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The Kremlin’s "Limited Military Operation" in Ukraine Was a Strategic Blunder
World War III Will Be the Most Likely Consequence
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I hate to hear “I told you so” and here I am using those words.

As readers know, I have been concerned for many years that Russia’s toleration of endless insults and provocations would continue to encourage more and worst provocations until red lines are crossed that result in direct conflict between the two major nuclear powers. All these years the Kremlin, unable to understand, or to accept, that its role as Washington’s enemy #1 was set in stone, relied on a strategy of zero to minimal responses in order to undercut the image of a dangerous and aggressive Russia set on restoring the Soviet Empire.

This diplomatic strategy, like Russia’s Ukraine strategy, has completely failed.

The Kremlin’s disastrous Ukraine strategy began when the Kremlin paid more attention to the Sochi Olympics than it did to Washington’s overthrow of the Ukraine government. The Kremlin’s mistakes were put on an accelerating path when the Kremlin refused the Donbass’ request to be reunited with Russia like the former Russian province of Crimea. This left the Donbass Russians, formerly a part of Russia, to suffer persecution by Ukraine’s Nazi militias, shelling of civilian areas, and partial occupation by Ukrainian forces from 2014 until February, 2022 when the Russian Army began clearing Donbass of Ukrainian forces in order to prevent a prepared Ukrainian invasion of the Donbass republics. Having waited 8 years to act, the Kremlin now faced a large, western trained and equipped army plus fanatical Nazi regiments.

One would have thought that by this time the Kremlin would have learned from its extraordinary mistakes and realized that, finally, it needed to demonstrate that it was provoked. Without any question, what was called for was a Russian attack that closed down Ukraine, destroying the government, all civilian infrastructure and ending the conflict immediately. Instead, the Kremlin compounded its mistakes. It announced a limited intervention, the purpose of which was to clear Ukrainian forces out of Donbass. It left the government and civilian infrastructure of its enemy untouched, thereby enabling its enemy to resist the intervention on highly favorable terms.

To be clear, there is no doubt that the Russians can clear Donbass of Ukrainian forces and have about completed the task. The Kremlin’s mistake was not realizing that the West would not permit the intervention to be limited.

The Kremlin warned the West about interfering in the operation, declaring that if the US and NATO got involved, Russia would regard those countries as “combatants.” But the West got involved, slowly and carefully at first to test the waters and then more and more aggressively as what the West originally expected would be at most a week long conflict is now in its seventh month with the Kremlin again talking about negotiation with Zelensky and the Russian advance apparently on hold. Far from treating the NATO countries as combatants, the Kremlin still provides Europe with energy to the extent that Europe permits Russia to do so. High Russian officials have spoken as if proving Russia to be a reliable energy supplier is more important than the lives of its soldiers fighting against western trained and equipped Ukraine forces supplied by European countries whose armaments industries are running on Russian energy.

I correctly predicted that Russian half measures would result in the widening of the war.

The correctness of my analysis has now been confirmed by a report in The Hill, a Washington publication read by insiders. The report is titled: “Why the US is becoming more brazen with its Ukraine support” and can be read here:

Here is the opening sentence of the report and some excerpts:

“The Biden administration is arming Ukraine with weapons that can do serious damage to Russian forces, and, unlike early in the war, U.S. officials don’t appear worried about Moscow’s reaction.”

“’Over time, the administration has recognized that they can provide larger, more capable, longer-distance, heavier weapons to the Ukrainians and the Russians have not reacted,’ former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor told The Hill.

“’The Russians have kind of bluffed and blustered, but they haven’t been provoked. And there was concern [over this] in the administration early on — there still is to some degree — but the fear of provoking the Russians has gone down,’ added Taylor, who is now with the U.S. Institute of Peace.”

“’We were a bit more careful at first … not knowing if Putin would find and attack supply lines and convoys, not being sure if he would escalate, and also not being sure if Ukraine could use what we have [given] them or hold out for long against Russia,’ said Michael O’Hanlon, a military analyst at the Washington, D.C.-based think tank Brookings Institution.”

“Since June, the U.S. has steadily been increasing High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems to the country, which American service members have trained Ukrainian troops to use in batches.

“Looking ahead, multiple reports have indicated that the U.S. plans to soon send Excalibur precision-guided artillery munitions — weapons that can travel up to 70 kilometers and would help the Ukrainians target dug-in Russian positions and command posts.

“Part of the shift in messaging can be attributed to the fact Kyiv defied international expectations and did not quickly fall when Russia first attacked, according to Nathan Sales, a former State Department official who most recently served as the acting undersecretary for civilian security, democracy and human rights.”

As I said would be the case, the Kremlin’s limited operation was seen in the West as a half measure that provided the West with the opportunity to widen the war. Now with winter approaching the conflict is widening with shipments of long range powerful weapons capable of attacking Donbass, Crimea, and other parts of Russia from western Ukraine that was spared Russian invasion.


As I also said would be the case, by lengthening the war with its go-slow tactics in order to minimize civilian casualties, a noble intent, Russia gave the West the opportunity to characterize the Russian intervention as running out of steam from exhausted munitions and high Russian casualties. The picture of Russian failure has had the effect I expected of making the West more confident about its combatant role. Here are excerpts from The Hill’s report confirming that:

“Another part of the equation: Recent intelligence that indicates Russia is feeling the sting of Western-imposed sanctions and a military service force that is dwindling in power as the war wears on.

“Last month, Reuters reported that major Russian airlines such as Aeroflot have grounded their planes so they can be stripped for spare parts, taking components from some of their planes to keep others airworthy.

“And facing losses on the battlefield, Putin last month sought to boost Russia’s combat personnel by more than 130,000 troops by eliminating the upper age limit for new recruits and encouraging prisoners to join.

“U.S. officials think the effort is ‘unlikely to succeed.’”

“Taken altogether, the intelligence paints a picture of a country [Russia] struggling to maintain its own institutions, much less fire back at Western nations for aiding Ukraine.

“’I think the instincts of the people in the departments and agencies, particularly State and Defense and the intelligence community, I think their instincts are to be more forward leaning and more aggressive,’” one former senior government official said.

“’We have a lot more space on our side, I think, to take actions that will assist Ukraine without being unjustifiably afraid of how Putin is going to respond,’ they added.”

One can reason that the Kremlin made all these mistakes because it did not want to scare more of Europe into NATO by demonstrating its military prowess in a lightening conquest of Ukraine. But it is Russia’s halfway measures that have given Finland and Sweden the confidence to join NATO as they see no threat to themselves from being NATO members. A devastating Russian blow to Ukraine would have caused all of Europe to rethink NATO membership as no European country would want to face the prospect of war with Russia. Instead, what the Kremlin has produced is a British prime minister who is prepared to engage Russia in nuclear war, and a NATO that intends to keep the Ukrainian conflict going.

A careless or hostile reader might conclude from my article that I am an advocate of Russian military success. To the contrary, I am an advocate of minimizing the risk of nuclear war. Steven Cohen and I are the two who from the beginning saw how Washington’s interference in Ukraine with the overthrow of the government charted a course that could end in nuclear Armageddon. Cohen was reviled by his own liberal-left, and I was declared a “Putin dupe/agent.”

The name calling we suffered proved our point. The Western world is blind to the potential consequences of its provocations of Russia, and the Kremlin is blind to the potential consequences of its toleration of provocations. As we can see, neither side has yet come to this realization. The Hill’s report demonstrates the correctness of my analysis of the situation and my prediction that the outcome would be a widening of the war and a greater likelihood of miscalculations that could result in nuclear war.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, NATO, Putin, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. voicum says:

    Mr.Roberts , i have been reading you articles for years , now, and i have to ask you a question : have you tried to read reports from other sources than The Hill ?

  2. Rich says:

    An argument can be made that limited operation attacks are never appropriate. If it’s worth fighting for, it’s worth going all out. The US learned this in Vietnam where LBJ’s limited war was endless and Nixon’s Operation Linebacker brought the communists crawling to the negotiating table begging for peace. As it stands today, the Russians still control a huge swath of Ukraine and are apparently destroying arms and decimating the Ukrainian military. We’ll see where it ends, but right now, the advantage still seems to be with Russia.

  3. accurate summary of little Vlad’s little Ukrainian sitzkrieg.

    tho I doubt if WW3 will result, if only because

    little Vlad will continue to respond to ZOG provocations

    by doing nothing of substance. Still waiting

    for little Vlad to respond to the brazen ZOG murder of Dugin’s daughter….

    still waiting….

    still waiting….

    still wai……yawn….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. @Rich

    “the advantage still seems to be with Russia…”?

    after 7 months of little Vlad’s hot air and bullshit?

    probably not. Haxo predicts

    little Vlad’s little Ukrainian sitzkrieg

    will still be sputtering along

    7 decades from now….and by then

    no one will even remember.

  5. Franz says:

    it is Russia’s halfway measures that have given Finland and Sweden the confidence to join NATO


    More likely, both Sweden and Finland have proven that, at the top, they are just as corrupt as the rest of Europe. Their price must have been very high.

    Sweden was actually anti-American for much of the 20th century; Finland kept her own council and for doing so was respected by all the players, east and west. While Swedes are opportunist and this does not change their reputation, it really does hurt Finland. They played a sharp game with Russia during the Cold War, neither giving too much (“Finlandization” was a neocon myth) nor being especially cozy with anyone except where trade and finance was concerned. Slagging Russia off as they are now probably puzzles thoughtful people in Moscow.

    NATO is a dinosaur and it’s already in the tar pit. Sad to see new members not knowing it.

  6. Well, logically one would expect Russia to escalate the conflict then. Mistake or not, what were the alternatives? Living in a violent country myself, I’m not expecting the world to sing cumbaya in unison any time soon.

    We all have our fish to fry, and it certainly looks like a great deal of humanity sees nothing to lose in war and are itching for a fight. Those opposing war seem like they haven’t lost enough to become angry yet. If I look back at the last 2 years, fighting back is a healthy response to a slow death through faux peace.

    I for one feel that my people are being targeted, we wait for better days at our own peril. Russia got the message, there’s a significant risk that there will be war no matter what we want.

  7. Rich says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Who knows,? You may be right. Anything can happen and the Ukrainians have proven to be very brave soldiers. Unfortunately, their leaders are sending them into untenable situations, losing men and materials at too high a rate. I don’t see the Russians being driven out of Ukraine and they have the capability, if they choose, to do some very serious damage by bringing in more troops and fighting an all out war. We’ll see, it’s still early, not even a full 7 months yet.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @maxim gorki
  8. A123 says: • Website

    The Kremlin’s Operation in Ukraine is a Strategic Necessity

    Due to the “Russia, Russia, Russia” myth, Trump was not able to repair the relationship between Protestant America and Orthodox Russia. However, there was a decent amount of understanding and respect.

    The European WEF sponsored colour revolution in America, The Blue Coup, installed Not-The-President Biden by surprise. The Davos-Berlin-Brussels axis instructed their overseas puppet to unleash the proverbial “pot of gold” sponsoring unhinged Ukie Maximalist aggression.

    Putin was left with few options. Surrender was obviously inconceivable. Europe slammed the door shut on negotiation. It is hard to see any option for Putin other than military ones.

    Winding up in a “strategically necessary conflict” without control of timing is a bad hole to start from.

    The early lance towards Kiev was intended to force negotiations. That effort failed for a variety of reasons. Worse yet it emboldened the Kiev regime.

    And that is why we are here now, where we are now.

    The Blue Coup is immensely unpopular in America. The midterms will massively reduce funding for Ukie Maximalist aggression. The EU is running out of war material. (2)

    EU countries’ stocks of weapons are severely “depleted” in the wake of sending arms to Ukraine, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell warned Monday

    Since the beginning of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the EU has provided about €2.5 billion worth of military assistance to Ukraine through the so-called European Peace Facility, with some of the weapons coming from the countries’ own stocks.

    Warnings about empty stocks have also come from member countries. Last week, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said that Berlin is “reaching the limits of what we can give out of the Bundeswehr.”

    There are few options for energy starved, Green Party dominated, “core” EU nations to launch a Military Industrial Complex build. And, Zelensky cannot receive free weapons that do not exist.

    Time is on Putin’s side.

    The sad part is all of this was unnecessary. The European WEF’s intervention in America was short-term. The counter revolution is energized by ongoing outrages by the illegitimate White House occupant.

    PEACE 😇



    • Agree: tyrone, Derer
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @follyofwar
  9. Did not P. C. Roberts publish an article about a week ago lauding the go slow approach of the Russians in Ukraine?

  10. Anon[922] • Disclaimer says:

    The unsurprising denouement of this poorly prepared Sitzkrieg might be Putin feebly pulling another “Minsk”, his specialty… Some “Peter The Great”…

    • Agree: Event Horizon
    • Disagree: Skeptikal
  11. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s only been thirty years since the collapse of the USSR. Out of the ruins the Russians had to reconstitute themselves and rebuild their society, economy and military. They’ve done an amazing job. At the time of the Ukrainian coup the Russians were still putting together their weapons systems and couldn’t act prematurely. Now they’ve arrived with a peerless military and the most modern weapons in the world. Along with that they’ve shored up an independent economy, being self-sufficient and kicking the dollar to the curb. Their population knows what this is about, unlike those in the Western countries who are fed drivel like ‘fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here’ or even fighting for the gay flag sort of nonsense. They live there and we don’t. Fanatical Nazi regiments? Those guys are just tattooed swaggering tough guys like motorcycle gang members, not real soldiers. The Russians appear to be moving slowly and deliberately. Last ditch wonder weapons, as in WWII, won’t turn the tide. In the coming years Germany may balk at bearing the burden of US policy. One aim is to dislodge the US’ tight grip on Europe, to show that Russia is a reliable and unthreatening trade partner, unlike the warlike US. There’s a sea change taking place right now. Russia is coming out stronger than ever because of its determination to survive and meet the threats coming from the West. All this, made in the USA-perhaps the only thing it still makes. The Russians will prevail because they have to, because they live there.

  12. Mr. Roberts, your articles are eagerly awaited and appreciated by this reader, but are you right on this point?

    Russia seems in control of the military situation with Ukraine always on the defense and the back-foot, and incapable of launching any major offensive, despite deliveries of Western weapons.

    The go-slow approach also might allow Russia to shoehorn in changes in the very important global economic sphere, speeding up the establishment of an alternative financial system, de-dolarization, and even changes in domestic politics.

    Also, the West grows weaker from the sanctions blow-back by the day, so time seems to be on Russia’s side. A ‘quick victory’ might allow them to extricate themselves from the self-made debacle and slither back to the status quo. Prolonging the pain might undermine NATO and Western unity.

    Further, some have made the point that a hyper aggressive approach might alienate the very people the Russians want to liberate, since the people of East Ukraine have family and friends in West Ukraine.

    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @hardlooker
  13. mike99588 says:

    we will see whether the energy squeeze this winter breaks the EU – NATO gamesmanship instead of kinetic WWIII

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. @Ted Stevens

    Yes indeed. He has also written more than one “my wisdom as a prophet is being embraced in the highest circles of power” type essays.

    PCR seems to be desperate for attention and relevance. He also appears to be becoming senile.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @gsjackson
  15. The Kremlin’s “Limited Military Operation” in Ukraine Was a Strategic Blunder

    Maybe. My guess is that we will not know whether it was or not for another year or two yet.

    The way I am reading it, the West tried to turn Ukraine into a playground of sorts and Putin simply got fed up with it. People point to Russia as the bad guy in all of this, but how tolerant can Putin be expected to be when his country has already suffered two terrible invasions?

    The West has spent the last three decades making it clear that it holds the Russians in utter contempt and would like nothing better than to see them live as beggars, yet the Russians are the bad guys? Really?

    Perhaps Putin invading Ukraine was simply the least worst choice he could make.

  16. Russian leadership appears to have overestimated the abilities of their own army and underestimated the will and the means of the Ukrainian military to resist. Russian leadership also does not appear to be willing to do what it needs to do, to win. Such as:

    1. Allowing contract soldiers to voluntarily break their contracts if they don’t want to serve any longer.
    2. Over reliance on middle-aged civilians conscripted into DPR/LPR militias, while the professional army is rotated out of the combat zone.
    3. Over reliance on PMC organizations and newly-raised (and inexperienced) volunteer battalions.
    4. Failure to mobilize reserves.
    5. Failure to put RF in a martial law condition.

    Others were failures to plan ahead. A critical lack of drones (now being sourced from Iran), quality optics, night vision, and many other essential pieces of hardware are not available in anywhere near sufficient quantities.

    I am pro-Russia, but unlike many others I won’t move the goalposts to make the obvious stalemate appear as “Russian victory.” Pulling T-62s out of storage and sending them straight into combat is an act of desperation, not triumph. Russian armor losses are staggering.

    At a minimum, court clowns like Shoigu must be relieved and replaced, immediately. Russian leadership is failing its frontline servicemen, badly.

    • Agree: Thim
    • Thanks: Almost Missouri
  17. Lagoulis says:

    Is this guy serious.

    • Agree: Iris, Notsofast, USGrant
  18. The Hill’s report demonstrates the correctness of my analysis of the situation and my prediction that the outcome would be a widening of the war and a greater likelihood of miscalculations that could result in nuclear war.

    As I see it, the corrupt West is run by a cult of devil-worshiping, demon-possessed madmen bent on the destruction of Russia (and for that matter China, Iran, etc.) at ANY cost. Thus I don’t see how nuclear war can ultimately be avoided.

    IOW regardless of what approach Russia takes in Ukraine – SMO or all out war – the evil empire will not stop in its efforts to destroy Russia no matter what, until it is physically destroyed itself. If this is the case the only thing Russia can do is to exert some control over the timeline (for the final confrontation).

    As I understand it, Russia’s potentially game-changing new weapons – S-500 air defense systems and Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles – are now in serial production, thus every month that the final confrontation is delayed, Russia would presumably be getting incrementally stronger while its implacable existential enemy stagnates or gets weaker.

    So if nuclear war is unavoidable, the go-slow-in-Ukraine approach while preparing for nuclear war and at the same time weakening/politically destabilizing EU/NATO, may turn out to be a good strategy.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  19. Russia just cut off the EU from gas supplies. Grass roots political opposition to pro NATO policies are growing quickly in EU countries. Had Russia destroyed Ukraine this mass opposition would be much more limited.

    Because of the ‘go slow limited military operation’ most of the world supports Russia.

    Putin/Lavrov have made it clear the goal is not just eliminating Ukrainian military capability but triggering a huge change in the world economic system and political system. The military operation must be judged with this goal in mind.

    We cannot predict the future, we should distrust the prophetic mode of all political commentators. In terms of the present moment, given the worldwide support of Russian policies, one must conclude that the Russian strategy is working.

  20. The Ukraine experiment gauges the reality capabilities (finance, trade, energy, (not unimportant) the capacity or not of W.E. to endure war, civil war in W.E. territory, the leniency of the W.E. populations, Russia command structures, Western command hierarchy, metrics of both “adversaries” in short.

    Mind, the West not Russia did start by showing it’s cards (Ukraine interferences over a decade ago), Russia followed up, late, slow, eager to show as little of it’s internal core capacities as possible. Either one of the “opponents” tested the waters inside W.E. territory and economy (the ultimate price), in a probing way, this is still ongoing.

    A “laboratory” experience, confined to the Ukraine, to date no longer as it seems. The experiment widened. China got an explicit change of attitude indirectly linked to shifting Russia – West stances. Western European politicians might still be shoved out of a policy to adhere to untenable energy policies, as they seem to. There is some “Reset” at work on the meat-ball population level (a good thing apparently, a reduction of the conZumerism of waistful proportions and the elite conviction to steer the globe based on creaming volume of transaction into power to the few, cooking the financial books, translate “billion” into a fairy tale for adults).

    Taiwan is seemingly dumped as a dependency on chip making, many, many other phenomena at works, and counting. Finland, Sweden, Orban, Poland …we the few outsiders that still might comprehend a fraction of what is going on, regardless of insider information and just relying on cow-dung seed scoring, embedded in a lost population (W.E. populations were put into an un-going intelligence test, and are failing broadly, the “anti-racists” must be right, there is little of a distance between cognitive Africa and commoner W.E.) must consider this a blast.

    Putin’s trousers half stock, Washington’s power corridors looking like a transvestite ball. Swift changing of the clowns running “Our Major Allie”, more exposure makes the outliers (the ones theoretically capable to come up and improvise distinct patchworks of power) revel in seeing the big dogs fight for the single bone, the Planet.

    PCR is pointing in the right direction: there is a freight train hollering over uncertain tracks, over larger swats of “conZumer” and “Finance” waist-lands, and it will be hard to stop. Fifty more years of these goodies, at the rate of escalation, and the level of improvisations of all actors involved. Yes ultimately there will be an endgame for real, the Planet run by a single power nucleus is the obvious, un-avoidable consequence of better tools in data analysis, and military gadgets making conventional, territory confined war obsolete.

    The situation is out of hand as such, neither of the players has a firm grip on his next move, this is mostly improvised make up as we go. One move ahead, many many variables, lack of deep and long-term thinking, on all sides. Welcome to the gray zone Europe! A blast.

    As a side-note. Thanks PCR for opening up the comment section, be safe, it will not go viral!

  21. Apparently the Russian strategy is to go slow while the empire forces Ukraine into a Verdun-style meatgrinder, while the whole time the West is grinding itself to pieces economically and emptying out its own armories. Thus it’s a giant economic Verdun for the entire West.

    The fact that this allows for the luxury of minimizing civilian casualties is a fringe propaganda benefit.

    I don’t know if the invasion was launched with this strategy already fully in mind, but there’s a strong argument that this has been the strategy for many months now.

    • Agree: Eudion2
    • Replies: @Ace
    , @blaqua
  22. @Harold Smith

    Your comment,

    Indeed, and many, many more scenarios. A single one with especial mention: humanity subject to better data analysis, enslaved by sharper tools into …living as subject to obvious conclusions, avoiding obvious historically repeated errors. No longer proof of concepts at all cost, but concepts of inaptitude before any probes.

  23. @voicum

    View from an expert:
    Australian John Helmer is the longest serving foreign correspondent in Russia where he lived for decades, apart from a short time back in Oz because of death threats from Oligarchs. Here is his investigative take on Ukraine today and the contemporary “Double Dutch” “Kangaroo Court” inquiry into the downing of MH17 in 2014:

    Well considered and analysed

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  24. I wish PCR would open up all his articles to letters as the different opinions discussing an article make for interesting reading. I’m glad he’s done it at least this one time.

    PCR is of the opinion that Ron Unz is going a bit too far in saying that Israel was behind both the Kennedy assassination and 911, that there’s no way that they could’ve pulled either one off, even Israel isn’t that powerful. PCR might be right, but how can one explain the complete slavish behavior of 99 percent of American and Western politicians for the past 60 or so years on the subject of Israel. Israel gets whatever they want. It shows what you can achieve with limitless money and intimidation, the rest is done with regular assassinations to keep the outliers in check. You don’t need to control the whole show, just keep the people that run the show on a short leash.

    • Replies: @Carroll price
  25. the only to world peace and prosperity is to eliminate the Jews.

    • Agree: Kim
  26. @Event Horizon

    Whether he is becoming senile, I don’t know, but he certainly sounds cranky quite often – another aspect of old age. He often seems upset that Putin is ignoring his advice, like it’s some personal insult.

    If you’re Putin, who would you trust ? Lavrov, Medvedev, Shoigu and other experienced paladins, or some old crank living in a trailer park on the Redneck Riviera ? Is Presisdent Putin even aware of Dr Roberts’ existence, or that of the Unz Review, an obscure low-circulation American website ?

    I expect the Russians to wrap up Ukraine in the next few months, at longest. I hope Dr Roberts writes a sincerely apology to Mr Putin and the rest of the Russian Government, but I won’t be holding my breath.

  27. The fake left never met a war they weren’t willing to bend over for

    Democracy is a bioweapon in American needles

    • Agree: InnerCynic, Notsofast
  28. Chris Moore says: • Website

    To be clear, there is no doubt that the Russians can clear Donbass of Ukrainian forces and have about completed the task. The Kremlin’s mistake was not realizing that the West would not permit the intervention to be limited.

    The Judeofascists/Neolibs are now in a pissing contest with the Russian world, having already lost their pissing contest with the Arab and Persian world.

    Yes, the Judeofascist/Neolib flag still flies in the Levant, but the 9/11 inside job and war on “Islamofascism” and “terror” showed the world their true face. Now the Judeofascist/Neolibs are conducting a Plandemic and a war on the “deplorable and irredeemable” MAGA/America Firsters, too.

    So, let’s list their enemies from just the last 20 years: Most of the Arab world, the Persian world, America Firsters, Whites, Christians, Russians/Slavs…

    Putin knows something about the Judeofascists (right now epitomized by cokehead ((Zelensky)) and his neo-Nazi minions) that PC Roberts doesn’t comprehend: they’re mentally ill megalomaniacs and demoniac messianics who will eventually end up at war with everyone other than Judeofascists.

    So why would Putin allow them to stampede him into killing a large number of Ukrainian Christians unnecessarily, which is exactly what they want him to do, in order to play their usual divide and rule game?

    The Judeofascists and their fake-Christian, fake-liberal dupes (or partners in crime) are more exposed and more desperate than ever. This nest of vipers could turn on each other at any moment, which is why Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden (Dark Brandon) is conducting Riefenstahl theatre — to intimidate and galvanize elements of his own coalition, as much as threaten MAGA with Big Brother.

    History is tightening the noose on the Judeofascists and their evil and gullible partners in crime, and they’re slowly cutting off their own oxygen supply. Soon they’ll be weeping, wailing, gnashing their teeth and going into victim shtick mode, begging mercy for “this small, persecuted, beleaguered people…”

    At that point, the world will decide whether to bring down the guillotine on the Judeofascists and their Judas stooges, or not.

    My vote? Thumbs down. We can’t waste anymore time on these incorrigible reprobates, degenerates, and superstitious, stiff-necked Talmudic saboteurs and jackasses. Their time has come.

    • Agree: frankie p
  29. The gangs in control of the U.S. “GOVERNMENT” (Council on FOREIGN RELATIONS {CFR} and the NEOCONS) have changed their nuclear attitude from ‘DETERENCE”, i.e. showing a bigger (dick) nuclear stockpile to the USSR during the COLD WAR, to now being ready to do a
    “PRE-EMPTIVE” strike on it’s perceived enemy. That means that if the PSYCHOPATHS in Washington even suspect that another country is even thinking to go nuclear, then the D.C. gang will start pushing the RED BUTTONS.
    But that’s not the worst of it. The NEOCON war mongers want so badly to take out any country that can get in the way of their own quest for total global control, that they now claim that there is an “ACCEPTABLE” level of destruction on the AMERICAN population. Just consider that. In light of all the FALSE FLAGS perpetrated at home and abroad by the D.C. gangs, it’s not a stretch to expect that they may very well go nuclear on an AMERICAN city or two and blame it on Russia, Russia, Russia or China. These PSYCHOPATHIC MANIACS need to be taken out of power. They are mostly appointees. Nobody in their right mind would have voted for these lunatics. Yet they are in control of our destiny.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  30. @Verymuchalive

    You’re in a sinking boat BUBBA.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  31. @Chris Moore

    Ahhh, but THEY will push the red button on all of us, including on themselves, before THEY will let anyone have what they claim God promised to THEM.

  32. Chris Moore says: • Website

    That means that if the PSYCHOPATHS in Washington even suspect that another country is even thinking to go nuclear, then the D.C. gang will start pushing the RED BUTTONS.

    So the world should roll over and let them continue their endless killing spree? I say, now’s the time to call their bluff. If they go nuke, it’s on them. They’ll go out in a blaze of glory, and the rest of us will rebuild in a sane world with the hard-earned knowledge: Judeofascism — Never Again!

    Some America Firsters will survive, some Europeans, some Russians, some Arabs, some Persians, some Chinese… but any Judeofascist who survive will wish they hadn’t.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  33. One of the main objectives of the SMO was to demilitarise Ukraine, and the best way to do that is to slowly, methodically destroy all the materiel and, more important, the manpower able to continue waging war. Fewer surviving military aged men and women in a defeated Ukraine means fewer partisans remaining to engage the Russians in bloody ambushes with IEDs, etc.

    If you don’t believe why that might be the case, look at the “successes” of the American Blitzkriegs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mission accomplished my arse.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  34. @opsimathian

    Your carer needs to up your medication.

    • LOL: Z-man
  35. Stephan says:

    Russia couldn’t be more aggressive without losing support at home and abroad. Perhaps Putin’s mistake was believing the west still had some integrity. That is, he didn’t realize just how corrupt and deceptive the ruling class would be.

  36. @voicum

    I believe the point is that The Hill is read by opinion makers in the US/west and affects their “voters”.

    • Replies: @voicum
  37. Come on, Paul-Aeroflot parts? Gimme a break. This isn’t the 1980s, and Russia isn’t bogged down in Afghanistan while its economy is collapsing. Russia makes its own parts and buys everything else from its partner China. What’s next from The Hill-reports of toilet paper shortages and exploding TVs?

    • Replies: @hardlooker
    , @Anon001
  38. @Eric Arthur Blair

    Kees Van Der Pil covered the fraudulent MH-17 investigation in great detail and wrote about it in his book Flight MH-17, Ukraine, and the New Cold War: A Prism of Disaster. It’s the only book anyone needs on the American/NATO origins and cause of the war in Ukraine.

  39. @Haxo Angmark

    What a ridiculous provocateur. Obviously, Haxo has minimal understanding of either military or geopolitical reality. Perhaps a boobtoob overdose.

    • Agree: Avery, Odyssey
  40. @Event Horizon

    Beyond the Blue Horizon, the ghost of Frederick Pohl stares aghast at “Pulling T-62’s out of storage and sending them into combat is an act of desperation”. Please fill us in on this phenomenon. I assiduously watch these unfolding events and have yet to have encountered any mention of T-62’s. What I did read is that with the unfolding of their 3rd Corps, Russia is sending in its latest and best to tangle with Nato-supplied Leopards and such.

    As for “Russian armor losses are staggering”, where did you get such information—directly from the Pentagram?

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @SteveK9
    , @Event Horizon
  41. Seriously, PCR, you tend to write interesting posts, so I really wish you would allow comments on most of your posts! I almost couldn’t believe that comments were allowed for this one! As if I did a double-take…. And another thing. I am glad you are over the “Putin is our savior” nonsense! (Christ, not Putin or Trump or whoever, is our Savior!)

    • Replies: @anonymous
  42. nsa says:

    Shockski and Aweski are required to reduce the carnage and infrastructure damage. 50 missiles attacking the main power substations could take down the entire west ukie power grid. No modern society functions in the dark without commerce, without transportation, without communications, without internet, without trade. Capitulation must soon follow as at least 15 million refugees would be flooding the euroweanie satraps, and those remaining in west ukiestan would be looting, eating their pets, then eating each other. Joolenski could be relocated to tel aviv or miami beach with his shadow government, leatherboy outfits, and piano. The same simple tactic of taking down the power grid could be used to take back Taiwan…..down the power grid with 50 or so missiles and capitulation must soon follow or the population eventually starves. Instead the Rooskies have opted for a goofy stupid sadistic bloody half-assed limited war of attrition. The Rooskie strategy and tactics make no military, economic, or political sense at all…….

    • Agree: Event Horizon
    • Replies: @annamaria
  43. Now that Biden has pledged cheap gas and fertilizer and oil and strategic metals to EU states things are easing. Europe will get unlimited supply of price-controlled gas from US

    Biden pledging US to guarantee European living standards no matter the cost was essential for EU politicians

    Roberts is strategically ignorant and lacks grasp. He bangs the same drum ad nauseam

  44. @Nervous in Stalingrad

    It was essential to destroy enemy on border as in 1941
    US restarted WW2 allied with Nazis as Russia expected from at least 2012 if you watch „White Tiger“

    US will destabilize world and will itself break up
    Roberts thinks US has some influence beyond being carried by tide of events and hoped for some Stop button

    He should read European History and learn about 100 Years War and 30 Years War

    Ukraine will not exist and Poland will collapse as will Germany

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  45. “GET READY: You’re Not Going To Believe This…”

  46. Paul Craig Roberts made plenty of sense…ten years ago. Best by date has elapsed.

    • Agree: Kali
  47. “A careless or hostile reader might conclude from my article that I am an advocate of Russian military success. To the contrary, I am an advocate of minimizing the risk of nuclear war. Steven Cohen and I are the two who from the beginning saw how Washington’s interference in Ukraine with the overthrow of the government charted a course that could end in nuclear Armageddon. Cohen was reviled by his own liberal-left, and I was declared a “Putin dupe/agent.”

    Why bring Cohen into the discussion if not to use his name as protective coloration? Mr. Roberts is a coward – struck dumb by the fear of being accused of anti-semitism instead of being properly enraged by the criminal acts of the (((creeps))) who have stolen his and YOUR country.

    • Agree: Ya
    • Replies: @Rumpelstiltskin
  48. saggy says: • Website

    PCR is obviously right that Putin has made a terrible blunder and we are now in uncharted territory and the potential for disaster is great, and there is no foreseeable way out that both the US and Russia will agree to. Putin’s mistake was that he did not understand the enemy, the idea that ‘Nazis’ in Ukraine were the enemy when the whole damn government is run by Jews, is just off the chart stupid. Putin didn’t understand that the Jews, not in Ukraine, but in the US, wanted this war. He has played into their hands.

    One wild card is the sanctions, their current effect and their long term effect. If they could break the Jewish stranglehold on world finance, run from the US, it would be a remarkable thing.

    The primary question thought is how to get out of this mess. I don’t think anyone knows, or can even formulate a plan that has any semblance of being workable.

    As for PCR, he has spent his entire life supporting the lies of the Jews, and after Unz published his holohoax article PCR penned an article the subject …. full of just complete idiocy showing he knows absolutely nothing about the subject, but he doesn’t really care, quoting “My interest in The Holocaust is not whether it is true or partly true or false, but …. (something idiotic)”. Just another fool.

    • Thanks: Ya
    • Replies: @Beagle
  49. Putin’s strategy was to justify a very limited intervention to satisfy domestic Russian and neutral foreign audiences. It was successful, as Russian popular support is very strong and the world too (outside American puppet regimes) He didn’t want to invade all of Ukraine since no one wants to rule Ukrainians. He just wanted to free the Russian majority in Donbass from Ukrainian Nazis.

    Thus far, it’s a great success. China, India, Brazil and most of the world have no objection. NATO nations face public protests and failing industries. Europe is shutting down its industry and tripling energy bills.

    Z recently ordered desperate attacks that failed. His army now faces collapse. NATO has few munitions and weapons left to send. Americans are unaware due to the emphasis on “information warfare” i.e. mass propaganda that includes social media. Some fools think Russia has lost!

    Enjoy the show this month. Russia’s newly deployed 3rd Corps will attack and face light resistance.

  50. Ghali says:

    I wouldn’t buy into The Hill Report. It is a propaganda arm of Reuters, no difference. I agree that the Russian leadership made mistakes by going softly against a well trained large army leaving the Ukrainian regime and its infrastructure intact. It is refusing to negotiate with Russia.
    One important point that puzzles many people is Russia’s ongoing begging that: “Russia is a reliable supplier of Gas to Europe”. Europe doesn’t care, and it is telling Russia exactly the opposite. Supply gas or else. For Europe, Russia is the enemy and must be treated as such. Russian are treated worse than Muslims all over Europe. I have to say that, Russian lack confidence and self-awareness. They feel inferior to West Europeans. Good luck to Putin and his clique if they think they still Europe’s “partners”. Russians soldiers are dying while Putin is concern about Europeans comfort in Winter.

    • LOL: Levtraro
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  51. Hitch says:

    While Russia is playing a far bigger game than just Ukraine here, we must also recognize that ZOG is too.

    One easy way to determine what the current ZOG agenda is, is to look and trends and events occurring simultaneously across the ZOG empire. Here are a few important synchronized trends:

    1. Mass illegal immigration, especially in the US and UK. Clearly the gates to the cities are being held open and the replacement population is being allowed in.

    2. Covid “variants”, Covid digital ID’s, mandatory vaccinations are simmering on the back burner, waiting for the advent of flu season.

    3. Middle class impoverishment through inflation with the goal of forcing the plebs to “own nothing”. The destruction of small family owned businesses across all of ZOG.

    4. The Buying out of prime farm lands and the slow destruction of agricultural industries and small farms.

    5. The slow strangulation of carbon based energy industries

    6. The politization of legal systems and law enforcement and their use against any kind of dissent

    7. The universal acceptance of the term “Nazi” as the ultimate pejorative which works to support the new, universal Holofraud religion

    So while Russia may be making progress against ZOG and BIS/IMF/Dollar hegemony, ZOG is making progress in their war against European civilization and their middle classes.

    • Agree: gsjackson, Adam Smith, Kali
  52. @Haxo Angmark

    Only amateurs can blurt out that Russia’s Operation Z is a strategic blunder. Needless to say, Paul Craig Roberts is one of them. You sir do not know anything about how one conducts war. Stick to your policy studies, will you? The Russian military experts know precisely what they are doing. The west may pour whatever arms it will, that will not change the course of the war. Like it or not Ukraine is already done for. So, kindly leave it to the Russians. Rest assured that it won’t be long before we will be talking about Ex-Ukraina.

    • Agree: The Alarmist, Badger Down, Ya
  53. bert33 says:

    By all reports russia is doing a professional and proficient job of taking the rest of the ukranian military apart, and even senior advisers on the western side are telling zelensky its better to negotiate now rather than later. Russia is in it to win it and the ‘bilious bastards’ of western media better excrete more bile or something else to use for ink as they will be need it to chronicle the rest of ukraine’s losses, and you can bet that if russia has to shoot their way into kiev then they will also be dictating terms once they get there.

    Zelensky needs to be sitting in a russian courtroom answering questions

    • Replies: @Angharad
  54. jediee says:

    My prediction is successful NATO attack on the Russians in the Ukraine and possibly a drive into Russia proper to fuel a coup against Putin to ward off complete destruction of western Russia. Battlefield nuclear weapons might not be employed by the Russians because they will just irradiate western Russia. I don’t think Russia’s armed forces can handle the modern NATO military technologically and tactically and many Russian military people know it and will therefore dump Hardcore Putin holdouts. It was always, unfortunately a lost cause militarily against NATO.

  55. @Haxo Angmark

    Vlad does not have to respond. The sanctions are knocking the blocks out from underneath the West one by one by one.

    I have to disagree with PCR on this one. Steady as she goes Vlad. You’re the only leader in the world today with a 3 digit IQ and it shows. EU is going to bust up. USA? Who knows but you’re beating a NATO trained force that is using NATO weapons.

    And if it does come down to WW3 Russia is an awfully big place. And the USA has some very definite targets. Washington DC being the best.

    • Agree: Ace
  56. @voicum

    You’ve been reading Dr. Roberts’ articles for years, and have to ask about how widely he reads?

    Well-informed people read from sources of all types, even those proven full of distortions. Did you not understand the meaning behind the author’s noting The Hill as “a Washington publication read by insiders?” Do you not understand the implication that what appears in that rag is a useful approximation of Washington groupthink?

    …which is important since the supporting point of the article was about the Kremlin’s misapprehension of actually held American attitudes concerning how seriously Russia needs to be taken.

    Well, according to people in Washington whose opinions unfortunately seem to matter with US policy makers, not very seriously at all. And Paul Craig Roberts, whose observations have been proven correct on each and every other major issue in geopolitics (not to mention domestically), is telling us an environment has developed wherein the participants in a potential nuclear war really don’t know much about each other.

    That’s the essential reason why wars (to use appropriately twisted wording) “end up starting” – even those of a type everyone keeps saying is unthinkable.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Thirdtwin
  57. fyb says:

    Putin, probably, assumes that co-habitation with nazis is impossible in the Ukraine in the future. One can’t reform them. The immediate aim is to reduce the number of nazis by grinding them slowly in the field. In parallel he will demilitarise the country. There is no other way to restore normal life and relation in the Ukraine.

  58. Wala says:

    Paul Craig Roberts the world would of been a better place had you been born in Appalachia and illiterate…Seriously, if you can not truly identify some other problem than Russia as the source of all our problems you should try some LSD or something?

    • Agree: USGrant
  59. @Eric Novak

    Who knows what will next appear in The Hill?

    But Dr. Roberts isn’t the one suggesting the Russians are hurting for airplane parts. He is quoting someone else making that ridiculous assertion, to demonstrate how unrealistic Washington has gotten (whether purposefully or in ignorance, it doesn’t matter).

    You got that, right?

  60. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:

    we will see whether the energy squeeze this winter breaks the EU – NATO gamesmanship instead of kinetic WWIII

    Short term, we will. Medium term, it doesn’t much matter to the US, which loses Europe as a tributary area in either event.
    If Europe were to drop the US alliance within, say, the next 30 days, and were to ally with the Russian Federation (under the Russian “nuclear umbrella”), then the US suzerainty of Europe would be over. Europe would no longer buy US Treasury bills, and might even try to sell or redeem the T-bills that it has.
    If Europe were to stay under US suzerainty for the next year, then Europe would substantially deindustrialize. Europe would still be under US suzerainty, but would no longer have the ready cash or credit to buy T-bills. US suzerainty over Europe would be a burden; metaphorically, the US would be carrying the donkey instead of vice versa. The US, in that case, would quickly drop the donkey, bring its troops home, and stop paying for European occupation/defense in an effort to save what it could from the debacle.

    Roberts is of the opinion that the Russian Federation should have responded more directly to US attempts to conquer it. I would like to point out that the US Presidency is now run by former President Obama, whose style is essentially that of an African politician. The African response to force is not negotiation, it is overwhelming counterforce — in this case, I would have expected use of a tactical nuclear weapon either as a demonstration or as to eliminate a large Russian force. Yes, I know that Russian doctrine is massive retaliation, but does Obama believe this, and does he care? I would say “no” and “no”, considering his high stakes actions to date in US domestic politics. Roberts’ suggested policy of forceful response is simply too risky for me, and was perhaps too risky (or perhaps had too small an expected return) for Putin.

    The African response to passive defense is simple low level force, “prolonged pressure” in current jargon, and has been the US response to the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Premier Putin can accept present US use of “prolonged pressure” because the US will be unable to prolong its pressure. Putin has put Obama’s Biden Administration into a situation that will, one way or another, push the US out of Eurasia, but will not cause Obama’s Biden Administration to threaten nuclear war. I must admit that Putin has played his situation adroitly for his side, and that things have worked out fairly well for his side so far, despite Putin’s failed and high casualty attempt to capitalize on pro-Russian Ukrainian sentiment during the first weeks of the Russian/Ukrainian conflict.

  61. WHAT says:

    Unz can be counted to platform any defeatist or pusher of MI6 FUD, yes.

  62. Several good points in this article.

    It’s without doubt so that the Russians severly underestimated the level of fanaticism among ukrainean nationalists (I am no fan of bashing the nazis unneccesarily – they get more than their share of the blame anyway, but the thing that made them so unappetizing as a regime was the sheer extreme fanaticism of Hitler and his closest allies which trickled down and colored the whole of third reich society – although of course there were moderate national socialists).

    As an example of the need to keep your head cool when discussin gthis subject, whichever side you hope will win (I am purely on Russia’s side here) I in no way buy the “feint” theory for the Russian attack on Kiev.
    For that theory to be true two regiments of the VDV would have deliberately been sent on a 100 % sure suicide mission to the Ghostomel airport in Kiev during the first day of fighting – sending them there were sure to be suicide missions if they could not quickly fly in more resources which a person with average IQ can understand is impossible when you have an enemy w MANPADS laying about as cigarette buts on an american shitlib city street.

    I don’t think Russia so much overestimated the capabilities fo their own army as they severly underestimated the capabilities and basic morale of fanatic Ukrainean nationalist forces. And by way of a very bad intelligence picture – and not giving lower level soldiers more than one day to psychologically prepare for invasion – which had the ultimate outcome of giving the Ukraineans easy morale wins during the first days and this combined with the Rusians not taking out TV and other media and the internet was beyond stupid since it allowed Ukraineans to gain an even higher morale and a belief in their eventual win).

    The tactical performance of Russian units have not been as bad as is commonly said in the west. They were acting appropriately to the intelligence they got, for instance Russia believed it had neutralized the whole Ukraine Airforce on day one, and then it makes no sense travelling around with Tor systems radiating or setting up Buk systems and their mobile radars to give away your position – and then tactical strike drones attacked.

    The performance of particularly the first week but also month was a severe failure of intelligence (It’s interesting to note that when Putin had his National Security Counsel meeting one or two days before the invasion the only one who didnät say immediately that they supported the idea that Putin was puttinf formward was the chief of the FSB and he was ridiculed by Putin for this – did this person know something, that the intelligence had been polished to give PPutin what he wanted to hear?).

    Russia also failed to set clear conditions when things would go nuclear as to western intervention which was a big mistake.

    Before the invasion I thought that if there was one place the Russians would rush down it would have been along the western border to lay very deep minefields combined with raxor wire and tank traps to make the terrain impassable.
    Also, Putin should have been very specific in his warnings about internvention – I was surprised by this as well – and said that “The delivery of any weapon system that cannot be carried by a single soldier will be met with the use of weapons not used for over 70 years”.

    What I have always feared more than anything, since jews – which make up 50 % of the US cabinet behind a obviously senile puppet president and the Chancellor of Germany and the President of Ukraine and most of his closest circle are also jews, never know when to quit. These are highly neurotic and ultra-vengeful people.
    This might might lead the west to give advanced AFVs and armor to the Ukraineans (Marder/Bradley/Warrior AFVs with advanced thermal sights and APFSDS ammo and Leopard 2A6/M1A1 Abrams with advanced thermal sights and advanced APFSDS ammo plus lots of night vision gear and infrared laser pointers for asssault rifles that will then make the Ukraine forces be able to fight during the night – which the Russians lack making the use of nukes a requirement. However I expect the US to probably just point and shriek, although it will be a large loss for Russia in regards to their win in relations with the global south.

    Also, I am not sure Russia is bogged down yet. They are still making some advances – before the UA counteroffensive that was a complete Russian failure – and I expect there will continue being a slow advance until they read the end of fortification in the Donbass. I don’t have such a bleak picture of the Russian future in Ukraine and believe they will slowly continue taking territory, unless the west starts giving away really advanced armor and AFVs.

    But overall, the author of this piece is right. Russia has been way to weak in it’s stance towards the west since 2013 and the war has been fought with gloves on and it has reinforced the hegomony-inducved illusions of the 90s/00s in the US elite.

    PS. If there is one thing I am very positively surprised about Regarding Russia it’s the performance of the very small and comparatively very cheap Orlan 10 drone. Being simple and using for instance a comparatively large large displacement RC plane engine is nothing bad if the hardware does what it should.
    It comes in approx 10 versions tailored for datalinking, ESM, EA, radio relay and in an Electro-Optic ISR version with a high zoom TV camera, a quite low resolution and not so advanced LWIR thermal camera and in older versions a laser rangefinder and in newer versions a laser designator/laser rangefinder and a better LWIR camera). Russia has approximately 1000 Orlan-10 drones and since they are so small they are very hard to spot for optical SAM systems and for people and are hard to spot for radar based SAM systems due to being extremely small for a drone with such capabilities.

  63. “It is easy to be wise after the event.”
    ― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Complete Sherlock Holmes

    Or as they say, hindsight vision is often 20/20.

    This diplomatic strategy, like Russia’s Ukraine strategy, has completely failed.

    The Kremlin’s disastrous Ukraine strategy began when the Kremlin paid more attention to the Sochi Olympics than it did to Washington’s overthrow of the Ukraine government.

    I’ve had a look at Mr. Robert’s Wiki, and nowhere there did I see any mention of him having either training or experience as a Strategist. So on that account alone his dogmatic declarations about the failure of Russian strategy aren’t totally convincing.

    Mr. Roberts was trained and apparently spent most of his career as an Economist, and in particular a preacher of the magical traits of one variety called Supply Side Economics. His history lessons came from the likes of David Irving, and from Irving Mr. Roberts learned that Adolph Hitler was as pure as the driven snow regarding the Holocaust. Mr. Roberts is still searching for answers on the great problem of School Shootings. That enormous mystery must continue to be studied, but until an answer is found, …

    Something has erased in some people moral conscience and concern for others. We need to find out why our society is falling apart like this, not pass the buck to inanimate objects.

    Meanwhile, as this Florida sheriff suggests, more guns might be the solution until we figure out what the problem really is and how to address it.

    A nice rule of thumb! If we have a rash of rabies, More Mad Dogs. If the Kentucky Floods were a problem, next time Seed The Clouds. Drunk driving getting worse? Offer free beer at Interstate Rest Areas.

    To his credit, Mr. Roberts has been firmly against the horrific US bombing campaigns in the middle east, but in this essay he is complaining that the Russians didn’t imitate the barbaric practice. Avoiding war crimes in Ukraine is something I happen to think they’re doing right.

    Maybe Mr. Roberts hasn’t exactly thought through the matter of Russian Strategy in Ukraine. Perhaps they looked closely at the matter and deduced that while they could not control what Hillary/Trump or Biden might do with The Nuclear Button, they could surely make the prospect of starting a nuclear war discouraging. Hence the new hypersonic missiles. Or the monster underwater Tidal Wave-making bomb.

    It’s my own suggestion that the Russians do indeed have a Strategy, and a rather grand one. How about the destruction of NATO by a relatively peaceful means, if you don’t count the X dead Russian soldiers and the 10X Ukrainian soldiers.

    Slow-walking the Special Operation conserves Russian lives, and gives plenty of time for the Europeans to carefully position the nooses around their own necks. Winter is coming, and there isn’t enough electricity or gas or coal to go around. Right after winter comes spring, but if the civilians are by then no longer freezing in the dark, not too many of them will be going to work, for European Industry is already shutting down. So far as I can tell, energy costs next year will still be sky-high, and at some point the money tap will dry up for Subsidies as well as trying to refill the Gas Storage tanks for the 2023 winter.

    European citizens may have bought into the BS peddled by the propagandists back in February, but that naive faith is fading fast. And it’s only September of 2022.

    If NATO goes “nuclear”, it’ll probably be a false flag attempt of imitating a Russian nuke. But will the Rich Old People who run the US government risk even that? A nuclear exchange puts THEIR lives at risk. (all bets are off regarding the Apartheid state – they are getting pretty desperate and don’t care what happens to anybody else.

    So for the record, I’m going to declare that whatever early missteps the Russians made (or didn’t make) in earlier years, they have a Strategy now. One which has a rather decent chance of working out just fine for them.

  64. Hitch says:

    Crossed Russian red lines:

    – Cutting off and embargo of Königsberg (Kaliningrad).
    – Sinking of the Moskva
    – Himars long range rockets
    – Attacks on Russian sovereign territory (Crimea, Belgorod)
    – Bucha, ZNPP

    Many people claim Hitler was a ZOG patsy and use his missed opportunities and Faux Pas as proof. Dunkirk, Stalingrad, etc are all claimed to be proof that Hitler was a C-Jew with one testicle.

    If this is true, Hitler was a piker compared to Putin.

    • Replies: @Hitch
  65. AnoNZ says:

    100% – great comment

  66. Anon001 says:
    @Ted Stevens

    Which article? Link? Are you sure that he was not suggesting that to the West – i.e. to go slow (thread carefully) with their actions against Russia through their proxy?

  67. Otoh, when the operation is over, Ukraine won’t have the manpower to go on the offensive in the next twenty years. The stated goals of the operation are: liberate the Donbass, denazify, demilitarise Ukraine. A blitzkrieg could have achieved only the first of the three objectives and given Ukrainian tactics, it would have come at the cost of a lot, lot civilian lives, Lives that the operation is supposed to save. Moreover, outside inhabited areas in the Donbass, the Ukrainians have built trenches everywhere in the countryside and especially in forests, there is no way they can be dislodged from there before fall, when foliage will no longer provide them cover to hide, without risking heavy losses. Unless you consider that using the same tactics that the USA used in Vietnam to be a legit way to wage war. On flat lands like Ukraine, mobility, firepower and secure, continuous logistics are absolutely essential to win a war. Russia has all three, Ukraine has none.
    Russia can afford a war of attrition and to minimise her own casualties should wage a war of attrition. Only a war of attrition can achieve the full denazification and demilitarisation of Ukraine. A rapid full occupation would turn a war against a regular army into a war against an insurgency. The other side would then use the strategy of attrition to its advantage. A massive bombing campaign like those of the USA in Iraq may have brought a swifter victory but would have achieved neither of the objectives that are absolutely essential for the security of Russia.

  68. Toza says:

    Unfortunately, this is probably an accurate assessment.

  69. @Verymuchalive

    It is a near certainty that Putin is aware not only of Dr. Roberts’ existence, but his recent pithy commentary as well.

    Paul Craig Roberts was an influential member of the first Reagan administration. I have Russian friends who tell me that Reagan and his foreign affairs corps, despite constituting the force that ultimately ended the Cold War on terms ostensibly favorable to the US, were nevertheless highly respected as honest and diplomatically reliable counterparts.

    No such respect exists now. The Americans long ago pissed away any basis for the salutary effects of goodwill and good faith to materialize amid relations with Russia. Dr. Roberts (along with Stephen Cohen) has written compellingly about the salient effect this crucial difference has made to the current (cum longstanding) impasse.

    But what exactly would Dr. Roberts apologize to Vladimir Putin for? Being right again? Putin will certainly realize a measure of military and even political success, but qualified as follows: he traded better relations with the people of Ukraine in the short and long term for an increased likelihood that they will all, along with the rest of the world, sooner or later become embroiled in global mischief of the nuclear variety. And before that, they’ll experience a lot more dangerous and destabilizing brinksmanship.

    If Putin now leaves any portion of Ukraine untaken, whatever new borders emerge will have to be fortified against a new (at first unofficial) boundary with NATO. How does that improve on matters at the time (Dec. 2021) of Russia’s diplomatically delivered demand for changes to the European/NATO security framework – demands which were ignored, and will be again?

  70. Anon001 says:
    @Eric Novak

    Well, I don’t know the details, but since Aeroflot has been blocked from EU, didn’t that cause 100s of planes to be grounded, sitting around and doing nothing? How many workers fired, how many hours cut? There are huge losses that Russia’s business are experiencing due to literately 100s of sanctions from the West. 100s of them were put in place even before Feb 2022.

    West is suffering too of course, but claiming that Russia went unscathed is just naive. They may be making profits on energy, but all other exports are stopped. Do you think the West would be wasting their time imposing so many of them on Russia and Belarus if sanctions were useless?

  71. PCR was
    1. loony
    2. then he got a little smart, now he’s
    3. loony again

  72. @Rich

    Too bad the Russians will prevail, even better than the Vietnamese did. There will be dead mutt mercenaries. And that is good.

  73. IronForge says:

    With all due respect to Secretary Roberts,

    I disagree to an extent.

    Sure, RUS should have recognized the DNR+LNR in 2014 – at least as Autonomous Republics; and reinforced the Minsk Accords with PKO Forces if needed.

    RUS should have sent in PKO Forces when Minsk Failed for 6 Months, then Recognize DNR+LNR as Sovereign States – getting SCO/BRICS/CSTO/EAEU to do so.

    Russian Ethnics were persecuted and killed for 8 Years before the SMO. Many fled to RUS.

    This SMO involves the “Surgical Extraction” of UKRoNazi from Russian-Speaking/Ethnic Regions additional to DNR+LNR. Many Civilians are held Hostage and positioned as Human Shields. Humanitarian Corridors emphasized this Extractive Operation of well dug in Forces.

    Though Military Forces and Infrastructure are being hammered, protecting Russian-Speaking Civilians is a Priority.

    Once the “NovoRussian” Regions are liberated to Vote Themselves Out from the Kiev Regime, I presume that the Fighting Style may be altered, since “Pro-Kiev” Regions will be considered Hostile, with Militia-level insurgencies to take place more frequently.

    RUS overcame the Main Objectives of this Situation – which are to:

    A) Protect Crimea from an Announced Invasion;
    B) Recognizing DNR+LNR as Sovereign States; and Assisting their Fight for Independence/Adjoining into the RUS Federation;
    C) Endure and Overcome Western Economic Sanctions and Western+Global Trade System Boycotts.
    D) Liberate “NovoRussia;
    E) Reiterate the “Red Line for NATO” regarding UKR;
    F) Replace European and NATO Imports with those from SCO/BRICS/EAEU and Domestic Production;
    G) Begin the implementation of ₽UB Payments for Exports;
    H) Roll Out Mir+Corresponding Card Payment Systems, SPFS/СПФС / CIPS / New_EAEU Settlement/Currency Systems;
    J) Ramp Up the War Production Infrastructure not only for the SMO; but for possible NATO/EU/AUKUS Engagements

    RUS and CHN are formalizing their Systems to Decouple from the PetroUSD/SWIFT/Euro-Murican Market Exchanges.


    IMHO, Secretary Roberts underestimates RUS, CHN, and PRKs Military and Power Projection Capabilities.

    RUS, in particular, have the deployable Missile Profile that can Destroy All Other Nation-States in a “Conventionals Only” Engagements; and do so without having to traverse very far from their own Territory.

    CHN cannot be invaded or deflected from any Engagements involving the Taiwan Island. The CHN_PLAN recently became a “Blue Water Navy”.

    PRK – having an Armistice after a brutal War in the early 1950s that had Muricans using BioChemical Agents upon them – are prepared to fight against the combined forces of the USA, KOR, and whomever Murica drags along (AUKUS). Opportunities to Settle Scores, finish the War, and Smite Murican Forces will not be overlooked – especially when Allies RUS+CHN are provoked after Trump baited Pyongyang for a Hot War. PRK have recognized DNR+LNR; and offered to send Combat Engineers to the Donbass.

    Safe to say that PRK have the Missiles that reach Taiwan Island – and the SLBMs and ICBMs that can hit CONUS or just detonate EMP Warheads Offshore over Intl Waters nearby – just to be nasty.

    So much can take place before Nukes get used – hopefully, Murica have addressed “Escalation Scenarios” with the aforementioned if they do start a War.

    I expect TacNukes Offshore at Sea. Of Course All Bets are Off if they’re used on Ground Troops in Cities full of Civilians.

    Nukes will draw Nukes – I’m certain the Plutarchy know that they ARE Targeted for Destruction by Any Means Possible in such Scenarios.

    The Russians should be faring well now – not to my satisfaction; but I’m an “Old School” Cold War Era Naval Officer who grew up and Served in the Front Lines of that Cold War, having a Father who Sailed in every Pacific Naval War and Cold War Deployment since WW2.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    • Agree: Carroll price, Dnought
    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golems
  74. @Chris Moore

    The only proper attitude in this age. The tolerance of kike lovers and the kikes themselves mean extinction. Bring back the rule of the LORD and annual debt jubilee. No more free lunches for Shlomo and his sexual perverts.

  75. Mr Roberts. With respect sir:

    I have zero confidence in “The Hill”.

    Russia (and China) are at war with the United States. The United States is losing and will lose that war. The great risk is that the United States will resort to nuclear war. How to destroy King Dollar without provoking nuclear war? If I were to chose between yourself and Putin to conduct the war on behalf of Russia I would choose Putin.

    • Agree: Rurik
  76. @The_seventh_shape

    Except, the “weaker” the West grows, the more likely it is to resort to nuclear weapons if some little (or large) skirmish goes hot. No matter how badly it fails – financially, diplomatically, militarily – the US will never be unable to afford launching a nuke.

    Time, meaning time to figure more ways to screw up all things Ukraine, is most certainly not on Russia’s side. We see it happening in real life – the Kremlin has no grasp of how imaginatively troublesome the West can be. Even when the NATO gang loses the battle for Ukraine, the same subversion afflicting it that has always been there will be reconstituted and reorganized by Western troublemakers, and Ukraine will continue as a problem child for Putin and his successors.

    Sure, Putin declined to alienate the people he intended to liberate, but there was a cost: the West clearly has no fear of Russian resolve or its military. And now the only way they will get that fear is when their cities get the hypersonically-delivered missile treatment along with a mushroom cloud or two.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  77. Anon001 says:

    Here’s my humble take. The trouble started way back due to Putin’s pleasing behavior towards his beloved Western “partners”. I see him as 5th column liberal globalist and traitor to Russia. Didn’t Klaus Schwab list Putin, Tony Blair, and Angela Merkel as graduates of his Young Global Leaders club years back – fast forward to 1:14 in

    Due to this Putin’s behavior and attitude towards the West and Turkey, US simply did not except Putin to react to the their final act in Ukraine. I remember at least one US analyst saying this. Why would they think/say that at the time you may ask? Well …

    Putin betrayed the whole Ukraine in 2014 by doing nothing, while NATO completed its color revolution, occupied it, and put their puppet in place. He actually enjoyed Sochi Olympics during that time, and recognized new Ukraine puppet government immediately as legit. He then proceeded to do nothing for 8 years (2014-2022) while 14000 ethnic Russian civilians were murdered in Ukraine. During that period, he even made business deals with Ukraine.

    I’m pretty certain that he was planning to betray those people again in Feb 2022, but most likely, Russian military said that it could not allow that, just as with giving up Crimea. I remember, just as Feb 2022 attack on ethnic Russian areas in Ukraine started again, presumably as the final act of their destruction, reading on RT that Putin said (paraphrasing) “they should discuss and negotiate that themselves”. Perhaps I’m misreading this, but it looks to me that he was planning to betray them again and do nothing while his Western “partners” finish the job through proxies.

    So then, I’d guess, he had to do something because Russian military requested some action, and with a heavy heart he agreed, but told them to make it quick and put constraints on what they could do, rather than declaring war on Ukraine for their, as mentioned, mass murder of 14000 ethnic Russian civilians during 8 long years of terror he ignored and did nothing about.

    Declaration of war would have been the right move from both military and PR side, as right now, people that do not know much about any of this, have trouble distinguishing it from NATO’s invasion of Iraq, Libya, etc., thus Russia’s side needs to constantly explain at length that this is different, that it is just operation and neither invasion nor war, etc., in other words, PR war lost immediately. With clear war declaration done first, even those that do not know anything about it, would probably say “Well, it must be something serious, otherwise Russia wouldn’t have declared war.”

    As we know, as Russia got involved, the West responded with sanctions and everything, while Putin continued to please the West with his guaranty that he’ll stay the most reliable partner to them. He said couple of bad things about the West (Empire of lies, etc.), but all that seemed forced, scripted, not sincere, and only for local consumption.

    So here we are with essentially a full war, with more and more countries getting involved in one way or the other, and that is most likely going to be leading us into WW3.

    • Replies: @Anon001
    , @Anon001
  78. Derer says:

    PCR is right on Russia failing to annex Eastern Ukraine early – historically Russian land – at the same time with Crimea referendum. That would have been accomplished in a short time and would provide Russia with better position to negotiate neutrality for the rest of Ukraine. Kremlin has never considered occupying whole Ukraine anyway.

    • Replies: @Carroll price
  79. @James of Africa

    Those opposing war seem like they haven’t lost enough to become angry yet.

    Those opposing war are not really in any different situation from those supporting it; it’s is all an emotional abstraction for them. Once it actually starts to become real, it is already too late. I guess the essential problem with pacifists is that they don’t fight, which is why peace is just a rearming exercise.

    we wait for better days at our own peril. Russia got the message, there’s a significant risk that there will be war no matter what we want.

    Absolutely. The war is inevitable, so it is better to try to fight it on your own terms, rather than wait for it to come to you fully armed and trained. Russia’s biggest blunder was that it did not handle the Ukraine issue in 2014. In this regard, PCR is correct that Russia has always tried to appease the West and continues to pull its punches. All the talk about the Kremlin’s 4D chess is rubbish. If you follow Russian policy closely – not just official documents, but actual economic policy and think tank material – you’d be embarrassed by how much undignified begging and pleading Russia has done behind the scenes, trying to get back into the good graces of the West. Giant, docile and meaty Russia refuses to understand that the West is a hungry, scheming pack of hyenas intent on tearing it limb from limb.

    I’ve been living in Russia since 2014, and the signs here that the US was hellbent on starting a hot war with Russia were clear if you had the necessary perspective and generally paid attention to the relations.

  80. Derer says:
    @Event Horizon

    Russians are making war game exercisers with over 100 thousands soldiers with China and few other countries including India. It appears that their Ukraine operation is conducted by a fringe military wing and not a major engagement for them.

    • Agree: Event Horizon
    • Replies: @John Frank
  81. A few Russian tactical hypersonic nukes on US/UK/ bla bla bla weapons depots in Ukraine would go a long way in checkmating any UkrainianNATO counter attack.
    Anyone trying to destroy a beehive is about to get stung badly.

  82. HoHo says:

    Monday morning QBs are always the “best,” lol. Why do people want to be “right” all the time? Don’t know his “prediction” record, but I’d suspect it is not very good.

  83. eah says:

    Russia couldn’t be more aggressive without losing support at home and abroad.

    What about the morale of his own forces? — would you want to be sent into a meat grinder type conflict with no end in sight? — and a growing fear that all of it will have been for nothing?

    It reminds me of the controversy over widening the Vietnam War, especially under Nixon (see Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia) — while overall the war was misguided and tragic, trying to interdict supplies and munitions flowing into South Vietnam via the Ho Chi Minh trail running through Laos and Cambodia was the responsible thing to do military vis-a-vis the American troops fighting and dying there.

    Putin has been patient — but with the West acting as a party to the conflict by supplying weapons being used to kill Russian soldiers and prolong the fighting, if I were Putin I would have said that while Russia was ready to negotiate (and has been since 2014), I would also have given the West an ultimatum about helping Ukraine militarily, and then hit western supply chain targets if it did not stop, saying if the West then retaliated, Russia would use nuclear weapons in response, since in the view of Russia the strikes on western targets were defensive.

    Make the West, in front of the whole world, especially people in western countries, choose war or negotiation and deescalation.

    • Replies: @eah
  84. Seraphim says:

    PCR cannot get out of the Western frame of mind that they must tell Russians (to the whole world actually) what to do.

  85. Dumbo says:

    The Ukraine war is artificially propped up by the West and mainly the US, but I don’t expect that to last for very long, especially as winter comes. In Europe in particular there is growing opposition to the current situation, no one wants to “freeze for the Ukraine”. Zelensky quickly moved from “hero” to “that annoying midget prick getting all that money that we should keep instead”.

    The main problem as I see it is that the Ukrainian army may be driven out of the East, but they are still able to do occasional attacks against civilians, and occasional terrorist attacks, which is a hassle. They would need someone to tell them to cut the crap and cut their losses.

  86. GMC says:

    Dr. Roberts must know that the Russians never listen to anyone when it comes to doing things – their own way – it’s that cut and dried. They will continue to grind their axe the way they want to and that’s that. This is one thing I’ve learned about them. The Western/Central Ukrainians are different , they will listen to the Americans or the others that bring wheelbarrows full of money, all day long and follow Nato to Hell., except for the Russian Ukrainians, of course.

    I couldn’t say it any better than Scott Ritter said months ago – Why Russia, are you keeping the Ho Chi Minh trail , leading out from those Nato countries surrounding Ukraine – Open ? Especially, when you – yourself – had troops helping Uncle Ho’s supply lines in the SE Asian Triangle – both Vietnams’, Cambodia and Laos. This I will never understand.

  87. Odyssey says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Every single Croat supports Ukr Nazis, the assassination of D.Dugina and approves Ustashas’ the most barbaric ww2 genocide in human history.

    • Agree: Passing By
  88. zard says:

    Problem is all these primary sources reporting some supposed ‘peace deal’ are Jewish/State owned sources ( for example the CFR, you’re going to believe what these Commie Jews report?? lol)–so this is all likely CIA-KGB disinfo to further the illusion that NATO & Antifa Russia are ‘enemies’ & not managed by the same transnational syndicate of Zionist Overlords…What gives it all away as an organized operation, is that the cabinet of Russia is permeated with Jews just as the governments of NATO are too…

    Of course, all phony excuses will be invented to prolong the war so Antifa Russia can be allowed to kill as many Aryan Ukrainians as they can…haven’t you figured it out yet?..They’re (NATO/EU & Antifa Russia) are both in on it together to decimate Aryans & advance their WEF policies..

    How convenient that the energy/economic policies of the WEF are all being advanced/achieved after Schwab’s WEF Commie agent (Putin) invaded Ukraine…lol

    Thesis (NATO/Ukraine) Antithesis (Soviet Russia/China) Synthesis (WEF Great Reset/Agenda 2030/Whiteocide)

  89. eah says:

    Telegram/Intel Slava ZThe Pentagon handed over GPS-guided Excalibur guided missiles, its most accurate artillery rounds, to Ukraine — Bloomberg

    M982 Excalibur

  90. Perhaps Putin’s mistake was believing the west still had some integrity. That is, he didn’t realize just how corrupt and deceptive the ruling class would be.

    To their credit (ruling class of Western Wards), they are corrupt by design (and not by individual agency). There can only be a single Financial Cycle on a single planet. There is no autonomy left for parts and parcels of the globe. What we see is a temporary divide in two hemispheres, temporarily this might be so, but corruption the same is ongoing. There will be, and more importantly there are today numerous transgressions that matter to the big picture and individual power play. The West — Russia & China divide is highly permeable. That is in itself the confirmation of concept of a single world, controlled by ultimately a single entity and system. Historically this was never so apparent to the point of today, but looking back, the idea kept creeping in slowly, from Napoleon over WWI, along WWII and on to today.

    The single divide evidenced very clearly is a vertical world separation of, on the one hand, useless, cockroach, meat-ball populations, their patterns of activity and consumption of resources, and a de facto elite polar to it, that (de facto elites) considers all resources and “trade” to be theirs, without any further considerations but practicality. Since the baby is in the process of learning how to talk and experimenting with the more sophisticated tools at hand, differences in tactics and strategy differ (Russia has the same ambitions as the West, as does China). Somehow this must crystallize out in the coming half century.

    So the Western Europe political, media, justice system, “Finance” “Higher middle class” should be as much understood. Their participants have no agency, many times have no clue as to what they represent, were maneuvered into place on the basis of preliminary selection on submission to the “system”. A single example very indicative is the Sarkozy – Macron type of chaining nullities into the lime-light, the Johnson – Truss tandem is another one. “Befehl ist befehl”, “Just doing my job”. In asfar the visible part of the ruling class is to be understood as having no agency, and if ever, no clue as to what and where to offer an alternative. They have no idea of the variables involved in interacting with the future. They function (very well on scene) on heuristics only. Truss or Johnson, clowns by design.

    To quote (semi) Jesus, “Forgive them, because they do not know what they do”. “Have the children come to me”. The political scene apparent is a cheap soap that caters to the tastes of a disgenic (not in quantity measures, but in general quality) world population. In all aspects the show is global! That one, PCR got right.

    To get back to Putin, if he did misinterpret the dependency of the Western political class, then he is up for many more surprises. I personally think he must know very well where the real power buttons lie. That sadly is not enough. The sequel of commands keeps surprising each and every power player as to unexpected outcomes. Running the world is not math, many things cannot be quantified, an all in the field of view is layered as lies.

    • Replies: @GMC
  91. Considering Russia is unable to conquer Ukraine, them escalating things with NATO would be patently dumb. The reality is that the only reason their idiotic illegal war is tolerated is that they have nuclear weapons. Otherwise there would be a no fly zone over Ukraine with the exception of NATO aircraft.

    It’s kinda funny seeing this debacle the Russian army is involved in being used as a way to sell overpriced and useless military equipment considering it should show the opposite.

    And what a moronic blunder this illegal invasion is. Not only will Russia have to commit troops to the Ukraine for years probably, Sweden and Finland will be in NATO too.

    At least the US is smart enough to bully people far away, not their neighbors, but that would be too much to expect from a nation of drunks and webcam hoes.

    • Replies: @JR Foley
  92. All the analysis in the world is but an educated guess when one is not in control. For all we know even this SMO is a globalist ploy to bring about the very collapse they seek. Whether it be one thing or the other… we had best be prepared for the worst while never letting go of hope for the best. If history is any gauge we should bank on calamity.

    • Thanks: GMC
  93. @Chris Moore

    You do realize nobody believes that the Jews did 911 except some irrelevant morons on the internet, right? [email protected] the world. The world extends far beyond the four walls of the room you haven’t left in a decade.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  94. @Nervous in Stalingrad

    Yes, Russia is the bad guy in Europe because it has the same habit the US has in the Middle East such as illegal invasions, violating sovereignty, killing and raping civilians etc.

  95. Larry Johnson ex CIA analyst, has a good critique of the situation (and of this article) on his excellent blog ;

    • Thanks: Avery
  96. Russia had to fight the Real Evil Empire now, or when the Ukronazi orcs attacked the Donbass, a matter of days, or, if they allowed the genocide to go ahead, some time in the future with Banderastan in NATO and armed with nukes. They had to cut the cancer out NOW. Let’s see who collapses first-Russia or the West. Things are looking creaky in the EU already.

  97. @Stephan

    I doubt it. You would have to be a fool not to realise that the West is innately Evil, and for a Russian to do so, would be unforgivable.

  98. @Eric Arthur Blair

    The Dutch regime is treacherous in the extreme. After the dirty farce of the Lockerbie show trial, they have exceeded themselves with the MH17 farce. If not for the human suffering I would be looking forward to Holland’s coming, inevitable, inundation.

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Johan
    , @annamaria
  99. Karl1906 says:

    Thank you Mr Roberts for confirming the current Republican establishment’s position on Russia and WW3 in a long-winded way. We know how much y’all long to “solve” the problems of current Republican interior politics’ failures by having another “go” at a world war. You’ve won the last two so why not the third.

    The Dems under president Alzheimers are going in the very same direction – as they’re basically only the “other” side of the US establishment’s political arm in DC.

    It’s also very obvious at this point that the likes of you want to spend the rest of their sorry existence in a nuclear fallout shelter. IF you manage to find one in time and IF they even let you in. As the US establishment is very picky these days in this regard. Or in disregard.

    Let’s all hope that you’re very wrong, Mr Roberts. It wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last.

  100. padre says:

    With all due respect, but people should deal with the things they know something about! What kind of millitary education can the author brag about?

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  101. PtownPT says:

    Gad fly PCR foolishly decides to question Putin’s SMO decision. But what could a rank geostrategic armature like PCR possibly know that Putin has not already factored into his decisions. So whose judgement are you going to trust- a proven leader like Putin or an attention starved ankle biter like PCR

  102. Anon001 says:

    Addendum: I also remember Putin sending peace negotiators to Ukraine immediately after Russia’s Ukraine operation commenced, which seemed strange, but in my view, I think that he simply tried to get anything on the table in order to be able to go back to generals and order them to either withdraw or at least stop advancing – which confirms my guess that he did not want to react to Feb 2022 attacks on those regions, and only did so for the Russian army told him that he had to.

  103. The privileged Robert continues to look at the world from racism and exceptionalism and believes that the defense of white privilege deserves to destroy the planet.

  104. Sam Smith says:

    Monday morning quarterback! Hey Mr. PCR, Superbowl is over, Russia won!

    Putin is a world leader like Xi Jinping. PCR, you are just a has-been “economist” from the Reagan era of “trickle down economics” now ranting blog writer.

    The proof of the incorrectness of your assertion that “The Kremlin’s ‘Limited Military Operation’ in Ukraine Was a Strategic Blunder” lies in what’s going on in Vladstock, SCO, BRICS+, etc.

    Mr. PCR, you should really retire to Latin America, permanently this time!

  105. Dumbo says:

    One funny thing about the Western media is that they always say something like, “Russia occupied most of the Eastern Ukraine, but they were repelled from Kiev and other areas.”

    No, they went to Kiev initially to try to see if that would topple the government, it didn’t work, so they went back and concentrated on the East, but they were not “repelled” as there were no major battles in Kiev. Perhaps it was a failed Russian strategy, but they didn’t plan to occupy Kiev, the idea was always to fight and occupy Eastern and Southern Ukraine, and in that sense it was mostly a success. Except maybe for Odessa. I don’t think the Russians will be able to take Odessa.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @annamaria
  106. @padre

    “School, schooling, being schooled”,

    The other expensive prozac of the mind?

  107. Richard B says:

    “Taken altogether, the intelligence paints a picture of a country [Russia] struggling to maintain its own institutions

    As opposed to the United States?

    The social institutions of the US are in free fall – all of them. Their teaching-learning institutions from Kindergarten to the Phd., our value institutions (not limited to religious institutions), our economic and governing institutions, and our idea institutions (the arts & sciences, research institutes, etc).

    And since these institutions are all interdependent, a family for example is all of the above, as is a company, or university, or government, it means the source of it all is the culture. The culture being the directions, as it were, and the social institutions being the area of performance in response to those directions.

    In short, The Directions-Performance Complex is riddled with what might as well be called ideological cancer. One that is inoperable.

    In fact, from this perspective, the quote above about Russia struggling to maintain its own institutions is itself symptomatic of this verbal cancer, ie; a total lack of self-awareness, institutional awareness, and even situational awareness, as well as a corresponding unconscious and therefore automatic psychological projection and sincere denial. Sincere denial itself being synomymous with delusion.

    In any event, the reasons are many and complex. But they can be reduced to their essentials if one directs attention to the culture.

    The template that the US (and Europe today) operate out of is Oversimplification (of complex problems), Reductionism (Russia Bad, White Man Bad*), Violence (Death to the Transgressor) and Helpless (before the problems created by the first three).

    This template is applied without correction to virtually everything. We are living with the results, Cultural Impoverishment and Societal Collapse.

    Since it takes a far greater capital investment to revitalize a deteriorating social institution (let alone all of them) than it does to start a new one, perhaps it would be better for the American people to let the country go its declining way and instead start new ones for the sole purpose of inculcating values that are essential for our survival, success and growth.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  108. Most wars go through several to and fro episodes before one side wins; it’s rarely a walkover. The Ukrainians are having some successes in parts of the very long front line.

  109. Apple says:

    Have been following Paul Craig Robert’s viewpoint on the war
    And would agree with his analysis and critical thinking
    Maybe Putin plans to win an economic war against the west and not a military one after all – I do feel very sorry for the Donbas people who seem to have suffered the most in this tug of war
    Just seems that the Russians appear and act weak whether that over ukraine or Syria

    • Replies: @annamaria
  110. The most interesting question arises for me:

    WHY is this particular post open for comments after so long?

    And then the subsequent posts are again “closed for comments.”

    I doubt I am the only observer stroking his whiskers over this oddity.

    Greetings from post-american america!

  111. Anon[318] • Disclaimer says:

    As somebody once said ‘either you live on your knees, or die on your feet’

  112. Richard B says:
    @Richard B

    Russia Bad, White Man Bad*

    You could rewrite the first paragraph of PCR’s article (especially the first sentence) by simply replacing Russia with White people.

    Doing so makes it easy to see that the hostile elite, or Jewish Supremacy Inc., is aggressively applying its Foreign, Domestic and Economic Policies of Invade the World (to destroy Russia), Invite the World (to destroy Whites) and In-Debt to the World (that they’ll never pay back)) in service of its primary objective – Full Spectrum Dominance.

    But since that goal is directed by the ideological cancer mentioned in my previous comment, and since that cancer is itself subsumed by the template of Oversimplification, Reductionism, Violence and Helplessness also mentioned in my previous comment, and since the result of that is Cultural Impoverishment and Societal Collpase, the “success” of Jewish Supremacy Inc. amounts to a Pyrrhic Victory.

    The best thing to do for now is simply survive. There is absolutely no honor in trying to stop an avalance on Shit Mountain. Which, sadly, is what the country in their hands has become. Who living today could possibly commit themselves to denying it?

  113. Anon[318] • Disclaimer says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Official MSM pictures from the MH17 circus, OSCE officials in nice clothes and BPV, then in other photos standing in in merc uniforms (orange black sashes) with balaclavas pretending to be Russian or Donbas soldiers, the eyes visible in the mask gave the game away, same as one opf the Dutch OSCE dudes, also the union jack badge on the shoulder also screamed NATO rather than Russian.

    A lot of MSM photoshopping used in MH17. MSM photographers have never been people with much ethics or morality, but MH17 showed the worst in them.

  114. @Rich

    “Communists crawling to the negotiation table begging for peace” where did you get that from. The Americans fled Vietnam in a similar way as the were chased out of Afghanistan. Twenty years (1954 – 1975) of total failure and destruction.

    • Replies: @Rich
  115. The sanctions are failing, Europe is imploding, America is imploding… and Paul Craig Robert’s is reading the Hill’s propaganda, unfortunately…For Russia, precisely by not engaging in total war against Ukraine is leaving the door open for sane leadership to emerge in the west such that a new Treaty of Westphalia can emerge after the City of London has been properly occupied by the masses who finally realize who the real enemy is!

    Occupy the City of London!

    St. Michael fight back the Dragons that surround that den of inequity turning the planet into a barren black rock!

  116. Stick to economics and social commentary, Paul, please. You obviously don’t know the first thing about any of this.

  117. Avery says:
    @emerging majority

    { any mention of T-62’s}

    Andrei Martyanov covered this when MSM started spreading rumors that Russia was running out of tanks and in desperation was sending mothballed T-62s to the front.

    There were/are T-62s in Donbass, but the reason was this (according to Martyanov): in liberated areas, Donbass militia used them at checkpoints and such to guard against UkroNazi saboteurs, to maintain order, etc. Old armor with a machine gun and a cannon is very useful for such purposes.

    Obviously it is absurd to think that Russia would resort to sending T-62s into frontline combat.
    Most of the fighting at the front is artillery barrages, not tank battles: Russia has a practically unlimited capacity for artillery. They pulverize Uki fortifications, kill and destroy everything – then they send in tank supported infantry to clear out whatever is left.

  118. @Ghali

    Putin is silently and cunningly instituting regime change all across Europe. As the temperatures go down, the protests intensify and the morons running things in Brussels will feel the wrath of the public. Putin is playing chess while the European political class can’t even identify the game.

    Unless a real war breaks out between Russia and the “west”, the status quo will continue with the average European knowing that the lack of energy and raw materials is due to their “leaders” fucking things up royally. So far, things haven’t gotten serious enough to warrant revolt, but when a European winter hits with little to no fuel, that’s when the the average guy says “enough”. It’s when mom and the kids are complaining that he’ll finally do something about the situation, not before.

    As Europe fails, a new political class will emerge that will partner with the only viable sourc of energy and raw materials. That inevitability means there will be a new saying in Europe – “Keep the Americans out, the Russians in, and the Germans up”.

    The old order is in the process of failing. The Europeans will survive with a change of leadership. The same can’t be said of the US. It will crumble economically and because it has no friends, the Fed Gov will continue to deteriorate while turning inwards. There will be a war against the US population as the controllers try to squeeze the last penny from the population. Why else 80,000 new IRS scum?

    The real danger is the US political class that has been guilty of war crimes for decades starting a war as a last ditch effort to avoid war crimes tribuanals that would find them guilty and stretch their necks. As things deteriorate in the US, the urge to push the nuclear buttons becomes irresistable to, in their minds, prevent their loss of power.

  119. @Anon001

    Before all this, how many Russian products have you ever purchased? How many Russian products have you ever seen for sale in your area?

    Russia’s primary exports are energy and raw materials. They may be under pressure now, but the need for what Russia has plenty of doesn’t go away. The pent up demand is building and Russia knows it. According to published reports, the overall Russian economy has had a significant boost with the Ruble the best performing currency this year.

    Winter will either have the Europeans change their leadership or WW-III will commence. The status quo can’t continue for the Europeans so it will change, one way or the other.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  120. Angharad says:

    Zelensky needs to be sitting in a VERY hot oven.

  121. Russia’s military is so superiour that it can afford to watch the US believe that the invitation to world war is being considered. Of course the US will go for it if they want. Goodbye Pentagon and every elite bunker day 1. Goodbye Beltway. I don’t see that as a catastrophy.

  122. gsjackson says:
    @Event Horizon

    Hope that’s not the case, but if he thinks that he and (the now deceased) Cohen were the only ones to read the Ukrainian tea leaves correctly nine years ago and comment publicly, he’s very much mistaken.

    • Thanks: Event Horizon
  123. repsinec says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    I agree, Putin should have committed more Russian forces into the SMO. Since the beginning the Donbass militias have been doing most of the fighting, with Russia providing artillery, intelligence and air support. I don’t see why they could not have added an extra 100,000 men – which amounts to 10% of the country’s total military force – to aid the militias. Also: they are leaving all of the bridges over the Dnieper intact, which only facilitates the transfer of Western aid Eastwards, and they have been allowing the Ukrainians to shell the Zaporizhya nuclear power plant, without trying to take out those responsible. This has not been a show of Russian strength, but rather of Russian weakness and dithering. I’m not saying that they should have flattened Kiev or Karkhov, but Putin could have finished this up far more quickly.

  124. Angharad says:

    Urrr…The jewkrainian regime is now conscripting women to fight Russia. You know – pulling random females off the street, giving them cardboard guns, and telling them to be heroes. Sounds like winning to me!

    Why haven’t you called Putin a “Nazi” yet? You invoke the Nazi canard quite frequently these days, Roberts.

  125. Ross23 says:

    Is this article on the back of the recent Ukraine offensive in the east two days ago

    Where Russia got caught with its pants down and Ukraine got more territory in 48 hours than Russia got in two months.

    All Russia is showing right now is weakness

    • Disagree: annamaria
  126. JR Foley says:

    The Russians are not in the “Wipe them all out mode” since many conscripts in Zylenskyy crew are inexperienced and easy gun fodder. Putin is slowly wiping out the Nazis and good for him. Later someone will be on the real end of Russia’s wrath and it will be —-a dead ringer of a dandy.

  127. Notsofast says:

    thanks for pointing out what poor old p.c.r. and most of the other commenters are not seeing, this war is not just about ukraine. there’s a much larger economic war going on and the russians and chinese have long ago devised this strategy, that allowed the russians to side step the simplistic, throughly predictable, illegal sanctions. the western behemoth has been lead into a tiger/bear trap of their own construction, hoist by their own petard, or perhaps hoist by their own retard might be more fitting.

    why hurry while the west insists on destroying itself from the inside out, the tremendous waste of human life in ukraine is not just tragic, it’s criminal (on the part of the west) but if the slow grind through ukraine, can bring down the zioneocon empire through economic war sparing a much larger, bloodier war that these madmen seek, then it would definitely be the far lesser of two evils.

    • Agree: Kali
  128. @IronForge

    You omitted the TryBoo, ZOG, Shabbo Goys, Irate Clotted Cream Americans, and Strident Caledonians.

    Thanks for the “open source” strategic insight. Expert knowledge is handy.

  129. JR Foley says:

    20 years to tie USA in Afghanistan?

  130. Trump is going to run on a campaign of:”Putin was a afraid of me…he never would have invaded Ukraine…”…..In other words, Trump would have bombed the Russian Military in Ukraine……..Why bother to vote for Trump?

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @JR Foley
  131. maskazer says:

    As we have a saying in the Persian language, Ukraine is neither the tip of the onion nor its end. Russia correctly figured that the proxy war launched by NATO around the western borders of Russia is a major diversion which is going to continue for long time. If Russia had destroyed all Ukrainian civilian or government infrastructures, it would have caused long-term terrorist/guerilla warfare again backed by NATO with no clear outcome. There is a need for more coordinated military, economic, political … actions to be taken by China, Iran and others aimed directly at the western banking mafia a la WEF i.e. the main culprit behind all the troubles.

  132. Ace says:

    Amen, esp. as to your take on Vietnam. I was in the Delta in ’70 and things were heating up on the border. When Nixon sent the troops in Cambodia it all went quiet. The NVA skeddadled.

    God bless Richard Nixon.

    • Agree: Rich
  133. Ace says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Haxo is waiting. See Haxo wait.

  134. Lets not be distracted from the international banking cabal that pull the strings for both sides

  135. Levtraro says:
    @Ted Stevens

    I think it was this article:

    He lauded the Russian military campaign with words like this:

    “As matters stand here in early July, it is now incontrovertible that the Russian operation in the Donbass has been an overwhelming victory. It is, in my estimation, the most impressive management of a quasi-urban battlefield in modern history. ”

    In my reading his highly positive assessment of the Russian military operation does not contradict his opinion that the overall strategy was a blunder. I don’t agree with him but it seems to me he is not contradicting himself.

  136. @boomerfeeds

    “You do realize nobody believes that the Jews did 911 except some irrelevant morons on the internet, right?”

    Found the jew!

    Dipshit…..the reality is the exact opposite……EVERYBODY here KNOWS the jews did 9/11…..

    and this fact is well documented with a mountain of evidence.

  137. Dimitry Orlov has explained in great detail why the Russian Military had to wait 8 years to invade Ukraine….you find his explanation over at the Saker….

    The US is internally collapsing….There will be many opportunities for Russia to put Barack Obama and Anthony Blinken on trial for War Crimes-after the US no longer exists as a Nation…..


    • Agree: Thor Walhovd, JR Foley
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Anon001
  138. Levtraro says:

    Do you think the West would be wasting their time imposing so many of them on Russia and Belarus if sanctions were useless?

    Yes, absolutely. Western politicians are STUPID, 2-digits IQ mediocrities.

    • Agree: Realist, annamaria
  139. Ace says:
    @Flying Dutchman

    Emptying of armories, the imperviousness of Russia to sanctions, the blowback of the sanctions in Europe, and the approaching terrible energy problems in Europe ensure Russia will prevail. Not to mention Ukrainian casualties.

    If Russia was short drones that is surely remedied by now, though it’s hard to believe given the lessons of Nagorno-karabakh.

    If Russia underestimated Ukrainian resistance that is understandable. However, it did describe it’s own effort as an SMO. Limited but not necessarily in duration. Just enough but not enough to scare the NATO horses.

  140. The Eastern Economic Forum was held in Vladivostok and was attended by President Vladimir Putin. Surely it is high time that everyone listened to what the Russian president, demonised in the West, is telling the world today. High time to hear Putin: “Western countries seek to preserve the former world order”

    • Replies: @Odd Rabbit
  141. Bruno says:

    Strelkov saying they same. It could be an ennemy strategy against Putin because western media give a lot of voice to this dissenting. Isis style.

  142. Nat X says:

    In other yt news water is wet…zzz

  143. The Kremlin’s “Limited Military Operation” in Ukraine Was a Strategic Blunder


    The The Kremlin’s “Limited Military Operation” in Ukraine is to completely destroy the second home of the (((parasites))) so they won’t have another home to occupy when the current home of the (((parasites))) is destroyed.


  144. SteveK9 says:
    @emerging majority

    T-62 Tanks are being used in the rear. There are arguments that this is not a bad idea. I have read that Russia has 7,000 T-72 tanks in storage as well. Some argue that Russia is also holding back against the possibility she would have to fight a NATO invasion. That seemed unlikely and impossible now that so much weaponry has been sent to Ukraine.

  145. SteveK9 says:
    @Paul Greenwood

    We will see, but I think you are dead wrong. Certainly LNG from the US will fall far short of any real help to Europe.

  146. USGrant says:

    For Roberts The Hill is on the Temple mount in Jerusalem.

  147. SteveK9 says:

    PCR is mostly correct, and has been all along. It doesn’t mean that Putin’s strategy won’t be successful, and no one can say what ‘would’ have happened. The latest ‘grain’ scam from the West is being described as the last straw for Russia to trust the West about anything, but really there never seems to be a last straw. Of course, although Russia showed ridiculous levels of patience and forbearance in the lead-up to the ‘SMO’ Putin did act in the end. As the operation has developed I would hope that the last illusions about the nature of the US elite are vanishing in Putin’s head. They have certainly disappeared from Medvedev’s. His harshness is a natural reaction to his greater level of trust in the West a long while back. Putin might feel a little less betrayed, but probably not much.

  148. The war in the Ukraine has its genesis in the 2014 Nuland led zionist coup and the killing of over 16,000 Russians in the Donbass region and also the Ukraine was planning to invade and take back the breakaway regions just before Russia entered the Ukraine, the blood for this war is on the hands of the zionists as was the case in WWI and WWII and the wars in the middle east which followed Israels and traitors in the ZUS governments attack on the WTC on 911, which was blamed on the muslims and gave the zionists the excuse to destroy the middle east for their greater Israel project.

    God bless Russia for saving the people of Donbass and the people of Syria.

    • Agree: Durruti
    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @Durruti
  149. @Joe Paluka

    It’s call “leverage”. Having perfected the art through financial dealings, Jews have successfully carried it over to political and cultural affairs.

  150. Anon[380] • Disclaimer says:

    The Kremlin’s “Limited Military Operation” in Ukraine Was a Strategic Blunder

    First of all, this WAS NOT a military operation and calling it limited is another instance of word games. What Paul Craig means by “strategic” is another mystery as even military men are confused as to the meaning of the word.

    This was a Police action. If it were a limited military operation Putin would have drawn a line from Kiev to the Black Sea and demolished everything between than and Ukraine’s Eastern Border. He would then have fortified the new Kiev/ Black Sea Line.

    Kiev and Kharkov would have been reduced to rubble scattered over charred corpses ! Putin wanted to avoid this because the population of the area is mainly Russian.

    The Russian mentality is and has always been to be patient in its foreign policy. To say that Putin was disrespected and took this and that insult is nonsense. Just look at the Hitler / Stalin interaction. When the Russians finally lost their cool Germany was reduced to powder. Putin / Lavrov are cut from the same cloth. Instead of worrying about and analysing Ukraine we ought to be bothered by the unholy mess the USA is in.

    The war in Ukraine is old, stale news. The hot topic these days in the FBI sniffing Melania’s panties and Donald’s skivvies. That too will pass as Americans, usually quickly bored, move onto the next new drama compliments of the MSM. Putin knows this, and as the West yawns at the Ukraine circus and Putin turns off the energy taps this winter, Russia will crush the rest of the Ukro Clowns at its leisure !

    You can become President of the US by hiding in your basement but you dont become a Colonel in the KGB by being a dunderhead !

  151. Johan says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    The Netherlands is a very small country, if you add to that the highly incestuous culture of democracy, you end up with those who are degenerated-silly.
    As a Dutchman, not living in Holland, I’d say that the Dutch aristocratic ‘elites’ are democratically degenerated-silly. And most of the Dutch institutional ‘elites’ are the clueless representatives of the utterly small and silly democratic people. Then there are the Dutch ‘elites’ who are eagerly playing ball with the global Western institutions, because having to occupy yourself with the wishes of the Dutch democratic people, the spoilt incestuous luxury-proletariat, pandering to them, is utterly boring and amounts to more cultural incest. So these ambitious Dutch ‘elites’ are easily courted by and attracted to the much more glamorous progress narratives of the supra-national institutions.

    The best we have produced lately is Franz Timmermans, as culturally incestuous Netherlands understandably was too small for him, he is now upgraded to EU commissioner of scams and democratic-anarchism (climate change hoax, LGBT etc.). He is a a mix of utter Dutch distastefulness, misdirected ambition, and he speaks emo-ideology-propaganda in 32 languages.

    The Netherlands is not your China for greater fools indeed.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  152. Apple says:

    PCR makes sound and factual arguments
    However the Kremlin’s intentions may be to bring the west to its knees due to the European need for Russian energy sources

    But there’s still a war raging on Russia’s borders that the Russians haven’t been able to conclude so far, and who knows what the repercussions of that will be in the future

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  153. anonymous[238] • Disclaimer says:

    is our Savior!

    Lol, no!

    Pagan (perceived) mangods are not saviours. Even the most blessed Jesus PBUH, who will disavow your kind.

    You are a cursed pagan loser, as is all of the accursed pagan godless western evilisation.

  154. Johan says:
    @Eric Arthur Blair

    As a Dutchman, I insist that the Dutch cannot be blamed too much, they are mostly silly-clueless, they are an easy victim of the big Anglo-Zionist psychopathy. It is a very small country, and a democracy too, so there is very little room to think for yourself, and stray from the path of all powerful group-think.

  155. Joe Wong says:

    Replace Russia with China, and Ukraine with Taiwan, this article is just applicable to the current situation over the Taiwan Strait. The only difference is Chinese is more careful or intimidating (glossed over by “playing long”) than the Russian.

    Actually Atony Blinken and Lloyd Austin can safely visit Taiwan and expect no real reaction from Beijing. Perhaps Washington can expect no real reaction from Beijing by recognizing Taiwan is an independent nation and ask UN to give a seat to Taiwan.

    • Disagree: antibeast
  156. @Anon001

    Unlike the bankrupt, demoralized western world, Russia has all the human and natural resources neccessary to survive the long game.

    Which, although overlooked by most political experts, is what the developing struggle between the Eastern and Western world has become.

  157. @emerging majority

    No. I get it from pro-war, Russian language sources. Kenigtiger, Strelkov, many others.

  158. anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Jew controlled Breitbert and Jews controlled NY Times have paralles in Russia and West. Both are modeled on the Breitbert and N Y Times. Russia is planning to free itself .Until now Putin Medved and other felt that being white somewhat Caucasian, and distantly -related Christian would deliver the Russian what it wants- spiritual, racial cohesion , purity, and population friendly economic activities .

    If Russia is fighting for its soul,Jews are fighting for its cringe worthy survivalist mode .That mode means death for the rest and enjoying life without working for it for the Jews .

    Atavistic regression to Purin state of mind will continue in order to survive as parasites ,hyenas, wild dogs and thieving Jays . These Zionsist don’t know anything else .They create fights and then become the arbiters .They have now become arbiter between Blacks and Whites.They are trying to become arbiter sbetween Arab and West . In the process they acquire useless but harmful positions in the Fed , as Cabinet members ,as ECB chairman, as CEO and as senators ,as academic and media owner or corporate raiders . They stay within the lines and watch other staying or not within the lines .Any deviance is punished . Todays Israeli crimes are ignored or airbrushed with wringing of hands and tweeddling of the thumbs at best .Reminding the crime next day would become anti semitism. Bingo- Jail if it EU and loss of jobs and livelihoods if it Canada or USA . Who needs a FATWA.? Who needs a killer to run amok on the stage ?

    If nation engages into striving for purity ,preservation of self interest ,and to helping the downtrodden or the victims of the oppression then the putative assassin of Salmon Rushdie would wears cloaks, hide behind, ride bus veiled and incognito to reach the Iranian scientists or the Gaza emissaries then return home with celebration of past valors to hide the latest crimes .If that doenst work, sanction and wars are the next move – burden of which will be carried by the non-Jews . Ukraine is the latest in the long series of non-Jews killing each other and for Zionist

    It would like getting Salmon Rushdie killed by Honduran and the prize money distributed by Brazil who confirms daily fealty to Iran by sending rare Amazonian flowers ,beautiful poem and tons of rare minerals . Press then would talk only of the flowers as signs of the aesthetic bonds between the two ,wont talk about the dirty money, corrupt power, extractions of wealth under duress and will conceal how poor Hondurains scapegoated .Press might add the opinion too-how emotional impulsive and regressive the Hondurians are .

  159. @Odd Rabbit

    Contrary to what PCR thinks, Putin’s goal is not a quick win, but the slow dismantling of the tyranny of the Zionist- and Masonic-backed R-sild banker-mafia and the creation of a new, morally superior world order. A great man.
    It should be pretty obvious that any sane Western leader and government will soon realise how wrong they have been to bow to the mafia and turn to support Putin, whose support will rise because he is now the real world leader. He has realised that the spirit is mightier than the sword.
    It is still possible that the stubborn and psychopathic oligarchs and globalists may, in desperation, launch a long and hard war but they will lose it and be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. They will of course try to destroy the BRICS countries but that is a vain hope and will mean their own destruction which they will hardly accept. So they must come to their senses and humble themselves to serve the people.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  160. MLK says:

    I have great respect for this author. Nor am I averse to counterfactuals per se. But PCR didn’t even get within a mile of making the case that Russia’s circumspection low these last eight years was a Cardinal Error, or even with any specificity at key points.

    The NATO Bucharest summit was the final straw for Russia. Russia used the following 14 years to fully prepare. Not for war necessarily in Ukraine or anywhere else, but to achieve a do-over of post-Cold War European security arrangement, including the expansion of NATO.

    As my comments going way back attest, it’s impossible to overstate what a world-historical Sad Story NATO expansion has been. It was predictable and predicted. Yet the American foreign policy establishment continues to shout like a psychopathic middle schooler that it was a bright idea to drive Russia into a strategic alliance with China.

    My essential point per this article from PCR is that the place to begin is in understanding that Russia concluded that a wholesale renegotiation of Europe’s security architecture was achievable. This time from a position of strength vis-à-vis the US and its NATO “alliance.”

    Russia is achieving its SMO objectives. The provocations against it have come fast and furious because the illegitimate Biden regime is desperate for Russia not declare and reveal its win before the midterm elections.

    There is at least a decent chance that after the midterms, at the g20 in Bali, the US-Russia negotiation/settlement begins and the American people learn that Obama/Biden have delivered the greatest blow to American power and prestige, certainly since Vietnam and arguably ever.

    Say what you will about the Obama gang, it isn’t enough to destroy our position and reputation in the world, these exercises in national humiliation must be included too.

  161. Rich says:

    Unfortunately, you’ve been miseducated. Purposely. If you actually took the time to study the war, you’d know that the US had pulled out in 1973 after signing a peace treaty that the lying, treacherous commies violated after the full American withdrawal. Had Nixon not been removed by a coup in 74, he would have honored his commitment to the South, provided the needed air support and arms for the S Vietnamese military and the people in the South wouldn’t have faced the tortures and degradations of the Reds.

    • Replies: @Amon
  162. IronForge says:

    Top of the ‘Murican Morning to You:

    Looks like DEU’s WeltExpress just released that Murica’s RAND ThinkTank Planned the deliberate collapse of the German Economy:

    Cover Page of Report:

    RAND plan, Soros-Schwartz/Blinken/Nudelman-Khagan/Zelenskyy Coordinate, ISW Report. Should we start calling this a “Jewish Managed ‘Proxy-Sanctions-War’ against Russia”?

    Author, Mister Secretary:

    You may be projecting your concerns upon Russia.

    The Kremlin aren’t going to cause a World War by “mediocre responses – the Jewish Tribals are well ahead of us in starting a European War…

  163. @Derer

    I agree. With hind-site being 20-20, if in 2015 Putin had recognized and accepted the Donbass’ referendums to rejoin Russia (followed by occupying the area) he could have accomplished the same goal, while avoiding the tremendous loss of lives and resources.

    • Agree: SteveK9
  164. Agent76 says:

    September 8, 2022 Defense Secretary William J. Perry’s Lies — Versus the Truth: Was Washington Seeking “Regime Change”? “Putin is the Enemy, not Russia”

    William J. Perry, the U.S. Secretary of Defense during Bill Clinton’s first term (ending 20 January 1997), issued an article on September 5th, “How the U.S. Lost Russia”, whose concluding paragraph opened with “There is no organic reason why Russia should be our enemy. Putin is the enemy, not Russia.”


    NATO expanded its footprint, violating promises to Moscow, once the Cold War ended, to incorporate 14 countries in Eastern and Central Europe into the alliance. It will soon add Finland and Sweden. It bombed Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  165. @Apple

    Apple wrote: “PCR makes sound and factual arguments. However the Kremlin’s intentions may be to bring the west to its knees due to the European need for Russian energy sources.”

    I agree, and please see the Zionist CNBC’s report below?

  166. Thirdtwin says:

    “…the participants in a potential nuclear war really don’t know much about each other.”

    When the state of the game reaches the point where the “both sides are x” argument is deployed, it almost always means “one side is x”.

  167. CSFurious says:

    The author typically writes essays that contain excellent analyses. This essay is not one of them.

  168. schrub says:

    If PCR really wanted to know what the real policy of the US was towards Russia and the Ukraine is, he shouldn’t base his conclusions on something he read in The Hill.

    I suggest he should get on the phone and request an interview with Victoria Nuland, the actual head of American foreign policy in this region (or maybe worldwide).

    Go on PCR, give her a buzz. I know that Vickie has been patiently waiting for your call to tell you what is really going on.

    And I guarantee that she, unlike the various media pundits (or even Obama or Biden), most definitely knows what the plan is.

  169. @A123

    It’s hard for me to believe that the war-first neocons who hold the reins of power in Washington are at the mercy of the “Davos-Berlin-Brussels axis.” My belief is that the opposite is true. Washington has had Western Europe under its thumb since WWII, and, outside of France, it has given up its military. How can people without a military give orders to a nuclear-armed Hegemon bent on controlling the world? The Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens had far more to do with the current conflict than James Bond villains Schwab and Soros.

    And “Protestant America” no longer exists. Replace those words with “Jewish America” and “Protestant Zionists” and you’ll be closer to the truth.

    However, putting that aside, I take issue with your contention that “the midterms will massively reduce funding for Ukie Maximalist aggression.” In the recent vote which supplied 36 billion to Ukraine, only 11 in the House and none in the Senate voted against it. Even if the R’s gain a House majority, they’ll only pick up a few more defectors against that little Jewish twerp Zelensky’s constant demands for more money and weapons. And RINO “permanent” Senate leader McConnell will keep his position even if his anemic party loses more Senate seats (which he has recently suggested might happen). Far too many R’s agree with the Frog Man that the most important duty of Congress is to keep the funny money flowing to Kiev.

    What is sorely is for Russia to drop a few bombs on too-big-for-his britches Zelensky when he is in Kiev begging the US and its EU flunkies for yet more weapons to sell on the black market. Zelensky has gone too far out on a limb to ever crawl it back. The first step to peace would be to have him and his henchmen eliminated.

    • Replies: @A123
    , @Dave Bowman
  170. Going slowly to preserve civilian lives is not only noble – it’s necessary.

    If Russia went in the ‘Murica way, they’d end up killing a lot their own people in Donbass. How would that constitute as liberating them and what would that do for the morale and the popular support?

    And it’s not only a matter of ethics and morale, but of sheer numbers as well. Russia has got a huge demographic problem on their hands, that we’re all aware of by now. That must be a significant contributing motive for all of this. Adding new territories with Russian speaking population means increasing the census of the Russian Federation, thus softening the blow of the dwindling demographics.

    And let’s not forget that Donbass and the coast to Odessa are important industrial regions, and if they didn’t spare the lives of the workers working there, they’d render the whole potential useless for a much longer period than what it takes to just repair the damage to the objects.

    Going slowly with the offensive says to me that the Russians are thinking long-term. And that’s a book many in the US would do well to take a leaf out of. Then there wouldn’t be talks of nuclear war.

    • Replies: @Anon001
  171. George 1 says:

    I am not a military strategist but I will agree with much of what Mr. Roberts says. While the concerns for the civilian population are laudable Russia must protect it’s soldiers. If Russia has the capability to prevent the supplies from the West reaching the enemy then it is their duty to do so. This is what comes from fighting a “limited” SMO.

    The capacity of Ukraine to move supplies from the West to the combat zone should be eliminated.

  172. Agent76 says:

    Sep 6, 2022 IAEA calls for demilitarized zone around Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine

    The International Atomic Energy Agency called for a demilitarized zone around Europe’s largest nuclear plant. The Zaporizhzhia plant is caught in the crossfire between Ukrainian forces and Russian invaders who have controlled the site for six months. Tuesday’s IAEA report arrives amid increasing concerns about the plant’s safety and security.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  173. I am wholeheartedly an advocate of Russian military success, and of public, globally-broadcast war crimes tribunals for the NATO Nazis and their US & UK sponsors.

    Nevermind that we could have had Medicare-for-all for less than we pumped into the war machine (none of which will actually benefit Ukrainian) just since February.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  174. @Rich

    An argument can be made that limited operation attacks are never appropriate. If it’s worth fighting for, it’s worth going all out.

    No, not really. It all depends on whom has time on their side. Russia does. It is using a fraction of their armed forces, and logistics are ideal, in that the battle theater is right next door. Russia has unlimited natural resources, a vast intellectual class, and….the Ace In The Hole: China. China will NOT allow Russia to lose. Period. It would mean war. Further more, should Russia be on the cusp of defeat, it will simply declare (maybe) that a reversion back before February 2022 must happen or the nukes go on the loose.

    Any country that is fighting for the survival of its Fatherland on home turf has a huge advantage.

    Putin has told Israel and Global ZOG that if nukes launch, City of London and Israel will be radioactive glass. Russia will not allow its 1000 year civilization to be wiped out by (((International Criminal Cartel)))

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  175. @War for Blair Mountain

    It’s the threat of war crimes trials that might make the living war criminals like Obama, Bush, etc, push the nuclear buttons to try to avoid, at all cost, sitting in the dock.

    That’s what makes this situation so dangerous. The US establishment can’t stand to lose control because their very lives depend on maintaining power. From their perspective, if it takes a nuclear war to at least attempt to save their sorry asses, then that’s reason enough to do it. These cretins have shown that killing millions doesn’t matter to them. All the wars of choice have proven that the lives of “the other” are of no consequence. The lives of the US population are no differnt to them than the lives of Afghans, Syrians, Vietnamese, etc.

    The US has to be taken down non militarily, meaning economically, so that the Fed Gov fades in relevance leading to a break up and states becomming new countries. Only after the still living sociopaths are away from the seat of power and control can the world go after them as the criminals they clearly are.

    The prime objective right now is to avoid a hot war between the US/NATO (same thing) and Russia and/or China. It’s the hot war that can lead to a situation where the world’s greatest living criminals might escallate beyond conventional weapons which would be bad enough.

    • Replies: @H. L. M
  176. @Agent76

    Who cares what NATO promised to Russia ages ago? Even if it hadn’t promised not to expand Russia is right to confront it as OTAN is an expansionist aggressive Satanic force for evil which has destroyed several countries over the last few decades even though it wasn’t provoked or threatened. Now is the time to pay for all their past misdeeds.

  177. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Odd Rabbit

    It is still possible that the stubborn and psychopathic oligarchs and globalists may, in desperation, launch a long and hard war but they will lose it and be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. They will of course try to destroy the BRICS countries but that is a vain hope and will mean their own destruction which they will hardly accept. So they must come to their senses and humble themselves to serve the people.

    The stiff-necks? Humble themselves? You don’t know the nature and the character of the Judeofascists. They’ve assumed the “chosen” identity, and actually believe themselves to be historically ordained, and not parasites. It’s as if a chameleon took on the coloration of a human being, learned to talk, and eventually began strutting around spitting dictates and marching orders.

    Serve the goyim? lol. Yeah, they’ll “serve” them by vaccinating them to death via ((Albert Bourla)) and Pfizer, all paid for by the US taxpayer.

    You understand these Judeofascists have a plan, and it’s not to serve mankind, right? That’s the “Christian” cover story and deep fake identity they’ve parasitically assumed, in order to destroy the non-“chosen-elect”.

    Face reality — we’re dealing with monsters.

    • Replies: @schrub
  178. @James of Africa

    Time is the equivalent of constant artillery shelling against the West. The West depletes its expensive armaments, goes into deep deficit spending to subsidize energy costs, its industries close down, its economy goes into deep and lasting recession, unemployment skyrockets. An thoughtful article pointed out the consensus that it will take decades for the EU economies to stabilize, but never again reaching the level that they had prior February 2022. Those customers and industries will have long abandoned the kindergarten EU for other countries.

    The Special Operation is not costing Russian anywhere near what the morbid wounds EU is self inflicting.

    • Replies: @Jim H
    , @Notsofast
  179. eah says:


    One thing that has confused us, and not just us as we’re finding out with reports from actual Russian Armed Forces troops — is why the Russian Armed Forces command is allowing trains, bridges and other means to exist for the sole purpose of supplying Ukrainian troops. It can be said with absolute certainty that Russia has the capability to destroy railways, bridges and whatever else they wish to destroy, as we’ve seen many, many times. Russia was capable enough to hit a moving train and flatten it a few weeks ago.. But as soon as intense battles break out in a concentrated area, often times, there’s only one way to supply the Ukrainian groups — These supply routes are not being targeted.

    Nobody understands this decision, not even people in the Russian Armed Forces.

    Ukraine strikes Russian Armed Forces supply routes are first opportunity, as any army would. But for some reason, Russia let’s their enemies comfortably get their supplies.

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @eah
  180. ld says:

    I did not even read this
    and will not likely read anything else from this author in the future
    who has time for the willfully ignorant or tools of the machine in this historic tsunami of current events

  181. @Poupon Marx

    The civilization is Kievean not Moscovite.

  182. @anonymous

    How uninformed can you be? The list of errors is simply too long to address.

    Example. The Armata tank was announced in 2014 with production due in months. Then due in 2018. In 2018 production was deferred to 2032. The aiming optics came from the UK, the fire control system from France and the gun barrell from Germany (what happens when Russian artillery gun barells wear out?). By 2018 Russia had worked out that those components were irreplacable by Russian industry. First they need to create the industrial capability. The longer Russia deferred this attack the more obsolete its military would become. Looks like too late anyway.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  183. @Nervous in Stalingrad

    You are reading it wrong. My 28 years in Russia says so. Try another book.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
    , @Avery
  184. Anon[395] • Disclaimer says:

    Paul Craig Roberts has been singing this song for some time. At first I was inclined to agree. Now I am not so sure this is a good idea. The great damage the European states are doing to their own legitimacy suggests that Russia will have several divisions operative in effect in the NATO states by the end of winter.

    The resent demonstrations in the Czech Republic are a case in point. Winter is not yet here but already demands for the ending of sanctions and normalization of relations with Russia are rising. Russia’s restraint and long forbearing attitude have generated sympathy among Western populations for Russia’s position. Despite Western propaganda public sympathy is turning towards Russia despite Western antipathy towards Russia. Of course, this sympathy is accelerated by the damage sanctions are doing to Western populations. The important point is that the Western governments, not Russia, are responsible for this damage.

    The key to peace without general war is internal rebellion in the West against the policies of Covid tyranny, Green fantasy, Sanctions for economic war, and the prolongation of real war in Ukraine. These policies have brought ruination to the economies of the West even now. The prospects for genocidal die offs from the bioweapons known as Covid “vaccines” are a ticking time bomb which does not favor the Western governments.

    Once it becomes clear to the populations of the West that their governments have tried to kill them all the danger of war with Russia will retreat if Russia simply offers sympathy and points out the obviously murderous nature of these regimes. Putin is already doing that. He can do more. If necessary Russia should encourage and assist Western domestic revolt.

    Mr. Roberts call for a quick military victory strengthens the hand of the Western governments. A frightening attack will unite sentiment in the West against Russia. The West wants war and will happily provide further provocation to get a general war started. Provocation to attack the NATO states will be provided and a general war in Europe will ensue which will likely go nuclear as internal economic collapse and medical genocide takes a toll on the Western war effort. Nukes will be a last effort to pull a victory out of the mouth of defeat.

    Basically, the West is going to collapse and Russia can have it all if it just prevents a general war from starting. If a general war starts it may go nuclear before the collapse of the West causing general destruction and furthering the mad schemes of the New World Order to which the Western states submit.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  185. The Kremlin’s “Limited Military Operation” in Ukraine Was a Strategic Blunder

    World War III Will Be the Most Likely Consequence

    I once wrote on some forum (can’t remember if it was UR) that North Korea’s nuke and ICBM development will give it the ability to kill MORE murrikans than there ARE North Koreans!!! A nuke in the hands of NK, therefore, is worth 10 in the hands of China.

    With the huge stock of old Soviet nukes, the Russians could easily kill more Westerners than the West could kill Russians. The Russians are in a position they canNOT lose if WWIII started.

    • Agree: Poupon Marx
  186. A123 says: • Website

    It’s hard for me to believe that the war-first neocons who hold the reins of power in Washington are at the mercy of the “Davos-Berlin-Brussels axis.”

    Why is it so hard to believe that the European WEF is in charge of the American Left?

    MAGA is inherently anti-war. Trump 99% shutdown the war in Afghanistan. Moved U.S. troops out of the kill sack between Syrian and Turkish forces. And, despite the outrageous provocations from sociopath Khamenei, refused to be baited into an Iran war.

    The European WEF and their weakening servitors, NeoConDemocrats, were outraged that America was escaping violence demanded by the Davos War Machine & Industrial Complex. Hence, The Blue Coup, that installed an enemy of America, Not-The-President Biden, in the White House.

    I take issue with your contention that “the midterms will massively reduce funding for Ukie Maximalist aggression.” In the recent vote which supplied 36 billion to Ukraine, only 11 in the House and none in the Senate voted against it. Even if the R’s gain a House majority, they’ll only pick up a few more defectors

    Most of the work is done in the House before it becomes a top line story. Thus, the votes on final product are often misleading. Even those who were trying to kill a bill will sometimes publicly vote for the end product.

    Think of it this way. What happens when the House produces a bill that spends \$35B on Border Walls and U.S. domestic security along with \$5B for Ukraine? Will the Dems:

    — Vote for it to keep their war in Ukraine running?
    — Or, block funding for Ukraine?

    The funding for Ukie Maximalist aggression will not go to zero. However, huge chunks will be diverted to things important to the American people. The Appropriations Committee power inside the House, if used skillfully, has massive impact.

    And RINO “permanent” Senate leader McConnell will keep his position even if his anemic party loses more Senate seats

    It is much more probable that MAGA will pick up a few more seats and run a full block on McConnell thus turning him out of leadership. There is a great deal of give & take in the Senate, but even a single MAGA win could greatly improve the decrepit body.

    Eight of the ten most evil RINO’s in the House have been forced to retire or defeated in the GOP primaries (1)



    The Great MAGA King said once before, “out, get her out,… and keep her coat.”

    The sanctimonious pontificating pustule of political pomposity has been lanced. Liz Cheney is cast out of congress by the voters of Wyoming. Always keep reminding the Cheney folks that it was the voters of Wyoming who threw her out (they hate that), and it wasn’t even close. Liz Cheney was rebuked

    Turning the GOP onto a full MAGA party will take multiple elections. For example, the hideous John Cornyn of Texas is not up again until 2026.

    It is best think of it in football terms, it is a game of ground position. Getting everything at once is impossible. The way to win is to repeatedly move the chains until the big score become available. Understand that 100% is impossible, the enemy will also score some points. The need is to grind, and grind, and keep grinding so that the culture moves in the MAGA direction.

    It took 4 decades to dig the Globalist hole. It will take a considerable amount of time to fill it back in. The most lethal threat to the MAGA movement is unreasonable expectations.

    Leftoids saboteurs will feed the dream of instant victory and lie about Trump in an attempt to create a schism. Staying focused on the long term is vital.

    #LetsGoBrandon 😇



    • Agree: SteveK9
  187. The North Atlantic Terrorists Organization (((NATO))) is the useless underbelly of GlobalHomoZOG/BIGsRxMIC3BLM/WEF leeches dictating their agenda at our expense.

    A few Supersonic Satan II up their azz would give them a taste of Russian reality.

    My money is still on Russia kicking the Schitt outta GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM/WEF wankers, especially that despicable rat Zelensky.

    Give me a R
    Give me a U
    What’s that spell?
    Ron Unz….
    Oops that was supposed to be Russia…

    • Replies: @haha
  188. GMC says:

    Damn Petr – that was some good writing. Odd that it may seem , I first thought of a guy Named Darwin and his theory of “Survival of the fittest.” Now, I’m a guy that believes in those Neanderthal hunters and hunter/ gatherers principals, but times have changed and we now have to look into the high tech nerds , now being the Fittest – with all the bankers and globalists assisting them.-While us Neanderthals fade away in the sunset or into the rural fauna. lol

    The Jews, Illuminati, Bankers, etc. being as shrewd as they are – took Darwinism to the next level because they stuck together like glue and have Combined all their centuries of ” Work” , which is what we see today. The world leaders that understand this – Putin, Xi and others have stuck close to these ” new Survival of the fittest groups” in the past , but things got outta hand or they just put some really stupid people in charge. Now , we see the split. Maybe, the rest of us stayed with the Neanderthal system too long and went to work, raised families and expected a little Honor from the new Darwinists.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  189. Jim H says:

    ‘A devastating Russian blow to Ukraine would have caused all of Europe to rethink NATO membership.’ — Paul Craig Roberts

    Bloody unlikely.

    But for sure, crushing Ukraine would have left Russia in the same position as the idiot USA after invading Iraq: that is, with a hopelessly wrecked, costly and violent tar baby on its hands.

    And speaking of a tar baby, what remains of the Ukraine is draining the US Treasury at a rate that exceeds \$100 billion annualized, at the current run rate.

    The American empire is dying because its ‘leaders’ are incompetent, corrupt and retarded. Lock them up!

  190. Jim H says:
    @Poupon Marx

    ‘The Special Operation is not costing Russian anywhere near what the morbid wounds EU is self inflicting.’ — Poupon Marx

    An analyst named Zoltan Poszar pointed out that sanctions on €20 billion worth of Russian gas stand to cost the EU countries €2 trillion of lost GDP.

    That’s 100-to-1 leverage wielded by the Russians: a kind of judo move that trips Europe by its own shoelaces, sending it sprawling helplessly to the floor.

    But European quisling regimes, under the hobnailed yankee jackboot, will hang tough till their enraged citizens start burning cities.

    The Reichstag is romantic by firelight …

    • Thanks: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  191. LHX says:

    Europe is collapsing under lack of GAS, price of residential bills is triplied, companies are paying bills x7/x8/x9 and they will fail soon.

    USA wins his game destroying EU commercial surplus and replacing cheap Russia gas with pricey liquefied gas with a cost almost x10. This game won’t have a winner in western block.

    80% of countries avoid sanctions are building a new system against ours.

    The end of dollarization is unavoidable, no matter how many wars lobbies will try to reset it.

  192. GMC says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing for months now. The Only thing I can figure out is that the Russian military is so confident that Ukraine and Nato are not that big of a threat – so they let those lines and the HoChiMinh trail stay open – in order to destroy more Nazis, more Ukie Armies and more Nato arms heading into Ukraine. They are welcoming them with open arms , strictly to kill and destroy as much as they can. And this way , the Ukrainian/Russian civilians can still move around, use their cars, phones, computers etc for communications. If it works – it was a genius idea.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  193. @Paul Greenwood

    The US is already cutting back on LNG supplies to the Europe, which were fairly limited to begin with. The infrastructure doesn’t exist in the US or Europe to make up for the loss of Russian NG. The reason for the cutback is the US is diverting gas supplies from LNG ports to US storage facilities in preparation for winter. Remember, the Biden administration has a late fall election to win, and they don’t want a hint of gas shortages in the US.

    Consequently, the US is hanging Europe out to freeze. Being an enemy of the US is terrible, but it is worse to be its friend.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  194. @Rich

    The Linebacker mindset (“position of strength” I think they call it) is the surest
    sign of American intellectual necrosis; it worked so well in WWII so it has to
    be repeated Lady MacBeth-like.
    Newsflash: Everybody and his mama now know that when the joo step up their
    bombing they are desperate; after the third time of trying it on the Taliban the joo
    were told in no uncertain terms that doing so during negotiations was dishonorable
    and a dealbreaker, and they should go finger themselves.
    The Russian method (somewhere, Falkenhayn is grinning evilly 😛 ) has been
    questioned profusely but seems to be working (I do hold they should have taken
    all of Noworossija in 2014 if at all possible).
    The World outside the international community ™ (read: the 82% of population
    not ruled by the joo) can see the eebil Rooskies show consideration for
    their people while the Keeheef junta definitely act out like in enemy country.

    • Replies: @inspector general
    , @Avery
  195. @Rich

    The US learned this in Vietnam where LBJ’s limited war was endless and Nixon’s Operation Linebacker brought the communists crawling to the negotiating table begging for peace.

    This is a post-war myth. Linebacker failed, so Nixon agreed to what was agreed to before that disaster.

    • Disagree: Rich
    • Thanks: Avery, antibeast
  196. @Paul Greenwood

    You sound to be of ground mind. I commend you but you of course noticed that JRPiedtin or his Pee, I’m gAy, is poisoning his petting zoos in Pisses Tippy and Brew Decline, Stewed Pork, ClueSA. Witch I think is a fine PolioSeaty too, Nancy uglies, and you, I was Hume, noticed this but floor pot to say so in your post.

    Nice move killing the old queenickles, Ditzy Miss Clitzy Lizzy Trusskateary, only one day after shaking her hand? We never noticed. Nope.

  197. @Franz

    >>>NATO is a dinosaur and it’s already in the tar pit.

    Good line – I may borrow it.

    Still, I’m not so sure we have any dinosaur remains from tar pits. Maybe “mastodon” would be more accurate….

    • Agree: Franz
  198. @anonymous

    A very clear eyed and real analysis.
    Russia still tries to drill into the EU heads that it’s a reliable energy provider. It’s not working because uncle Sam has them all by the nut sack.
    Damn sorry, but this goes deeper.
    Uncle Sam doesn’t have free swinging ones, because Uncle Small Hat Shamuel has uncle Sam’s nuts in a vice like grip.

  199. @Jim H

    LOL. Excellent for factual, data-driven content, and levity. The entire World’s main media says just the opposite. That’s because, incredulously, they are all controlled by (((20 families))) of the gefilthy fish eating offal kind. The average schmuck knows not better and frankly does not want to know, because discordant, dissonant thoughts hurts his tender brain. Comfort trumps truth for most lumpen.

    Like the Rolling Stoned Song: “Ti-i-me is on muh side”. So, if you are in a gun battle with an enemy, and you enemy is eating poison, and wallows in filth-this sickening himself, and hosting various lethal pathogens-then why not be patient and let the “Fifth Column” of parasites, bacteria, tumors, and other maladies fight along side you and kill the son of a bitch?

    • Thanks: Nancy
  200. Jim H says:

    ‘If you are in a gun battle with an enemy, and your enemy is eating poison, and wallows in filth – thus sickening himself, and hosting various lethal pathogens – then why not be patient and let the “Fifth Column” of parasites, bacteria, tumors, and other maladies fight along side you and kill the son of a bitch?’ — Poupon Marx

    ‘Should they fail in this war of extermination, sickly seasons, epidemics, pestilence, and plague advance in terrific array, and sweep off their thousands and tens of thousands. Should success be still incomplete, gigantic inevitable famine stalks in the rear, and with one mighty blow levels the population with the food of the world.” ― Thomas Malthus

    Play it loud:

    You can lose the love of a lifetime
    In a single roll
    You can gain a fortune in an instant
    Or you can lose your soul

    And it won’t take long to forget ya
    You know I’m never wrong
    It’ll all be over in a minute
    And it won’t take long

    — Rolling Stones, It Won’t Take Long

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  201. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Mr. Roberts call for a quick military victory strengthens the hand of the Western governments. A frightening attack will unite sentiment in the West against Russia. The West wants war and will happily provide further provocation to get a general war started. Provocation to attack the NATO states will be provided and a general war in Europe will ensue which will likely go nuclear as internal economic collapse and medical genocide takes a toll on the Western war effort. Nukes will be a last effort to pull a victory out of the mouth of defeat.

    I’ve mused myself that Roberts might be a deep, Deep Stater, having worked for the Hollywood Ron Reagan Administration. But I think it more likely that he’s a useful idiot. Which isn’t to say that he’s dumb — he’s actually quite brilliant about many things. But his perspective was formulated by Zionist brainwashers from who knows how far back. These people are Slavers, and being a man of the South, Roberts doesn’t want to see how much their Slave profiteering was a ticking time bomb, which is only starting to go off.

    But those are the kind of blinders he wears. The ((Jews)) OTOH, have long ago rewritten their history to obscure their Slaving past and re-author themselves as “civil rights champions” in order to advance their Globalist/International Zionist (neo-Slaver) agenda.

    They’ve long ago moved on to bigger, more erudite conspiracies, whereas people like Roberts are grinding the same old axes.

  202. Rurik says:

    The Kremlin’s “Limited Military Operation” in Ukraine Was a Strategic Blunder

    World War III Will Be the Most Likely Consequence

    PCR knows that it was the ((West)) that forced this conflict. Not Putin or Russia.

    But as near as I can tell, PCR seems to be advocating that Russia forgo a limited engagement in Ukraine, (to rout out the ZOG’s chumps), and just segue right into a nuclear WWIII.

    IOW, why should Russia bother with global diplomacy and increasing cooperation with the non-((Western)) world, who sees as obviously as the rest of us all do that the West is as slavishly servile to International Jewish banksters as its possible to be, when you can just start pushing nuke buttons and blow it all up?

    I suppose I understand the frustration. Putin continues to pretend like the West has a shred of honor, when we all know that’s absurd. But Putin is not a petulant school boy or newbie to the ways of the world. He’s playing a long game, and he understands, (I suspect better than most of us) the exact nature of his enemy. Just look at the Ukros, and how they’re all Goose Stepping behind a Jewish supremacist and his Jewish backers. Sure, the temptation would be to vaporize every last Jew-serving “Nazi’ among them, but then he’d also take out a lot of good and decent Ukrainians as well.

    Putin is simply being methodical. He’s declared to the world that he will not tolerate ((NATO)) on his doorstep, and now he’s surgically removing the disease. While trying to keep the patient alive.

    Prudence is the word of the day, not intemperance. Even if I do sympathies with the understandable desire to wipe the floor with ZOG’s minions.

    BTW, I like PCR, and appreciate his rare courage to speak the truth.

  203. Treg says:

    PCR wrote: “unable to understand, or to accept, that its role as Washington’s enemy #1 was set in stone, relied on a strategy of zero to minimal responses in order to undercut the image of a dangerous and aggressive Russia set on restoring the Soviet Empire.”

    The same can be said for America First Patriots who have just been called natzees by “President Biden”.

    America First Patriots, unable to understand, or to accept, that its role as Washington’s enemy #1 was set in stone, relied on a strategy of zero to minimal responses in order to undercut the image of a dangerous and aggressive ‘whyte supreeemacists’ all set on restoring the American nation as a Republic bound by the constitution and Christian morality.

    • Agree: Thirdtwin
  204. @Ted Stevens

    Did not P. C. Roberts publish an article about a week ago lauding the go slow approach of the Russians in Ukraine?

    Not that I saw. PCR has been saying nearly from the get go that he felt Russia should have gone all out. I don’t agree with that. pouponmarx and a few others have mentioned what I would think should be obvious at this point and that is the fact that it is the West that is going down and quickly, not Russia. These idiots ‘stand with Ukraine’ and destroy themselves in the process. Make fun of Putin and Russia to your heart’s content. The joke’s on you –

    • Thanks: Poupon Marx
    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  205. schrub says:
    @Chris Moore

    Let’s get our terms right here. There are no JudeoFascists. The next thing you will be saying is that there are actually JudeoChristians.

    In fact, These people are JudeoBolshies and are part of a continuum that goes at least back to the Bolshevik takeover of the Russian government in 1917.

  206. voicum says:

    I have considered that too… That means Russians have to go beserk to impress USA ?

  207. @Jim H

    You know, it’s uncanny. A lot of time I analyze a situation like this and find that Sun Tzu said the same thing. Like Buddha, the most profound knowledge and expositions comes from straightforward simple declarations.

    Like Buddha, Sun Tau arrived at this wisdom and knowledge by observing the world, and THEN generalizing, having confidence that his principles were grounded in the concrete.

    Note to Moderator: I had one of my comments disappear, like one of the communists dumped in the Atlantic by the Generals of the Argentine Junta. My comment is a desaparecido.

  208. annamaria says:

    “he didn’t realize just how corrupt and deceptive the ruling class would be.”

    — The “ruling class” consists of real Owners of the collective west: Usurers (Financial Squid) and pro-fascist supranational mega Corporations, which are organically interwoven and set up for parasitism, and looting and raping defenseless countries.
    “all hope abandon ye who enter here”

  209. @GMC

    Your vocabulary is pertinent, original, not a repeat. Yes that is the way things can be densely expressed. I will retain “centuries”, as you prefer an even larger scope then my generational. It is indeed a small step from teeth pulling on a Pieter Bruegel medieval kermesse to pushing vaxxing.

    Another added value is the “collective” in yours reply. Which i did not hammer in the comment.

    As to loyalty there is, ignorance and greed are sisters.

    • Thanks: GMC
  210. Hitch says:

    One of the biggest red lines that Zato has crossed is the direct involvement of western SOF and military contractors fighting for “Ukraine”.

    There were numerous rumors and reports of both France and UK operating command bunkers in Mariupol before it fell. One series of reports was about a rescue operation flown in over the Black sea with several MI-17 helocopters flying in using nape of the earth. There were also reports of several armored cars loaded with Nato SOF being allowed to exit the Azovstal complex uninspected as part of the surrender agreements. There is also the suspicious case of the two British mercenaries who are going to face war crimes trials for their activities at Azovstal.

    There were more reports of Nato special forces involvement during the battle for Sevierodonetsk.

    When the first Harm missiles appeared during the attack on that airfield in Western Crimea, there were reports that they had been flown on Nato aircraft. As more proof of Harm missiles surfaced, there were claims that the Harm missiles had been adapted to work on Ukrainian MIG 29’s. I certainly am no missile or aviation specialist, but I was always skeptical. I would bet that Nato F35’s have been flying AMRAAM sorties to take out Russian radar installations to make it easier for Ukrainians to fly Bayraktars, other drones, and even SU25’s and Helecopters over battle zones.

    I have also seen various clips and chat threads of US mercenaries on the battlefields in Ukraine.

    Recently at the Zaphorize NPP there were reports of 8 MI6/SAS special operations soldiers being among the dead from the botched take over attempt.

    All of these incidents would have constituted a “red line” for Putin. All of these incidents have been swept under the carpet by Russia. I cannot know why, but it does look like Putin does not want the Russian people to see how limp wristed his reaction to these provocations have been. But in any case, by no calling Nato out, Putin is encouraging Nato to not only continue these direct interventions, but to increase the frequency and magnitude of them.

    Will Schyver has recently come across new evidence supporting the theory that Nato is directly involved in this latest “counter offensive”. This also makes sense because of the vast numbers of new weapons using the newest, secret technologies of each Nato countries MIC. These technologies and capabilities are not something that these domestic “defense” industries would want to turn over to Ukraine to mis-use or even resell on the black market. For this reason it is highly likely that there are Nato technicians advising, protecting and even operating Ukraine in the use of these weapons systems.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  211. Notsofast says:
    @Poupon Marx

    well spake and what p.c.r. and many commenters fail to realize, is that russia is winning the psychological war by a huge margin as they grind through the nato trained ukranazis and the billions of dollars worth of every kind of weapon system that nato has to offer, they also grind through the e.u. and u.s. economy. these fucking nato retards are pissing themselves in sheer terror while trying to put on a brave face. of course the answer is more money more weapons to hand out to grandmother’s and teenage girls after grinding the ukrainian army into hamburger.

    they are going to have a hard time keeping calm and carrying on, as the winter starts to bite, too many of their citizens have finally figured out that their incompetent governments are the direct cause of the suffering in their lives. mock me if you will but i feel every bit of this has been meticulously planned by the russians who could easily predict the west’s “surprise attack” illegal sanctions as well as their illegal seizure of russian foreign assets. russians aren’t stupid, (in spite of what p.c.r. thinks) and they have played this situation masterfully, so masterfully that the west still can’t figure out what the real war is and by time time they do, it will be over(for them).

  212. The article is totally on point, and is 100% in synch with what Russian patriotic analysts and commentators have been writing for many months.

  213. Notsofast says:

    i think you nailed it here, they are kettling not only ukranazis but as many nato weapons as possible, they want to show nato that they handle everything that they can throw at them with 10% of their standing army and still be able to put on a huge multinational military maneuver in the far east. add to this that they haven’t tipped their hand as to their newer and more advanced systems, as there really hasn’t been a need to. the desperation in natostan is almost palpable, as they prepare to throw their own populations on the bonfire of their vanities.

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Folkvangr
  214. This diplomatic strategy, like Russia’s Ukraine strategy, has completely failed.

    Mr. Roberts, with all due respect, unless your privy to discussion meetings in the Kremlin between Russia’s top Defense strategists, I don’t believe you nor I are qualified to judge Russia’s performance of the SMO in 404.
    We can argue whether Russia waited too long to intervene, but are we missing something? Remember, in 2014 Russia was just recovering from the West’s rape of her country. It’s possible Russia was not in a position to fight. Russia had to reconstruct her military, gear up her manufacturing capacity to build up the number of munitions in stock, everything from 7.62 munitions to Kalibr rockets and everything in-between. Russians are anything but stupid. When Russia was ready, meaning stockpiles were sufficient; in December 2021 Putin signed a demand letter to not Kiev, but to Washington and it was ignored. The Russians knew and expected it to be ignored, but they were ready.
    Now, it seems you are comparing the SMO to America’s invasion of Iraq where the USA murdered over 1 million Iraqis: men women and CHILDREN. Shock and awe. You totally discount the blood relations between the Ukraine and Russia. You toss aside Russia’s intervention method which is designed to limit civilian casualties. Something, my country, never cared for.
    Here’s the question. What is the cost of a prolonged conflict, and who is better prepared? Just yesterday Biden announced a \$700 million dollar aid package to Ukraine. Well, what does that mean? Is America out of billions? Russia has proved it is self-sufficient, that its economy is healthy. Russia has a majority of support from the Global South and soon Europeans will follow. Russia may have made errors, but they are not fatal. Russia is crushing Ukraine just as planned.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @Jack Sparrow
  215. @Haxo Angmark

    Hey Hacky. This isn’t smart. It isn’t even clever.

    Putin’s goal is to annex the entire Russian speaking parts of Ukraine and Moldova (Transnistria). He sees the people in these areas as brothers, as they are. The Ukro-Nazis have bombed the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts continuously since 2014. Putin thought that he could reach agreements with the West in Minsk 1 and Minsk 2, but the West have proven itself too crooked to abide by any agreements it signs (they are the same crooks who stole Russian’s bank balances), so then he had to roll his army in to back up the LPR and DPR militias.

    The goal of the militias is certainly not to destroy their own countries, nor is it Putin’s, so all three entities are taking it slow. Thoughtfully, the Ukro-Nazis and concentrating their forces around Kherson and Kharkiv so that the militias and the Russian artillery can destroy them more efficiently without wasting artillery shells.

    On the contrary, the cross-dressing Jew comedian is running a war to kill off all the Ukrainian Nazis and other goyim in his so-called army in order to maintain a propaganda environment that ensures the flow of military-industrial grift.

    The US globalists cannot tolerate a Russian victory because among other things that would expose the Ukrainian bioweapons labs, etc.

  216. Beagle says:

    Kolomoisky the Jewish oligarch hired both the Nazi regalia sporting Azov unit in 2014 and Zelensky to play president years later. Now he’s on some list of undesirables in Ukraine.

    No, none of this really makes sense.

    I agree this is heading for a superpower conflict as PCR said at the top. Putin can’t back down in his near abroad fighting for Russian speakers. Neocons (now libs) don’t ever negotiate, reconsider, or learn from their mistakes. Having a bunch of newish NATO Article Five tripwire states right on Russia’s (expanding) borders, which hate Russia, and will be tough to defend if it comes to it, is a recipe for disaster. Tensions can only go up as more and more NATO forces are moved into those countries.

    Looking ahead to a rump sort-of NATO Ukraine (“welcomed” de facto in 2008, but not de jure) with its fully NATO neighbors like Hungary, Poland, and Romania getting involved in the West of Ukraine as Russia slowly gobbles the East. Tough to see how this doesn’t drag on and eventually escalate.

  217. “Washington’s overthrow of the Ukraine government. ”

    The US did not overthrow the government. It supported one side and Russia supported another. The numbers against the government won out. Period. The US has not overthrown a government since Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In all the US was a front line player directly. While the US may support internal coupes as is practice by nation states throughout history. It success rate at actually organizing and leading any such activity is dismal nonexistent.

    No. The reason that the previous executive could not challenge Russia conspiracy theories is because he actually signed the intel report that blamed Russia for interfering in allied elections in and out of the US and that the Russians had engaged in murder and attempted murder in Europe. In other words he supported the case that Russia had actually engaged in acts of war against the US and her allies.

    The evidence regarding all three accusations was less than thread bare. However, he signed on any way. That sealed and or severely limited his ability to respond in any other manner save accept to treat Russia as an enemy of the US. That was his choice. And in my view the first in a long series of decisions that eroded his ability to govern — a serious blow to any foreign policy agenda that included some “friendly” resolution.

  218. @RoatanBill

    Respectful to your many admissions that make deep sense, but on this prime subject: “The leaning of W.E.” — i see this as a win for the Finance Kabal running the West. The US might come out stronger, colonizing W.E. and mining it’s cheap educated labor. At hoc, the Jew Mindset elites are gaining immense fortunes (thus individual power) from the inevitable gray zone in policies (as do their Russian counterparts).

    In the longer run, a decade, temporary retraction into a smaller planet West, to come out stronger in the conquest for the whole of the Planet is vied for. This is if the politicians (of W.E) can hold out, hold up (and i think so, since the capacity for slobbering and enduring of the W.E. population (especially the majority (still) of generational citizens, is as vast and large as that of the Sub-Saharan Africans for that matter.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  219. annamaria says:

    You forgot about several Russian attempts at negotiation with the Kievan regime, which would have stopped the carnage. Do you remember what forces decidedly interrupted the negotiations?

    Humanity has been learning about the degree of depravity and sadism characteristic of the Usurers-controlled “collective west.” Collective west was pushed towards Fascism on the march. The Zionized presstituting MSM prefers not to notice the astonishing turn from “nazi & hitler” hysterics to the enthusiastic and very expansive support for self-proclaimed Nazis in Ukraine.

    The Jewish Lobby took the side of Banderites. Actually, Ziocons/Zionists were most instrumental in the Nazification of Ukraine, from Carl Gershman, Nuland-Kagan, and the whole Kagans’ clan to the current pro-Nazi activists in Biden’s admin – Wendy Sherman, Price, Blinken, Sullivan, et al.

    What decent people could imagine that the US army would become first Zionized and then Nazified, whereas the Jewish Lobby would be the spring source for Nazifiers of Ukraine? Perhaps if you detach your mind from the Usurers & War profiteers’ sick logic, this can help you to grasp the logic in the SMO.

  220. JamesinNM says:

    Russian special operation absolutely necessary to confront globalist evil.

  221. JamesinNM says:

    Globalists overthrew Ukraine. My cousin was there and saw what happened first hand. You either don’t have a clue or hate the truth.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  222. @Hitch

    The West escalates b/c it wants to force Russia to overreact b/c it wants the war to accelerate. The whole purpose of this war is to deplete the enemy side to make it crumble on itself. The West calculates that an accelerated war will deplete Russia so it has an interest in escalation and in making Russia overreact. On the opposite side, the Russians calculate that since they are sitting on natural resources, not Europe, a war of attrition will plunge the West into crisis, so they have no interest in overreacting or escalating the conflict. This is total war. This is a war using all means that serve the purpose, military, economic, political and psychological, i.e. this is also a war of nerves. So far, Russia is doing good, why blow it with a non-necessary escalation?

  223. Notsofast says:

    what you describe is the best possible scenario and fits my thinking exactly, if the cockroaches resort to plan z, they will not succeed at anything other than annihilating the united states and western europe as they are three generations behind in hypersonic missiles and anti ballistic systems. the russians have already won the psychological war by demonstrating the ease which they destroy any of the nato “wunderwaffe” game changers they send. the west’s fate has been sealed, the only remaining question is whether they go out with a bang or a whimper.

    • LOL: Corvinus
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  224. annamaria says:

    “the West clearly has no fear of Russian resolve or its military.”
    — 1. There is an expression of populace anxiety in Prague, Berlin, Leipzig… Do you know why?
    2. Western Usurers and their tool – the profiteering MIC — would have already bombed Russia into the stone age if they had no fear of the Russian military. Unlike the soulless “demons” that own the collective west, Russians showed decency – again and again. Russians are notoriously patient. This, though, does not mean that they will allow the Parasites to rape and loot Russia. Undoubtedly, Russians have a detailed map of luxurious bunkers that the “Owners” have prepared for themselves and their families in case of the “Owners’,” nuclear decision.

  225. annamaria says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    The Dutch regime deserves Karma for its servility to the Zionized NATO. The Wars for Israel have their consequences: “Immigrant Crime Has Turned the Netherlands Into a Narco-state”

    On 18 September 2019, the well-known Dutch lawyer Derk Wiersum was shot and killed in front of his house in Amsterdam. The 44-year-old attorney was representing a crown witness in an affair that has become known as the Mocro-oorlog, which roughly translates into ‘Moroccan War.’ …

    The murder did not come as a surprise. One month earlier, government sources and independent researchers argued the Netherlands has become a narco-state. Every year, hundreds of millions of illicit euros — possibly billions — are being poured into the Dutch economy.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
  226. Corvinus says:

    There will not be WW3. It’s fear mongering by PCR.

  227. @PetrOldSack

    Things that cannot go on forever have a tendency to stop.
    Herbert Stein

    Look at the overall situation in the “west”. National debts are unpayable with price inflation rising. The fiance mafia is now between a rock and a hard place. They are in the process of losing control of their fiat currency empire, and they know it. The central banks can’t keep juicing the markets with newly created currency since that will further exacerbate price inflation. They actually need to pull currency out of the market and is what pinhead Jerome Powell has stated he wants to do via Quantitative Tightening but can’t.

    That the US wants to make Europe a slave territory is obvious and is why the US is doing everything it can to kill the European economy so they can swoop in and buy up everything for pennies. I just don’t think the average European is going to stand for it. The more logical outcome is for the political class to get wholesale replaced and possibly the EU terminated as a result of their idiotic policies. The winter will cause people to react to the lack of fuel, rising prices, new dictatorial mandates, etc.

    When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
    Gerald Celente

    Some sharks are already taking advantage of the European situation, but it’s not at a level that makes any serious difference. Industries haven’t been sold off, corporations haven’t moved, the white native Europeans aren’t leaving, etc.

    Wait. Wait and see what happens as winter changes attitudes. Putin’s latest lecture telling the Europeans to open up Nordstream II is him putting the screws to Brussels and Germany in particular. The more people realize that it’s their own “leadership” that’s screwing them, not Putin, they’re going to go looking for someone to hang.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  228. @Chris Moore

    “History is tightening the noose on the Judeofascists and their evil and gullible partners”

    I wish…..

  229. Corvinus says:
    @the grand wazoo

    “Russia is crushing Ukraine just as planned.“

    More like Russia is hanging on. Putin the Oligarch and Russian Deep Stater started this war against his fellow whites. He’s not to be looked at as a hero.

  230. JR Foley says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Trump is going to jail–he is a felon–not a President. Then the second revolution hits USA –and the dollar collapses and Amtrak will be in panic mode–shouild he run when he is 84 next term??

  231. Russia is using volunteer soldiers and paying them well. Ensuring the quality of its troops.

    Mobilizing conscripts and calling in the reserves. Those are temporary soldiers of lower quality. And such measures put Russia on a time line, it can not keep its reserves called up for years and even less keep its conscripts in arms for years. That would be to put itself on a time line and that would embolden Washington immensely, suddenly the clock would be ticking for Russian regime and suddenly Washington would smell victory. But Russia only committing forces it can keep committed for years, THAT is truly demoralizing for Washington.

    Also, on the economic front. Russia has framed its retaliation there in a way that allows for political forces to demand restarting trade with Russia. This latest, to shut down gas trade with the demand to end sanctions, ie, more trade, this can have political significance in European politics when things start to fall apart. The big win for Washington is regime change in Russia and to get control over Russian resources. The big win for Moscow is to break away parts of Europe from Washington.

  232. @Notsofast

    Candidly, I think it’s with a bang. All those weapons, all those morons in costume to turn into hamburger are just too enticing for the criminals in DC to not use. They aren’t going to disappear like the USSR did.

    It’s the individuals involved that fear for their lives should they lose their positions. The only thing that could stop them is the military refusing orders and I’m sure they can find a Jack D. Ripper type to go along with them. I’m convinced the US military along with the intel agencies are the deep state, so they are running the show right now. If we see an escallation, I take it that would mean that they’ve decided to go for all the marbles.

    • Agree: nokangaroos, MarkU
  233. @EliteCommInc.

    Of course not. They just backed up the local Ukranian faction that performed the overthrowing.

    “Po-tay-to”, “Po-tah-to”.

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  234. homer d says:

    how many wars has PCR won? Did he graduate from any military academy ? If not, your opinion on
    matters of conducting any armed conflict are maybe a notch above Rob Reiners opinions on those matters.You are an economist,can we find 2 economists who agree on anything ? How often are their economic forecasts realised .How about that Paul Krugman? Has he ever been right about any of his forecasts ?You are an enjoyable read,but in military matters I am looking for people with a higher than average batting average.

  235. annamaria says:

    Russians will take Odessa.

  236. annamaria says:

    What is your desire? – To see and experience a nuclear war?

  237. annamaria says:

    The Owners of the collective west — Usurers and the MIC – have selected certain Christya Freeland to lead NATO. She is a progeny of a prominent Nazi collaborator Khomyak. Splendid. That would be a final stroke for the Nazification of NATO.
    Currently, she rules over Mr. Trudy. Canadians hate her for the openly fascist treatment of the Canadian truckers.

    The “Krakow News” – this important tool of fascist Ukrainian-language propaganda – was edited by Mykhailo Khomyak, a journalist-collaborator from Ukraine. In addition to his criminal past, he is known for only one more fact of his biography. Mikhailo Khomyak is the grandfather of Christy Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada.

    Freeland, who has paid tribute to her maternal grandparents in articles and books, helped edit a scholarly article in the Journal of Ukrainian Studies in 1996 that revealed her grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was a Nazi propagandist for Krakivski Visti (Krakow News).

    Krakivs′ki visti “praised Hitler, ran giant ads for Ukrainian SS recruitment, spread antisemitic propaganda, pumped out vile garbage that helped justify the mass slaughter of Jews, Poles, and Russians.

    Ms. Freeland has never acknowledged that her grandfather was a Nazi collaborator and suggested that the allegation was part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Athena
  238. @voicum

    My question for Mr. Roberts is …are you a gay man? I have read in various comments that you are but want to ask you directly. If you are, then your analyses are biased (pro NATO) and my time is wasted reading your articles. There is NO place for homosexuals in the coming Christian nationalism, nor “judeo-christian” (whatever that means)zios. Thank you

  239. JBond says:

    #1. For the Russians the war in Ukraine is a sideline, the end result is not in doubt.
    #2. Dismantling the U.S. petro-dollar dominated global economy is the goal.
    #3. As this drags out, the European economy will collapse within the next two winters, and U.S. will have no option but to come to their rescue plunging the U.S. into depression.
    #4. The real question is, is Washington suicidal in their quest to hold onto global hegemony.
    #5. Everything is going to plan.

  240. nickels says:

    Russia is playing the 5 ton bull dying to the pack of jackals.
    The general of the west is Satan himself. He is 6000 years old and knows every trick and will not lose this absent the intervention of our lord himself.
    And the good lord just might come to rescue the New Israel beyond the Plymouth shores riding a Sarmat II.
    One bright flash and all the good Christians of the new world will experience their instantaneous rapture.

  241. Anon001 says:

    Klaus Schwab lists Putin, Tony Blair, and Angela Merkel as his Young Global Leaders back in the 90s – fast forward to 1:14 in

    [1] Session of Davos Agenda 2021 online forum • President of Russia

    Excerpt: I have been to Davos many times, attending the events organised by Mr Schwab, even back in the 1990s. Klaus [Schwab] just recalled that we met in 1992. Indeed, during my time in St Petersburg, I visited this important forum many times. I would like to thank you for this opportunity today to convey my point of view to the expert community that gathers at this world-renowned platform thanks to the efforts of Mr Schwab.

    • Thanks: Hitch
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  242. Mad World says:

    “Professor Gottfried” says that the only real danger is the rise of (leftist) totalitarianism. Not a word about the daily genocide of the white race by invasion. He deliberately distributes side blows against Kevin McDonald (“believes in a group evolutionary strategy of the Jews”) and Greg Johnson (“talks about Jews and Hitler”).

    He says he has an acquaintance in Regensburg who complains about 300-pound tattooed Netflix-consuming women; besides, he says, German women are totally masculinized. He and his interlocutor Hood stick to the usual pure status quo description practically until the last minute, which almost has something of self-victimization about it: “Everyone is against us! Why only! We haven’t done anything bad!”

    He says he would write for German newspapers (except for a recent article in “Junge Freiheit” haven’t discovered much from him in German yet), but the poor editors would already be persecuted by German state for cooperating with the (Jew-friendly/kosher) AfD. Of course, there would be enough “far-right” publications in Germany that Mr. Gottfried would not write for because they question his ethnic kinship.

    The monologue of the Jew Gottfried is revealing in that it shows what his task is: to dispel emerging anti-Jewish “conspiracy theories.” Ultimately, he correctly spreads the same unspeakable baloney as his kindred spirit Paul Craig Roberts, who warns against the evil “Nazis.” Who are those in America who equate Trump with Hitler and thus evoke violence against whites, Mr. Gottfried? Surely they are not Jews like Ms. Levin?

  243. Anon001 says:

    This “anti” globalist and “fearless” “leader”, Putin, seems to be exhibiting some paranoia about this pandemic – 6 feet apparently is not good enough for his “safety” [1]. Click [MORE] to see images of his “brave” version of social distancing [2][3][4][5]. One cannot get close unless one agrees to be tested, which e.g. Macron refused and was kept away [2].

    [1] The perils of Putin tea-leaf reading – Edward Slavsquat


    [2] French President Emmanuel Macron refused this procedure when he came to Moscow on February 7. As a result, the two leaders were photographed sitting at opposite ends of a long table.

    [3] Socially distanced toasts at the Kremlin in February 2022 – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (on February 1) and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev (on February 22) were asked to stand several meters away while toasting the Russian leader.

    [4] On February 14, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu were photographed sitting several meters away from Putin as they discussed recent political and military developments in Ukraine.

    [5] On February 28—four days after the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine—Putin held two meetings (one with economic advisers, and the other with Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov) where he was once again photographed sitting meters away from his colleagues.

  244. annamaria says:

    Was not it a bunch of invaders of Zionist persuasion who had conducted the Nuland-Kagan’s coup in Kiev (in 2014) in collaboration with followers of Stepan Bandera? Then Mr. Brennan, the director of the CIA, rushed secretly to Kiev to help initiate a civil war in Ukraine. This war was a cherished dream of Usurers and their tools, the mega War profiteers. You did it, Banderites.

    Since 2014, Ukraine has been Nazified by Ziocons. The Nazification was accompanied by the looting of Ukraine’s national resources (see Hunter Biden, Kolomojsky, Zelensky, et al) and by dumbing down the population via rabid Russophobia (a la Zionists’ rage against Russia) and revision of Ukraine’s educational system, which became a laughing stock for the world.

    Don’t you adore your national hero Kolomojsky, the President of the Jewish Community of Ukraine who has organized and funded several Nazi battalions to protect his properties in eastern Ukraine?

    Don’t you adore the Jewish homoerotic dancer (purchased by Kolomojsky), who has become very wealthy and famous by selling out Ukraine and Ukrainians? Mazel Tov, “Agent76!”

    How come that the allegedly brave Ukrainians have willingly offered themselves to Zionists to become cannon fodder for Zionists’ war against Russia is a mystery.

    Banderites do deserve Darwin Award. To offer themselves to Usurers and War profiteers… amazing.

    • Replies: @TitusAlone
  245. @annamaria

    I hadn’t heard about Freeland getting Stoltenberg’s job. I’ve been writing software which requires strict concentration so I havn’t been paying much attention to my usual news sources. I think that she may be even more incompetent than Stoltenberg. NATO is one giant retirement home for incompetent politicians and military types, so she’ll fit right in. I guess there’s some joy in Canada tonight.

    If NATO was ever called upon to fight the Russians, I think their “warriors” might soil themselves.

    However, the fact that her grandfather did some things doesn’t really reflect on her. She has her own past and it is that past that highlights her sympathies. The sins of the father being used in this case is weak piling on since she’s a POS by her own actions and she seems proud of her own history.

    I doubt you would want any nefarious deeds done by your ancestors charged against you. Fair is fair.

    • Replies: @Athena
    , @annamaria
  246. Athena says:

    And she’s a friend of MIKHAIL KHODORKOVSKY:

    Putin’s intimate enemy: “Putin thinks like a bandit. The only thing that helps: show strength”

    Exiled Russian Calls On Those Still In Country To ‘Sabotage’ Putin’s War

  247. Anon001 says:
    @Boba Lazarević

    Going slowly to preserve civilian lives is not only noble – it’s necessary.

