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The Real Cause of World War II Was the Allies Deception of Germany with the 1918 Armistice and the Subsequent Versailles Treaty
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John Wear and many other historians including David Irving have shown Churchill and Roosevelt’s guilt for World War II. Suvorov has made a strong case that Stalin also was guilty.

The guilt of these three notwithstanding, it was the allied deception that coerced Germany into the Versailles Treaty that made WWII inevitable. The British economist John Maynard Keynes clearly understood this as did Lenin who described the Versailles Treaty as a bomb waiting to explode Europe, an event of which Soviet Russia intended to take advantage.

Germany did not lose WW I on the battlefield. When the war ended, Germany occupied enemy territory. The war ended when Germany, believing American President Woodrow Wilson’s promise of no territorial loss and no reparations, asked for an armistice. Germany requested an armistice for two reasons: The entry of the US into the war, which brought fresh troops into the conflict, and rebellion at home. German sailors mutinied and leading German cities, such as Cologne and Hamburg established soviets demanding the end of the war and the abdication of the Kaiser. The German military concluded that these conditions precluded a successful continuation of the war.

Once Germany put down her arms, the British used a food blockade to force Germany into accepting the Versailles Treaty that violated President Wilson’s promises or starve. Wilson was unable or unwilling to stand up to the British and French.

Suvorov and many other historians have reported the massive reparations extracted from Germany. Here is Suvorov’s account:

Germany lost “one-eight of its territory with a population of 5,138,000 people. Germany lost all her colonies. All merchant ships with a capacity over 1,600 tons displacement were confiscated, as well as one-half of the merchant ships exceeding 1,000 tons displacement, a quarter of the fishing fleet, and one-fifth of the river fleet. Germany was also required, for the next five years, to build for the Allies merchant ships, totaling 200,000 tons displacement per year. Germany was obligated to supply France with up to 140 million tons of coal, Belgium 80 million tons, and Italy 77 million tons. Also, Germany was required to transfer half of its paints and non-military chemicals and to provide up to a quarter of the future production through 1925. The Allies received the right to use German ports, railroads, and waterways on very beneficial terms. On top of all this, Germany was forced into paying astronomical amounts of retribution.”

Germany was a new nation unified in 1871, and only 47 years later it had ceased to be a sovereign state, denied an army, artillery, tanks, submarines, and aviation, with German arms production placed under international control. The country was dismembered with its territory scattered into France, Denmark, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. The immense economic hardship imposed on the German people by reparations and the abuse of Germans by the Polish and Czech governments produced the rise of Adolf Hitler whose goal was to reunite Germany.

It was the greed and stupidity of England and France, and the weakness of President Wilson, that created the conditions for the personal ambitions of Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin twenty years later.


Corrupt and venal historians blame Germany for starting World War II just as they blame Germany for starting World War I despite the undeniable fact that Germany was the last combatant to mobilize for WW I. Wars have never been started by the last country to mobilize.

Stalin militarized the Soviet economy years before Hitler militarized the German economy. Churchill’s plan to use war as his path to power was put into effect years prior to Hitler’s reunification of Germany. Historians who overlook these facts, are not historians. They are propagandists.

Versailles Treaty:

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