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The Paris attack is playing out as I expected. The French government is attacking French civil liberty with legislation similar to the US PATRIOT Act.
Readers in France have informed me that 84% of the French people, according to a poll, are content to be spied upon as long as it keeps them safe. This means that only 16% of the French nation is not brain dead.

Another reader informs me that a TV news station read a letter left behind by one of the alleged ISIL bombers, a letter written in perfect English. Really! I mean, Really! Those with their secret agendas know how stupid the Western peoples are, collectively a hopeless basket case.

French and Amerian politicians are demanding that NATO Article 5 be used to put NATO boots on the ground in Syria. This is important not in order to fight ISIL, which the Russians are successfully doing, but to overthrow Assad under the pretext of fighting ISIL, a crazy policy that could bring conflict with Russia.

Alternatively, to avoid conflict with Russia, Washington can take advantage of the Russian government’s hope that the Paris attack will show the West that Putin was correct that the West should join Russia in opposing ISIL. Once a NATO-Russian coalition, as advocated by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, is formed, Putin becomes the West’s captive in the overthrow of Assad.

To insure that no one is informed of the true facts by the English language Russian media, such as RT and Sputnik, the US Senate arranged hearings on foreign propaganda. Kenneth Weinstein, a member of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, that is, the censors, told the senators that RT, Sputnik, and a variety of other truthful news sources are “well-funded state propaganda outlets.”

In other words, only believe what you read in Washington-controlled propaganda outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, CNN, BBC, NPR, and so forth.

The aftermath of the Paris attack is like the aftermath of the so-called Boston Marathon Bombing. Fifty heavily armed police converged on two people and murdered them. The murdered female is described even by RT as a “female suicide bomber.” If the murdered woman is a suicide bomber, how is she still ailve to be murdered by police? Not even the “Russian propaganda outlet” RT asks why 50 heavily armed police were unable to capture two people alive and had to kill them!


A number of readers have sent to me information that indicates that the Paris attack was reported on both Wikipedia and Twitter the day before it occured. I do not know what to make of this. I do remember that the BBC reported the collapse of WTC building 7 prior to its collapse. The BBC reporter is actually standing in front of the still standing WTC 7 as she makes the report of its collapse. In other words, orchestration mistakes occur. But hardly any of the brainwashed pubic notices.

The question that raises itself is to what extent is this false flag attack in Paris a hoax. Why don’t we see the large number of dead and wounded. What we seem to have are uninjured crisis actors.

Where are the eyewitness videos?

Witnesses in behalf of the official story seem to have performed the same function on other occasions:

Having been at the top of government, journalism, and academia for a lifetime, it is clear to me that there is a great deal wrong with the explanations that people are being given. However, the majority of Western peoples have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe that anyone who doubts official explanations is a “conspiracy theorist.”

In other words, only governments and their media presstitutes tell the truth.

This makes it simple for governments with their secret agendas to protect their agendas from the facts. Who would believe me when the alternative is to believe Fox News, CNN, the BBC, NPR, Dubya, Obama, Wolfowitz, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron, the Weakly Standard?

If Putin’s government and the Chinese people are so desperately determined to be part of the “glorious West” that they will accept a false reality, the world is doomed.

If it is up to Western politicians, the world is doomed for sure. To the man and the woman they are warmongers. Moreover, the response to the false flag/hoax attack is mindless. The morons declare that the West is attacked because it allows women to be educated. The West is attacked because of “french values and French way of life, because we dance” (Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius). In other words, the nonsense that worked for the idiot US president, George W. Bush, works for the French. “We are attacked because we are good.” All of us good people here in the West would never be attacked because we have looted and robbed the Middle East for a century and followed up the looting with 14 years of military devastation of seven countries, producing millions of deaths and displaced persons.

Really, it is a wonder that there are not round the clock REAL TERRORIST ATTACKS on Western countries, who certainly deserve them.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “If Putin’s government and the Chinese people are so desperately determined to be part of the ‘glorious West’ that they will accept a false reality, the world is doomed.”

    Foreign Policy has nothing to do with truth. This goes for all nations.

    Russia and China will play to advantages, whatever they are.

    If the current narrative in France might draw that nation closer to Russia, that is why Russia will play for.

    Every side exploits the narrative. Russians are no different.

    What matters is not so much the truth as the overall agenda.

    Russians, whether they lie or not, are not entirely with the globo-Zionist agenda. That is what is crucial.

    If you spin, you win.

  2. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    I think Mr. Roberts is getting a bit too paranoid about what happened.

    When stuff like this happens, I suspect maybe some knew what was up but didn’t blow the whistle. But I can’t imagine Western governments carrying out something like this.
    I’m sure there are sociopaths who would do it if they could, but the risk is just too great.

    That said, the Western Media controlled by Jews is promoting cuckoo-land stuff.

    Get a load of this.

    As WWII recedes into the past, Jews wanna scare us with alternative history scenarios where America is ruled by Nazis(and Japanese).

    It’s hypocritical considering Jews and Libs have been bitching about the Red Scare, Cold War Paranoia, and right-wing hysteria forever.

    But I guess paranoia, hysteria, and lunacy is okay as long as it makes people panic about Right Wing Terror. (The movie in question is especially ridiculous and history-illiterate since Germany and Japan had NO designs on the US.)

    Maybe they’ll make an alternative history movie where Oberlin and Yale are run by the KKK.

    Or a movie about Nazi rape gangs assaulting innocent women in dark rooms filled with broken glass.

    A more interesting and accurate movie would about how US and EU are controlled by the hideous Jewish-homo or Jomo Cabal. Gee, what would happen if Western media, finance, entertainment, government, and etc were to fall into the hands of globalist Jews? Hmmm, I wonder what that’d be like.

    But peddle crazy fantasies about US being run by Nazis than awaken people to the reality of Jewish power.

  3. bossel says:

    Why don’t we see the large number of dead and wounded.

    Well, if you’re such a great researcher as you seem to believe, here is your job:
    A list of Paris attack victims. Now you can go & look at everyone on that list & tell us how they really died (or how they are still alive somewhere & no one knows).

    Not even the “Russian propaganda outlet” RT asks why 50 heavily armed police were unable to capture two people alive and had to kill them!

    Yup, even RT is not as idiotic as you… If you would actually read the news, you would have seen pretty detailed accounts (even by eyewitnesses [gasp!] who are neighbours to the attacked apartment) of what happened. But then again, that’s obviously just another fake involving hundreds or thousands of people. It’s so easy to keep such a huge operation secret. No problem there… Phhhh!

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  4. @bossel

    He’s too stupid to notice that even not very bright people can figure out that he spends too much time typing up his bloviating rubbish so has to pretend to omniscience on sources of information that he obviously doesn’t have time to check and assess.

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