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Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Directed by George Romero

“I have always liked the ‘monster within’ idea. I like to think of zombies as being us. Zombies are the blue-collar monsters.” – George Romero

The most heinous thing a human can do is eat another human. Fear of cannibalism along with the other two great taboos, incest and inter-family violence, are the bedrocks of human culture. Without these taboos there is no human civilization, yet zombie cannibals are everywhere, from the most popular TV shows in the US and Europe to the most played PC games. Everywhere we look there is a zombie dragging his feet looking for human prey. The ubiquitous nature of this meme of semi-human creatures that survive only by breaking the most fundamental of human taboos is a clear indicator of a collective cultural pathology.

Humans must not only kill and eat plants and animals to survive, we must make sure they keep coming back so they can be killed and eaten again and again. Life needs death; we must kill to live, and eventually we all wind up as someone else’s food. This paradox lies at the core of the world’s religions and mythologies and the fear/repulsion of eating other humans is the keystone of our culture, without it we turn on ourselves and self-annihilation ensues. The zombie meme is a modern myth pointing to a deep fear of self-destruction.

The great psychologist and mystic Carl Jung was asked if a myth could be equated to a collective dream and he answered this way, “A myth…is the product of an unconscious process in a particular social group, at a particular time, at a particular place. This unconscious process can naturally be equated with a dream. Hence anyone who ‘mythologizes,’ that is, tells myths, is speaking out of this dream.”

If a person had a recurring nightmare that she was eating her family it would be a clear symptom of a profound psychological disturbance. Cultures don’t dream, but they do tell stories and those stories can tell us much about the state of the collective psyche.

Many of the themes in our popular culture are conscious story telling devices with the definite purpose of social engineering/control, but others seem to just emerge from the collective unconscious like the stuff of dreams. The zombie meme is clearly of the latter variety. It’s pointing to a fear that something has broken in our culture and what awaits us is a collective psychotic break of apocalyptic proportions.

In the 1950’s there were widespread fears of a communist takeover that expressed themselves through films like The Village of the Damned or the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. But the zombie meme exposes something much darker in our collective psyche. The fundamental taboo around cannibalism is a pillar of human culture, yet the zombies are obsessive cannibals and we can’t seem to get enough of them.

What does this new archetype of a cannibalistic apocalypse reveal about out culture? By nature archetypes point to transcendent themes that evade definition. They are not symbols that have a clear equivalent, they can only point in the general direction which in the case of the zombie meme is the inverting of some of our most sacred myths and the embracing of our most horrid taboos.

The Walking Dead – The most watched TV show
in the 18 to 49 year old demographic in the United States.

The zombie meme emerged onto the American consciousnesses with George Romero’s 1968 cult classic, The Night of the Living Dead. The archetype was invigorated with Danny Boyles’s 2002 film, 28 Days Later which introduced an important new element: the apocalypse.

The meme reached maturity in 2010 when AMC launched The Walking Dead, now the number #1 show on US television for viewers between the ages of 18 and 49. The Walking Dead was created by Frank Darabont, director of The Shawshank Redemption, and is based on a comic book series written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The key to the success of The Walking Dead is the dystopian zombie apocalypse in which the story unravels, allowing it to outperform even the ultimate social opiate, Sunday Night Football.

This is not simply an American phenomenon. In France the series The Returned (French: Les Revenants) has been very popular with both viewers and critics. The Returned puts a fascinating twist on the return of the dead- they just start walking home after having been dead for many years as if nothing had happened. The BBC’s In the Flesh focuses on reintegrating zombies, victims of PDS (Partially Dead Syndrome). World Z had Brad Pitt save the world from fast moving zombies on the big screen and Mel Brook’s son Max even wrote a book titled The Zombie Survival Guide.

The Inverted Christian Mythos

In one episode of The Walking Dead the zombies are seen shuffling under the arch of an episcopal church inscribed with a passage from the gospel of John, “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life”. Over a billion Catholics in the world regularly transform bread and wine into what they believe is the actual flesh and blood of their savior, Jesus of Nazareth, and eat him. Catholics believe this sacramental right gives them eternal life. In the zombie meme, the infected humans die and are born again but not unto salvation but into a hell of insatiable appetites and mindless meandering.

The Christian myth is agricultural; Christ is killed, buried, and comes to life three days later as the seed emerging from the ground, just as the moon hides for three days behind the sun each month, only to be born again. Christ’s body is the ‘sacred’ meal, the sacrificial food of the gods, his blood is their elixir. The Catholic acts as the god receiving the sacred meal and by doing so gains the eternal qualities of the gods by breaking the most embedded of human taboos – the eating of human flesh. It’s certainly a curios paradox that the sins of man are forgiven by committing cannibalism, as Catholic doctrine clearly states that Jesus was both man and God and the transubstantiation of the Catholic mass physically changes the bread and wine into the flesh and blood of Jesus.

As the Christian myth begins its third millennium, is the zombie meme telling us that this religious story is no longer viable ? Are billions of ‘zombies’ eating flesh and drinking blood but finding no nourishment? The vast majority of Western people have a profound belief in science and science tells us that the story of Jesus is not to be taken literally, yet our churches insist that the ‘myth’ of Jesus is historical. The Christian software no longer works as the science ‘virus’ has rendered it useless.


Myths are other people’s religions and for Westerners in need of spiritual ‘food’ the Eastern systems of yoga and Buddhism, which don’t depend on dogma that contradicts science, seem to be more palatable to their scientific worldviews. Unfortunately, those ‘programs’ where written for a machine other than modern Western man.

Joseph Campbell described believing in a literal, historical God as someone eating a menu believing that they were really eating the food. One clear component of the zombie meme is the spiritual starvation we are experiencing in the West. We are eating the menus so the speak- old, meaningless books written by foreign peoples from far off places thousands of years ago, and they give us no nourishment.

The Hunger

Dawn of the Dead (1978) George Romero

Another essential quality of the zombie is its unquenchable hunger. No amount of flesh and blood seems able to quench the longing to consume live human flesh. Modern man has a similar problem- no amount of money, sex, gadgets, job titles, drugs, entertainment, pornography, art, religion or gurus seem able to quench our thirst. We live in constant hunger.

If we equate the zombie ‘hunger’ for flesh to the human desire for money, the comparison becomes almost uncanny. Most adult humans spend most of their day either making money or spending it while being constantly bombarded with propaganda/advertising to keep them hungry.

From the most humble street vendor to the billionaires on CNBC, no one seems to ever have enough money. Zombies need to eat live human flesh and money is at its core, human labor. Our craving for money is really the craving for the work of others, for the sweat and blood of millions to furnish us with unlimited amounts of food and consumer goods.

