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The November Election Is About Whiteness, Nothing Else
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Tucker Carlson demonstrates some of the monstrous lies that Democrats and presstitutes tell with a straight face— . These extraordinary lies reveal the great extent of collapse in the moral fabric of our society. Such blatant lies demonstrate that power is the only political virtue for Democrats and that power has crowded out integrity, of which not one ounce can be found in the Democrat Party except for Tulsi Gabbard whose honesty the Democrats reject. Politicians have always been prone to exaggerate, overpromise, and stray from the truth, but today the lies are so fantastic that I doubt even dumbshit Americans fall for them. For example, until a couple of days ago Democrats and presstitutes standing in front of burning buildings would report that there was no evidence of violence or rioting, just peaceful protests. They damned President Trump for lying and calling peaceful protests riots. Suddenly their tune changed. Yes, there is violence and rioting and burning, but it is all Trump’s fault. It is Trump’s supporters who are looting and burning the stores, and the racist Trump supporters are blaming the blacks.

The Democrats know that half of the American population is stupid. The stupid ones are the voters Democrats rely on to get into office. The presstitutes think all of us are stupid. That is why it never occurs to the presstitutes that for each and every one of them to say the same thing on all the TV stations, NPR, and all newspapers hour after hour day after day reveals a propaganda ministry, not a news media.

Neither does it occur to the presstitutes that to spend four years leveling one preposterous accusation after another at Trump makes them, not Trump, look bad. The daily insults that the presstitute media hand out to Americans who voted for Trump casts the presstitutes as enemies of the American people. And they are. America’s worst enemies are not in Tehran, Moscow, and Beijing. America’s worst enemies are CNN, MSNBC, Fox News with the exception of Tucker Carlson, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post and the rest of the press prostitutes.

The American media is racist against white people and it is anti-American in every sense. The media allege that it is racist not to be against white people because white people are racist. The presstitutes have redefined anti-American to mean all who oppose dispossessing white Americans of their property, their rights, and their self-respect. “Whiteness has to be stamped out” is their demand, and it is a non-negotiable demand.

If you are a white American, you are in a dwindling majority. Indeed, you have lost a large percentage of your strength to brainwashed white Americans who believe you are a racist plague on society. Some of your white fellow citizens wish not only to dispossess you in the interests of “people of color” but also to kill you, and they do not hesitate to express this view. As it is directed against white people, it does not qualify as hate speech or a hate crime.

The attack on white people is not limited to the US. For example, a new black movement has arisen in England in which the leader says the goal is to make white men their slaves. Try to imagine the uproar if a white movement arose saying that the uncivil behavior of black looters means blacks must be returned to slavery.

The November election is about whiteness. Trump stands up for white Americans. This is why the Democrats and the presstitutes hate him and hate those who voted for him. The Democrat Party is the anti-white party. The Democrats and presstitutes have driven this point home by their refusal to condemn the rioting, looting, and burning of the cities that they misgovern, by their refusal to protect businesses from looting and destruction, by their refusal to indict those responsible for massive property damage or even to criticize them. Instead we have had justification for the looting, rioting, and burning, and even a book—In Defense of Looting— glorified by NPR— . It is white Americans who have attempted to defend their property and their lives who have been indicted, not the looters and rioters.

If you are a white American and you voted for Democrats to misgovern your town or city, you are too stupid to justify your existence. You are so utterly stupid that you are a dire threat to white ethnicities.

Today white Americans are demonized far worse than Jews were demonized in Nazi Germany. But the situation is far more extraordinary in America than the situation in Germany 80 or 90 years ago. In Nazi Germany Jews did not demonize themselves, but in the US today white Americans are demonized by their fellow white Americans. Those who are demonizing patriotic white Americans are the white liberals who vote Democrat.

These white liberals are perhaps too stupid to comprehend the consequences of their demonization of white Americans, but to be murdered by stupidity is still murder.

America is so far gone that it is impossible today to have a debate at an American University other than one such as “who hates white people the most with the most justification?” Debate, even a moderate speech by an accomplished American, is no longer possible at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, or even a local college. The position of the liberal-progressive-left is that you agree with us or you are cancelled.


