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Twilight of the Archons
A deep dive into the manipulation of money and consciousness by the powers that control our daily lives
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Archon (Gnosticism) … any of a number of world-governing powers…

In the last decade we have seen an exponential change in the manipulation of basic human instincts through a technological and societal shift often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Everything we do, from sex, dating and purchases to political affiliations and how we define ourselves is being manipulated and commoditized.

Money is the air of civilization, necessary for just about everything we do outside breathing, but many people still lack a basic understanding of what it is and how it is created. How can we have a democracy if our most basic of necessities is almost universally misunderstood?

The just released documentary, Twilight of the Archons, critiques the materialist worldview with a strong emphasis on the meaning of consciousness and money and features Joseph Campbell, the economist Richard Werner and Rupert Spira among others.

Before we can liberate ourselves from the web of control, we first have to understand how it operates. Twilight of Archons gives us a glimpse into how the ‘machine’ really works and who is running it.

It’s time to end the manipulation and begin the self-actualization.

Face the truth and begin the change.

(Republished from Cactus Land by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Notsofast says:

    follow your bliss. truer words were never spoken.

  2. I had to look up who Joseph Campbell is. Turns out he’s dead. I thought that maybe he was related to Professor Irwin Corey or was trying to take over his act. That someone can spout his nonsense and make a living at it without being a comedian is impressive.

    That people can listen to Campbell’s drivel as though he’s imparting wisdom is beyond my comprehension. But then again, most people believe in sky gods and the necessity for government, so there’s no limit to the idiocy the human race is capable of.

    • Replies: @Realist
  3. Fr. John says:

    Utter Bullsh*t… or just another voice from the Mind Masters, wanting (at all costs) to keep you from seeing Traditional, Orthodox Christianity as the SOLE solution to the evils perpetrated by/of the one race, that Crucified Christ.

    The Papacy is not Christianity, and neither is the Protestant schismatic panoply. Oh, there are elements of it contained in their histories, but the Seven Ecumenical Councils defined and continue to define what is Truth, and what is Error/Falsehood/Heresy. When you depart from them, you are put forever ‘beyond the pale’ where all blasphemers belong.

    That Rome departed from that Faith, 1000 years ago, and the Reformers went even further astray following Rome’s filioquist errors, 500 years ago is objective history; and today, when even the husk of those once-valid creeds is TOLD TO BE WORTHLESS, is merely just one more layer upon layer, and perversion upon perversion by the Bernays propagandists, to avoid returning to a full-orbed Faith, that (contrary to all demonization, lies, and propaganda) has caused Russia to revivify her land, her economy, her Churches, her health, her babies being born (and not aborted) and the clear education against the evils of Sodomy and Lesbianism…. It’s no coincidence. Christendom is the White Man’s only hope. And all that deny it, are Antichrists.

  4. Realist says:

    I thought that maybe he was related to Professor Irwin Corey or was trying to take over his act.

    Now that’s funny…I doubt many remember Professor Irwin Corey. I always got a kick out of him.

    Biden reminds me of him…actually, all politicians remind me of him.

  5. Joseph Campbell was once extremely influential. The theme of the original Star Wars movies was a direct re-telling of Campbell’s Hero’s Journey which Lucas readily admitted. His career arc was amusing. He sold a lot of books early. Then in the 1960’s he was anti-hippies and his popularity plummeted. Then in the 1980’s Bill Moyers did a mini-series which was mostly Campbell interviews and the centerpiece was Star Wars and his popularity soared. Then the PC police found some obscure thing he wrote about Jews 40 years and had completely forgotten about and they crucified the poor old guy’s reputation even after he died.

    Masks of God is not a bad mythology overview. His Hero’s Journey is pretty goofy. Star Wars isn’t nearly as great as we thought it was when we were kids.

  6. tgordon says:

    Two quotes from the second and third comments blend perfectly:

    “…so there’s no limit to the idiocy the human race is capable of.”

    “Christendom is the White Man’s only hope. And all that deny it, are Antichrists.”

    If both minds could meet: A hero’s journey in the making. Listening to them debate would be amusing for a moment or two.

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