The vast majority of Westerners have ceased to create anything tangible. Only one in five Americans actually produce anything. Eating what one produces on a farm or trading manufactured goods for food connects us to life. But when people spend ten hours hours a day in an office looking at a computer screen and two hours in traffic, somehow eating, and living, become abstract. What are we actually doing to create the food , heat, and the shelter we need?

Our hunger for food and things far outstrips our practical needs and has become the cause of our ever more obese, angry, unsatisfied society while our spiritual hunger leaves us addicted, chasing empty consumer thrills. There is no end to what can be consumed and there is never enough for even those with billions; we always need more.

Zombies Don’t Surf

Halloween surf contest in Santa Monica – Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Zombies don’t think, they simply move in big herds looking for their next meal, reminiscent of the herds piling up behind the doors of malls on Black Friday. Curiously, the only way to kill them is to shoot them in their least vulnerable point, their brains.

Modern man is almost entirely without out any practical skills. He doesn’t know how to grow food, hunt animals or build a house. He uses all sorts of electronic tools whose core technologies he doesn’t really understand and which he doesn’t have the slightest idea how to fix.

This set of circumstances is a recent development in human history, beginning in the 18th century and growing exponentially in the last 30 years during the information revolution. We are helpless slaves to technologies we don’t understand and to media that programs us to believe all sorts of propaganda designed to keep us from actually thinking critically.

The Zombie Apocalypse

Dawn of the Dead – 2004 Re-make

At least since the time of Christ, western man has been waiting for one apocalypse or another. Be it the return of Christ, the turn of the millennium, nuclear war, killer meteorites or UFO’s, apocalyptic fears are nothing new to us. Yet it’s no coincidence that just as the zombie took over prime time with The Walking Dead, the term ‘preppers’ began to appear. The intensity of apocalyptic thinking has noticeably increased in the last few years as shows like Doomsday Preppers is the most watched program in the history of the National Geographic Channel.

The latest wave of apocalyptic furor to take over the US is not based on fears of nuclear war or the return of Jesus, but on the collapse of the financial system which gave us a shot over the bow in 2008. We are so far removed from any practical and productive activities that if the extremely complex financial and logistical infrastructure of the world gave way, how would we survive? If our stores were suddenly empty how many people in the West would be able to produce food, fuel and shelter? The vast majority of us are so far removed from the practical necessities of life that we are in a very real sense, mindless, insatiable, endlessly consuming zombies.

Not only do we not understand the technologies we use, we seem to trust that the complex systems that maintain us will continue working seamlessly even as doubts grow over the people who brought us the sub-prime debacle, the Iraq War and quantitative easing (QE). What would happen to the world supply chain if the confidence in the dollar as a reserve currency were lost? Is the ever increasing gap between rich and poor about to explode into all out class/race war? A key element of the zombie meme is the underlying fear of societal collapse.

The Myth is Dead

Sometime after Galileo but before Newton, science lost the need for meaning. For Galileo the universe, including the earth, was alive but by the time of Newton it was a dead machine. The importance of this shift cannot be overestimated. Galileo was describing something that was alive, that had a soul, a soul humans participated in, but by the time of Newton and the Enlightenment we were existing in a cold universe. The world went from breathing like a mother to ticking like a clock.

From the earliest known cave paintings made over 40,000 years ago to the mystery schools of pre-Aryan Europe through to medieval Christian Europe, the West has been guided by profound mythical stories.

Science can give us answers to almost all our questions, yet in the end its meaninglessness is disquieting. Science gives us technologies and deep understandings of the mechanics of the universe, but it’s unwilling to the breach the topic of meaning. We are asked to live for cliches, consumerism, hedonism or fundamentalism. Rejecting science is absurd but embracing it is deadening.

If we were able to understand our own religions in the same spirit that we decipher the religions of others (myths) while embracing science (with its limitations), than maybe we could find our way to a new myth that would shed meaning on our cold world. But myths emerge, they are not consciously created, and for the moment we wade in the void of knowing how but not why. We consume but are never filled, we seek but we do not find.

We are all zombies.

(Republished from CactusLand by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Brilliant article – much enjoyed this analysis of the popularity of zombies in our culture (they took over from vampires).

    • Replies: @Kyle a
    , @Pat Boyle
  2. Kyle a says:
    @Zachary Latif

    Which is why I’m getting my werewolve costume early this year. Sure to be the next big thing

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Over a billion Catholics in the world regularly transform bread and wine into what they believe is the actual flesh and blood of their savior, Jesus of Nazareth, and eat him.

    Well, this is just the first of many inane comments about Catholics and The Eucharist and it illustrates just how ignorant the author is about the Eucharist.

    Only a man who has received Holy Orders (Priest, Prelate, Pope) can confect the Eucharist.

    The author also makes many other fundamental mistakes such as thinking carnally and materialistically about The Eucharist; apparently he knows nothing about what constitutes Transubstantion and so he confuses accidents for substance.

    The Christian myth is agricultural..

    Sacramental right

    ha, ha, ha

    This should have been posted at Eye of the Tiber.

    O, and it is a pity that the author thinks just as did the Jews who rejected Jesus when He taught them about the Eucharist (John 6th chapter) but the author ought to have at least heard that Jesus is not dead and, thus there is no cannibalism.

    As for science, please…

    When it is warning us not to eat eggs, it is telling us about global warming and Piltdown men and just how safe Thalidomide is etc etc etc

  4. I found this column to be offensive to Catholics and Jesus.

  5. J Yan says:
    @Minnesota Mary

    It’s an incite-ful [sic] article, and a dumb one at that.

    I can stomach the turgid word “meme” and the reference to charlatan Joseph Campbell, but the blanket statement “The most heinous thing a human can do is eat another human” is too much. The real zombies and the real human evildoers are those who would take part in a mindless military machine which kills by the millions.

  6. @Kyle a

    Don’t think so. The vampire symbolizes seduction while the werewolf symbolizes rape. Vampire movie are more numerous and popular than werewolf movies. Go figure.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  7. I prefer “fairy tales from old storybooks” over this writer’s “myths.” The human inventions which have between them killed numbers so vast as to be incomprehensible are government and religion. They are both extraordinarily dangerous and destructive beasts that must be constrained to the greatest extent pragmatism allows.

    The search for meaning in life is a lot of navel gazing. The overwhelming majority of us will never do anything remotely meaningful. And of those whose lives do have an impact greater than biological reproduction, as many or more will cause harm and suffering instead of knowledge and happiness. Aren’t these old fairy tales just the 1st Century CE equivalent of the Kardashians anyway? Common people with common lives doing common things and looking for a bit of entertainment and escape in tales of magickal resurrections or talking flora? Is it merely coincidence that the same people are drawn to both today? Is it just too distressing to contemplate that we have no more “meaning” than the biological reproduction of ourselves? Better somehow to go kill our neighbor because we like our old fairy tale better than his old fairy tale?

