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The Russian Covid Vaccines
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There are four Russian Vaccines. None use the experimental mRNA technology.

There is Sputnik V, Sputnik Lite (the first of the 2 Sputnik V injections), EpiVacCorona, and CopyVac.

The first two are vector vaccines based on two strains of live human adenoviruses. DNA virus vector technology is used to introduce genetic information into the cells, similar to the Oxford vaccine. Experts I consulted expect these vaccines to have similar adverse events as the Oxford vaccine.

The third vaccine uses short protein sequences and no genetic information.

The fourth vaccine is traditional or classic vaccine technology using inactivated virus.

The last two would be much safer than the mRNA “vaccines.”

I don’t have any information about the protective performance of the two safer vaccines.

Unlike Biden and the totalitarian Western politicians, Russian President Putin has left vaccination as an individual’s choice. He has said that vaccination is the way to control the virus, but that it is a personal choice.

The question is why does Putin think vaccination is the solution? Is there no adverse vaccine effect database in Russia, or is it understated and ignored as in the West? Has no one told Putin about the successful use of Ivermectin in India to control the virus? Has Putin not been told that the Tokyo Medical Society has endorsed Ivermectin? The same questions can be asked about heads of other governments.

Both HCQ and Ivermectin can be used as preventatives as well as cures. They are much cheaper than the vaccines and have been in use for decades. They are so safe that in many countries they are over-the-counter purchases like aspirin.

The question remains: Why are so many countries focused on ineffectual and dangerous vaccines when there are safe and inexpensive preventatives and cures?

Is this just mass ignorance and incompetence, or is there really an organized worldwide assault on the human population?

We need answers to these questions. The mRNA vaccines are especially dangerous as they enable the virus to escape immune constraints and to result in variants that could become more deadly and untreatable.

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