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Venezuela Also Is Being Overthrown By the Criminal Regime In Washington
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The Washington orchestrated coup in Ukraine has kept Venezuela out of the headlines.
A confrontation with nuclear armed Russia is more dangerous than with Venezuela. But the violence that Washington has unleashed on Venezuela almost simultaneously with Ukraine is testimony to Washington’s stark criminality.

South America has always consisted of a tiny Spanish elite with all the money and power ruling over large majority populations of indigenous peoples who have not had political representation. In Venezuela, Chavez broke this pattern. An indigenous president was elected who represented the people and worked in their behalf instead of looting the country. Chavez became a role model, and indigenous presidents were elected in Ecuador and Bolivia.

Chavez was hated by Washington and demonized by American presstitutes. When Chavez died of cancer, Washington celebrated.

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, was inclined in favor of granting asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Consequently, Washington ordered its European puppet states to deny overflight permission to President Morales’ airplane on its return to Bolivia from Russia. Morales’ airplane, in violation of every diplomatic protocol, was forced down and searched. Morales has since suffered other indignities at the hands of the Washington criminals.

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, made himself a target of Washington by granting political asylum to Julian Assange. On Washington’s orders, Washington’s British puppet state has refused to grant free passage to Assange, and Assange is spending his life in the London Embassy of Ecuador, just as Cardinal Mindszenty spent his life in the US Embassy in Communist Hungary.

With Chavez’s death, indigenous Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro became president. Maduro does not have Chavez’s charisma, which makes him an easier target for the tiny Spanish elite that owns the media.

Washington began the attack on Maduro by attacking the Venezuelan currency and driving down its value in currency markets. Then university students, many of whom are the children of the rich Spanish elites, were sent out to protest. The falling Venezuelan currency raised prices and spread dissatisfaction among Maduro’s poor indigenous base. To put down the rioting, property damage, and unrest that Washington is using to launch a coup, Maduro had to turn to the police. Secretary of State John Kerry has labeled the government’s effort to reestablish public order and forestall a coup a “terror campaign against its own citizens.”

Having orchestrated the protests and plotted a coup, Kerry blamed Maduro for the violence that Kerry unleashed and called on Maduro “to respect human rights.”

For Washington, it is always the same script. Commit a crime and blame the victim.


If Washington can overthrow Maduro, the next target will be Correa. If Washington can get rid of Correa and re-empower a puppet government of rich Spanish elites, Washington can have the Ecuadoran government revoke the political asylum that Correa granted to Julian Assange. The Ecuadoran Embassy in London will be ordered to kick Assange out into the waiting arms of the British police who will send him to Sweden who will send him to Washington to be tortured until he confesses to whatever Washington demands.

The poor gullible dupes demonstrating in Venezuelan streets have no more idea of the damage they are doing to themselves and others than their counterparts in Ukraine had. Venezuelans have already forgot what life for them was like under the rule of the Spanish elites. It appears that Venezuelans are determined to help Washington to return them to their servitude.

If Washington reconquers Venezuela and Ecuador, Bolivia will be next. Then Brazil. Washington has its sights on Brazil, because the country is a member of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), and Washington intends to destroy this organization before the countries can establish a trading bloc that does not use the US

Not long ago a US official said that as soon as we (Washington) get Russia in a bind, we will deal with the upstarts in South America.

The program is on schedule.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Kudos & Gracias.

    Only one thing to add–these “students” are the offspring of the Damedos, many in name only, and strictly as a matter of Spectacle, so that headlines around the world can read, “Student protesters”.

    They are a very small group, financed and run by others, including the US, but they are not dupes or naive. They know exactly what they are up to.

    “Damedos” is the old name for the Venezuelan elite, fat on oil revenue, who would fly to Miami and buy two of everything, from appliances to Porsches to luxury yachts.

    One might also contrast the chronic, very violent mass confrontations of students and others in Chile with the Right Wing regime, and how little coverage there has been of it in the western media, with the daily drumbeat in regard to these Venezuelan silver-spooned thugs, who are as much an uprising as would be the sons and daughters of the one percent demonstrating violently to de-occupy Occupy Wall Street.

  2. Dave37 says:

    I don’t know how evil Washington and whoever is running things there are, but if the past is any indication, Washington’s manipulations always seem to fail. Which should eventually leave Venezuela to make it’s own mistakes.