    Humans (some of us anyway) have come an awfully long way in a very short span of time. In a mere 10,000 years some of us have gone from being hunter gatherers (and thus not much different from apes) to interplanetary exploration. Perhaps in the next few thousand years we will figure out our “meaning” is to ensure our biological reproduction is aimed at improving ourselves without inflicting harm on others. The rest is just entertainment.

    Nevertheless, the realist in me says the zombie is a metaphor for the fecundity of a certain hyper-violent population without the intelligence to even sustain civilization overwhelming the populations with below replacement fertility rates and returning the earth to its state 20,000-50,000 years ago.

    • Replies: @bomag
  8. Brilliant text!!! Most humans are in fact, zombies, specially because they have at least a little bit of awareness to know that they no have many potential genuine choices. The worst part, the zombie awareness to know you are a zombie.

    • Agree: Roberto Masioni
  9. CIX says:

    Charles T. Tart
    Introduction by Peter Webster

    In seeking to explore the elusive nature of consciousness, philosophers have sometimes resorted to “thought experiments,” much as physicists do when thinking about the enigmas of relativity. Todd C. Moody, associate professor in philosophy at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, recently contributed a paper to The Journal of Consciousness Studies in which he proposed such a thought experiment. Professor Moody’s ideas sparked a lively debate in the on-line discussion forum of the Journal, and led to a published Symposium on the subject of his paper which was entitled, “Conversations with Zombies”. (JCS, 1, (2), pp. 196-200, available at

  10. abj_slant says:

    In a conversation with a friend awhile back, it was presented to me that the reason there is such a prevalence of zombie shows is to get us peons comfortable with the idea of humans killing other humans. They use zombies so we aren’t as appalled.

    Just putting it out there…

  11. Generalization narratives like ”black against whites” or ”USA against Iran”, creates real human zombies.

  12. pancho says:

    It is unfortunate that the real meat of this article – the clear and concise section cleverly subtitled Zombies Don’t Surf – was diminished, to the point of being almost overwhelmed, by the tastelessness of the rest of the text.

  13. TaoRider says:

    Excellent discussion of the state of western culture as symbolized by the Zombie myth. Looking into the mirror can be upsetting to some. I personaly gave up Catholicism for my better mental health. If however it gives you meaning, then I am happy for you.

    • Replies: @Beyond The Rim...
  14. J1234 says:

    Zombies are like sleep dreams and fairy tales – they can easily be interpreted psychologically in a variety of ways. And usually are. There usually seems to be at least a shred of insight in most interpretations. Anxieties about population and inescapable mortality are a couple of other more obvious dots that can be connected in zombie fiction.

    Oh, and then there’s the matter of the zombies’ different skin color, different facial features (generally perceived as being ugly and menacing), extremely low intelligence, the complete lack of morals and the inevitable violence that occurs whenever they’re in large groups – whatever correlation that might have with any modern day population in the civilized world. I suspect this is a big part of the appeal of zombie fiction. My evidence? How is it that zombies are killed? With magic? Stakes in the heart? Silver projectiles?

    No…they’re killed with plain ol’ guns. With lead bullets. The same down-to -earth way we imagine we would dispatch their real life counterparts, should it ever come to that. Fantasy zombie talk I encounter at gun ranges and forums often strikes me as being a sublimation of this very real anxiety. Remington even has a zombie shotgun. And it ain’t for huntin’ ducks or using as a prop in a horror movie.

    People’s anxieties are going to reveal themselves one way or another, political correctness be damned. That’s part of being human.

    • Agree: byrresheim
  15. the raven says:

    The vast majority of Western people have a profound belief in science and science tells us that the story of Jesus is not to be taken literally, yet our churches insist that the ‘myth’ of Jesus is historical.

    How does “science” “disprove” Christianity? And how would you square this with most of the pioneers in science being Christians? And even more incredible …

    Myths are other people’s religions and for Westerners in need of spiritual ‘food’ the Eastern systems of yoga and Buddhism, which don’t depend on dogma that contradicts science, seem to be more palatable to their scientific worldviews.

    It’s pretty hard to imagine a scenario where science disproves Christianity, and yet doesn’t do the same for other religions. The more logical explanation is that Westerners aren’t adopting Eastern religions; it’s just that, having rejected Christianity, they’re dilettantishly looking around for a replacement.

    If you want to know what religion post-Christians actually adhere to, look at their taboos, the targets of their witch-hunts, their saints, and their sacred or a-priori truths.

  16. The most deplorable one [AKA "Fourth doorman of the apocalypse"] says:

    Christ is killed, buried, and comes to life three days later as the seed emerging from the ground, just as the moon hides for three days behind the sun each month, only to be born again.

    I’ve heard of literary license, but that takes the cake.

  17. bomag [AKA "doombuggy"] says:
    @Stan D Mute

    Is it just too distressing to contemplate that we have no more “meaning” than the biological reproduction of ourselves?

    That is the most powerful tool we have. That is the thing that determines creation or destruction.

    …the zombie is a metaphor for the fecundity of a certain hyper-violent population… overwhelming the populations with below replacement fertility rates…

    This. And it highlights the adage that demography is destiny; and that modern states promote dysgenics.

  18. ” “A myth…is the product of an unconscious process in a particular social group, at a particular time, at a particular place. This unconscious process can naturally be equated with a dream. Hence anyone who ‘mythologizes,’ that is, tells myths, is speaking out of this dream.”

    Hence the Myth of 9/11.

    Held the Nation in sway for almost 15 years now.

  19. Doug nope says:

    The recent American “zombie apocalypse” craze is really a subconscious expression of life in a modern, ideologically, culturally and socially atomized country. Behind every seemingly friendly person you meet is a potential shambling monster waiting to be revealed, who depending on their hidden personal politics and beliefs, has the potential to gravely harm you and your livelihood through guilt by association etc, and thus must be treated with the utmost caution.

    The Walking Dead resonates with young people because they can relate. To survive in this post-modern multicultural wasteland where there is no such thing as the common good they all must find their “group of survivors” ie; the highly stylized social niche groups of nerds, hipsters, punks etc that have developed in place of the old American monoculture.

