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Washington Resurrected the Arms Race
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The meetings in Beijing during January 30-31 between Washington, Russia, China, France and the UK apparently failed to preserve the commitment to prohibit intermediate range nuclear weapons. Washington stuck to its determination to withdraw from the historic agreement of Reagan and Gorbachev to destroy all land-based intermediate range nuclear missiles. This US withdrawal from a nuclear weapons reduction agreement follows the George W. Bush/Cheney regime’s withdrawal from the anti-ballistic missile treaty. Indeed, since the Clinton regime, every US president has produced worsening trust between the two major nuclear powers.

No good can come of this as Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said at the Beijing meeting.

The intermediate range nuclear missile treaty (INF) does not involve US security. It protects Europe from Russian missiles and Russia from US missiles stationed in Europe. Trump’s announcement that he is breaking free of the treaty tells the Russians that they are going to have missiles on their borders that allow them no response time. The Europeans are crazy to go along with this as they will be targeted by Russia in turn, but the Europeans are Washington’s vassals.

Ever since Clinton broke Washington’s promise not to move NATO eastward, Russia has known that Washington seeks military advantage over Russia. By leaving the ABM treaty, the George W. Bush regime told Russia that Washington intended to gain superiority by constructing an anti-ballistic missile shield that would negate Russia’s retaliatory capability, thus subjecting Russia to nuclear blackmail.

Russia responded with new hypersonic ICBMs that cannot be intercepted and now holds nuclear superiority over the US, but does not exploit it. The US response is to tear up the INF treaty and put its missiles back on Russia’s borders.

Another way to look at the INF treaty’s demise is that the Obama regime committed one trillion dollars of taxpayers’ money (in addition to the annual one trillion dollar budget of the military/security complex) to build more nuclear weapons, none of which are needed as the US alone has enough to blow up the world several times. Breaking the INF treaty is a sure-fire way to initiate a new arms race which would provide justification for the trillion dollars of taxpayers’ money that Washington is handing over to the military/security complex for more nuclear weapons.

Yet another way to look at the demise of the treaty is that Washington wants out of the treaty so that it can deploy intermediate range missiles against China. Washington has actually drawn up plans for war against Russia and China and has conducted simulations of what the outcome would be. America wins, of course.

The dangerous idea that a nuclear war can be won has been pushed for some years by the neoconservatives who are committed to US hegemony over the world. This idea definitely serves the material interest of the military/security complex and is very popular among the power brokers in Washington.


Washington’s excuse for breaking the INF treaty is that Russia is cheating and has violated the treaty. But Russia has no interest in violating a treaty that protects Russia. Russia’s intermediate range missiles cannot reach the US, and the only reason Russia would target Europe would be to retaliate for Europe hosting US missiles on Russia’s borders.

The beneficiaries of a renewed nuclear arms race are the stockholders of the military/security complex. Washington is feeding their profits by placing humanity at greater risk of nuclear Armageddon. Weapons are piling up, the use of which would destroy all life on the planet. This makes the weapons the very opposite of security. Trump whose goal was to normalize relations with Russia is now under the thumb of the military/security complex and has announced US intentions to withdraw from the last remaining arms control agreement—the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).

The situation is serious. Very little is reported in US media of the resurrection of the nuclear arms race, and what is reported is blamed on Russia and China. Americans hear that it is China, not the US, that is militarizing the South China Sea and Russia that intends to restore the Soviet empire and that these intentions are threats to American national security. The evidence consists of assertion. The Russians have offered proof that they have not violated the INF treaty, but Washington doesn’t care because Washington is not leaving the treaty because of Russian violations.

Washington is leaving the treaty because Washington wants military hegemony over Russia and China and a good excuse to hand over another trillion dollars to the military/security complex. In the end capitalism does more than exploit labor. It ends life on earth

Traditionally, an aggressor paves the way to war with constant propaganda against the country to be attacked. The propaganda creates public support and justifies the attack. The constant stream of provocative accusations out of Washington against Russia and China (and Iran) in order to justify treaty breaking and higher armaments spending sounds to Russia and China like they are being set up for attack. It is reckless and irresponsible to convince nuclear powers that they are going to be attacked. There is no more certain way of producing war. Russia and China are hearing what Saddam Hussein heard, what Gaddafi heard, what Assad heard, what Iran hears. Unlike these victims of Washington, Russia and China have substantial offensive capability. When a country is convinced it is targeted for attack, does the country just sit there and await the attack?

