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Although Because it’s racist for me to rhyme, I must quote Nietzsche, The Gay Science, “‘Jest, Ruse and Revenge’. A Prelude in Rhyme”, #31:

Der verkappte Heilige

Daß dein Glück uns nicht bedrücke,
Legst du um dich Teufelstücke,
Teufelswitz und Teufelskleid.
Doch umsonst!  Aus deinem Blicke
Blickt hervor die Heiligkeit!

The Disguised Saint

Lest we for thy bliss should slay thee,
In devil’s wiles thou dost array thee,
Devil’s wit and devil’s dress.
But in vain!  Thy looks betray thee
And proclaim thy holiness!

Thank you, Herr Professor Dr. Nietzsche. ®

• Category: Arts/Letters • Tags: Nietzsche, Philosophy, Poetry 
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  1. xyzxy says:

    FN was one of those writers that, if you read enough of him, it was easy to pretty much find something suitable to fit in with whatever at the moment you were thinking, or trying to prove. Very flexible.

    But you have to be careful, always using him with moderation. Even those who claimed to have been influenced by him, such as Oswald Spengler, didn’t go out of their way to quote him very often.

    Evola likely had the best interpretation of Nietzsche, as a philosopher.

    On a side note, not sure what FN saw in Cosima. She really wasn’t old enough to be a mother figure to him. So it couldn’t have been that.

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