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The Russians Did It
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The Obama regime’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, the most unqualified person ever to have had that job, told Wolf Blitzer on CNN that the organized burning and looting violence of the George Floyd protests “is right out of the Russian playbook” —

Other nutcases are blaming “foreign adversaries” such as China. Susan is not going to waste a case on “white racism” that can be blamed on Russia. It wasn’t Antifa that provided the bricks, it was Putin.

As a person outed by the troll website PropOrNot as a “Russian agent,” I am surprised that I haven’t been blamed.

George W. Bush blames “white racism,” not the Israeli training of US police sponsored by his regime that taught the knee-on-neck technique of restraint– . It was a gross failure of public policy to allow Israelis, who are unconcerned with Palestinian lives, to teach our police techniques that disregard life– .

As long as morons shift the blame away from where it belongs to “foreign adversaries” and “white racism,” the problem will continue.

Once again, to understand the problem of police violence, ask yourself if it is “white racism” when police murder and brutalize white people.

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  1. anon[185] • Disclaimer says:

    C’mon PCR; as a matter of rhetoric, it’s better not to criticize the blaming of foreigners only to blame other foreigners (however warranted) later in the same article.

  2. Is it…

    a stupid people deserve stupid elites


    stupid elites create a stupid people?

    As stupid as Susan Rice’s words are, they are in keeping with the stupidity that is America.

  3. Franz says:

    As a person outed by the troll website PropOrNot as a “Russian agent,” I am surprised that I haven’t been blamed.

    You will.

    21st century is turning into a hallucination for any 20th century leftovers — a broad category that includes many quite young people. People that were in their early teens in the 90s (like three of my neighbors) want to borrow Bill and Ted’s time traveling phone both and dial their way back.

    Once people had to be at least in their mid-forties to look back on the “good old days.” At the rate the lunacy is accelerating, it’s now down to around half that.

  4. Does susan rice get remunerated out of the countering Russian [lying about Russia]

    propaganda budget set up by Bwananman before he left the deep state film set ?

    Is she saying that the KGB is running the BLM and ANTIFA

    Does Susan Rice performs according to the Herr Hitliary play book

    “Never accuse anyone of a crime that you have not already perfected yourself “.

  5. It is common to scapegoat “foreign adversaries” for problems. These rivals, as in the case of Russia and China, do present a challenge to US global power and interests. Confronting them will mean world war: accommodation, as in the Cold War, will mean survival – if the pattern of history can be broken.

  6. Susan Rice is just a Venusian fly rtap in the “Hunt” for a hypersonic

    Red October

    It’ll be the last bite of the cherry she will ever get

    Purrrhaps she is just jealous of Sultri Grabhard in search of Moby Dicks last stand

  7. in a way this dumb broad aint wrong: if you WERE a foreign enemy trying to inflict maximum carnage, the coronavirus followed immediately by the race riots (…right as the lockdowns were lifting…) could you do any better than this kind of 1-2 knockout combo?

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