  20. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld, I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down, and will let the dead go up to eat the living! And the dead will outnumber the living!
    — Epic of Gilgamesh, ca. 2100 BC

    This is the plague with which the Lord will strike all the nations that fought against Jerusalem: Their flesh will rot while they are still standing on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths. On that day people will be stricken by the Lord with great panic. They will seize each other by the hand and attack one another.
    — Zechariah 14:12-13, ca. 520 BC

  21. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @White Guy In Japan

    “… The vampire symbolizes seduction …”

    A Spanish doctor noted, several years ago, that descriptions of human vampires are close matches to descriptions of humans dying of rabies — fear of bright light/mirrors, hypersensitivity to strong smells (eg garlic), aggression, biting, hypersexuality and sexual assault, the association with bats (common rabies vectors) and of course, those who are bitten or raped are likely to become vampires themselves.

  22. DWright says:

    Guess I will have to go elsewhere to understand this infatuation with the zombie “meme”.

  23. @Anonymous

    Generally a great article from CactusLand, but that one typo really needs to be corrected: “sacramental right“? I don’t like readers who nitpick for harmless typos, but in this case, it’s an essential distinction: the Eucharist is a rite!

    BTW: one point the article misses is the probable connection of the popularity of zombie culture in America with the ubiquitous American carnivore culture, especially including the insanely mechanized slaughterhouse industry. (I speak as someone who has seen it up close, in real life.)

    • Replies: @Pat Boyle
  24. Jeff77450 says:

    Is it possible that George Romero, et al, “invented” zombies not to express a philosophy or stimulate a discussion about the state of Western Civilization but to…..entertain and make a buck? Just a thought.

  25. Johann says:

    Ego sum panis vivus, qui de caelo descendi. Si quis manducaverit ex hoc pane, vivet in aeternum; panis autem quem ego dabo, caro mea est pro mundi vita. Johannes 6, 51

    Amen , amen dico vobis: Nisi manducaveritis carnem Filii hominis et biberitis eius sanguinem, non habetis vitam in vobismetipsis. Qui manducat meam carnem et bibit meum sanguinem, habet vitam aeternam; et ego resuscitabo eum in novissimo die. Johannes 6, 53

  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Though I found elements of truth in this article, and appreciate the author’s attempt to awaken us to the frightful implications of our cultural enfatuations, there is an unfortunate lack of experience with the Eucharist- the quintessential act of Transubstantiation- the ritual celebration of possibility of transformation from one condition into another. This is a hermetic mystery that provides a key as to how our pathetic zombie existence can be transformed into a real Life, a Life symbiotic and resonate with all creation, and an illumined consciousness that knows itself in connection with the Divine Creative Source of existence- which is LOVE. Without recognizing the spiritual, cosmic dimension of being, the human being is doomed to a zombie-like shadow existence completely ignorant of our higher divine nature. In the Eucharist, Bread becomes elevated to the Bread of LIFE and wine to the Wine of DIVINE spiritual LOVE. The Words of Christ “I am the Bread of Life” and “I am the True Vine” are an invitation to step out of one’s limited egotistic confines into consciousness of the pleroma of Divine Grace. If one has never tasted such a moment of feeling connected to something so much bigger than the the uroborus of your mental processes, I urge you- get thee to a spring of living wisdom! I recommend Hafiz for starters…. then drink deep and ever deeper. Be not afraid of religion- it only means to reunite with the Divine source of All Existence.

  27. Klokman says:

    Did Carl Jung realize he was talking first about his own myth? That he was talking out of other orifices, beyond his own dream? That his dreams are flatulent ?

    For consciousness to exist, memory must also, as would sensory perception. One would also presume a unity of thought, were sanity to exist.

    Where do we find collective memory, much less perception, among the world population(s)? Collectively, people seem to forget during political campaigns how they have been beguiled repeatedly by the same rhetorical techniques. Few have the same perspective on historical events, even as witnesses to a crime or catastrophe. So much for collective memory.

    Plenty of similar examples exist for perception and unity of thought. With such evidence, the hypothesis is adequately falsified.

    It is far more probable that Eric Hoffer’s characterization of people attaching themselves to Mass Movements because of their founding ideology makes for the substance of the proposed Zombie mentality. The motives for such attachments Eric summarizes in The True Believer and The Ordeal of Change are far better insight than Carl’s flatulent babble.

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Fear of cannibalism along with the other two great taboos, incest and inter-family violence, are the bedrocks of human culture. Without these taboos there is no human civilization,

    Total bullshit. Read some history. Cannibalism has been around since the species stood upright (and still is). Incest as is defined in Western culture was also venerated in many tribal societies. Your attempts to project Judeo-Christian “values” have made you blind to historical facts.

    Besides being inaccurate, I found the rest of your rhetoric difficult to read. You failed (badly) on all counts, especially with this claim:

    “The zombie meme is clearly of the latter variety. It’s pointing to a fear that something has broken in our culture and what awaits us is a collective psychotic break of apocalyptic proportions.”

    WTF? A “collective psychotic break”? You sir, are utterly deluded. You don’t think that the money-making machine of Hollywood and its subtle programming of the human mind has anything to do with the meme? Are you really that ignorant or just interested in selling articles? You also failed to comprehend how this factory of propaganda has programmed the whole world to accept so many delusions (ET’s, apocalypse, consumption, the American dream, etc.).

    Civilization has rarely kept up with technological advancements. Human values and the comprehension of how these changes impact our society and individual lives lags far behind the constant acceleration of technology. But what has “caught up” is mind-control and how this propaganda can be used to create armies of mindless consuming insatiable zombies. This is why there is no happiness in a consumer culture, we are force-fed the lies of “happiness” that can only be “found” in consumption and insatiable entertainment.

    You missed the Ark entirely (again, I cheçked out your other articles before posting this) and are standing out in the rain, forlorn and lost. You’re not even in the same ocean as the rest of us.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @LSmith
  29. @Anonymous

    well, mighty joe young, i greet you with a poem.

    man gets relgion

    free range primate sees
    zig zag zap
    joshua tree
    says to himself
    it cudda been me

  30. WatchDog says:

    Zombie must read !

  31. We are all zombies? Speak for yourself, chump!

  32. freefall says:

    Dude you hit it on the head! There is nothing new about zombies (as this article portrays them) that hasn’t been known for some time. The apocalypse is far from being a new concept. It is a ridiculous meme as far as I’m concerned. So is the narrative about a public dream from the collective unconscious. This is simple mind control brain washing as practiced by the studios and other film makers for quite some time. The visual occurrence of people killing each other on T.V. happens so frequently that I very nearly become ill if I have to watch for very long. Look at the proliferation of law enforcement themed shows. It is a keen observation you have made and shared with us. I only hope that our collective conscious becomes aware of the constant bombardment of thought control we are all being subjected to by the mass media fake entertainment complex.

