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Washington Brings Regime Change to Venezuela
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According to President Obama, the world’s only superpower, the unipower, the exceptional country is threatened by small Venezuela in South America !

In an executive order last year, renewed this year, President Obama declared Venezuela to be an “unusual and extraordrinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States” and declared a “national emergency” to counter the “Venezuelan threat”
( ).

This manufactured “extraordinary threat” serves as the Obama regime’s excuse for overthrowing President Maduro in Venezuela. It is a Washington tradition to overthrow elected Latin American governments that try to represent the interest of the people, and not the interest of US corporations and banks.

I wrote about Washington’s attack on Latin American reformers on April 11 ( and on April 22

Decades ago US Marine General Smedley Butler confessed that he was “a gangster for capitalism,” imposing the will of New York Banks and the United Fruit Company on Latin American countries by force of arms.

In his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins reports the 1981 assassinations of Panama President Omar Torrijos and Ecuador President Jaime Roldos, both of whom got in the way of US corporate interests.

After being duly demonized by the US media, in 2009 Honduras President Manuel Zelaya, who thought that Honduras should be for Hondurans and not for the United Fruit Company, was overthrown in a military coup greenlighted by President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The president chosen by the people was replaced with Roberto Micheletti, a tool of US corporations, chosen by Washington.

Washington has been conducting economic warfare against Venezuela in order to undermine
President Maduro’s public support. The media is controlled by the elite and blames Maduro for the economic problems caused by Washington.

Washington has succeeded in having its agents among the elite regain control of Venezuela’s National Assembly. A recall attempt is underway against Maduro. It is possible that confused Venezuelans will cut their own throats by returning to power the elite that has traditionally oppressed them.

Washington tried to destabilize Iran with the Washington-funded “Green Revolution,” but it
did not work. Both Russia and China open themselves to destabilization by hosting Washington-funded Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), participating in Western economic institutions, and permitting foreign investment.

Washington has had success in entangling Russia and China in Western economic institutions and economic ways of thinking that put the two countries’ independence at risk.

Considering the control freak character of Washington, Russian President Putin should be on his guard against assassination. In the neoconservative drive for US world hegemony, no means are impermissible.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Russia and China still have live in America’s world, even if they don’t wish to be of it. They’re quietly building an alternative architecture while they extract the maximum possible benefit from the Western neoliberal world order.

    Germany caught up to Britain in the 19th century in a similar manner.

  2. Rehmat says:

    Dr. Roberts, it’s not Obama who wants a regime change in Venezuela, as any other US president of Israel’s colony, United states, would have done the same. The political slaves in the White house are elected to serve the interests of military establishment and the Organized Jewry.

    In an Op-Ed on March 5, 2015, The Jew York Times slammed Venezuelan president for declaring personae non gratae three pro-Israel war-criminals, former US president Dubya George Bush, former vice-president Dick Cheney and former CIA hit-man George Tenet. The newspaper termed Caracas’ action “Punishing Scapegoats“. I bet many groups prefer to call them, Wolves in Sheep Clothing.

    In 2014, David Harris, executive director of American Jewish Congress (AJC) had slammed Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, for comparing Israel’s 50-day war on Hamas-ruled Gaza with Auschwitz.

    In 2014, Jewish Washington Post, in a post entitled ‘Venezuela Does Not Deserve a Seat at the UN Security Council’, called Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro an “economically illiterate former bus driver”.

    Jewish VICE magazine wrote last year: “In its 14 years in power, Chavez’s administration was at once authoritarian and democratic, crudely demagogic and genuinely participatory.”

    In September 2014, Nicholas Maduro addressing the UN General Assembly pledged his solidarity with the “Axis of Resistance” (Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Iraq), all victims of ISIS. “It’s president Bashar al-Assad and Syrian government which have stopped the terrorists.” Maduro also accused the US and its western allies for creating the ISIS or ISIL. He claimed that only Syrian, Iraqi armies and their regional allies (Iran and Hizbullah) can defeat the “western monsters”.

    I bet many brainwashed Americans would tell you, Dr. Roberts, Venezuela has become a Latin Iran and must be destroyed like Syria.

  3. Venezuela has been destroyed because of it’s resistance to imperial aggression. The opinion most common in the com boxes is that Venezuela destroyed itself because “socialism never works”. When I hear this I know the speaker is a sheep and a moron.

  4. @WorkingClass

    Before Chavez’s “Bolivarian Revolution” Venezuela had a thriving agricultural sector with particular strengths in poultry, dairy, and livestock. Most went to domestic consumption but there was some surplus for export. Venezuelans had a healthy and ample supply of food as good as that in any developed country.

    After nearly two decades of price controls and rationing it is nearly impossible to find milk, eggs, or meat on Caracas’s grocery shelves. A similar scenario has played out in every centrally planned economy known to history. Before the fall of the Soviet Union a standard joke went, “For the nth year since the great Soviet revolution bad weather has ruined the wheat crop.” In Red China tens of millions starved because of Mao’s distortions of the economy. The same is happening now in North Korea. Chile was experiencing the same problems under Allende. And the list goes on and on and on.

