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Trump vs. the Establishment: Who Will Win?
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We have known about, and have had abundant evidence of, the Obama regime’s criminality ever since a FISA Court judge resigned on the grounds that the Obama regime had intentionally misled the court and the court had not taken sufficient action against the regime for purposely deceiving the court. Little doubt, the rest of the court thought it more important to defend “America’s First Black President” than to defend the law and civil liberty. The politics of social engineering took precedence over justice. They could not allow the First Black President to be perceived as a criminal and a failure.

Despite the known facts and abundant evidence of the criminal actions by CIA, FBI, and Obama regime officials in the Russiagate hoax, President Trump’s Attorney General has failed to move forward with indictments and prosecutions. The reason is simple. Attorney General Barr is a member of the establishment, and the establishment protects establishment members and institutions.

Barr’s disloyalty not only to the President but also to law is so extraordinary that President Trump used a Fox News interview in an effort to shame Barr into performing his duties:

We have forever witnessed establishment coverups—the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, the cover up of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, the cover up of 9/11, the lack of accountability for the White House lies that were used to destroy Iraq and Libya and to try to justify a US invasion of Syria (blocked by Russia) and bombing of Iran (blocked by Russia). The enormous lies that have resurrected the specter of nuclear armageddon by raising tensions with Russia to all time highs have gone unaccountable.

The American establishment spews and defends lies that threaten humanity with extinction.

The American establishment is at war with President Trump. Every American, regardless of color, gender or creed, needs to understand, if we are to survive, that to be against Trump is to be for the Establishment whose interests have nothing to do with ours. If Americans cannot grasp this one simple fact, they will not survive as a free people.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Barack Obama, Deep State, Donald Trump, Russiagate