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Washington’s Benevolent Mask Is Disintegrating
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The few weeks of Trump’s presidency suffice to make clear that there will be no change this time either. Normal relations with Russia are on the back burner, if not off the stove. The material needs of the military/security complex for an enemy in order to justify its budget and police state powers, and the ideological needs of the neoconservatives for US world hegemony, are deemed to be more important than trust between thermo-nuclear powers. As for the liberal/progressive/left, they regard working to preserve life on earth as merely a pretext for being soft on Russians and those who commit treason by favoring friendly relations with Russia.
The American working class has discovered that it has among Trump’s government no larger a constituency than have the Russians. Having been told by corporations, which are spending billions of dollars buying back their own stock, that they are too poor to pay US wages, Trump has found that the path to economic security for the work force lies in corporate tax reduction. Identity politics marches for open borders for Muslims and Hispanics and for transgendered toilet facilities, not for bread and peace, and wants Trump impeached because he is not yet at war with Russia.
Trump’s Russophobic appointments, such as McMaster, Mattis, and Fiona Hill are actually worst than Obama’s Victoria Nuland, Samantha Power and Susan Rice. Just as Hillary and Nuland brought regime change to Ukraine, Tillerson at the State Department has signaled regime change of the democratically elected government in Venezuela. Ecuador and Bolivia won’t be far behind.
Washington has never supported governments that put the interests of their peoples ahead of the interests of those who rule the US. From Africa to South America to Indonesia to Cuba to Vietnam to Iran to Egypt, Washington has always misrepresented the forces for change as communist. Washington overthrew the first democratically elected government in Iran , the first in the Congo , the first in Egypt , and a large numbers of others. Read Stephen Kinzer’s The Brothers. Read General Smedley Butler who said that he and the US Marines made South America safe for the United Fruit Company and investments of the New York Banks. Read John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.
Washington opposes democratic change with an iron fist. Now Marine Le Pen, the favored candidate for the presidency of France in the upcoming election, is in the process of being destroyed by Washington.
Marine is not on Washington’s approved list. The reasons are: (1) she speaks to French interests, not to Washington’s or the EU’s, (2) she opposes the Trans-Atlantic Partnership, which gives US global corporations immunity to French laws against GMOs, and French labor, safety, and environmental standards, (3) she supports French opinion that the French are French and not “European” and wants out of the European Union, and (4) she wants France out of NATO, which uses France as a tool for American aggression.
Washington first attacked Marine via its surrogates in the French press and government, who managed to nullify her parliamentary immunity. With this achieved, she is now accused of “misuse of EU funds.”
The charge, of course, is a hoax, a frame-up. The charge, if it proves effective, will rely on the French presstitute media’s portrayal of Marine as a “fascist” for representing French nationalism. Today, if a European person is loyal to his or her own country and not to the EU, the person is considered to be a “nationalist,” a term that has been merged with “fascist.” The consequence is that anyone in France who wants to represent the French is a “fascist.”
Marine Le Pen lost her parliamentary immunity because she posted photos of ISIS victims on Twitter. The photos she posted were accurate and correct, simply the truth. But the charge is that to tell the truth about ISIS means that you are anti-Muslim, which today is like being anti-Jew, anti-black, anti-homosexual and anti-transgendered. The protection of Identity Politics now extends not only to the Muslim refugees from America’s wars who are overrunning the Western world but also to ISIS. The accurate and truthful photos violated Identity Politics.
The consensus of those few in Europe who reside outside the Matrix created for them by Washington and the American presstitutes is that the CIA will not permit Le Pen to become President of France. She is a threat to Washington’s empire. If she cannot be destroyed with scandal and false charges, like Dominique Strauss-Kahn, she will be assassinated.
Democracy cannot function without an honest media. Nowhere in the Western world does an honest media exist. There are a relatively few sites on the Internet media that are independent of ruling elites and speak the truth to the extent that they can find it. But the very shadowy PropOrNot website, likely a product of the CIA or George Soros, has declared those who understand that good relations between thermo-nuclear powers are essential to be “Russian agents.”
One dozen Russian Satan 2 ICBMs are sufficient to destroy the United States. One is sufficient to destroy France, the UK, or Texas. Why is Washington and Washington’s European, Canadian, and Australian puppets inviting such an outcome with continuous false accusations against Russia (and China). No person with any intelligence can possibly regard the thrice elected president of Russia as “the new Hitler,” “a Mafia Don,” “ a thug.”
By orchestrating Russophobia in the West, Washington has put all of humanity at risk. The Russians have watched Washington’s false accusations against Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Iran and against Russia herself—“invasion of Ukraine.” False accusations have in the 21st century always been Washington’s set-up of the target country for invasion or bombing.
These provocations issued daily by the idiot Western press, the idiot Western governments, and the idiot commentators have prepared the groundwork for a misunderstanding that can result in thermo-nuclear war and the end of life on earth.
When you read the New York Times, the Washington Post, or listen to CNN, NPR, or MSNBC or the British, Canadian, German, French, and Australian media, you are being indoctrinated with war with Russia (and China) and, thus, you are being prepared for your funeral.
Accustomed to looking for hope from within their own country, Americans become depressed when faced with these facts. Whereas the American Oligarchy is too strong for change, the situation in Europe is more hopeful. The EU is a collection of countries that have little in common. The British have concluded that submerging their identity into something called “Europe” is not in their interest. Other countries—Hungary, the Czech Republic, Greece and Portugal—are realizing that capitalists are more rapacious than commissars and might seek salvation in reclaiming their sovereignty. The exit from the European Union, a CIA-sponsored organization, could gain momentum.
NATO also could come unglued as European populations realize that it is not Russia that is the threat. The threat is that Washington is forcing Europe into conflict with Russia, a conflict in which Europe has nothing to gain. For Europe, conflict with Russia means the death of Europe. A few Europeans have gained sufficient awareness to begin asking: “Why die for Washington’s hegemony?”
This is Marine Le Pen’s question, and it is now being asked by a few in Germany. As Europeans gain awareness of Washington’s insanity, the question will grow. The millions of Muslim refugees from Washington’s wars who are flooding Europe with problems are bringing home to insouciant Europeans the price of accepting Washington’s overlordship.
The privatizations, which have wrecked the prospects for Latvia, Ukraine, and Greece, and that have raised costs and lowered living standards in Britain and France while concentrating income and wealth at the top of the income distribution, are a European lesson that the partial socializations of social democracy are more livable than the system of plunder that now rules.
Washington’s mask of benevolence is falling away, revealing the face of greed and evil that is its true face. This face is far more terrifying than the orchestrated “Russian threat.” If more Europeans can gain awareness, the threat of thermo-nuclear war will crumble with Washington’s empire.
(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Donald Trump, France, Marine Le Pen, Russia 
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  1. Not one of Dr Roberts’ better pieces. I suspect, like George Will, he uses ghost writers.