  3. Another irony–it is still not clear that the Obama administration recognizes the Venezuelan government as “legitimate”, despite the fact that the Chavistas won in what was clearly a fair election, and by a huge majority in the most recent local elections.

    This is another type of Damedosism–call for recounts and new elections until, by hook or by crook, your puppets are elected.

    In the Ukraine, on the other hand, the elected president, who also won in fair elections, was overthrown by a violent group who immediately negated the EU-brokered agreement for early new elections, but Obama and his crew seem to have already recognized that group of thugs as “legitimate”, including a visit to the White House.

    This also in never reported in the mainstream media.

    Finally–if the Russians were recording Nuland, don’t you suppose that is not the only intelligence they had about where the US was trying to take Ukraine?

  4. sylvia says: • Website

    Mr Roberts, I must say, you are certainly the most biased anti Spanish journalist. Where did you come from? Your discrimination is so 17th century. The so called “elites” before Chavez are no longer in Venezuela. Venezuela is currently under a lot of Cuban (communist) influence. Cuban officials have arrived and have taken charge of the Venezuelan Social Security, they are in the Venezuelan National Guard, and are in the intelligence administration. This is not about Spanish elites vs. the indigenous people. It’s never been about that. This is about a country’s slow death through Socialism. In Cuba, for instance, Castro went right for Communism and injected the firing squads, jails, fear, confiscation of all property, destroyed the Constitution, destroyed religion, etc. Your friend Chavez and Maduro instead, have slowly run out of other people’s money. And now the middle class, which includes the students are hungry. So, sir, your bias against the Spanish is really so dumb. Castro is as Spanish as ever, and he destroyed his country and impoverished his people with the promise that he would finally get Blacks the justice they deserve. Blacks have never been more hungry and more miserable than when Castro took over. Venezuela is waking up to that same reality.

  5. Yes, Cuba is in such horrible straits that they just passed the United States in longevity rates. They long ago passed the US in literacy rates and infant mortality rates. They have one of the best medical systems in the world, despite the US embargo. And they are also more democratic–it is estimated that more than eighty percent of Cubans had direct input into the latest series of reforms. And that is just scratching the surface.

    Of course to various gusanos this is pure hell compared to the paradise THEY had under Batista, eh?

    It is worthy of note that the gusanos in Miami are beginning to have their own third and fourth generation problems as their youngsters begin to ask the same questions that many other Americans are asking, in regard to the high price of education, obscenely expensive medical care, lack of employment, endless war, and so forth.

    So the Cubans are winning that discussion as well, not to mention the question of the US harboring admitted gusano terrorists.

  6. Bad phrasing–“passed the US in lowering infant mortality rates”.

  7. sylvia says: • Website

    Oh stop your b.s. Cuba is crap, all the education they’ve gotten is useless, and as for their healthcare, who can use it? There isn’t enough of it to go around. It’s a pathetic poor country owned by a mafia, who follows orders from our own State Department. Or do you think we could have a U.S. military base in a communist country, unless we owned it? It was a thriving nation at one time, corrupt no doubt, but what a fabulous island! Such great culture, refinement, wealth, entertainment, fashionable, artistic and most importantly American with a twist of Spanish Creole. The biggest mistake Cubans ever made, was not handing the island to Teddy Roosevelt. Instead in 1959, they handed it to the same dudes that killed one of the very best Presidents the U.S. ever had, JFK. May he rest in peace.

  8. sylvia says: • Website

    But comrade Ernesto, you do have a point. The U.S. has its problems. The U.S. Socialist coup they had in 1963, thanks to the CIA and President Johnson is showing its ugly head again. And Karma’s a bitch. We are witnessing a weak America, a poorer world. While Russia gets closer to glorifying God and Christianity, the European Union and America fall into decadence. The perils of dumbing down the youth of a nation is its downfall. Russia will teach us all a very good lesson. The irony Mr. Roberts is that you look down at Latin America and its people, but soon Latin America will look down at you from your own White House. And that’s exactly what the Ernesto Costa’s want. It can happen here, Mr. Roberts, it can happen here.

  9. Interesting story–“Christians” take note:

  10. sylvia says: • Website

    Yes, Christians take note on the real story of a terrorist mass murdering psychopath named Che Guevara.

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