Black Sea to perform military maneuvers. Imagine Russian wargames off the Texas coast in the Gulf of Mexico! And then the US Administration attacked Russia for “massing troops”… inside Russia!

The US media is, as usual, complicit in propagandizing the US population. Thus, Russia is said to be “massing troops near Ukraine” without the explanation that “near Ukraine” is actually within Russia. So Russia is threatening war by holding military exercises within its own borders, but the US is entirely peaceful when it sends warships thousands of miles away up to the Russian border.

On Friday the Russian military intercepted US warplanes reportedly just 12.5 miles from the Russian border. The US and NATO continue to deliver lethal weapons to the government in Kiev, which only embolden Ukrainian President Zelensky to ratchet up the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

The US foreign policy and military establishment exist in an echo chamber. They believe their rhetoric that the rest of the world is eagerly awaiting its orders from Washington and that the US has the moral right – and the ability – to tell the rest of the world what to do. This sets the stage for a potentially catastrophic miscalculation in the US Administration. Already Russian President Putin complained last week that the US takes its “red lines” too lightly, no doubt referring to Ukraine.

Biden may be calculating that he needs a nice little war to boost back his numbers and rally Americans to his support. Like most everything else in this first year of the Biden Administration, it would be a terrible mistake.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Nice! On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate this one a “9”.

    And the president’s illegal and immoral vaccine mandate may result in millions leaving their jobs rather than accept the experimental covid shots.

    Mr. Paul couldn’t resist throwing this into a “Sabre Rattling” piece. Leave that out, and this would have been a “10”.

    • Replies: @DisinfectantSunlight
  2. We need war desperately! It will fix lots of problems, from the failing economy to failing presidency to failing dollar. Russia is a perfect target. It’s a win-win. The Russia-Ukraine war is essentially a civil war of the divided nation. Russia will win it in no time, getting 30 millions of beggars to feed. The war will sever all ties with the EU and make the europeans fully dependent on the energy supplies from the US. The demand for the USD treasuries will soar, and we and the europeans will freeze all Russian assets. All we need is to give the Ukrainians more lethal weapons and assure of our full support. Of course, it will never come so that we avoid the nuclear confrontation. The question is for how long Putin can abstain from the fight.

  3. BorisMay says:

    Weak men, especially bullies, see war as an answer to every crisis their policies promote. The only problem for Biden and the CIA this time is that Russia’s armoury is so advanced and the US’s military is so compromised by wokeness that the end result will be defeat for the US.

    The other side of the coin is that the US and Russia are playing the same game. Russia’s draconian Covid 19 policies actually mirror Biden’s draconian policies…they are no different. Consequently it looks like that both Putin and Biden are singing from the same song sheet.

    Clearly the face off, which is paramount in the western media, and not in Russian media, is an attempt by the Davos/Rockefeller-Rothschild cabal/WEF/Trilateral Commission psychopaths to take the heat off the failing Covid 19 scam to which the general populace of Planet Earth is becoming more and more aware of.

    An actual shooting war would be over before social media would be aware of it because the only way the West could win would be to go nuclear from the very beginning.

    So forget the US manoeuvrings in the Black Sea, the China Seas, bombers flying close to borders, rockets being illegally placed in Romania and Poland, idle good for nothing western military units parading around Europe and Scandinavia. This is all for show to fool the public along with Covid 19 and Climate Change.

    While it is easy for bullies like the US to occupy Syria, there is no way scum like the US could ever take on Russia in her own country. Washington DC would be smoking nuclear rubble within minutes and the bullies in the US government know this. Bullies are amazingly prescient about the harm they are going to have to endure if they choose the wrong victim.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  4. BorisMay says:
    @Anon from NC

    Right up until you invade Russia. Then you will be defeated just like Napoleon and Hitler were. You must live on Big Macs and watch baseball…because you are pig shit thick.

  5. @Anon from NC

    I don’t think Russia would be foolish enough to take all of Ukraine. Instead they’ll just annex the culturally Russian areas along the Black Sea – that’s still more than a quarter of Ukraine.

    I’m also guessing that Poland might be very tempted to extend eastward to its pre-WW2 borders – that’ll take another slice from Ukraine.