Cancelled means not only your speech at the college but your access to Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple. Your website ceases to appear in Google searches. If your livelihood is dependent on an employer, you are fired. Mobs might show up at your house or at your child’s school. In some cases spouses have lost jobs, because the mob disapproved of their husband or wife. White Americans, unless they express anti-white sentiments, do not have freedom of speech and the freedom they have is only to denounce whites. The mob has tried, so far without success, to shut down Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. Indeed, well known white corporations have withdrawn their advertising from Carlson’s show. This is how powerfull the anti-white movement is. It demonstrates how weak is the position of white Americans who are not self-hating whites. The dumbshit white Americans continue to support the corporations that are negating their freedom of speech. This is stupidity and self-destruction beyond belief.

Being cancelled has acquired a new meaning. If you are a Trump supporter, you are now cancelled by being murdered. Watch an execution here: .

If white Americans do not wake up, become realistic, and find the confidence to defend themselves, they are going to be annihilated. This is true also for all white ethnicities in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. White people are a tiny percentage of the world population. They are greatly outnumbered.

In Sweden insane Swedish governments imported huge numbers of non-whites in a display of support for multiculturalism. One consequence is that a large percentage of ethnic Swedish women, that is, white women, are afraid to go outside their homes. Why? Because they are raped in public. Ethnic Swedish men are too intimidated or fearful of being arrested for a hate crime for assaulting a black rapist of a Swedish woman to interfere. Swedish police who point out that ethnic Swedish women have no protection from the government and that 90% of all rapes are committed by black men are put on administrative leave and then fired for racism. The raped women themselves fear to report their rapes because they can be accused, even arrested, for hate speech. In Sweden, a white Swede who complains of black misbehavior has given a demonstration of his or her racism and will be more seriously punished than the black criminal. Of course, the Swedish government will deny this, but the facts I report are in their own newspapers.

This same situation, to a lesser degree, characterizes Norway, Germany, Italy, and the UK, and all of Europe with the exception of Hungary and Russia. Probably also in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand it is impossible for a white citizen to say anything unfavorable about a preferred minority without being in deep trouble.

If the United States and the European countries still had an educated and aware, instead of indoctrinated and brainwashed, population, opposition would arise to the decimation of white civilization. But there is nothing there to defend Western White Civilization but wet paper bags that even ignorant dumbshit barbarians can walk through.

The fall of the West is going to have much greater consequences than the fall of Rome.

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  1. Gee, I thought the election of Donald Trump was supposed to take care of this problem.

    Of course, you are looking at effects, not causes. The US is an empire, and became an empire in order to be able to exploit “excess capital.” The logic of empire is that the “rights” of citizens are nominally extended to all subjects, wherever located, which is reality means that the former citizens become fungible subjects.

    The US has since its inception been the designed tool of “Yankee” financial interests, the Constitution being mostly a scheme to manipulate the price of discounted war debts. The “exceptionalism” of US government has been the divorce of power (and the wealth to be gained from it) from responsibility, moral or legal, from the exercise of that power.

    In allowing and even encouraging Empire, white majority America has unwittingly but nevertheless greedily and proudly for all that dug its own grave. It remains blind to the horror its military inflicts on the rest of the world. Its nativist “right” lies to it just like the diverse left lies to its universalist adherents.

    • Agree: American Citizen 2.0
    • LOL: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @4justice
  2. Americans are no different than Swedes…

    The woman said she was waiting for the train when the man, identified as Reyes, approached her and pushed her to the ground…

    ‘The individual then climbed on top of the female and attempted to rape her, but he stopped when a crowd of bystanders formed,’ New York Police said…

    The woman was reportedly heard screaming and bystanders yelled and shouted at the suspect to get off of her… ‘Hey get off her,’ a person yelled at the attacker in video of the incident…

    In a clip released by the NYPD, he finally got off her and shrugged as if he’d done nothing wrong, picked up his sunglasses off the ground, and walked away…

    Notice that none of the Eloi actually intervened.

    It’s not too late to avoid the decimation of white civilization.

    Time is of the essence.

    • Replies: @jsinton
    , @anon
  3. Anyone that supports the 2nd Amendment should get behind the defund police movement. There is no one thing called ‘police’. There are street cops, investigators, forensics people, etc, etc, etc. What needs to be defunded are the street cops, leaving the rest of the ‘police’ alone. Before you go off half cocked, read first.

    Why are business owners and decent people not protecting businesses or themselves with weaponry? The answer is they are afraid of the legal system represented by street cops. If there were no street cops people would realize that the ‘state’ is not going to protect them and therefore arm themselves as the 2nd allows. Once people realize they are the ones that have the ultimate power, the threat from gov’t to come after them becomes hollow.

    Consider – once a business owner no longer fears the gov’t, and the gov’t fears the armed citizenry, riots get terminated by a few shotgun blasts. The tables get turned on the vicious scum currently in control on the streets as well as in the legislature.

    Support defunding street cops because they can’t protect anyone if you really think about it and are there to harass the decent people via a legal system that’s out of control. It’s way past time to put the fear of God into the political class by having an armed citizenry that can police themselves.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
    , @Curmudgeon
  4. Phibbs says:

    Too bad the Jews own the media and the politicians, as Jews have nothing but contempt for us white Christians. It’s a major reason why U.S. soldiers are (illegally) in Syria and risking World War Three with constant provocations against the Russian military — which was invited into Syria. The U.S. military is there simply to oppose Iran. In other words, the Jews feel WW III is a small price to pay for advancing Israel’s interests.

  5. sonofman says:

    Damn PCR. As usual, your assessment of the situation is true, but those are some brutal point-blank adjectives that you use to describe the people who are uninformed and incapable of independent thought and reasoning. It is not amusing watching European-Americans using “race” to shame their fellow European countryman into accepting a different political ideology. But punctuating this indoctrination with the use of force is shameful in itself.

  6. jsinton says:
    @Adam Smith

    Where I live, the jogger would have gotten capped by a little old lady. We don’t do Eloi around here.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  7. jsinton says:

    More accurate to say “the MEDIA made the election about whiteness”. Since the proles have an attention span of a gnat, it is the MEDIA which determines the discourse of the election. My view is the election is about Muellergate, impeachment grift, planned demic, and of course “white lives don’t matter”. It can all be summed up in one phrase: Orange Man bad. For me personally, the election should be about endless wars, endless corruption, restoration of the Constitution and the Republic. I’ll never get my wishes, methinks.

    • Agree: St-Germain
  8. PCR is the single most important political voice in the Western World.

    People should support his website. We need his voice.

    Of course, there are low IQ trolls like TimeTraveller and some other children at UNZ who don’t think so, but they are the enemy, and their time will come.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  9. By whiteness don’t forget we really mean Scots, Northern British, Germans, i suppose Poles and Finns are also are allies here as well as they are essentially members of the same group of people, even the anthropologist Carleton Coon said that the upper Palaeolithic survivors left a distinct group of peoples stretching from Ireland and Scotland right over to the Ural mountains and the Black sea. The descendant’s of the southern English in the north east along with the west coast of the US have never sided with us always supporting the crazy liberal policies, Biden a prime example. time for us to recognize that the solidarity has always lied with the people’s of the northern fringe of Europe and realize that many whites are unfortunately especially hostile to other whites.

  10. God Bless Trump.

    He’s going to be re-elected and repos can begin in earnest. Biden would come through too.

    Stay focused on the race war theater.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  11. @RoatanBill

    Interesting idea.

    But you know that individuals are limited — a certain number of people can protect themselves and their businesses just fine, but not everybody. To cover the gaps, ultimately individual protectors will need to organize and coordinate.

    And even if the rank and file officers are defunded, there will still be “special units” that the local politicians will insist upon funding… so we’d end up with no cops, but trained and equipped SWATs that will be deployed against any “terrorist militia activity” i.e., civilians and business owners organizing in any way. Immediately everybody from the National Guard to ATF will be called in.

    It’ll be a country full of Wacos and Bundys — with a media that spins and makes sure the reasonable individuals on the civilian side are NEVER given a chance to tell their story, and spooks in every group to ensure some atrocity occurs to make them look as bad as possible.

    • Agree: bomag
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  12. @RoatanBill

    Where does that end? Can Microsoft, Amazon, or for that matter McDonalds, hire Blackwater to be their police? Can those police chase and apprehend off the grounds of the above? Can Blackwater use tanks and helicopter gunships?

    I’m not going to tell you that there aren’t bad cops, there are. The street cops don’t decide whether your property is protected, the political cops do. Your enemy is the politicians, not the street cops. The street cops are employees, just like the night watchman at a factory.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  13. Franz says:

    The media allege that it is racist not to be against white people because white people are racist.

    Admirably circular reasoning. A species of theology, not of politics or even morality.

    It’s the white demons mad Yacob made according to NOI blacks, or Amaleks for Jewish antifa. And a surprising number of antifa are Jewish, so much so it was probably impossible for Kyle Rittenhouse not to hit one when he was defending his life in Kenosha.* (Just an opinion, but the one he killed shouldn’t have been out loose anyway.)

    Fight theology with theology. If certain Muslims (among others) can hate whites as part of their religion, European Christianity has a tradition of racial hygiene too. Just a thought.

    * Never watched Brother Nathanial much, but in less than 10 minutes he’s put together an extremely vivid, chronologically convincing, and apparently accurate a picture of what really happened. No editing out the brutal stuff, so sensitive souls be warned:

  14. anon[313] • Disclaimer says:
    @Adam Smith

    Call him Colin Rapernick.

  15. phil-os says:
    @Oliver Elkington

    It is very stupid to reject friends of your own group in time of need. By friends of your own group I mean other white European groups not included in your “remember …” crap. According to your statement you would rather have near a black lover girl from your described group than a consciously white French, Spaniard, Dutch, Russian, Check, Greek or Italian (just to mention a few). Do you know geography and history beyond what was officially taught to you in college? Your are either stupid or a fifth columnist.

    • Replies: @Oliver Elkington
  16. @Sollipsist

    I’d bet that people will demand a roll back of all the unconstitutional gun laws so they can feel safe in using their weapons when needed. Even those hesitant to own a weapon today would change their outlook if there is no other entity that will protect them. Private guards would be better than street cops because they have a limited mandate.

    Really think about what a street cop accomplishes as far as protecting the citizenry is concerned. I’m of the opinion that the street cop is a giant fraud. He’s almost never there when a criminal victimizes a person or property and shows up after the fact with a piece of chalk to outline the body. How exactly does ‘protect and serve’ actually do what’s advertised. Any serious contemplation must conclude the entire aura around street cops is just bogus. Add to that the numerous court decisions all over the country that affirm that police have no duty to protect the citizenry.

    Street cops are the muscle for the political class that you and I get to pay for while they harass us with nuisance tickets and intimidation. It is the street cop that costs municipalities fortunes to settle law suits and it is the street cop that is always shooting people and their dogs for many times completely stupid reasons because they escalate encounters if there’s the slightest whiff of ‘contempt of cop’, which I have in abundance.

  17. @Curmudgeon

    Street cops are useless in their advertised role of ‘protect and serve’. Evidence for this is abundant currently and a logical analysis of even their best intentions would show that it is impossible for them to protect anyone because they are almost never at the scene of a crime. They show up afterwards with chalk to outline the body. It is a fraudulent job from the public’s perspective. They protect the political class – the people that sign their paychecks.

    I don’t care if a cop is good or bad, just that they are ineffective in their advertised roll. They are the ones causing the constant flareups of rioting by their over reaction to what should be minor incidents because they see themselves as untouchable under law. ‘Contempt of Cop’ is punishable by execution. Our tax money pays to settle every lawsuit prompted by a useless individual with a bad attitude towards the public supported by a crooked union that shouldn’t even exist.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  18. @phil-os

    I welcome all whites who support Trump and his movement, it is just a fact that many whites simply do not support Trump and they generally tend to be whites of southern English, Swedish or Italian descent, if you think i am wrong then tell me why so many states in the NE like Connecticut and New Jersey are so anti Trump.

    • Replies: @Juvenalis
  19. Many have been criticizing Trump for giving his RNC convention acceptance speech on the White House lawn for violating the Hatch Act of 1939 which prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activity. The act was later amended to prohibit state and local employees from engaging in political activity. In 1993 the act was amended to allow federal employees to engage in political activity.

    Since the 1993 amendment government employees including teachers, police, and fire fighters have abused the ability to engage in political activity to the extent that the government is no longer functioning in any capacity what so ever. 

    These individuals were hired to serve the public, but have been fully exposed as total tyrants demanding that the public serves and obeys them, or else they will totally destroy America in a scorched earth policy literally burning the country down and refusing to go to work and do their job, or go to work and not do their job, while still demanding salaries for their tyranny, neglect, abuse, and defiance.

    The federal, state, and local government institutions have become so politically active, tnat political activism has become their main goal, and have clearly been proven incompetent to balance the ability to be politically active and do their jobs simultaneously. Schools have abused students, and citizens for non compliance in their political agendas, which have included a wide array of issues that these unelected fascist tyrants have decided and demanded that the entire country capitulates to their litany of demands and adopt their system of beliefs or they will simply throw temper tantrums.of rage and prevent anyone in the country from being able to thrive, succeed, or survive. 

    You are the worst examples in the world for Americas youth! You live high on the hog compared to the majority of your students, yet demand even more for yourselves, and produce the worst results in the industrialized world! 

    You have not even grown up yourselves so you certainly have absolutely no business of guiding children to behave like responsible adults! 

    This includes Tony Evers!

    You really believe that everyone exists simply to serve you! You demand more and more every year and produce less and less every year! 

    Now you are burning the country down and holding us hostage resulting in the destruction of families, individuals, and small businesses, in your Great Leap Forward cultural revolution based on scientific fraud and propaganda! 

    The Great Leap Forward in China resulted in the deaths of 45 million to 50 million Chinese, as fact inconvenient as that bitter pill is for you to swallow, now some are claiming that this was just CIA propaganda that they died, when even the Chinese government has recently acknowledged it, and other countries intelligence agencies are totally aware of it as well!

    We do not need or want future generations to be brain washed with lies and propaganda! In fact, we cannot survive as a nation if they are! 

    Andrea Iravani

  20. Cutler says:

    Spot on by PCR, He is saying what many more of us are thinking and I suspect more and more of us will continue noticing trends inspite of the lying press. Thanks.

  21. I agree with the entirety of this article. But I am the only one I know personally that does. Everyone around me is in denial or clueless about the Jewpocalypse against white people. Informed whites like us need a physical place to exist in peace where we can defend each other.

  22. Corvinus says:

    The November election is about the rule of law, nothing else.

  23. Corvinus says:

    “Stay focused on the race war theater.”

    Which means absolutely nothing unless you are willing to pull a Kyle.

    • Replies: @TimeTraveller
  24. Corvinus says:
    @Genrick Yagoda

    “but they are the enemy, and their time will come.”

    In what specific way will “their time come”? Will YOU be front and center in the thick of it, or be on the sidelines as a cheerleader? It’s put up or shut up time, friend.

  25. @Oliver Elkington

    This is your own, private definition of whiteness:

    By whiteness don’t forget we really mean Scots, Northern British, Germans, i suppose Poles and Finns are also are allies here as well as they are essentially members of the same group of people, even the anthropologist Carleton Coon said that the upper Palaeolithic survivors left a distinct group of peoples stretching from Ireland and Scotland right over to the Ural mountains and the Black sea.

    Since whites are a collective—a race—your own, private definition which the collective does not share cannot have much bearing on the matter, can it?

    It is conceivable that you understand something I fail to grasp; but as far as I know, actual white people have no idea what you are talking about.

    Carleton Coon may be a fine fellow for all I know, but I have never heard of him. Have you?

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Corvinus
  26. Ron Unz says:
    @V. K. Ovelund

    Carleton Coon may be a fine fellow for all I know, but I have never heard of him. Have you?

    Actually, for decades Prof. Coon was one of the world’s foremost physical anthropologists, the author of several of the most authoritative books in the field, and he also served as president of his professional society. Here’s his 1981 obituary in the NYT:

    He’s also reasonably well-represented in my content-archiving system:

    But don’t feel too embarrassed. Until a few years ago, I don’t think I’d ever heard of him either. It’s important to realize that an enormous number of our leading academics, journalists, and other public intellectuals have been almost entirely purged from our history books and media, with Coon being only a relatively minor and partial example:

    • Thanks: bomag
  27. Corvinus says:
    @V. K. Ovelund

    “Since whites are a collective—a race—your own, private definition which the collective does not share cannot have much bearing on the matter, can it?”

    Hate fact–The following demonstrates the historical underpinnings of the “white race”, which has a significant bearing today.

    The Alt Right assumes that the creation of the United States was undeniably monolithic. “Europeans” came to North America, conquered and settled. But they were other than united in the beginning by common ideologies. Europeans had their own “redoubts”, ethnically and/or culturally, in the Thirteen Colonies. Remember, the Germans, the Irish, the Italians, the Slavs, the Poles–ALL had been considered at various points in time of unworthy of assimilation and citizenship. HOWEVER, they gradually blended into a new group–Americans–as they immersed themselves into building their political and economic institutions. And, accordingly, the Founding Fathers left open the door for future generations of Americans to weave other groups of people into the American fabric–European and non-European.

    The notion of “whites” or “European-whites” being bound together came about as a result of Social Darwinism and imperialism in the late 1800’s–the distinction that separated “us” from “them”. In this manner, the “lowest-rung” whites were deemed superior in social standing than their darkie counterparts, while at the same time knew full well their “pecking order” within the European hierarchy. The following source offers extensive evidence to prove this point.

    One of the first and most important thinkers of the nineteenth century to elaborate this view of society was Joseph-Arthur de Gobineau, who began publishing his L’essai sur l’inegalité des races humaines (Essay on the inequality of the human races) in 1853. Gobineau’s history presented human development for the first time as a contest of races. His book was heavily researched in an attempt to draw together the most up-to-date scholarship of the new realms of science, especially German archaeology and philology and French anthropology. He concluded that contemporary nations were the patrimony of a racial past defined by the conquest of weaker races by stronger ones. He posited three great races, the white, the black, and the yellow, that engaged in constant battle. For Gobineau, the victor and true driving force of human history was the white, or European, race. Yet, this victory came always at a price. Lesser races never disappeared. Instead, they mixed into the conquering races, leaving a weaker whole. The mixture, in fact, elevated lower races, in which he included the yellow and the black and their lingering influence among European peasantry and urban working classes, while the white race was degraded.

    Georges Vacher de Lapouge, in his study of European skulls in 1888, saw three European races and ordered their quality and value: European Man, Alpine Man, and Homo Contractus. He argued that none of these races directly correlated with a specific nation, but his descriptions of their behaviors and religious ideas were clearly meant to correspond to Germany, Southern Europe, and the population of European Jews. The naturalized German citizen Houston Stewart Chamberlain wrote in 1899 that the German race struggled to maintain its purity because of the Darwinian form of natural selection that caused Germans to feel a revulsion toward intermixing with lesser races. Overall, this putative science of race uncoupled nationalism from its liberal roots, implying that those who lived within a national community did not necessarily belong. One could act, speak, or feel German or French but never be German or French.

    In newly unified Italy, northern Italians in Lombardy saw the threat of southern peoples, the Sicilians or Neapolitans, as racially enervating. They were thought to be different because of their hot-blooded, less rational characters—elements believed to emanate from their hotter climate and their proximity to Africa. Similar ideas existed in Spain toward those from the south, in particular Andalu sia. In northern Spain, notions of racial purity became important adjuncts of the Basque nationalist movement that sprang up in the late nineteenth century. The presence of foreign guest workers, or maketos, from other parts of Spain, was perceived as a threat to Basque purity. Sabino Arana, an early founder of Basque nationalism, proposed miscegenation laws in 1901 to prohibit the marriage of Basques to Spaniards.

    Imperialism helped solidify a view of the world as a hierarchy of races with Europeans at the zenith and all others arrayed below. One ugly symbol of this worldview was the “human zoo” that appeared throughout fin de siècle Europe in international fairs and other public spectacles. This kind of menagerie, replete with dioramic portrayals of humans living in their “typical” habitat, produced wide-eyed amazement among Europeans of the late nineteenth century and established racial hierarchy not just as an elite, scientific view of history but also as a popular one. By the 1880’s and 1890’s, race existed as a concrete idea recognizable to any European. Race became an essential element of national strength—and required defense and protection.

    Of course, the hierarchy of race begs the question: If other, non-white races are inferior to “whites”’, then is there a hierarchy within the “white” race? Would not certain “white” groups be considered superior to others that seem “less white” or “not quite white”?

    Are all Finns superior to all Iberians, who tend to be of a darker skin tone? Is a low-education Swede automatically “better” than a highly-educated Greek? Did not the Romans, a “darker” Latin group, conquer and “civilize” less-developed barbarian tribes such as Britons? Was not Great Britain the product of made up of mixed peoples from different levels of that hierarchy? How would one “ethnically handicap” Romans, Angles, Saxons, Normans, Danes, Gaelic Celts, Jutes, and Frisians?

    In addition, what does “anti-white” even refer to? How are white people “anti-white”? Must all whites declare they are “pro-white”; that is, state they are part of this “tribe”? What are the consequences of those deemed “anti-white” by “pro-whites”? Are pro-white men and women more “successful” compared to anti-white men and women? Will their advice lead to a “happy and secure home life” for those deemed “anti-white”?

  28. Richard B says:
    @donald j tingle

    Of course, you are looking at effects, not causes.

    You’re not looking at causes either. You’re looking at one cause and have convinced yourself that that’s all there is to it. You reduced the whole thing to a single causal force.

    You grasp the situation while totally missing the point.

    And the point is that something as complex as the history of The USA couldn’t possibly be reduced to a single cause. No matter how badly you need it to.

  29. @Corvinus

    You must have missed the sarcasm. Pull as many Kyle’s as you want, I’m still going to the auction house.

  30. @RoatanBill

    They are the ones causing the constant flareups of rioting by their over reaction to what should be minor incidents because they see themselves as untouchable under law.

    You are some rich fag expat living in the Caribbean. You have NO GODDAMN CLUE what is required to police a city full of retarded North American Pavement Apes, who are facilitated by Leftist filth politicians.

    Die and rot in whatever shithole you now call home, cunt.

    And stfu please.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  31. @GeneralRipper

    I’m going to keep posting if for no other reason than to piss you off.

    I’m neither rich nor a fag, but I did grow up in NYC during the riots in Bedford Stuyvesant by the porch monkeys. I know exactly what they are capable of because I carried a 22 for half my high school (Brooklyn Tech) and all my college years (Brooklyn Polytechnic) in the heart of Mau Mau territory. I didn’t care about NY’s Sullivan law.

    What I do know is that the street cops were never around in my first 2 years of high school where I got shot with a zip gun and also got a minor stab wound, all courtesy of the darkies. Nothing has changed; street cops are still absolutely useless except to instigate a riot when they do act. They’re simply not worth the trouble they cause and if they didn’t exist, lots of folks would be packing and killing the predators when they act up.

    You should have had your mouth washed out with soap when you were growing up.

  32. @RoatanBill

    lots of folks would be packing and killing the predators when they act up.

    Just not you, cuz you’re doing the Limbo down in Kokomo.

  33. KenH says:

    Things are so bad that even elected representatives like Steve King who defend America and Western civilization in milquetoast terms are unceremoniously run out of Congress. Implicity white Kris Kobach gets marginalized by the GOP establishment. White politicians know that if they speak out on behalf of whites it won’t take long for the wheels of Jewish power to turn and destroy their career.

    White politicians are expected to pay obeisance to white diminution and political dispossession via mass immigration. Or else. Conversely, Democrats are praised and rewarded for insulting and mocking whites, labeling American history as “white supremacy” and working against our interests.

    There are blacks who attend Trump rallies with “Black for Trump” emblazoned across their white t-shorts. If whites wore “Whites for Trump” t-shirts they would be denounced by Trump and the media would label them “white supremacists”.

    This is the first time in our history that white leaders throughout the West have thrown in with the people and forces trying to destroy us. The only exception is Eastern Europe. This is the first time in our history that half of our people (and possibly more) hate themselves or are completely indifferent to the survival of the white race.

    Unless things change and soon the future does not look good for whites.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  34. breeze says:
    @Oliver Elkington

    Note, you do not include the Irish among the white groups. Nor, for that matter the Welsh. Only the Scots. Also, excluded are the southen English. The hostility of whites toward other whites on Europe’s northern fringe. Is the hostility mindless or rooted in reality?

    Hope, it can be dissoved , given the threat to our race. Can it?

    As for me, I’m a mix of Irish, English, Danish and Norman French.

    Also, is Trump the litmus test for Whitemanism? I will vote for him, but detest the MF. Biden, is obviously a YID lickin, treasonous Shabozz Goy! How ’bout Trump? Yidz ever bailed his ass out? Some say yes, to the tune of one billion plus! True or not, he is, officially at least, a pro Israel, Zionist, YID suckin MF. And, Fat Boy, Secretary of State Pompeo! How about him! A rapture ready, I be saved, Evangelical MF.

    Hope, to live long enough, to experience them and their ilk, getting the command, heard by traitors down thru the ages. “Yo, up against da wall, MOTHA F????


    Brendan Long


    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  35. @breeze

    The Irish taught the Anglo Saxon Kings how to read and write, among other things.

    • Replies: @breeze
  36. breeze says:


    General, thank’s! Have to let my English brother in law know! As for Ireland, apparemtly in real bad shape with non white immigration, faggot pedophile clergy. Again, man, thank’s!



  37. PCR enters the Pantheon!

  38. Juvenalis says:
    @Oliver Elkington

    Whites of English, Swedish, Italian descent are so anti-Trump? Odd grouping to begin with, but one would have to be clueless about American politics, sociology, psephology to think Italians are some especially anti-Trump demographic. Italian-Americans always been a Republican demographic, in part dating back to when Italian immigrants arrived in cities where earlier wave ethnocentric Irish immigrants had come to dominate local urban Democratic Party machines.

    But ‘populist’ Trumpist Republicanism especially appealed to Italians, who gave Trump largest victory margins in 2016 GOP primaries–Staten Island, highest % Italians county in USA, voted 82% Trump, highest % Trump received while there were still other candidates actively running; also dominated the Italian parts of Brooklyn and Queens; across New York Harbor, John Kasich won Manhattan. In the general election Trump won Staten Italy 57%-40%. Trump flipped Suffolk County, Long Island from 51%-48% Obama 2012 to 52%-44% Trump first GOP win of the county since 1992. Also NYC Mayor election, Warren Wilhelm a.k.a. Bill De Blasio won in 2017 with 66% citywide in very low-turnout election in 4/5 boros, except Staten Italy which rejected De Bozo once in 2013 but turnout surged in SI just to register protest votes and express contempt by larger landslide margin against De Blaz who won like 20% of the vote on SI, concentrated in the “diverse” housing projects on far north shore.

    White ethnic Catholics in general very strong for Trump; Irish in other parts of the country more historically Democrat, or those more ‘integrated’ into WASPiness, are more liberal. But Irish Catholics living in ethnic inner suburban communities with Italians (also Poles, German Catholics, Ukrainians, Russians, Greek Orthodox, etc.), not far behind Italians in Trump/GOP support. Nationwide as a whole White Catholics voted 64%-31% Trump, delivering Trump the election. BIPOC+Jews were as always very strong for Democrats.

    Trump’s non-PC ‘Archie Bunker’-esque crude straight-talking brawler persona appealed to Italians while alienating more smiley friendly nice groups like Scandinavians and those more attuned to WASP sensibilities about how a POTUS should behave (viz. the Bushes).

    Amid all the recent iconoclasm of America’s cultural patrimony, as other White groups sufficiently self-hating by now that even in the Deepest South there appeared virtually no resistance to toppling monuments, Italian-Americans were the only group I saw come out in cities like NYC, Philly, Boston, Chicago to defend Columbus statues, monuments, local businesses armed sometimes with only baseball bats to ward off Antifa/BLM, something Trump has mentioned in his recent rally stump speeches. Liberal media tried to call them “white supremacist militias”, but were not organized political militias of any sort, just local communities of Italian descent angry at what Antifa/BLM was getting away with.

    After Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered the removal of Columbus statues under cover of darkness (following weeks of battles between cops/Italians vs. BLM to topple them), there was a local press conference where I saw one after another Italian community leader guy who warned Lightfoot, Democrats, Antifa/BLM, “we are coming for you”!

  39. 4justice says:
    @donald j tingle

    If all White Americans are guilty of celebrating empire, why are people like Fr. Coughlin, Henry Ford and Charles Linbergh still attacked as “bigots” for having been anti-interventionists? Would the US have had the same degree of empire without entering WWII? Yes, it was a regional hegemon, but that is not the same thing as a world superpower controlling the sealanes with its currency as the world reserve currency. Hmmm…. who was it that tricked the public into going in to WWII? Said they would be bigots not to? The US did go and vanquished the Nazis and yet still pays yearly reparations to Israel instead of Israel paying the US.

    I think certain disproportionately powerful string pullers want to have it both ways. Now the neocons and AIPAC dictate our foreign policy yet it is “white America” that is blamed. Nice try, but some of us are not that gullible.

  40. Big James says:

    Today white Americans are demonized far worse than Jews were demonized in Nazi Germany.

    Nonsense! Yet you have a white (supremacist) president; white supreme court justices (don’t count Clarence Thomas as non white); overwhelmingly white congress and cabinet. If the Jews had those privileges and majority of the population, as whites in America presently enjoy ,there won’t be no Nazi Germany to begin with.

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