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The Matrix Extends Its Reach
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NOTE: The remnant of the American left has again fallen in with the official terror story of the Paris attacks, because the official story serves the left-wing’s denunciatory needs. I see that the Russians as well are on board with the official story as it serves their posture that we must all unite against terrorism. Amazing. Washington can rely on the world’s total blindness.

Within one hour of the Paris attacks and without any evidence, the story was set in stone that the perpetrator was ISIL. This is the way propagada works.

When the West does it, it always succeeds, because the world is accustomed to following the lead of the West. I was amazed to see, for example, Russian news services helping to spread the official story of the Paris attacks despite Russia herself having suffered so often from planted false stories.

Has the Russian media forgotten MH-17? The minute the story was reported that the Malaysian airliner was hit by a Russian missile over eastern Ukraine in the hands of separatists, the blame was ascribed to Russia. And that is where the blame remains despite the absence of evidence.

Has the Russian media also forgotten the “Russian invasion of Ukraine”? This preposterous story is accepted everywhere in the West as gospel.

Has the Russian media forgot about the book by the German newspaper editor who wrote that every European journalist of consequence was an asset of the CIA?

One would have thought that experience would have taught Russian media sources to be careful about explanations that originate in the West.

So now we have what is likely to be another false story set in stone. Just as a few Saudis with box cutters outwitted the entire US national security state, ISIL managed to acquire unacquirable weapons and outwit French intelligence while organizing a series of attacks in Paris.

Why did ISIL do this? Blowback for France’s small role in Washington’s Middle East violence?

Why not the US instead?

Or was ISIL’s purpose to have the flow of refugees into Europe blocked by closed borders? Does ISIL really want to keep all of its opponents in Syria and Iraq when instead it can drive them out to Europe? Why have to kill or control millions of people by preventing their flight?

Don’t expect any explanations or questions from the media about the story that is set in stone.

The threat to the European political establishment is not ISIL. The threats are the rising anti-EU, anti-immigrant political parties: Pegida in Germany, the UK Independence Party, and the National Front in France. The latest poll shows the National Front’s Marine Le Pen leading as the likely French president.

Something had to be done about the hords of refugees from Washington’s wars, or the establishment political parties faced defeat at the hands of political parties that are also unfriendly to Europe’s subservience to Washington.

EU rules about refugees and immigrants and Germany’s acceptance of one million of the refugees, together with heavy criticism of those governments in Eastern Europe that wanted to put up fences to keep out the refugees, made closing borders impossible.


With the Paris terror attacks, what was impossible became possible, and the President of France immediately announced the closing of France’s borders. The border closings will spread. The main issue of the rising dissident political parties will be defused. The EU will be safe, and so will Washington’s sovereignty over Europe.

Whether or not the Paris attacks were a false flag operation for the purpose of obtaining these results, these results are the consequences of the attacks. These results serve the interests of the European political establishment and Washington.

Is ISIL so unsophisticated not to have realized that? If ISIL is that unsophisticated, how did ISIL so easily deceive French intelligence? Indeed, can French intelligence be intelligent?

Can Western peoples be intelligent to fall for a story set in stone prior to any evidence? In the West, facts are created by self-serving statements from governments. Investigation is not part of the process. When 90 percent of the US media is owned by six mega-corporations, it cannot be any different.

As The Matrix grows in the absurdity of its claims, it nevertheless manages to become even more invulnerable.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, Paris Attacks, Terrorism 
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  1. J Yan says:

    ISIS is being assisted by factions inside the CIA, Mossad, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, so ISIS’s outwitting of the self-absorbed French government is not so far-fetched.

  2. dahoit says:

    Who do these attacks benefit is a logical and proper question.It was my first thought also.
    Well it certainly helps the war of terror,and Zionist eyes(at least some,like Bibi’s)are smiling.

  3. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    I see a lot of people on the alt right mention Matrix and Red Pill and etc.

    This is all very ironic since MATRIX was made by chic neo-Marxists and homos.
    It is for the generation of Gramsci and Calvin Klein. It is rave party revolution.

