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The Vaccine, Not Covid, Is the Threat
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On October 4, I presented Dr. Richard Fleming’s verdict that the Covid Vaccine is a greater threat to humanity than the virus itself.

Today I present a study by 26 scientists that people vaccinated with the Covid “vaccine” are “more likely than unvaccinated persons to be infected by variants.” This is consistent with country data that shows that most hospitalized Covid patients are vaccinated.

The medical establishment has avoided researching the connection between the vaccine and the emergence of variants and breakthrough cases, just as the establishment denies the high rate of adverse vaccine reactions including deaths. The study’s conclusions confirm scientist Geert Vanden Bossche’s conclusion that the vaccine suppresses the body’s natural antibody response, instead taking control of the immune system and defending, if it does, only against the targeted virus. Variants are not recognized by the vaccine antibodies, and the vaccine has programmed the body’s natural antibodies to shut down.

As the vaccine itself creates pressure on the virus to mutate, the Covid vaccine results in variants immune to the vaccine, and the vaccine has shut down natural immunity. This is why, contrary to the CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA, presstitute and Biden propaganda, the “breakthrough pandemic” is among the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated. According to the UK data, the weakened immune response of the vaccinated is why 63.5% of Covid deaths are among the fully vaccinated.

There is no doubt whatsoever about this, so why are “breakthrough” cases afflicting the “fully vaccinated” being blamed on the unvaccinated? How can anyone believe this blatantly obvious propaganda that serves agendas unrelated to public health? Clearly we are being indoctrinated into an agenda that does not serve public health.

Note that real science, not the voodoo bullshit you get from Fauci, Biden, and the whore media, concludes that the vaccine (1) shuts down your natural immune system and (2) creates variants that the vaccine does not recognize. In other words, the vaccine creates endless profits forever for vaccine companies to create boosters for each new variant, and each booster will create endless new variants. All the while your natural immunity is destroyed just as Dr. Fleming concluded.

Humanity will be sick forever, and Big Pharma’s share of the budget will exceed the trillion dollar share of the military/security complex.

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