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The Real Racists
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The worst racists in the world are the US print and TV media, NPR, and university administrations. Their racism is directed entirely at white people. Although Ron Unz is correct that Harvard University discriminates against Asians and limits their enrollment as Harvard once limited Jewish enrollment, it is white people who are accused by white media and white political leaders of both parties of the racial suppression of black peoples. Even Trump’s vice president has taken the side of black looters against looted whites, as has the Republican majority leader in the US Senate.

The extraordinary destruction of white and Asian businesses in many instances wiping out a family’s lifetime work, the looting of national businesses whose dumbshit CEOs support the looters, the merciless gang beatings of whites and Asians who attempted to defend their persons and their property, the egging on of the violence by politicians in both parties and by the entirely of the media including many alternative media websites, shows a country undergoing collapse. This is why it is not shown in national media. Some local media show an indication of the violent destruction in their community, but it is not accumulated and presented to a national audience. Consequently, Americans think the looting and destruction is only a local occurrence.

I just checked CNN and the BBC and there is nothing about the extraordinary economic destruction and massive thefts. Instead, I learn from CNN that Nascar, a Southern institution, has banned Confederate flags— . Are Southern people so stupid that they will still attend Nascar races? Yes, they are.

I learned from the BBC that HBO has removed “Gone With The Wind” from its offerings— . The famous movie is not about racism. It is about the South in the aftermath of Lincoln’s war. But the South is racist, and so HBO removed the movie. Are Southern people so stupid that they will still use HBO. Yes, they are.

Some years ago I read that a movie theater somewhere in the South—it might have been Louisiana or Mississippi—that had always shown Gone With The Wind on an anniversary had ceased to permit the movie to be shown. Did Southerners protest and burn down the movie theater? No.

The US Congress demonstrated its unconcern with America’s unraveling by having the brother of the often convicted criminal George Floyd speak to them. The US Congress is more interested in grandstanding over a convicted felon’s death than in the unfolding death of our country.

How do these facts boil down to white supremacy? The only person in the US TV media speaking truthfully about what is going on is Tucker Carlson at Fox News whose firing—indeed murder—is demanded by the “white is evil” multitude. How long can Fox News hold on?


How long can Tucker Carlson hold on when white people have surrendered? Where are the voices in support of Carlson of the people whose free institutions he speaks for? Why aren’t those white people whose property and economic lives are being destroyed protesting what blacks are doing to them?

How long can groveling white people hold on?

The Saker is correct. White people are so brainwashed that they do not even know that they are targeted. Even when it is before their eyes they cannot see it. OnMyGod, it would be racist to acknowledge reality.

There is no doubt that whites have accepted their demise. Whites acknowledge their subservience to blacks by serving as majority enforcers for punishments of whites. It is so commonplace that it goes unnoticed. Nascar driver Kyle Larson has been fired for using the n-word—–%20High%20Minus%20Dormant%20and%2090%20Day%20Non%20Openers

Before the white Nascar representatives of black power will give Kyle Larson his livelihood back, he has to grovel and complete “sensitivity training.”

But blacks don’t have to show any sensitivity as they shout “racist” and loot and destroy white property.

Meanwhile the police continue shooting to death more white people than black people, and no one protests.


Dear Readers, Where is your support? Are you afraid that you will be called out for supporting truth? Do you fear being renditioned to Romania or Poland and tortured for such a sin? Or are you tiring of hard reality and wish for sweet nothings to be whispered in your ears?

If you want this site to continue and expect me to continue to take the risks that truth-tellers take, I need to know that you care. If my 15 minutes of fame are over, so be it.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. That Whites are turning the other cheek is not necessarily bad.

    Rumours are flying that Soros is financing the riots.

    Wherever there is social subversion a certain group that calls itself a race should be looked at.

    • Replies: @Realist
  2. Rational says:


    Thanks, Sir. You have finally talked about the root of the problem, which is boot licking by white dogs, licking the boots of the “filthy black scum” as people around the world call them, despite being abused over and over, with lies and hate speech such as “racists”, “white supremacists in boots”, etc., watching TV where they trash whites, voting for alienists like that evil Merkel and thug Blair, and sports where they show black rapey filthy looking vomit inducing subhuman thugs throwing balls at each other.

    Some whites are so sick, they even send their daughters to jump up and down at these filthy scum negro rapists.

    Whites, who are so smart and sent spaceships to Mars, etc. are too wimpy to say no to boot licking of the negroes.

    I have traveled the world and met people in other countries, and do not like to use foul language, but people call such people “…… lickers”. Is that kind of language needed to give negrophiliac/liberal whites a kick to wake them up.

    Why? How did white people become the dogs of dogs? Is it due to middle eastern foreign religion of Christianity, “turn the other cheek”, “help they neighbor”?