    In the movie, you take the Red Pill and the real reality turns out to be a world led by Noble Selfless Negroes. Where do you find such Negroes? Only in the silly imagination of a moron who eventually decided to transform into a ‘woman’.

    Matrix’s vision of real reality is even more fanciful than the Matrix.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Kiza
    , @Kilo 4/11
  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    You’re looking at all the wrong things. The concept of a Matrix is far too helpful to our struggle to discard it based on Hollywood conventions and casting quotas. Also, only the first Matrix movie is considered cannon.

    The first movie was made for white Christians. The second for the European atheists (Merovingian). The third and final part for the Asian market, mostly for India.

    Besides, the hero and savior, Neo, Mr Anderson (literally, Son of Man), is white, and the stand in for the Jesus story.

  5. Akira says: • Website

    The Truther mass-lobotomy extends its reach…

  6. MarkinLA says:

    I am trying to figure what PCR’s point is. Is he against closing the border? Is he against the anti-EU nationalist parties? How does closing the border and becoming more anti-EU and anti-immigrant help the political establishment?

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    A false flag attack to save face? What? The borders are open.

    The borders were on their way to being closed. It was inevitable. ISIS had to strike now before they are shut completely.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  8. @MarkinLA

    I am trying to figure what PCR’s point is.

    Translation: “I’m desperately trying NOT to understand PCR’s point.”

  9. Kiza says:
    @Priss Factor

    The Wachowskis have certainly entered both the idiomatic dictionaries and the history books, with both the first Matrix movie and the V for Vendetta movie. For example, we have a Million Masks March. “The red pill” has become one of the most powerful anti-establishment idioms, as much as the Guy Fawkes mask a symbol of resistance to growing totalitarianism.

    If one of the brothers is a homo and gender bender, this does not diminish their contribution to humanity even a little bit. It only brings another extraordinary similar person, Bradley/Chelsea Manning, to mind. I wish you and/or I could contribute to human thought and to freedom as much as the mentioned people did, homo or not.

    I am fairly conservative myself, but I am only against the homo establishment going around and showing their lifestyle choices down others’ throats. But these are actions of a political establishment and the thought police, not anything associated with homosexuality per se. To be an “establishment”, most establishments must impose their criteria and lifestyle onto others. Thus, the homo establishment. Should be blame individuals for the actions of an establishment which claims power over them as well as us? The homo establishment has successfully copied the methods of the Zionists establishment. But this has nothing to do with the Wachowskis.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  10. Kiza says:

    I can only conclude that some people coming to Unz Review are either Hasbara or very thick.

    If this was a false-flag, then it was perpetrated by Israel and US, to get France involved in the Syrian war, to depose of President Assad and dismember Syria. As much as 911 could have been created for the Iraq attack, the Paris 1113 could have been created for the Syria attack. The only French aircraft carrier is already on the way to Syria. One outstanding similarity between the two, that the whole of the independent Internet is having a laugh about are the fire-proof, undestructible passports. Not only undestructible, then the terrorists were carrying passport to the place where they are about to blow themselves up and meet their maker!? Probably they needed the passports for the very tough Alah’s Customs Service at the entrance into the Muslim Heaven? No documents, no 72 virgins. That is it.

    For the thinking people, the Zionist controlled Western regimes have gone beyond ridiculous.

  11. Mark Green says: • Website

    Paul Craig Roberts is always interesting, but his imagination may have gotten the better of him in this fanciful theory. The Paris terror attack was a… a US hit?

    I’m not sure I’m buying this particular conspiracy theory (even though Washington and its cabal of insiders are capable of anything).

    I have the feeling that this latest incident is exactly what it’s now advertised to be: a product of angry refugees from the Middle East. But maybe I’m wrong.

    If the mainstream media is exactly right about this, it’s hardly shocking. After all, even France has dropped bombs on Syria and was a major player in NATO’s destruction of Libya. There’s the motive, right there: France’s lethal interventions.

    This is what happens when troubled countries are attacked and destroyed by mega-powerful outsiders: survivors on the receiving end seek revenge.

    Therefore, as long as the West chooses to interfere militarily in the affairs of other nations, there will likely be blowback. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

    But maybe Roberts has identified something even more sinister. It’s possible.