    In fact, it’s all sounding very much like the fate of pre-WW2 Czechoslovakia where all its neighbours annexed a slice to ‘protect’ their respective ethnic minorities.

    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  6. @Marshal Marlow

    I’m working on the hypothesis the Russians won’t “take” any of Ukraine. That country is in such a mess the expenses would far outweigh the benefits.

    We saw what the Turkish Bayraktar drones did to the Armenian armed forces – they smashed everything in sight. Presumably the Russians saw that too. If they must react with violence, I’d put my money on a massive drone attack on every Ukranian ship, tank, and artillery piece they can find.

    The milblogs I’ve been reading suggest the US and NATO want an invasion. That would kill a lot of non-US and non-NATO soldiers, and the dead troops would include Russians. So I think an invasion would be a last resort.

    • Replies: @Marshal Marlow
  7. SafeNow says:

    If the calculation to stay tactical goes amiss, and the war goes strategic, one must not assume that major cities would be the ash piles. Rather, a few small-city ash piles on each side, and then a cessation of hostilities. The U.S. would claim, using its skill at deception and control of the media, to have inflicted the greater nuclear damage. In fact, the U.S. lying that “we did greater damage” could succeed even if the confrontation stays tactical. It’s trickier, but doable.

  8. @Zachary Smith

    My doubt is that a Russia drone attack of that scale would make Russia a direct combatant thereby converting a civil war in to a nation-vs-nation war without any immediate gain to Russia. On top of that, I don’t think that a drone attack will solve the problem facing the breakaway republics – sure there’ll be a lot of wrecked Ukrainian tanks (and dead Ukrainians), but that won’t bring Ukraine any closer to negotiating with the rebels.

    That’s why I think that if Russia feels that it has no choice but to directly intervene, it’ll intervene in a manner that improves its position to a substantive degree. I’m guessing that to actually make such an intervention worthwhile, it’ll need to occupy the breakaway regions prior to organising a quick referendum to annex them. That action won’t cost any meaningful military losses and it’ll fix the borders more in Russia’s favour. Also I’m guessing there won’t be a resistance movement able to bleed Russia due to the overwhelming Russia leaning ethnicity of the population.

    Sure Russia will get sanctioned up the wazoo by the west, but extensive drone strikes would cause that anyway.

    The only question in my mind is that if Russia does annex the breakaway regions, will it also take the opportunity to annex the other predominantly Russian speaking regions along the Black Sea? Doing so might result in meaningful Russian losses and maybe even an insurgency that would likely bleed Russia for the next 20 years. However, I’m guessing that doing so would be so strategically worthwhile for the long term security of Russia that even an insurgency and total sanctions by the west would be a worthwhile price to pay.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  9. Renoman says:

    We’ll see how you feel about war with Russia when a nuclear Sub surfaces off NYC! I can’t imagine anyone wanting to start that fire.

  10. @Marshal Marlow

    Putin should have taken the Russian parts – Donbass, Dniepropetrowsk, Odessa –
    and liberated Transdnjistr in 2014, reducing the “Ukraine” to a landlocked
    sunflower field at the mercy of the Poles; it would have been easy.

    But it would have taken clairvoyance at the time to fully grok the USraeli designs:
    (((They))) want to reestablish Odessa as their power center in the region,
    as it was (alongside NYC and Shanghai) a hundred years ago.
    Now the frog realizes what is in store for him, but a solution is becoming ever more dangerous and more inevitable (barring a reverse color revolution 😛 ).

  11. @BorisMay

    While much of what you say is right – the problem is miscalculation. It wouldn’t be the first time in history wars started by “posturing”. That’s what makes provocations so dangerous. Wars between peer powers on this level will devastate the globe. Maybe it is inevitable – I don’t know… But not something to look forward to at all…

  12. When Crimea voted to return to Mother Russia, the Donbass tried to do the same. One wonders why Putin chose not to grant them their request. I guess it was all about Russia keeping its pivotal Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol.

    Paul Craig Roberts has written articles excoriating Putin for being too passive in the face of US aggression. Washington only sees that as weakness. What would the situation look like today if Putin had rolled his tanks into Kiev, and crushed Nuland’s CIA coup in its infancy? All John McCain could have done would have been to shake his fist at those dirty Russians, while fuming in impotent rage on Face the Nation.

