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Where Is the Left-Wing When A Country Needs One?
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I was about to write a detailed and favorable review of Greg Palast’s book, Billionaires & Ballot Bandits when a friend sent me a request to “share” Palast’s Facebook LIVE broadcast of Palast’s documentary exposing “exactly how Trump and his cronies attacked the voting rights of a million minority voters to steal the White House.”

Let’s see, Trump won the presidency by winning 84% of geographical America, losing only the black, Hispanic, and white liberal vote; yet he stole the election by disenfranchising one million blacks. These blacks don’t live in flyover America. They live in the 500 counties that went for Hillary. 2,600 counties went for Trump.

Here is the map. It tells the story:

I am disappointed with Palast, a good investigative reporter, but I understand his frustration.

Palast, despite his virtues, has the failing of so many of those on the left-of-center. They are required to hate “conservatives” and anyone identified as one, whether justified or not. The only thing in Palast’s book about voter suppression with which I disagree is his gratuitous, unexplained designation of Pat Buchanan as “a pinhead bigot.”

How exactly do we understand Palast’s misunderstanding of Pat Buchanan? Buchanan put his solid career with Republicans on the line when he ran against them and the jobs offshoring globalist corporations. Buchanan ran as a candidate fighting to protect the jobs of black and white working class Americans. There is no doubt whatsoever that Buchanan was correct when he said that the so-called “free trade deals” were designed to send American jobs offshore and to dismantle the ladders of upward mobility that had made the US an opportunity society. Buchanan was totally correct. Globalism is a device for the enrichment of the one percent and the impoverishment of everyone else. Nothing else can be said for globalism.

Few have fought harder for the jobs of the working class than Pat Buchanan and I. Yet, some on the left-of-center call us “Reaganite fascists.” It makes you wonder who the left-of-center works for. The globalist corporations?

Now we have Donald Trump trying to restore the jobs of middle class Americans, fighting the class war for them against the Republican and Democratic oligarchs, and Greg Palast is writing that Trump stole the election! For who, from who, Greg?

Obviously, Trump stole the election from the CIA, from the military/security complex, from the offshoring global corporations that concocted the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic partnerships that make US global corporations immune to the laws of the sovereign countries in which they do business. If the election was stolen, which it was not despite the best efforts of the Ruling Establishment to steal it for Hillary by demonizing Trump, it was stolen from the CIA and those who are ruining the economic prospects of Americans.

Finally, we get a president independent of the ruling oligarchy, and Palast joins the CIA and Ruling Establishment in their effort to deep-six Donald Trump.

It is disappointing to see the left-of-center crowd performing as if on cue as faithful servants of the ruling elite.

If a country ever needed a real left-wing, the US surely does.


But there is not one. The left-wing’s causes have shrunk down to little more than transgender rights, homosexual rights, lesbian rights, female rights, illegal alien rights, and the persecution of white heterosexual males for opposing these rights. As Jeffrey St. Clair asked the other day, what about the working class?

The left demonizes and delegitimizes. Even the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence have been turned into documents of white supremacy. Thomas Jefferson, who happened to live in a time when the work force consisted of slaves, stood for the people against the interests. Nevertheless, the left delegitimizes him as “a slave owning serial rapist.”

Donald Trump stands for the people against the offshoring interests and the military security/complex. One would think the left would support a president so fiercely opposed by the CIA, but, no, Trump is delegitimized as a racist elected by a racist electorate. The hate card overwhelms common sense. Everyone but blacks, Hispanics, native Americans, illegals, and the left are racists.

This is not a program that connects with the people and leads to reforms.

It is not unlikely that Trump will prove to be another disappointment. Even if he is sincere, the organized interest groups are more powerful than the president. As Nomi Prins has shown, even the bankers alone can prevail over the White House. As Robert F. Kennedy reveals in his memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a lesser president than John F. Kennedy would have been shoved by the military/security complex into war with the Soviet Union. Would the world still exist if Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, or Obama had been in JFK’s place?

The easiest way for a president to “lead” is to accommodate the agendas of the powerful interest groups. Is this what the left wants Trump to do? If not, why is the left helping the interest groups to force Trump into this role?

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. You are saying “the left” when you mean the Democrats. It’s a common problem. Today’s Democrats are Bubba’s “New Left”, matured, fallen from the tree and rotting on the ground. Clinton kicked Labor out of the Democratic coalition and sent our jobs to Mexico. There is no way he is left of center. He is a corporatist just like Dubya or Obama. Left of center would be Nader or Kucinich, if you can find them.

  2. Mr. Robert’s binary left-right division is wrong and has always been wrong.

    Marx recognized the lumpenproletariat. In revolutionary France there were the sans coulottes, the Paris Mob. This extreme “left” allies itself with workers when it suits their interest in striking at the rulers, but they are not and have never been true allies.

    Today this left is the “oppressed”, with all their useful idiots of generation Snowflake and the usual “intellectuals”. They have nothing to do with the working class, labor, the proletariat – call it what you will. Marx thought the proletariat would use and discard the lumpenproletariat. Today, the extreme left has grown so numerous and strong they do not need the proles.

    • Replies: @Jason Liu
  3. Mark Green says: • Website

    Mr. Roberts is asking the right questions and his observations are on-target, too.

    Like Justin Raimondo (, Roberts and others are puzzled at the spiteful way that leftists (not just Democrats) routinely defame and demonize their political adversaries. I’ve witnessed this phenomena my entire life.

    In its latest incarnation involving Trump, J. Raimondo calls this off-the-charts mixture of paranoia and hatred the ‘Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome’. It certainly does seem unhinged.