  2. @Verymuchalive

    Not one of Dr Roberts’ better pieces. I suspect, like George Will, he uses ghost writers.

    Noted that you have no substantiated claim, just the “verymuchfullacrap” per the usual. Is this just your NSA assignment, and you grow jaded? In months of seeing your posts, you have yet to offer reasoned input of the smallest possible caliber. You are Ignored.

  3. There are no genuine conflicts between the U.S. and Russia that need to be resolved by bows and arrows, let alone ICBMs. The conflicts are manufactured by an American Deep State that seeks global hegemony.

    • Agree: Old fogey
    • Replies: @alexander
    , @jacques sheete
  4. Dr. Doom says:

    After the misadventures of Bush and his snipe hunt and Obama’s mad military cuts, The Military Industrial Complex will have to fight all the wars in the foreseeable future with drones and robots. All those declasse rednecks have decided Uncle Sham is bad for their health and future. I doubt that Mexicans are lining up to fight Russia or “liberate”Syria from self-rule.
    All the bankers can paper their underground bunkers with that monopoly money now. Those stocks are worthless. All the bonds are junk bonds now. People won’t work for nothing and they certainly won’t fight for it. Greed was good, but not for the greedy.
    The American Dream died. There will be a replacement, but NWo, Wall Street and New Age can SUCK IT. Its a New World Now, and your vision is last years lemon.

  5. Peering out at the world with American eyes. as we all must do, is similar to the world view from a window inside an insane asylum when the moon is full. We, as Americans, see the rest of the world as we have been carefully taught from infancy, as lesser beings without the book. We can’t help ourselves.

    After 70 years of cold war, hot war,cold war, we are technically insane. It’s a pity. I wonder about the view into the asylum from anywhere in the world. Must be scary! While we bay at the moon China/Russia and large parts of Europe, Asia, South America and sections of north Africa are busily inventing a brave new world that doesn’t necessarily include us.

    When the new Silk roads are complete and China plans 30,000 kilometers of new track this year alone, the deal is done. We, the nervous inmates, will carp and fuss, and wait for the promised bombs to fall on the asylum as we stand in our breadlines.

  6. alexander says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    Right on the money, Diversity Heretic,

    Might I add..

    .”….The conflicts are manufactured by a [tragically flawed and profoundly corrupt] American Deep State that seeks global hegemony.”

    • Replies: @gustafus
  7. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    American propaganda campaigns like to use constantly repeated buzzwords to form mental associations with a target. How many times have we heard the word ‘thug’ used in association with Putin? Putin has a law degree and advocates negotiating agreements to promote stability. In contrast the past three ex-presidents of the US have been responsible for policies which have killed hundreds of thousands of people and turned millions into miserable refugees. So who is the thug, who are the mafia gangsters in real life? Kill one or two people and go to prison for life; kill hundreds of thousands and get treated like a rock star. The American people have a steady diet of pablum from childhood on so the majority just go along with media created imagery without ever really understanding how they’re just being used and lied to. It might be the case that just a handful of people can’t change the momentum of a large state. If so then tragedy awaits just as the leaders in 1914 were so sure of themselves at the outset, not understanding what they were getting into.

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  8. @Diversity Heretic

    There are no genuine conflicts between the U.S. and Russia that need to be resolved by bows and arrows, let alone ICBMs. The conflicts are manufactured by an American Deep State that seeks global hegemony.

    That’s true about the poorly named world wars as well. In fact, they were not only unnecessary, but they’ve never really ended; the bankers still seek global hegemony and they’ll employ every trick in the book including propaganda war, economic war, political war, and shooting wars to obtain it.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  9. Rurik says:
    @jacques sheete

    the bankers still seek global hegemony

    there’s a scene from an old Terminator movie that reminds me of them..

    Listen, and understand. That [Zio-Orwellian fiend] is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

    or enslaved

    as we all are, dutifully paying our tithe to the Beast with our taxes as interest on the debt.

    seeing trillions spent to destroy entire nations and the lives of millions upon millions

    there really is an evil in the world, and I’m a secular kind of guy. But even more so, I don’t believe in some all-knowing, omnipotent and benevolent God that is going to make sure there’s justice at the end of the day. It’s up to us, (and that is very scary indeed)

  10. gustafus says:

    I was in Hungary last fall, near the Ukraine border … then the Serb border. The cultures mix in Central Europe and one thing they have in common is WHITE CHRISTIAN IDENTITY and a mistrust of Jews – Secular or Observant.

    What ever the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, it pales beside the enmity for invading Muslims, Blacks and Roma [and their Jewish apologists]
    I’ve toured Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech republic and the feelings are pretty much the same. And they all have more in common with Russia than Germany.

    Ditto for me. If Clitnon & O hate Russia… I better take another look at what Putin is doing right.

    I am now an an avowed RACIST. No more tiptoeing in bunny slippers around the facts. THIS IS WAR… and the “black boy done good” meme that installed that monster for 8 years will never work again on White America.

    We better stiffen our spines and ready for the fight for Western Civilization. The Globalists think their fortunes are safe from the breeding hordes…. maybe in the short term. But sooner, not later… the plunging IQ of the planet will in turn, decide to expropriate all that is JEWISH, with Muslims leading the charge. I want to direct them to Al Frankens home on day one.

  11. KenH says:

    The protection of Identity Politics now extends not only to the Muslim refugees from America’s wars who are overrunning the Western world but also to ISIS. The accurate and truthful photos violated Identity Politics.

    In this glorious new multiracial order being forcibly imposed on the white West, there is a rigid racial caste system and whites are always at the bottom. Therefore, we are not permitted to criticize any other racial or religious group lest we have our lives destroyed or nearly so in the “freedom loving” West. But all other groups can insult, rape and even violently attack whites with near impunity.

    This quickest way to celebrity status in America and much of the West is to attack white racial interests. I wonder if minorities in Israel would be hailed and celebrated for attacking Jewish interests, but I digress.

    The pecking order of this caste system changes from time to time, so occasionally Muslims might be granted the top spot (based on the political and propaganda needs at the moment) which is occupied by blacks most of the time. Jews are currently #1 since a few community centers received crank calls so we must marshal all resources to hunt down and punish the wicked anti-semites responsible for these acts.

    We’ll see what next week brings, but rest assured that whites are and will remain untouchables in this system for all time.

  12. @anonymous

    You’re a very discerning fellow.

    Washington, District of Corruption is the biggest villain in the world today. Its degenerate denizens instigate wars, make threats, and destabilize governments. A certain Zionist entity in the Middle East–not to mention any names, Israel!–has a corrupt lock on the District of Corruption’s “Middle East policy.”

    Of course, none of this prevents the District of Corruption from claiming that the U.S. is the exceptional nation, the indispensable nation, blah blah blah.


  13. When you say US hegemony, do you mean Zion hegemony.

    HBD says I’m right and you are wrong.

    High IQ low empathy preadtor people vs high empathy medium IQ host Germanics.

    Not good.

  14. gustafus says:

    And the argument for total surveillance loses its allure in a homogeneous country.

    They bring in avowed enemies… then tell us they need to monitor all of us … for our own good.

    This is a gift that will keep on giving… without total surveillance… we cannot allow migration from the 3rd world…

    Hungary doesn’t need to monitor every phone call between Hungarians. Enough Serbs, Roma and Muslims… and their own deep state would emerge….

    I am soooo glad the 17 “intellegence” agencies have been sent to the dentists chair.

    Now we can control our security with VETTING …. and DISCRIMINATION…. a word that has been disparaged for too long.

  15. Marine Le Pen lost her parliamentary immunity because she posted photos of ISIS victims on Twitter. The photos she posted were accurate and correct, simply the truth.

    Hmm… “simply the truth”…

    As far as I’ve ever been able to understand, all this stuff about ISIS and their atrocities is fake, like all these fake beheading videos and various ridiculous false flags.

    I also thought that, of all people, PCR was aware of that.

    Well, maybe the stuff that Marine Le Pen posted on her Twitter was not the typical fake BS. But if that is so, it would surprise me.

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