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US recognizes it cannot stand up to Russia:

“Latest US Sanctions Not Designed to Cause Any Disruption to Current Flow Of Energy From Russia to The World, White House Claims”

In 90 days Ukraine will not exist:

“Zelensky Declares to Hold General Mobilization in Ukraine Within Next 90 Days”

Moreover, the neo-Nazis will be dead by then and no Ukrainians will mobilize.

The dumbshit Speaker of the House must not have heard Putin’s warning:

US House Speaker Pelosi Says Wants to Provide Ukraine With $600 Million in Lethal Defense Weapons

NATO is unravelling:

NATO members object to cutting Russia from SWIFT system

The dumbshit Europeans are learning what it means to be US puppet states—death, destruction, and financial harm, and UK with its destroyed economy wants to destroy Russia’s:

UK Working With Allies to Disconnect Russia From SWIFT, Will Not Rest Until Russian Economy Is Destroyed –British Foreign Office

Why do the British idiots think they can destroy the Russian economy? The problem the world faces is that the Western governments have zero contact with reality.

Comment: The world has reached the point in its history when the Western part of it has totally failed in its leadership. The United States abandonng all principles of its founding, all allegiance to law, has attempted to impose its will on the world. Russia objects, and so does China.

These are powerful objectors. Russia is the world’s preeminent military power. China is the world’s preeminent economic power. Washington, a rapidly declining power, has made itself an enemy of both. This signifies the total failure of Washington’s foreign power. So many corrupt interests are dependent on Washington’s power, that it is impossible for the United States to adjust itself, peacefully, to the new world order created by Russia.

This puts the life of the entire Western world at risk for no reason except the hubristic claim that the West is exceptional and entileded to hegemomy over the world.

Putin put an end to that hegemony a couple of days ago.

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