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UN Rules Julian Assange Is “Arbitrarily Detained”
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The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has ruled that Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained by the “democratic” governments of Sweden and the UK and is entitled to his freedom and compensation for detention by the two “democratic” governments.

At the beginning of Assange’s arbitary detention, I said that the detention was in violation of the rights of asylum and is akin to the Soviet Government’s refusal to allow Cardinal Mindszenty free passage from the US Embassy in Hungary when he was granted political asylum by the US government. I pointed out that in our time Washington now behaves like the Soviet dictatorship half a century ago.

The illegal actions of the Swedish and UK governments were on the orders of Washington, the corrupt government of which is determined to get Assange for publishing leaked documents revealing the criminality and mendacity of the US government.

Washington and its UK vassal claim to be defenders of the rule of law, but, of course, both governments are lawless. We will see if the rulihg has any effect on the behavior of “the two great champions of liberty.” My prediction is that the gang of criminals in Washington will not allow its vassal governments to abide by the UN decision. I hope that I am wrong.

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  1. Sean says:

    Assange jumped British bail, not house arrest (he was living an a comfortable house though with a tag) and he went to Ecuador’s embassy, where he sought and had granted diplomatic asylum by Ecuador. Latin America has a concept of diplomatic asylum for political cases not sex crimes, Europe does not have any concept of diplomatic asylum at all, and there is no politically prosecution of Assange, he is wanted for sexual assault.

    No international convention agreed to by the UK obliged the UK to give him immunity in the UK outside the Ecuadorian embassy. He did not enter the UK or Sweden (which he had no problem visiting until he was accused of rape) under diplomatic immunity.

    According to RD Laing , when Stokely Carmichael came to London for a leftie conference all he was interested in was sex, and he couldn’t get to Sweden fast enough to have sex with some some Swedish women. Assange isn’t the first political celebrity to make a pig of himself over there but he certainly is the most stupid.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  2. MarkU says:

    “he is wanted for sexual assault.”

    The fact is Assange has not been charged with anything, the swedish prosecutor wants to “question” him. The prosecutor has had years to “question” him inside the embassy but has refused to do so, obviously because that would remove the pretext for arresting him. The whole point is to get him to leave the embassy so he can be arrested and renditioned (via Sweden) to the USA.

    It should be obvious to anybody familiar with the case, that the alleged sexual offences have been trumped up as a pretext for Assanges arrest. The real plot is about the persecution of a whistleblower. Is it just a bizarre coincidence that Assange is a founder of Wikileaks? I doubt that there are many people stupid enough to really believe that (though evidently there are those that don’t mind pretending to be)

  3. Sean says:

    Assange will be only questioned when he gets sent to Sweden (hardly a puppet of the US and adamant it will not extradite him to the US). Sweden has asked for him although in the normal Swedish way of charges coming late in the investigation , it has not formally charged him yet.

    In May 2012, the UK Supreme Court said Sweden’s international warrant to detain him relating to one count of unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation, and one count of rape was valid. A few weeks later Assange breached bail conditions he had agreed to, and supporters had put up money for, and went to the Ecuadorian embassy.

    He is already out of investigation on some things because of statute of limitations (which don’t exist in the UK by the way). The rape investigation will be ongoing until 2020, when it will be out of time.

    Assange brought it on himself, no -one forced him to go on a promiscuity campaign in Sweden, a country renowned for very set ideas about women’s rights.

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