  33. Re: “…The most heinous thing a human can do is eat another human. Fear of cannibalism along with the other two great taboos, incest and inter-family violence, are the bedrocks of human culture…”

    I must, respectfully, disagree…
    I’ll concede: I’ve NEVER responded to a ‘person, eaten / eating, another’ during my 22 year pre-hospital career; (22 Yrs.: E.M.T-Basic; 16 Yrs,: A-EMT-4-Paramedic, A.C.L.S.).
    DON’T misunderstand: I’ve heard ALL the jokes about Chikitilo, (Russia), and Dhamer, (U.S.), including:
    Q.) What is Jeffrey Dahmer’s favorite midnight snack? A.) The ‘Cold Shoulder’…

    I’ve certainly seen things that would make some / most people ‘revisit’ launch, merely in the re-telling, because I’ve, (unintentionally…), caused a person, (or three…), to lose their lunch, via recounting some of my EMS ‘War Stories’, etc. however…
    As unbelievably, terrible as some of the things I’ve run, into were…I NEVER ran into anything that might be considered to be, (potentially / actually…), causing a species extinction.
    I’m reminded of a Star Trek episode where Capt Picard, (Pat Stewart), runs into an ‘Omnipotent_Being’ who has destroyed an entire species in vengeance for that species killing his wife, and Picard says: The Federation, “has no law by which to try this, (omnipotent), being…etc.”

    The two primary concerns I have, re this issue, are:
    1.) Thermonuclear_War
    2.) Anthropocentric Global Weather Instability…aka, Co2-overdose.

    I think #2 is the MORE insidious of the two, because this emergency is, (currently), in ‘full afterburner’, and NO amount of pretending OR, (Humpty_Trumpty’s / other’s), denial will solve the problem…
    The other issue: our society is overly, dependent on Co2-producing functions…and it’s a very slow, ‘relatively’ gentle, quiet disaster, overtaking humanity like the water, sinking R.M.S. Titanic; (URL:…

    Having accidentally, survived the late, Great 1 WTC, (destroyed via blasphemy, in Sept., ’01)…
    I think the WORST, (criminal), act any hominid / group, of hominids can commit is…
    Species Extinction.

    One only needs to watch ‘Dr. Strangelove’, and realize, (given the 10’s, ‘O, 1,000’s of megatons, on 4-5 minute alert just like my paramedic ambulance. (…STILL), is / I used to be…
    WILL occur so much faster than the hominid nervous system can inform it’s unfortunate hominid_owner, that…we, literally, WON’T know…
    It is NOT a ‘rhetorical’ notion: ANY species extinction is forever!

    Yes, there IS talk that Mammoths may be making a ‘test-tube’ comeback, via Mammoth D.N.A., combined with modern elephants / gestated in elephant wombs, and…
    Presto: in some number of artificially, induced generations, the resulting animal(s) will be, (for all intents / purposes…), a 100% ‘mammoth’ animal just like it’s D.N.A. source, recovered from the slowly, disappearing northern tundra(s), was…

    Which begs the question: Amazing as such a species_recovery will be…why are we bringing mammoths back, even as we’re proceeding to exterminate our, (current), elephant / other species??

  34. Whoriskey says:

    Rabies used to be called hydrophobia – after a key symptom. Vampires reflect the sympyon in their reaction to holy water

  35. Pat Boyle says:
    @Zachary Latif

    There really are – or were – actual werewolves, vampires and zombies.

    The werewolf legend probably is an interpretation of the phenomenon of serial killers. There have always been murderers in human societies but most of these have been easy to understand. Some guy kills his woman or her lover in a fit of rage. Easy to accept and deal with.

    But serial killers which have probably always have been among us are hard to perceive. You are in a village where you know everyone and then there start turning up bodies from grisly ritualistic murders. You can’t believe it is any of your neighbors – so you imagine it must be a beast. But you have killed off all the dangerous animals in the area. You decide it must be one of your human neighbors who periodically turns into a beast.

    Even with modern police forces backed up by large information systems it’s hard to spot a serial killer and even harder to apprehend him.

    Most people today know what caused tuberculosis but only a century or so ago one theory was vampires. The neighbors would notice that a whole household would slowly contact TB and die. At one time the most common cause of death in England was ‘consumption’. This was before Koch and Pasteur. They saw a whole family gradually get paler and weaker as if they were having their blood drained. They decided that one family member had been ‘turned’ and then he or she fed on all the others.

    Finally zombies are also a well known phenomenon in the Caribbean. Witch doctors would drug someone and convince him that they were thereafter dead (yet still partly alive). You make a man a zombie and you have a kind of slave who will do your bidding.

    • Replies: @Liza
  36. Pat Boyle says:

    I doubt very much if slaughterhouses or cattle stockyards will be around much longer. My first line of evidence is that there are no stockyards in Science Fiction. Futurists seem to tacitly accept that we will eat stuff made in factories in the future. We will not kill animals.

    That day is closer than you might imagine. The so called “Impossible Burger” is here and fooling everyone. There are lots of YouTube videos attesting to how this veggie burger is indistinguishable from meat. I still eat real burgers but I am eager to try these new ones made from meatless meat.

  37. Ringleader says: • Website

    “Science can give us answers to almost all our questions, yet in the end its meaninglessness is disquieting.”

    The author misses his point – while having already stated it. The Universe does not have any meaning, and neither does life. Religion is fabricated meaning. It supposes itself to offer a explanation, which we find to be both ridiculous and meaningless upon investigation.

    Life does not have to have meaning. It’s not even an appropriate question once you understand the mythos of mankind. Life is. Entirely accidental. You’re “here” because someone fucked your mother or your father. There is no other “meaning” to it. You get to use it for as long as you have it and then there is nothing. The Universe goes on. You don’t.

    Looking for meaning is no different then looking “divine purpose” (cause and effect but with intelligent design and even guidance). That does not take that long to figure out. Religion is human response to fabricate meaning where there is none. Religion is based entirely on fiction and fictional stories that do not fit the historical record. It’s myth making at it’s finest. Early man’s attempt to explain the unexplainable (then, but not now). Science has answered all of that, and so has history, archeology, anthropology, biology, cosmology and so on.

    Now we know. There is no meaning. Life happened. The there is nothing. The cosmos will remain. Indifferent, uncaring, uninterested and “dead” to life itself. The Universe is hostile, but so is much of the Earth where life flourishes. For now. Until it doesn’t.

    The real zombies are those that seek to find meaning where there is none. Not finding it, they make it up.

  38. Anonymous [AKA "Joker I guess"] says:

    “Your attempts to project Judeo-Christian “values” have made you blind to historical facts. ”

    Agree. I spotted that too. There is a lot of understanding missing here by the author.

