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Americans Suffer from Natural and Government-Created Disasters
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Last week Congress passed a continuing resolution and then adjourned until after the election. When Congress reconvenes, it will almost certainly pass a multi-billion dollars aid package for those impacted by Hurricane Ian. This spending will likely be labeled “emergency,” so Congress members will not even have to pretend they are offsetting the new spending with cuts in other, lower priority programs.

The failure of Congress to offset spending on disaster relief with cuts in other programs is one reason why I always voted against disaster aid when I was in Congress, even when the spending was for disasters that occurred in my district. Of course, I also opposed these bills because disaster relief is unconstitutional and immoral as are all other income redistribution programs.

When I voted against disaster relief, my office would receive angry calls from constituents. However, within several months many of those constituents would call back to say that after dealing with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) they realized that disaster victims would be better off without federal “help.”

Federally managed disaster relief is neither efficient nor compassionate. My office often heard from frustrated individuals whose plans to rebuild were put on hold because of delays in getting federal assistance.

My staff and I heard many horror stories of FEMA mistreating disaster victims. For example, FEMA was supposed to put a tarp on a house whose roof was destroyed in Hurricane Ike, but it put the tarp on the house next door, even though that house’s roof was fine. When the owner of the house that needed a tarp called FEMA, he was told it would be several weeks before FEMA could send someone out to correct FEMA’s mistake. The homeowner told FEMA that he would move the tarp himself with assistance of his neighbors. FEMA told him that anyone who touched the tarp without FEMA’s approval would be fined and maybe thrown in jail.

In the days following a hurricane, my staff and I also heard complaints from people about how government officials were preventing them from entering their own property. Of course, these restrictions were all claimed to be “for the people’s own good.”

FEMA’s failures are the inevitable result of placing authority over disaster relief in a large, centralized bureaucracy. Therefore, the problem cannot be fixed by changing personnel or updating or streamlining FEMA’s procedures. Instead, FEMA should be abolished, and responsibility for disaster relief should be returned to individuals, local communities, and civic and charitable organizations. Individuals should be able to deduct from their income taxes 100 percent of the costs of recovering from a natural disaster. Businesses affected by a natural disaster should also be provided generous tax relief. Tax-free savings accounts could help Americans accumulate funds for use in the event of a natural disaster.

In 1900, a major hurricane devastated Galveston, Texas. Despite the fact that FEMA or other federal disaster relief programs did not then exist, the people of Galveston managed to rebuild their city. This proves that there is no justification for federal involvement in disaster recovery. The federal government should return responsibility for disaster relief to the people by shutting down FEMA. Congress should also ensure people have the resources to take care of themselves by ending the welfare-warfare state, repealing the 16th Amendment and the associated income tax, and auditing then ending the Federal Reserve.

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  1. Dr Ron Paul is such a great intellectual!

    Every question, howsoever its complexities or being convoluted, can be solved with this platitude: More Capitalism!

  2. Jokem says:

    Vergissmeinnicht – I am sure you meant More Free Enterprise.

  3. Durruti says:

    Congress should also ensure people have the resources to take care of themselves by ending the welfare-warfare state

    In any discussion dealing with economics, specially the economics of our own country, the following facts should serve as a foundation for this free and open meeting of the minds.

    1. Half the National budget consists of military spending, combined with the costs of 16 Secret Agencies. Our Government (the authority that rules over us), hosts a War Budget like no other in History. In (supposed) Peace Time, half the budget consists of Military and Police State items. While there are portions of the other half of the budget that are extremely wasteful, we will end this point here.

    2. The largest portion of our State Government budgets is for PRISONS, and associated costs. That portion differs from State to State, but is about a Quarter, 25% of their total budgets. The amount spent on America’s Gulag Prison establishment exceeds the Bill for Education & its infrastructure. No other nation, not China, or Russia, approach the wasteful outlay for this Gulag Prison establishment.

    It is true that such distortion of Capitalist practice, (Capitalism is our worldwide economic system), is so odd, so twisted, that it might be given another name. Not Capitalism, but of course Capitalism, but what can we call it – to better describe it? Purgatory, Death Wish, Bound? Or Jokem‘s Free Enterprise? Free it isn’t. Covered with blood it is.