    Now the Biden Regime, in its delusion, feels empowered to take on Russia. If there is a major war between the two superpowers, Washington will have to go nuclear to prevent US/NATO from being routed. And, that would spell an end to what’s left of Caucasians. Then, China would reign for a thousand years.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  13. @Zachary Smith

    Being a physician himself, I give the benefit of doubt, or in this case case benefit of assurance that he knows a little more than an arrogant know it all liberal interventionist with a degree in Liberal arts from an Ivy League University paid with the dad’s money earned from his lofty position in the Military Industrial complex. I rest my case.

  14. Fraudsident Sh*ttenpants was installed by the Deep Sh*t. His “approval” could be -100% and it wouldn’t matter.

    P*ssy republicans are more contemptible, as false allies are worse than hostile enemies.

  15. El Dato says:

    I hope that at least Diego Garcia and its B-52 base will be transformed into such a deep hole that rising sea levels are no longer a factor.

  16. Anonymous[907] • Disclaimer says:

    If the warmonger neocon whores in the USA do not have a real enemy to keep the military budgets ramped to the max, they have always and forever invented one. All always remote needing lots of money.

    Vietnam was the first easy one, then all the middle east countries that were totally destroyed for the warmonger profits. The Hillawitch famous comment: “We came we saw he died”, to destroy the perfectly lovely country of Libya, and steal the 1.2 MILLION ounces of gold out of their central bank.

    Remember when the Pentagon General was presented with the position paper listing the five Middle East countries we were going to invade, and then it happened.

    NEVER FORGET Madeline Albrights comment when asked about the 500,000 children slaughtered in Iraq! “Regrettable but necessary”.

    The Ukraine was put into the cross hairs under Obama with his off sider Susan Rice, NOW at Biden’s right hand for directing the current push for the agitation. No cares whatsoever for any possible unintended consequences or blowback.

  17. Levtraro says:

    When Crimea voted to return to Mother Russia, the Donbass tried to do the same. One wonders why Putin chose not to grant them their request. I guess it was all about Russia keeping its pivotal Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol.

    No, that’s not all of it.

    From a strategic point of view, for Russia it is better to defend international law rather than act by force (Russia is empowering while the hegemon is weakening).

    Crimea was an independent republic inside the Ukraine and had a Parliament. Thus they could have a democratic vote to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. Which is what happened and it was all legal.

    The Donbass was not an independent republic inside the Ukraine. It did not have a Parliament, it was just two provinces under the administration in Kiev. Therefore it could not secede under international law. All support to Donbass secesion had to be covert or legal but short of secesion and unification. Minsk agreements that Russia wants to see implemented include provisions to make the two rebel provinces autonomous regions inside the Ukraine. Thus Russia is seeking to give the Donbass the legal status and tools to secede. Kiev agreed to the Minsk agreement out of fear but they are not implementing it because they know it will lead to legal secesion down the road.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  18. War with Russia would not be a ”nice little war’ ; I dont believe Biden cares or is really going to seek a second term; and Russia is not Iraq or Afhganistan; a war with Russia would compound Bidens problems not solve them; I believe US has red lines of its own and one is not to go to war with Russia.

  19. Decoy says:
    @Anon from NC

    The last thing Putin’s wants or needs is “30 million beggars to feed”. Putin is smart, shrewd, and patient. He’s going to let Biden and his little yappers continue to make fools of themselves and he also knows Russia could overrun Ukraine in a week if it wanted to. It doesn’t want to.

  20. Vote Trump 2024, let’s nuke China! Make Israel Safe Again!

  21. @Levtraro

    Apparently, I was under the incorrect assumption that Donbass voted in favor of joining the Russian Federation.

    But, according to Dmitry Olov’s latest essay, “Who Want Some Ukraine?,” in Donbass’s referendum, “held against Moscow’s wishes, only 27.5% of the 74,87% who turned out voted in favor of joining the Russian Federation.” Contrast this with Crimea, where 97% of the 83% who voted wanted a return to Russia.

    Naturally, Washington said that Crimea’s referendum was rigged. This charge, from the criminal “arsenal of democracy,” which (allegedly) awarded senile Biden with the most presidential votes in history.

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