  39. Anonymous [AKA "tlnd"] says:

    I think you need to rethink your terminology concerning the dead. Ouspensky’s statements on Gurdiev’s analysis of life forms in his book “In search of the Miraculous” might be illuminating. There are pdf’s. Is an inanimate object dead? Contemporary scientists have discovered that electrons are flying about or vibrating in rocks. Why is that occurring? A dead universe? Prove it.

    By the way, you are the first person I have read that has more directly addressed the spiritual side of cannibalism in this world since I read Ron L. Hubbard’s, “A Stranger in a Strange Land.” Some of Jesus statements indicate that he saw everyone in this world living the life of a cannibal. He talked about Pharisees devouring widows houses. He said that you have to chew on him and that a person must eat his body and drink his blood if they were going to have eternal life. These statements beg the question-“Do you know what you are presently eating?” Even today, most everyone is cannibalizing some resource in this world. If their source of income is from people, they cannibalize them, though hopefully not as thoroughly as a BCE pharisee.

    Communion is an event that should remind Christians of where they are coming from and lead them to question what they are doing to ameliorate the conditions that exist in the world that sustain cannibalistic behavior. It is not without reason that in the first centuries of the Church, communities strove to develop strategies for living in but not of this world. Many Christians have over the centuries-Waldensians, Moravians, Holy Orders, lay orders like the Beghards and Beguines, and many still do.

    The fact that Jesus’ body and blood is nourishing may seem macabre until you see the spiritual side- a sacrifice of the Order of Melchizedek. Communion is more spiritual than the wine and bread Melchizedek and Abraham shared but it is similarly a victory celebration that glorifies God and refreshes those who celebrate. Forget the Trentine theology of a blood(y) less propitiatory sacrifice. It is a Machiavellian creation that tore the Church apart that is only supported in this era by a cabal of populist priests and bishops, hoping to gather significant support for selfish intentions.

    • Replies: @Disordered
  40. Anonymous [AKA "lol from NK"] says:

    These girls
    constantly looking at their phones, and people doing what the media and school make them to believe is also a zombie status.

    See, the guys next to you? Is using some kind of pill, is a zombie, bcse the brain stop working, the whole nation is drunk, now, this is why something is wrong around you.

    Good luck.

  41. LSmith says:

    “Total bullshit. Read some history. Cannibalism has been around since the species stood upright (and still is). Incest as is defined in Western culture was also venerated in many tribal societies. Your attempts to project Judeo-Christian “values” have made you blind to historical facts.”

    True, cannibalism, and incest have been around for a long time, but the Judeo-Christian value of taboo in these arenas was thankfully put in place a long time ago. Advancement of civilization, or just plain mental health doesn’t work so good when these vulgarities are venerated and practiced.

    By all means, please feel free to join some obscure, primitive tribe who still enjoys their waring, cannibalistic jaunts. I am sure you will be glad to be free of those, oh-so-cumbersome Judeo-Christian “values”.

    …”But what has “caught up” is mind-control and how this propaganda can be used to create armies of mindless consuming insatiable zombies. This is why there is no happiness in a consumer culture, we are force-fed the lies of “happiness” that can only be “found” in consumption and insatiable entertainment.”…

    That is a bit extreme don’t you think? To say there is ‘no’ happiness in consumer culture? There are plenty of people who find ‘happiness’. Usually, these are people who have their values in place, and love their friends and family. Many people don’t possess the ‘keep up with the Jones” attitude.

    All those ridiculous individuals who waited in line at the WalMart, and were pushed so hard they ran over and crushed to death a WalMart guard…Well, I certainly don’t think I have much in common with any of them.

    It’s not about ‘mind-control’. It’s about not being stupid enough to be clueless about what you are ‘buying’ into.

  42. Interesting writing. To me, the latter half makes more sense. Those who love The Walking Dead are suburban people devoid of connections to others and reality, ergo pretending to find in the connections between the TV characters and the scariness of the “zombies” (actors with makeup on and/or CGI), the reality they need. When I went through the Ecuadorian earthquake and saw a robber get nearly lynched, and bread and power and water run out for hundreds of thousands, I realized that those glued on their TVs (and their comic books and cons) would never survive the real thing, and that reality always surpasses fiction.

  43. @Anonymous

    I thought it was Luther and his apostasy against sacraments (symbols) that tore the Church apart, not the Trentine theology that kept what remained of it together and alive.

    I get what you say about “in but not of this world” – however, the details are still up for debate, as other Scripture does not necessarily imply adopting utopian communal values as the only way for salvation.

  44. Robert Bonomo cites the resurrection story as that of the “Catholics” and dates it to the third century a.d. Perhaps he would do well to understand a topic he writes on before he writes on it. He also dates it from the third century (a.d.). The ressurection story is not merely the province of the “Catholics”; it is the central doctrine of all Christianity. It dates from St. Paul in the late first century and even before Paul. Paul clearly states it in First Corinthians, Chapter 15:
    16 For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised:
    17 And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins.

    The ressurection is foundational for Christians, ROMAN Catholics, protestants and Orthodox. I know that and I’m not even a Christian. Clearly Robert Bonomo and the editors of Unz Review are not only not Christian, they are not educated in the history of the last 2,000 years. Understanding Christianity is foundational to understanding western (European) civilization. To not have done so is utter ignorance.

    I admire Unz Review for giving voice to a variety of opinions, some of which I agree with and some, not. But it would be wise to present a variety of educated opinions of which Robert Bonomo’s is not one.

    * * * *

    I’ve read further and Robert Bonomo states that ” [f]or Galileo the universe, including the earth, was alive but by the time of Newton it was a dead machine.” This is absolute rubbish! Newton believed that God’s universe could be understood by understanding His creation. Newton was autistic; mathematics was a form he understood well. Therefore, to Newton, God’s universe was built upon mathematical principles. The mechanism that Mr. Bonomo speaks of was a nineteenth century invention, called materialism, which corrupted and subverted the Newtonian project by denying the very existence of a God who could be understood. Marx and Darwin were materialists and look where that got us.

  45. Anonymous [AKA "jambaloney"] says:

    I think this is very well written and the main idea is clear and should be well considered by anyone who thinks critically. The “zombie” phenomenon is definitely a newly emerging metaphor people relate to that may well be transforming into a myth.

    Clearly the critique of Communion is causing some difficulty and not without justification, especially from those who have a strong spiritual connection to the Scriptures.

    It is worth mentioning T.S. Elliot here. He was a devout Christian who nevertheless wrote ‘The Waste Land” and “The Hollow Men” in the early 20th century. These are deeply troubling poems that highlight the same message.

    Collectively, we are dying and the reflection we see of ourselves in others is a zombie, whether we like it or not.