    These expenditures are wasteful – to the extreme, and their reality borders on INSANITY. Athens wasted its wealth and youth attempting to conquer Syracuse. Europeans have gutted themselves on a number of occasions, from the 100 Years (of) War, to World Wars I, & II, to the growing insanity in Eastern Europe, where WWs I & II began, and WW III is brewing.

    The budget of our occupied and enslaved Nation is designed to syphon our rapidly declining wealth into the hands of the Money Changers. Our Government Budget serves no honest developmental purpose. NAFTA was only a Law enacted by our Quislings, to enable History to explain our sad fall.

    It was the assassination of our last Constitutional Leaders, that began the process of economic decline and enslavement of a once Free Race. A Historian must not ignore the cataclysmic effects of Violence, or Bullets, of War, in determining the effects of and reality of Economy, of Capitalism.

    Violence is the ultimate determiner, Violence determines the direction of History. The Palestinians and Native Americans can tell us that. Violence is The Bullet, or the Boot that stamps upon our head, Forever.

    Juarés had the best of it. He suffered an early end – and did not have to endure the World Conflicts (he warned about & so opposed).

    The CURE is in redirection!

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

  4. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Oh, there’s the magic wand “Less Government!” platitude, too.

    Look, I do like Dr Ron Paul at lot (frankly!) – and I consider myself a libertarian, BTW.

  5. onebornfree says: • Website

    RP:”The federal government should return responsibility for disaster relief to the people by shutting down FEMA. Congress should also ensure people have the resources to take care of themselves by ending the welfare-warfare state, repealing the 16th Amendment and the associated income tax, and auditing then ending the Federal Reserve.”

    Yes, shut down FEMA, of course, but, at the exact same time [ i.e. no “gradualism” B.S.] shut down the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the FDA, Social Security, and the 1000’s of other entirely unconstitutional federal agencies.

    At the same time, get the US out of NATO and the UN, bring all the troops home, close all foreign bases and embassies, and repeal the Federal Reserve Act , to boot.

    I say: “We’ve got to start us a new revolution
    And get back to the old constitution
    We’ve got to stand up and fight for the whole Bill of Rights
    Its time to start over again”

    “This governments grown too big for its boots
    We’ve got to cut it back down, back down to the roots
    Its taken most all of our freedoms away
    There ain’t much freedom left in the US today”

    From my song “New Revolution”:

    Regards, onebornfreeatyahoo

  6. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Every question, howsoever its complexities or being convoluted, can be solved with this platitude: More Capitalism!

    Before we can have ‘MORE’ Capitalism, let’s start with at least SOME Capitalism – because there is precious little of it in the U.S right now.

    You’re obviously not very economically enlightened ‘Forget-me-Not’, because if you were you’d be aware that MOST of the problems are a direct consequence of the ABSENCE of unfettered Free Market Capitalism.

    I notice also this remark of yours in a latter comment :

    Oh, there’s the magic wand “Less Government!” platitude, too.

    Well, I have news for you, LESS GOVERNMENT would go a long way to ridding ourselves of most of our problems – and certainly the more serious ones.

    Look, we’re all in agreement that the PRESENT SYSTEM is failing us.

    Well, WHAT is the present system ?

    It is a system of CRONY CORPORATISM whereby a sliver of obscenely rich oligarchs control the politicians and get them to enact legislation that protects their monopolies and destroys new entrants with a CRUSHING REGULATORY BURDEN.

    That is NOT capitalism.

    And the system we have now is only possible because of BIG GOVERNMENT, that is funded with massive taxes (at a Federal. State and Local level).
    If government is heavily DEFUNDED and its powers severely curtailed, it’s ability to do mischief will be greatly minimised.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  7. Ron Paul is one of the few clear thinking individuals who have ever been elected to any office in the United States. If people like him were running this country, there would be no war in Ukraine and all nations would be peacefully trading with each other. All disputes would be settled in a civil manner and generals would spend their entire careers to retirement without having been in a war. Long live Ron Paul!