    This is the number 1 problem facing the west today.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Malla
  3. Anonymous[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews were never ever discriminated against at Harvard. They were always over represented. Even in the 1700s.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  4. Gone With the Wind removed by HBO? Wow. I forget, who runs that media giant? Sumner Redstone? Marc Zuckerberg? Michael Eisner? Joe Roth? Gerald Levine? Edgar Bronfman Jr.? Danny Goldberg? The Sulzbergers? Mortimer Zuckerman? Oh, I give up. I am having a brain fart.

    In any case, it is time to skip the antitrust merry go round that Barr disingenuously piddled with; just straight slam a couple of these big companies with treason charges. Their leadership are demonstrably NOT America First. (Or am I wrong?) Nationalize — temporarily — one or more of the mass media conglomerates. Reapportion the public air waves, and levy some… atonement tax on these Networks that have so abused and betrayed the public trust. I am all about taking the soft approach.

    p.s. How many of the violent rioters and looters watched and were thinking about HBO’s Plot Against America that grossly slandered Charles Lindbergh and depicted similar mayhem? Let’s ask that at the hearings.

    End Judeo Lese Majeste.

  5. Realist says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Wherever there is social subversion a certain group that calls itself a race should be looked at.

    Ooooh…looked at…now that is being tough. LOL

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  6. Realist says:

    Whites, who are so smart and sent spaceships to Mars, etc. are too wimpy to say no to boot licking of the negroes.

    There are smart Whites…who sent spaceships to mars and there are stupid Whites…the majority…that are bootlickers of blacks.

    • LOL: Hacienda
  7. sonofman says:

    As much as I appreciate and have learned a lot from PCR, I don’t understand why he uses the same rhetoric that is used by the same people he is trying to denunciate; namely using skin color to describe an entire group of individuals to propagate (non-existent) racial affiliation. Assumptions that all “Black” or all “White” people are the same, is an insult to anyone who uses common sense. The insensitive brutality inflicted upon George Floyd will, hopefully, induce new strategies in police recruitment, training and enforcement, and also force legislation for stricter accountability. What does this have to do with the Confederacy and the Civil War? Why does what happened to George Floyd become a catalyst for reevaluating “Race” relations in America and the rest of the world? It is totally not cool, to use a tragic death to promote a propaganda that facts and statistics prove to be deceptive. This is just another ploy to foment division and conflict. What is really being destroyed are the principles and morals that define the American Spirit, the unifying common denominator that will preserve our independence and defiance.

  8. @Anonymous

    I believe Harvard, like many other Ivy League Universities, had a 10% maximum quota for Jews. As Jews have been about 2% maximum of the US population, this was extremely generous. I doubt any Ivy League College had to reject any suitably qualified Jew because of it.
    The Universities were saying. Yes, we’ll take Jews, but not in such numbers that they will change the institution and its traditions, religious or otherwise. Once quotas went, Harvard and other Colleges have experienced just that, with often disastrous results.
    The old quota system was a sensible response to Semitism, as defined by Prof Kevin MacDonald. Its removal has been our loss.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  9. The worst racists in the world are the US print and TV media, NPR, and university administrations. Their racism is directed entirely at white people.

    As explained elsewhere, the corporatists and the left-liberals are objective allies. They both want to eradicate the nation state and traditional values, beliefs and institutions. They both seek to import ever greater numbers of non-white immigrants.
    The corporatists seek ever cheaper labour and ever higher profits. Everything that gets in the way – like traditional values and patriotism – must be destroyed. Ultimately, they want a society in which the only laws to which these oligopolies adhere are those made by themselves, not the state.
    The left-liberals know that immigrants nearly always vote for the parties of welfare. If they import enough of them, they reason, they will form a supermajority and the left-liberals will be in power forever.
    These 2 groups are using the charge of racism to beat the largely silent white majority.
    It is RACIST to oppose non-white immigration.
    It is RACIST to oppose affirnative action.
    Every time a black man dies in police custody is the result of RACIST action. etc etc etc

    The MSM and the left-liberals are not “racist” in the sense of purposefully inciting violence against persons of other races. These small groups of white people are merely using the charge of “racism” to cow other whites.
    These tactics are in pursuit of their own interests. These interests are contrary to the interests of white European peoples as a whole. They must and shall be stopped