    Interestingly, public expressions of vehement and intense loathing are somewhat rare on the political Right. But this vociferous ‘Derangement Syndrome’ is common among Leftists. Perhaps this is because liberals thoroughly dominate American culture in general, not to mention news and entertainment in particular.

    Indeed, as much as I disliked candidate Clinton, I do not despise her average supporter. Most are just average folk (though confused and sometimes unsophisticated). Many on the Left however see Trump supporters as dangerous inferiors. Our mainstream media not only promotes this view but tacitly sanctions it.

    I saw intense liberal derangement manifested in mega-ugly form on the very day that Pat Buchanan declared his candidacy for the Presidency. I think it was his 1996 run. A middle-aged ‘protester’ wearing a yarmulka stormed the stage during Buchanan’s speech with a banner that read ‘Buchanan is a Racist’. Naturally, this insulting stunt earned the virtue-signaling disrupter a spot on the nightly news.

    At another Buchanan rally I attended, there were homosexuals and other leftists present and they also tried to disrupt his rally. This is a familiar pattern. Incredibly, left wing anti-war protesters refuse to form an alliance with anti-war activists who support Buchanan. I got a whiff of this first-hand when I lived in San Francisco. They simply hate us.

    Did conservatives heckle Obama or Hillary or Bernie at their rallies? I don’t think so.

    Why is the Left so full of venom? I thought they wanted ‘peace’.

    Ironically, all our modern ‘hate speech laws’ are pretty much aimed at white conservatives. On the other hand, when leftists defame their enemies as ‘racist’ or ‘Nazi’ or ‘sexist’, their brand of hate speech permits them to openly slander and dehumanize their foes. This is privilege. Minority privilege

    This unfettered license may explain their extremist behavior and haughty attitudes. And once again, our politically correct media plays a pivotal role in advancing this disagreeable double-standard. Clearly, it’s time to break up the media monopoly. They’ve abused their power.

    Perhaps President Trump will find a way to end the corporate domination of TV, radio, and print media that’s now enjoyed by just a handful of mega-powerful conglomerates.

    Incredibly, Trump’s already made remarks to that effect. This is a hopeful sign.

  4. I don’t think the USA has had a meaningful political left since the 1950s. This was an era when you could be persecuted as a “Red” for being excessively keen on the New Deal.
    There was once a Saturday Night Live routine where the comedian tried to explain the American political system in British terms. Approximately, it went like this: “There is the Republican Party, which is like our Conservative Party, and there is the Democratic Party, which is also like our Conservative Party.”

    • Replies: @Marcus
  5. Jason Liu says:

    As you say, the modern left’s prime focus is on race and gender victimhood, class is a little too academic to rile up the average egalitarian idiot.

    To that end they will side with anyone and anything against a “racist” or a “sexist”, even if that alliance is completely contradictory to their stated values. The absence of equality as a provable or desirable phenomenon, plus the irrational fears of bigotry sins puts leftism much closer to the religions of old than any other political ideology to date.

  6. Jason Liu says:
    @another fred

    Indeed, one could think of the working class as the left’s least favorite victim group, only ever appealed to when there aren’t enough minorities or gays around. As a society grows more diverse, classic Marxist thought grows more and more fringe among the left.

  7. Ivan K. says:

    James Billington’s history of early revolutionary faith may be helpful in understanding this puzzling phenomenon. Billington describes how at its very beginnings the Left has been led by exceedingly unadjusted individuals.

    From his and other historical accounts I get an impression that their main guiding motive was to find consolation for their abnormal and stressful lifestyles, rather than healing of society and sorting out their lives.

    In that they resemble patients more interested in pain relief than recuperation.

    What we are seeing is, therefore, not a localized anomaly of the Left. Anomalous are rather those adherents of the Left through history that showed some robustness in judgement and life.

    Whatever society we want, it should address their deep frustrations so they get on with their lives & find answers in some life affirmation rather than in defaming everything they dislike. There are too many millions of them to be simply set aside.

  8. Marcus says:

    By the 1950s there was broad consensus among the parties, Republicans today would call Eisenhower or Nixon socialists.

  9. You’re right that a lesser president than JFK in the Cuban Missile Crisis would have been manipulated into war with the USSR by the American Military and the CIA.

    Richard Nixon drew the wrong conclusion when he later wrote in “Six Crises” that the main lesson learned was that standing tough against the Soviets forced them to back down.

    Instead, we now know that JFK and Khrushchev danced some very delicate (and secret) steps to assure the withdrawal of those missiles. The USA did not know that then, though, because those steps (our Jupiters would be removed from Turkey in six months) were kept secret by the Kennedy administration.

    Even as late as 1968, Ted Sorensen was eliminating RFK’s references (in RFK’s posthumously published book “13 Days”) to the mutual missile deal that saved the world.

    When Sorensen published his 1965 Kennedy insider memoir, he correctly noted just how heroic JFK had been. But he did not tell us for many years about the intense pressure on JFK from the American National Security State to start a war with the USSR over Cuba.

  10. KenH says:

    What passes for the left today are these wild eyed, irrational and unhinged radicals consumed with raw, unadulterated hatred of white people, Western Civilization in general and America in particular. It’s impossible to have a reasoned discourse with them for if you disagree with any of their core beliefs you are a “racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic gnatsy who wants to kill 6 million jews”.

    But would the howling dervishes of the left be this rabid, hate filled and obstreperous if not for Jewish influence and money? I doubt it.

    Trump’s rise has exposed many within the establishment to be phony opposition if not outright frauds and Palast is the latest casualty. We already learned many so called establishment conservatives were wearing false faces all these years and arguably in it only for the money or in some cases to sabotage a viable right wing resistance. This reminds me of Lenin’s motto that if you can’t defeat the opposition then lead it into blind alleys of frustration and failure.

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