  8. Cris M. says:

    Would share note on a thing, in they have ability to steer things, which at least most people heard of cloud seeding, and there’s more than that, other keywords just not going into here. So, maybe not so natural. Have been many websites, some still there, is one large one, just have to look. And many knowm but don’t protest, same as wars. Can search project cirrus or project popeye etc on past. To me facts in article are sort another part. They depend on people to ignore, which is how things continue. Otherwise,

    – ‘ Congress should also ensure people have the resources to take care of themselves by ending the welfare-warfare state, repealing the 16th Amendment and the associated income tax, and auditing then ending the Federal Reserve. ‘

    Well, wouldn’t count on congress much, though still points to expand, ending the fed, different money or exchange, stop wars, and everyone has to share energy. Things could change, if we share ideas, focus where we live. Appreciate the article.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  9. Anonymous[374] • Disclaimer says:

    Congress is still dominated by baby boomers. Everything in America went downhill with this one generation. We need term limits and more importantly, a mandatory retirement age. Get the gheezers out.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  10. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Can we take a vote of Unz Review readers and key editors?

    I’d like to end publishing of Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan new articles, new blogs.

    Their time has come and passed – they are old and out of it. It’s time for them both to retire and go fishing or some other old person’s hobby.

    It’s a huge problem with our people that we keep loyalty to political leaders like second term, senile, old and out of it Ronald Reagan in 1984-88, or follow religious leaders (Pat Robertson, the new/old LDS President LDS Mormon Prophet is over 90 years old).

    It gets to be like Denethor and King Theoden under Saurman’s spell in LOTR – they are old and out of it, lacking the vigor to fight for real things int he here and now.

    Plus these really old White American political leaders, economic thinkers, writers like Good old Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul are always in to nostalgia, trying to turn back the clock to the 1950s before the cultural revolutions of the 1960s, before Black African Americans got violent, angry and stopped getting married.

    Ron Paul simply doesn’t address current realities like the great replacement mass 3rd world immigration – he and his *$&[email protected] son Ayn Rand Paul actually support mass (as in tens, hundreds of millions) of third world migrant invaders provided there is some free market fine tuning about labor laws and scaling back the European style welfare state.

    No, hell fun**$#&$# no.

    Both Ron and Rand Paul supporting Islamic extremists building an in our face Muslim Mosque on Ground Zero in New York City to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 Al Qaeda saluter of over 3,000 of our people! – Think the Japanese or Israeli Jews would do that?

    Ron and Rand Paul took BLM BlackLiesMatter in both Ferguson MO and Breona Taylor and Rand Paul tried to reassure BLM, Antifa mobs that tried to beat Rand Paul and his beautiful wife to death in a BLM/Antifa CD riot that he was on their side, because he Rand Paul sponsored the “Justice for Breaonna Taylor act” to end all no knock police searches and release all Black African American males in prison for hard drug possession!

    Doesn’t these idiot Black Criminal panderers know that the reason there were so many Black African American males in prison of hard drug possession is that these are brutal urban gang members that do beatings rapes, car jackings even murders and no body will testify against them, so police and prosecutors that still care get them put away for rug possession.


    Again, I know that both Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan had/have very loyal supporters that remember some good things they did back in the day. But their time has passed and they need to step aside anklet some young men like in LORD of the Rings the riders of Rohan step up to take the lead.

    JR The Political Cesspool

    • Replies: @Jokem
    , @Truth Vigilante
  11. Anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Paluka

    Joe Paluka writes/jokes:

    “Ron Paul is one of the few clear thinking individuals who have ever been elected to any office in the United States.”

    I respond:

    Ha ha – that was really funny. You’re great comedian.

    “if people like Ron Paul were running the country”.

    Well Ron Paul ran twice for President of the United States first on the Libertarian Party and then in the GOP primary, then his son (Ayn) Rand Paul took his fathers’ race denying, open borders mass immigration, great replacement, pro Islamic terrorism, pro BlackLIESmatter, pro Breonna Taylor pro heroin trafficking platform, oh and his promise to end all Social Security payments, end all minimum wage laws and let “free markets” determine American wages – these R*R Paul ran for US President of the United States 3 teams and won ~ ZERO percent!

    Why don’t you R&R Paul Libertarian, Free market, race denying, Islam denying Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman J worshipping cult members try to get R*R Paul to do something maybe a bit less embarrassing than running for President of the United States:

    How about entering them in the NBA Slam Dunk competition?