  10. SZ says:

    The white-black dichotomy is misleading:
    Russians, Czechs, Hungarians are all ‘white’ but they do not succumb to the Bantu invasion nor fear them as you ‘Westerners’ do. If an African guy causes problems in Moscow he gets beaten by five or six Russians, and afterwards he does not repeat any disruptive behaviour anymore. Lesson learned!
    On the other hand, Sri Lankans or southern Indians are ‘black’ yet mostly are hardworking, peace-loving, and productive people, even more so than their northern white or brown fellow nationals.
    Black or White is not the relevant distinction here. It is the contemporary Western practice of ‘easy food, easy sex’ that puts you guys in this position, not your whiteness.
    We are witnessing the second great Bantu expansion in world history and only culturally and politically functional nations will be able and willing to resist and to repel, irrespective whether they are white, yellow or brown.
    Not that I admire everything Western or endorse the global domination of Westerners of the last 200 years, but I can’t help feel pity towards contemporary Westerners. They have no retreat or redoubt left and they will be humiliated in their own heartlands.
    Interestingly, and not surprisingly though, over the last 50 years Western societies had come closer to the Bantu lifestyle, i.e. low marital commitment, low (direct) parental engagement, and low level of household stability, which ultimately lead to low social trust and fragmentation.
    We are witnessing, in live feed, the last part of the transformation of formerly strict nuclear family societies into what Emmanuel Todd calls Anomie. In just three generations, it appears, functional societies can be disintegrated solely by attacking their family model. Sad for those who experience it, great for the sociologist who can observe from the outside.

  11. wildbeard says:

    Please don’t take us for imbeciles. It’s Jews that are destroying us. Blacks are just their weapon du jour.

    • Agree: Hacienda
  12. @Realist

    Say, investigated, and make the results of the investigation widely known, known by all.

    • Replies: @Realist
  13. @Verymuchalive

    “The Universities were saying. Yes, we’ll take Jews, but not in such numbers that they will change the institution and its traditions, religious or otherwise.”
    Sounds smart. Should be the basis of any “smart” immigration policy.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  14. Realist says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Too many people are insouciant.

  15. @animalogic

    That’s Vdare’s policy re immigration – small numbers of highly skilled immigrants filling a specific skills gap that can’t easily be met from native sources. The proviso is that they respect the country and it’s institutions and assimilate/integrate. Certainly, Pete Brimelow and Michelle Malkin represent the assimilationist school, and John Derbyshire – unreconstructed 1960s Englishman – the integrationist wing.
    As you say, it should be the basis of a smart immigration policy. But when was the last time the US Government did anything smart? Please tell me.

  16. Malla says:

    Why? How did white people become the dogs of dogs? Is it due to middle eastern foreign religion of Christianity, “turn the other cheek”, “help they neighbor”?

    It is this bowing down to blacks by Whites and turning the other cheek mentality which makes blacks even more uncontrollable.
    Reminds me something I read in V.S. Naipaul’s book on Islam “Among The Believers”.
    In the chapter ‘Karachi Phantasmagoria’ which is the section of the book on Pakistan, I quote V.S. Naipaul

    Ahmed took me over….
    He was well built, erect and energetic, and still attractive, dark hooked-nosed, with a full, curved lower lip. He was a man of Sind ……

    And a feeling for history was at the back of his feeling for Islam. It was the world’s youngest great religion and, being the youngest, was the most evolved. He didn’t condemn the religions of the past; he saw them as stages in man’s spiritual development. Moses, he said was all law; that was too harsh. Jesus was all compassion. Ahmed said, ‘In a world where there are people like Africans and Negroes, that doesn’t make sense. If you turn the other cheek to a primitive fellow, it annoys him.’ The beauty of Islam lay in its mixture of law and compassion. To see Islam at its best, to understand the charity of which it was capable, I should go to some of the old shrines in the interior of Sind, he would arrange it …..

    Of course I am not advocating Islam in this post but am just pointing out to the wisdom of this Pakistani gentleman Ahmed ”In a world where there are people like Africans and Negroes, that doesn’t make sense. If you turn the other cheek to a primitive fellow, it annoys him.” A wisdom which White people have forgotten.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  17. @Malla

    One of Naipaul’s best books. You get the strong feeling that Naipaul is actually recording the views of people he met, rather than misrepresenting them or making them conform to a pre-existing narrative. Unlike his contemporaries Theroux or Bruce Chatwin.
    I found the section on Indonesia very informative, too.

    • Agree: Malla
  18. Robert2 says:

    This is a deep-state coup to remove the President and restore the sell-off of the USA to multi-national corporations, financial institutions and the military-industrial complex. The same tactics used by the US State Department to overthrow Ukraine are being used against the US: 1) identify an issue of public concern; 2) foment the issue to public protests using NGOs, political, religious, civil groups and MSM; 3) infiltrate and escalate the demonstrations to violence by supplying demonstrators infiltrated with criminals and paid agitators with rocks, bricks and Molotov cocktails; 4) shame civic leaders to protect peaceful protesters; and hobble regular police from arresting violent perpetrators; 5) release arrested criminals without charges; 6) call on deep state/MIC Generals and MSM to prevent military intervention by castigating Trump for even threatening its use; and 7) with uniiparty support, quickly remove Trump should he ever call on the military to restore order. Meanwhile, BLM and Covid have the distinction of having destroyed 60% of black-owned businesses, and the “racist” police still manage to shoot and kill more whites than blacks. This is really an attempted coup against all American workers and farmers.

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