    I can’t think of a centrally planned economy resembling that imposed by Venezuela’s current regime that has ever had a successful agricultural sector. Going further, I can’t think of such a centrally planned economy that hasn’t destroyed a previously successful agricultural sector.

    Who’s “a sheep and a moron”?

    • Replies: @voicum
  5. voicum says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    you just hit it head on”you c’ant think.there you go…

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  6. @voicum

    ROTFL at your knee-biting (/sarc.). But now demonstrate a bit of intelligence: Either present documented evidence of at least one centrally planned economy with a successful agricultural sector or concede the argument.

    BTW the correct spelling of the contraction for cannot is can’t. Also it is customary to begin sentences with a capitalized word. Does your high school teach English composition? (I can only hope you haven’t matriculated at a college!) When I was in school we learned these basic elements of writing by fourth grade.

  7. “Agriculture is a vital industry in China, employing over 300 million farmers. China ranks first in worldwide farm output, primarily producing rice, wheat, potatoes, tomato, sorghum, peanuts, tea, millet, barley, cotton, oilseed and soybeans.”

    From the Wiki.

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  8. @WorkingClass

    Nice ad hominem argument, dude. I have no doubt that the US is out to get Venezuela, and conspired to lower the oil price to achieve that. But command-control economies are always unworkable in the long run. Maduro could institute some free market reforms without opening the country to western mercantilist vultures.

  9. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    US foreign policy sucks and is neo-imperialist, BUT Venezuela brought this on itself.

    A kind of socialism based on doling out free stuff to people may work as long as commodity prices are high. That was the ONLY thing that made Chavez popular for awhile. But it was unsustainable.

    Chavez and his successor did nothing to change the character of the people.
    Their ideology was simply ‘Yanqui bad, capitalists bad, and we in government cuz we give our supporters free stuff.’
    How long could such spoils system based on mob patronage work?

    Russia faces the same problem.
    Now, Russia has a way out IF it gets serious. As most Russians are white Europeans, they can get their act together and be like Germans in work and values. But too many Russians are busy wrestling bears, dancing on tables, four brigades and several detached battalions trapped along the border with Russia in a failed attempt to encircle the DPR and LPR forces. Several attempts to resupply these trapped forces had failed with 2-3 AN-26 cargo planes shot down a…
    bluedog replied to Quartermaster on From The Archive: MH-17
    swilling vodka, and catching fish with their dicks.

    As for Latin America.. I’m not sure even a sensible leader could do much for Venezuela with all that messy diversity, too many crazy blacks, and too may mixed raced folks without much in the way of IQ or talent.

    But in the long run, Chavez made things worse cuz he didn’t invest in the future. He just won support among the rabble that voted for him with free stuff.

    A socialism that cooperates with capitalism to build an economy is what works. It is neo-fascism, like in Singapore.

    But a socialism that just plays on demagoguery and wins support by handing out free stuff when times are good is bound to fail.

    It must be ant-socialism than grasshopper-socialism.

    ———–Washington tried to destabilize Iran with the Washington-funded “Green Revolution,” but it did not work.———–

    I think one advantage of religionism is it has a way of putting some blame on the people. God judges all, after all. So, there were some degree of moral brakes on the masses.

    In contrast, a secular socialist nation puts The People at the top of the moral hierarchy. So, The People are always right and must be given free stuff and done favors. So, the people are never blamed for everything. Just blame the rich and make people out to be saints.
    People grow spoiled and morally arrogant. The result is Venezuela today.

    So, for socialism to survive, it must go into communist mode and be a police state. From ‘serve the people’ to suppress the people.

  10. 2002 documentary about the April 2002 Venezuelan coup attempt which briefly deposed Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. A television crew from Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTÉ happened to be recording a documentary about Chávez during the events of April 11, 2002. Shifting focus, they followed the events as they occurred. During their filming, the crew recorded images of the events that they say contradict explanations given by Chávez’s opposition, the private media, the US State Department, and then White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer. The documentary says that the coup was the result of a conspiracy between various old guard and anti-Chávez factions within Venezuela and the United States.

    If you haven’t seen this check it out.

  11. @WorkingClass

    That’s now, you moron, after over four decades of free market reforms in China, beginning with the agricultural sector. These statistics are actually a paean to the stimulating effect free market reforms can have on an agricultural system that was brought to its knees by central planning.

    Why aren’t you willing to talk about how Chinese agriculture fared under Mao’s central planning? I’ll help you out. Since you are evidently addicted to Wikipedia, check this: BTW, I grossly underestimated the number of starvation deaths central planning caused in China. According to this source it may well have been over thirty million.

    At least the Chinese leadership had the brains to introduce free market reforms. Venezuela is going under because its current thuggish leadership are apparently too stupid to deal with the problems their central planning has created.

  12. KA [AKA "Carthage"] says:

    what does explain the disasters shaping Greece ,Italy,Spain and possibly threatening France ?
    They dont have command control economy . Nobody is trying to destabilize the country’s government despite having similar economic woes . Because those countries are already in the pocket who rule the world .
    BTW de Gaul’s France was under CIA attacks and was target for regime change by assassination .That did not work So CIA instigated student revolution to displace him and succeeded despite much lesser of an economic troubles .

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