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What Are Fauci & Gates Up to?
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Fauci says the government is considering giving out COVID-19 ‘immunity cards’ in order to reopen the economy

This is absurd. It is a well known established fact that not all get immunity. People cured of the virus have again become infected. This negates the usefulness of “immunity cards.”

How can Fauci and Gates not know this? Clearly, they have a different agenda.

If you thought Bill Gates was intelligent, think again.

The moron wants the economy locked down for 18 months until his vaccine is ready. 18 months in a locked down economy means no one will be alive to vaccinate with his toxic concoction.

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• Category: Ideology, Science • Tags: Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Coronavirus, Disease 
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  1. Sean says:

    People cured of the virus have again become infected.

    There are two strains ‘L’ and ‘S’.

    Dr Stephen Griffin, Associate Professor Section of Infection & Immunity, University of Leeds, said:

    “What they seem to be saying is that after SARS-CoV2 first crossed into humans, the ancestral strain (S) subsequently evolved into another lineage (L). Both of these are now apparently circulating. The newer lineage was initially more prevalent, but is now reducing – the authors speculate that this lineage was more affected by human intervention as a result of it being better at spreading/more pathogenic. The older (S) lineage appear less affected by preventative measures, due, say the authors to it being less virulent and so producing a lower level of more stable infections.

    “It’s difficult to confirm studies like this without a direct side by side comparison of pathogenicity/spread in, ideally, an animal model, or at least a greatly extended epidemiological study. The authors themselves admit that their sequencing data regarding the rise/fall of the second lineage is relatively scarce and recommend further investigations.

    “It is usually the case that when RNA viruses first cross species barriers into humans they aren’t particularly well adapted to their new host (us!). Thus, they usually undergo some changes allowing them to adapt and become better able to replicate within, and spread from human to human. However, as this study hasn’t tested the relative “fitness” of these viruses when they replicate in human cells or an animal model, it isn’t really possible to say whether this is what’s happened to SARS-CoV2. It is also difficult to say how/why human interference may have impacted upon one strain relative to the other for similar reasons.

    • Replies: @Manqueman
  2. Hail says: • Website

    Fauci says the government is considering giving out COVID-19 ‘immunity cards’ in order to reopen the economy

    More bleatings by (an agent of) the putschists behind the Corona Coup D’Etat.


    A perfect storm of terribleness and misfortune, a great blow to Western Man.

    (1) The unsung birth of a CoronaReligion, or the Corona Cult, an evil religion that demands the blood-sacrifice of the young, the ritual humiliation of the majority to appease its evil god. There are key telltale signs of a Corona as apocalyptic religious cult and that a mass-conversion event occurred. Some will shy from the ‘religion’ label and will much prefer to call it a mass-delusion and mass-hysteria event promoted by a bloodthirsty media and the most poisonous sort of social media effect.

    The anti-CoronaPanic people, which includes top experts (to the extent they are ever asked, which they seldom are), are the heretics in CoronaReligion. Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. John Ioannidis, Dr. Knut Wittkowski, and so many others are servants of the Devil in the world of the CoronaCult. The Doomers, wackos, all people whom CoronaCult deems ESSENTIAL, and assorted political opportunists are all CoronaSaints. And last but not least, all members of the Holy Media are the new religion’s chief evangelists;

    (2) A coup d’etat-like series of events as opportunists, most of them pre-existing elites of one tier or another (encompassing the conceptual ‘Inner Party,’ if one wants to use the term) — and most of them enthusiastic members of the new religion, CoronaCult-recruits, if you will — all piled onto an unremarkable viral pandemic, kicking up such a storm of dust around the nucleus of the CoronaFluff. Their media (which is part of the power apparatus) kept the stream of CoronaParanoia goingwhile they carried out the Corona Coup D’Etat.

    So it was an intractable mix of panicked-overreaction and conscious power-grabbing. No one was able to mount opposition, and few were even willing to take an anti-CoronaPanic stand, just as so few were willing to question the existence of witches in 1690s Massachusetts. [….][

  3. I have not received a flu vaccine in at least 20 years. In that period of time, I have not once had the flu, and only some yearly sniffles. When I was a young man in the Army, the flu shot was mandatory. After having received it, I was never so sick in my life, spending three days hugging the toilet on the bathroom floor, and hoping that I would die. A few other times when I was persuaded by my doctor to get the shot, I sometimes also got deathly sick, and couldn’t leave the bed for days.

    I don’t know, maybe something is wrong with my immune system regarding vaccines, but I’m still healthy and kicking while closing in on 69, and I do not trust the doctors. So I will NEVER get Gates’ C-19 vaccine nor allow myself to be chipped. If the Gendarmes ever come searching house-to-house for us vaccine resisters, I hope to be dead first. At some point, life is not worth living and death becomes a blessing.

  4. I think Bill Gates is intelligent, but a scheming rat. Or I should say vulture.

  5. Manqueman says:

    The scope of our ignorance of the virus (as well as the numbers who have it and died from it) is simply epic.
    Of course, we can do the traditional thing and reopen prematurely and keep the health and economic crises continuing until there’s a widely available vaccine. It’ll be like the 1930s all over again but with more deaths and disabilities but no WWII economic stimulus.
    As for Gates, he’s the poster boy for the wide spread belief that obscene wealth is proof of some superiority. Gates’ true accomplishments: A variation of DOS — DOS was preexisting, MS was Gates’ variant — and then allowing Ballmer to strong arm OEMs into a deal whereby they pay a license fee on every PC whether or not MS-DOS was installed, thereby destroying any incentive to provide any alternative OS. He also got lucky that at the time there was in fact a need for some sort of industry standard (that time is long past, but that’s another matter). I could go on, but really, Gates in reality is little more than a boring, unimportant fiction.

  6. Faeci is a product of the deep state sars aka operation mocking turd

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