    How about challenging Deonte Wilder as a great Libertarian lightweight Great White Hope for Heavy White Boxing Champion – there is actually a current White Boxing Heavy Boxing Champion Tyson Fury, but then against Tyson Fury is 6 ft 9 inches tall and weighs the heavweight f over 260 lbs. That’s why he’s competitive and actually won the heavy weight boxing championship while your R&R Paul Liberian lunatics wouldn’t have a snow ball chance in hell kind of like the chance our White English girls have in Rotherham or Taki Muslim neighborhoods in London/Londonstand England.

    Does everyone here know that Ron and Rand Paul were/are completely indifferent that London England is now Londonstan with a Paki Muslim mayor and White working class English people being ethnically cleanse from London England the capital of Great Britain.

    Do UNZ readers know that?

    Jeees this is embarrassing.

    If you or anyone you care about or in this R&R Paul Libertarian free market, race denying, Islam denying, JQ denying cult – get help, het out.

    TPC radio Show

    • Troll: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  12. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Some Libertarian lunatic cult member/leader shouts:

    “Every question, howsoever its complexities or being convoluted, can be solved with this platitude: More Capitalism!”

    I respond:

    Nope, NOPE and NOPE.

    The problem with ISIS luring middle class White Autralians to Lebanon, Syria to be captured by ISIS fighters and made sex slaves/ISIS brides to crank out Jihadist children that problem can’t and won’t be solved with ….

    More Capitalism.

    Yeah, this is happening.

    Maybe you Libertarian free market, “Capitalism is the answer for everything can talk ISIS, Islamist fundamentalists in Australia, Londonstan England, Sweden and Ground Zero in New York City out of deserting to kill, enslave or makes us all White infidel, Dhmini by getting them to read some Ayn Rand Novels or Milton Friedman Free to choose books…. or maybe not.

    This is what ISIS wants – and their spiritual leaders are in Australia, England, Belgium and France just as the Ayathola Khomeni was in exile in France all those years.


    If anyone here is in this horrible J race denying, globalist, open borders migration, Islam denying , Black Crime, BLM, homintern deny J Cult, get help….

    Get out.

    J Ryan
    TPC Radio Show

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  13. @Anonymous

    I hear you and agree with much of what you say, but there’s no perfect candidate or politician. We can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, when looking at people like Ron or Rand Paul. They have done excellent work standing up to the covid tyranny. One man can only take on one issue at a time.

  14. @Anonymous

    Many in Congress and the house are pre boomer. Biden and Pelosi were born in the late 30s or early 40s.

  15. Jokem says:

    I vote to end submissions by anonymous[251]

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  16. @anonymous

    J Ryan (from the Putrid Cesspool Radio Show) writes :

    Can we take a vote of Unz Review readers and key editors?

    I’d like to end publishing of Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan new articles, new blogs.

    J Ryan, in accordance with instructions from his Zio benefactors, resorts to the final option available to his kind when he’s unable to sway anyone into agreeing with his intellectually bankrupt ideas. ie: he seeks to ban and deplatform people, the way that the Zio controlled You Tube, Twitter and Facebook do.

    I, on the other hand, would never seek to censor anyone. By all means keep propagating your Talmudic ideas so that the UR readers can eviscerate and humiliate you as per last time.

    Despite being several years older than Joe Biden, Dr Ron Paul is as sharp as a tack – anyone with a brain can see that (obviously that excludes you J Ryan – you who uses an anglicised pseudonym to hide the fact that you’re an obvious small hat spreader of disinfo).

    You go on to repeat the same bald-faced lie you made in the last Ron Paul thread – you know, the one that was comprehensively refuted by me last time. ie :

    Ron Paul simply doesn’t address current realities like the great replacement mass 3rd world immigration – he and … Rand Paul actually support mass (as in tens, hundreds of millions) of third world migrant invaders

    For those UR readers that missed it, here was my response that left J Ryan with egg on his face :

    The following passage is [word for word] from page 119 pf Ron Paul’s book ‘The Revolution at Ten Years’ :

    ‘The migration crisis will continue to aggravate civil strife, not only in the United States but throughout the world. Migration and immigration per se is not the problem.
    The fact that the world migration disaster reflects a deeply flawed foreign policy, led by the United States and its allies, cannot be ignored. The problem needs to be resolved from getting totally out of control.