Washington might be setting up America for a first strike with the extraordinary stream of accusations and provocations issuing from people too stupid to be in possession of nuclear weapons. In the nuclear era, it is reckless for a government to replace diplomacy with threats and coercion. Washington’s recklessness is the most dangerous threat that the world faces.

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  1. “Washington might be setting up America for a first strike with the extraordinary stream of accusations and provocations issuing from people too stupid to be in possession of nuclear weapons.”

    Let’s put it this way: If DC is going down, it plans to yake the rest of the world with it.

    • Replies: @Tsar Nicholas
  2. “Washington might be setting up America for a first strike with the extraordinary stream of accusations and provocations issuing from people too stupid to be in possession of nuclear weapons.”

    Let’s put it this way: If DC is going down, it plans to take the rest of the world with it.

  3. Cyrano says:

    I think it was Oscar Wilde that once said that a cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. He was probably trying to describe Washington “leadership”.

    The truest form of degeneracy is to believe that the rich people are genetically superior to the poor ones. That’s the biggest problem of the US elites. It infuriates them that despite 10X the size of economy and 10X the size of the military budget of US vs. Russia, they still can’t get the upper hand over the Russians – whom they consider inferior – because they are poorer.

    But then again those degenerate elites consider their own folks inferior – because they are poorer –that’s why they swarmed their country with 3rd world immigrants – because they consider their own kind to be the same inferior quality (compared to the elites) as the newcomers from the 3rd world.

    Going back to the new arms race, I hear that the weather is nice this time of the year in Guantanamo, so I am going to say this to the new arms race aficionados: You are not good enough to boss the Russians around. I don’t care how many treaties you brake, by how much you increase you military budget, how many new members you bamboozle into joining NATO – you’ll never get the upper hand over Russia. But thanks for trying. US might have the most expensive army in the world – but that’s their problem. Russia has the most valuable one.

  4. Hillbob says:

    Never got the chance to tell Mr Roberts how great(and sane) he is. A rare and special gift to us from a land ruled by weaklings , cowardly dogs and nincompoops

  5. Al Moanee says:

    As the comments are open I too will chime in. I have been following PCR’s writings for almost two decades, including thru many times where his perceptive analysis and courageous truth-telling provided scarce-found reassurance that it’s not me that’s going mad. A man of much ability doing to the best of his ability, one can never ask for or be delivered more. All one can say is: Thank You!

  6. How can one not be depressed?

    The homosexual-pederast-surgically-mutilated-Tranny Freak Democratic Party accuses Donald Trump of being Putin’s bitch…Donald Trump responds by threatening Christian Russia with Thermonuclear Extermination…..

    The Demographic transformation of America via post-1965 Nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS is inseparable from the Democratic Party’s war on European Christian Russia……

    Donald Trump’s MAGA!!! jobs program is using WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN TEENAGE MALES as canon fodder for Jew-only-Israel…..And taxing their parents to death subsidize the high tech education of China’s and India’s young Male Population at American Land-Grant University Engineering Departments….

    Democratic Foreign Policy is GENOCIDE!!!! against European Christian Russia…..Democratic Party Post-1965 Immigration Policy is GENOCIDE!!! against WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN EUROPEAN AMERICANS….

    Don’t consent to be governed by Hindu-POTUS Kamala Harris….Or, Sheboon POTUS Michelle Obama….

  7. It is interesting and not ironic that an administration filled with climate deniers would forget about “nuclear winter.” Nuclear winter theory grew out of the same modeling that has been used to prove human actions are changing the earth’s climate (for the worse). The difference between climate change models and nuclear winter models is the time scale. Climate change models evaluate long term human actions, nuclear winter models model a sudden change in climate variables. People should recall in the original Carl Sagan/TTAPS models there were scenarios in which “limited” nuclear wars of only 100 megatons were sufficient to produce a nuclear winter. A US first strike on Russia likely would cause some degree of nuclear winter–that is an inescapable fact.

    What is not lost on China is that there are no third party bystanders in a nuclear war where such war wrecks the earth’s climate. Much as in Europe’s old “balance of power” years of shifting alliances where strangers to conflicts often joined in to restore the balance when one power appeared ready to dominate after a war, it is hard to see China standing idly by while the US plots against Russia because China would suffer the ill effects from a US nuclear strike on Russia. Indeed, the first place to feel the ill effects of radiation clouds and sooty smokey sun blocking air would be China. The blow back from US ending the INF treaty likely will be China confronting the US sooner than later so as to take down the US military. The most likely near term scenario will be some naval conflict in the South China Sea.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Rabbitnexus
  8. Just posting this to voice my appreciation that comments are back to being allowed on Craig Roberts’ column.
    As a matter of principle, I stopped reading it when comments were disabled. I can resume being a reader now.

  9. KenH says:

    Well I think it’s fair to say that this isn’t what Trump supporters voted for. Either Trump lied to us on the campaign trail or he’s been intimidated by the special counsel, the fake news media and renegades in both parties into adopting a hostile stance towards Russia. He’s doing the opposite of what he said he would do which was deescalate rising tensions and foster peace.

    PCR was correct that Trump, through his inexperience and ignorance in staffing government, has filled his administration with swamp creatures and now he himself is becoming part of the swamp that he loudly decried on the campaign trail.

    Considering that our foreign policy is calculated to benefit Israel even at our own expense and that Trump, Bolton and Pompeo are hyper partisans of Israel, it’s clear that withdrawing from the INF isn’t in keeping with America first, MAGA, or any other stupid slogan to excite flyover country boomers.

  10. Rich says:
    @Harry Huntington

    “Climate Deniers”? That’s about as funny an expression as I’ve heard. Do you really believe that there’s someone in the administration who denies that there’s there is a “climate”? You “Warmists” are losing it. If you want to stop pollution, clean up a lake, preserve a forest, great, but wanting to increase taxes to stop “Global Warming”? Give me a break.

  11. Tulips says:

    Thank you, Mr. Roberts, for writing so correctly and clearly. But how can Europeans be so oblivious and uncaring about themselves becoming the front line targets in the nuclear war the US is planning and provoking? European governments, opposition parties, journalists, academics, probably taxi drivers and farmers, all seem cool and comfortable with becoming nuclear targets of short range missiles set on hair trigger.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  12. There was no US-USSR nuke war before there were any such treaties & there won’t be after.

    BTW this occured before Trump touched the INF treaty:

    Apparently at Unz the more times you predict the apocalypse (and it doesn’t happen, duh) the more authority you have. Should be the polar opposite, but never here.

    I get that for a lot of old people-and most people here are old-a quick death is much more preferable than the (far more probable) slow, painful, debilitating one.

    And since there’s going to be more ‘artistic’ content here:

    • Agree: Oleaginous Outrager
    • Replies: @animalogic
  13. @Harry Huntington

    Stupid cackling unscientific bandwagon jumping Warmists. I remember when they scared the crap out of us in the seventies with “A New Ice Age”.. Stop being a nonce. They switched from that hoax science blaming pollution and even CO2, to the Global Warming hoax within a year from 78 to 79 and some of the same scammers switched from one year to the next.

    The evidence of your emotion based and unscientific cause stares us in the face with the need to resort to the “Denier” label. Holocaust Denier is the model and like that term it is meant to shut down debate because there’s a distinct lack of any actual facts to back up your argument when the assertions are challenged.

    • Replies: @Tsar Nicholas
  14. J says: • Website

    Everybody upgrading their weapons. It cannot end well.

    • Replies: @Oleaginous Outrager
  15. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    This may be an aberration, someone forgetting to use a setting. The same thing happened a few weeks ago.

    Patrick Lang was published here for a short while, but apparently withdrew permission in the face of comments that he didn’t like, including mine. I wonder if he asked for comments to be disabled?

  16. @Tulips

    Good questions tulip.
    Why are Europeans just so blase ?
    Apathy – it’s been all-OK for 70 odd years, why won’t that continue ?
    Most importantly, journalists, politicians other establishment types have been well bribed (whether directly or indirectly) to support the status quo.
    Why rock the boat ?
    However, as the US continues to attack Europeans over Russia, Iran etc, it’s the US itself that is likely to sink the boat…

  17. @The Alarmist

    Let’s put it this way: If DC is going down, it plans to yake the rest of the world with it.

    As opposed to Israel’s plans, it is an unconscious Samson Option.

  18. @anony-mouse

    Thank you Mr anony-mouse for your very apt corrective to the silly apocalypse whining that goes on here at Unz.
    Really, the world is still very nifty. It’s nice. I’ve just purchased my 14 — sorry, 15th iPhone & I feel quite perky– cheerful even.
    Of course, I suffer from a chronic mental illness: I’m old : so please bare with me.
    You know, all those Nobel Prize winners & assorted other “serious” people setting the Doomsday clock at 2 minutes to 12 (latest time since height of first cold war) are simply egotistical grand standers. The constant US antagonism to Russia & China — lies, sanctions, insults humilations, kidnappings, injustices galore, these things are in NO WAY dangers (thankfully, these people’s have no pride & actually enjoy public insults & unjust economic sanctions. (Funny – during Cold War I, no US public official would have dared to insult Russia or China as done now: fucking pussies, eh ?)
    I won’t bother with all the environmental stuff nor the appearance of the break down of democracy, massive debt, a massive parasitic FIRE sector sucking the vitality from the world, – it’s all old farts – just like us here at Unz, sad old curmudgeons.

  19. @Rabbitnexus

    Stupid cackling unscientific bandwagon jumping Warmists

    This is the second consecutive year when, in the northern hemisphere, (due to a wavier jet stream) warm air pushed north into the Arctic, moving cold polar air much further south. At the same time we have a blistering, record-breaking heatwave in the southern hemisphere.

    The heat trapping effect of carbon dioxide was first discussed during the 1820s and first demonstrated in a laboratory in England in 1862. A Swedish chemist won a Nobel prize in chemistry for laying out (in 1896) the effects of carbon dioxide and calculating the likely increase in global average temperature by the beginnning of the twenty-first century.

    No scientific papers were published during the 1970s predicting a new ice age. There was some talk of it, to be sure. However, such liberal institutions as the US Navy had been measuring Arctic sea ice since the 1950s and had come to the conclusion that the Arctic sea ice had thinned by a third in two decades or so. This is a trend that has continued and even accelerated since the 1970s. Arctic sea ice volume is less than 25% of its 1979 value.

  20. Trump is John Henry driving nails in Imperial Washington’s coffin. If he does it intentionally – God bless him. If he does it because he is stupid – God bless him.

    I love mixed metaphors. Once I was able to use “beating a dead Trojan horse”. I don’t remember what I was responding to. Just how pleased I was with myself.

  21. Franz says:

    As a matter of principle, I stopped reading it when comments were disabled

    Always a good idea. Some columnists/editorialists are furious by many some replies, but what the Founders called a “vigorous public debate” meant just that: Sometimes a piece sets people off, and that helps discover what effect our words are having.. or how far gone we are.

    Then again it can be a fluke. Either way Paul Craig Roberts is a fine lightening rod in the storm of current world politics. Good for him if he allows his fine reporting to stir the tempest a bit from time to time.

  22. republic says:

    I am glad that the comment section is now open. Hope that this is not a fluke.

  23. KenH says:

    Russia has now formally withdrawn from the INF treaty. If the goal of America’s withdrawal is to kick start a new arms race then the deep state, in their infinite wisdom, must believe that cold war 2.0 will play out just like 1.0 and crash the Russian economy leading to the fall of the Putin government and it’s replacement by pro-American lickspittles and Zionist stooges such as those girly men found throughout Western Europe and the androgynous Merkel.

    Putin recently said that there will be further development on their part out of necessity but within their existing defense framework and expenditures. Meanwhile, America will be robbing from social security and medicare and eventually raising taxes on the middle and working class.

    A soon to be one trillion dollar plus military budget along with free shit for everyone who can make it across the border will crash our economy and plunge us into a bloody civil war. Our multiracial, homosexualized and transgendered military will soon be no match for either Russia or China.

  24. @J

    Everybody has been “upgrading their weapons” since Ooog first broke off a tree branch and whacked Oook over the head with it. Upgraded weapons don’t cause wars, degraded humans do.

  25. republic says:

    His newest post does not have any comments

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