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/ Arthur R. Butz

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In volume 5 of his biography Winston S. Churchill, published in 1976, historian Martin Gilbert relates the working relationship that existed during the 1930s between Churchill and the South African economist and gold mining executive Sir Henry Strakosch. Most of the figures on German armaments that Churchill brought to the House of Commons and publicized... Read More
In this paper I wish to focus on three broad subjects, making remarks of general interest. My attempt to use the archives of the Berlin Document Center. Some writings of mine that have been objects of ridicule. There are things to learn by taking another look, and I won't apologize. Some things that came out... Read More
In the trials and tribulations of Fredrick Töben one can observe in operation the greatest dirty open secret of our day. In explaining that remark here, I will do my best to be objective, despite the fact that because of the conditions I am to discuss several of my friends have been imprisoned or fined... Read More
A Reply to Jürgen Graf
I sometimes hear revisionists point out that there exists no record of a Hitler order to exterminate the Jews. The point must be made, but its significance is too easily misunderstood. If such an order, written and of incontestable authenticity, were found then I would not renounce my thesis that the Jews were not exterminated.... Read More
Thank you, Dr. Toben, Ladies and gentlemen. I am particularly glad to see that the distinguished guests include John Bennett, whom I call the “grandpappy of revisionism in Australia.” His annual Your Rights booklet has made it the case that Australia is the only country in which revisionist material has been consistently and readily available... Read More
When I was writing The Hoax of the Twentieth Century I encountered an extraordinary source, namely, the multi-volume collection of documents and commentary Actes et documents du Saint Siège relatifs à la seconde guerre mondiale ("Acts and documents of the Holy See relative to the Second World War"). The series, whose principal editor was Robert... Read More
I see three principal reasons for the widespread but erroneous belief in the legend of millions of Jews killed by the Germans during World War II: U.S. and British troops found horrible piles of corpses in the West German camps they captured in 1945 (e.g. Dachau and Belsen); there are no longer large communities of... Read More
In May of this year the general public learned, through an article by Tamar Jacoby in Newsweek, of the "venom of the accusations" being made over Professor Arno Mayer's new book. A few days later Jacoby's husband, Eric Breindel, made it clear in his New York Post column what the occasion for the venom was:... Read More
In late 1980 I was contacted by a Chicago TV station with a proposal that I appear to discuss a newly published book with it's author, New York businessman Jack Eisner. Accordingly the station sent me a copy of the book, The Survivor, a vanity publication (though issued by a regular New York publisher), which... Read More
When in the discussion of some subject we criticize somebody because "he can't see the forest for the trees," we refer to a special sort of intellectual failing. We do not mean that the object of our criticism is incompetent or that his views on the subject of interest are erroneous or irrelevant. His views... Read More
MEMOIRE EN DEFENSE, by Robert Faurisson, 275 pp, Preface by Noam. Chomsky, La Vieille Taupe; B.P. 9805; 75224 Paris Cedex 05, 1980,FF65. INTOLERABLE INTOLERANCE, by Jean-Gabriel Cohn-Bendit, Eric Delcroix, Claude Karnoouh, Vincent Monteff, and Jean-Louis Tristani, 206 pp, Editions de la Différence, Paris, 1981, FF42. This review of the two cited books is a continuation... Read More
Christopher Hitchens New Statesman 10 Great Turnstile London WCIV 7HJ England Dear Christopher Hitchens: 26 August 1980 If the New Statesman is not "part of Israel's media chorus" (NS 20 June 1980) then why is it that your paper refused to print letters from three distinguished revisionist academics, after they were slandered in your tractate... Read More
VÉRITÉ HISTORIQUE OU VÉRITÉ POLITIQUE? by Serge Thion. 347pp, La Vieille Taupe, Paris, 1980. Distributed by Labyrinthe, 22 rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris. In October 1978 l'Express, a French weekly comparable to Newsweek, published an interview with Louis Darquier de Pellepoix, who had been commissioner for Jewish affairs in the Vichy Government during the German occupation,... Read More
The following letters were mailed to the editor of the New Statesman, 10 Great Turnstile, London WC1V 7HJ, Great Britain, following the publication of an article attacking Revisionism on 2 November 1979, by Gitta Sereny. 18 November 1979 Dear Sir: In general Gitta Sereny's few substantive arguments (NS, 2 November) are answered in my book... Read More
Some of you may be accustomed to hearing of me speak on the subject that I call "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century", the title of my book [1] on the legend of the physical extermination of millions of Jews, usually six million, by the Government of National Socialist Germany during the Second World War.... Read More
The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism
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