    Immediately we ought to make it clear that there’s no easy road to citizenship. That would be the case especially for illegal immigrants. Our early tradition in dealing with immigrants required having either a sponsor or job before entering the U.S. This policy should be reestablished. Concern for public health should also be part of the immigration process.
    Preferential treatment for migrants is a source of great friction among Americans. Welfare is a deeply flawed system and the generous distribution of welfare to the influx of immigrants is a source of great anger. Many Americans are starting to realise that subsidising migrants punishes Americans with higher taxes, loss of jobs and social discord’.

    Does that sound like an ‘Open Borders’ cult to you ?

    So, in response to your suggestion that Ron Paul’s article be banned from UR because ‘he’s old and out of it’, let’s instead go for a more sensible compromise.

    I suggest we volunteer you [Mr Small-Hat Ryan], to be the first individual we perform retrospective abortion on.
    That would be a win-win for all concerned.

  17. @anonymous

    We can’t help but notice how you sign off with :

    J Ryan
    The Putrid Cesspool Radio Show.

    Of course you do that to draw attention to your silly little Marxist/Statist/Big Government advocacy of a show peddling discredited nonsense.

    The fact is NO ONE has heard of your show and, if you’re indicative of the calibre of individuals that appear on it, the patronage of the show will shrink precipitously.

    I suggest you approach the producers of the show and get them to feature those well versed in the Austrian School so that viewers can learn real economics – as opposed to the Marxist claptrap you’re likely spewing out now.

  18. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Race denying, open borders, end all child labor and environmental laws Libertarian lunatic, cult leader Ron Paul wants to stop all government assistance to Americans left homeless, wet, cold and hungry from Hurricane Ida?

    Should anybody here be surprised?

    Libertarian lunatic cult leader Ron Paul and his son (Ayn Rosenbaum) Paul have confidently campaigned in South Florida promised poor, retired (White) Floridians to end all Social Security benefits, throw them out on the street and ask for Churches to house and feed them!

    For some reason Ron and (Ayn) Rand Paul’s end all government programs to help poor Americans in times of natural emergencies, unemployment, the Great Depression – this wasn’t exactly a big vote getter in their 3 national Libertarian campaigns for president where they won ~ 3% – mostly Scrooge/”Mr. Potter” the banker from It’s a Wonderful Life type rich folks.

    Why can’t Ron (senile after a stroke capture on vide) and Rand Paul concentrate on speaking out against $20 billion military aid to Ukraine to start World War III nuclear war with the Russians?

    Government aide to help (White) Americans in Hurricane Ida destroyed parts of Florida and Louisiana that’s very popular with regular American voters. Starting World War III in Russia, adding another 20-40$ billion to our deficit, that’s not popular with regular (White) voters.

    Niether is importting tens of millions of 3rd world, COVID, TB, Ebola, monkey pox, bubonic plague illegal alien migrants from Haiti, El Salvador or the entire raping Muslim male populations of Pakistan and Algeria. Why the F*#&$ do Ron and Rand Paul support or just ignore that?

    Can the UNZ Review please take a poll of UNZ review readers and ask us can’t we stop posting the insane, nature denying, race denying, history denying Ron and Rand Paul Libertarian Cult.

    And it is a Cult! Once you’re in this cult, the Cult leaders make it very hard, impossible to leave.

    Can someone take a pillow to Ron Paul and put him and us out of this misery?

  19. Jokem says:

    Should anybody here be surprised?

    The only thing I am surprised about is how many falsehoods you can pack into a single post.

    But then I should not be surprised should I?

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
  20. @anonymous

    J Ryan (from The Putrid Cesspool Show) writes :

    Can the UNZ Review please take a poll of UNZ review readers ….

    I think we should take a pole, and shove said POLE up your nether regions J Ryan.
    That should shut you up and prevent you from disseminating your Tall Talmudic Tales.

    As for this statement of yours :

    And it is a Cult! Once you’re in this cult, the Cult leaders make it very hard, impossible to leave.

