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 IssuesThe Journal of Historical Review
/ Lewis Brandon

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Christopher Hitchens New Statesman 10 Great Turnstile London WCIV 7HJ England Dear Christopher Hitchens: 26 August 1980 If the New Statesman is not "part of Israel's media chorus" (NS 20 June 1980) then why is it that your paper refused to print letters from three distinguished revisionist academics, after they were slandered in your tractate... Read More
One of today's pet Indisputable Historical Truths is that the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler advocated the "Big Lie Technique" to discredit and confuse one's political opponents. However, a close look at the German leader's writings displays a somewhat different approach. On pages 134, and 173 of Mein Kampf (My Stuggle) (Hurst & Blackett edition, 1942;... Read More
This issue, we are extremely pleased to welcome onto our Editorial Advisory Committee three very distinguished academics. Thomas Henry Irwin is a graduate of Western Kentucky University, and has taught at Ohio State University. He is now pursuing a law degree at University of Kentucky. Richard Verrall is a History graduate from University of London,... Read More
Some readers may already know that we endeavored to get our message through to the educational institutions by mailing out sample copies of the first issue of THE JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL REVIEW to the mailing list of the Organization of American Historians. We rented their list perfectly openly, and made a special promotional offer to... Read More
These three books are of interest to the modern revisionist for various reasons. They are all "survivor" testimony of Auschwitz, and thus descriptions and events can be compared for discrepancies or contradictions. The Müller book has been quoted once or twice by Exterminationists in Australia, in their feeble attempts to contradict hard revisionist evidence. Mr.... Read More
This new booklet is an excellent introduction for any student of black propaganda. The author argues that we have been deliberately manipulated into a “hate Germany” attitude, and led to believe that the Huns are much more prone to warfare than any other nation. He logs the outbreaks of warfare over the past century, and... Read More
Professor Butz in his book has commented on the remarkable similarity between modem "Holocaust" lore and ancient Talmudic fantasies. On pp. 246-7 of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century he reports that the Talmud claims that the Romans slew 4 billion, "or as some say" 40 million, Jews. The blood of the Jewish victims was... Read More
The author of this latest Exterminationist tome will already be familiar to those Revisionists who have read Richard Harwood's masterpiece of research Nuremberg a Other War Crimes Trials (available from IHR at $2. 50). Dealing with the American Military Trial number 10-the Krupp trial-Harwood reveals how Ferencz was one of those "American" prosecutors who stayed... Read More
The sub-title of this book is "Documents and Testimony on Jewish War Criminals." Its position on the "Holocaust" is a remarkable one. Rabbi Shonfeld belongs to an ultra-orthodox sect of Hassidic (or Chassidic) Jews who regard the state of Israel as a blasphemy. Their view is that Israel may only be founded when the Messiah... Read More
Of the many dozens of Holocaust tracts examined by this reviewer, I thought I had become somewhat de-sensitized to the heavy ingredient of neurosis and paranoia which pervades all of them. But on reading Mr. Wiesel's report, I must admit to a profound feeling of astonishment and shock, that the author has not been locked... Read More
The first issue of THE JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL REVIEW reprinted the speeches given by various noted Revisionist thinkers at the first-ever Revisionist Convention, held at Northrop University in Los Angeles, over Labor Day weekend, 1979. Most of these speakers concentrated on the "Holocaust" and boldly demonstrated its fraudulent nature. Reaction to the first issue has... Read More
When the war clouds gathered over Europe in the late 1930's, George T. Eggleston, along with Col. Charles Lindbergh, John Marquand and others, was determined that we should not become involved in the second "War-to-end-all-Wars." He became editor-in-chief of a new magazine, Scribner's Commentator, dedicated to keeping America out. The fact that more than 80%... Read More
This is a new, revised edition of this book first published in 1977. In just three years, it has become a Revisionist classic. It tells the story of the expulsion of the Germans from the eastern territories and the role played by the Anglo-Americans in that atrocity. Over 2 million Germans did not survive the... Read More
This new book is easily the best so far on the hideous aberration of justice known as the "Nuremberg War Crimes Trials." The author is a well-known German historian; his biography of Hitler having been an international bestseller. Many of the more repulsive aspects of Nuremberg which were brought to light in Richard Harwood's Nuremberg... Read More
Subtitled "The True Story of the Israeli Attack on an American Intelligence Ship," this book must certainly carry much more clout than its predecessor: It was written by a crew member. Ennes was a cryptological officer on board the USS Liberty when it was attacked and 34 of its crew killed by Israeli marines in... Read More
Our Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible Strings
The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime over the last quarter century.
Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness.