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The Leftwing Has Placed Itself In the Trash Can of History
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At a time when the Western world desperately needs alternative voices to the neoliberals, the neoconservatives, the presstitutes and the Trump de-regulationists, there are none. The Western leftwing has gone insane.

The voices being raised against Trump, who does need voices raised against him, are so hypocritical as to reflect less on Trump than on those with raised voices.

Sharon Kelly McBride, speaking for Human Rights First, sent me an email saying that Trump stands on the wrong side of “America’s ideals” by his prohibition of Muslim immigrants into the US.

My question to McBride is: Where were you and Human Rights First when the Bush/Cheney/Obama regime was murdering, maiming, orphaning, widowing, and displacing millions of Muslims in seven countries over the course of 4 presidential terms?

Why is it OK to slaughter millions of peoples, destroy their homes and villages, wreck their cities as long as it is not Donald Trump who is doing it?

Where does Human Rights First get off. Just another fake website, or is McBride seizing the opportunity to prostitute Human Rights First in hopes of donations from the DNC, the Soros’ NGOs, the Israel Lobby, and the ruling One Percent?

Money speaks, and alternative voices need money in order to speak. As so many Americans are indifferent to the quality of information that they get, many alternative voices are thrown back to relying on whatever money is available. Generally, it is the money of disinformation, of information that controls the explanations in ways that favor and enhance the ruling oligarchy.

Is this the position in which McBride has placed Human Rights First?

Turn now to Truthout. This website says that Trump is demonizing Muslims by denying them immigration into the US. Where has Truthout been for the past 16 years? Did Truthout not notice that the George W. Bush regime said “We have to kill them (Muslims) over there before they (Muslims) come over here.”

Did Truthout not notice that Obama continued the policy of “killing them (Muslims) over there”?

How insane, how corrupt, does Truthout have to be to say that it is Trump who is demonizing Muslims?

Trump has not said that he wants to “kill them over there.” He has said that if the masses of peoples we have dislocated and whose families we have murdered want to come here, they might wish to exact revenge. Having made Muslims our enemies, it makes no sense to admit vast numbers of them.

According to Bush and Obama, we are supposed “to kill them over there,” not bring them “over here” where they can kill us as a payback for the murder machine we have run against them.

This is common sense. Yet, the deranged left says it is “racism.”

What happens to a country when the alternative voice is even more stupid and more corrpt that the government’s voice?

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Left, Donald Trump 
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  1. Well … it looks like Trump has now caved completely on economics. What’s next? Foreign policy? His new UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, is now echoing Samantha Power on Crimea … increasing tensions with Iran … not good.

    About the only good Trump can do now is to continue to anger our NATO and Five-Eyes allies. If this keeps up, they’ll be asking us to pull out of the Eastern Hemisphere … and then our troubles will be over!

  2. dearieme says:

    “The Leftwing Has Placed Itself In the Trash Can of History”. In Britain the Labour Party ought to be destroyed, so that politics can revert to its God-ordained Whigs vs Tories.

    The Conservative Party would house the Whigs I suspect. Tories would have to coalesce around UKIP I suppose. Anyway, after a decade or two for shaking down we’d have a much better party system than we have now. Socialism would be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  3. KenH says:

    Did Truthout not notice that the George W. Bush regime said “We have to kill them (Muslims) over there before they (Muslims) come over here.”

    I’m no supporter of Dubya but this is an inaccurate and misleading claim. He was referring to Muslims terrorists, not Muslims in the general sense. Dubya also referred to Islam as the “religion of peace” and Muslim immigration increased under his watch for supposedly hating them so much and wishing to do them harm.

    Maybe this was an innocent error, but for all the great work PCR does he loses a little credibility when he makes false claims as in the foregoing.

    Regarding the left wing, it is predominantly Jewish funded and led and believes white people are innately evil and have no redeeming qualities. All non-whites are far and away the moral superior of white people according to them since white, Western civilization is defined by racism, xenophobia, sexism, slavery and genocide. The blood libel that was once upon the head of Jews has been skillfully transferred to the white race.

    For all their blather about racial equality they have their own racial caste system that they rigidly adhere to. Various non-white groups alternate at the #1 spot depending on the politics of the day while whites always occupy the bottom rung as virtual untouchables. Some races are just more equal than others and if whites dare protest they are bombarded with the usual racial epithets by the tolerant and “anti-racist” left.

    However, white women can redeem themselves by dating and marrying outside their race.

    • Replies: @gustafus
  4. MarkinLA says:

    Money speaks, and alternative voices need money in order to speak. As so many Americans are indifferent to the quality of information that they get, many alternative voices are thrown back to relying on whatever money is available.