  46. @abj_slant

    I recently watched a TED talk by Sharyl Atkisson (a lady I had never heard of until 5 minutes before I watched the TED talk): about 5:40 in she put it beautifully –

    Few themes arise in our environment organically

    I think that puts it about as succinctly as it can be put, without the utterer looking like a wild-eyed mad person. I would have put it differently:

    All themes in the legacy media are deliberate social engineering. Every single one.

    There are more than a couple of key memes in The Walking Dead:

    First, it should not be seen as coincidence that the primary hero is a pig in the ‘before’. (There was a short arc in which there were some pigs heading up a ‘bad’ group, but they were bad apples).

    Second: the Pig is the only guy leading a troupe that doesn’t descend into depravity (be it cannibalism like that ‘sanctuary’ place, or the hyper-violence of the ‘Saviours’).

    Third: there was a short-ish story arc that gave a hint that the virus originated in US Defence Department labs (as the Spanish Flu of 1918 almost certainly did)… that arc died very quickly.

    Fourth: the overarching idea that once the State fails, all hell breaks loose – that State agents are agents of order, and that in any situation in which State agents do not possess overwhelming numerical and technological superiority, ‘bad actors’ will take over.

  47. @Ringleader

    The Universe does not have any meaning, and neither does life. Religion is fabricated meaning. It supposes itself to offer a explanation, which we find to be both ridiculous and meaningless upon investigation.

    It is very difficult for a goodly proportion of humans to accept that the universe is so big and old and cold and dark, that it simply doesn’t care about a few hairless apes on a small wet rock near an unimportant star. They really do struggle with that.

    And once human societies developed the ability to produce above subsistence (even slightly), that gave the charlatans their way of earning a living.

    You see, I would take the bit I quoted, and I would go further: that the people who profit from the fabricated meaning, know full well that it’s fabricated – and that especially includes the originators of each set of silly stories.

    I am reminded of a great quote by R. G. Ingersoll:

    Why did ‘god’ so organise things, that a murderer could transfer his sins to a lamb, and then sacrifice the lamb as a sin offering?

    Because priests love mutton.

  48. Liza says:
    @Pat Boyle

    From what I read years ago, being pale and anemic and wanting blood was found especially in Romania, because of the presence there of more than an average number of sick-making magnetic fields induced by the crossing of underground streams and projecting upwards. If your bedroom or any part of your house where you spend a lot of time was directly above such a field, you would eventually become anemic to the point of death. Etc. It is called geopathic stress.

    Just read it here and there in books, long before internet.

  49. Your missing something. George Romero’s zombies were intent on eating the human brain. What does that tell you?
    “Westerners in need of spiritual ‘food’ the Eastern systems of yoga and Buddhism, which don’t depend on dogma that contradicts science …” What science is being contradicted? The Big Bang? Yes, after 120 years of being assaulted by Zion the West is in need of spiritual redemption. Look at the condition Europe is in. wtf! over.

  50. TootMeUp says:

    Riddle me this Batman: when does the moon go behind the sun?

  51. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    The conscious/unconscious relation (civilized society/zombies) can be found yet oje more time in the stated ethics/actual ethics (legal laws) pair.

    You can break someone’s psyche (“heart”) with betrayal and lying, and while most will say it’s distasteful, no-one asks for such issues being covered by criminal or anti-violence laws (nor are the perpetrators socially shunned and shamed).

    You pocket a $2 snack in a store, are caught, and then it’s a great shame plus a criminal offence.

    Meaning that a wide majority of humans values $2 more than they a psyche, or loyalty, or all the other values they let out their mouths, and pens, whne they talk and write of ethics.

  52. vok3 says:

    This article is marvelously good, but the conniptions into which it drives certain commenters are priceless.

  53. When I clicked on it, I thought the article might be about zombie corporations, which are so debt-laden that the interest on their loans eats up their profit.

    These central bank-infused zombies live on printed dollars, given to them by elites in the form of no-interest loans from central banks. Some of the zombie corps use their Fed welfare to devour other corporations, cannibalizing the smaller-fry corporations.


    They show no mercy with the employees of the guppy corporations that they swallow, firing most of the “expensive,” low-wage American workers, but keeping the prize assets of the little fish to beef up their books until the next Fed infusion.

    The zombies often hire mostly citizens and noncitizens in a position to accept rock-bottom pay, thereby dragging down wages to trash-can-scouring levels for 40 years in country’s described as First World oases, as opposed to Third World s******s.

    The welfare-qualified, womb-producing immigrants hauled into places like Zombie Corps, USA by the millions, can afford to accept low wages from zombie corps because of wages that are supplemented by government when they stay under the earned-income limits for welfare while churning out US-born kids in a single-breadwinner household.

    This serves the interest of bottom-feeding zombies.

    A low-wage workforce that gets free EBT food, housing assistance, monthly cash assistance, electrcity assistance and up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credit cash that increasss with every US-born kid they birth can afford to undercut the citizen labor pool by accepting the skimpy, paltry, part-time gruel that the zombies feed to their servants, calling it wages.

    Zombies also often have a no-guaranteed-pay / no-benefits wing of employees who are subjected to a lot of expensive, recurring hoop-jumping, like licensing tests and fees, and while they are held to quotas, they never know whether or when they’ll be paid after working their cans off to meet the quotas.

    They can’t just produce kid after kid that they cannot afford to feed to boost up their wages by means of what recipients of government aid call “the system.” They can’t just work part time or in temp jobs, collecting welfare that bridges the gap between what zombie corps pay and what the living expenses of their employees cost during months when theur traceable income does not exceed the welfare prograns’ earned-income limits.

    They have to hump it, working long hours to meet the quota numbers, sometimes incurring a lot of expenses beyond just the government-imposed ones, while cheerfully listening to a line of bull from zombie corps’ managers, trying to smooth over the fact that zombie corps save money by withholding pay from their many contract employees, a group that also pays the employer’s part of SS tax, doubling the amount of SS tax that they pay compared to other employees.

    Zombies also cut their expenses by offshoring tons of manual-labor jobs to Third World countries with pools of low-cost workers.

    Most of their blood-draining cost cutting is the human kind, but not the kind of cost cutting that trims the globetrotting budgets of highly-paid managers, coordinating multiple, costly convention trips per year to posh hotels in Europe with their highly-paid wives in their family-friendly, absenteeism-friendly jobs.

    Except for the CEO’s $300-million-per-year salary and the salaries of top managers in six figures or multi six figures, zombie corps cut their human-expense budgets to the bones.

    They throw some bones to their low-wage, but welfare or spousal-income supplemented back-office mom employees, in the form of libertine, above-firing absenteeism privileges and many mom-themed work parties, like Baby-Mommy-Look-Alike-Bulletin-Board-Decorating contests. But, these too, are budget affairs—potlucks catered by the crony-mom employees themselves.