    This is yet more PROJECTION on your part, whereby (in keeping with the small hats tradition), you accuse others of something that you yourself are guilty of.

    Let’s face it, Libertarianism is the ANTITHESIS of a cult.

    Libertarians include people from all walks of life and all former political alignments, but they have one thing in common. ie: they live their lives in accordance with the NON AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE and desire that people have the FREEDOM TO DO AS THEY PLEASE and DECIDE WHAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR THEM and THEIR FAMILIES without coercion and micromanagement from those supposedly ‘wise overlords’ that make up ‘government’.

    In other words, as long as said activity does NOT interfere with the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness of others (and is conducted between consenting adults), then it’s YOUR choice to make.

    If you want to smoke dope, or ingest illicit substances, then go for it.
    If you want to wear a face mask (that is PROVEN to cause more harm than good) during the Covid Psyop (or other future conjured-up pandemics), then go for it.
    If you want to take experimental mRNA gene therapies that masquerade as vaccines (even though there have been NO long or short term Randomised, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Clinical Trials conducted), then go for it.
    If you want to shut down your business because YOU have deemed it non-essential, then go for it.
    If you want to isolate in your damp and dingy basement and practise Socialist Distancing, then go for it.
    If you want to minimise your supposed ‘Carbon Footprint’ (even though you have NO actual ‘carbon’ emissions but are in fact emitting Carbon Dioxide – which is the GAS OF LIFE and is actually greening the Earth), then feel free to exhale less frequently.
    If you want to practise Marxism, Free Market Capitalism or something else, then go for it.

    You see, in a Libertarian society you have the FREEDOM to do as you please.

    But I, as a sovereign individual that is in control of my own destiny, DO NOT choose to do any of the above.

    There is no other philosophy that is more ANTI-CULT than Libertarianism.

    Of course that can’t be tolerated in the system you espouse. You prefer an all powerful Big Brother lording over you, telling you WHAT to do and WHEN to do it, micromanaging every aspect of your life.
    That, which I’ve described above, is the DEFINITION of a cult member and most definitely matches your description and that of your Zionist brethren.

    Bottom Line: Even Blind Freddie can see that it is YOU (J Ryan – who crawled out of that Putrid Cesspool), that is part of a brain-washed cult.
    You are a committed STATIST and have sworn allegiance to said stste. ie: none other than the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) that you worship.

    You do exactly as ZOG says, you have no critical thinking capabilities and thus accept everything dictated by ZOG like the automaton that you are.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  21. @anonymous

    JR, why don’t you lay back on the couch there and let us know why you REALLY hate Ron Paul and his son Rand? There, relax, and let your mind go … (my bill will come later).

    Your general wrong-headed idealogical screeds are one thing, but then you put in not just erroneous “facts” about the Pauls, but the exact opposite of the truth. You really do know that Senator Rand Paul was the one Senator who made an effort (futile as it was) to stop the spending of $40,000,000,000 in the Ukraine. In case general readers don’t know, but Peak Stupidity does, his bill amendment wasn’t even to stop the spending, but simply to introduce accountability for the spending! (That was NOT OK for the US Congress.)

    Of course, it’s not the job of the US Feral Gov’t to clean up after hurricanes – check out the US Constitution on that one – note that all that Great Depression 1.0 spending that you want more of was not Constitutional either (and if you think the $40,000,000,000 was wasted, you ain’t seen nothin’).

    The Social Security Scam , errr, Scheme , errr, System, yeah, that’s it, should be ended one way another, before it ends itself out of insolvency. Yes, real charity indeed is better than the dysgenic Gov’t handouts that have “improved” our country over the last 60 years.

    As Truth Vigilante has helpfully pointed out, you lie about Ron and Rand Paul’s stances on immigration too.

    I saw that you had a very reasonable, non-cesspool-style comment under iSteve a day or two ago, so I wonder what your personal thing is with Drs. Paul.

    Show me with the doll how the man took your handout away.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
    , @Jokem
  22. Bro43rd says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Used up all my auto-comments, so may as well say I agree & thanks for taking the trash out!

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  23. Women invented agriculture.

    Men invented profit.

    Genesis Redux

  24. Jokem says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I suggest he may have been bitten by a Ron Paul as a youngster… ;->

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
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