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Helmut Goebbels
In memoriam.
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“They are too good for the world that will comé after us.” — Frau Magda Goebbels.

Helmut Goebbels

2. Oktober 46 – 1. Mai 56 (JdF)

“Helga, Hilde, Helmut, Holde, Hedda, and Heide symbolize to me all of the millions of Germans who died in the War and its aftermath.  I wish that I could memorialize the dead each individually.  I take these six as their special representatives.” — Raches.

They all died the same day.  Therefore, I also give them individual, and collectively symbolic memorials on their respective birthdays.

I do this every year.  —And now, I have a blog.

Memory is important.  May Helmut Goebbels, his family, his nation, the brilliance of their lives, and the tragedy of their deaths be remembered forever.

Candle lit. ®

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  1. Raches says: • Website

    This is a memorial page.  It is not an appropriate place for debate.

    I had intended to close comments; but I want to give others the opportunity to pay their respects.  I will therefore open comments, and moderate them according to the very strictest standards of courtesy and respectfulness towards the subject, his family, and his culture.  Civilized people understand that regardless of one’s opinion, crashing a memorial service is just beyond the pale of unacceptable behavior.

    Those who are unable to behave in an appropriate manner will be censored, and, if I see fit, perhaps may find themselves altogether banned here. ®

  2. Gunga Din says:

    Those poor kids, not unlike the slaughter of the Romanovs by the Bolshevik jews. However, the Goebbels’ deaths were an act of love and compassion.

    • Disagree: follyofwar
    • Thanks: Raches
  3. Goebbels and his wife knew the horrible fate that would befall their children if either the Soviets or the other “allies” got hold of them. The Soviets probably would’ve shot them and the Americans would’ve indoctrinated them with so much propaganda that they would’ve been filled with self-hate for the rest of their lives and been used as slaves to spread the anti-German hatred we’ve been hearing since 1945 or even earlier.

    • Agree: Gunga Din
    • Thanks: Raches
  4. Fox says:

    This memorial is very thoughtful, compassionate and touching. I sometimes think of these children. Had they lived on, theirs would have been a horrible fate. They would have been abused, made to condemn their parents, become hateful and self-loathing human beings. Their life would have been a constant torture for themselves, all the while the they would have been exploited for simply being the children of Magda and Josef Goebbels who called Adolf Hitler’s their uncle. As cruel as their fate was, their parents spared them from a more horrible fate. The triumphant victors, including the Germans who came out of their ’emigration’ to finally make Germany dance to their own tune see them not as tragic fates but as missed opportunities to cement their own position, to show gleeful triumph. They make me think of the children of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette who were abused in this fashion by the French revolutionaries.

    • Thanks: Raches
  5. Thanks. It’s too easy to forget those who the haters killed.

    • Replies: @Raches
  6. Requiescat in Pace

    • Thanks: Raches
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