    Putin preserves the lives of those civilians only at the expense of lives of ethnic Russian civilians and Russian soldiers there. Ukrainians have even been shelling and targeting Russia’s territory with no response. So he’s willing to sacrifice lives of Russian citizens too.

    Putin is well known for not valuing Russian lives as much as everybody else’s. Just remember when Russian Army in Syria neutralized some Turkish invaders because they were mingled with terrorist without letting Russians know, Putin immediately phoned Erdogan, apologized, and withdrew Russian soldiers from that area to prevent further loss of NATO “partners” lives.

    Also, I’m sure that you know: using civilians as human shields, as Ukrainians do, is a war crime! For example, Catholic Slovenian separatists using ethnic Orthodox Christian Serb civilians as human shields in the 90s while attacking Yugoslav Army forces.

    • Replies: @Boba Lazarević
  248. @Anon001

    You may be under the impression that I think highly of Putin. I don’t. He’s a political animal, former KGB filth, a creature of gov’t. As an anarchist, I loathe all such people. He has initiated a murderous rampage that could have been handled much differently, but that’s water under the bridge.

    In this Ukraine fiasco, I’m pointing out that he has intelligently out maneuvered his opposition on every point. The man isn’t stupid; I give him his due. If I were in his current shoes, I’d be blanketing Europe with a constant barrage of offers to supply as much fuel and other resources as they could possibly want and have the European political class try to spin it day after day after day. He should make a direct address to the European people via any friendly media anywhere in the world and tell them eye to eye that he isn’t their problem and state unequivocally that it is their politicians that need to exit their positions. That kind of message directed at the average man and woman would resonate.

    • Replies: @H. L. M
    , @Harold Smith
  249. Princeone says:

    I have been under the impression that Putin and Russia are the bulwarks against those who would control the world. (Globalist) However, perhaps this isn’t the case. Putin’s reluctance to quickly wrap things up in Ukraine could indicate he’s not as opposed to the globalists we hoped he is.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  250. Athena says:

    She has her own past and it is that past that highlights her sympathies. The sins of the father being used in this case is weak

    The way our parents, grand-parents, grand-grand…, behaved does not automatically determine how we should or will behave.

    Indoctrinating people with the idea that they will unavoidably act or think the same way as their ancestors did is a MYTH. A myth used to fuel nationalism.

  251. antibeast says:

    The Kremlin’s “Limited Military Operation” in Ukraine Was a Strategic Blunder

    With all due respect to PCR, he is hallucinating here. According to John Mearsheimer, the West’s “NATO Expansion” in Ukraine and Georgia as announced during the Bucharest Summit in 2008 was the strategic blunder that pushed Russia into the arms of China.

    World War III Will Be the Most Likely Consequence

    No, sir, the most likely consequence of the budding Russia-China ‘alliance’ is the demise of the global hegemony of the so-called ‘Collective West’ over the natural resources of the Global South and the death of its debt-fueled global casino aka USD-based international financial system centered around the Fed. That is the geopolitical end-game of the Russian SMO which seeks to dismember the US -NATO puppet State of Ukraine in order to demilitarize and denazify the Donbass region, the successful conclusion of which would spell the end of the US-led NATO expansion in Ukraine.

    A devastating Russian blow to Ukraine would have caused all of Europe to rethink NATO membership as no European country would want to face the prospect of war with Russia.

    PCR is grasping at straws. Why hurry things up when Putin is slowly suffocating Zelinsky’s puppet regime to a slow death? As it is, Putin is winning his SMO by slowly grinding down the Ukrainian military which hardly exists anymore, except as a mercenary army of the US-led NATO. Putin is letting his SMO runs its course, as methodically as possible, with as little damage to the infrastructure of Ukraine which he needs to revive its economy. Destroying those productive assets in a ‘shock-and-awe’ type of all-out war is self-defeating as the USA has discovered in its genocidal wars of imperialist aggression in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Time is on Russia’s side as Zelinsky’s puppet regime has been reduced to the status of a rump State, with only a few more months left before it crumbles into the ash heap of world history.

    Zelinsky: “We want to join NATO!”
    Putin: “Make my day!”

  252. @Philip Owen

    It would appear that your 28 years in Russia were mostly in the company of the bourgeois pro-Western types, NOT with the Narodniki.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  253. @Corvinus

    Corvidious at his usual trolling self.

  254. @Princeone

    Putin needs regime change in Europe. The winter is likely to supply the impetus, so he has to wait. Russia may be fighting Ukraine forces, but the actual target is the US. He wants the US out of Europe and the way to accomplish this is to get the Europeans to bring in a new pile of crooks as their gov’t that want to deal with Putin as opposed to not dealing with him and freezing while watching their industrial base rot.

    As far as Putin being chummy with other scum like all the globalists, he’s just another criminal head of State. All gov’ts are mafia operations writ large and the most successful in any geographic area. This conflict is one set of scumbags battling another set of scumbags with the populations as collateral damage.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  255. @Johan

    Among all the verbiage, a flash of true idiocy-‘the climate change hoax’. With much of the Northern Hemisphere in historically unprecedented drought, and other parts of the plant eg Pakistan, assailed by historically unprecedented flooding (Baluchistan suffered 800% ie eight times, of normal rain in its monsoon)and decades of absolute mountains of evidence, worldwide, from reality, and the science still solid, all your pretensions to intellectual cogency are dashed in four words.

    • Replies: @Johan
  256. @Philip Owen

    They’ve turned the Integrity Initiative rock over, and out slithers ‘Philip Owen’. Can’t you just see it, mounting a punitive expedition against the ‘natives’ back in the Good Old Days, maybe strapping a ‘fuzzy-wuzzy’ or a dozen to a cannon’s mouth, to dismember them, in tribute to The White Man’s Burden.

  257. annamaria says:

    “Corvinus,” the staunch defender of Ziocons and their achievements and policies – be it the Wars for Israel or the Nazification of Ukraine – is back.

    How does it feel to be reminded again and again about the Jewish Lobby’s cordial relationships with Banderites? Perhaps this is not so good for holobiz – don’t you think so? After the Ziocons’ triumph in 2014, Stepan Bandera (a famous war criminal and Nazi collaborator) became celebrated as a Hero of Ukraine, and the Zionized US army became involved in training the Banderites. Who needs the Arlington Memorial and Normandy Memorial?

    Unfortunately, American brass today is a product of unnatural selection targeting intelligent, patriotic, and principled people. Those like Colonel Douglas Macgregor, a decorated combat veteran and courageous and patriotic person, are exceptionally rare in the US army.

    The Usurers don’t want another Smedley Butler (the most decorated Marine in US history) to explain public why war is a racket and why all wars are Bankers’ wars. Like the ongoing Usurers’ war against Russia.

    A picture for those morally and cognitively impaired who show the Ukrainian flag on their property:

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @ANon
    , @Corvinus
  258. Anon001 says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Putin did not wait for anything – he ignored ethnic Russian civilians plight there, i.e. living under constant terror in Ukraine for 8 years. 14000 of them were murdered/slaughtered between 2014-2022. The only reason he “reacted” and stopped “waiting” is because Russian Army told him that this cannot be ignored any longer. Putin could not prevent Russian Army to respond, as the threat was too big, and here we are.

    Had Ukis not been impatient to finish the job completely and swiftly, i.e. to kill/expel all ethnic Russians there, as they started to implement in Feb 2022, there would be no Russian Army there even today, and they would be still living under terror, just as they have been, while Putin would express, from time to time, some “worry” in regards to their deaths to his Ukrainian “partners”. So, I’m indeed glad that Ukis did start their final act as that forced Russian Army to react and stop the terror.

    P.S. Listening Saker-approved Dimitry Orlov or Andrei Martyanov or Rolo Slavskiy about Putin is like listening CNN about Biden.

  259. annamaria says:

    The question of her ancestry arose because of
    1. her fascist policies in Canada;
    2. her openly pro-Banderites acts (she is a committed Banderite);
    3, her lies about her grandpa, whom she described in her many opuses (she is a prominent presstitute) as a “victim of Soviets.” She knew about her grandpa’s Nazi past but lied – repeatedly and publicly – to gain sympathy and for self-promotion. Even when historians found and showed documents describing Khomyak’s Nazi activities, she continued squealing that the facts were “Russia propaganda.”

    No one forced her to lie and exhibit vicious Russophobia. Under her “leadership,” Canada became involved in training self-proclaimed Nazis in Ukraine, which was another scandal, this time involving an insulting situation for the honorable military men.

    It is not for nothing that this moral abnormality is a choice of globalists and darling of Ziocons.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  260. Anon001 says:

    Russia couldn’t be more aggressive without losing support at home and abroad.

    Putin has no support at home for waging this war the way he has been as: 1) 5th column liberal globalists (i.e. his buddies like Chubais, Nabulina, Kudrin, etc.) are completely opposed him being there at all, and 2) true patriots see him as weak, indecisive, and half-measures character, who is handling this with white gloves, while enemies are using that weakness of his to their advantage. In Russian patriots opinion, Putin has been dragging this for way too long.

    Abroad, as far as I know, the only people openly supporting Russia’s fight against Nazi Ukraine are Orthodox Christian Serbia and Belarus. The rest of them are either quiet, neutral, or opposed as either enemies or puppets.

    Either way, a true leader would just not care about some PR or image or marketing. That’s the Western way – sales, marketing, and selling the sizzle with fake steak. A true leader would do what needs to be done and would not care what others think of him. Putin is completely opposite of that as he cares greatly what his beloved West thinks of him – to no avail and to great detriment to Russia and to the entire Orthodox World.

  261. @emerging majority

    Way off. The bourgeois are hard to find in Saratov. Mostly Rodnoveri crypto Nazis spouting about Levashov. Some Nat Bols too.

  262. @jediee

    >>> I don’t think Russia’s armed forces can handle the modern NATO military technologically and tactically

    Indeed! I’ve read that the Poles and Lithuanians by themselves could drive the Russian military back to the Urals. Literally – I have read that opinion from a US person who claims military expertise.

    I’d good to think critically, at least now and then.

  263. @annamaria

    Stepan must be spinning in his grave (in Munich) to see his scions whoring
    to the same Jews that murdered 15 million Ukrainians 1919-1959;
    but the Americans suckled the orphaned OUN after WWII and used them
    during the Cold War (to include partisan warfare until the mid-70s!) so it´s
    a really twisted example of transference of allegiance,
    “whose bread I eat his song I sing” and the Law of Strange Bedfellows.

    • Agree: annamaria
  264. Vanya says:

    Russia and Putin have proven to be paper tigers. The multipolar world died from corruption and incompetence before it could be born.

    • Replies: @Marshall Lentini
  265. @arthurdecco

    A coward? Nonsense.

    I don’t always agree with Roberts, but I value his opinion.

    A coward would not, could not do what he does.

    Or… what is his interest in doing what he does? Is he getting rich off it? Social prestige and adulation? I’d guess he mostly gets a lot of grief from it.

    struck dumb by the fear of being accused of anti-semitism

    I’ve seen PCR comment forthrightly about Jews. He was part of my awakening on the matter. He is the one who opened my eyes to ‘white genocide’. I rolled my eyes when I first read his reference to white genocide. But my respect for him led me to look into it more deeply, and I realized that a solid argument can be made, to say the least.

    No one is perfect. But I give PCR high marks (though I think his ‘Russia should be more aggressive’ attitude is mistaken).

    • Agree: annamaria
  266. GMC says:

    A very good synopsis – Sir ! Spacibo

  267. @RoatanBill

    I’m no economist but I don’t see why they they can’t go on with the capitalist scam forever. We all know that the capitalist system is bankrupt already: corporations, countries, individuals, probably even the banks, are in debt and most don’t stand a chance of ever paying back their debts. But the solution is always to get more in debt and all that matters to stay afloat in this system is to keep paying back the interest on the loan, and you always have the option to renegotiate your loan and get even more in debt. Now I don’t see why they can’t start giving out thousand year loans which would decrease your monthly repayments way down and that would keep a lot more corporations, countries, and even individuals afloat. So you won’t live a thousand years to pay it all back but who cares? Corporations and countries could keep repaying long term, and the creditors could just repossess all individuals when they die unless the descendants want to take over paying back the loan. Hell, they give people thousand year prison sentences so why not thousand year loans?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  268. Miro23 says:
    @cylindrical crown

    The US is already cutting back on LNG supplies to the Europe, which were fairly limited to begin with. The infrastructure doesn’t exist in the US or Europe to make up for the loss of Russian NG.

    Also, building expensive LNG infrastructure could be money straight down the drain if Russia – Western Europe relations get back to normal one day. By far the lowest cost option is Russian gas delivered through pipelines.

    The Western counter-cultural, neo-Bolshevik, ZioGlob dictatorship is looking tired and unpopular as it stumbles into the 21st century. Rather like the bankrupt Soviet Union in the early 1980’s.

  269. Amon says:

    Lol, so the peaceful pullout involved having to emergency evacuate personal out by chopper and leaving 1000s of GI behind to rot in prison camps.

    Nah man, you have been duped by historical revisionists wanting to white wash his career and cover up his treasonous behaviour.

    • Replies: @Rich
  270. gT says:

    It was said on some sites back in 2015 already that Russia would only be ready for war by 2020. Well its now passed 2020 so Russia has finally decided to end the suffering of Russian speakers in Eastern Ukraine. Russia was not ready for WW1, Russia was not ready for WW2, but Russia is definitely ready for WW3.

    Is Europe ready for WW3, nope. Is the USA ready for WW3, nope. Right now every single power station, water treatment facility, dam and bridge in Europe can be taken out by Russia within 24 hours in the event of a world war. What few missiles Europe has will not even get through Russia’s air defenses. So Europe is basically inconsequential in a non-nuclear war for the next decade.

    America has to ship its forces to Europe, getting hit by long range missiles all the way across the Atlantic. But first the US has to build enough tanks to take on Russia, so the US is like 5 years away from being able to enter a world war in a meaningful way.

    So Russia can take her time in Ukraine, as NATO is not capable of doing anything major in the next 5 years. PCR is only correct if nukes are used, if its conventional weapons only then PCR is crying wolf.

    And those old t-62’s are still deadly to 90% of the European infantry fighting vehicles out there, and they are available now while Europe still has to build enough ifv’s with what energy, therefor the t-62’s are superior.

  271. @RoatanBill

    This conflict is one set of scumbags battling another set of scumbags with the populations as collateral damage.

    In all, this is about it. There is no equitable model in the making, there is not even such as a theoretical model conceived that can escape the historical boom-bust of “civilizations”. Prediction — this will go on until human numbers and population densities are accountable as quantitative variables in any scheme. Power as of now is de facto, improvised, a single and on rare occasions a few steps ahead.

    One of the reasons is the in-bred quality of human-kind (almost all individuals, and re-enforced by education, media, Hollywood, religion, the internet — of submitting to authority, any kind of authority (fear drives the mean of the population to subscribing to ready “pre-fab solutions” — proposals that sound somehow “just”, faces that look closest to their own).

    The glue that holds it all together in our day and age: the trickle-down of wealth to the apparent middle classes (cities and abbeys of medieval Europe), the whores of the trade, the workhorses of our Lords. These middle classes in the West, from the Jewish middle classes at the front row, to the co-opted single Female, Indian, Asian, Black-Brown president are the mules of the parasite. And as glue does, when things get stressed (when the individual trickle down of wealth and favors stops, or is about to stop) the parts glued together shatter or break — at any void except from the glue-lines …to be patched again.

    The “stress”points today: the West is no longer capable to exploit it’s usual territory to be mined. Russia is out of bound, China is, and so are their out of border fiefdoms. That is what customarily fed the Western middle class whores trickle, the soldiers of the Power of the Finance-Military nucleus. Yes things will break, some final cracks are showing as of yet (Africa, South America, Asia, and W.E “might” be next). To be glued yet again. There is simply no alternative organized class, strategy, localities in W.E. that are ready for resistance. The key here is that there is no collective identity for the middle classes to rally to. They all out rely on their individual bartering for scraps. Come winter, come spring. My guess is that winter will silently turn into spring for all power players.

    Honorary mention; when “alternative” power elites in W.E. admittedly allow for turning on the gas again, visit Moskou (pre-arranged is the key-word if this happens, a masquerade a la Johnson – Truss shuffling), the “leaning” of Europe’s population will be nailed to the board, and “as customary” the elites only games of trones will go on.

    Outside of scope: there is no longer room for more then a single power block, as far as policies to territory and global populations (territory is accounted for, population throttling and distribution, genetic manipulations is lagging). All conflicts are confined within the power bulbs. Manipulation will become a game of anticipated moves (better ones thanks to better tools. AI or better said quality data into quality data analysis) that are completely invisible to all apparent onlookers (the quasi total population of the globe will not be able to comprehend what hits them, let alone post-date grasp what has happened (Pepe Escobar to the rescue)).

    Since investments are horizontal and planetary, whether the elites of anywhere desire so or not, territory as a defining variable only goes that far. Our champs of detachment and make believe, peddling immaginary “values”, the Jewish Mindset is best placed to weather the ongoing phase of history. They come as a group closest to the “Alien” visiting Planet Earth (come good Jew, be bad Jew, Jew as much). No qualms, supreme opportunism, take losses to the Gent rules!

    Great times to be alive, history is written. Imagine being an actor in the field?!

  272. @Ulf Thorsen

    Spoken from the throne, sitting on the toilet-rim. Slighly confused female “bitch” as to her own position in life (precarious).

  273. “Of course not. They just backed up the local Ukranian faction that performed the overthrowing.

    “Po-tay-to”, “Po-tah-to”.”

    In response to the the interference and influence of Russian support since Ukrainian independence.

    Now I will not comment on whether the our support was ill advised in this matter, given what understand now. My point is that the constant belly aching about US overthrowing governments is more myth than truth, a convenient excuse to cover the nation’s own internal political turmoil.

    It’s a safe bet that there were far more Russians dashing about in Ukraine than US operatives with better connections and more influence and far deeper involvement..

  274. @annamaria

    Everything you say about her may be true, but dredging up her ancestors past has nothing to do with her current situation. It is what she has done, lied, connived, etc that is her legacy, not what her ancestors did.

    As an example, Woody Harrelson, the actor, had a father, Charles Harrelson, a convicted murderer of a judge. Should we blame Woody for what his father did? Should we bring up his father’s past every time Woody’s name is mentioned?

    I suggest that gossiping about someone’s relatives past doesn’t add weight to or detract from what they are today. It’s piling on like what some prosecutor does to bury someone in nonsense charges. Overall, it distracts from a proper evaluation of the individual. Some bleeding heart could actually excuse Freeland’s actions blaming her upbringing by less than stellar relations on her poor performance. It’s done every day by social workers that want to excuse the murder, rapist, thief, etc due to a disadvantaged childhood, etc. It’s a distraction that doesn’t help the effort of properly evaluating an individual, especially when there’s enough current verifiable evidence that clearly indicates what kind of person someone is.

    Stereotyping exists to provide a class of people with a predetermined characteristic that is applied without evidence against a person of that class. The jews are financial manipulators. The Germans are industrious and meticulous. The Irish are drunks, as are the Russians. Gypsies are thieves. Blacks are violent. These are learned characteristics based on evidence. It’s applying the stereotype to a person and claiming it fits that becomes the problem. Not every jew is a conniving POS. Not every Irishman is a lush. To paint someone with negative characteristic based upon hearsay isn’t leading to a proper evaluation of the individual.

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
    , @annamaria
  275. Avery says:
    @Philip Owen

    {My 28 years in Russia says so.}

    You keep bloviating about your alleged ’28 years in Russia’.
    What does that imply?
    How long ago was that?
    You were a Western salesman in USSR, if I recall: how does that translate to you knowing anything of significance about Russia today.
    What ever you were exposed to in your time in Russia is ancient history.
    You know nothing now.

    You keep brining up your alleged 28 years in Russia to impress who?
    Nobody here @UNZ gives a hoot about your time in Russia.
    Your posts are uniformly anti-Russian BS: illogical, irrational foaming at the mouth bile.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  276. Anonymous[422] • Disclaimer says:

    yes, I observe that most of the governed populations of the ex USSR satellite now NATO nations that joined in this block, isolate and squeeze(BIS) Russia out of the world today, are engaging in nearly the same strategy that brought about WWI. Few of the governed persons of the nations involved wanted war nor were the governed people upset with the way things were; but the global corporations wanted the national leaders of these nations to support isolation of Germany from world markets in preparation for war against Germany.

    My observation is this “block, isolate, and squeeze[BIS]” strategy against Russia is analogous to the pre WWI Block, Isolate and squeeze[BIS] strategy against Germany. The BIS strategies seem to driven by the global corporations using NATO and its member nations to keep the world free of competition to global corporate profits. Also, the Oligarch owned global corporations seem to be using NATO to clear the way to buy cheap assets in many nations all at once. In the depression likely to be the result of Sanctions, global corporations will buy for pennies on the dollar everything of value in anti-Russian Europe at bargain sale cheap prices and if NATO wins in Ukraine, the global corporations will take what they want from Ukraine, Russia and China.

    The Oligarch and their global monopoly powered corporations are using the nation states, similar to the BIS programs conducted by the global Western corporations against Germany following in earnest the 1st Jewish Congress in 1897. This Ukraine war has many similarities to pre 1913 events. It is about an objective that had then and has now nearly little to do with German Nazism, WWI or Ukraine Nazism or WWIII. The presence and threat of, the Nazis or anti-Russian state proximate to Russian interest is just the stick used to poke the Bear.

    Compare 1890 -1919 happenings to today: eliminate or seduce all economic, monetary, knowledge, industrial, and advanced technology competition then as now<=the global corporations want no competition of any kind or in any form to develop any place on the earth and the assets of the earth to be owned by the Corporations. As i see it, the War is used to economically collapse competitive enemies, and to take advantage of that collapse so everything of value can be bargain sale cheap acquired.

    Russia seems to be out front? Western Sanctions forced Russia to invent a new currency trade settlement system. Russia placed the currencies of the world on a global gold standard [Russia produces each year a lot of Gold and other metals] when people in the anti Russia nation states deal with sanctioned Russia; they must do so in gold or gold equivalents. In order to buy from a Russian, anti Russians must deliver either gold or enough of the currency type used by the anti-Russian buyer to buy enough gold so that the Russian bank can use that foreign currency to buy gold (the Russian central bank keeps the gold and issues Rubles to the Russian Seller). That system has been working since March, and it seems to be a way to circumvent Swift and to invite the world to do business with Russia without detectable effect of sanction to either the buyer or seller. There is a growing realization that the use your own currency to do international business has the potential to become the new international settlement system<=an outcome likely devastating to USD hegemony?

    The "deal in the currency of your own nation” allows converting the value of your currency to USD in order to trade, and the Yuan as reserve currency, are replacing the international “money for trade” exchange method, in the East. In other words loss of USD hegemony is a growing threat to Western causes; and it seems to be a direct result of the sanctions the West imposed against Russia? Half the populations of the world and many international organizations made up of persons from that Eastern half (SCO, Belt and Road Initiative BRI, and BRICS), have been moving out of traditional western markets; a complete realignment is happening. Sanctions divided. the world into East and West. The ability of the governed people of the European nations to buy cheap Russian Oil for domestic purposes is victim to the BIS (and sanctions) strategy. No oil allowed to be purchased because of sanctions has already caused massive western buyer side industrial shut down <=bankruptcies are mounting, and cold winter is coming, Russia has shut down Nordstream I and Germany will not let Nordstream II start up; unless that changes little Russian oil will heat Europe this Winter.
    The lives and well being of the populations of many anti-Russian nations and third world nations is going to be touch-and-go I believe. Worse, Russia has strengthened its relations with a long time enemy China, Russia has new or stronger relationships with Iran, Saudi Arabia,Yemen, Syria, and North Korea and it seems India has moved it allegiances to the East

    Numerous other examples suggest Russia has slowed even stopped the Western "Block, Isolate, and Squeeze(BIS)" Objectives; injured, if not blocked, the exclusive western monopoly power control over currency, trade and credit and rearranged who deals with whom in the world. I think Wall Street is going to express this reality sooner than later. The European Stocks tumbled yesterday.

    Going slow has allowed Russia to test if it is possible to negotiate with the West. A peace treaty already negotiated with Ukraine was blocked in March . So I think the West wanted this war stretched out, but Russia's response, China's Response, Venezuela's Response, Cuba's Response, Iran's response, India's response has not only been very favorable to Russia, but each separate and related response seems to have brought agreement to permanently change the way the East does global business.

    I see slow prosecution of the war, as a tactic being used to accomplish long term Russian strategic goals. I see the up tick in Western support for Ukraine <=as a response to realizing that the longer the Russian SMO goes on in Ukraine the more Russia benefits. If NATO support for Ukraine, cannot turn the defeat of its proxies in Ukraine around, there may not be a surviving NATO. No one likes to freeze to death for lack of cheap Russian oil especially when Russia says it is willing to sell it.

    I recall, early after Feb 24, 2022 Roberts said the Central Bank Of Russia did not seem to be acting in the best interest of Russia with its local currency everywhere conversion to gold as a means to do business in the currency of every nation without the involvement of Swift or other existing international mechanisms <= as I understood it, PCR thought such a system may not favor Russia? I think now that mechanism Russia invented reveals many benefits in the global monetary system will likely be awarded to Russia. I am not speaking for or against Russia or the West. I am just the messenger pointing out what I see missing from the article and to support your comment affirmatively..
    Thank you PCR for the article; Unz for the forum; and Franz for the comment.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Thanks: Hitch
  277. Odyssey says:
    @Boba Lazarević

    That guy is not only a pathological serbophobe, he is (verified) IQ<60.

  278. @Commentator Mike

    You’re so far out in left field, deep in the weeds that it’s near impossible to answer your assertion. You apparently haven’t the basis upon which to recognize an answer given the nature of your question.

    There’s nothing wrong with capitalism. It’s crony capitalism that’s the problem. It’s the legal system that bends what’s right and proper to provide an advantage to a clique of people that starts to skew reality for a time but reality comes back to extract a cost usually born by people that never got the original benefit. That’s why I’m an anarchist. I don’t believe one size fits all and that anyone has the right to determine policy for everyone. All gov’t sucks and is illegitimate no matter how many people vote for it.

    The root problem is the phony money. It’s not money, it’s bullshit currency that’s manufactured from nothing. The people that run that system have an inherent advantage over the rest of us. They can purchase absolutely anything and everything because there is no cost for them. It distorts reality to produce the boom and bust cycles that everyone thinks is some law of nature; it isn’t. People think that price inflation is greedy business people, and to some extent they’re correct, but 99% can’t identify the phony currency system as the ultimate cause.

    Gov’t is a mafia with flags and marble faced buildings. That mafia has joined up with the fiancial mafia to create the current banking and finance system that is, by design, going to create recessions, depressions, wars and most of today’s maladies. The entire money system is one giant swindle purposely designed to benefit the high end criminals at the expense of the average person. That’s why I’m so down on the morons that vote to keep this system of highly organized crime going.

    When the education system turns out “Economists” that can even suggest Modern Monetary Theory, Universal Basic Income, fractional reserve banking, the concept of a central bank, organizations like the LBMA to “fix” market rates on precious metals or cartels to collude on the price of oil, etc, derivatives that trade on paper orders of magnitude more of a commodity than physically exists, etc, etc, etc you know the end is near.

    I know of no one resource that can get you up to speed on how totally corrupt the gov’t and financial systems are. The information is purposely hidden to keep the masses ignorant. It took me a decade to finally discover the truth. Read “The creature from jekyll island” as a start. Get acquainted with the writings of Ludwig von Mises, Albert J. Nock, Alexis de Tocqueville, Ayn Rand, Doug Casey, Edmund Burke, Edward Abbey, Frank Chodorov, Frank Herbert, Frederic Bastiat, Friedrich Hayek, H. L. Mencken, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Larken Rose, Lew Rockwell (, Lysander Spooner, Mikhail A. Bakunin, Murray Rothbard, Robert Higgs.

    Whatever you do, don’t take an economics class except from the Austrian school of economics. All of institutional main stream economics is outright fraud.

    In point of fact, anarchism is the gentlest of all political systems. It contemplates no institutionalized coercion. It’s the watercourse way, where everything is allowed to rise or fall naturally to its own level. An anarchic system is necessarily one of free-market capitalism. Any services that are needed and wanted by people – like the police or the courts – would be provided by entrepreneurs, who’d do it for a profit.
    Doug Casey

    The US government has a technology, called a printing press, that allows it to produce as many dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost. Under a paper-money system, a determined government can always generate higher spending and, hence, positive inflation.
    Ben Bernanke

    Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion–when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing–when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors–when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you–when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming self-sacrifice–you may know your society is doomed.
    Ayn Rand

    • Thanks: Hitch, Mark G.
  279. @Anon001

    I agree on the bit that the Ukrainians are committing a war crime by using civilians as human shields.

    I don’t agree that Putin is reckless with the lives of the Russians, even though some casualties cannot be avoided. I’m still sure he’s trying to spare the people as much as possible. I don’t know what will happen when, or if, the offensive advances deeper into the Ukrainian speaking territory. Then the attitude might change, we’ll see.

    I don’t recall the Slovenians using Serbs as human shields during their two-week war against the Yugoslav People’s Army, but it’s quite possible. I’d put nothing past the Slovenians as they pioneered all the other tricks we now see the Ukrainians use, including the civilian leader holding live press conferences wearing military fatigues. They were probably instructed by the same Western sponsor in both cases.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Anon001
  280. ATBOTL says:

    PCR is correct and the retards like the Saker and Moon of Alabama are just paid government shills who will defend every bad move by putin just like Sean Hannity defended everything Bush did and tried to say the Iraq war strategy was brilliant. Too many people on the right here in America have fallen for liberal-soviet putinist civnat bullshit and are not hearing the Russian nationalist perspective. Putin and his government’s shill media hate Russian nationalism and are the Russian equivalent of American zio-boomer cuckservatives who hate white nationalists here in America.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  281. Rich says:

    Silly Anon. The videos you see of choppers pulling people out of Saigon are brave American pilots who volunteered to assist in the removal of civilians in S Vietnam, Western and native. There is some evidence that there were Americans left behind after the war, A few reports of Westerners seen in various prison camps. Not 1000s, maybe a hundred or so, most of those not handed over were probably killed shortly after the North’s victory. When the murderous, torturing communists no longer needed them as a bargaining chip.

    Think about it. Who controls academia in America, the left or the right? Who is more likely to have fed you all those lies about an American military defeat? The coup plotters who usurped Nixon were friendly to the communist cause in Vietnam. They not only wanted the North to win, in many cases they assisted them. You’ve been miseducated. Sorry.

  282. @Boba Lazarević

    There wouldn’t have been many Serbs in Slovenia to use as human shields. But Slovenians shot Yugoslav soldiers in the back, soldiers of an army they were part of until a moment before deciding to ambush and murder them for no apparent reason as those soldiers weren’t really doing anything to them except being stationed there as they always had been. Very dirty tactics by the Slovenes.

    • Agree: Boba Lazarević
    • Thanks: Anon001
    • Replies: @Hitch
  283. @voicum

    Mr Roberts has eventually submitted to the dark side.

  284. H. L. M says:

    Putin straddles the fence with respect to going along w/ the City of London criminals and serving Russian nationalism.

    He’s like all the rest of them including Trump– just more clever.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  285. ANon[227] • Disclaimer says:

    CORVINUS (aka Curve Anus) is the biggest asshole on this site. He writes utter tripe and once you reply it becomes a silly back and forth (the silly coming from Troll Curvey).

    His game is to have you refute his jibber jabber after which he comes back with more Jibber Jabber. All the time, the reader is left wondering how anyone could come up with his hogwash.

    This idiot;s game is not to contribute to the conversation but to get the most replies.

    My humble advice to all here on UR : Just ignore this buffoon !

    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @Passing By
  286. I like Mr Roberts and have read him for years. Sometimes he misses the forest for the trees.
    The Russians did not want to have a DMZ along a giant flatland border with Ukraine. If you look at where their advance has “stalled” They now have a river between them and a much easier less expensive DMZ to defend. I am pretty sure Roberts himself pointed this out at the beginning.

    Russia has by and large met their objective. All the talk about how it had to be speedy came from the Western media. Russia never claimed it was had to be fast. The Western idiot pundits did.

    We live in the land of lies.

  287. @H. L. M

    Putin is like every other criminal head of state. He sees the benefit of fiat currencies for his mafia operation so goes along with the experts on funny money. This is to be expected. All nations want funny money so they can spend out of thin air currency to purchase whatever they want till reality strikes.

    It’s thinking that Putin is anything but a murderous thug that leads people to consider he might be different; he isn’t. It’s jusy in the Ukraine case, we are comparing thug against thug and Putin comes out less bad.

  288. @ANon

    “His game is to have you refute his jibber jabber after which he comes back with more Jibber Jabber.”

    That’s the very essence of ‘pilpul’. The goal isn’t the truth, the goal isn’t even to make a point, the goal is to lure your opponent into refuting your bullshit until he’s too worn out to continue, at which point you proclaim yourself winner of the debate. Which is why I am convinced that the raven is of the genus Corvus Khazarus. I even think that the corvid and “EliteCommie” are the same person.

  289. Iran and N. Korea may get EMP devices to play with on NYC and San Fransicko and then it would be lights out for those cities. We give stuff to Ukraine and Russia gives stuff(EMP) to Iran and N.Korea.

  290. I’m guessing PCR wanted a Grenada type invasion . . you know the big monster nation (US) suddenly out of the blue invades a defenseless weak Grenada back in 1983 and for what . . a lie !! Russia knows what it’s doing. PCR may have high blood pressure and gets irritated easily.

  291. Bezuhov says:

    The author, like so many other commentators on the Ukraine war, does not understand that the purpose of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was to provide the WEF puppet governments of the West with the excuse for imposing sanctions – supposedly against Russia.

    But the real target of the sanctions was to drive energy prices through the ceiling – and to thereby commence the destruction of Western economies, by making it impossible for small and medium-sized companies to survive, due to the fuel costs.

    This wreaking of utter destruction on Western economies (and particularly, on European economies) is to prepare the ground for the globalist criminals’ ‘Great Reset’: the populations of the West will be driven to such utter desperation and despair by what is coming, that they will (the WEF believes) accept the totalitarian horrors of the Great Reset regime, when they are told that that is the only thing that can save them.

    The globalist criminals running Western governments could never have driven fuel prices up through the roof without the excuse provided by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

    They had to have a pretext – and, as clearly planned a long time ago, Putin provided it, playing the bad guy that the globalist governments could blame for the destruction of European economies which is now commencing.

    Unless you believe that Putin is incredibly stupid, and thus was manipulated into the Ukraine invasion, you have to accept that he is on-board the globalist / WEF deliberate destruction of the West, and is working for the globalists, just as every Western government is.

    • Agree: Alexandros
  292. I am unsure how long it will take for the country to finally acknowledge that the 1975 evacuation of the US embassy was the end of a US retreat from s. Vietnam. A peace agreement was made in 1975 that was to end hostilities. The US armed forces left S. Vietnam i9n 1972. There was no US retreat and the US did not lose the conflict.

    In 1975, the US embassy like every foreign embassy in S. Vietnam evacuated. Because n. Vietnamese, Soviet, Chinese, and n Korean troops over ran S. Vietnam defences in violation of the treaty agreement.

    The US Congress opted not supply funds for a further support of S. Vietnam.

  293. Johan says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Mister Mumbledoompornbrain,

    One of the members of the IPCC already said so much as that the belief in human caused climate change is a belief for useful idiots, by openly acknowledging that it is not about environment, but about redistribution of wealth. There is no adult in the world who seriously believes it, the doom scenarios can, were, and will be changed when necessary, when reality turns out different over and over again. Only the children, indoctrinated by perverted adults with fear scenarios, are true believers. The children do not understand of course that the lies can be used for power games, that they are used for the powergames which adults play, making idiots crammed with lies, of their most young.

    Try sell your perverted lies to someone below 17, mister mumble

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  294. @RoatanBill

    You may be under the impression that I think highly of Putin. I don’t. He’s a political animal, former KGB filth, a creature of gov’t. As an anarchist, I loathe all such people. He has initiated a murderous rampage that could have been handled much differently, but that’s water under the bridge.

    I must politely disagree with you about this. First, IMO, you’re being unjustifiably hard on Vladimir Putin. Yes he’s human and therefore flawed like all humans, but evil – like almost everything else in the universe – is a matter of degree, and Putin is indisputably far less evil than the Satanic, demon-possessed scum that seek to destroy Russia (and all of humanity for that matter).

    In comment 282 you said:

    Stereotyping exists to provide a class of people with a predetermined characteristic that is applied without evidence against a person of that class. […]

    Yet isn’t this exactly what you’re doing regarding Vladimir Putin? He holds a powerful political office in Russia so he must be not only evil, but morally indistinguishable from biden, zelensky, johnson, truss, macron, trudeau, etc.

    If Putin was as anywhere near evil as you’ve repeatedly claimed (in comments 256, 262 and 296), he’d have sold out Russia a long time ago and he wouldn’t have an 80% approval rating among the Russian people.

    Second, Putin’s not the one who “initiated a murderous rampage (in Ukraine)”; the murderous rampage actually began with the U.S. fostered coup d’etat in Ukraine 2014. The Russian special military operation there was something that Vladimir Putin was forced to do, and the blame for the whole thing rests on the Satanic U.S. government and its corrupt European client states.

    In forcefully opposing the Satanists, Vladimir Putin and Russia are actually doing all of humanity a big favor.

  295. Athena says:

    ”When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion–when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing–when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors–when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you–when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming self-sacrifice–you may know your society is doomed.”

    Very well said.

    But there’s a technical problem is the logic. The current money system, ‘controlled’ by a myriad of incompetent crooks, is dependent on honest technicians, engineers, mathematicians, programmers, IT specialists, and PHds specialized in electrical production and distribution, in software architecture design, and also in RF, satellite, microwave, and optical fiber telecommunications.

    These honest scientists are globally PISSED OFF. They can easily debunk the LIES and IDIOCIES disseminated by the crooks, especially since 2020. Money can’t buy all scientists.

    Scientists are not usually motivated by money. Their main motivation is: design, build, and operate EFFICIENT systems. They hate WASTE.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  296. @Harold Smith

    Putin is a mass murderer. That’s enough in my book to classify him worthy of the gallows.

    Anyone that becomes a head of state is the leader of a criminal mafia. Gov’t is the largest criminal organization in every country. They steal from the citizenry constantly and call it taxes. They enslave their populations to work to support them and their projects. They propagandize their citizens to the point that the mentally deficient want to join their murderous gang known as the military. It’s the same in every country. There may be differences in degree, but not in kind.

    Putin decided to make war in Ukraine. You can call it being forced, but that’s because he is a gang leader and wants better control of his turf. Your point of view assumed gov’t is legitimate and that their predations are reasonably to be expected. I don’t see things that way. No man has the right to do what every “leader” everywhere does. The rules should be the same for everyone.

    Because I do it with one small ship, I am called a terrorist. You do it with a whole fleet and are called an emperor.
    A Pirate, From St. Augustine’s “City Of God”

    • Agree: Corrupt
  297. @Athena

    Go out on the street and stop as many people as you want and my bet is that not one will know how the currency system works or how the banking system manufactures every recession and depression. Ask everyone about the gov’t and most will grumble, but not one you’re likely to meet would want to terminate the gov’t.