    Zombies save money on human labor any way they can, including by hiring mostly employees who do not need for the wages alone to cover their major household bills due to their unearned income from a spouse, child support or the elaborate monthly welfare system, in addition to bigly child tax credit checks from the progressive tax code.

    Even though they cut, cut, cut the hunan-labor side, to survive, the zombies still have to drain blood from the taxpayers via the central bank.

  54. @Kyle a

    ??? Did you understand the article? It’s not about pop culture. Or maybe you have real thought behind werewolves? You maybe think the paedophiles will overtake our poverty as concern du jour? You clever you! Werewolves next, then.

  55. Anonymous [AKA "Www.Etoilecollective.Com.Au"] says: • Website

    I’m very pleased to uncover this site. I wanted to thank you
    for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely savored every part of it and i also have you
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  56. @Ringleader

    There is no meaning. Life happened. The there is nothing. The cosmos will remain. Indifferent, uncaring, uninterested and “dead” to life itself. The Universe is hostile, but so is much of the Earth where life flourishes. For now. Until it doesn’t.

    You have just stated the “faith” of the zombies–also known as materialists.

    We arrogant apes do not have enough data to make such claims about the nature of reality. _That_ is why both religion and science are useless in the area of metaphysics.

    • Replies: @bodhi
    , @Anon
  57. Adûnâi says:

    “If a person had a recurring nightmare that she was eating her family”

    Why “she”? Isn’t “he” the nominative case of a pronoun? Or are you some insane liberal?

    “reveal about out culture”

    A typo – reveal about our* culture

  58. bodhi says:

    Actually some of us do. I wrote these two articles in fact doing just that. Indeed we are all “zombies”, well the vast majority of us, it is the kali yuga after all, we are here to do what we are here to do, very few overcome the limitations of their stars. I wrote these articles for those interested in peering into the void :).

    Is Free Will An Illusion?

    What Is Reality? The Holofractal Universe

  59. N30rebel says:

    Hollywood films are often meant to show us the future.

  60. Anon[216] • Disclaimer says:

    Every single family I know that forswears corporal punishment of any sort has been a complete clusterfuck.

    I have one particular close relative, of a similar age to me, whose parents made a point of applying these sorts of philosophical arguments to their child-rearing. The result is the single most messed up human being I have ever known.

    That would be like White-majority countries left to their own determination, without superior beacons guiding them. Don’t you agree?

  61. Anon[216] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, faithless people (the only one who can see faith for what it is) know the current faith is thought of as evidence and reality by the believers.
    Our time has its faith and religion, like all times before did. I don’t know if it’s more a case of arrogant, or instead angsty apes :D.

  62. @Anonymous

    Forget it, Jake, Bonomo the Bonobo is an ignoramus.

  63. getaclue says:

    Perhaps you are unaware of this but–You might want to consider this — as to your heroes cited in your article– just before his death Joseph Campbell, who was born Catholic and left due to the abysmal replacement of the Mass God gave the Saints by the Novus Ordo hoaked in Masonic Mass of infiltrated in Mason/Archbishop Bugnini and the other Modernist destruction…, returned just before his death and received the Sacraments and died a Catholic in good standing.

    Likewise, Carl Jung stated that in his research and work he had found that the most well adjusted people were devout Catholics. A very holy and good Priest I knew told me that he personally knew that right before his death Carl Jung was Baptized and in fact also died a Catholic in good standing (this is not covered in any Media I can find but I have zero doubt this Priest personally knew what he was talking about and was being honest as to it….) — this makes sense given the statements as to devout Catholics Jung had made during his life.

    You might also research what happened at Zeitoun, Egypt in 1968 and was verified by the Egyptian Government as actually occurring on top of a Coptic Church built on where the Holy Family had stayed in fleeing from Herod (the Blessed Virgin Mary had appeared to the wealthy owner of the property several decades before and told him if he built a Church there a miracle would occur there– he did and it did in 1968):

    Likewise, there have been a number of Eucharistic miracles well documented (and many other miracles such as: ) where the Consecrated Host has turned to real blood and heart muscle tissue–the blood type is ALWAYS the same AB the Universal Recipient:

    If people would actually spend some time studying/researching the lives of the Saints, especially the Mystics/Saints, of the last 2,000 years I think they would be much less glib as to their profanation of Christianity and God– to be ignorant and make pronouncements is not genius it’s just ignorance. At least do some research first. The Demons are well aware of the truth, humans not so much (Campbell and Jung woke up in time, the vast majority of humans don’t unfortunately for them….) — here’s a nice overview of an Exorcism transcript and what the Demons at that point in it were forced to say (at all Exorcisms a time comes where they are forced to be truthful and then depart)–worth reading and maybe considering — given life is a blink in time and Eternity is forever!:

  64. Rebel0007 says:

    Communion in Catholicism is not to be taken in the literal sense, but in the figurative sense to fill people with the Spirit of Christ, and to keep people going to church and donating their money to the church.

    My personal belief is that Jesus did not die for our sins in the sense that everyone is now absolved and free to sin since Jesus died, but for our sins in the context of because of our sins, as in can’t see the forest for the trees, ( because of the trees.)

    The canabilist zombies are the surveillance state, and those that they sell our data to, who have attacked me en masse in an insane game theory that B will always beat A by replicating As move in games like tic tac to, but this is a ludicrous strategy for life because life is not a game. Life is for living. It is also ludicrous to believe that the Bs can win that way because they falsely assume that they are the only B, but there are dozens of Bs for an A.

    In nature certain breeds have a competative advantage. The Bs have lost their competative advantage so we now have a disprortionate surplus of predators who only destroy and steal and try to claim things as their own. They hack, vandalize, break in, steal, stalk, and spy, and all spying is theft, it is literally stealing someone’s life.

    We are not all zombies. I know this because I am repeatedly terrorized and tortured by them. I have not violated anyone’s rights or property, yet mine is repeatedly violated.

  65. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Interesting article however I’d just like to comment that science has already become a religion. All one has to do is read the miracles listed in the NIST and FEMA Reports explaining the collapse of the World Trade Center.

  66. @TaoRider

    I would suggest that rather than making your mental health better you have set the stage for its final deterioration, not to mention your spiritual death and dismemberment.

    The only mirror I see here is the one reflecting the old man of our fallen nature, which of course would see us all as zombies, consuming each other in a mad search for meaning where none can be found. Enjoy your decent into nihilism, since it is all you have left, barring a sudden revival and merciful repentance, which is the only hope left to you. While there is life there is hope for he who has ears to hear.

  67. I feel like my brain was eaten after I read this profoundly stupid article, so at least in one sense the zombie analogy is spot on.

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