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A Illustrative Prelude to the Rachesian Moderation Policy
I have always proudly declared that I am an authoritarian.
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I will soon set forth my comment moderation policy, and start to open comments.  By way of preparation for this great moment in history, I hereby give a visual sneak peek at what to expect.

The Unz Review is a respectable publication.  On August 5, 2021, I encouraged Mr. Unz to consider a moderation policy that would conserve the free discussion of a controversial topic, whilst cracking down on those who lack “the manners to dine at [his] table without throwing the silverware.”  Now, I am proud to have been granted an office here; and I intend to keep it in good order.  Wipe your feet and wash your hands before you enter, and mind your manners.

Reichsminister Dr. Goebbels in his office in 1937.  Background: Karle Hanke; right: Walter Funk. (Bild 183-H29353)

The Unz Review is a wholesome site.  Let’s keep it that way, by avoiding degenerate rudeness.

Kampf um’s Dritte Reich: Eine Historische Bilderfolge (Cigaretten-Bilderdienst, 1933), p. 71.

The Unz Review is an erudite publication.  We must stop the decay of the academy.

Ladies are welcome here.  Behave accordingly.

Art by Wolfgang Willrich, 1939.

Also, I took a name that evokes an Hitlerian prayer to the Goddess of Revenge.  It may be unwise to troll me. ®

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