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IssuesThe Journal of Historical Review
/ Andreas Wesserle:Andreas R. Wesserle
 IssuesThe Journal of Historical Review
/ Andreas Wesserle:Andreas R. Wesserle

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As a bolt of lightning that flashes across the darkening sky is witness both to the approaching storm and to the unbearable tension which is giving birth to it, so the fires of the Gulf War have thrown a lurid light on the menacing return of a critical imbalance in world politics, and on the... Read More
Concerning constitutions, Montesquieu wrote in volume IX of his work Esprit des lois: "Some...have as their purpose...the glorification of the State ( "la gloire de l'état" ), others the political freedom of the citizen." If an unbiased observer studies those nations of the world which have succeeded in retaining their political sovereignty to this day,... Read More
Presented at the IHR's 1982 Revisionist Conference. President François Mitterand of France, in a message at the start of 1982, rightly and roundly condemned the Conference of Yalta. France, excluded from the tete-a-tete of the Big Three World Conquerors on 4-12 February 1945, thus once again has challenged the Western nations not to recognize the... Read More
16 March 1981 PBS Television "The Blitz" Sirs: Rarely have I come across a television broadcast more vicious in intent and more warped in execution than your recent "Blitz on Britain." As a survivor of the mass air raid executed against my native city of Prague, Bohemia, on the Christian Holy Day of Palm Sunday,... Read More
On 14 November 1945, the proceedings of the International Military Tribunal at Nürnberg (Nuremberg) were opened. The twenty-four accused, whose number was later reduced to twenty-two by disease and death, among the top officials of the National Socialist Party, the top leadership of the armed forces and of the state administration of the defeated German... Read More
The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime over the last quarter century.
Our Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible Strings