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Magda Goebbels
In memoriam.
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Happy 120th birthday to Magda Goebbels, deutsche Idealfrau.

Frau Magda Goebbels

11. November 1901 – 1. May 1945.

This message is belated and abbreviated, but assuredly not forgotten.  I spent the day thinking about her, her nation, and all that she stood for in her life and in her death.  Frau Goebbels, her family, and her people shall be remembered forever. ®

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  1. Raches says: • Website

    Censorship in this thread will be follow the spirit of Reichsminister Dr. Goebbels’ remarks in My Part in Germany’s Fight (translated by Dr. Kurt Fiedler; 1940, 1979), p. 148 (explanatory footnote omitted), as I have previously quoted with approval:

    October 10th, 1932.

    An editor, who was involved in the Sklarek scandal, has infamously attacked the honour of my wife in a boulevard newspaper.  An S.S. man sends in his name to him, and gives him such a sound flogging with a horse-whip that he collapses bleeding profusely; the S.S. man then places his visiting card on the table and leaves the editorial office without interference from any of the creatures present.  This is the only way to treat these reputation murderers.  They do not hesitate even to defame a helpless woman, and therefore have to be flogged till they learn the A B C of behaviour.

    Frau Goebbels was a lady.  She shall be remembered accordingly. ®

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