    The average person function in his little world and just wants to get by. He’s a cog in a big wheel and is powerless to change anythings. To paraphrase Karl Marx, voting is the opiate of the masses, along with religion, that keeps people in eternal wonder. They think that how things are is some kind of universal law of the cosmic firmament, when it’s just some made up scheme hatched by the worst people on the planet, the political class and bankers. They prove their ignorance of what’s keeping them down by trying to find a decent well meaning candidate and electing him to change their circumstance, every damned time.

  298. @RoatanBill

    Well you just explained capitalism as it is in reality. How you would like it to be – isn’t that as utopian as some textbook socialism or communism? I was going by what I see in reality not some ideal never achieved, and if it ever was in the past, it has naturally evolved into what it is today. There’s not much that I disagree with you but I just look at it from a different perspective. Obviously you’re well read on economics so I wouldn’t argue with you about the theory but we can all see, and experience on our backs, what it is in reality.

  299. For now, global nuclear war does not threaten us. The disciples asked Jesus an interesting question: “Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign when all these things shall begin to be fulfilled?” (Mark 13:4, Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition) He answered: “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. Don’t be alarmed. These things must happen, but it is not yet the fulfillment [of the sign].” (Matthew 24:6) The global nuclear war, (this will be the fulfillment of the sign of Jesus), will begin as a result of ethnic conflict: “For nation will rise against nation”, like as in 2008 in Georgia. (Matthew 24:7) In the Book of Daniel we read: “At the appointed time [the king of the north] will return back [Russian troops will return to where they were previously stationed. It also means military actions and major crisis. Not only the eurozone will break up, but also the European Union and NATO. Many countries of the former Eastern block will return to a military alliance with Russia], and come into the south [this will be the beginning of nuclear war], but won’t be as before or as afterwards [these military actions will not lead to a global nuclear war. This war will only begin after the return of the king of the north and the detonator will be an ethnic conflict (Matthew 24:7)], then the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [the distant West] will come against him, and (he) will break down [mentally], and will go back.” (11:29, 30a) This will be a mutual slaughter and the sword of great power will be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized it in this way: “A frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” Because of the use of these terrible weapons there will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). It won’t be Armageddon. “But all these things are a beginning of birth-pains.” (Matthew 24:8, DLNT)

  300. Hitch says:

    You can have anarcho-capitalism, or you can have Jews. You certainly cannot have both.

    Now that Jews have corrupted and destroyed every precious aspect of our society, you cannot have anarcho-capitalism even if you managed to get rid of the Jews. You would have have to surgically remove all the cancerous tumors that Jews have metasticized all across our civilization.

    The only peaceful solution with a decent outcome for our people and civilization is secession and apartheid, and even that is a long shot.

    The only other outcomes are genocide and/or enslavement. This is what the Protocols of Zion and the last 2 centuries of death and genocide have been about.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  301. Hitch says:
    @Commentator Mike

    What do you think Tito and the Judeo-Communist terrorists colloquially known as “partisans” did to the Slovenes in 1944-1952? Payback is always a bitch.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Anon001
  302. @Hitch

    Payback against whom? They were all part of the same project?

  303. @Hitch

    The controllers, many to most jews, rely heavily on the gov’t they control for muscle. It is gov’t that gives them their protection and ultimately their strength.

    The Dollar is circling the bowl. Once it goes, all the old rules go with it. I’m hoping the state governors decide that President Soandso sounds better than Governor Soandso and that many will voluntarily pull out of the Fed Gov system. The first to even make noise about leaving will open the floodgates for the rest also opting to leave the sinking ship.

    The Fed Gov has been a cancer on the society for at least 50 years and its demise would lessen the load everyone has been carrying all that while. Rebuilding after the failure will see people forced into defending themselves and that alone will put some steel into their back bones. A renewed feeling of worth and self determination might help develop a new attitude of being less of a slave to the edicts from a bunch of know nothing politicians who will have shown to be worthless. It’s an opportunity to kill off the low life scum the criminal justice system has been protecting for decades and to set up new red lines that even the currently woke are going to realize are necessary.

    It’ll be bad, but it can end up with a much better social setup once the dead weight of the FedGov is gone.

    Russia and associates are in the process of setting up a new commodity based currency system. It’s not perfect, but certainly an improvement over pure fiat. I put a link in the Newslink section this morning. The smart thing to do is to emulate or latch on to that mechanism to put in place more honest money. That helps reduce the influence by the current finance sharks and provides a reasonable base from which to grow.

  304. @RoatanBill

    Putin is a mass murderer.

    How did you arrive at that conclusion?

    That’s enough in my book to classify him worthy of the gallows.

    Okay but who would have the duty to find him guilty and hang him as per your “book”; it would have to be some form of “government” wouldn’t it? So in a philosophical sense that would seem to be a contradiction. And for that matter who are you personally (especially as a disinterested party) to decide that he’s guilty of any crime in the first place? In a sense, you’ve assumed legislative, judicial and executive power just like the ‘government” does, but when “government” does it it’s bad but if you could do the same thing, it would be acceptable?

    Anyone that becomes a head of state is the leader of a criminal mafia.

    Wouldn’t this be incongruent with what you said in comment #282? Anyway, since evil (a spectrum of evil) is inherent to human nature and since government is an unavoidable consequence of evil, there will always be human government, thus there will always be heads of state; so your statement – which apparently ignores this unfortunate reality – seems rather meaningless to me.

    Gov’t is the largest criminal organization in every country. They steal from the citizenry constantly and call it taxes.

    As long as evil is an unavoidable part of human nature, there is no escaping “government” and therefore no escaping “taxes” for example. And the devil is thus in the details. For example, levying and collecting a tax on residential property, i.e. land and shelter (which are necessary for human life), is perhaps the most immoral and self-destructive tax (and I believe that’s why the implementation of property tax is the very first tenet of Karl Marx’ communist manifesto) whereas a modest tax on gasoline (ostensibly to fund road maintenance, for example), would be far less immoral and destructive.

    They enslave their populations to work to support them and their projects. They propagandize their citizens to the point that the mentally deficient want to join their murderous gang known as the military. It’s the same in every country. There may be differences in degree, but not in kind.

    First, it’s not “the same in every country.” (If it was you probably wouldn’t have moved out of the U.S., right?) For example, Costa Rica has no army and Malta has no property tax. The differences in the degree of evil are often very significant and thus really do matter. Second, you seem to not appreciate the fact that, ultimately, the “government” IS THE PEOPLE. It takes a lot more than 535 people to do the kind of evil that America does both at home and abroad. For example, Biden hasn’t personally made a single missile – he gets the people to do it for him. Clearly, the only actual power that “government” has depends exclusively on what it can get “the people” to do for a lie and a paycheck. BTW propaganda isn’t a good excuse – especially in the age of the internet – because propaganda doesn’t generally fool reasonable people and it doesn’t generally make morally competent people do immoral things; what it does do is to provide excuses for the failings of morally incompetent people who refuse to look in the mirror.

    Putin decided to make war in Ukraine. You can call it being forced, but that’s because he is a gang leader and wants better control of his turf.

    That’s what the corrupt U.S. “government” would say (and what the statist trolls here would say), but the evidence doesn’t support that conclusion Bill and I think at some level of consciousness you know it as well as I do. In any case, if Putin was acting immorally and in bad faith he simply wouldn’t have the support of an overwhelming majority of the Russian people as he does.

    Your point of view assumed gov’t is legitimate and that their predations are reasonably to be expected. I don’t see things that way.

    My point of view is that unless we can somehow get rid of human sin, we can’t get rid of government. So we’re stuck with government because we’re stuck with sinful human nature, and the more corrupt the people, the more corrupt the government.

  305. @Harold Smith

    You seem to want to give special privileges to the political class. If a drug lord orders a hit on someone is he not guilty of the crime. Putin has ordered his gang of professional murderers to tear apart a portion of Ukraine. Is he not guilty of their crimes? Are not Bush, Cheney, Hillary and others guilty of the murders they instigated? That these cretins haven’t been punished or can’t now be punished due to their insulation doesn’t mean they should walk free.

    I thought the quote I provided would have given you the hint that throughout history there have been people that looked the other way when some potentate did what a common man would hang for. That these people have protection today is a failure of the political system.

    • Replies: @JasonT
    , @Harold Smith
  306. JJenkins says:
    @Harold Smith

    While I’m no anarchist and agree with much of what you say, I also believe that the proportion of the population which is “reasonable” is much smaller than people would like to believe, and the proportion which is “morally competent” is even smaller.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  307. @Harold Smith

    Even a quickly assembled people’s court dispensing summary justice is a form of government. Anarchic dispensation of justice would be violent lynch mobs. Just saying, not that either would bother me as long as they got the guilty parties.

  308. JasonT says:

    I agree with many things you say on this forum (and disagree with other things you say). However, you are misstating Harold Smith’s comments. Boiling it down to its essence, in my view Harold Smith is simply stating the obvious – Who gets to decide what is a crime, and what the punishment for that crime should be?

    Do you want that power, and if not, who do you want to have that power?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  309. @RoatanBill

    You seem to want to give special privileges to the political class.

    Obviously not.

    If a drug lord orders a hit on someone is he not guilty of the crime.

    Everything that happens in this world happens in some kind of context, right? So how can I provide a meaningful answer to such a hypothetical question when it’s presented without any hypothetical contextual details? Regardless, who is it that determines what a “crime” is and whether a “crime” has been committed in any given situation? That’s a function of “government” isn’t it? So if, as you imply, all “government” is always completely illegitimate, then from your perspective how can there be such a thing as a “crime” in the first place?

    Putin has ordered his gang of professional murderers to tear apart a portion of Ukraine. Is he not guilty of their crimes?

    Seriously? You’re completely ignoring the historical, political, moral, legal and military context; so I guess I won’t waste any more time on a discussion that has become so pointless.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  310. Anon001 says:

    I guess you are AH/Nazi apologist? Are you a part of that “supreme” German “race”, aka FakeAryans?

    What payback? Most people executed in Slovenia were monarchists Serb fighters (Chetnics – special forces of the King) that fought against AH/Nazis, but were betrayed, at the of the WW2, by the British and handed over to Tito’s communists who executed them all in Slovenia and other places. Slovenians were and still are cowards and liars – they presented those deaths as theirs.

    In the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Catholic Slovenians were officially the serfs, which shows one just how “high” they were in that society, and how valued they were there, until the end of the WW1, when Serbian King freed them from AHE, removed their serfs status, and even made them first class nation in the Kingdom of SHS. So I guess these huge favors, among many Serbs gave them, while asking for nothing in return, were the reasons for that slimy and cowardly “payback” in the 90s, when they tortured Serb civilians, including women, and captured soldiers that were not attacking anyone [1][2].

    I guess Catholic Slovenian cowards needed to “fight” and achieve “victory” in their “struggle” against those “oppressors” to fill their close to empty historical books, and to have something to celebrate that is “theirs”, as everything else they have was gifted to them by the Serbs in the 20th century. Slovenians are just 3-time historical lottery winners – WW1, WW2, and the 90s – nothing more.

    Just as with all other “victims” in the Balkans, Catholic Slovenians were Nazi partners in the WW2 along with Catholic Croats, Bosnian Muslims, Muslim Shqiptars/Albanians, while the “oppressors” and “aggressors” were Serbs that fought against Nazis.

    Tito (Yugoslavia’s Stalin) was not a Serb, and leading communists that ran Yugoslavia were Croats and Slovenians – those “oppressed” and “suffering” AH/Nazis WW2 partners.

    [1] Google Translate: Why is there silence about Slovenian crimes from 1991?

    [2] Google Translate: Slovenian crimes in 1991 ( Slovenia, Former Yugoslavia )

  311. @JJenkins

    Absolutely; that’s why the U.S. is in such bad shape.

  312. @JasonT

    Common sense would indicate that the golden rule is the most obvious thing to use to determine when a crime occurs. A murder, the purposeful destruction of innocent people’s property can’t be condoned. It’s the attitude that gov’t murder is somehow exempt from the normal rules that the rest of use observe is what leads to wars.

    Under normal circumstances, a victim’s family should have the final decision as to what happens to some cretin that has caused their relative to die. Under a war situation, the members of the military who do the actual killing shoulder the most responsibility with their chain of command also implicated. Their own societies should condemn wanton killing as the US has done for decades as opposed to thanking them for their service while providing them a pension for doing what a regular person would be prosecuted for.

    It is the double standard that makes war possible. If the soldiers were to realize that they would face justice, they wouldn’t serve in the military. It’s the free pass that encourages more and more state sponsored criminality that grinds up innocent people as collateral damage. If the opposing forces were to find some field and annihilate each other that would be just fine.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @JasonT
  313. Anon001 says:

    Declaration of war would have been the right move from both military and PR side, as right now, people that do not know much about any of this, have trouble distinguishing it from NATO’s invasion of Iraq, Libya, etc., thus Russia’s side needs to constantly explain at length that this is different, that it is just operation and neither invasion nor war, etc., in other words, PR war lost immediately. With clear war declaration done first, even those that do not know anything about it, would probably say “Well, it must be something serious, otherwise Russia wouldn’t have declared war.”

    Even Russian patriots are waking up to the fact that SMO is one big PR disaster [1].

    [1] Google Translate: Not “SMO” but “Liberation Campaign” by Andrey Soshenko

  314. @Harold Smith

    You are an apologist for state sponsored death and destruction. By posing the ridiculous statement who is it that determines what a “crime” is you are insinuating that gov’t is the sole arbiter of criminality. Would you not consider it a crime if someone shot you for no reason regardless of what the gov’t might think? If the person that shot you was in some gov’t costume while he did it would that, in your opinion, make his actions appropriate? That’s what happens every day in war zones when some civilian is killed for no reason but being in the wrong place at the wrong time because professional murderers are roaming around under gov’t license.

    It’s the innocent people that are the victims I’m pleading for, not the human shit that serves in the military. They signed up to purposely go and help kill populations and destroy their infrastructure with many civilian casualties. If the soldiers just wanted to kill each other, as adults they can make that decision as it affects no one but themselves. I would encourage that.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  315. Ohh good grief,

    this is not hard. Use the standards that Pres Putin himself advocates. Cooperation and respecting one another’s sovereign borders. Respecting national sovereignty of others . . . . Pres Putin’s first speeches were about those vary issues even as he attempted to use them to justify his invasion.

    He just does not make anymore sense now than it did them.

    Pres Putin and the Kremlin are wrong by the measures they set, including in the context they set.

    That is exactly why the advocates for the invasion have to do a good deal of hopscotch to justify the matter. But at the end of the day they end up back where they came – wrong.

    First it was OSCE and promises of not expanding NATO – fail

    Second it was Ukraine not adhering to the OSCE mandates, which Russia herself violated.

    Third it was the UN duty to protect, which again, by the standards of the policy — Russia is in violation, but of course the UN is corrupt, but they have a good idea we can use.

    Of course there was genocide and as it turns out Russia has been bombing Ukraine since 2015

    ohhh and we dare not leave the biolabs as it happens are left over labs from the days of the Soviet Union and Russia.

    And of course the battle against Nazis, same relational practitioners, trans this or thats . . . which of course makes one wonder what is the difference between the Neo nazis in Russia and the Nazis in Ukraine or the same relational practitioners or the trans . . . .what about what exists in Ukraine warrants a war when it exists in Russia.

    The NATO surrounding Russia doesn’t work for anyone who can read a map.

    Corruption: two responses: 1. Corruption left over from the Soviet and Russian occupation days and 2. yet slightly less corrupt that Russia.

    as for changing the global monetary standard . . . IK get it, but we are a long way off from that happening as i suspect anyone’s reliance omn China jumping in on the war bandwagon wiping out their thiry year effort at building a global brand b y way of a silk road.

    Russia win or lose over reacted to the NATO issue, or perhaps, more likely NATO is an excuse to incorporate old territories. Excuse the expression, but advocates for the Russian invasion are wet on the matter of justification.


    While there are no applause for Sec Clinton and state department machinations into the Ukraine issue — the die is cast and it is what it is.

  316. @RoatanBill

    Under normal circumstances, a victim’s family should have the final decision as to what happens to some cretin that has caused their relative to die.

    Some Muslim and some other Asian countries practice this but it is still part of their government administered judicial system, implemented more or less formally depending on circumstances.

    I agree government sucks but some kind of it must exist, even on a local level, for society to function.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  317. @Harold Smith

    Bill is, like all ‘libertarians’, at root a fascist, hence his outrage that the fascist death-squad regime in Banderastan is being liquidated. Putin is a world significant figure and a hero.

    • Agree: Harold Smith
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  318. @Johan

    Yes, as I expected. The DUMBEST lies, which makes your intellectual posturing even more ludicrous. Which of the ‘members of the IPCC’ said that? In fact, of course, as any non-moron and honest person knows, the predictions of the IPCC Reports, dumbed down to reach consensus with criminal regimes like Saudi Arabia and Australia, have consistently UNDER-estimated the rate and breadth of collapse. For death-worshippers like you, doing your shitty worst to kill off your own species, that must be quire encouraging.

    • Replies: @Johan
  319. @Avery

    Twenty-eight years working for MI6, that is.

  320. JasonT says:

    “A murder, the purposeful destruction of innocent people’s property can’t be condoned.”

    How is this the Golden Rule? Do you define the Golden Rule? Who defines the Golden Rule? If the Golden Rule is self-evident, how did this come to be? How is it that this is one of the normal rules that the rest of us use observe? What is the basis of these things you say? Your gut feelings? The gut feelings of a majority of the people? Where do these gut feelings come from? Why should your gut feelings or any one else’s gut feelings take precedence over another person’s desire to take your property and your life if he/she desires. I’ll tell you why. Because “”A murder, the purposeful destruction of innocent people’s property” is against the law set out by God. Only after millennia of moral development has the Golden Rule become self-evident. What was once a merely a teaching has become a self-evident truism for the simple reason that God has written his laws into the hearts and minds of people (Hebrews 10:16). You won’t like what I am saying and will disdain it, but the idea that “A murder, the purposeful destruction of innocent people’s property can’t be condoned.” was not observed nor believed until very recently in the history of humanity.

    “Under normal circumstances, a victim’s family should have the final decision as to what happens to some cretin that has caused their relative to die.”

    On what basis does one decide that the relative of the family is a victim and did not deserve to die? Is this up to the family alone to decide? Is it up to you? Who has done the investigation into the circumstances? Whose testimony is to be believed? You spout truisms and ignore the reality on the ground.

    “It is the double standard that makes war possible.”

    No. It is greed, fear and ignorance that causes war.

  321. @mulga mumblebrain

    I get the impression that Roatan Bill’s sympathies are on the Russian side and not the UkroNazis although he tries to be principled in his pacifism.

  322. This Anglo-Jewish puppet blaming Putin is a liar like his father Satan. Putin is not responsible for World War III that is the Jews who rob Western taxpayers of their money and leave them to freeze to death in their homes. Putin is fighting against impossible odds in the Jewkraine. The Kike scum Zelensky and his Jewkrainian soldiers have an overwhelming financial advantage they are fighting using OUR stolen money and fighting like the filthy Jewish pigs they are slaughtering civilians while Russia fights an honorable war. I pray daily that all of the fake nation of Jewkraine ceases to exist and returns to its rightful place as a part of Russia soon. In the west we must do the same. We must take to the streets and remove the Anglo-Jewish puppets from power like the patriots in Czechia did. We must pray for the defeat of the Anglo-Jews and their Jewkrainian puppets. God already delivered us a victory this week with the demise of the lizard.

  323. Levtraro says:

    The rules should be the same for everyone.

    There you have the seed, residing inside your ideology, for the formation of the new State. Anarchism is not the egalitarianism of rules, it is the absence of all rules.

    In the absence of all rules, the organization of human populations will achieve a natural balance in terms of natality, mortality, wealth distribution, cooperation, total productivity, technological innovation, connectivity, number and extent of hierarchies and spatial arrangements of hierarchies, as well as many other social phenomena.

    No man has the right to do what every “leader” everywhere does.

    No man has any right and that’s it. Rights are ideas invented by dreamers.

    Good leaders are absolutely necessary, so Harold Smith is on the right track in this discussion. Leaders have existed over the whole history of the species while the State has existed in the last 2-3% of the species lifespan. You are so far ideologically that to you all State leaders are identical, from your far away point of view they are identical dots over the horizon.

    Without abandoning your point of view, pick a pair of binoculars and examine State leaders more closely to distinguish their outstanding differences. On the one hand you have drooling morons like the German greens, decrepit non-entities, corrupt bankers, imbecilic career women in America and the rest of the western world, and on the other side you have Jinping and Putin, the latter having presided over an exponential growth in the Russian economy over 2 decades, the former being the succesor of a line of Chinese leaders that have built a system that promoted hundreds of millions from poverty to middle class in four decades. Don’t you see any difference? They are all mafia bosses and that’s it? Do you stop applying your rational faculties in the examination of State leaders for the sake of the purity of your ideology?

    If you haven’t, try to read Max Stirner’s “Der Einzige und sein Eigentum”. There are good Ebglish translations online. Stirner takes anarchism to its ultimate logical consequences.

    • Thanks: Kali
  324. Levtraro says:
    @Commentator Mike

    There is a precise amount (far less than today’s) and configuration (far distinct from current’s) of govt that is optimal in terms of many desirable results, and this optimal solution differs across human races, spatial location, and degree of development.

    Natural forces will push humans to those optimal solutions over the next centuries and millenia. Currently govt is a child institution, having existed over less than 2-3% of human species lifespan, just a little over 5 millenia. As it developed, first it grew fast, far overshooting the optimal point, and then later it will shrink gradually towards the optimum.

  325. @RoatanBill

    It is easy to judge people when you aren’t confronted with the challenges with which they are. So what would you have done if you had been in Putin’s position?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  326. Few months back before so called Special operation began I read Mr. Roberts piece where Mr. Roberts stated that Russia is more powerful than USSR was. Could not stop laughing. It is pretty obvious that Russia is a pathetic shadow of what USSR was in every respect. Economy, technology for the the time, military, ideology and influence , demography.
    Yes, finally even Mr. Roberts is waking to the fact that something is not right.
    The reasons, why Russia is proceeding with war execution the way it is, are few.
    It is quite obvious that capitalistic Russia has been suffering demographic catastrophe of catastrophic proportions for some 30 years which reduced very considerably the pool of eligible men to serve hence Putin desperate measures. Not only this, but current population of Russia is degraded considerably. I seriously doubt lots of people are going to join. Hence Putin reform relying heavily on professional portion of military forces while reducing service time for the rest to just one year. Now , when the fight is on and it is not anti terrorist operation in Syria and larger numbers are needed Russia plainly doe snot have reserves to increase numbers of professionals and regular guys are too risky to use for the fear of high losses which is a no no for current regime who would get into troubles quickly were this to happen. So, lack of resources and deterioration of overall population is one of the reasons but deterioration of Russia ruling class civilian and military is also there. Whoever thought that Putin is sort of genius should remember that he only looks this way compared to absolute cretin who lead the West but compared even to Soviet cadres of Brezhnev era and Brezhnev himself before his decease Putin is just pathetic. The man makes mistake after mistake and never acknowledge any. Taking Russia into WTO, was that mistake or not considering what joining WTO did to Russia industries. His failure to re industrialize Russia which became obvious after special operation began. Russia is dependent upon imports in crucial areas. Hence 8 years of talking about import substitution was all that, empty talk. There is pro Putin bloggers like Sacker and Martyanov who always whatever Putin does wrong are trying to put a lipstick on that ugly face. The truth obviously is that Putin is not exactly very gifted man, rather mediocre and Russia is not what many think it is but gradually weakening power , because no power can be ascendant with falling and degrading population and such dependency upon imports in crucial areas and lack of real growth.

  327. Corvinus says:

    You are the very essence of ‘pilpul’. The goal isn’t the truth, the goal isn’t even to make a point, the goal is to lure your opponent into refuting your bullshit until he’s too worn out to continue, at which point you proclaim yourself winner of the debate.

  328. @Passing By

    I suggested previously that Putin should never have set foot inside Ukraine. He was invited into the Donbas so had a legitimate reason to operate from there.

    He has enough planes, missiles and artillery to destroy every Ukraine military facilities in a US style shock and awe display leaving the country with essentially no military worth mentioning in short order. He should have destroyed all the gov’t facilities in at least an attempt to kill off the Ukraine political class wholesale. Satellite and drone images could have provided the targeting locations. Those units surrounding the Donbas could have been targeted or not depending on civilian concentrations that might end up being collateral damage. Eventually, all Ukraine units not killed in the initial barrage would need resupply and there wouldn’t be any.

    Admittedly, this would probably still have killed civilians and some civilian facilities, but it would have done the least damage to non military areas and would have saved his own troops. Certainly not a perfect solution but this suggestion is working within the situation as it existed.

    It is the existence of military units that provides the opportunity to use them, obviously. Several smaller nations have done away with their militaries reducing the expense to maintain those layabout. It’s only the larger nations, the larger mafias that want to use their gang of professional killers for advantage. A truly civilized world wouldn’t have standing militaries that the mafia heads can use at their pleasure to decimate civilian populations.

  329. @RoatanBill

    You are an apologist for state sponsored death and destruction.

    Not at all. Your refusal to acknowledge the obvious fact that evil is a matter of degree, and your refusal to acknowledge the historical, political, moral, legal and military context in which the Russian special military operation in Ukraine takes place, reflects poorly on you, not on me. While pretending otherwise, you are at least a de facto apologist for the most evil collective that ever existed – the Satanic cult which runs the corrupt West and seeks to destroy Russia.

    By posing the ridiculous statement who is it that determines what a “crime” is you are insinuating that gov’t is the sole arbiter of criminality.

    LOL! You elegantly disparage stereotyping (comment 282) then you turn right around and stereotype Vladimir Putin; and you disparage “government” but cling to the philosophical fundament of “government.” Apparently you don’t want to lie in the bed you made so you look at me like I’m the one being hypocritical or making-up-the-rules-as-we-go-along here.

    Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in order to commit a “crime” a law has to be broken. So where do laws come from? Laws don’t come from anarchists living in a cave somewhere, they come from “government.”

    Would you not consider it a crime if someone shot you for no reason regardless of what the gov’t might think?

    If someone shooting at me “for no reason” (or at least for no morally justifiable reason) is a “crime” in your view, then why was such a thing not a crime when extremists on the lawless territory of post-constitutional Ukraine started shooting at people in the Donbas region?

    That said, you’re apparently conflating morality and criminality. If “government” is always completely illegitimate in every possible way regardless of circumstances, as you repeatedly imply (i.e. “a mafia with flags and marble faced buildings”) then there are no legitimate laws whatsoever and it logically follows that there is no such thing as a “crime.” Period. The end.

    So if that’s the case and someone shot at me I would personally consider it an immoral act which would invoke my right to defend myself. But in this example, as always, the devil is in the details which you ignore. Who would decide whether someone shot at me “for no reason”? And who would decide whether I’m telling the truth or my assailant is telling the truth about what happened in the first place?

    That’s what happens every day in war zones when some civilian is killed for no reason but being in the wrong place at the wrong time because professional murderers are roaming around under gov’t license.

    And that’s exactly what was happening in the Donbas region in the territory of Ukraine, which is one thing that Putin was trying to stop by way of military intervention, after many years of unsuccessful diplomatic efforts, all of which you studiously ignore.

    It’s the innocent people that are the victims I’m pleading for, not the human shit that serves in the military. They signed up to purposely go and help kill populations and destroy their infrastructure with many civilian casualties.

    There you go again contradicting what you said in comment 282, painting everyone and everything with the same brush. While that may be generally true of the contemporary U.S. military, no, not every person in every military in every country is such “human shit.”

    That said you apparently don’t give a damn about the rights or the lives of the thousands of victims of the illegitimate military of the illegitimate regime in Kiev. Nor do you appreciate the threat posed by the illegitimate biological labs that the Satanists are running in Ukraine and elsewhere for example. Your moral posture and indignation seem very selective for some reason.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Poupon Marx
  330. Hitch says:

    I read both the documents you linked to. They were interesting, but very one sided, and also somewhat hyperbolic.

    I won’t deny that much of the events that they describe happened, but there is no rebuttal from the Slovene side.

    Clearly you bear some kind of grudge against the Slovenes. I have never been there, and am not of Slavic ethnicity nor can I ready the Cryllic alphabet.

    The way the west stabbed the Chetniks in the back and turned them over to the Soviets/Tito who were on paper their allies was certainly a typical “allies” dastardly deed. The history of WWII is loaded with them, and if the truth about that war ever truly is allowed to be told, the ratio of war crimes committed by the Soviets, Tito, and the Allies outnumber those of the Wehrmacht and the SS by orders of magnitude.

    So although none of these young Yugloslav/Serbian soldiers or families deserved what happened to them, the Serbs as a race or people have a far bigger stain on their honor and credibility that the Slovenes do. Serbians are like Russians in that the history of their peoples both have closets full of skeletons that they are desperate to keep hidden from the probing eyes of history.

  331. @Harold Smith

    I see you’re a sophist too. I wouldn’t normally waste my time on someone that can use satan or its derivatives in a sentence since that implies someone with limited mental capacity to believe in such nonsense, but I’ll make an exception.

    By using the strict interpretation that laws are only what gov’t deems them to be, you sophistically avoid the moral issues. There are moral crimes independent of gov’t law, such as military personnel killing or injuring civilians and getting away with it because gov’t law allows it. Gov’t makes excuses for such actions as a convenient mechanism to avoid gov’t punishment for their gang members and themselves as accessories to these moral crimes. This is what leads to blowback by the families of the killed or injured parties that when there’s sufficient mass leads to terrorist attacks to seek retribution.

    The US is estimated to have caused the deaths of millions of people in just this century alone and there is no action by the US to bring the responsible parties to moral justice because it was the US gov’t and its gang of professional killers that were responsible. This is how gov’t “law” works for all gov’ts with a military and is why many people around the world hate the US in particular. You can get the details on world wide democide via Professor R. J. Rummel’s book, Death by Government. The University of Hawaii maintains his web site after his death at

    I did not stereotype Vladimir Putin. I stated undeniable fact. He ordered his gang to attack his rival gang in Ukraine and through that action has caused the deaths of countless civilians and ruined their homes, farms, cars and other possessions. These are actions that if done by an average person would be deemed reprehensible and punishable, but because a gov’t entity does it, it gets a pass. Since you agree with the current system that makes you an apologist for State action.

    Putting aside all the fancy words and academic doubletalk, the basic reason for having a military is to do two jobs –to kill people and to destroy.
    General Thomas S. Power

    There’s no difference between one’s killing and making decisions that will send others to kill. It’s exactly the same thing, or even worse.
    Golda Meir

    There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.
    Howard Zinn

    Where is the justice of political power if it…marches upon neighboring lands, killing thousands and pillaging the very hills?
    Kahlil Gibran

    Man has no right to kill his brother. It is no excuse that he does so in uniform: he only adds the infamy of servitude to the crime of murder.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  332. @Harold Smith

    I agree with your response, assessments. Your points supplant what I intended to post.
    Specifically, Bill makes fundamental errors that are reminiscent of my college undergraduate years-many years ago. Amazing that a sentient being could sloganeer through a discussion, and then write ONLY that which supports his position, as a lawyer arguing before a jury. No reflection, shades or hues, nuance (sorry to use this tired word), will leak through the hermitically perpetually sealed theme.

    These sweeping and absolute generalizations are so abstract, and singularly simplistic. It’s all white and black, digital to Bill. He exhibited the same absolutist division when we discussed the Vietnam War and the the Americans who fought there. He propounded that they were all “pieces of shit”, war criminals, and “responsive for their actions”. He meant that no background, personal history, milieu could be considered as amelioration. Then he informed us that HE refused to go and kill innocents, unlike the Rest, who presumably are carriers of a genetic defect, like vampire canine teeth and blood lust.

    Fuck you, Bill, and your self righteous posturing. I personally grew up in a military family and spend many years as a civilian merchant mariner on private ships chartered to the Department of Defense. I visited all the theaters and mingled with he military and got to assess the situation ON THE FUCKING GROUND, IN SITU, BILL. And, am I to be condemned to have brought materiel and supplies to those troops who were involved? That would imply that I am supporting in principle an immoral endeavor, rather than this point of view: those men and women, some evil, most misguided and cognitively and sub-consciously trapped and unaware had their asses on the line, and in the line of sight for worse people. Like is complicated, Bill, not a two button choice, and not gainsaying clarity by reduction to book titles, topic sentences as adequate for elucidation a theme, position, or investigation.

    You have some good opinions and thoughts, but you read like a young man who never did much in the real world, worked with groups of people of from a broad spectrum, and had to navigate, negotiate around and through that micro-cosmos called LIFE. Rather, you fit the profile of a trust fund baby that pontificated from a privileged position of how pathetic the world is, and then absconded with your inheritance to an island paradise.

    The Idealist versus the Pragmatist, a dichotomy as old as human existence.

  333. @Poupon Marx

    Sort of like onebornfree – a man of unshakable principles posting libertarian quotes. He’s been quiet lately; must have got tired of posting the same quotes with no impact on the rest of the commentariat.

  334. slorter says:

    I get the feeling we are treating this war like a game of soccer, and we are sitting in our lounge chairs eating our chips!
    The Ukrainians have been pushed back extensively since this war began one would think that was significant apparently not! The Russians have a smaller force they are trying to protect their troops and use them in an effective way and on top of that they are protecting citizens that the Ukrainians could not give a toss about!

    They are doing the job and their planning does not run on our commentary like the collective west!

    Had the Russians not given a toss about Ukrainians, Ukraine would be devastated! The Russian military must have known that the Ukrainian attack was coming. There was only light resistance against the Ukrainian attack. Major Russian units had already been moved out of the area. The region did not have any public priority in Russian planning. A larger fight would have cost many Russian soldier and civilian lives.

    Russia is winning both the kinetic war and the economic one and if the west is not more observant the economic one might get there first!

    • Replies: @boomerfeeds
  335. @Poupon Marx

    I’d like you to answer one simple question.

    If there were a war between the US and Russia that might put Russian boots on US soil, would you consider it OK if some Russian soldiers killed your civilian relatives during their operations?

    A Yes or No would answer the question. Extra points for explaining your position.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Harold Smith
  336. If you are a college sophomore, like I was with no knowledge of the World, where Reality was taught, or rather inculcated, as simple black and white digital blocks, then I could instantly reply. Your question reveals your catholic under appreciation for the Way Things Are, not like you or me want them to be. Machinery is Reality. From the Sand Pebbles comes this philosophical maxim:

    It’s a philosophic novel that asks the question, `Who’s life is this?’ I believe that in all our lives, there is a tension between what we would like to do, what we would like to be, and what the rest of the world tells us what we ought to do, indeed, what we will do. Our family pushes and pulls us in one direction, our employer in another direction, our community in another direction. Where does my own autonomy fit with the countless demands everybody else is making on me?

    This is the essence of `The Sand Pebbles,’ with the Navy acting a surrogate for society. The protagonist of this book, Jake Holeman is a misfit in life, forced into the Navy to avoid reform school, he drifts through the Navy without meaning or purpose until he learns to work on the ship’s engines. It is only while he works on the engines that he finds fulfillment. Jake is not an anti-hero, he is smart and likable but he chafes at the many impositions society and the Navy place in his way. Everything in life is something he has to endure, except working on the engines.
    Like an unappreciated artist who must paint or write, Jake Holeman must work on machinery. Machinery doesn’t care who a man is, where he was born, or how good his manners are. Unlike the rest of the world, machinery can’t be flattered, cajoled or ordered. It only cares how much you know. If you know how it works, it will perform wonders; if you don’t, if you try to con it, it could kill you. At first it appears Jake has found the perfect ship, a small gunboat patrolling some obscure river in an obscure part of China. Jake is the senior engineer, and as long as he keeps the ship running, life will be perfect. But no man can live is he chooses, there are always others who will tell you what you will do.

    Where you err continuously, is your blanket assumption that the World is a closed system, with directly manipulatable variables that have a stimulus-resonse relationship. And every input or action will produce a predictable and consistent sameness. While this is easy to understand on an intuitive level (gains with concrete experience), it is manifest in the teachings in the Buddha and the work of Carl Gustav Young. If you go fishing in the ocean, you will not consistently pull up the same fish every time. Your mind is too closed.

    I loved my engine rooms ( ]. The World-my family, associations, “friends”, The American Experiment, could trouble me anymore. People are unreliable, and their stupidity-like a disease-can be contagious. In the ER, the machinery and I were equal partners, worked together in harmony, and gave back to what I gave it. It’s like a monastery. Like has a rhythm and purpose. If you are competent and good, the machinery knows it. If not there is no Plan B.

    So, your question can’t be answered in its present, incomplete form; N.B. the word incomplete. If my relatives were dishonorable, provocative, or immoral, I certainly would not give them an automatic pass. If they were killed in an action in a combat mission as collateral damage in a justified response to some stupidity or damnable Amukin action, that would have to be considered. If they had decided-wrongly-that Russia must be retaliated against for some reason, then that would factor in. If my relatives were Ukrainian and were killed by Russian actions, I would not blame Russia UNLESS their actions were dishonorable, evil, and genocidal. On this topic, relatedly, I simply do not understand why most Ukrainians do not want to be part of the Russian Federation, where individual republics are autonomous and preserve their heritage, e.g., Belarus, Tatars, Kazakstan, etc. Better than being occupied by ZOG.

    I have studied this conflict intrinsically, and done historical and other investigations to provide context in different forms. From complex undertakings, with a lot of data, information, etc., comes a distillation and more concise set of truths and theses. Eastern Thought practices are enormously helpful in organizing and justifying opinions. Example: how would the Joobenighted Stain feel if Russian RELENTLESSLY weaponized Canada, Mexico, The Bermudas, The Bahamas, and all the Caribbean Islands with missiles?? Why should Russia feel any different? Why is this hard to understand? How does this automatically make Putin a bad guy? For this last question, one has to endure the effort to attempt to understand who he is, what motivates him, and what his influences have been. Only a small percentage of people have the versatility, cognitive ability, and knowledge base of multi-discipline grounding to integrate such diverse forms of sources.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  337. Voltara says:

    Dear PCR, winter is coming. Every week the pressure increases on Russia’s real foes. Taking it slowly is a winning strategy.

    • Agree: Poupon Marx
  338. This video shows the overhaul of the piston in a marine slow speed engine. There are many steps and it requires a team of people that know what to do, and how to work together in a concerted, and coordinated manner. It takes years to develop these skills. Take note that this is only a sub-assembly of one of several types of machines. All this has to be performed correctly and precisely in a time frame that is usually tight, as the ship MUST SAIL at a pre-determined time. And if one small mistake has been made, the entire project has to be restarted. With this amount of massive metal, a small nudge on some other component could easily do permanent damage. Your job and livelihood could take BIG hit, as in termination.

    This is an ideal place to work, where you have to know what you know, for sure, and know what to do. People who can’t cut it do not come into the Engine Room. Only competent and capable. It’s dangerous work. It’s hard to concentrate at times due to the physical challenges. What are the similarities among this type of work and being a musician or a surgeon? Making a mistake can easily be catastrophic. You never do something unless you are absolutely sure that it is proper.

    This conditions the mind and your life outside of this workplace. It made me more careful to set a higher standard of knowing and assurance before I opined or shared my thoughts. Pain and suffering and sustained effort are necessary to meet a high standard of assurance and confidence about phenomena. Most people won’t do it. They”ll bluff, ejaculate premature, or try to wack the piñata blindfolded, hoping for a hit.

  339. Mr. Roberts,

    The 90’s are calling and asked for their plot line back. I can’t believe I have to write this but here goes. When American neocons, Soros, Obama and the Bidens overthrew the democratically elected Ukrainian government. Then installing a series of khazars and their henchmen to run it, Russia was still recovering from the collapse of the Soviet Union. The West made a series of treaties, and agreements with Russia since 1992 that it’s been arrogantly and flagrantly violating. But Russia was too weak to do more than it did in 2014. Putin then spent the intervening time sanction proofing itself and building its military into a near peer in many cases and more advanced in others. As to intervention by NATO it’s been ongoing since the 1950s in the Ukraine. Please learn your history Mr. Roberts.

    Further Russia has brought Germany and the hostile European NATO countries to their knees and forcing them to humiliate themselves. It was just today that Europe abandoned the their American masters demands to ridiculously cap the price of Russian fossil fuels. In what universe did they think that would work? We now have the most expensive gas and energy prices we and Europe have ever seen. All while Russia is enjoying windfall prices globally. Not only that but what oil and gas Russia ALLOWS Europe to buy, must be for in rubles. How exactly is this not working for Russia? Are you safe Mr. Roberts? Are you on drugs?

    I’ll conclude with the rabidly stupid idea of NATO enforcing a no fly zone over the Ukraine, do you remember that? Do you know why aside from getting wrecked NATO didn’t do that? I mean they have literally done that every other single time. Well the obvious reason is because they simply cannot do it. Russian air defenses are SUPERIOR to American and nATO air defenses. The Russians developed hypersonic maneuvering missiles that our diversity focused military can’t. Not only that we CANNOT shoot them down. In addition when was the last time the US ANY of our pilots was in a dogfight with a Russian pilot? Since you’re poorly educated and ignorant of the facts you’re discussing I’ll tell you: Vietnam. A conflict where we lost a LOT of aircraft.

    I’m sorry I can’t resist Mr. Roberts…why is it that we and the isrealis can’t win in Syria? Well I will tell you it’s because the Russians are there and made that impossible. You really need to take a class or something before you write about things you clearly know nothing about.

    • Replies: @boomerfeeds
    , @John Q Duped
  340. When will mankind learn that wars, all wars, are bankers wars? The money changers of the west, those who privately control the quantity and quality (through business cycles aka inflation) of fiat currency are at the heart of Putin’s move west. Neither Putin, Xi, Modi’s BJP or his acting Finance minister Arun Jaitley will permit the US Federal reserve, IMF et al, from dominating the entire globe through a single reserve currency. Any attempt to use digital currency thus replacing the USD example; actual promulgation of Biden’s Executive Order that creates a Digital currency will be met with civil war followed by a full scale nuclear war. Perhaps it’s time to hand the money printing back to the US Treasury department and support each dollar with gold and or similar commodities.

    • Agree: Bubba
  341. anon[360] • Disclaimer says:

    What displeases me about Russia is that I believe Putin shouldn’t have spent the last twenty-five years inculcating Russia with a 100% false history of his country, and a 100% false explanation of reality. He should have, according to my personal values, told Russia the truth about Bolshevism, WWII, and the true nature of ethnic conflict. He should have told Russia about the true nature of the Ashkenazim and ethnic genetic differences. He should have told Russia about the importance of ethno-religious nationalism and eugenics/transhumanism as the means to attempt to become one with G-d. This way, Russians could have made an informed decision about agreeing to or not agreeing to go to war against Ukraine, which has been the property of the Ashkenazim ever since it become independent from the Soviet Union. Putin should have told Russians that if they did agree to go to war against the Ashkenazim, there is no guarantee they would win, and that the only final solution would be to simply destroy the biosphere with nuclear explosions and take all of their enemies with them. Thus, no one would survive on Earth, but at least the Russians would die knowing that their enemies also went with them. Then, in the After-Life, G-d would sort out the Good from the Bad. You see, if Putin told all of this to Russians, then they could have made an informed decision. They would have all the facts before they decided to go to war. If reality was too painful for the Russians, then they could have decided to not go to war, and instead just preemptively end their lives in painless ways. Or they could have just taken their chances by not going to war and just waited for the Ashkenazim to come get them, and hope for mercy. But, the point is that they should have been given all the information first by Putin. The literature of Kevin MacDonald, Richard Lynn, J. Philippe Rushton, Michael Woodley of Menie, Arthur Jensen, Helmuth Nyborg, Emil Kirkegaard, Marian Van Court, and Linda Gottfredson should have been manditory reading for the last twenty-five years in all Russian schools and colleges/universities. With all of this information, Russians would have been aware of what they would be getting themselves into if they agreed to go to war. Now, it’s too late. I believe Russia will not win. And I believe Russians will greatly regret invading Ukraine.



  342. @Nervous in Stalingrad

    Yes, the Russians are the bad guys because they illegally invaded a sovereign country, much like NATO is the bad guy in Iraq. Maybe Vlad and other Russians should have gotten it through their vodka addled thick skulls that by bullying their neighbors, those neighbors will ally with the US. The reality is that nobody takes their world power rants seriously because their military is a joke whose sole use is to scare idiots into buying weapons from America. They’d not be able to threaten Poland at this point, let alone Germany or France. Lol

  343. @Cold War Boomerwaffen

    Russian air defenses can’t keep Ukraines Air Force out of the air, let alone NATO planes. You need better sources on military capabilities than TASS and other outlets that push Kremlin propaganda. The US wants this war to drag on because it’s making America money via gun and gas sales. The war ending and sanctions being lifted doesn’t benefit DC, they can fight to the last Ukrainian if needed.

  344. @slorter

    If Russia didn’t care about civilians at all, we could just give nuclear weapons to Ukraine and tell them they don’t have to care about Russian civilians either. You’re a moron if you think Russia affords to kill civilians now. Lol

  345. @Poupon Marx

    Assuming your comment was meant for me, I can only say that your philosophical balderdash was an inadequate response to my simple question. Instead of a yes or no, you blew enough smoke in an attempt to cover up your inability to answer lest it show up your duplicity.

    I knew you wouldn’t answer that question because the yes or no choice showed you up as a hollow man either way. Your long winded attack on me personally was also a cover up to try to deflect from the obvious truth I have the bad manners of stating. The fact that you had to lace your diatribe with profanity only indicates a frustration for being unable to counter a truth you would prefer to be hidden.

    US military personnel have been killing people around the globe for decades and when the reverse situation might make the US residents the victims, it becomes a taboo topic. Not a single time has that military ever been defensive in its actions; it has always been the aggressor and offensive.

    One more time – if some foreign soldier or foreign weapon killed your civilian relatives, would you consider that OK or would you be outraged? Why is it that you think so highly of the US military personnel that have caused the deaths of millions around the globe for absolutely no legitimate reason?

    Stop evading, stop obfuscating, answer the question directly.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  346. Jon Adams says:

    And I cannot post this article to Facebook!

    How convenient!

  347. Russia is going to lose this war(and then their national sovereignty) if they don’t step it up. They should have gone all out from the very beginning. They had threatened to strike the places in Europe where the weapons for Ukraine were coming from. They should have done that. They have also permitted far too much infrastructure to remain in use thus helping Kiev resupply as well as ferry these troops to the region they are now fighting. At this point, I don’t see this ending well for Russia unless they drop the ‘limited operation’ pretext and fully mobilize against Ukraine. As high as Putin’s ratings with his people are now, they will go completely the other way if he doesn’t get this done and eliminate this problem on Russia’s border, including ALL of Ukraine from East to West. It cannot end up being Russia asking for negotiations from a position of weakness or defeat because they would be their doom. Russia has to smash Ukraine and NATO as well if need be.

    • Replies: @anon
  348. Kali says:

    What really made me laugh about the above linked article, and caused me to give up on Paul Craig Roberts once and for all, is his complaint at the end of the article: that all of this miss-judgement by Putin will result in the “end of the west”. – I hope it doesn’t need pointing out that “The [ZOG occupied] West” is Putin and Russia’s enemy. – Just as it is obviously the enemy of us all.

    Even as the East reveals itself to anyone paying attention as by far the better option for an evolving species, the author of this column not only laments the end of “the west”, he also derides the the foresight of one (amongst several) who may be paving a new way forward for Mankind.


  349. @RoatanBill

    Stop being a simpleton, Bill. What is wrong with you? Living among indigenous people for too long? Your radio talk button is on “transmit” continuously. You have never acknowledged any point or argument put forth by others. I consider this a psychological aberration, caused by narcissism, inadequate personality, inferiority complex, and perhaps PTSD. The later I know personally, because I was affected for years.

    It seems your intrinsic fear to face your absurd, immutable contradictions indicates you conflate and do not distinguish between an argument or disagreement with a personal attack on your persona. You sound VERY young and frankly out of your depth with any issue that requires anything amendable. Get some help.

    • Agree: Harold Smith
    • LOL: RoatanBill
  350. @Cold War Boomerwaffen

    Well said ! Mr Roberts’ boss Ronald Reagan invaded the mighty Grenada back in the day.

  351. @RoatanBill

    I see you’re a sophist too.

    Or at least, that how it must seem to someone with an embarrassingly simple-minded worldview such as yours.

    I wouldn’t normally waste my time on someone that can use satan or its derivatives in a sentence since that implies someone with limited mental capacity to believe in such nonsense, but I’ll make an exception.

    Well thanks for the compliment. And I normally wouldn’t waste my time on someone who denies the existence of evil, since such denial implies someone who is exceptionally deluded, ignorant and morally bankrupt, but I’ll make an exception because some of your comments here are just too outrageous to go unchallenged.

    By using the strict interpretation that laws are only what gov’t deems them to be, you sophistically avoid the moral issues.

    Anyone who can read can see that I wasn’t “avoiding” anything. I pointed out that you were “conflating morality and criminality.”

    There are moral crimes independent of gov’t law, such as military personnel killing or injuring civilians and getting away with it because gov’t law allows it.

    First, as I’ve already endeavored to point out to you, evil is a matter of degree. Not all governments are as evil as the Satanic U.S. “government.” Second, just to keep the facts straigt, AFAIK there is no U.S. “government” “law” which “allows” war crimes; on the contrary there is U.S. law which makes the commission of “war crimes” a felony: 18 U.S. Code § 2441. The problem is that the lawless U.S. “government” routinely flouts the law and the U.S. constitution. Apparently the U.S. “government” needs sociopaths in the ranks to participate in its illegal, immoral wars of aggression so it is more inclined to punish whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning than the people who commit atrocities in pursuit of the evil agenda.

    The US is estimated to have caused the deaths of millions of people in just this century alone and there is no action by the US to bring the responsible parties to moral justice because it was the US gov’t and its gang of professional killers that were responsible.

    I don’t dispute this at all, but I’m glad you mentioned it because may refer to it later.

    I did not stereotype Vladimir Putin.

    Of course you did; your many other disparaging statements about Vladimir Putin prove that you’re being dishonest (as anyone who cares to look your other comments can easily see). Here are a few of those statements:

    “He’s a political animal, former KGB filth, a creature of gov’t. As an anarchist, I loathe all such people. He has initiated a murderous rampage that could have been handled much differently, but that’s water under the bridge.”

    “He’s a POS sociopath mafia head, just like all the world ‘leaders,’ which means he’s in it for the money and power.”

    “Putin is like every other criminal head of state.

    It’s thinking that Putin is anything but a murderous thug that leads people to consider he might be different; he isn’t. It’s jusy in the Ukraine case, we are comparing thug against thug and Putin comes out less bad.”

    Putin is a mass murderer. That’s enough in my book to classify him worthy of the gallows.

    Anyone that becomes a head of state is the leader of a criminal mafia.

    Putin decided to make war in Ukraine. You can call it being forced, but that’s because he is a gang leader and wants better control of his turf.

    These statements of yours prove beyond a doubt that your opinion of Putin isn’t based on any kind of reasoning but solely on the mindless stereotyping that your black-and-white worldview apparently requires of you.

    I stated undeniable fact.

    To the extent you state any facts, you state selective facts while ignoring many other facts. You ignore facts which establish critically important context, whereupon you come to a facially absurd conclusion which reinforces your stereotyping.

    He ordered his gang to attack his rival gang in Ukraine and through that action has caused the deaths of countless civilians and ruined their homes, farms, cars and other possessions.

    You blame Putin exclusively for causing death and destruction in Ukraine while completely ignoring the death and destruction caused by the illegitimate regime in Ukraine that killed thousands of people in Eastern Ukraine in indiscriminate attacks; and while ignoring the fact that Putin tried for many years to find diplomatic solutions; and while ignoring the threat posed to Russia proper by, for example, the illegitimate biological laboratories run by “the US gov’t and its gang of professional killers” (as you noted earlier). You would expect any president of any country to sit there and do nothing as threats by the evil U.S. “government” accumulate right on its border? Seriously?

    Strangely, in comment #338 you appear to agree with what Putin did as you said:

    “He was invited into the Donbas so had a legitimate reason to operate from there.”

    So according to you he had a legitimate reason to invade the Donbas region of the territory of Ukraine but having done so and subsequently having to respond to a military challenge he somehow became a mass murderer?

    Moreover, in comment #338 you went on to say:

    “He has enough planes, missiles and artillery to destroy every Ukraine military facilities in a US style shock and awe display leaving the country with essentially no military worth mentioning in short order. He should have destroyed all the gov’t facilities in at least an attempt to kill off the Ukraine political class wholesale.”

    So how could he have done something like this without also killing large numbers of civilians? He obviously couldn’t have, so in essence you’re blaming him (exclusively) for all civilians inadvertently killed as a result of the special military operation, but at the same time you’re criticizing him for not taking action that would’ve killed even more civilians?

    How can you openly contradict yourself like this and still expect to be taken seriously?

    These are actions that if done by an average person would be deemed reprehensible and punishable, but because a gov’t entity does it, it gets a pass.

    What you apparently fail to understand (or pretend to fail to understand) is that the Russian “gov’t entity” is ultimately is responsible for the safety, security and general well-being of all the Russian people, whereas the “average person” is not. If the “average person” e.g. in the U.S. is threatened by the illegal, immoral actions of a neighbor he can call the police, right? Who is the Russian gov’t entity supposed to call, the UN?

    If the Russian people are facing a threat growing right on the border of Russia, a threat being calculatingly created by the U.S. government (which according to you “is estimated to have caused the deaths of millions of people in just this century alone”) how would you expect the Russian “gov’t entity” to handle it? Sit there and do nothing until the Satanic U.S. “government” puts intermediate range nuclear missiles there? Sit there and do nothing but negotiate (while the other side admittedly negotiates in bad faith) until everyone in the Donbas region has been killed or displaced? Sit there and do nothing until the biological warfare agents being developed in the illegitimate labs are unleashed on the people of Russia?

    How can you say things like this and still be expected to be taken seriously?

    Since you agree with the current system that makes you an apologist for State action.


    • Thanks: InnerCynic
  352. anon[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Things always play out the way justice will like whose arc is long. Crime meets crime.Inetia meets inertia.
    Silence mmets silence. 2 wrongs make them rights .

    Actors and victims swap places in same or next or next to next genrations.
    ISIS took revenge on innocents who could have voted no against the war, even pardoxically though ISIS might have wanted the war .

    Thugs and pseduo -leftists shallow slcial justice activist from Black lives matter esque crowd just got rid of the doctor

    White doctors at MI are upset . But those idiots doctors think Putin is bad, defense spending is necessarry , police abuse is exaggerated , and decaying infrastrures stem from spending on welfare ,bank bail out is good but student loan forgivenss is bad and believe money should not be spent in black community to provide better education and to prvevent drug infestations

    So the thugs pounce on them using the white’s old lost vocabulary .

  353. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ulf Thorsen

    Had Soviet threatened Pakistan with nuke and moved solders to border of Pakistan, it could have saved itself ,Pakistan,and Afghanistan.

  354. @RoatanBill

    What a ridiculous question to ask him; it truly reflects your muddled state of mind.

  355. PCR still hasn’t learned anything. He’s stuck on “the coup in Ukraine” which never took place. he’s gravely ignorant about what happened at the Maidan. Yanukovych was a Putin puppet and was about to sign Ukraine away to Moscow again, and the people of Ukraine begged to differ. Idiots like PCR can’t accept that Ukrainians think for themselves and so the children had to have the CIA do it for them. The CIA had nothing to do with it and they were as surprised at the Maidan as Putin was.

    The reasons why comments are rarely opened on PCR’s swill is because he will be torn to pieces for his ignorance and pro-Putin stance.

    Putin started WW3 in Ukraine. No red lines were crossed anymore than they were crossed in Germany or Japan. Putin had no reason to invade, and now he either swallows Ukraine, or he dies. Given what is going on now, it is highly unlikely he swallows Ukraine.

    It was more than a strategic blunder to invade Ukraine. It was an act of utter stupidity on the part of a man who believed his own advertising.

    • LOL: GMC
    • Replies: @j2
  356. Corkscrew says: • Website

    Roberts must be hallucinating or simply getting old and senile. The excrement is hitting his brain already.
    One must not forget where this parrot came from: the Ronald Reagan Cabinet.
    This is another pinnochio attempt at PSYOPS.

  357. haha says:
    @James of Africa

    “It certainly looks like a great deal of humanity sees nothing to lose in war and are itching for a fight”.

    I think you have nailed one of the principal causes, James. Ever since the Soviet collapse, the US + Nato got the wrong and arrogant idea that the world is theirs to command, enforcing their writ by bombing if necessary. The Russians were down, China was still a nascent emerging power, so there was no balance of power in the world. The powerful countries got into the mindset that wars are a low-risk, low-cost way of achieving political and economic goals. And Hollywood and TV didn’t help matters either, showcasing bombing and destruction of weak countries as good fun and entertainment. While poor and defenseless people were being slaughtered, the TV presented human death and misery as a pop-corn time show for the evenings.

    It is not the great deal of humanity that sees nothing to lose in war but a small part that is made up of the powerful and rich countries. The weaker countries simply keep quiet lest they be bombed next. Balance of power forced both the Soviets and the US to behave with some restraint. A new balance of power is likely to now emerge and we should all hope and pray that peace, kindness, and tolerance of each other come about without a major war happening.

    • Replies: @TitusAlone
    , @boomerfeeds
  358. @annamaria

    How come that the allegedly brave Ukrainians have willingly offered themselves to Zionists to become cannon fodder for Zionists’ war against Russia is a mystery.

    Well said, AnnaMaria.

    The Ukrainians are being ground up by outside forces. I believe that if Russia falters, then their position will ultimately be worse, as European powers like Poland move in to take the spoils. This has been the history of the Ukraine in the past, and is a good predictor of the future.

    The other power to watch is Turkey, IMO. They are powerful and well organised. They are intriguing to take back Crimea, and if they do, then Europe has a real security problem, with a new Ottoman Empire knocking on the door. I am surprised that the EU can’t see this. By playing along with Turkey’s ambitions in Syria, etc., they are creating a monstrous future problem for themselves.

  359. @haha

    Balance of power forced both the Soviets and the US to behave with some restraint.

    I agree. One looks back to the years of the Cold War with nostalgia. There was a social compact, in all the Western nations, that had to be maintained. The increase in the common good was remarkable. It all slowed down with neo-liberalism in the late 1970s – as the Soviet Union faded. There was no need to placate their own populations, there was no need to be nice anymore.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  360. haha says:

    No, no, please no, Celestia. Look, we are living in an age of idiocy; let us not replace it with an age of death and destruction. Let us hope for a return to age of reason, logic, and clear thinking. Apart from being cruel and horrible, war is simply silly; it solves no problems. President Putin is being very restrained, reasonable, and far-sighted. He hopes to move the world back to some semblance of sanity and reason. Let us hope he succeeds without being cruel and without resort to ” Supersonic Satan II up their azz”. Alas, he may have no choice – given the stupidity and hubris on the other side. But let us hope for a return to sanity and restraint on all sides.

    • Agree: InnerCynic
  361. Johan says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Your such a drama queen.

    Even if a highest record would be made, it says nothing. And recordings of historical events are limited anyway, in terms of how far back in time they go. Useful idiots use anything, from a little bit of bad weather, high temperatures, to greater events, to go collectively nuts.
    Follow the MONEY.

    Wealth redistribution to the few, while the rest gets the crumbs.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  362. Avianthro says:

    A good call within the reality of amoral, Machiavellian power struggle relations, i.e. the reality in which foreign policy decisions are made. I’d say though that the fat lady hasn’t yet sung…the Russians can and very likely will turn up the heat over the next few months. Zelensky has already proclaimed his intent to suicide himself and what’s left of his nation…by proclaiming his determination to retake Crimea and the Donbas. This leaves the Russians no alternative but to turn up the heat and wipe Ukraine off the map as an “independent” (Western puppet actually) nation. So, in the end, PCR will see the Russians do just the sort of thing he advises…to play the Machiavellian game the way it must be played. Putin is no fool in this game, but he has perhaps had too much of a conscience to play it optimally…Good for him!

    Nuclear war risks are going to be heightened, but MAD still applies and both sides know it. I wonder if PCR also calls for nuclear disarmament, in addition to being worried about the current situation (?).

  363. @Avianthro

    The West makes no secret of the fact that their ultimate ambition is to ‘decolonise’ Russia itself ie break it into a dozen or so pieces, de-nuclearised, de-Putinised and, probably, de-militarised. So Russia MUST crush Banderastan then issue a diktat to the Balt fascists to leave NATO or be blockaded, or invaded, and their countries ravaged. National survival is at stake.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  364. @Johan

    With all your posturing as an intellectual, your florid persiflage, you rely on the dumbest denialist disinfo. Do those Rightwing sewers of enemies of Life on Earth deny that Baluchistan received 800% of its usual monsoon rainfall? Imagine the stinking gall of Rightists pretending to be concerned with the poor, or be opposed to money flowing to the rich.
    And, of course, as with all Rightists, you lack human empathy or compassion. So long as it is the untermenschen in the Horn of Africa starving in a deep drought, or sub-humans in Pakistan drowning, or, in fact, your Eternal Enemy, ‘other people’ suffering, you don’t give a feck. In fact I’d bet that you get a frisson of delight at the suffering of others.

    • LOL: Corrupt
    • Replies: @Johan
  365. @TitusAlone

    During the Cold War there was ‘peace’ between the Soviet and the Real Evil Empire of the USA-led West. But in the rest of the world there was a reign of terror ordained, financed and controlled by the USA, and its Five Eyes stooges. After 1989 the rest of the West, principally the EU, joined in the aggression and carnage.

  366. annamaria says:

    I do not get your point.

    Let’s recapitulate.

    NATO is planning to have a new boss, Mrs. Freeland.

    Mrs. Freeland is an openly committed Banderite and supporter of Ukrainian self-proclaimed neoNazis. Canada has a community of followers of Stepan Bandera, which celebrates various Nazi collaborators during annual parades (targeting the impressionable youth) and by erecting moments for the Nazis. Mrs. Freeland is a very active member of this community.

    She is a former journalist of a presstituting persuasion.

    Mrs. Freeland wrote articles and books where she claimed that her grandpa Khomyak was a “victim of Soviets.” The facts — supported by documents — say that Khomyak was a prominent Nazi collaborator and appropriator of other people’s property. When confronted with the facts, Mrs. Freeland immediately went into aggressive mode decrying the facts as Russian propaganda.

    My questions to you:
    1. Why is it wrong to name a pernicious liar a liar?
    2. Do you believe that NATO needs this kind of (neoNazi) leader?
    3. Do you believe that Mrs. Freeland’s special position at WEF, and the obvious tolerance of Zionists to her neoNazi ideology and Nazi ancestry, should not be mentioned, ever?
    4. Why muddy the waters with a verbose excursion on “stereotyping?” There is nothing stereotypical about this vile woman.

    Her fascist policies against FreedomConvoy in Canada:

    Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says financial service providers have already frozen accounts of certain individuals associated with the trucker convoy blockades and protests.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  367. annamaria says:

    The lady doth protest too much.

    Since when are Saker and Moon of Alabama — two excellent sources of information on alternative media – serve any government? Your post, on the other hand, stinks of provocateur.

  368. annamaria says:

    “Putin decided to make war in Ukraine.”

    — Any memories about the 2014 putsch in Kiev run by certain Nuland-Kagan? No recollection?

    How about the CIA boss Brennan coming (secretly) to Kiev to help initiate a civil war on the border with Russia? Never heard of this fact?

    Is your admiration for Ziocons so strong that you never noticed that Nuland-Kagan was successful in her coup in Kiev by collaborating with self-proclaimed Ukrainian Nazis? Her triumph led to the Nazification of Ukraine. The Jewish Lobby approved. There were several apologetic articles, published by Zionist sources, explaining why Banderites are not so bad.

    Ever heard about Minsk I and Minsk II? – Amazing. Implementing Minsk I and Minsk II would immediately stop the bloodshed in Eastern Ukraine. The bloodshed had been done by self-proclaimed Nazis of the Azov battalion (if you are able to see, there are plenty of pics of Azov battalion warriors covered with Nazi tattoos), Aidar battalion, and Dnipro I and Dnipro II battalions. All these battalions were originally organized and financed by the then president of the Jewish Community of Ukraine Mr. Kolomojsky. – Does this name ring anything for you? This big-time looter of Ukraine (he was also active in the US) has bought, financed, and installed certain Mr. Ze (the homoerotic dancer in high heels) on the position of the Prez of Ukraine. The main selling point of the election was peace with Russia. Mr. Ze immediately betrayed the electorate and rejected the Minsk I and Minsk II agreements.

    Meanwhile, Bidet and his cokehead son Hunter were looting Ukraine unimpeded. There were others in the deal. But this is, of course, Russian propaganda – don’t you think so?

    NATO and DARPA have established several dozens of illegal bio-weaponry labs on the territory of Ukraine. – No recollection as well? Perhaps you need to see a doctor.

    And then Mr. Ze, the homoerotic dancer in heels (adored and encouraged by his handlers, the Ziocons), started making loud proclamations about acquiring nuclear weapons by Ukraine.

    Of course. Mr. Ze is loved by Usurers and War profiteers. The US Congress (including all 37 Jewish members) is firmly on the side of Banderites and their generalissimos Mr. Ze (he is also known as a skillful piano player). Is it not sweet to spit on the memory of the fallen in WWII? Perhaps it is time to remodel the Arlington memorial and include the swastika in new decorations. The CIA/MI6 have been training the neoNazis since the Nuland-Kagan’s coup in 2014.

    “Ukrainian President Zelensky rings NYSE opening bell:”

    Under the Ziocon guidance, Ukraine has been enjoying regular Nazi parades; the city of Lvov even erected a monument to Bandera. Is this good for the profitable schema of holobiz? Judging from the adoration of Banderites by the Kagans clan, Price, Jake Sullivan, Wendy Sherman, Blinken, and similar holobiz survivors, the support of the neoNazis in Ukraine is “good for Jews.”

    A whole generation of Ukrainian youth has been sacrificed for Usurers’ usual plan: to Loot and to Loot. Onward, Christian Soldiers!

    Mazel Tov, @RoatanBill!

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @RoatanBill
  369. j2 says:

    “Putin had no reason to invade, and now he either swallows Ukraine, or he dies. Given what is going on now, it is highly unlikely he swallows Ukraine. It was more than a strategic blunder to invade Ukraine. It was an act of utter stupidity on the part of a man who believed his own advertising. “,

    It was a gamble. Hitler gambled with Czechoslovakia and succeeded. Putin gambled with Ukraine and most probably will lose. Putin had a chance to win before Ukraine managed to mobilize first and second echelon reserves, but as it happened, the initial strategic strike failed as Putin believed that Ukrainians will not resits. After Ukraine mobilized and started getting more Western weapons, the war has been going poorly for Russia, despite their small advances in Donbass.

  370. @Avianthro

    If MAD still applies, there’s no guarantee Russia will wipe anything off the map with her impotent drunks being trashed right now considering NATO didn’t even send the best weapons. Russia’s military is a stupid meme only morons can think much of after this conflict. The only threatening thing about Russia is the strategic nuclear forces and submarines. Everything else is trash as shown in this conflict.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @gatobart
  371. @haha

    By the looks of it the only arrogant country here is Russia considering it thinks it has a say in world politics when it can’t even bully Ukraine.

  372. @annamaria

    I’m not buying into your conflation attempts. My gripe is with your obsession of hauling in the reputations of long dead relatives of that POS Freeland. I’ve stated before that she’s doing just fine on her own declaring herself an enemy of the people. Don’t muddy the water by bringing in the “sins of the father”.

    Please go ahead and list every evil thing she has done for the benefit of everyone. It’s when you bring in what her long dead grandfather did you are gossiping. It has nothing to do with what is going on today and is therefore a distraction. As I mentioned previously, there are some in the society that would cut her some slack precisely because she was brought up by other unsavory people and as such the charge they would make is that she isn’t completely responsible for her actions. Court cases are full of such nonsense but it resonates with the mentally challenged.

    Just leave her dead relatives out of it. Concentrate your efforts on what is real today and don’t dilute the picture with vignettes of days gone long by. If you want to continue gossiping, then please go right ahead. Just don’t ask me to approve of the idea.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  373. @mulga mumblebrain

    But, but, but … Russia is a huge used, exporter, and promoter of fossil fuels.

  374. @annamaria

    I don’t usually stoop to this, but you are an asshole. You have built a mountain of a straw man making all sorts of false allegations and have apparently convinced yourself of fantasies. I’m not responsible for your mental processes. I’m not in the news and making world changing decision. To concentrate on a comment aimed strictly at me personally has no relevance to world affairs, but then I already know you like to gossip.

    I’m an anarchist. I see no positive benefit to gov’t, anyone’s gov’t. They are all mafia organizations headed up by the most successful criminals in existence. I have no praise for any of them and wish for them all to fail.

    The presidents and personnel of the US political class and military are all war criminals in any honest evaluation having killed or caused the deaths of millions of innocent people in just this century alone using wars of choice to further their political aims. Although not as prolific, Putin is the same in kind, just not degree; he hasn’t killed as many people but it only takes one killing to be classified as a killer and killers should be punished, not praised.

    Putin and his gang decided to attack his rival gang in Ukraine because the Ukraine mafia was making noises about aligning with the NATO mafia which everyone knows is a chapter of the US Fed Gov mafia. I would have absolutely no problem with this if he would only kill off his rival gang members, but that’s not what the warlords of countries do. They rampage across their rivals territory and involve the civilians and their property in their adventures of choice.

    Putin could have taken out the entire Ukraine military and political class using no boots on the ground because he had 8 years to prepare enough missiles to, largely in one go, complete the job. Missiles, planes and artillery could have neutralized the majority of the Ukraine gang’s ability to function. He could have taken out that POS Zelinski and the leadership of the Ukraine mafia, but honor among thieves and professional courtesy make that a frowned upon move by all the world’s mafia heads.

    Putin instead, chose to put boots on the ground and trample across Ukraine territory devastating the civilians. Should I praise him for the needless deaths his actions caused? I don’t think so.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @gatobart
  375. annamaria says:

    Gossiping? Where? Each statement in my post has factual support.

    For an alleged anarchist, you are surprisingly tolerant of the Fascism on the March in Canada.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Troll: RoatanBill
  376. annamaria says:

    Straw man, you say… false allegations… fantasies. Interesting.

    Can you pinpoint any false allegations? They mostly address the role of Ziocons in the Nazification of Ukraine.

    Is this a case of the suffering of ethnic pride?

    Judging your verbosity, the vulgarity of personal insults, and your total avoidance of the role of the Usurers, supranational corporations, and Ziocons/Zionists in the ongoing Ukrainian tragedy, let me infer that your activity on this forum is of a troll’s persuasion.

  377. annamaria says:

    Hey, “@boomerfeeds,” are you “@Quartermaster” in drags?

    You are still smarting from the Russian response to the Zio-Nazification of Ukraine…

    Ukraine has not been a sovereign state since 2014 when Nuland-Kagan had accomplished a putsch in Kiev in collaboration with gesheft-smelling White Fuehrers (self-proclaimed Ukrainian neoNazis).

    It does not seem that you follow the field orders of the homoerotic dancer in heels in person. The Jewish generalissimus (and piano player with private parts) prefers young Ukrainians as cannon fodder. Onwards, Christian Soldiers! This battle cry is not for you, isn’t it so?

    “Zelenskyy wants Ukraine to be ‘a big Israel.’ Here’s a road map,” by Daniel B. Shapiro, a former US ambassador to Israel. Shapiro certainly knows why Zionists/Ziocons want Ukraine by any means.

    Speaking to reporters this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described the future he sees for his country in unusual terms: as “a big Israel.”

    Gone, he said, are hopes for “an absolutely liberal” state—replaced by the likely reality of armed defense forces patrolling movie theaters and supermarkets. “I’m confident that our security will be the number-one issue over the next ten years,” Zelenskyy added.

    Sure. The Usurers want desperately to loot Russia, but first, they need to cook Ukraine. Hence the unlimited credit for the Zio-Nazified Ukrainian army and the homoerotic dancer and his retinue.

    Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky remotely rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this week… Though Zelensky the Puppet is not the first D lister to be so honored, the real question is what is the broader significance of bestowing this further honor on that clown.

    Ringing the bell to reopen the New York Stock Exchange after the 9/11 terrorist attacks sent a defiant message that the U.S. would not be cowed and that Americans would build back better, albeit on the backs of over a million dead Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan children.

    The specter of Jewish mass murderess Madeleine Albright follows the “annoying flea” Mr. Ze.

    The Jewish-Ukrainian generalissimus in action:

  378. @annamaria

    First comes : Is your admiration for Ziocons so strong

    Next follows a long list of things I’m accused of not knowing about by your questioning my knowledge of them. To are building a straw man. You have no idea what I know or don’t know so you start making left handed accusations, a mild form of character assassination.

    You end with : Mazel Tov, @RoatanBill! As though I’m a jew and sympathetic to jewish interest and by association, the Ukraine regime.

    Let me repeat – I am not the subject of international intrigue and I’m not precipitating any of the events regularly discussed on this site. This should clue you in to the fact that I personally shouldn’t be the focus of attention. If you don’t like what I have to say, counter it point by point with logic and reason. Stick to the issues. Coming after me personally as you have done is a distraction and I’ve already told you that it is your propensity to gossip regarding Freeland’s relatives that is also not relevant when discussing her.

    You have made lots of assumptions, all of them wrong. I’m fully aware of what’s going on in Ukraine. In this instance, Putin is less in the wrong than Zelinski and the “west” in general. That does not make him right, just less wrong. You can’t seem to understand, or simply don’t want to understand, that I’m not forgiving Putin for all harm he has caused and will continue to cause because he decided to invade Ukraine instead of leveling their military and political class as I outlined, leaving the civilian population largely intact.

    If you want to discuss the issues regarding Ukraine or anything else, stick to the topic. I am not the topic.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  379. @nokangaroos

    Agree that 2014 was best time to take all of Novorossiya, and 2015 next best. Probably Russians did not feel ready, or underestimated the hatred and tenacity of Nudelman & crew. Now it is much more difficult, but still doable. But maybe with a determination to commit more resources.

  380. Avery says:

    { the Keeheef junta definitely act out like in enemy country.}

    The titular clown-head of the junta is the enemy of the country.
    He is a vile, bloodthirsty enemy of Christian Slavic peoples (Ukrainians, Russians,…)
    His family has been sent to Israel, to live in a multimillion dollar villa.
    If that doesn’t scream a foreign Gauleiter, nothing does.
    (another reptilian from the same vipers nest, Kolomoyskyi, is reportedly their neighbor)

    He and his reptilian backers are giddy with glee as more Christian Slavic blood flows.
    The junta sends unwilling Uki conscripts on harebrained so-called counterattacks where they are needlessly slaughtered.

    The reports from the latest misadventure – Kharkov – are that there are ~4,000 Uki KIA and ~8,000 WIA. Scott Ritter said the other day Uki KIA is ~6,000. Russian losses have been very light, since they withdrew in good order and the Russian artillery went to work on Uki troops in open fields.

    Sad, sad, sad: so many conscripted Ukrainian fathers, sons, brothers killed by foreign reptilian occupants of their country.

  381. Meena says:

    Russians are losing money and lives from the prolongation of the war. Blitzkrieg ,shock and Awa could have achieved quick victory but would have left uncertainty of the ensuing developments .
    Local would have turned against Russia . Russia would either have been forced to occupy and rule entire Ukraine or leave it to local leaders who would have continued provoking Russia and allowing NATO inside .

    The best choice Russia has is to prolong and deplete NATO . The only choice Russia has is to exact economic revenge on Germany Poland UK Low Countries and make the coming winter a memorable one .

    • Replies: @Marcion
  382. annamaria says:

    You were given a chance to discuss Ukraine in the context of the Ziocon-led Nazification of Ukraine, a very pertinent process related immediately to the current bloodbath in Ukraine. You were not interested in the facts but in your feelings. And you still focus on your feelings.

    • Troll: RoatanBill
  383. annamaria says:

    “USA government bombing list: the democracy world tour:
    nuked Japan
    Korean and China 1950- 1953
    Guatemala 1957
    Indonesia 1958
    Cuba 19591961
    Guatemala 1960
    Congo 1964
    Laos 1964- 1973
    Vietnam 1961- 1973
    Cambodia 1969-1970
    Guatemala 1967- -1969
    Grenada 1983
    Lebanon 1983-1984
    (Both Lebanese and Syrian targets)
    Libya 1986
    El Salvador 1980
    Nicaragua 1980
    Iran 1987
    Panama 1989
    Iraq 1981( Persian gulf war)
    Kuwait 1991
    Somalia 1993
    Bosnia 1994-1995
    Sudan 1998
    Afghanistan 1998
    Yugoslavia 1999
    Yemen 2002
    Iraq 1991-2003
    ( US/ UK on a regular basis)
    Iraq 2003-2015
    Afghanistan 2001-2015
    Pakistan 2007-2015
    Somalia 2007-8 and 2011
    Yemen 2009 and 2011
    Libya 2011 and 2015
    Syria 2014- 2015”

    “All wars are Bankers’ wars.” The honorable Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in US history. He was a brave and principled man, unlike the current crop of US army brass who willingly service the Usurers and multinational pro-fascist corporations.
    The only exception seems to be the patriotic Ret. Colonel Douglas Macgregor.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  384. blaqua says:

    Russia pays the fatal price of overestimating its military power and the Russophilia among Ukrainians, underestimating Ukrainian armed forces and failing to predict the West’s decisive involvement in the conflict. The Kiev operation was a failure and after the recent developments, the whole special operation may flop. When Putin makes imperialistic statements denying Ukrainian ethnicity and language, describing Ukraine as a ‘mistake’ by Lenin (!), how do you expect Ukrainian citizens to welcome Russians troops with open arms? Putin, Shoigu et al. started and wanted a large-scale raid of conquest and triumph and now we may witness a WWIII. Don’t be mistaken, I want the Great Bear to win, but actions such as plunging civilian areas into darkness are signs of desperation.

    Watch this recent video,

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  385. blaqua says:
    @Event Horizon

    I agree 100% with what you wrote in comment 16. I would expect from a superpower like Russia that is belligerent for years to have developed numerous and tremendous drones. Look at Turkey and israhell, two countries leading the military drone technology (Bayraktar TB2 etc.). Instead of that, Russia still relies too much on tanks and other armored vehicles.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  386. blaqua says:
    @Flying Dutchman

    Retreating and leaving behind tons of vehicles and equipment for them to be captured by a delighted enemy doesn’t seem like a smart tactic in attrition warfare.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  387. Marcion says:

    And, don’t forget Russia is going to take the Donbass, Transnistria and Odessa and have a more padded western side.

  388. Adûnâi says: • Website

    The main question is whether the Russian Federation’s actions are honest mistakes, or traitorous sabotage. The cute Russian YouTuber Sofa Legion Strategist goes for the latter. Indeed, had the Galicians quelled the 2014 Donbass revolt in blood, the Putinian régime might have fallen there and then, and the Russians regained their national consciousness. Cynical, Machiavellian Realpolitik.

    Instead, we are witnessing the terminal stage of this cancerous metastasis that is the post-Soviet Russia. Utterly inept, maimed, delusional, a feast on the platter for the Washingtonian Christian élite to sate their appetite.

    As the Russian military and political command have stated, the special military operation is proceeding as planned – the demilitarisation of Russia, the preparation for an eventual NATO occupation. The last piece of the puzzle is the Russian strategic nuclear forces – most medium-range missiles have already been wasted in the Turkish wasteland that is the Ukraine.

    P.S. I really hope the Sino-Koreans don’t take the bait putting any faith in the doomed rotting bear carcass. So many Westerners overestimate the Russians, both pro- and contra-Putinists. The same way as the Russians overestimate the Westerners, and the racists – the Jews. It’s all quite hopeless.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  389. @follyofwar

    Zelensky has gone too far out on a limb to ever crawl it back. The first step to peace would be to have him and his henchmen eliminated

    Quick, easy, simple, effective and long-term far-reaching for what’s left of Ukraine. A long-overdue headline of a mule-stubborn Jew warmonger stone-dead – that’s certainly what I’m hoping for. Where the hell is SMERSH when you really need them ?

  390. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > ““All wars are Bankers’ wars.””

    Because it was the “bankers” who invaded Soviet Russia in 1941 with the aim of freeing their land of its Slavic inhabitants and granting it to the German peasants? And it was a banker by the name of Adolf Hitler who committed suicide in his bunker when it failed? Let alone such banker revolutionaries as Lenin, Muhammad and Mao Zedong. They all did it for the money! And of course, the common man never falls prey to the glad stirrings of genocide in his heart, no no no, it’s always the nebulous, nefarious élite pulling the strings of the common people who only want stability and material comfort, yes yes yes. (What a load of Marxist drivel, I can hear it everywhere here in the Ukraine or Russia, see Tatiana Montian or Klim Zhukov, but the truth is all around you.)

    > “USA government bombing list: the democracy world tour”

    And yet, the population of every single country has increased. The population of Iraq grew by the millions under the US occupation, and the same is true for Afghanistan. America is the most merciful empire in the history of man. When it crumbles, you will witness the return of history with bloodshed and suffering unseen on this planet.

  391. @the grand wazoo

    Russia moved in to support their own people. Maybe they should have done so sooner but they were sticking to the Minsk agreements. Now it is in Russia’s benefit to drag this out. The longer it goes on the better it is. Russia is not looking for headlines but rather is methodically seeing the Ukraine gutted while rebuilding the areas that have been taken. NATO is feeling all the pain and Russia very little. For people in Russia life goes on as before while Europe will starve and freeze. Russia can afford to sit back and wait and watch the NATO countries fail one by one. Most of them had already by the start of the military operation. Russia has already taken what amounts to the source of 80% of the Ukraine’s GDP. In these areas the population is largely pro Russian and looking forward to prosecuting the war criminals. As a major hub connecting east and west Mariupol will be one of the richest cities in the world. No doubt trillions of dollars are waiting to be invested in the areas that Russia has liberated. What PCR does not understand though is that nothing needs to be done soon. Right now Putin holds all the cards and seeing his opponents go all in out of desperation.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  392. Johan says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    I’ve noticed you resort to ad hominem strategy all too often.

    Here is Pakistan:

    You know what, it is more than cynical and indeed more than sign of lack of empathy to abuse the suffering of people to push an agenda which is about power grabbing and criminal pocket filling. I don’t blame you, the thousands of prestitutes which are reporting about it and connecting it to alleged human caused climate change are to blame.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  393. “Maybe they should have done so sooner but they were sticking to the Minsk agreements.”

    Uhhhhh that is entirely false.

    Had they abided by the Minsk agreements one and two they would have withdrawn Russian troops from the border and they would certainly not have invaded.

    I remain ever perplexed and amused at the arguments made to justify the invasion or any intervention at all based on Minsk — OSCE protocols call for the opposite of Russia’s conduct.

    oyyy and oy and oyyyyy and good grief

  394. eah says:


    Since the end of February, the United States has supplied Ukraine with 140 artillery systems and 660,000 shells and missiles for them, according to official Pentagon data. …

    To this end, heavy transport aircraft – both military and chartered by the Pentagon – made 754 flights to Europe. 28 ships, 67 trains and 1.5 thousand trailers were also involved.

    In total, more than 47 thousand tons of weapons and military equipment were delivered to Europe for transfer to Ukraine.

    According to the US Department of Defense, most of the weapons were delivered to the airfield of the Polish city of Rzeszow, located 90 km from the border with Ukraine.

    The Russians should target the runways of the airport in Rzeszow; militarily, such a precision strike is more than justified — with their soldiers dying in battle, I don’t see how the political and military leadership of Russia can allow this massive, unimpeded flow of weapons to go on indefinitely.

    • Replies: @Corrupt
  395. Levtraro says:
    @Jack Sparrow

    I agree in general. Further on the point of doing things slowly and considering Putin’s pattern of behaviour and decision-making and his views explained at length on various ocassions, it seems he awaits the integration of Kherson and probably the DPR, LPR and Zaphorzhya into the RF via referenda in those regions and corresponding laws of integration passed in the Russian parliament. Once that happens, the Ukraine will be attacking the RF. Then Putin will declare war against the Ukraine, backed up by legislation, at which point the most likely outcome is a coup d’état in the Ukraine. And all that may take some more time.

  396. @Johan

    Johan, it is far, far, worse, and shows just what nasty reptiles you and your ilk are (apologies to lizards)to deny the suffering of others for pathopsychological reasons. Denialism is either moral Evil or deep psychopathy, or both. You add an odious bucket of arrogant presumption as well. Is that ‘ad reptilian’ enough for you?

    • Replies: @Johan
  397. @blaqua

    Russia has NOT been ‘belligerent’ for years, you lying troll. It has been attacked by the most belligerent force in history, and the most Evil, the USA and its vile stooges and minions, ever since 1917, really.

  398. @blaqua

    As an Ukronazi propaganda orc you are a pro at lying. Russia has used c.10% of its military, held back from the slaughter of civilians that is standard practise for the USA, the eastern half of Ukraine ALWAYS voted for the Russophone Party of the Regions, and that was before your Nazi friends staged their putsch in 2014 and began killing those in Donbass in earnest, the Kiev ‘operation’ was a feint, and the Ukronazi operation now, with a vast force of 15,000 is about to be liquidated. As for NATO, they are fascists, too, so their involvement is only to be expected. And the Ukronazis have been plunging the Donbass into darkness for years. Support Russia? Pull the other one!

    • Replies: @blaqua
  399. blaqua says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Belligerent in the sense of involved in war, not of warlike. Russia has been involved in the Syrian war for years. Also, you must be a fool if you think after reading my messages that I support Ukraine in the conflict! I’ve supported Russia since the beginning, however, all supporters of Russia must keep a realistic attitude and understand that it cannot meet all its objectives (some were stupidly ambitious, set by megalomanic military advisors). Both sides should water down their wine and restart negotiations for a diplomatic solution.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  400. @blaqua

    Yes but are the stated objectives the real objectives?

  401. Johan says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Now this is not nice to say, but much more important, it is deplorable from an artistic point of view. By using terms like ‘nasty reptiles’, ‘pathopsychological’?, ‘deep’ ‘psychopathy’, ‘evil’ in such close proximity you are really exaggerating over the top, showing bad taste to the point that either the suspicion on my side is that you have been reading too much David Icke, or that you are a fan of some kind of distasteful popular culture.
    Exaggeration is key to art mister Mumblebrain, but making things incredible by making the material too heavy has the oppositive effect,unless you aim at some kind of bad comedy. Even if your fiction is of bad taste, there are minimal rules to be taken in account if you want to produce the right effect.

    And this thing ‘you and your ilk’.
    I noticed that you use these type of lines a lot, ‘people like you’, ‘of your kind’ etc.. There are two problems with it: for one, it is too much repetition again, the other problem is that you demonstrate all too clearly that you are hiding behind group-think, and projecting group-think, rather than acting as an individual in relation to another individual. As a matter of good advise: this is also the reason why most of your strategies are transparent, cliché and inferior, as they are group-think strategies.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  402. Poor Putin is getting his ass handed to him by an even shorter cross dressing freak. What a laughing stock. But hey, he’s best buds with Xi and Kim, right? Good company he keeps there. Definitely a group who love their people and aren’t malignant narcissistic psychopaths. Trump wishes he could join them.

  403. TxJoe says:
    @Event Horizon

    Where do you get all these assumptions? Please cite your sources. Thanks

  404. TxJoe says:

    PCR has a very valid point on the SMO because he believes it will go nuclear because of it. However, I can list many arguments for its success. I don’t think we understand how the Russians conduct their operations in military, economic and other domains. Most of the experts commenting on this conflict are propagandists, some are partially right and few are spot on like MacGregor, Martaynov, and Johnson. The latest actions of Ukrainians reek of desperation, bragging about retaking 40 villages is nonsense. The Russians don’t care about keeping territory, their objective is destroying Ukrainian military personnel with minimal causalities to themselves and they are very successful. As long as this conflict is contained within Ukraine proper, this SMO will be successful, if not it will go nuclear, because Russia does not have enough soldiers to take Europe unless the Chinese are in on it!!

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  405. @TxJoe

    It will not go nuclear. That would simply be suicide. It will not win Putin any war, just like using gas in WW2 would not have achieved anything either.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
    , @TxJoe
  406. @Alexandros

    It will not go nuclear. That would simply be suicide.

    It seems there are three possibilities here:

    1. The devil-worshiping, demon-possessed madmen that run the corrupt West have a change of heart, give up on their agenda to forcefully impose their Satanic, messianic, judeo-communist new world order everywhere on earth, and instead find a new and much less sinister hobby.

    2. Russia decides to surrender, disarm and hoist the rainbow flag.

    3. Nuclear war.

    I can’t see the madmen backing down (only continually doubling down on failure) and I can’t see Russia surrendering, which leaves nuclear war as the most likely possibility, IMO.

  407. @Derer

    That is one of the stupidest comments that I have heard in a while. I won’t even try to dispel that with obvious facts, I suspect it would be a waste of time.

  408. TxJoe says:

    They have DUMB’s (underground bases), they can go under and wait it out! Goggle Phil Schneider. They don’t care about us useless eaters.

  409. BBQWhales says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    As you sit on your ass and do nothing – still waiting. 🙂

  410. gatobart says:

    Wow. What have you been smoking…?

  411. gatobart says:

    Says who…? There is absolutely no evidence that any heavy military equipment has been left behind by the retreating Russians, maybe some odd rifle or machine gun but that would be all. The only way to confirm that supposed piece of news is by allowing neutral, independent reporters travelling with the advancing Ukrainian forces to film and shoot this captured material which at least would give the benefit of the doubt to the statements by the Ukrainian military command but that’s impossible as NO journalist is allowed to enter the territories where these troops are operating and even less is allowed to travel with them. In the end, all what you have is unfounded claims, i.e. propaganda.

    • Replies: @blaqua
  412. gatobart says:

    “Putin could have taken out the entire Ukraine military and political class using no boots on the ground because he had 8 years to prepare enough missiles to, largely in one go, complete the job. Missiles, planes and artillery could have neutralized the majority of the Ukraine gang’s ability to function. He could have taken out that POS Zelinski and the leadership of the Ukraine mafia, but honor among thieves and professional courtesy make that a frowned upon move by all the world’s mafia heads”

    I agree and that is what I have been thinking since first hearing the news of the invasion but we can’t dwell in the past, that is water under the bridge now. He could have done that and I don’t have it still clear why he didn’t it considering that is what his pals in Tel Aviv have been doing for many decades already, quite successfully I may say. In fact I considered then and I still consider it now the worst military blunder in Modern History since Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 and maybe one even worse than that, NOT because Russia could be defeated or dragged into a new Vietnam or Afghanistan, but because of the incredibly great potential for triggering an European wide conflict and then a nuclear war. And I can see now, seven months later, that I was completely right on that, this is not a Russian Ukrainian conflict anymore, but a Russia-NATO conflict in which all it takes is that someone loses his cool and starts lobbing nukes at someone’s else. And I think one of the main concerns of PCR was precisely that. He has been castigating Putin for years, for his weak, even wussy foreign policy towards NATO not because he is an excitable little man but because he can see farther down the way and knowing too well his own kin he foresaw, and warned Putin many times over, that he wasn’t dealing with reasonable people but with idiots and madmen and that all he was going to obtain with appeasement is that they would get more and more aggressive and it would all finally blow in everybody’s face which is what is happening right now. What PCR meant is that Putin should have shown NATO then that he meant business, that he was nobody’s fool and that they had to take him as seriously as they took Stalin or Khrushchev, a guy who wasn’t afraid of going to extremes in defense of Russian or Soviet policies.

    What Putin should have done in Jan. 2014 is to send every piece of military hardware Russia had available to Kiev so Yanukovych could crush the Maidan coup even with a bloodbath if necessary as he should have sent nuke-tipped Iskanders to Syria as soon as the so called civil war started to make clear to everyone that Syria was under the protection of the Russian nuclear umbrella so everyone messing with Syria would be messing with Russia herself. He didn’t do any of the kind because he was then under the spell of his own fantasy of “having the best possible relations with the U.S.” and now HE has the world under the threat of nuclear war because we was the one capable of putting a stop to US NATO military adventurism for an entire decade and did nothing about it. So I personally blame myself him for the critical situation at this moment in Eastern Europe, one that could fast escalate to total war, but as I already wrote, what is the point of dwelling on that.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  413. gatobart says:

    “If MAD still applies, there’s no guarantee Russia will wipe anything off the map with her impotent drunks being trashed right now”

    That kind of sardonic, dismissing, belittling comment is the typical of those who deep down their little souls are truly terrified. That is a (lame) way to exorcise and make go away their worst fears. It is like when a guy is alone at night in a haunted house, hears noises and starts screaming” “Ha, ha, I am not afraid! You don’t scare me a bit…!” Ask any psychologist.

  414. @gatobart

    You should consider that all gov’t heads are part of the same club. Each represents one of the “families” of the worldwide mafia known as gov’t. They all try to be reasonable with each other because they function in an environment where the citizenry don’t matter much. They do things that make sense to them at their top mafia level.

    I’ve stated on this site many times that Putin should put nukes into Iran under Russian control to make Iran a nuclear state by proxy. That should send a message to the US and Israel to take notice. This common sense thing isn’t done because Putin is playing a game at his level that really doesn’t care about Iran or Syria or anywhere else. Putin enjoys friendly relations with Erdogan after Erdogan’s military shoots down a Russian plane and recently sends weapons to Ukraine. To them, it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.

    Once someone see gov’t as the criminal mafia it actually is things previously inexplicable become crystal clear.

    • Agree: H. L. M
    • Replies: @gatobart
  415. blaqua says:

    You contradict yourself by admitting that Russians have retreated. Big retreating armies always leave lots of material behind. Even Russian pundits themselves admit terrible mistakes and that the situation is far from being a rosy one after the recent developments in Kharkiv.

    BTW, don’t get me wrong, I believe in Russia’s win (or lack of defeat) without seeing the conflict through rose-colored glasses.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  416. anonymous[368] • Disclaimer says:

    At some point, Russia and China, and Iran, are going to have go all-in; they will be destroyed otherwise. The now-vanquished gentiles in American society learned that you cannot play nice with Khazarians; they know only one way. If Russia wants to survive, long-term, it will have to pull up the floor boards and throw everything it has at its enemies. Putin tried to act in a responsible and lawful way to a growing existential threat; that didn’t help. He is going to have to up the ante dramatically or Russia will be lost.

    • Disagree: antibeast
    • Replies: @antibeast
  417. antibeast says:

    At the rate the Russian military is destroying NATO’s arsenal of weapons being supplied to Ukraine, there is no possibility of Ukrainians prevailing in this ‘war of attrition’ being carried out by the Russian military in their methodical SMO. The only way for NATO to reverse the course of this ‘war’ is to go all-in by intervening directly in Ukraine, instead of depleting its own arsenal of weapons which ends up getting destroyed by the Russian military. But that would invite Russia to declare war against NATO which would precipitate a nuclear war in Europe, something the USA does not want due to its desperate need to stay afloat.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  418. anonymous[242] • Disclaimer says:

    I pray you are right, antibeast. The Khazarian mob and its American war machine need to be stopped. I believe, at heart, the creatures doing Biden’s thinking for him are cowards: if the US war machine somehow has its nose bloodied, and if there is a sudden realization that there is a growing coalition in the world that will no longer stand for its Khazarian pathologies, and has the capacity to hit back hard, then I think the house of cards will fall in a hurry. But, as long as they can continue to rob, bully, and intimidate smaller or weaker lands, the Khazarians will only escalate their war against humanity, and against Russia/China. We are fundamentally dealing with clever, but vicious and cowardly, bullies. The world is going to have to turn the worm.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  419. gatobart says:

    The fact that they all belong to the same club doesn’t change anything of what I wrote. Wars may start even between members of the same club, criminal organization, families, and those wars may at some point become of extermination. I don’t think there is anyone in the world who doesn’t acknowledge the fact that this Russian Ukrainian war has become an European war and that in the near future it will take very little to turn it into nuclear war. It is just a question of one belligerent being on the losing side and not wanting to go down in shame and humiliation. That is what Putin’s policy of appeasement towards NATO has brought to the world.

    As for Russia installing nuclear missiles in Iran, that is nonsense. If the Iranian had wanted to have nukes in their soil they would have had them decades ago, under their own control and supervision, and the reason why they don’t have them is simply because they don’t want them for religious reasons. They have stated that openly so there is no place here or anywhere else for an useless “What if Iran had nukes” debate. They don’t have them and they they want them, period.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  420. gatobart says:

    I don’t have time for videos with pundits spreading their nonsense, telling us of what they believe. I only care about hardcore evidence, confirmed facts, and all you have to prove your flimsy point is your, incorrect anyway, statement that big retreating armies always leave lots of material behind. I don’t remember seeing that humongous amount of material left by the retreating Soviet army in Afghanistan, which is logical considering that all they had to do was to take the road and cross a bridge to get home. I think you may have spent too much time watching Amerrican armies retreating from diverse places around the world. But why would Russians need to left anything valuable behind when they only had to start their tanks, trucks, tow their artillery pieces and the rest of their logistics. take the road and travel a few miles to their rearguard…? Even more so when they saw this counteroffensive coming from hundreds of miles away. In any case, the question is, if so much Russian war material has fallen into the hands of the Ukrainian army, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES…?

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  421. anonymous[181] • Disclaimer says:

    What a nonsense post.

    The Iranians don’t have them because they don’t want them for religious reasons, even as Israel is killing scientists and Iranian civilians and blowing up facilities? That’s a rhetorical question. Iran “doesn’t want” nuclear weapons because they can’t advance their program as long as Uncle Schmuel is killing their leading scientists or finding ways to damage or destroy their nuclear facilities. They would gladly take whatever Russia gives them, but that won’t happen because that means a global war between Israel, Iran, Russia, and the United States.

    • Replies: @gatobart
    , @anon
  422. gatobart says:

    I don’t usually bother to respond to uneducated people who take their own ignorance for knowledge and their own biased beliefs for true facts and information but in this case I couldn’t help it:

    “Iran is not believed to possess nuclear weapons and officially has never sought them—although its top foes the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia are among those who argue that the Islamic Republic has always secretly wanted such a weapon of mass destruction.

    Officially, nuclear weapons have been banned by Iran because Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has deemed them to be forbidden under Islam; since 2003, the U.S. accused of Iran of seeking to develop them. That same year, Khamenei issued a fatwa—an Islamic legal opinion—allegedly dating back to beliefs he expressed for nearly a decade, opposing the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction.

    While Iran’s nuclear activities continued, officials consistently argued—and have to this day—that the work was purely for energy purposes….The idea of weapons of mass destruction being un-Islamic has repeatedly surfaced in the Islamic Republic over the years, with Khamenei saying as recently as June that “religious verdicts prohibit building nuclear weapons.””
    Newsweek, Jan, 30, 2020.

    “A fatwa by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, against the acquisition, development and use of nuclear weapons dates back to the mid-1990s.The first public announcement is reported to have occurred in October 2003, followed by an official statement at a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna in August 2005′

    Now, people are free to believe whatever nonsense they want but the fact is that had Iran wanted nukes they could have easily gotten them after the Soviet Union chaotically collapsed in the early 1990s, when there were many former Soviet military officers now unemployed who would have been happy to sell some or at least some enriched uranium to whoever was able and willing to pay a few million bucks. There was also North Korea, not to mention Pakistan. So who do I believe, the leader of Iran himself….or some random dude posting on internet forums guided above all by his own personal obsessions, who, who…

  423. antibeast says:

    The way I see it: the West wants to play Russian roulette with Putin who is playing poker with them by keeping his cards close to his chest. To their chagrin, Putin has the strongest hand in this game of chicken, as Europe faces its bleakest winter of discontent:

    Europe’s energy firms, for their part, are estimated to be facing margin calls of a total of \$1.5 trillion in the derivatives market. Many of these firms will need policy support to cover those calls amid wild swings and skyrocketing gas and power prices. The \$1.5-trillion estimate is even “conservative”, Helge Haugane, Equinor’s senior vice president for gas and power, told Bloomberg earlier this week.

    Liquidity at energy firms is drying up as many companies have struggled to meet their margin calls on the energy derivatives market.

    Some countries in the EU have already decided to set up funds to avoid a collapse of their energy derivatives markets. For example, Finland and Sweden have laid out plans to support their energy companies trading in the electricity derivatives markets, looking to avoid a “Lehman Brothers” event in their respective energy industries and financial systems.

    So forget about the propaganda war being waged against Putin’s SMO by the Western MSM. The reality is that Ukraine is losing not winning this ‘war of attrition’ being waged by the Russian military. The USA ain’t going to risk a nuclear conflagration in Europe by sending NATO troops to Ukraine but will continue to deplete NATO’s arsenal in order to fatten the wallets of US defense firms eager to sell US weapons to Europe. That’s the likely scenario until this coming winter when freezing weather would presumably cause the deaths of millions of Europeans unless the West reaches an armistice with Putin to end his Ukrainian SMO.

    Those numbers — \$1.5 trillion — in financial losses in the energy derivatives market alone means the West has already lost their game to Putin who has called their bluff.

    West: “You wanna play this game of chicken?”
    Putin: “Make my day!”

  424. @Johan

    The great division between Good and Evil lies along the fault-line in regard to Life and Death. To work to cause universal death for humanity through lying, disinforming and misrepresenting in regard to the greatest danger EVER to have confronted humanity, rapid climate destabilisation caused by anthropogenic activities, is pure EVIL of the direst kind. You suffer from a sort of moral and spiritual Dunning-Kruger Effect, being so wicked that you have no true concept of Good and Evil, and thus are intractably Evil, like ALL denialists. Many could plead mitigation due to imbecility, but I doubt that you can, hence your maliciousness is worse. I have always despised Rightists, but rarely saw them as purely Evil or without hope of redemption, until the denialist Evil arose. That, it was plain, was and remain utter Evil.

    • Replies: @Johan
  425. Johan says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Mister mumble, your rants are psychotic.

    • LOL: A123
    • Replies: @A123
    , @John Johnson
  426. A123 says: • Website

    Mister mumble, your rants are psychotic.

    Stop insulting those who are merely psychotic by comparing them to totally unhinged Mulga NoBrain.

    You are disrespecting mentally challenged Neuro Diverse communities with such baseless accusations.

    PEACE 😇

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  427. anon[127] • Disclaimer says:

    Lesson in anti semitism-

    1980 we ddi not bomb Iraq’s Nuclear program Its a lie Anti semitic attack
    1991 We degraded Iraqi nuclear program.World should be grateful to us

    2080 America is gone and German dont pay money .Zion shit- it’s a lie to claim that we destroyed Iraq’s nuclear program -anti-Semitism at its worst.

    2000- 2022 We are killing Iranian scientist
    2080 Its a lie we did not kill any Iranian scientist .Iran has protected us in time of Esther .Iran hosts 30,000 Iranian Jews .How could we do that ? How could we dishonor out own memory and gratitude and put the Iranian Jews in harms way
    It antisemitism.

  428. @gatobart

    But why would Russians need to left anything valuable behind when they only had to start their tanks, trucks, tow their artillery pieces and the rest of their logistics. take the road and travel a few miles to their rearguard…?

    Because it was a rout and not a controlled retreat. They panicked and fled without disabling their equipment. That is exactly what the Afghan security forces did. They didn’t hold the line and it became every man for himself. It has been a part of war for thousands of years. You terrify the enemy and they break rank and run. That is what happened to the Nazis at Stalingrad. The Romanians and Italians covering their flank were hit in a surprise attack and fled. The Soviets in fact correctly bet that the Romanians and Italians wouldn’t have the nerve to hold the line. Then the Germans were encircled.

    In any case, the question is, if so much Russian war material has fallen into the hands of the Ukrainian army, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES…?

    I found this in all of 30 seconds:

    They clearly took in-tact tanks. Even 1 is too many. Tank crews are trained to disable the tank before leaving it. The obvious explanation is that they panicked. Russian morale is extremely low. They don’t want to die for this stupid war and weren’t going to spend even 5 minutes disabling a tank.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  429. @Johan

    Mister mumble, your rants are psychotic.

    You’re clearly just suffering from a spiritual Dunning-Kruger Effect as part of the cosmic Good and Evil fault lines created by the Clone Wars.

    It’s so obvious.

    Your spiritual force-chi is off by at least -75 degrees. I’d recommend a full herbal colonic.

  430. gatobart says:
    @John Johnson

    There is absolutely no solid or credible argument in all what you wrote. Those are just generalities, the things that may happen in similar situations during a war and that you assume happened also here just because that is what the propaganda they are feeding your little brain says. Not quite so.

    In any case, the news I am getting from more credible sources is that the Ukrainians were able to advance so deeply in “Russian conquered” territory simply because they attacked in a sector of the front here they were very few Russian troops and equipment defending it because of their low strategic value so instead of getting overwhelmed and killed for a piece of land of little value these troops simply withdrew. And as one of these analysts aptly put it: you can reconquer and regain territory; you may repair or replace equipment, but the people you lose you lose them forever. And that is what I think is the Russian plan, just like it was the Vietcong’s plan in Vietnam and the Taliban’s plan in Afghanistan. Kill your enemy while keeping your own people alive. The land is only the geographic landscape where this process is taking place, the stage where you do this grinding down of the enemy and you will go to wherever place you need to be to do such a thing while keeping your loss to a minimum by evading the fighting when you are at a disadvantage. The Russian plan is to eliminate Ukraine as a military power, even as a third rate one at that, and that is exactly what I think they are doing.

    In any case, whatever pictures or videos you may have ARE WORTHLESS SIMPLY BECAUSE THEIR SOURCE IS THE UKRAINIAN ARMY. Are you taking us for idiots…? I was talking about pictures of films shot by NEUTRAL INDEPENDENT REPORTERS AND THOSE ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE BATTLEFIED BY THE UKRAINIAN ARMY

  431. “And that is what I think is the Russian plan, just like it was the Vietcong’s plan in Vietnam. ”

    You are of course kidding. The Vietnamese major battles were slaughterhouses and they lost everyone. The US did not win every fire fight or every ambush . . . but on the strategic plane, The US, Australia and the primarily the Vietnamese of the South decimated the North Vietnamese and their supporters.

    What went on in Afghanistan is that the US began to withdraw for the transition and that simply never actually happened.

    Good grief. I am not sure what the Russians are up to. But clearly, there is no ticker tape parade at their arrival.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @gatobart
  432. @gatobart

    There is absolutely no solid or credible argument in all what you wrote.

    You asked for pictures of captured equipment and I provided them. Video in fact.

    In any case, the news I am getting from more credible sources is that the Ukrainians were able to advance so deeply in “Russian conquered” territory simply because they attacked in a sector of the front here they were very few Russian troops and equipment defending it because of their low strategic value so instead of getting overwhelmed and killed for a piece of land of little value these troops simply withdrew.

    And left working tanks behind? Along with self-propelled artillery? Does that make sense? Are retreating units supposed to leave working equipment behind?

    Russians can’t stop using stolen phones so we can get a sense of the front:

    It was a rout, not a retreat.

  433. @EliteCommInc.

    The US did not win every fire fight or every ambush . . . but on the strategic plane, The US, Australia and the primarily the Vietnamese of the South decimated the North Vietnamese and their supporters.

    That is correct. The US/South Vietnam killed them at a 10 to 1 ratio.

    The interesting thing about the Tet offensive is that it was technically a military failure by the North but it worked on the US public.

    Perception often matters more than reality. The public isn’t interested in data. The perception was that the Vietcong was able to launch a massive offensive which to the public meant that they weren’t close to being defeated. The North was actually not certain that they would win the war and there was always the fear of the US moving north with bombers.

    A similar situation occurred in Afghanistan. Public perception didn’t match up with reality. The pubic imagined an ongoing bloody war when the reality was that the Taliban had been pushed to the corners and had no recourse for US air power. The public really had no sense of how safe it actually was for US soldiers. Afghan security forces would engage that Taliban and were backed by US air support. Even though reports suggested they wouldn’t fight without air power our doofus president did his embarrassing withdrawal. The Afghan security forces didn’t put up a single fight and even left their equipment in working order.

    I didn’t support using US troops for “democracy building” but that was just embarrassing.

  434. @gatobart

    In any case, whatever pictures or videos you may have ARE WORTHLESS SIMPLY BECAUSE THEIR SOURCE IS THE UKRAINIAN ARMY. Are you taking us for idiots…? I was talking about pictures of films shot by NEUTRAL INDEPENDENT REPORTERS AND THOSE ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE BATTLEFIED BY THE UKRAINIAN ARMY

    They were cell phone videos taken by soldiers and there were matching videos from reporters.

    Or do you think all that video was created in a Jewish lab somewhere?

    You have serious reality denial issues. It’s not healthy.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  435. “The interesting thing about the Tet offensive is that it was technically a military failure by the North but it worked on the US public.”

    Allow me to be encouraging. They got the tar kicked out of them. IK bet if we could get into those N. Vietnamese archives on the matter — some heads rolled literally — but that is just me.

    As for Afghanistan, sadly, because it fell apart while under our management — it has to be placed in the lose column. darn it.

    But I do agree, that the the transition was a failure. I suspect that we would have needed to been there long enough with enough troops to completely destroy the Taliban — to a man. We chose another route.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  436. gatobart says:
    @John Johnson

    You just keep babbling on. As for me, I’ll rather keep tuned to more reliable sources than the rants of some random pro-Kiev, pro-NATO shill. Yep, there is nothing more reliable information sources for this war than Ukrainian Security Forces. you can bet on that.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  437. gatobart says:

    Either you didn’t get the idea or you are simply trolling, which is just as well. I was clearly referring to the general strategy followed in this case by the Russian High Command, similar to those followed by the guerrilla forces in Vietnam and Afghanistan and I think that everyone except you understood it that way. That, as the Vietcong and the Taliban, the Russians want to face the enemy only when the balance of forces is heavily in their favor and withdraw when it is not. Even a kid gets that. But either you have no idea of what you are talking about or you are taking us for idiots as, how can you put at a same level one of the most modern, well armed and efficient armies in the world, the Russian Army, and a ragtag of a guerrilla force as the Vietcong was and so the Taliban, what are you smoking…? Does that mean according to you that applying the same principle of fighting with the advantage in their favor the Russians should also have ten times of their own killed as the Ukrainian…? See the kind of imbecility that your reasoning takes you to….? Anyway, enough of you, a complete waste of time.

  438. @EliteCommInc.

    Just to be clear, I was an outspoken critique of nearly everything about going to war if Afghanistan as well as Iraq.

    In my view needless.

  439. “Either you didn’t get the idea or you are simply trolling, which is just as well. I was clearly referring to the general strategy followed in this case by the Russian High Command, similar to those followed by the guerrilla forces in Vietnam and Afghanistan and I think that everyone except you understood it that way. That, as the Vietcong and the Taliban, the Russians want to face the enemy only when the balance of forces is heavily in their favor and withdraw when it is not. Even a kid gets that. But either you have no idea of what you are talking about or you are taking us for idiots as, how can you put at a same level one of the most modern, well armed and efficient armies in the world, the Russian Army, and a ragtag of a guerrilla force as the Vietcong was and so the Taliban, what are you smoking…? Does that mean according to you that applying the same principle of fighting with the advantage in their favor the Russians should also have ten times of their own killed as the Ukrainian…? See the kind of imbecility that your reasoning takes you to….? Anyway, enough of you, a complete waste of time.”

    Hmmm . . . I should hade deciphered from the myriad of combat elements that you were taking only about the Vietcong — who also entered the slaughter house, but I am going to skip the combat lesson. Because you seem to be equating the myriad of regional communities run by a myriad of factions each with their own leadership command and control and the Vietcong to

    Russian battle tactics akin to the guerilla tactics used in Vietnam.. . . what the flippin’ good golly gee wow are you talking about. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. That is why I am very clear about where I came in and I remain.

    As a general rule, most want to fight an enemy they outnumber. However, plenty of commanders will tell you — I want to meet the best and best them. And many will say is most effective way to take the fight of other combat units and the general will to fight. I suppose the Russians want to meet smaller forces, but your parallels are confronted by some counter intuitive.

    Your argument is guerillas were effective for the Taliban and the Vietcong on a very limited scale that might true. But all in all the guerillas taliban and the vietcong repeatedly got their goose cooked — I am not sure of the Vietcong and Taliban eat goose, but nonetheless. I will take my cues about the Vietcong from US special forces — not so tough.

    But stray . . . the Russians are not seeking to operate as guerilla force, it’s the last thing in the world they want. Uhhh, no. The Russian want the Ukrainians to withdraw and they want them to withdraw completely. They want to route them. I suspect that they though Ukraine would fold. I think they actually believed and in some manner were correct, that the west and other former Russian colonies would shake and shiver over their nuclear threats so much so that they would not even supply them.

    Guerilla tactics are primarily a benefit to cause some confusion chaos and frustrate the opponent. They are not generally employed to hold territory — Russia wants territory. They want to control it. Own. I hate to break the news to you — They are not the least bit interested in hit and run.

    The most effective weapon that both the vietcong and the taliban had was the terror they visited on civilian populations, conscripting the males into their cause by threats to hearth and home. Our press and highly uninformed youth in the period had conniptions fits over US abuse — fine. But the US service men were angels by comparison the North Vietnames and especially the Vietcong.

    I am over the map.

    Suffice it to say — no and no the Russians are being like guerillas. It appears to be a war of attrition — just a wild guess. And the unanticipated support for Ukraine has caught everyone by surprise I suspect. A lot of countries with old scores to settle

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  440. @EliteCommInc.


    Suffice it to say — no and no the Russians are not being guerillas. It appears to be a war of attrition — just a wild guess. And the unanticipated support for Ukraine has caught everyone by surprise I suspect. A lot of countries with old scores to settle with the former soviet union.

    the interviewer keeps dragging out how bad it was missing the esentials

    1. the special forces lost 50% but they turned the entire c=scenario around about who owned the night.

  441. One of the regrets I have is never have been tested . . . not a warmonger, but some part of me . . . that man part wonders.

    Appreciate their service

    Nough said

  442. @Verymuchalive

    Paul Craig Roberts is the better analist by far in town, and kicks asses of “analists” like the saker, martyanov, Dmitry Orlov, etc…
    Putin Made a very bad strategic blunder in 2014 by not acting in ukraine.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  443. @gatobart

    You just keep babbling on. As for me, I’ll rather keep tuned to more reliable sources than the rants of some random pro-Kiev, pro-NATO shill. Yep, there is nothing more reliable information sources for this war than Ukrainian Security Forces. you can bet on that.

    So you believe the phone camera videos taken by Ukrainians soldiers were faked? A rout never happened?

    Does this look like an orderly retreat to you? They are loading the top of a BTR with men while under fire. You can see the bullet dust near them and the last guy trying to climb on is shot. You can see him collapse.

    This isn’t 1939. There is plenty of video footage of the war. You can’t just make up your own reality.

  444. As always paul Craig Roberts is right on spot. He teaches all of us a lot. I will miss him when he leaves this World.

  445. Folkvangr says:

    Please elaborate: How are “ukranazi” worse than Stalinists or communists? Stalin and his squad of high-ranked communist officials are known mass murderers. Nevertheless, Stalin is Russia’s national hero and the communist party has not been banned.

  446. gatobart says:
    @The seventh column

    His real blunder was not sending nuke-tipped to Syria in 2011 thus marking his and Russia’s turf, signaling the world that Syria was now under the protection of the nuclear umbrella of Russia, and making clear then and there that he meant business, that he was a real tough cookie, not another Yeltsin or a Gorbachev but a Nikita Khrushchev at least. But he didn’t do it, he lost that precious occasion not out of fear of what the reaction would be in the West, he knew well what that reaction would be, one of fright, but out of love for his incredible stupid foreign policy of having the best possible relations with the U.S. And that was his official line until only a few years ago so that was no random mistake, THAT HAS BEEN HIS STATED FOREIGN POLICY FOR AN ENTIRE DECADE. Right now is all happening as if PCR had been the one who wrote this script and with which I have agreed all the way: the world is now facing nuclear war and that is all Putin’s fault. Craig Roberts is celebrating now that Putin is incorporating the Donetz to Russia but I fear that is too little too late, the West has been accustomed for too long to a complaint, appeasing even wussy Putin and I don’t think there is time enough to wean them of that sweet milk before all blows up in everyone’s face.

    Paul Craig Roberts has been right all along and we can see now how right he was. Putin is a fool who swallowed his own fairy tale of having a world living in eternal love under the benevolent gaze of their fair master, the sole and unique superpower, the U.S. of A.

  447. Corrupt says:

    “The Russians should target the runways of the airport in Rzeszow; militarily, such a precision strike is more than justified — with their soldiers dying in battle, I don’t see how the political and military leadership of Russia can allow this massive, unimpeded flow of weapons to go on indefinitely.”

    As we did to Russia when they sent arms and otherwise supported Vietnam?

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