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A Nuclear War? Over Venezuela?
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Is President Trump about to invade Venezuela? His advisors keep telling us in ever-stronger terms that “all options are on the table” and that US military intervention to restore Venezuela’s constitution “may be necessary.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on the Sunday news programs to claim that President Trump could launch a military attack against Venezuela without Congress’s approval.

Pompeo said that, “[t]he president has his full range of Article II authorities and I’m very confident that any action we took in Venezuela would be lawful.” The man who bragged recently about his lying, cheating, and stealing, is giving plenty of evidence to back his claim.

The president has no Constitutional authority to start a war with Venezuela or any other country that has not attacked or credibly threatened the United States without Congressional approval. It is that simple.

How ironic that Pompeo and the rest of the neocons in the Trump Administration are ready to attack Venezuela to “restore their constitution” but they could not care less about our own Constitution!

While Washington has been paralyzed for two years over disproven claims that the Russians meddled in our elections to elect Trump, how hypocritical that Washington does not even hesitate to endorse the actual overturning of elections overseas!

Without Congressional authority, US military action of any kind against Venezuela would be an illegal and likely an impeachable offense. Of course those Democrats who talk endlessly of impeaching Trump would never dream of impeaching of him over starting an illegal war. Democrats and Republicans both love illegal US wars.

Unfortunately, Washington is so addicted to war that President Trump would likely have little difficulty getting authority from Congress to invade Venezuela if he bothered to ask. Just as with the disastrous US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the mainstream media is nothing but non-stop war propaganda. Even so-called progressives like Rachel Maddow are attacking the Trump Administration not for its reckless saber-rattling toward Venezuela but for not being aggressive enough!

The real lesson is that even a “Constitutional” war against Venezuela would not be a just war. It would be a war of aggression for which Americans should be angry and ashamed. But the mainstream media is pumping out the same old pro-war lies, while the independent media is under attack from social media companies that have partnered with US government entities to decide what is “fake news.”

The latest outrage in the mainstream media is over the most sensible thing President Trump has done in some time: last week he spent an hour on the telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss, among other things, the dangerous situation in Venezuela.

While President Trump’s neocon advisors are purposely trying to position him so that war is the only option, we can only hope that President Putin was able to explain that the Venezuela problem must be solved by the Venezuelans themselves. Certainly the US, perhaps together with the Russians, could help facilitate discussions between the government and the opposition, but the neocon road to war will surely end up like all the other neocon wars: total disaster.

The media is furious that Trump dared to speak to Putin as the two countries increasingly face-off over Venezuela. The Democrats and neocons are pushing for a direct confrontation that may even involve Russia. Republicans agree. Do they really prefer thermonuclear war? Over Venezuela?

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Is it called The Monroe Doctrine?

    A plan to wipe out any and all sovereignty from Central and South America.

    Its a form of slavery

  2. The only rational explanation is the recent spike in gas prices, indicating that the shale oil miracle never was equivalent to walking on water. If any unjustified aggression in Venezuela fails, it might make it harder to get any oil from them.

    It’s not like America’s most educated, highly paid generation of dual-high-earner professional parents have put in the long hours in their family-friendly jobs to develop a workable alternative fuel. Looks like the USA is still obliged to maintain good business relationships with these petroleum-producing nations. They won’t like it if the USA tries to just take what Mother Nature gave to them.

    Worse still, it will exacerbate the Caravan Invasion, and US politicians will ignore voters just like they are doing with the Central American caravaners. They are releasing the womb-productive ones into the interior of the USA after 20 days, with 90-something percent of them failing to show up for their asylum hearings.

    Multiply that by 2 for Venezuelan caravans after any unwarranted invasion of their nation. The Cheap Labor Lobby and the Immigration Lawyers Lobby are busy putting their money behind this invasion. Our politicians do not respond to constitutional arguments—only dollars talk.

    • Replies: @Low Voltage
  3. @Endgame Napoleon

    Sure, but think about all the cool Venezuelan restaurants we’ll have when the refugees come streaming in!

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  4. Paw says:

    Well, USA is as close towards civil war as was Russia in 1917..1921 including the similar violent revolution…

  5. @Low Voltage

    y muchas chicas muy bonitas tan bien

  6. Anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    Too much to F-ing thing about but I do want to correct The Honorable Mr. Paul.

    “Even so-called progressives like Rachel Maddow are attacking the Trump Administration not for its reckless saber-rattling toward Venezuela but for not being aggressive enough!”

    Rachel is as Progressive as a RINO is a Republican. They both are Cheap Whores, Prostitutes what ever you want to call them. She is a So Called Rhodes Scholar just like Billy Bob BO Clinton. Wonder what that costs, I mean the bribery payoff to get it just like our Harvard Wiz Gang. Most expensive Morons on the Planet right now.

    I liked the Progressive label because it means you want to Progress on things. Rachel is hardly progressive except in her open Lesbian marriage. Not something I condone but not going to fight about it either. Who really gives a shit? Really almost no one.

    Guess they must have some photos of Rachel with some guy that has her over a barrel so to speak. Maybe literally since she likes to have her Cocktail Parties on TV.

    Anyhow, besides being a Whore, Rachel it turns out is also a Moron with some fancy Titles stuck on her name.

  7. Realist says:

    One of the sadest things to watch is a once great country crumble into oblivion.

  8. Alfa158 says:

    I was trying to find out how many actual boots on the ground infantry the US even has left. Not easy to determine, but it appears that including both the Army and Marine Corp, it might be significantly less than 200k. With all the other commitments we already have, how many would be available to invade Venezuela and/or Iran? And how many of those troops are women, and other people looking for a pension and benefits, but not all that keen on actual non-video game fighting?
    You can drone targets all day long but occupying a country and imposing your will on it takes a lot of men willing to get out there and dodge bullets. You can’t do it all from a cockpit, or ship or inside a tank.
    I was a little surprised to see TV ads for the Army lately depicting mostly White male soldiers actually kicking in doors and fighting. The ads used to focus on the benefits of physical fitness, camaraderie, patriotism, learning IT or Diesel engine repair etc.
    Is the military starting to have trouble recruiting enough of the bitter, gun and Bible clinging, flyover country, deplorables who sign up disproportionately for the combat MOS’s? After the history of the last couple of decades, is there a growing awareness and reluctance to kill and die on behalf of a power structure that despises you?

  9. All the signs globally are of a third world war. It probably won’t start over Venezuela but could be triggered by it. If US troops got bogged down it might embolden other rivals such as Russia or China to take military action elsewhere, especially if it is concluded that world war three was inevitable anyway – which the historic evidence suggests – and the Administration’s response to that would set the dominos falling.

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