    How true. I remember getting banned from every one of those “conservative” web sites (little green footballs,…) if I posted anything even close to what they started calling paleoconservatism. The only people allowed to post were lunatic neocons since the money keeping those web sites alive was probably coming from the RNC, AIPAC, or other Israel first organizations.

  5. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Jimmy Carter popularized the concept of human rights being taken into account in foreign policy. However, others were quick to realize the potential in using it as a weapon against other countries. It just became another tool to be used with the utmost cynicism. Whenever one starts hearing that country X is violating human rights, that they are treating women badly, then get ready for them to move against that country. Dropping bombs on people’s heads apparently isn’t a violation of human rights nor apparently are these blockades such as the one we had against Iraq which caused hundreds of thousands to die. Madeline Albright said the price was worth it so right there the morality of the people at the top is on display. Most of these groups are fake and fronts of one sort or another. It’s all part of managing the public perception.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  6. tom., says:

    Why is frequent Trump apologist and propagandist – Paul Craig Roberts, emphasising the demise of the left when that happened thoroughly through Obama years ago.

    Is this old attack a distraction from how horrible Roberts has been in support of the despicable Trump ? Why of course it is. Roberts has been wilfully conned by the most pathetic ConMan in decades.

    The humiliation must be painful. Thus narrow or old distractions pieces are still doing Trumps bidding.

    No one has disgraced themselves re Trump as a writer of a supposedly government critic, more than Paul Craig Roberts.

    Of cause the “left” is insane. But so many others are even more insane. Trump is way more insane then the “Left”.

    Both are insane enough to gleefully start WW3.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  7. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I see where this organization HRF pays it’s members well. The president and CEO received $243,584 in 2014 for a 37.5 hour workweek. The next ten received between $174-126,000 for similar hours, McBride getting $161,731. Human rights certainly can be bountiful.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  8. gustafus says:

    Astute understanding of Jews… but past its use date.

    Granted, in my 70 years, I’ve railed about Ashkenazi hypocrisy on race and economics.

    But in the last decade, things have changed a bit. Secular Jews and their crazy cousins in Tel Aviv know that their strategy to diminish the influence and history of White European Protestants in favor of a willing and largely ignorant peasantry of blacks and Latinos … is DOA.

    With the addition of Muslims to the rag tag coalition of WE HATE ALL THINGS GOP – they’ve lost control of the runaway train…. that threatens world Jewry in ways they never EVER imagined.

    Add the New improved Gestapo of Heir Merkel…. and you have a murder suicide pact between World Jewry and the DNC.

    When I saw Jackie Mason and Alan [the race pimp Dershowitz] laud Trump…. I checked my pulse. Had I indeed died in my sleep?

    White America has new Jewish BFF’s ….. the Secular and Orthodox Jews are agreeing to agree…. NEXT TIME … it could be REAL OVENS

  9. MarkinLA says:

    And most of that money is probably coming from grants from the US government.

  10. Why is it OK to slaughter millions of peoples ..

    That’s a heck of a lot of bodies. Where on earth did they hide them? Pics or go home.

  11. @tom.,

    The quickest way to start World War 3 is to confront Russia. Trump has always made it clear he is willing to work with Russia.
    Obama and Clinton intervened and provoked Russia in Syria, the Ukraine and elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Throughout all of this, nearly all the Left acted as cheerleaders. 30 years ago, they demonised Reagan and Thatcher as “warmongers”. Now when a real warmonger like Hillary Clinton appears, the Left are actively conniving in her support.
    If you can’t see the difference between Trump and Clinton, you’re either an idiot or some sort of troll, hasbara or otherwise.
    Crawl back under your rock, you ignoramus.

  12. The sixty million who voted for Trump are going quietly on with their lives. The sixty two million who voted against him are having a collective nervous breakdown complete with burning and smashing, howling in the street and talking in tongues. How sad.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  13. MarkinLA says:
    @Robert Magill

    How sad.

    Absolutely not. What more could the white middle class sitting on the fence over issues like Immigration and globalization in flyover country need to push them over into the Alt-right?

  14. MEexpert says:

    I have never heard Human Rights groups in the US complain about the human rights violations of Palestinians by Israel. Just yesterday Israel sent a teenage girl to prison for 6 years. What about her civil rights. What is a teenage girl doing in prison?

  15. “…the Isreal Lobby”, PCR? Is that for real?

    You obviously don’t bother read your commentators’ comments.

    I advised you to proofread your texts before hitting the “send” button.

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