    • Replies: @Kilo 4/11
  12. This sounds pretty silly – for one thing I doubt it will do much to stem refugee/migrant flows. And it is likely to assist nationalists electorally. Might as well claim it was a false flag set up by Marine Le Pen. BTW on Al Jazeera I saw them blaming Assad for it!

  13. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Matrix is a shit movie.

    It is asinine.

    Only part 3 is good cuz it’s all action and effects minus the new age mumbo jumbo.

    The fact that political movements now (de)base themselves on ridiculous cartoonish movies says something about the silliness of our age.

  14. Escher says:

    Where did these killers get their hands on sophisticated weaponry? Europe is supposed to have tight gun control. Not to mention the indestructible passports found at all these crime scenes, including the granddaddy of them all (9/11).
    By the way the media is suspiciously silent as to how quickly ISIL arose from nowhere, and how its untrained volunteers developed the ability to operate heavy weaponry like tanks and artillery, print flags and outfits with logos, create sophisticated online propaganda, and the skills to administer its annexed areas.

  15. I’m not sure why anybody listens to Paul Craig Roberts. He hasn’t taken the Red Pill; he’s drank the truther Kool-Aid.

    9/11 “truth” is a mental disease. There is nothing unbelievable or physically impossible about the “official version” of what happened on 9/11. That’s because it isn’t a “version”–it is what actually transpired. Anyone who really understands engineering and has a decent grasp of the facts, does not find the collapse of the towers (including WTC7) to be at all mysterious. Anyone who has contemplated just how incompetent and vulnerable bureaucracies are at every level, does not find our flatfooted response to the terror attacks to be at all out of character.

    Now on to present events in Paris. Why is it so hard to fathom that a passport could survive a suicide bombing? We’re talking small, wearable explosive charges here, not nuclear weapons. A passport booklet is made either of plastic or laminated paper. They are designed to be durable and are difficult to tear, incinerate, or deface. If you set off a bomb belt right next to a passport, you could very likely recover the passport in a readable condition. Nothing far-fetched about that.

    And why is it so difficult to imagine why the terrorist had his passport on him in the first place? That was likely his only form of identification, and in Europe you are required to carry ID at all times and to display it for various purposes. Suppose he had needed to get on train or drive past a security check point, or buy a pack of smokes to calm his nerves. Why would you risk ruining your whole terror plot just because you didn’t have ID on you?

    Here we have a situation where hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners, who have openly called for the destruction of the Western world for centuries, stream in to Europe relatively unchecked, and the next thing you know there is a terror attack in Paris. Yet Paul Craig Roberts wants to disregard the obvious explanation for these events and posit a bizarre conspiracy in its place that doesn’t sync with the motivations of any of the known actors. This is ridiculous.

    And by the way, none of this should be taken to mean that I am a neocon, a Zio-con, pro-Israel, or a government shill. I am none of those things. I believe the United States government to be evil and incompetent, and I can’t stand transnational Jewry. But these attacks in Paris were perpetrated by disaffected apemen of Middle Eastern extraction shouting allahu akbar and acting from motivations that are well within the grasp of any competent adult, and if you will not accept that than you are an idiot.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    And by the way, none of this should be taken to mean that I am a neocon, a Zio-con, pro-Israel, or a government shill.

    Right, but you are presumably anti-immigration, and people who are anti-immigration, along with the groups you mention, have certain cognitive biases, just as Truthers do.

  17. Kilo 4/11 says:
    @Mark Green

    One thing that is surely “set in stone”, to borrow a favorite phrase of the author, is Roberts’ knee-jerk reaction to anything bad that happens in the world: “Washington did it.”

  18. Kilo 4/11 says:
    @Priss Factor

    “It is for the generation of Gramsci and Calvin Klein. It is rave party revolution.
    In the movie, you take the Red Pill and the real reality turns out to be a world led by Noble Selfless Negroes.”

    Thank you for that. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what made me balk at the glorification of this movie’s “heroes”, and uneasy about the ubiquitous reference to its story as some kind of millennial revelation. Those excellent lines of yours finally turned on the light for me.

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